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tv   State Of The Arts  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to produce the us citizens here and then what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on saturday i was never going to file been looked at differently because i'm dr that all the people that i'm watching this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and richelle carey in doha let's take a look at the top stories on al-jazeera president russia typer to juan is warning of the risk of ethnic war a day after kurds in iraq voted on
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a succession referendum turkey has been holding military exercises on its border with iraq for a second day or one also says military and economic options are on the table. as we begin to impose sanctions iraq's kurds will be left behind when we close the oil top they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when we stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation they will ask why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions and how and from where will israel send its assistance to them three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborers at the settlement of har a darn near jerusalem harry fawcett has more from there. this attack took place just before seven o'clock this morning this guard post at the entrance to this
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illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank police say that the attacker was among a group of palestinian laborers who come in here typically every day to work inside the settlement. something about the way he was dressed arouse suspicion he was challenged at which point he drew a weapon and started shooting three israeli security forces members were killed a fourth a resident of the settlement a guard was injured and the man himself. he was shot dead he was a thirty seven year old father of four a very familiar face in this settlement and we've been speaking to residents here who say that he was well known and there was no indication that he might carry out an attack such as this there have been reports in the israeli media that he was going through marital difficulties but he put up a social media posting address to his wife saying that her relationship nothing to do with what she would soon be reading about him as for hamas it has reacted with
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celebration the rival palestinian group here in the west bank has said that israel must bear the responsibility for palestinian reactions to its crimes in the occupied west bank the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu has also reacted with a statement saying that things are very clear that his house will be destroyed his whole family will have their work permits rescinded his extended family and we're hearing as well from the village nearby here. that his brother has already been arrested this is all taking taking place at a time when the u.s. envoy to the middle east jason greene is here trying to restore momentum to donald trump's efforts to get the peace process underway again the israeli deputy foreign minister has said that this is a welcome for him and it shows the difficulty of trying to seek peace with the palestinians the palestinians of course say there are all sorts of israeli roadblocks that are impeding the progress towards peace. police in the kenyan
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capital have fired tear gas at opposition supporters protesting against the election commission have said it's biased in favor of president or who are kenyatta as ruling party the supreme court invalidated kenyatta victory in the presidential election in august but opposition leader islet says he'll boycott and with the vote unless the government responds to his demands including the sacking of some of the total commission staff china says there can be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula while russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis spalls a statement by the north korean foreign minister accusing donald trump of declaring war u.k. prime minister to receive a is meeting the european council president oliver and london britain's plan to leave the european union tops the agenda last friday may said the u.k. was seeking a two year transition period for bracks it later she will travel to the a stony and capital talent for a dinner with other european leaders the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out of new guinea
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on their way to the united states the group of more than twenty men has been in an australian run prison camp on manis island as are the headlines the news continues here and al-jazeera after in search of putin's russia and michelle kerry computer.
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russians are famous for their cultural legacy music alley literature art but can tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule. the bond between the state and culture russia has always been strong too strong for some perhaps. one post said that patriots taken so seriously here that you could be killed for. the communist state was cold totalitarian because the strive to attain total control of russian so. on perhaps what some people take for control and censorship is what the majority sees as an integral part of russian
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culture. the russian film industry pales in comparison to what it used to be in. soviet days which was one of the most profitable sectors of the economy along with oil and both to production. in the mid one nine hundred seventy s. more than a billion cinema tickets were sold annually. almost all of the films the soviet film agency distributed were made in the russian language after the fall of communism opening up to western cultural imports resulted in over eighty percent of films creamed coming from america oh my god oh my god me i just was like. i wonder what your idea is that shows goodale. yet glamorous rituals like that of moscow film festival continue to celebrate russian cinema while keen to imitate
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western prototypes. i think it's something that's i think. i'll have to think. that there will. attend a film which seems to be the most controversial and talked about of the program. my good tons is a period piece taking place in germany and the soviet union at the beginning of the second world war. belief well i think sometimes it is your exact moment that's not my experience so much little bit and the crew. thing.
