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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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in such a putin's russia at this time on al-jazeera. we don't normally it would. make. a good dish for a show called. all over the. body. this is al jazeera. and i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes. a palestinian gunman has killed three israeli security personnel in the occupied west bank the gunman also shot dead. as the hostile words between the u.s. and north korea continue russia says it's working out a diplomatic solution to the crisis while the latest from moscow. everywhere it's from turkey and continuing military exercises a day after the kurdish secession referendum. i'm joining with the latest sports news including. as they take it easy collectively. to. build the solo crowded arizona the dallas cowboys kneel in unison before they game with the arizona cardinals and i hope players continue to react to controversial comments by u.s. president. a member. the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in
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a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say he opened fire after driving with palestinian laborers at the settlement of hearts are near jerusalem so harry fawcett joins us live from there and he's been gathering more information so harry what else we learned about what happened. well it took place just a few meters away from here at the gate we're on the inside of the gate at the edge of this settlement and we understand that it just before seven o'clock this morning this man was part of a group of palestinian laborers who were coming in which is a regular occurrence here for a day's work the police say that the way he was dressed the way he behaved aroused suspicion and he was challenged at which point he drew his weapon and started shooting three israeli security forces members were killed one border police force
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member and two security guards another guard was also injured and we understand that that person is a resident here of the settlement we've been talking about the man involved a thirty seven year old resident of a nearby palestinian village. his name was. and a father of four he's someone who's very familiar to the residents here and he's someone who's worked here for a long time they say that he was well liked and they had no indication that such a thing might happen there have been some reports in the israeli media that he was going through some marital difficulties and indeed we have seen a facebook post that he put up addressed to his wife on social media saying that whatever you hear about me tomorrow know that it has nothing to do with you certainly these actions have been taken by hamas celebrate every event saying that this is part of the palestinian struggle against occupation fatah has also said
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that the reaction of palestinians to israeli crimes in the occupied west bank is the responsibility of israel ok carry it live for us in occupied west bank harry thank you. iraq is refusing to hold talks with the kurdish regional government about the results of monday's controversial secession vote iraqi prime minister has called the referendum unconstitutional i and. hundreds of kurds celebrated the end of voting the procession campaign is expected to win comfortably the results though their non-binding breath read them is opposed by iraq and its neighbors iran turkey and syria all of whom have a substantial kurdish minority. we have two live reports in the aftermath of that referendum andrew symonds is in a board turkey on the iraqi border we began though with hoda abdel-hamid in her appeal the capital of iraq's kurdish region so what now it seems as
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if this played out basically the way most people thought there would be the vote that it would likely pass and that it would likely be rejected so what now. let me give immediate future we're going to hear statements coming out from baghdad and from the regional government red. box and i think also there's a certain reality that sets and other positions specially of real and baghdad a very clear president most with. the kurds being part of iraq a failed partnership saying that this is the time is over for that prime minister. saying that he will not allow the disintegration of iraq. now but there is a reality and that reality is that there are nearly two million displaced iraqis who are into kurdish region. in the coming days you will see more people coming.
