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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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and says that all its citizens are welcome back to me and more except rangers who are considered illegal immigrants by young gone almost half a million people now live in sprawling villages made out of bamboo and plastic sheeting bangladesh hasn't seen such mass movement of people since its war of independence in one thousand seventy one they too have beefed up patrols on the border and deployed the army well a little but normally our orders are to not allow ro hinge in but given their suffering our government has told us to look after them bangladeshi soldiers patrol the camps without arms so as to not frighten the refugees they come here traumatized afraid unable to hide their pain nicholas hauke al jazeera could have a long count meanwhile myanmar's government says mass graves have been discovered in rakhine state where at least forty five hindu villagers and soldiers were buried they released this video of bodies being pulled from two pits in mongolia destroyed
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and say they have not discovered a third site they accused. of being responsible for the killings but they deny this now if you're watching us on facebook coming up a ship crossed looks at the latest targets in syria's war including hospitals rescue workers and a refugee camp and still ahead on the news grade the feud between donald trump and the n.f.l. for the space agency says as one of his longtime supporters opts to spend money this takes. hello there been some big shots recently in the caucuses particularly now survives having gone through armenia they crossed the sea now and they just in the north of iran the figures being caught in the drug dropped
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a bit only sixty two millimeters opposed to ninety nine as of yesterday but that's a six hour fall of some significance after rather a long dry spell indicates a slow change of season so it's cooling down twenty nine to run the hot dry plain down in iraq just about forty want to baghdad but that's on its way down to thirty eight in kuwait city at sunshine all the way to the coast and beyond the coast in the mediterranean with temperatures still hovering just below thirty mark but we're on the way down. as they do return to the caucasus with force come thursday buckaroo reflecting to only eighty degrees probably because of a wet day. looks like a dry picture cloud around but no real chance of a shower falling this tongue here is always a hint the high ground in western society tends to generate these showers but much around at the moment for the south of course the right house starts to fall it's coming science with the sun and generating the seasonal change that's obvious in south africa for the eastern cape and been wet recently and still will be.
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for the nomadic tried survival is about reaching their destination. never be able to. follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. the ice is as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life the living room sometimes luser. there with because of the storm risking you don't mongolian at this time on al-jazeera. it's. bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera correspondents live in green the
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stories they turn. to in world news.
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stories trending on al-jazeera dot com our web site number one at a u.s. rejecting north korea is. upset at the site of the comments made by the north korean foreign minister in new york yesterday at number two anger a swedish neo nazi's prepare for young people who are number three the tensions along iran turkey border after the turkish kurdish referendum in northern iraq and number four story that was cut extensively here on the newsgroup why they're looking at a good explainer of the current crisis in myanmar as a kind states. now another story that's been trending one of these past few days is a controversy in the u.s. to bend the knee controversy and peter is here to tell us more about it the president of the united states peter is still tweeting about this story even though the big story the controversy was this week and which is day and tweeting about it
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for you just took the words out of my mouth i was just going to say to you that he keeps tweeting even though monday's match between the dallas cowboys will remember the players before the national anthem and actually stood up for it that match is long gone but the president is still treating the last game of the n.f.l. weekend saw the biggest kneeling display yet after four days of a controversy still being stoked by the u.s. president this was a dallas cowboys owner jerry jones joining insane as they went down on a knee in unison before monday's game with the arizona cardinals how do you think the crowd reacted. as they take it to come back to. be. the so crowded in arizona that is exact that was actually before the national anthem they stood together and locked arms while it played as did the arizona cardinals if you're wondering about what this is all about on friday donald trump had called the players who kneeled to protest racial injustice in the united states
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to be fired. and what does the president himself have to say about the events of the cowboys cardinals games one of course he tweeted on the matter in the last few hours according to trump it's the loudest booing he had ever heard so let's see what the rest of the social media response was to the cowboys approach and turn your friends commenting on the crowd of booing here even though the kneeling purchased was actually before the anthem he says it's not about how you protest but what you are protesting. says this was never about the flag comments on the anger shown by some even though the cowboys now before the anthem so we've heard from social commentators but how about an actual cowboys fan or this one is particularly disappointed going so far as to say that heart is broken and if you were watching yesterday we told you about this hash tag that president trump had tried to start stand for and some of the last twenty four hours we saw around two hundred thousand tweets particularly here across the southern states but also into florida and right