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as you don. the film is controversial because it tells a story of germans and russians cooperating while hitler is concrete western europe . the main here it later returns to russia as an invader and. from this point on it's their fishel russian history germany and aggressor russia the greatest fighter against the nazis. but our german protectionist remembers he was here before as a friend. in the summer of nine hundred thirty nine nazi foreign minister i've been told and start his chief diplomat muller to sign the non-aggression pact and a secret french treaty the second world war started with hitler and started
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dividing europe in spheres of influence with russia's heroic role at the heart of state ideology similar to freedom talk pact is today a thought can put in. communist russia the city and in nazi germany where our longest distance between us invaded poland remain in the baltic states and. i know that exists in my to both here and it's clear makers of this film were trying to deal with this difficult. where under considerable pressure. whatever battles might be fought over the film's content the film festival party is what it should be a bit of fun and the lively exchange of views. used to look at you tube also most of the kids to most of the city's good. to do here is using would sing the songs in
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your movie amazing what it is that you're in the book is really a mean you're not going to use those exemptions. i chatted with my friends and colleagues i asked the german co-producer of the film simone of our man you can about the ideological problems that needed something in order to secure russian financing this tell us the story. with the only way it was that would show up with that said you next because i don't like what sheen reason that you got a new national i think you're going to have to raise any system why doesn't it. from the if this. seems to be. the answer phone time it's going to. publish a number is gasoline is going to learn about what we're really. asking i mean
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that's something that my grandmother but i'm going to be north of one of. the down of the. family here at the corner. down the. road almost normal. for them. to go in the only part they are serious i congratulate the film's director alexander mitt does it with the premier and agree to meet for a chat before the day. we meet in the house of cinema which hasn't changed much since the soviet days and a quarter of a century after the end of the u.s.s.r. it's not only the soviet interiors that have survived here but some soviet
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political habits as well. alexander became famous already in the soviet period as an innovative scriptwriter he knows a thing or two about censorship since the soviet film industry was subjected to it officially. there are. laws and there. are still do you have st charles moskos to be where you mystery school. absolute. war. keep the. study. you want to make. be shiny.
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are you when you double your skull though. not double door which. very oddly into three would be. ninety. but the way you. go. you have the whistle most of. the computer you are conclude you. that i knew. you would it was good was. to ensure way you could get should it. would have been. which you. could put it in your thumb with the chimp. would you go to. the with orders to get the bill that was more than you'd get through. news less because rush fortune version
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will so even. that wouldn't. so there's no censorship just friendly advice from an official historian or a political scientist on duty. and public spaces in moscow a full of intellectually learned people no different from that counterparts elsewhere hit the modern world. there are public events that have no sign of government control. yet such appearances may be misleading. fair to doc is known for shows that have based on real life stories it believes it's a victim of politically motivated harassment right now it's paid for out of its.
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witnesses by a bloody landlord or the theatre dog had to subtly invest in what used to be a ruin before it moved it. to finances manisha victoria holder has to wind up the account and announce the closure of the venue and i think you know i'm not sure i want to know margaret i see every line she hear about the old neighbor the name we hear nation without the good not that you thought you. got the good deed not sure we should. be here here i mean you usually are going to do go to people who are supposed to be sure who should just be you but. i know you're there you look and sure. i'm trying to understand which shows lead to the theatre it's a fiction or to. one hundred fifty two reasons not to defend your most of them.
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but dangerous to. russia today. there's an insolence putin and his job is friendship is bill scolding as it turns out that play is of the most problematic there are others one on who the crimea really belongs to and one about same sex love is you know before the cup of. tea you hear it off maybe up at the right. over sixty. it's at the bookstore. by the thirty six you got to get your way it. actually missed the rush for washington or snowboarding what's important in the models actually almost this venue the coolest you go to the first the first quarter the permit they put your mug is no good when your store possible thought that most of the thought they would get that is because they know it's just the best but. they get in there with the
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closest to life so you can whisper games when you. new zealand just dick clark but the most. of them will be able to out of the one where he been an idea g m a god or a nobody and they are doing it yet other options the more the bridge a civil war nobody got the date the brits. victorian cysts the theatre must not be afraid since it's fear of authority that lead to the dictatorship. yet fear of authority is deeply rooted in russian and for me it is not entirely hidden under the modern westernized look of some russian cities like you could hear it burg in western siberia.