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on the war on is the prime concern of washington and the international community and they are going to make sure to security cooperation between the peshmerga and the forces continue actually the u.s. envoy brett mcgurk a coalition against him was here in there and made sure that there was an agreement between the two sides. before the referendum took place so it is a many files that will continue now whether to talk about. proceeding to where to happen any time soon that. really will take a while for to choose sides to sit at the table but because i also feel slightly strong because there's an election coming up in iraq in two thousand and eighteen they are the second strongest roark in the iraqi parliament and they will continue
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to be as such until eventually one day they declare independence and prime minister but he needs them to actually win the next elections and he knows that he can count on them because the kurds dislike his rival his main rival former prime minister maliki very much so you will have this reality. again and at the same time you will have these strong statements coming out from both sides for quite a while still. live for us in erbil hoda thank you ok now let's bring in andrew symonds who is live on the turkey iraq border so tell us what's been happening there at the border. well there have been range of exercises going on here more of this is been going on for more than a week now and behind me let's just have
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a look right over there you'll see armored personnel carriers coming in conveniently this is right beside the border road into iraq at the border post when i say conveniently it's really quite a measured description because this is obviously very limited in terms of military value there are around thirty iraqi troops here that taking part in this exercise they've been on the ground actually they've now moved away but they've been on the ground. maneuvering with. a.p.c.'s and tanks have been all around now this is to be a message there is a political tone to this perhaps more than there is a military one that's obviously an area of debate but what we have going on here is as i say a message and a message that comes from the turkish government and indeed the iraqi government
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what we've also had is a series of messages being put through from the turkish government threats really it's as if the referendum had actually happened because these threats keep coming and coming threats what across the board not just time possibly rolling in to iraq but economic measures but still apart from taking kurdish t.v. off the satellite television in turkey there has been no firm action just words this is war but circus president had to say a short time ago. unity northern iraq has carried out this referendum despite our warnings it does not respect iraq's constitution there is no country or international institution. other than israel supporting this initiative an initiative by a single group in such a diverse society is iraq's renewed problems and clashes in the region you get
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around ninety nine percent votes doesn't mean anything who's going to recognize you so andrew you are saying that there's been a lot of talk a lot of bluster but largely nothing is actually happened based on these threats but i assume there is still the potential for these things to happen for the rhetoric to continue. well but a lot of this president heard one was probably the harshest he's been so far in that address he accused mehsud bizarrely the president of the kurdish regional government of treachery he was an ally effectively turkey used to train peshmerga troops now they're actually on this ground here with iraqi troops and they're threatening military action and all the rest but in reality is this still pressure being born on the kurds for them to turn around and say well look that's done now
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that's about it let's park it there let's now get to talk about the future but then with no actual escalation of their political actions possibly there is a way out now it's certainly one was referring to if they would give up on their adventure which is bound to come to a dark and then we could get around the table so this is still as if the referendum didn't take place the turkish president still believes there is a means of getting this back on track and this is where all the pressure is coming from but as for what's on the ground as for how bizarre he acts he's already said he doesn't intend to rattle cages he wants to just engage in negotiations could there well could there be a peaceful way forward could there be some sort of detente with this well it would seem a possibility but judging from the actions of iraq turkey and iran of the moment it's still a bit expand off with possible replications if the economic measures take place if
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a joint military actions also take place in northern iraq ok anderson turkey iraq border andrew thank you. south korea says the north is deploying fighter jets to boost its air defenses following threats to shoot down u.s. bombers north korea has accused donald trump of declaring war which washington rejects kathy novak reports from seoul. as he left his hotel heading out of new york north korea's foreign minister read young ho addressed reporters. last weekend trump claims that at leadership wouldn't be around much longer and ends at last he declared a war no country or do you guys the more that given the fact this comes from someone who is currently holding the seat of the united states presidency this is clearly a declaration of his latest comments go further than his address to the u.n. general assembly just two days earlier and he was clearly responding to president
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trump's tweet after that speech in which he referred to little rocket men and warned they may not be around much longer but the white house dismissed his suggestion it was a declaration of war. we've not declared war on north korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd real also referred to a u.s. show of force which took place just before he spoke on saturday u.s. fighter jets and b. one bombers flying close to north korea's eastern coast but still over international waters can be. home since the u.s. declared war in our country we will have every right to make cannon measures including the right to shoot down the united states strategic bombers even when they're not yet inside the airspace of our country is never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful the nuclearization of the korean peninsula in a briefing to south korea's parliamentary intelligence committee the national
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intelligence service said north korea did not take any countermeasures in response to that flight of u.s. bombers but has since moved planes and beefed up the fences along the east coast it said the u.s. military disclose. the flight path because the north koreans apparently didn't detect the aircraft and what is the use of a show of force if the target doesn't realize it's happening. south korea is coding a strong emphasis on a peaceful solution there cannot be another war on the korean peninsula the consequences would be devastating not just for the korean peninsula but for northeast asia and indeed the whole international community south korean intelligence reports that soldiers on the opposite side of the border have been ordered to report to higher commands before taking any action suggesting that despite its tough talk north korea would also prefer to avoid confrontation kathy novak al jazeera seoul the u.s.
