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tv   The Stream 2017 Ep 154  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 7:32am-8:00am AST

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a rice subsidies plant she hasn't attended the court amid speculation she might have fled the country the u.s. defense secretary has arrived in afghanistan's capital for an unannounced visit to its james mass his first trip to kabul since president donald trump announced a change in afghan policy trump wants the u.s. to focus on fighting armed groups rather than nation building following the war matus is expected to hold talks with president afghani and other ministers women will be allowed to drive in saudi arabia for the first time from june next year king solomon has issued a decree ending the kingdom status as the only country in the world where it's forbid. the un says the number of. it's put a strain on resources their. children across the border. around
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the area. the headline. after the. reality president said that there would be a. hundred percent. getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying that the future of the. story. at this time. and you are in the stream now live on you tube today uncertain future of the iran nuclear deal.
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was one of the worst and most one sided transaction the united has ever. u.s. president donald trump has made no secret of his disdain for the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal last week in his first speech to the united nations general assembly he called it an embarrassment to the united states while afterwards he told journalists he had come up with a plan to deal with it but failed to give further details trump's pronouncements of worried other signatories to the deal both france and russia have said that the u.s. would be making a big mistake if it was to pull out iran's president hassan rouhani fired back against from a speech to the assembly warning of rogue newcomers to the world of politics and insisting iran would not be the first country to break the deal so let's cut through some of the rhetoric and discuss what's really at stake here to talk about that valerie lynsey she is executive director of the wisconsin project on nuclear
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arms control an organization dedicated to stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons in iran sides exhibits he's a professor of political science at the university of the hiran had me there as a day he's the editor in chief of the matter news agency and said thought us said she's a ph d. candidate at the university of the ron welcome everyone to the stream now it's been about a week since the un general assembly where the united states and iran talked about each other but in very different tones have a look. as president of the united states i will always put america first dad when you are your moves solemnly just. have to kish about all. the how tiny the issue of iran's deal was one of the worst and most one sided transaction the united states has ever entered in the. gym on time they haul out of me on in between about a job. yet you got all of those the arraign in government masks
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a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of the divine are those head on manage. to very different tones as we saw their professors even i want to start with you because you're in iran take a look at this tweet from holly digress she says yesterday donald trump sounded like mahmoud ahmadinejad today hossam rouhani sounded like barack obama so professor how did all of this play in iran so. i actually got to he. is correct because many many. are reminded of this speech. at the. and obviously even those on the rainy ends who are
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critical of the performance of the islamic regime there are somewhat insulted. and i'm noisy but i remarks that that donald trump. made against iran islamic republic up here are you know. it's a i mean says all these i must say that one transposition these of the. deal tries created. well somewhat interesting situation you know because on the one hand it has put hardliners in you know on in a very precarious situation because they have been hard on young hardliners like trump they have been very much against their. union the past two years but ever seen as
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trump has been so much against the you could you could very well imagine that. that he could say hard line is you know very very embarrassing situation because you're sharing that for. the trump i like this is a really interesting perspective it's actually something i had never thought about that the best best defense the best friends that that president rouhani and that eve can use in defending look lord of the year is look the iranians saw your enemy and nine million was president is so much attacking because hardliners belaying is that eve of president rouhani were giving in to do to divest and some of them even vent a sport. calling it tripe. so shiny. but now we try i'm
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having a lash. you know i said i was going back to the er to clarify of course the reef is iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif but i wanted to bring this up this is a headline from al monitor iranians welcome rouhani it's response to you and which is really basically saying what you're saying professor but as you were speaking i could see had neede kind of nodding in agreement there and smiling i mean what were you thinking. sort of wise for their grieving process about how. about the situation is very complicated there right now everything is mixed all you know. is against the deal i mean what used to be supportive of the deal so i mean you are conservatives are very against the deal and everything is complicated i don't see of course. to conservatives as far as i have been in touch with them. but
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something is very clear that through the only let's say years and the change. has not changed actually is about the way people are receiving and reacting to this issue isn't about nuclear deal. so i can only get in the conversation as well we got this video comments from and ron about public opinion in the country and take a listen. what trumps the. really hard for a new government to really make the final birth and if this goes on in the no improvement on the law of uranium which is happening right now the future there the public opinion which at the moment is really thought portable of the you could turn. and like the rouhani in the reformer in general could
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really thi like damage from this so today what do you think about that is there the danger that with all this rhetoric coming from the us that the iranian public and rouhani a could turn against rouhani and turn against the deal. i should say that the there is that rescue that public opinion would turn against president rouhani if no attention effects the the deal would be felt and people's daily life but i don't think that's related to trim so rhetoric because i believe trump's rhetoric was more. more like just an embarrassment i think to america in leeds and he just made. he exposed a real face of the u.s. government when engaging in deals with other partners of the world and it just
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proves that. he as a representative of the united states government it's not. so valerie i want to talk about what the major concerns are for washington of course you've heard what iranians in iran think of that speech here is what u.s. president donald trump had to say at iran at the u.n. g.a. we cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while building dangerous missiles and he not abide by the agreement if it provides cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program so lots of things in there that may or may not actually have to do with the deal itself so take us back to the one on one with the twenty fifteen agreement it is now twenty seventeen and clearly there are people out there who don't quite understand what the deal was about missiles and destabilizing activities how does the how do they relate sure so the nuclear agreement itself