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up the east coast the rival hash tag take a knee attracted more than double the amount of posts in the same period of time now to another part of the story that a lot of people were sharing on sunday but you might have got wrong do you remember these pictures of pittsburgh steelers player hundred villanova standing on his own while the anthem played outside the tunnel before the rest of his team remained in the locker room even the white house's press secretary had shared this as an example of patriotic behavior turns out he just got separated from his team by accident and he himself says he's embarrassed. but because of that i've made coach tomlin look bad and that is my fault and that is my fault only have made my team is look bad and that is my fault and my fault only and i made the steelers also look bad and that is my fault and i felt only so unwillingly i have made a mistake then forget that basketball has also borne the brunt of the president's
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attack on twitter of course he withdrew an invitation for worry a star stephen curry to visit the white house that sports has really had its own say as well but it's this response from san antonio spurs gregg popovich that's been shared the most or countries an embarrassment in the world. this is this is an individual actually thought that when people held arms during the games that they were doing it to honor the flag that's delusional absolutely delusional but it's what we have to live with so you got a choice we can continue to bounce our heads off the wall with his conduct or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important that people are more important. that the decent america that we all thought we had and want is more
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important and get down to business at the grassroots level and do we have to do you can always check to us the hash tags a.j. news grid i'm at peta under school statement on twitter. back again maybe a few hundred g.m.t. oh with most food for later thinking i'm sure we'll be talking about this again tomorrow i have no doubt it's all rights now while the u.s. presence feud with the n.f.l. shows no sign of ending the trouble on another front closer to home donald trump's daughter ivanka and at least five of his senior advisers are named in media reports about their use of private e-mail accounts for government business during last year's election campaign repeatedly criticize his opponent hillary clinton for using a personal e-mail server when she was secretary of state clinton says it's the height of hypocrisy but believes that trump's political allies in congress will ignore it i am waiting to see the outrage on the part of republican members of congress about
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this and you will not see it there spring in elizabeth anchored out of the news great she's an associate professor of american studies at george washington university and is live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on news great elizabeth so we all of course remember the chance of her up and donald trump's campaign we know was built on his criticism of clinton's use of private e-mail server just how embarrassing is this how problematic is this for him you think. well it's certainly got to be embarrassing that five of his most senior advisors and his daughter and his son in law have also been using private e-mail accounts to conduct official white house business i think what this also reveals to us is that the clinton e-mail scandal was never actually a scandal it was completely manufactured while what she was doing was kind of messy and somewhat problematic this is also a really commonplace practice among senior officials across the board but it can be
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argued elizabeth that clinton is useful as an offering of the email server was problematic because she dealt with national security and her position as secretary of state and that this may not necessarily be the case with the a's of president trump who are not dealing with national security perhaps what we actually don't know what they're dealing with because they have not made the e-mails hubley so we do know that some of the business was official white house business but we don't know exactly what the problem was the use of private e-mail accounts as you said by members of the administration is not illegal as long as they use i mean they move they forward rather their messages to official administration accounts and we still don't know if present trends advise a did this but do you think there's likely to be an investigation into this is this likely to become a problem for the president. well it's interesting that one of the house committees
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who's in charge of this both of the the democrat head democrat and head republican jointly sent a letter to the white house asking for their release of all e-mails that might have been conducted over over private e-mail accounts so it does seem like there's some potential momentum but it's not clear at all and i would actually be quite surprised to see if this actually went forward as a serious investigation yet and in the last few days a little bit we've of course heard a lot about the n.f.l. controversy the president tweeting about you know respecting the national anthem and so on and there are many people who say that this in fact is just a distraction for what's happening the more serious things like this e-mail scandal what are your thoughts on this. well that in the e-mail scandal i think might be less of a particular national security issue in the same way that i don't i'm not sure that clinton's was a intense national security issue much of it the question of hypocrisy on might be