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russia and china have all way then after the north korean foreign minister is comments russia says using sanctions against north korea is a strategy that's almost exhausted china for its part says there will be no winners in a war in the korean peninsula and the u.s. dismissed the accusations as you saw there from north korea's foreign minister as absurd but defense secretary james mattis says america wants to solve the crisis diplomatically so the russian foreign ministry says it's been working hard behind the scenes on a diplomatic solution or a challenge joins me live now with that from moscow so worry what is it that russia thinks they can do to change the dynamic of all of this. it's a good question and we don't have the answer to that at the moment because the russians are saying that the work that they are doing behind the scenes is for the moment going to be kept secret the the position that russia has at the moment is the
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essentially they believe that this escalation in tensions is deeply worrying this war on the peninsula would be catastrophic i think they feel that the united states and particularly donald trump is being quite irresponsible in the saber rattling that has been going on in recent weeks and that's why i think they are doing this back channel activity to try and calm things down a rusher is in actually quite a good position to do that sort of thing because it has fairly decent relationships with pyongyang having said that i think russia is also fairly phlegmatic that it's not going to be able to remove nuclear weapons from north korea. the prior presidents putin said recently that was korea would eat grass before it gave up needing a weapon so that begs the question what can russia or offer well i think if you re people like dmitri trenin who's the head of the carnegie center here in moscow he
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believes that perhaps russia can urge north korea to use strategic restraint and it can do this by using more of a carrots than the stick that washington seems to be using at the moment because russia has good economic relations with north korea it can offer north korea things like sort of gas relationships gas deals perhaps rail links that sort of thing things that can boost. the economy of north korea and perhaps persuade it's inflammatory and aggressive rhetoric is not the way forward ok all right chalons live in moscow thank you. more on the impact of the north korea crisis on sports coming up and with donald trump. talking about the war we hear what the u.s. olympic team plans to do about next year's winter games in seoul in south korea also refugees are moved from an australian run prison camp to u.s.
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under a controversial plan also. when now the production and sale of marijuana is legal this. disappearing problem still remains. a quarter of a million muslim or a hundred children have fled the latest outbreak of violence began a month ago many more cross the border into bangladesh daily many are alone they have nothing some refused to speak about what it is they have seen. pictures nicholas hawk reports there are moments children best describe using markers and pencils. to difficult to put in words like when. the throat of her friends. friend will not talk about the moment they set her house on fire with their parents inside. deny there's been an ethnic cleansing the ten year
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old shahana draws a different picture. i was in my home when they grabbed my mother she was screaming they hit. her then they shot her in front of me. these are satellite images of the children's home collected on september sixteenth now look at it. and this the international accuses me and more security forces of a scorched earth campaign on a mass scale no independent observers or journalist have been allowed into the range of villages this is as close as we can get to the right kind states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burned in the distance mean more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except. for considered illegal
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immigrants by young gone almost half a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army. normally our orders are to not allow in given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshi soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain nicholas hauke al jazeera could a problem count the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out upon a guinea on their way to the united states the group of more than twenty men has been in an australian prison camp on manis island resettlement deal was organized
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when barack obama was president that has been criticized by u.s. president donald trump. him has more from the australian capital come. well this is the first group of freshly jays who will be transferred from papa new guinea is minus on land and nauru to the u.s. on tuesday morning about twenty five men left papa new guinea bound for the u.s. it's believed that a similar number will leave nauru on wednesday morning also bound for the us via a very long flight routes that takes them the manila the chicago and finally los angeles from where the refugees will be sent to other parts of the u.s. where they can start rebuilding their lives and making their homes now this u.s. refugee resettlement deal was struck between the strays prime minister malcolm turnbull and then president barack obama it was to say up to one thousand two hundred fifty refugees from minus island and ruth transferred and resettled in the
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u.s. but it all came under question with u.s. president donald trump who called it a done deal he said it was the worst eleven and it became clear that there was no obligation to take that full number of one thousand two hundred fifty refugees u.s. authorities though have said that they are reviewing other refugee cases it's not known how many more refugees will be taken from an asylum and and are rude leaving the fight of the more than two thousand people on man asylum and naru still uncertain the detention center on man asylum the suit of clothes and a week but the immigration spokesman for the for australian green party says there are still uncertainty about what will happen to the remaining refugees. there are still hundred men on menace all and and four hundred men women and children. who really have no idea what is going to happen to them in the future and often to