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which was announced in july two thousand and fifteen focuses specifically on iran's nuclear program and broadly speaking what it does is it requires iran to restrict certain aspects of those program of that program for a certain period of time and in exchange for those restrictions iran received relief from some sanctions u.n. sanctions and also european union and u.s. sanctions so the agreement itself is quite narrowly focused on the nuclear program where the ballistic missiles and some other issues are associated with it is through this u.n. security council resolution which sort of implements the agreement and which includes in its restrictions on iran's ballistic missile program and on arms related trade both imports to iran of conventional arms and also arms exports in terms of what we've heard in terms of the sort of destabilizing the region and iranian activity in the region that's causing sort of further destabilization
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that's not really addressed explicitly in any in any aspect of either the agreed. or the u.n. security council resolution but there is language kind of preamp dilatory language about how there's a hope for an aspiration that through this agreement the relationship with iran will improve and iran's behavior in the in the region that is sort of contrary to u.s. national security interest will be mitigated by was a that's more of an aspiration than actually a requirement of the agreement professors of us and what do you make of the. donald trump's words as reference here in this tweet. well let let me let me respond to a valerie's remark i think she's she's quite correct i use the terror desperate. and it means that cloying said which are not actually included. but it was expected from your own it was expected from you know i could
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say true lol or as if there. animosity towards each other now are united states could say that the expected iraq after that the lead to tool to be more friendly nation in the region. now this is the spirit of the iran can in turn say that alright we expect ignited to say to the less hostile wars islamic that your are now up iran can say that united states did not change the hair and the iranian and after rauch which has been going on during a pos said to eight years ever since islamic revolution united the state can. say that well you're on. is playing a hard line policy in yemen in iraq in syria not right now on so
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bold sides like a couple can complain of their of their expectations which did not materialize popularised after. i mean i don't think it is impossible to have any more. and rely on reading the front lines that rely on a spirit which is interpreted little and everyone can has its own understanding of it and its own expectations from that is it possible to have more than that's what i can and with no way what i what not walk have to. say that then president. accuses iran of doing and doing that ballad he says that is strictly speaking they're not included in that deed she's quite dry what i'm really trying to say is that there was a and eight of expectations right you pull your own and you not might
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say that maybe maybe. from now on the will. have less animosity less hostility from your own young say and like i said there is a very good about what i write say valerie you go first just to say that and to carry on what professor has just said i think that. what we could see is the j c p a way the nuclear agreement serving as a sort of basis framework for further for further talks for further negotiation for further arrangements on these other issues and i think that at the general assembly last week that's what you saw the aspiration of the europeans maintain the framework of the nuclear agreement but use it to deal with these other issues that the u.s. and the europeans have concern about so on why this is coming up now we just got this comment from you tube louie and says what happened that this has become a problem now i mean iran didn't attack anyone lately why is this
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a problem now saturday i also want you to weigh in on this we got this tweet from persian cat and she says what's really changed for iranian citizens since iranian nuclear agreement was signed or the any better off now so so today how have people in iran felt the effect of the deal. i think so far people have not really seen. any tangible effect with regard to economy and but there they are they are very hopeful i mean where at least very hopeful and that's why they reelected president rouhani because they were and they are still hopeful that some changes may happen in of the next three to four years but the thing is the points that were larry and professor mentioned proves that it's either the deal has some flaws that people are relying on the spirit rather
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than what's exactly written on the. deal and as vali area also pointed out it's it's sorry well they pointed out it's a plan of action it's not i mean it is a first step towards more. lateral interactions with the world i mean between iran and the world and but the thing is the accusations based on which. countries the i mean the. p five plus one. kind of persuaded iran into the negotiations are really baseless like so far there has never been any proof that iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons in the first place but still iran is trying very hard to cooperate but on the other side we see that only on these certain sanctions which are related to nuclear or. activity of iran
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has been lifted and even for them for instance i have i have friends and family members who are who have patients suffering from very difficult diseases and they need medicines but even some in europe and the hospitals rejected to meet them or to treat them so. radian people are the ones who are still suffering. but. i think. i can say that seeing that iran deal has brought for people is a better and that if iran which brought in so i hear you there i want to bring up a couple of things because you mentioned a lot there so the people i've talked to one take a look here at this info graphic from radio free europe these are the parties involved in the iran deal taking a little step back and this is iran and the united states france germany russia china and the united kingdom of course that's the p five plus one and then your
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tweet mention saying this is also a radio free europe radio liberty they take a look at what iran will gain what iran will give up iran nuclear deal sanctions relief and assistance of valerie as part of this deal one of the incentives was a lifting of these sanctions but as we heard from saturday it hasn't really trickled down to all of those who needed why is that and can we see more lifting or easing of these sanctions as they were meant to be when this was laid out yeah well the sanctions the sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear agreement were a specific subset of sanctions as you pointed out they were u.s. nuclear related sanctions and then european union and united nations sanctions on on certain aspects of iranians iran's nuclear program there are a whole host of sanctions i can speak in particular about those in the united states focused on iran support for terrorism human rights violations.