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the most important source of authoritarian tradition in modern history is the rule of the soviet dictator joseph stalin from the late one nine hundred twenty s. to there in one nine hundred fifty s. millions of innocent people were executed or imprisoned in the so-called gulag a vast system of labor camps officially the government condemns the start and purges and yet it is a sign of the dominant culture of national pride that most people don't want to be reminded of their histories dark chapters. and so perm thirty six the last of the labor camps which only closed in one nine hundred eighty eight is the only original site in this huge country. commemorating stalin's terror. my film crew must stay outside while i join a tour of the museum. where allowed to take
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a few shots with my mobile phone. i'm not sure the museum is that effective at capturing what for millions of people was an agonizing experience our literature it painted a more graphic picture in my imagination. too hard to see for example on this double bunk but many i did even worse than that. sleeping rough in subzero temperatures and starving well building there with shelters. although it's hard to get an exact figure it's estimated that about three million people died of hunger cold exhaustion and related to see he says. it's simply mind boggling to think that this system of abominable cruelty and slavery was set up in the name of freedom and justice. on the walls of the prison camp of the score of the race of the soviet have and which woke the inmates every morning. the
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the. the. the. the. the. the for a decade after the fall of coming russia had a different of them and it was putin to reinstate is it the old soviet town from his to new russians want. to reference. the great stalin however was removed. in the mid to thousands a unique annual event started to take place near the camp called pillar armor and
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major arts and culture festival but recently it was evicted. rock musicians theatre groups opposed to dances used to come and dedicate their performances to the memory of victims of the purges former political prisoners would keep artists company and get a chance to tell their stories. now it's just a modest museum without the hype that artists performers and audiences from all over russia used to bring to it. the government reproach the festival for politicizing the gulag. there are a few people who will be put off and still gather around the time the festival used to take place semi spontaneous events like this one dedicated to the victims of the gulag a middle aged by the former festival organizers. victor pester of was a political priority has just
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open and you had to endure that shit because you pushed it aboard ship which is to meet your floor and she just wanted you to be kept in a few minutes at the beach anthony thank you for the story. of the. sort of thing is throwing everybody will believe you are going to move. the piece i least. would you would just start with you know while you were at it its owner about your part of your budget which opens with what will it merely be gentle it is both you and the. group degreed you don't want us in peacetime studion to submit to being what i said if you think it. is and i have replied you are you know much of the matter but yank is not sure what p.m.s. you've been pushing much more stick where you come on the look that you must. be on the ship still no more don't want to deal you cover in your talk so oddly. glowing up would you have quarters of your more. money come along made us think there was
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any more cause i woulda but the more reason i just want to go on that i'm into the world of shaky. we should you not go along way i don't really do it more think you can. die yeah but i saw you got your police you know you were sure to last. me just for sky us on the professional are you have style e storm or do you only store care studies not so much you i started he would not tell you no. need call i pretty sure yeah i will put it up if you were good to go with and you could date on that just for starters i schall when you post much there you storm abuse on and i think i warn you will an abuser may you do you just going to do is going. you've heard this book you. know i know it can you. go to. war in iraq
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for us brother but i live for more. from you on she meet tall number. but you do it is the strenuous cars the tall guy you're there at the time of the club now you know i deliver the engine but you see a new stock is that which but i but you're you don't you think. yup i don't really we're good measure so you can mediocre one of them to your credit you know you look so you person want to gauge good value again. one gets more sure you're sure you know. how do you make sure i don't know what or if i don't know normally because i would if you mention we're driving is what a lot more because i would yes only should not approach you will get steve who are going to get pissed off because you are you know good for a young you and me up with a yearly they said with the war center star in the sense that the king of egypt
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rests here that he put his leave. as much as the bill you know you're asked looking at times now to be really simple materially usually immune to something here that in the state you have to go need. you that want to tell you that you know pretty thought she only. but all three of them were you might use humor to move you toward several more new people not see what bush's you mean you got you know but it was for cool for the. period in which on your watch a dog warden trooper thank you probably a man who we knew in nature that a skunk at the near wouldn't know yet he'll rule it wouldn't use a hooded torrent to. get chilly exertional or hegemon a child still thinking more of the one you got not seen in the me or. the cock two more could you imagine how some of what they think kirk morgan. cooked is no more