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menace all and toss all of spark into a lot of astride his political prisoners ive of the and the idea not hope for the future because they've had so many talks in the past and had that hope completely destroyed and once you've done that if you toss it becomes much more difficult. to engage in hype for the future so the question for the australian government entities a question for the australian government not the pop when you get a government not them their own government but the astroland government is what is the future for these people because i cannot simply be left to weiss to y. and rot on menace all and and which appears apart from the us steel to be the only future that i can expect. he was president donald trump's row with the national football league shows no sign of them being f.l. players coaches even some owners have joined in protest against the president's attack on players during the national anthem robin else has the latest. president
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donald trump's feud with professional american football players moved from stadiums on sunday to the u.s. capitol on monday to step what he said about these men. and what they are doing these mostly like men but also like. they use the term. as the be. is beneath. should be the need the deaths of the president of the united states of america the dispute began last year when san francisco quarterback collin capper nick initially refused to stand while the anthem was played capper nick said he was protesting police brutality and the killings of african-americans by police officers at that son of a. last week trump used a vulgar epithet to denounce players who also refused to stand during the song urged team owners to summarily fire them and then called on fans to boycott games
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of teams that refused to do so but on sunday hundreds of players either refused to stand linked arms in solidarity or declined to come on the field until the anthem was over people say it's encouraging patriotic it's unpatriotic of the president not respecting our right players in other sports also knelt during the anthem several team owners voiced support for players exercising their right of free speech as did democrats in congress people are forgetting like colleen kaplan it did it from the beginning it was not to be disrespectful of the flag or of america it was about first amendment. i said and also people being killed in the street black and brown the white house fired back it's always appropriate for the president of this country to promote our flag to promote our national anthem and ask people to respect it some football fans saw the quarrel as an unnecessary
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distraction we're here to see a game that's what we're trying to do just watch a sporting event you know from our everyday lives and just relax and have a good time the anthem also known as the star-spangled banner was written in one thousand fourteen to celebrate a victory over invading british forces near baltimore it was made the official national anthem in one thousand nine hundred thirty one it celebrates the american flag which plays an outsized role in the u.s. compared with most other countries as a patriotic symbol those symbols are meant to promote unity but they are now tokens of division further incited by a president who seems to revel in controversy robert oulds al-jazeera. donald trump says puerto rico's in deep trouble after being hit by hurricane maria because the u.s. territory owes billions of dollars to banks on wall street the governor of the
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caribbean island says the storm was an unprecedented disaster and his urging help to repair the damage. reports. thousands of stranded tourists and puerto rican filled the international airport hoping for seat on a commercial airline to get off the island many of the passengers are frustrated because of the lack of food and water under sweltering heat today and they can't be is that. sleeping on the floor without air conditioning it's horrible and i have to sleep here again it's very frustrating. that frustration also extends to other goods and services such as fuel supplies puerto ricans have been queuing for hours for petrol to supply their vehicles and generators. doctors and nurses are also struggling as they try to treat thousands of patients lack of fresh water is expected to increase gastrointestinal diseases and fire infections. i mean the
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number of patients is increasing and more people are getting injured as they try to clean up. there are also long lines at some grocery stores but there aren't enough supplies. we hope to receive more emotion so we can provide for our customers russian and our supplies so we can give something to everyone to extend what we have left meanwhile the u.s. government has started sending in relief supplies but it's estimated it will cost some thirty billion dollars to fix storm damage in a territory that was already coping with empty conference and seventy billion dollars in debts. zero. much more on the weather still ahead on al-jazeera the push to get rid of the plants that produce cocaine colombian farmers. and. gets to fans after spilling his.
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sky. to the french. in the city. i was frying economics passed over australia on friday don't have the autumn but we can be of spring here it's almost as though summer was waiting behind pushed out of the way to bring some straight in least to some parts of australia now for the west it's been a gentle introduction into spring this circulating cloud here has brought some very welcome rain to western australia but the consequence of being there for so long is it's brought the heat down from further north cause it's an area of low pressure as a result of that is whatever's inevitable in northern australia big history is brought into new south wales and sometimes as. we did this is on saturday canberra
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the nation's capital hit thirty degrees that this is in september to seventy six years it takes that nine hundred forty one is about to happen again this heat is coming we're right back into tomorrow we're looking it well around the edges it doesn't look dramatic as it were into the middle twenty's very comfortable. weather going to new south wales and the outback place called book forty two degrees is the forecast here if that were to happen that's never been seen before in september new south wales. being pushed out of the way the day after. the weather sponsored by cattle. water scarcity is a serious problem we use more than probably you need to why is your research impact if their plants are demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much heins me is the age old technique of collecting water from bald top water just came
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out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the public global water gas tank know at this time on the edges iraq . with every.
