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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but its use in illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture that might and most adora jews are involved because they receive good works while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled with the cable and brought them a car with a pole it was a huge describe who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes at this time. angry words from turkey and continuing military exercises a day after the kurdish secession referendum.
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and richelle carey this is al jazeera live from toha also coming up a palestinian gunman has killed three israeli security personnel in the occupied west bank gunman has been shot ted. travels to moscow as russia says it's working on a diplomatic solution to the tension between him and the u.s. . they've been coming toward commission. just on the left and the first thing of oh my supporters of kenya's opposition leader are protesting again. turkey's president is warning of the risk of an ethnic war day after the kurdish regional government in iraq held a controversial secession referendum iraqi prime minister has called the ballot unconstitutional. routes of kurds celebrated the end of the
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voting the procession campaign is expected to win comfortably fit it is a non-binding referendum and it's opposed by iraq and its neighbors iran turkey and syria all of whom have a substantial kurdish minority simmons has this update from hebron the turkey iraq border. more threats more military maneuvers and probably the most outspoken verbal attack yet from egypt type erd one the turkish president he accused the kurdish leadership in iraq of treachery and he said that all of their supply lines could be cut effectively seventy percent of imports are estimated to come from turkey into the region and he once again threatened to cut the oil pipeline that amounts to something like half a million to six hundred thousand barrels of oil per day this is what he had to say should of is young to them little missouri as we begin to impose sanctions iraq's
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kurds will be left behind when we close the oil tap they'll be done with they will lose all their revenues when we stop cross border traffic into northern iraq they won't have food or clothes this will be a bad situation they'll ask why are we doing this we are obliged to these are sanctions now these military exercises here on the border are now in a third phase involving the iraqi army as well thirty troops have joined but in military terms it may not mean a lot but politically it sends another signal and president is keen to push hard on the threats however what it all means whether there will be actual action is still unclear it seems the pressure is being piled on to try to get some sort of concession from the kurdish leadership what could that be they could hardly renounce the result of this vote so it's hard to see where things go from here but
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certainly the pressure is still on the tension is still palpable. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed and one injured in the shooting neary jewish settlement in the occupied west bank the palestinian gunman was shot dead israeli media say he opened fire after arriving with palestinian laborers at the settlement of hearts are near jerusalem harry fawcett has more from our. this attack took place just before seven o'clock this morning this guard post at the entrance to this illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank police say that the attacker was among a group of palestinian laborers who come in here typically every day to work inside the settlement that he something about the way he was dressed aroused suspicion he was challenged at which point he drew a weapon and started shooting three israeli security forces members were killed a fourth a resident of the settlement a guard was injured and the man himself. he was shot dead
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now he is he was a thirty seven year old father of four a very familiar face in this settlement and we've been speaking to residents here who say that he was well known and there was no indication that he might carry out an attack such as this there have been reports in the israeli media that he was going through marital difficulties but he put up a social media posting address to his wife saying that her relationship did nothing to do with what she would soon be reading about him as for hamas it has reacted with celebration the the rival palestinian group here in the west bank has said that israel must bear the responsibility for palestinian reactions to its crimes in the occupied west bank the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu is also reacted with a statement saying that things are very clear that his house will be destroyed his whole family will have their work permits rescinded his extended family and we're hearing as well from the village nearby here. that his brother has already been
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arrested this is all taking taking place at a time when the u.s. envoy to the middle east jason greene is here trying to restore momentum to donald trump's efforts to get the peace process underway again the israeli deputy foreign minister has said that this is a welcome for him and it shows the difficulty of trying to seek peace with the palestinians the palestinians of course say there are all sorts of israeli roadblocks that are. impeding the progress towards peace wrote korean delegation is arriving in russia raising expectations that moscow may be attempting to find a political way out of the crisis both korea's foreign minister in that on monday accuses president trump of having declared war on pyongyang and that prompted reactions from russia china and the u.s. russia says using sanctions against north korea is a strategy that is almost exhausted china for its part says there will be no winners in a war on the korean peninsula and the u.s. dismissed the accusations from north korea's foreign minister as absurd we continue
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to maintain the diplomatic we led effort in the united nations you of. unanimous united nations security council resolution passed. that have increased the pressure. economic pressure and diplomatic pressure on the north at the same time we maintain the capability to deter north korea's most dangerous threat but also backed up our diplomats in a manner that keeps this. as long as possible in the diplomatic realm or a challenge has more on russia's reaction from moscow. although the russian foreign ministry announced on tuesday that it was working behind the scenes to bring the north korean crisis to some sort of political resolution we don't know much more
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because they're not releasing any further information however we have heard also on tuesday from the north korean embassy here in moscow that a delegation is arriving from pyongyang all of foreign ministry officials to have talks with their russian counterparts and that the pyongyang delegation includes the head of the north american directorate russia's perspective on north korea is that so sanctions against it are running out of steam that a war on the peninsula would be catastrophic and that the language used by donald trump is essentially irresponsible it would like to see a few more carrots being used in this situation and not so many sticks and i think that it will try to use its political and economic leverage with north korea to try and diffuse the situation perhaps dangle some incentives in front of them like gas contracts already grayling's or perhaps increasing the number of north koreans
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allowed to work in russia basically things that might help the north korean economy and try to persuade them to back away from the march to war. place in the kenyan capital have fired tear gas at opposition supporters protesting against the election commission they say a repeat presidential vote will be unfair accusing someone of toral staff a favor in the ruling party the supreme court had invalidated president can ya his victory in the election held in august stephanie decker reports from nairobi the day. you laid out like. one happening here throughout the day they've been coming toward me and the commission i beseech you know they are just come announced. the first thing that.