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more about the past in trying to think about how do we make sense of the twenty six thousand election but there are so many really important national security issues right now both what's happening with north korea. the hurricane in puerto rico and how the nation is responding to that as well as internal domestic conflicts like what's happening with the n.f.l. that it does seem like the e-mail scandal is something more about a question of what happened in the past rather than what the nation is confronting right now thank you very much for sharing your views with us elizabeth anchor associate professor of american studies at george washington university in d.c. now a lot has been said about american news media and the role it played in creating this email issue as a scandal for hillary clinton in a recent edition of the listening post discusses this very issue and clinton talks about this in her new memoir she blames in part the u.s. news media for a defeat in the twenty six thousand election did the media cost her the election
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some very interesting insight on the show washington if you can on al-jazeera dot com by turning now to our multi view war here on the news great taking a look at the different images. that the news agencies are feeding us and this is the french president emmanuel mccall speaking in paris in the sobel university where he's talking about the eurozone talking about the european initiative as far as the euro zone economy is concerned we'll hear more on this in just a moment with lauren taylor who's in our london new centenary. thanks so much for a yes the french president in my records calls for major changes to the european union he says it needs a joint military intervention force and defense budget a police force to protect its borders and a program to integrate refugees he says reforms are urgently needed but the united and democratic europe is the only way ahead. because. the europe we know is too weak to slow down or too inefficient but europe is the only thing that
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can allow us to confront the major challenges currently facing the world only you can provide is with real sovereignty that is allow us to exist in today's world and to defend our values and interests in. a european sovereignty needs to be forged because that is what creates our new identity the balance of values is the link to liberty and human rights and collective justice which is unique on the planet. that a north korean delegation has arrived in russia raising expectations that moscow may be attempting to find a political way out of the crisis north korea's foreign minister on monday accused u.s. president donald trump of having declared war in pyongyang and south korea has reported the north has boosted its defenses by deploying fighter jets on its east coast for a challenge has more from moscow. although the russian foreign ministry announced on tuesday that it was working behind the scenes to bring the north korean crisis
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to some sort of political resolution we don't know much more because they're not releasing any further information however we have heard also on tuesday from the north korean embassy here in moscow that a delegation is arriving from pyongyang all of foreign ministry officials to have talks with their russian counterparts and that the pyongyang delegation includes the head of the north american directorate russia's perspective on north korea is that it's sanctions against it are running out of steam that a war on the peninsula would be catastrophic and that the language used by donor trump is essentially irresponsible it would like to see a few more carrots being used in this situation and not so many sticks and i think that it will try to use its political and economic leverage with north korea to try and diffuse the situation perhaps dangle some incentives in front of them like
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gas contracts already grayling's or perhaps increasing the number of north koreans allowed to work in russia basically things that might help the north korean economy and try to persuade them to back away from the march to war a spanish government has sent thousands of police officers to catalonia ahead of sunday's planned independence referendum the central government says the referendum is illegal and is determined to stop it going ahead catalan government says if there's a yes vote it will declare independence within days then whole reports from barcelona . the. spanish police who are angry child of. the spanish government is drafting thousands of policemen into catalonia with orders to block the referendum. secession activists say patient forces.
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used to run from general franco's police and i'm not afraid i'm eighty years old. many of the estimated ten thousand. ability fairies at port to avoid public hostility concern is growing within the ranks about how police are being thrust into the growing political crisis. alfonse a union representative to the paramilitary civil guard. to seeing the political climate society's reacting police morale is falling things are not good at all and the referendum could get very complicated. security forces have shut down dozens of websites promoting the referendum sparking spontaneous demonstrations. we met to computer programmers just after they were released from questioning by national police.
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is applying censorship closing web pages servers monitoring data and trying to block access to information just like north korea or china were. both are accused of sharing computer. websites backing secession they now face public disorder charges and could be jailed. and they can't believe it's legal to close web pages for people's referendum you can't. the closure of those. has prompted independence. that is meant simply setting up tables. to hand campaign material and. media also under scrutiny radio catalunya presenter monica.
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state prosecutors are threatening to charge her with obstructing police business after she broadcast this message. that i wanted. a call to taxi drivers and truckers to phone in reports of police maneuvers and operations. the crisis may have been triggered by calls for independence. madrid's reaction is now raising fears of a crackdown on civil rights and freedom of expression. culp in all al-jazeera barcelona spain. indonesia's disaster agency is warning the eruption of the mt volcano in bali is imminent with.


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