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watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour three members of the israeli security forces have been killed one injured in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead turkish president. warning of the risk of ethnic war a day after kurds in iraq voted on a session referenda turkey has been holding up military exercises on its border with iraq for a second day china says there can be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula while russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis reactions follow the north korean foreign minister accusing donald trump of declaring war the white house says that's absurd. opposition supporters in kenya are protesting against the election commission that say it's biased in favor of president. party supreme court invalidated his victory
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and presidential elections in august but opposition leader raila odinga says he'll boycott a repeat vote unless the government responds to his demands including the sacking of electoral commission staff. decker joins us live now from nairobi so steph tell him all about these these protests. well we're outside the you see that the electoral commission and what's been happening here throughout the course of the morning it starts with quite a small group of people relatively speaking there were still a small crowd but at some point you had a larger crowd come across the corner and just come down here right in front and the police have been using tear gas at the moment every time they come around again to this point which is right in front of the electoral commission building they will be dispersed using tear gas and this is why at the moment you're only really seeing a police presence here there are some people milling around but the bigger picture
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here we're hearing right now the presidential candidate position condit right he's speaking now reiterating the same message what he wants is reforms within the electoral commission the b.c. before going to the polls on the twenty sixth of october at the moment there have been no changes the i.p.c. says that we have rectified what we need to look at we have our stuff and place and we need to organize these elections because we have a very short space of time so this is what you're seeing he's called on his people to come to the street certainly i have to say they're not large numbers as you've seen before maybe a hundred or two hundred it is still sort of happening when they come around corners but for now things are relatively quiet here and just to be clear stuff before we let you go this election is still set to happen now as far as we know nothing has changed in spite of the pushback in the protests correct. absolutely i mean listening to kenyan politics it is a war of words it is a war of insults it is politicians against politicians insulting each other it is
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media panels and you do hear quite aggressive language all of that put aside cut to the chase richelle and these elections at the moment remain on track for the twenty sixth of october but there are questions as to the challenges particularly when it comes to some of the company. is dealing with and it sean exist i'm dealing with the printing the opposition wants different companies to do that because they say we don't want another sort of you know stolen election which is their words they want changes in the electoral commission that isn't happening i think you know we have to look forward to tomorrow when the electoral body will meet with both sides with the president. and they will be discussing some of these issues moving forward so at the moment yes this is the message that the opposition keep saying we won't go to elections unless there is a change but there's no change elections are still going on and they're going to have to be held before the thirty fourth of october ok stephanie decker live for us in iraq the stephanie thank you cambodia's opposition leader kemas soca has spent
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her vented from appearing in court to fight treason charges police say he's being kept in prison for his own safety cambodia national rescue party leader was arrested earlier this month and charged to overthrow the government as lawyers are appealing his detention james gomez's amnesty international's regional director for southeast asia in the pacific he says circus trials an example of injustice and cambodian courts. he has essentially been you know held and arrested on trumped up charges poly men as remove impunity from him and the thing is that he's not even physically present. to challenge this case so amnesty international you know considered this is a travesty of justice what we want is an immediate and unconditional release of kim so however what's happening too is part of a synchronize pattern of what's happening in cambodia in the last few months