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just been going on. we just have a hundred or more latinos come on the border and the only taking the to close the living room last night b.c. the actual commission is just a little further here. and the more they don't want to follow orders to get in front of the location the message of course the use of force they will change this election party before they were putting me to the right. still ahead on al-jazeera. to slow to an official french president monologue from right now whining his vision for transforming the european union plus they have escaped violence and me and mar how ranjit children are putting their experiences
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and picture. much of central sunshine is dry the moment and actually quite hot the satellite picture reveals cloud to the south the feed into the far south west doesn't produce very much in the way of showers but there is rain developing and there has been rain recently in shanghai a line that takes you right back toward sichuan size of that it's remarkably warm for shoes showing forty degrees in the forecast it does drop to a rather more reasonable thirty one come thursday and the rains heading slowly south with it hong kong looks like staying fairly dry not overly humid but still pretty warm and thirty four degrees or so obviously the monsoon rains are retreating through india now and you can see that quite clearly but there's still no support as far north as mumbai we've had some decent falls reported back into
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sri lanka and of course still forgive me and also bank the day so the forecast reflects that it's largely droughts and also i have seen rain recently up in the far northwest but the forecast says he's going to be dry who am i to argue with this so you can see the pattern repeating itself from what you just saw on satellite with that retreat of course you've also got rather less likelihood of any showers showing up in amman even. looks like the period of the heavy if he's just about over or up to thirty degrees again. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online to produce to us citizens here and what puts people of iraq one in the same or if you join us on say i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr going all the people but i'm a lot is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories this hour turkey's president. warning of the risk of ethnic war a day after kurds in iraq voted on a succession referendum turkey's been holding military exercises on its border with iraq for a second day. three members of the israeli security forces have been killed one injured in a shooting at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank palestinian gunmen were shot dead.
