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tv   Mongolia  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm AST

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aleutian the reactions followed the north korean foreign minister accusing donald trump of having declared war hundreds of kurds have celebrated the end of a controversial independence votes in iraq the procession campaign is expected to win comfortably but iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional. aid agencies are warning that hundreds of thousands of children who fled violence in myanmar are at risk of malnutrition four hundred thirty thousand liberal hinge of refugees have crossed into bangladesh since a military crackdown began more than a month ago of course and often children. the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us a flown out of papua new guinea on their way to the us the group of more than twenty men has been in a stray and run prison camp on menace island the resettlement deal was organized when barack obama was president however it's been criticized by current u.s.
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president donald trump more u.s. more refugees will be moved from a camp on now to island to the u.s. in the coming days. there's the headlines richelle is here with the news in a little over twenty five minutes of zero after risking it all next. they thought they were americans until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia for life. one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera .
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her own. the ohio. until recently there was an infernal racket all around this lake the clank of
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pickaxes punctuated by explosions. but the noise stopped. it's an unwelcome silence. he and thousands of other golden jade hunters had to lay down their tools when the awful riches closed down the mines. lawgiver gets by on odd jobs until he can find a buyer for the gems he hopes will change his destiny. sometimes you know some of the nickel dishes in it or. so i took off but it sort of. could.
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as he waits for a buyer for his precious jade he makes extra money renting his small truck to nomadic herdsman who seasonal migration takes place several times a year. you to meet the nomads lug for usually drives across the lake but this year the thought has come several months early. you want to build out these are the muscle myself i can walk about bute on all myself and all my. all we are moving in that we can def and off into the early mild spell has affected the thick eighty centimeter layer of ice which could give way at any moment it. seems determined to try his luck. with often the
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thought of the kind of thing that. the descendants of the great mongol conqueror again discard are a proud people. their courage never fails them. many mongolians are nomads and often live in inhospitable regions as winter ends the families drive their livestock to fresh pastures a four day journey at an altitude of two thousand meters in the icy mountains the temperature can reach minus forty degrees celsius.
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again i have no. blood doesn't like the look of the gray eyes a sure sign that it's full of water. slowly the van sinks deeper. if the ice reaches halfway up the doors he'll be trapped his truck will become a metal coffin he needs to find a way out to. initiate through and then all of the household side of me who can do in. this. dialogue all the doom all those that tell them that i did
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a good job they did their. best to hold it to do. but do it as. his worst fears confirmed loud by heads back to shore. after a considerable detour the van arrives at the dock tribes camp. in mongolian means craftsman. that her. i know as i would you. know. how i didn't
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know that i didn't have us only that. they planned to leave the following morning. the ritual is always the same before each migration everyone gathers in the family. elders recount tales as a warning to the young kids and. that's what sixty year old means by a still has a good memory that's right. they don't. want origin also about they told us you know you're going to want my daughter who must be going to live out of one hundred but i do not go into a cold to withdraw from a mother thinking that i want. to warn you want to be told that you know shall not
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say that and mean little of everything going on got more of his mother. but i think you know looking good. early in the morning all menace cracking sounds coming from the lake. yeah. i know i just tell you she said you should. not think she did such a good job to she. just. couldn't trust you to. fear if you were not a toss up that her he'd been in dr stopping us test or something.
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the. these members of the dog tribe will migrate with almost two hundred fifty animals cheap goats horses yaks and all their belongings. apart from the year that all their possessions fit into two trunks. i've never. heard of courtesy he fell over top of damocles. order to i'm sure do what they want that's our fridge or turn. on the degree of him and then do the. time is not a factor for the nomads they advance at their own pace. the
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van leads the way. the yaks are the fastest. the sheep and goats followed close behind. the. line your home. for a long long going both of them like one. of those on the whole. if you do. it's
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a long four day ride to the new pastures. twenty year old brings up the rear. lug of a small russian van is almost thirty five years old but he wouldn't swap it for the world he has absolute trust in his vehicle. and i asked them to. do it all from a. doctor up to five hundred homes are the ones that come with it that
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harbor for combat is the. follow that up with what if not you know don't want to find out that. a few kilometers back by out the clan chief is smiling he's just had some good news . i know before we talk about a plan was to just sort of put. the path narrows on some of the animals panic. the long climb up to the two thousand meter high gauge lake pass will be no easy task. but the vans are down below. unchecking an ice bound
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route in the all good dune. i will have time for one of. the most of. it was. i at the end of all the school to myself i didn't want. to. just. got bored with. your post on the someone. else and it was all. the problem turns out to be serious as it's the gearbox that's leaking. all the van will start again but more problems lie ahead.