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several ministries such as the ministry of interior the ministry of information the ministry of home affairs i see one of the general department of taxation have singularly and jointly move to cup opposition party activities. the free press and n.g.o.s for example the situation room a coalition of election monitoring n.g.o.s. what simply forced to disband fully orders from the ministry of interior interior citing and geo laws similarly several n.g.o.s were also called in for questioning due to import from the general department of taxation and their sources of funding and finally n.d.i. was forced to you know shut his office from a directive from the ministry of foreign affairs and so on so you see here a class pattern of you know civil society groups evolving election monitoring you
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know being taken to task. hong kong's former chief executive has pleaded not guilty to the charge of bribery while an office senate here old almost sank faces up to seven years in prison earlier this year he became the first former hong kong leader to be convicted in a criminal trial on separate charges to go politics at the high court. so far donald has spent about two months in jail for misconduct in public office which he is appealing and now he's back in court to face separate bribery charges after a jury could not reach a verdict during the trial in february not these charges stem from two thousand and seven donaldson was chief executive of com the jury will deliberate on whether a decision to grant a company a digital license wasn't fluence by the fact that the company's major shareholder had renovated donalds on spends how for free in hong kong is to do neat in that the officials has really close connections with the business like this with you know titles. i think people already has that image in mind even with these
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cases now these days a sony is trying to earn a good impression in news of the general public and so i agree that we should have the wise of you to to review how this kind of you know a business connection should be on day one of the trial donalds on pleaded not guilty but the rest of the proceedings was mostly jury selection the judge refused to accuse a juror who said he was not a literal simply because he did like the sun now it is representative of the mixed feelings here in hong kong while many believe that the trial highlights corruption among the political elites others feel that it is excessive and donald johnson actions does not warrant jail time. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is set to meet the u.s. president in washington in the coming hours this comes as his chief prosecutor refuses to rule out the arrest of cattle on u.s. president out of the upcoming vote on caps on independence day spanish government
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says the referendum planned for october first is illegal and unconstitutional harle pen hall joins us live from barcelona so. karl that the rhetoric has not tamp down and it seems as if now there's possibly some. security forces build up as well what's going on there. absolutely richelle as the clock ticks down to that referendum there has been a massive build up. police reinforcements being sent to this northeast region of spain just a few moments ago we were talking to police sources and they told us that around ten thousand additional national police and also the civil god that's a military unit with at least functions have now been sent to catalonia in case there is any public. vote rules nira now last week we saw the security forces in action raiding government offices and also arresting
1:41 pm
officials from the regional government this week the public security forces seem to focusing their attention much more on closing down web sites and social media sites that have been promoting and spreading public about this upcoming referendum the interior minister of spain is so far declined to give any information about that action by council and sources say that up to one hundred forty web sites may now have been shut down by the spanish security forces only yesterday we were talking to two young computer program as as they came out of an hour of police questioning they are now being accused of public disorder offenses off to setting up proxies mirrors and copies of websites. to spread information about the referendum if convicted they could now face up to a year behind bars just for these the these offenses of setting up web sites that is then forced scenes like those that you see behind me for the pro independence
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campaign is to go back to school low tech methods instead of putting out campaign information via computers via the internet they're simply setting up posts in the street handing out posters and handing out information telling voters where they can go on october the first vote richelle. all right karl penhall live for us in barcelona karl thank you. authorities in colombia say they're confident their long term plan to cut cocaine production is working that's despite u.s. concern about an increasing amount of illegal drugs coming from colombia and withdraw tens of million dollars millions of dollars in funding. reports. this area of southern colombia used to be covered with coca plants but most are gone thanks to a program trying to persuade where we farmers to switch crops this part of the country's peace efforts and. families signing up to receive subsidies of thousands of u.s.