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north korean delegation is arriving in russia raising expectations attempting to find a political way out of the crisis foreign minister on monday accuse the us president declaring war the white house says that's. the four hundred eighty thousand. refugees have crossed into bangladesh since a military crackdown began more than a month ago a quarter of a million of those are children many more crossed the border into bangladesh every day they're alone they have nothing some refused to speak of what they've seen and pictures reports there are moments children best described using markers and pencils. to difficult to put in words like when. the throat of her friends miriam's friend will not talk about the moment they set her house on fire with her parents inside. deny there's been an ethnic cleansing the
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ten year old gianna draws a different picture right. i was in my home when they grabbed my mother she was screaming they hit. her then they shot her in front of me. these are satellite images of the children's home collected on september sixteenth now look at it we can later. and this the international accuses me and more security forces of a scorched earth campaign on a mass scale no independent observers or journalist have been allowed into the range of villages this is as close as we can get to the record states where an ethnic cleansing is currently happening just moments ago we saw villages burned in the distance mean more security forces have put up barbed wire fencing and planted land mines on the border the general in charge of this clearing operation says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except. for considered illegal immigrants by young gone almost half
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a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army. normally our orders are to not allow row hinge in given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshis soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain nicholas hawk al jazeera could a problem count the u.s. president is again being accused of hypocrisy and double standards daughter ivanka and at least five of his senior advisors are named in media reports about the use of a private e-mail accounts for government business during last year's campaign election trump repeatedly criticized hillary clinton for using
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a personal in mail server and endangering government secrets while she was secretary of state can really help and is following the story from washington d.c. so really how is hillary clinton responding to these revelations. hillary clinton is certainly hitting back as the democratic presidential nominee as you point out donald trump didn't just criticize her he suggested along with his supporters that she should be thrown in jail for her use of a private e-mail server for government work well now hillary clinton of course hitting back against these accusations calling it the height of hypocrisy. waiting to see the outrage on the part of republican members of congress about this and you will not see it all right so what comes next what happens now can really well it's not entirely true that republicans aren't at least interested in the fact that donald trump has at least a half
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a dozen members of administration including his daughter and his son in law jared cushion or if you use private e-mails there is a bit of a contrast in terms of the scale and the scope between the usage at least on first appearances hillary clinton had a server in her basement there were tens of thousands of e-mails some which were retroactively considered classified these it least for now appear to be fairly benign and only a few hundred still it's all about optics for shell the fact that this was a key accusation on the campaign trail is not only sloppy there's a house oversight committee headed up by a republican and also a very vocal democrat say they want to look into all of this because not just because of the concerns about record keeping federal record keeping but also because we have that ongoing russia investigation into possible collusion between the truck campaign and russia in the twenty sixteen presidential election so the republican chair of the house oversight committee saying look we want to see more sending a letter to the white house counsel the democratic chair saying we want to make
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sure none of those e-mails are deleted ok and really how could you not the last we've heard of this things can really. european council president donald tusk says progress and breaks it talks not sufficient to allow to go to move on to the next stage of discussing future ties between britain and the e.u. he's been holding talks with british prime minister theresa may and london army philips has more from downing street in london. donald to resume a here at downing street for an hour and a half afterwards he came out and told us that he was cautiously optimistic that the tone from the british was constructive and from his point of view more realistic that the philosophy of having one's cake and eating it was finally coming to an end from his point of view and that reflects the european idea that the british have not been entirely realistic about bret's it and that they have believed to date that they can leave the e.u.
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and yet retain all the benefits of membership post breck's it having said all that i think donald last remarks to us will be discouraging for the british he said that from his point of view sufficient progress had still not been made for the talks to move forward and this is very important the european union has drawn a line in the sand and said that it wants progress to be made on the question of the irish border the very sensitive issue of those three million or so european citizens who live in the u.k. and what will happen to their rights post bret's it and the size of the brics it divorce bill in crude terms how many billions of euros britain is going to pay out as it leaves the european union and that there has to be enough progress in those three areas before the talks can move forward to areas which the british want to talk about namely focusing on trade and the future relationship between the u.k.
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and the remaining twenty seven countries french president says the european union is too weak to slow in too inefficient he has been setting out his vision for transforming the block in a major speech in paris maybe dig. in we this idea that europe has not disappeared. globalization has had its effect confronting these new ideas which offer to be solutions such as nationalism protectionism and segregation does ideas so many times have threatened europe to pretend to be legitimate because the exploit people's fears for too long we have ignored their power to them. the talk about war has been listening to the speech she joins us live from paris so natasha tell us more about what the message has been. well the big message from the french president in this speech so far is that the european union has to be reformed because if it's not the very future the very essence existence
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of the e.u. could be under threat he says the people in europe have become increasingly disillusioned and divided over issues such as security the refugee crisis and defense and he says that only changes can try and counter growing skepticism and stop the rise of anti you parties of course we've seen that in recent elections in germany in france and then of course briggs it. is proposing is a lot more collaboration between the e.u. countries in areas such as defense such as climate change security education and energy he's also going to talk about the euro zone that is really the centerpiece of this speech he wants a euro zone budget he wants a euro zone finance ministry to promote more integration between euro zone members and more parity so how significant is it that he is giving a speech on europe just a couple of days after the election in germany.