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him or only on. the move with low water than you pretty startling your was to learn to be circular and go order don't you have noticed you doing it by margot only i'm a mouse where you please don't negate any. of kenya chairman of the new government your friend he leaves you a card with no profitable. visit us edition of the war yet they dish out the. notes not the high as you mentioned the world or on our good new model and you could also if you could i knew but i knew it was good she was good and i smuggled through it's a war she said but i knew. what dark. huge genius. at the summit got a year in a poll news of. what we know it or not the kind of. boy story. imports who like it. when early
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ph janja smoking a page he is an associate. troll he teacher leader. you know good teacher tripping user who would you. you know good good you know what gets up there for. the real. world. freshly. determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight. but i
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can distinguish objects. and realize their ambitions. but also. because i'm married. i still. follows for inspiring people in istanbul as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. and we shall carry into khalid's take a look at the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president ratchet typer to one as warning of the risk of ethnic war a day after kurds in iraq voted on the secession referendum turkey's been holding military exercises on its border with iraq for a second day or one also says military and economic options are on the table.
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iraq's kurds will be left behind when we close the oil top they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when we stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions and how and from where will israel send its assistance to them three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in a shooting near a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborers at the settlement of hearts are near jerusalem police in the kenyan capital have fired tear gas on opposition supporters protesting against the election commission they say that it's biased in favor of president who are his ruling party the supreme court invalidated victory in the presidential election in august but opposition leader says he'll boycott the repeat vote unless the government responds to his demands including the sacking of some electoral commission staff china says there
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can be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula while russia says the u.s. needs a new approach to the crisis this follows a statement by the work korean foreign minister accusing donald trump of declaring war. u.k. prime minister theresa may is meeting the european council president donald tusk and london britain plans to leave the european union in course that tops the agenda last friday said the u.k. was seeking a two year transition period for brics it later she will travel to the a stony and capital tallon for a dinner with other european leaders the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have flown out of new guinea on their way to the unit united states the group of more than twenty men has been an australian run prison camp a man a silent. so the headline news continues on al-jazeera after in search of putin's
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russia that are. all jews iraq. where ever you are. i've heard of a former labor camp guard who lives in the area i decided to look for and talk to him how does he feel about the suffering the soviet police state inflicted on people who are going to this thirty day more than the last. four no no no the old are you sure you do not
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normally move from movies when i mean you. never took you in the middle. got to go to the. bar. and that's one of the former labor camp god has chosen to retire just next to the place of his former employer. the. russians had to to toss fake communist post which tolerated knew to send his inconsistent. fists of each union was a superpower russia is not. as many russians yearn for their lost greatness their moral evaluation of injustice committed in the
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days of glory is blurred. i have arrived in the city of turkey the cultural center of the europe mountains on the border between europe and asia. i'm going to attend an interesting independently organized conference. on the rule of stalin not in historic row no apparently the terrifying soviet dictator who has been dead for more than sixty years plays an increasingly important road today.
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thank you. he was. the only. russian. citizens i've just heard that some people argue that this was a good thing because the victims became matters of the russian church necessary for the tracks to continue traditions if i hadn't heard it with my own ears i wouldn't have believed it possible but apparently it's not the trend for them still.
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yet again the prettiest. girl. back in moscow someone i'm proud to consider
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a friend. once a dissident and a political prisoner in thirty six campaign surrogate coverage was elected to the duma the national parliament after the fall of communism. and you're just a year. but the. show and you for your month of. the year going to say yeah. it was going. good good a good mash. we're going to see him when his most are stupid life. is bush knew for sure if it's you it's him we do with. this. book.