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dollars in the first year well switching to alternatives such as coke or coffee they also receive help with infrastructure government officials former rebels and farmers strike the deals. if none are reached then the army may come into up three plants by hand. and you would a gore says most farmers remain suspicious of the government's ability to deliver but are cautiously optimistic. that this is a very good opportunity the government is offering we have never seen anything like it before it's just starting now but the community is happy because we've been receiving payments so we hope the rest of the deal. but last year so i record five hundred cocaine production that's angered the u.s. government which is accusing colombia dropping the ball on fighting drugs. the colombian government sees things differently from you see third of all coca fields
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by the end of the year in my book from the old methods only contain that this is going to achieve sustainable reductions but it will require patience we can't bring it down to zero that's impossible but we can make it a marginal phenomenon in colombia this is one of the fields that has been ridden of coca plants in the last couple of months you can see here on the ground what's left of some of those plants but colombia knows more in its quick success is to build trust among the farmers and call american fears. but in most of the new the problem we always had here is that the subsidies a lot more do the trick the government needs to create the conditions for legal markets to flourish roads electricity aqua docks well we see in the past that these projects never materialize or arrive too late so unless this infrastructure arrives farmers will go back to cocoa. colombia seems determined to get rid of the plant
1:45 pm
farm by farm finally gaining the trust of communities long neglected by the state but many also understand that as long as there will be customers for cocaine somebody will find a way to satisfy the demand alison that i'm just. there on the united states is causing an unexpected problem and you're a choir which was the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana two months ago. high like never before banks are being accused of drug trafficking and i'll try and live reports from the capital montevideo. this is nothing new it's just that mary won there is now after a long campaign totally legal in europe why the business has been booming we think that's the risk is worth. the risk as the final result of that will be the respect their right to love. to have
1:46 pm
a plan. of their houses and. if they want each registered user can buy up to forty grams a month from their local pharmacy but you know guys banks are now threatening to close the accounts of those pharmacies selling the drug stopping they use of plastic cards they say they're under pressure from u.s. banks which by u.s. law cannot trade with any company linked to the illegal drug industry. we see an absurd situation that your financial situation is being penalized with strong legislation which is not in place in canada or the u.s. but this has nothing to do with drug trafficking it's totally legal. europe why says the u.s. has got it wrong there marijuana industry is now legal a delegation has been to the u.s. to put their case where the industry is looking at selling outside the bank system . system is now strongly regulated very controlled the state is heavily involved so
1:47 pm
that's why we feel it will be easy to show that we have nothing to do with drug trafficking or money laundering business is being done illegal enterprises controlled by the state. he says pharmacies a queuing up to sell marijuana but the financial obstacles have been removed this is normal and this legal is growing tomatoes a backroom backstreet industry is emerging from the shadows and taking its place in mainstream europe one society those involved say there's no going back. europe one uses say legalization has seen the illegal drug trade reduced or the stigma attached to marijuana is receding. now you show you going into a business premises which is open to the public so now you're not in danger. the mood still has opponents both here and abroad but europe wise growers and smokers say merry want to use is now so normal many a wondering what all the fuss was about that schreiner al-jazeera montevideo. a
1:48 pm
volcano is an imminent danger of erupting in indonesia scientists say when mount agung does blow the temperature of the earth will temporarily fall because the ash cloud will blot out the sun a threatened disaster in bali has already forced seventy five thousand islanders from their homes a gong last erupted fifty four years ago killing at least one thousand and two nations and volcano is forcing thousands to flee their villages and then a walk to the menorah volcanoes on the pacific island of. experts warn the entire island may have to be evacuated if all canuck activity continues to increase so head on al-jazeera. have been dead and that is my fault my fault only and support the player who appeared to defy teammates during sunday's n.f.l. kneeling protest says it wasn't his intention joe will have all the details in sport.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
time for sport but joe michelle thank you the dallas cowboys have responded collectively to four days of divisive comments from u.s. president donald trump cowboys owner jerry jones joined the team as i kneeled in unison before monday's n.f.l. game with the hours and the cardinals but the crowd didn't respond positively. he said as they take it easy collectively lose twenty of. them the sellout crowd in arizona the players then rose to stand together while the national anthem played as
1:51 pm
did the arizona cardinals on friday don't trumpet call for players who are now in protest to racial injustice in the united states to be fired more than two hundred knelt all sides during sunday's game. meanwhile the n.f.l. player who were paid to defy his pittsburgh steelers teammates during the national anthem said that wasn't his intention the steelers chose to remain in the locker room while it played but allen hundred for a new way for an army veteran says he became separated from the squad while trying to get a glimpse of the flag from the tunnel because of that i've made. it bad and that is my fault and that is my fault only i've made my teammates look bad and that is my fault my fault only. bad and that is my fault and my fault only show and willingly i have made a mistake. well the n.b.a. is also been embroiled in the debate after president trying withdrew an invitation for golden state warriors star stephan curry to visit the white house teams across