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i should say has actually been very busy over the past few months since he became president trying to rally support across europe amongst leaders for these reforms but of course the country needs the support of the most is germany france and germany often called the the motor behind your drive the european agenda now so far chancellor angela merkel is pretty much on side she also agrees that europe needs to be reformed and she's agreed in part to a small eurozone budget and ministries is a lot more cautious than a man who she certainly wants to be a part of that the thing is though after the german elections she will have to tread very carefully and will. have to wait to see who she poem is with in a coalition because of course if she ends up teaming up with the liberals the f.d.p. they are fierce critics of reforms and the two leaders could find themselves with
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their hands tied you can live in paris natasha thank you. the row between leaders in spain on the catalonia independence vote is gathering extra police have been drafted in five days out from that planned referendum karl penhall reports from barcelona. as the clock ticks down to the independence referendum in catalonia thousands of police reinforcements have been sent to this northeast region the central government clearly fear is that there could be public on the rest talking to police sources they say that now ten thousand members of national police and civil guard units have been sent here that represents a doubling almost a tripling of police levels in normal times in addition to focusing on writing government offices and also having arrested cats and i'm government public officials a lot of the security force attention seems to be focusing on websites and social
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media pages trying to promote the independence referendum. around one hundred forty web pages have been shut down the spanish interior ministry so far is refusing to give information on that in other developments spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is due to meet u.s. president donald trump in washington the issue of kaplan independence is not expected to come up officially although we are told privately behind the scenes that donald trump has expressed support for the spanish government and spain staying united. verdicts expected in the corruption case against a former top prime minister on wednesday but it appears she won't be there to hear it you know. has already been absent for the court hearing and it's believed he's hiding overseas reports. supporters surrounded the supreme court in bangkok last month hoping to hear a judgment in favor of young like shinawatra but the former thai prime minister
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didn't show up her lawyers initially said her no show was for medical reasons but it soon became clear that young luck had left the country although there have been no sightings of her the case against the former prime minister surrounds her government's policy of paying rice farmers above market price for their harvest it's alleged there was widespread corruption in the scheme and that young locke was negligent in overseeing its long protests on the streets of bangkok eventually led to her government's removal in a military coup in two thousand and fourteen you'd like and her supporters believe it's all part of an orchestrated campaign to remove the shinawatra family from thai politics it's been aiding like is either in london or dubai where her brother another former thai prime minister toxins you know what lives in exile avoiding a jail term for abusing his power he too was removed in the military coup in two thousand and six. hasn't spoken publicly since she left thailand but taxon
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broke a long social media silence when he tweeted after her decision to leave quoting a french philosopher he posted there is no cruel a tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice if you like is found guilty she could receive a jail term of ten years and a lifetime ban from politics when hey al-jazeera bangkok. cambodia's opposition leader kim soca has been prevented from appearing in court to fight treason charges police say he's being kept in prison for his own safety the cambodian national rescue party leader was arrested earlier this month and charge of plotting to overthrow the government his lawyers are appealing his detention. the first refugees to be resettled under a controversial agreement between australia and the us have been flown out of new guinea bound for the united states the group of more than twenty men had been in a prison camp on mannus island the resettlement deal was organized when barack
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obama was president and it's been criticised by u.s. president donald trump or refugees will be moved from a camp on now road to the u.s. and coming days. more than seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from the areas near indonesia's mount agung volcano amid warnings its eruption is imminent again last erupted fifty four years ago killing at least a thousand indonesians said wasn't imports from a mountain village on the island of bali striving to provide temporary accommodation to those in need. peeking out from behind the cloud mount is holding barely and suspense vulcanologists a the risk of an eruption is imminent thousands of people who live on the slopes of the volcano have been forced to leave their homes but are balinese have been quick to respond with help. these school girls are bringing clothes rice and shampoo. but i feel that my relatives like my own family they really need help from us more
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than seventy five thousand people have moved to safer ground many now staying in temporary shelters relying on others for basic needs bally's spirit of solidarity and it's best volunteers are struggling to distribute goods that are poor in nobody knows until when aid is needed and evacuees and they hope this spirit. local activists are taking good story most areas which are difficult to reach what a purifier mattresses and food arrives in. a small village that has accepted two thousand evacuees but. this is bali the tradition is to help each other their suffering is our suffering that's our possibly involving. local teachers are providing children with learning materials and classes to ensure they don't miss their education the hospitality is well received.
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but i feel relieved that i can stay here because there's a lot of aid and people are really nice to us if we need something they try to give it to us. and it's not just people who are finding refuge here but also their pads birds cats and dogs have been evacuated too which makes what could be a long and on certain weight of possible disaster a little more bearable step al-jazeera. and rambling volcano is forcing thousands to flee their villages and that ought to be an hour of ok on the pacific island.


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