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or stalin i think you're in the middle of the liquor. oh yeah. pretty sure where. you say you want with it would last. pretty i'm sure. and who does it. like the economic crisis to shadow the totalitarian state is not immediately noticeable in the russian city on
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a sunny day. long gone as the ideological harris of the twentieth century which would learn to do more in front of a firing squad. but in place of the class in the me society has found new people to push. for she's. going to think we're going to be first going if we make gonski new york your plan will work if she's going to. do to me is just leadership for me did you get this aggressive man just an unbalanced possible. no just one of the most famous russian politicians from the united russia really. the tally has him peace but said it's been. good here tonight. i'm sure you don't need it i'm on right now i'm going to have to have them which they were going to do when he was . down if you know that i am here here here i mean you
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have no idea how much you weigh ok i'm going to tell you that if you're thirty i mean how do you. think about them and how do you know don't you understand how to handle so many guns keep under the man at the first. became famous and popular and tight ticket it takes an ultra conservative view i think he has ceased the foundation of his ideology you know the russian orthodox church. and the government. is in. thank you. all right. thank you larry
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if. you're watching nothing standing here but for a man of such ultra conservative nationalist views has an interesting background he speaks several languages lived in europe and used to be a liberal political activist. that it. is night. here. rastan. what with time to get you know. my you be my hero of. the guns of. august when the court. but got over. what you want to do. and you have.
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anybody. you've got to. stop praise or show. them how. they feel. at the very. first. for sure but you would either. remotely be true to that list or strict top fund me which at the fusion. earns its and you think a quick as it's a used. car month what you will be in a better mood community and even if. i were going to start. here million
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i get a new puppy and you need to and you do worry but here are doing their workers are afraid to eat a couple each nest but are most at the easiest forma but got more just like with of bo with me at the any machine. just an exam i see over me i never question private yack use a few that are not b.s. . chimbo. saudis was restrained by the us. here actually loonies concept it comes off because i wish to use the u.s.d.a. she got tory and then asked me upon yes we can cheer about. and. i have lived together for five years and have recently married and then.
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i drop. parents' country house north of. here has a daughter from a previous marriage children are always around this family. experience. it's not an easy one. with us about them though coping. us. with when you. look at the molly also. sees in the yeah. yeah. yeah.
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i was almost. the woman you but i didn't. realize. you know what am i doing with. you but i was it. wasn't. just. a buzz when i was in you lots of dancing me. another bloke walks and then he was thousand mostly. as a witch in the whiskey really runs you. was how it's loosened the way some of those that guy you know was about has any chance in a diaz i also been monitoring in order to muse image and just as he pushes what you
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see just. as it is suit another when you must and yet produce the right those three you see and the gleason also can use them and i got dog and i did he's going to bring us the ones are much of a thing is yeah. i see that. street in the rain is pretty comparable. and it goes with options to lust but it is still the deal it is is it on the wall or the corner store the rest of the sawdust or the conchita system was in for months that i would hope so e z z e because it could do an hour to ease stores as they should because it's all done plenty of. grain shows the stay in the west just exudes the water to more in speed you jamaal of those own prince piece. is
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that is all i get and i must lead. by the usual sirrahs here to go with another word when you sit down for starters and i was stand up push on them with help of scully but at the cable i get a nickle to the leg and that last thing and i feel as if that it. for reason that this is still when i see the of the organ or collective. it a global we would you be more forgiving exercised in your lunacy. while some west of time liberties are under attack in russia there's a class that is liberal culture and enjoying its influence in society and a lavish lifestyle. i was.