1:52 pm
the league held a media days on monday before the new season and play is along with team officials had a lot to say i couldn't believe the president of the united states would stoop to that level and to disrespect the n.f.l. players by calling them you know what he called them and then also. allowed them to protest their right as an american to freedom of speech they can protest if they want to. and i was so proud of the players in the n.f.l. i was proud of their coaches and the owners who are rallying behind the players for me as a professional athlete in the state and even know this state voted for trump that doesn't stop me inspiring these people the people of the state and aspiring to
1:53 pm
youth because i would be even more at wrong if i started down the people of ohio that makes zero sense my job is and my calling is much bigger than that guy remarks in his name so why have this platform i will continue to inspire the state of ohio not only by what i do want to floor but also by point thirteen hundred key is in a school it's been almost forty five million dollars to me you're a clown like you're like this that's unacceptable. as and i would a leader does like your job is supposed to bring everybody together and everybody in the world feels like. since you got an office that hasn't been the case you know there's a lot of issues going around the world like puerto rico doesn't have water and power like they're still part of the u.s. but you're worried about guys nailing down a national anthem or countries an embarrassment in the world. this is
1:54 pm
this is an individual actually thought that when people held arms during the games that they were doing it to honor the flag that's delusional absolutely delusional but it's what we have to live with so you got a choice we can continue to bounce our heads off the wall with his conduct or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important well donald trump and north korea's leader may be threatening more with the trade of insults but the u.s. olympic committee said it remains confident that their team can compete safely at the upcoming winter games in south korea according to the u.s. team not a single athlete has expressed security concerns at the games and killing chang which begins in one hundred thirty six days is in contrast to the french sports minister who said last week that the team would not be going if security cannot be guaranteed should be you know the unthinkable happened and you know. there's
1:55 pm
conflicts between nations that's not an issue for the u.s. olympic committee to get involved in that point it becomes an issue for the i.o.c. and for nations to make decisions on so we're preparing as if we're going to go there the u.s. a c. will go we understand individual athletes may have questions and concerns but our job as the national and the committee for the united states is to make sure that the athletes have an opportunity to go and are well supported by a smaller there. the way for me is they get back underway on tuesday bruce had open meet madrid for a ninth time in five years the two european heavyweights could be in for a high scoring counter their previous eight games have seen twenty seven goals hundred of never won in dortmund and despite recent successes they've struggled in away games against wonderfully good teams born this year for out of interest it's difficult to play in all the stadiums but yes it is true we have never won here and
1:56 pm
it is a challenge for us we're going to try to win the match as always but we must try because when we go to the pitch we always try to win we want to brief champions league to breathe football we want to play football and i want to see a good football game also in group h. time travel to cite cyprus to take on the casea liverpool have made the trip to russia to take on spartak moscow and after a long trip the manager you can cop had to sit through a frustrating and bizarre news conference which was awesome strange questions. you're. seeing now. the moments of most of us and you know we want to get such as you got away but for probably good that's a lot. it. really is that the. press conference and talk about things like this i really don't understand the business anymore so but it's yes i know love i said as far as a lot of the club that includes the players actually i love harry told. her.
1:57 pm
buddies in tottenham players of good footballers that's how it is but yeah. it's not important the question of my answer that is like one for us or a process or in this. particular case. and what do i love that last question that's a waste of time. all right well the m.o.v. now the new york yankees are in judge broker. rookie home record on monday he hit two high runs against the kansas city royals to reach fifty this season meanwhile the toronto blue jays haven't showed the boston red sox will need to keep waiting before securing the american league east title just donaldson and georgia's three wrongs in toronto six four when she's showing they can be a risky business being a spectator in a bowl guy this st louis cardinals fans as he found out to his cost and those of
1:58 pm
his freshly made nachos chicago cubs addison russell there's a bit cheese don't seem to weigh me on skates following his vision. moment slice of the infield and return from the concession stand to make things right if it was not show day the cardinals fans the chicago cubs want to attend to. and that is well yes but for now we'll have we'll feel later show. a regular much more news on the other side of the break with adrian finnegan.
1:59 pm
for decades puerto rico schools of being crumbling beneath the weight of massive debt now one hundred seventy nine it due to close for good the largest closure of schools in the history of this u.s. territory is a frightening development this elementary school will remain open but will take in one hundred fifty of the twenty seven thousand students due to be relocated that's double its current student body over the last decade enrollment in puerto rico schools has dropped by more than forty percent as families continue to leave those
2:00 pm
left behind often don't have the means to follow suit but ultimately it's now puerto rico's poor communities that are paying the price for this island's staggering debt. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing in the absence of justice. people in power on earth chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting of thora teams have failed to conduct full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. cote d'ivoire partial just at this time on al-jazeera. angry words from turkey and continuing military exercises a day after the kurdish succession referendum.


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