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of the animals eventually catch up to the van. der. sloot not exactly how about we were through with your job as you did you guys. for. better weather if you. know the moving out of the middle of the car was out of the way.
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if an animal breaks a leg it will slow down the entire migration and it will have to be put down. oh no just some want to. store no i took. it down now they're both up the good old truck with the other. hand. crossing frozen rivers is one of the trickiest parts of the journey for both man and beast.
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we don't know what that's about the. little dose or what you're about because all that stuff but we just thought oh you're going. on the phone but. the day is spent chasing after the hood. the elders are all exhausted through the boards right. back with a guy like. his back will be severely tested. when the yaks carrying the year start running wild they become unmanageable. proof. you.
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know. the evil good good good good. the good of the whole. are so much. the chase has tired this yak and it sinks under the weight of its load its head is stuck under its body it risks suffocating worked. out the animal is dazed but will be fine. i know not. what. i'm told. to drive
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a whole slew of zits temper and starts bucking would not have. the. means by our decides it's enough for one day. then do it and. i'm going to look into all that there were. no problem. there are no spare parts but the men get creative here the gearbox is eventually
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forced back into place. to get its new which. was knocked out of job because of what could have been the conventional small one. that did it with politics with. seventy. i know but. no one has it hurted the thing the very heart of the matter. is preparing the families dinner. from time to time she dreams of another life
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of a world she doesn't know. life in the city. there are some left out there. in their. different. world though or to. march into. the capital colombo lies a thousand kilometers away. one third of mongolians live here about one million people. in just a few years the capital has transformed into a modern city largely due to huge deposits of culpa gold and oil. traditional dress and footwear the been replaced by trendy of fashion.
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but life isn't nearly this glamorous for the nomads who moved here five years earlier when freezing temperatures white town hall for hurdles. the consequences for thousands of nomads were dramatic. ruined many were forced into unhealthy accommodation in the suburbs of the capital. up to three hundred fifty thousand nomadic herdsmen now live in extreme poverty here. on day four of the migration the skies suddenly darkens and the temperature drops from ten to minus ten degrees in the space of just a few minutes. the change in weather takes everyone by surprise. the.
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news on this are not the problem. we're having in the market with the traffic never to be dark and you're still won't talk to them which well i want to. know the highlight of this idea of a country and i'm told a horse over here. on the other side of the river as a risk finding it hard to move her animals all. the men come to the rescue. was what. i don't like her mom not just. one of our going but out on the corner i'm going to what the wind has increased in intensity.
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of. course rock. the whole deal going to. get over to the woodward. you know. thanks. finally the wind relents. the yellow grass here is thick
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it's a sign the journey is over the migration has come to an end. the dog tribe is home. the animals can now recover you know what. that. will soon be on his way. this will be his last meal with the trying. to celebrate their journey they prepared one of their favorite dishes.
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has only made a little money working with the nomads. his dream is to find a buyer for his jade stuff. and to be able to retire to an easier life. at the. business update by. going places together.
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business updates brought to you by cattle always going places together russian filmmaker andrina christophe explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why wasn't the assimilated by the police but you know she's ukraine for homosexuality is the significance of the book into the russian elite is that he was like a fake you who controls the cobra in such
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a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. without knowledge would these be by wrench. this or that to really damage. could this be operation fault. or is it over the option. of jersey guarded by contrast. this is al jazeera. light.


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