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aware. next to russia's most glamorous official a famous t.v. personality and putin is going to do what finney assumption is one of the most fashionable intellectuals writer and review editor. nikolai will scoff. irish to talk to him at the offices of his print and web magazine snow which caters for well heeled liberals and opinion for. it occupies a loft in one of the capitals missed expensive locations. yet almost all this is us campbell who is somebody to him but it took more than that news that's the president that i thought of as which unfortunately. there's
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a she would let i wish the worst as they can you can see what you meant by just good numbers but you must return when you post as a sham dunk for my wife and i should want to ask you should i put them in the bush to just give me the worst of it was a shame it sensed that i get up so i look. like you should not wish to touch it not like it should be just the shock of your usual goodness because that image will start in a young approach scarier than no first skip doesn't it because he prefers to remain there with her because so there are more than dumb for now you're in. the shade ditty or really any of them for a list of my the sources i was on the sins of omission your thoughts notional so pushed a little trying to move the movement i'm sitting at the moment because she was orbiting this which seems to be just we see. them straight up beechwood conception of the subtle but yet so the storm. itself
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that if there is more but with us we should all took a little bit of existential at least by still it a little bit that he's there to escape the possible opening of your lives dealing with regards to that commission even if it's just in you michael michael come over for your screed you consider it not so. stupid well if there was genuine you don't question yes but you know what just bring it up to the cretin. so move on the old machine you put your songs most and you know it was long. and when you can remember them which so your skills stay with cirque you know. statement because there. are those faults and also there's a. problem just not just among them conclusion and at the core we did you see was the neediness is but it in a day or two states i'm still learning she's been you through the night when you're
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put in the moment. in the gym she won't get into a bit of a book for kids of their way to. do pretty well but a. problem with me. is that the with such a big butt women as well as a simple with his agenda would it would be so good as the day it on a sunday need broaches to the nation. in my home city of st petersburg i'm invited to mediate a school conference where students discuss contemporary culture. on my way through i reflect there's an entire generation of russians has grown up now personally experience of the soviet union. russia is a totally different country from the one i grew up in or is it just the pressure group is due a city of show your. love we broke up and you don't need some of us didn't you know . your boss tell you we were
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a future school bus or the other. that you're getting let's put it in. the staging to really push deep in your version is to. say. that you know i think it's when you see money education career family love patriotism. what feel water. because of these values for the young in russia today. that's a group when i get i missed the bus. but the most of them still it's. just that i missed. the anybody but. a car with. your thirty minute. you from what i see if we get problems.
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and you. get the problem in. the short. break the. so there was blood. on. the sunday even. if you're there's no. source in the group you. still have a great. store and was can i don't get it.
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before embarking on this journey i thought i knew almost everything about my country i was surprised that there was still so much to the one thing i was confirmed in is that russia sees herself as a civilization apart not necessarily enjoying confrontation but keenly aware of the difference between her so. and everyone else. i found that many things that seem contradictory to outsiders a perfectly logical to russian. people here are not represented in power structures in the way that they are in the west yet most trusts say they're more free than the citizens of other countries. and the overwhelming number of russians supports a strong president yet they don't see him as a dictator they need to extol or fear. for
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a long time i believe that the powers that be here should be more open to criticism . but i also wonder whether the russians will ever be able to respond well to criticism coming from outside of their borders. can russia spirit to what the people expect of it. is a strong and brave enough to overcome the economic social and demographic realities that it has a hard time accepting. those are the questions that i'm still seeking answers to.
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october on al-jazeera. as the state clamps down on catalans will the struggle pay off in the referendum. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the us his role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices of deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. october on al-jazeera.
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binny's pink skies by the time. are is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello again spring showers are started in brazil at least in the north of brazil and they're running slowly weskits into the state of arizona us figure typically they have sixty millimeters in twenty four hours you can get out of one of these things decent amount of rainfall not very much so far and as it moves rest west the forecast for rain and this is come tuesday runs down through the edge of bolivia and then towards the argentine pompous where to be quite substantial drift up through your aquatic into the facets of brazil the day after north of the continent the showers are still raw and for the concentrations of course been further north and in the caribbean and certainly what top cloud dancer yucatan covering jamaica and cuba most of the smaller islands at least west of hispaniola there's also an
3:59 pm
effect from the hurricane maria stood out in the ocean is actually quite high waves still coming from this far south despite the fact providing breeze oversea is from a different direction in the general area remain more or less where they are at the moment covering cuba jamaica and areas to the west i said mary was still in existence and there she is spinning on the screen the effects still have produced a tropical storm warnings for the strength of wind the height of waves from north carolina. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page that's where they're online and what produced the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on say ours never put a file then look at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm a watch this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to our real people. this is al-jazeera.


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