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destabilization cyber terrorism there are a series of executive orders that allow for additional sanctions and it was made quite explicit during the negotiations from the united states that there would be no influence on those sanctions that those things would remain in place so i think that it was always known that only certain. sanctions would be lifted or suspended and then secondarily i would say that there has been less economic benefit in iran because leaving aside whether a business is allowed to enter into the iranian market or not there is an additional question of the business risk and so each company or bank that considers entering the iranian market is going to make a risk assessment that's going to be based in part on all of these other let's say destabilizing activities that iran is conducting and is this a hospitable environment and and also will the u.s. decide to reimpose sanctions which is the big question and so when you have all of these things hanging in the air obviously businesses are are wary so just on that
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last bit about the effect of what the u.s. is saying and how that makes investors feel we've got the street from you our professors of a com i want to read it to you he runs a polling company he says seventy percent seventy seven percent of iranians believe that because of u.s. rhetoric like the u.n. general assembly speech companies are not moving as fast as they could professors of a climb do you think that's having an effect on the speed of investment well let's say. expectations. after. and. many iranians that particularly that businessmen they say they saw that after did the be irrational foreign companies investing in communication energy sector or great the etc etc
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but. they day they're not that materialized or already displayed. not as much as that iranian they're expecting now debt. to capital to critique the critique it critique of their all honey government inside iraq flying as well sure etc they blame the rouhani for the deed and they say that's a look you promised. would be there. i mean expansion of. the economy and materialize but they they they do not want to see that apart from the lifting of the sanctions now there are all sorts of other reasons why. did jump why defraud regime of the economy which everyone expected has not materialized core option for a stake in defendant. lack of
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a lack of law amongst officer proper agents they day they are not operate because i don't know how it has been looking guy and to tell you how. he. made that we have problems in the mystically but the point is that when it comes to the nuclear deal president rouhani has a clarified many times several times and purposes iran i'm sure knows about that that he was saying that everything would be solved if. we men they would think in one there will be a better. days if your way so he was telling the best and. we know that iran was focused on nuclear issues and so everything was supposed to be rezoned based on the nuclear program so it didn't have anything to do with the missile program or anything else so from the day one iran's approach was clear about the deal it was
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about based on nuclear program and he was supposed to remove sanctions i know some parts of the sanctions but anyway nothing has happened so far that's the problem. correctly is talking about the risks and what the united states has that has been doing from the day one. agrement to increase their risk for foreign investors especially the looking ones so everyone had a many businesses delegations visiting iran after the horse but none of them. say most often did not end up in real investments or real and agreements because the united states didn't allow it to happen actually because the banking that sanctions against is still suffering from the sanctions and we have they released that is imposed by the united states and even after trump you have been really sorry i just i really i hear you there hamid we're running out of time we
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have about thirty seconds left what if this deal is scrapped what happens. it won't be to be the first to. write about that and has also said that if. i were going to let's say. way late. to respond to that i'm sure mallory in about ten seconds but. if the i don't think that it's going to be a question of the agreement goes away for to tomorrow i think it's going to be a slow unraveling with a lot of uncertainty which could lead to miscalculation which i think would be a negative thing you heard from our guest there unfortunately i have to in the conversation there just enough time to get the last word from our community to our last word to fire zone he tweeted us he says if the u.s. breaches this international agreement it will signal to others not to trust or negotiate and then he raises the prospect of negotiating with north korea
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a whole other show. for that thank you to our gas and of course our community and until next time we'll see online. to. turn on al-jazeera. as the state clamps down on catalans will the struggle pay off in the referendum. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the
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u.s. role in the world liberians are preparing for the third election since a bit of civil war and service a calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs . china's communist party is holding its annual congress what would it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. in the hash tag era when news coverage consists of a punk jihad line a five second sound bite and an easy solution. dellums deep a thumb says challenge the status quo to expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank blunt and upfront. about this time i'll just
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