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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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and be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country water scarcity is a serious problem we use more than probably you need to why is your research impact if their plans aren't demanding as much water you don't need to irrigate as much as the age old technique of collecting water from top water just came out of the air and we'll compare that to some tough water which could provide a solution to the problem global water tank no i think this time. the results in iraq occurred so overwhelmingly vote yes to secession. against the polls and you could send.
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out of their own for watching al-jazeera live from london on the side coming up. the files take to the streets in south africa calling the president jacob zuma to resign. saudi decree allowing women to drive. and we're in bali where the. only intensify along the banks exits. the results is incurred so in northern iraq yes controversial secession referendum officials announced ninety two percent in favor of splitting from iraq this was the
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scene in cinema near where people celebrated just off the announcement was made but there is still strong opposition to the poll by dad says the vote should be a no it's also demanding the kurdish leadership relinquish control of the exports of the region to the iraqi authorities on some airlines he couldn't find you by and will jordanian have already announced they will stop flights to the regional capital. let's take you to speak to al-jazeera is hot. whose life right now and. it's a non-binding referendum of course what are people saying that. people . are given for everybody speak to people in the past few days. by how much. and many were quite. a result.
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of. this is not something that's going to be easy. and it's not. independence any time soon and unless things go. this. would be a very bold move would be definitely. everyone in unity considering the strong position there was a ready to the timing of this referendum. but it is already having an effect on the regions.
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to do something. to do this integration. this. is. actually. coming june. both airports and. many. of the kurdish region that after friday fifteen g.m.t. well they would no longer be able to or from the airport. the response from this side was that this is basically. here from the kurdish prime minister he said that he didn't understand the bases could the government in baghdad take such and make such a move and he said that they were going to reach out to the authorities trying to
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figure out and this you still have a day and a half for that. but it's something that. actually one young when i was speaking to earlier he says i have a feeling that all the borders were closed the airports were closed and basically as a punishment for expressing ourselves because that's how the majority of kurds view this referendum and expression of their opinion i have a feeling that we're all going to be punished and we're not going to be. going to be allowed to get out of this region anytime soon. in a bill for us thank you. now tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in south africa to protest against president jacob zuma and the corruption they say has become endemic under his leadership the mulch is being organized by the country's largest workers' union
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whose alliance with the african national congress is looking increasingly strained . pages more from johannesburg. miners teachers and libraries are among thousands of workers taking part in a nationwide strike against corruption. and the man they say is to blame for it is president jacob zuma they say he's being compromised by private business leader . is have captured control of the state the president has indicated that he's not willing to and we know the reason is because. the president. says ninety members of the. demonstrators switched through the city delivering their demands to government the banks and big employers like the mining industry. because it was
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pressure on the president. and. its alliance with the african national congress and the south african. government is deeply divided. the a.n.c. says its partners are free to protest but it can't be happy at the level of corruption being uncovered by the opposition democratic alliance which won control of johannesburg at the last election. not far from the march god dogs protect an almost empty construction site the is supposed to be a new power station here where we are. just one example where almost five million u.s. dollars was paid to a contractor without doing any job i mean if you look around here you can see that nothing has been done keenan lost his job at the site and now his community suffers
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frequent power cuts because the upgrades have stopped it's. something. keenan is the victim of corruption that cost south africa about two billion dollars a year but it's far from certain that it will cost the president his job no matter how loud the call is from one of the mcs oldest partners for him to go tony a page out of their johanna's bird. rights groups across the world are welcoming the king of saudi arabia's decree to allow women to drive for the very first time saudi arabia is the only remaining country in the world where women are forbidden from driving but as porter turgeon reports they won't be allowed to get behind the wheel for another nine months. activists like dr mudd have been lobbying for decades for the kingdom of saudi arabia to allow women to drive and instead again.
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i'm ready my daughter is ready and also society is ready how much longer can we live in an oppressive society that prevents us from our full rights. by next summer dr mcgee how will be allowed to drive without risking arrest fines and punishment the new policy will allow women to obtain a driver's license without having to ask permission of the husband father or male guardian the kingdom's representative to the united nations talk about the policy during a meeting at the u.n. this is a historic day for saudi society for men and women and we can now say at last. so you arabia is hoping the policy will help the economy and the increased role of women in the workforce as part of the economic reform agenda and the efforts to streamline the amount of money that the state spends on its citizens with diminished oil revenue the idea of including more women into the labor force would definitely help and so driving is is one mechanism to increase women's
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economic participation in almost anybody could be something that other activists reacted on social media mundo a shot of is a saudi women's rights advocate who was arrested for posting a video of herself driving in two thousand and eleven to protest the law in a tweet celebrating the decree she used the house times women to drive and daring to drive she also said the fight for equality in saudi arabia is far from over i grew up in ultra conservative society the united states also welcomed the move by the kingdom well they were happy we're happy we're certainly happy to hear that if saudi women are now able to drive certainly here in the united states we would certainly welcome that and so i think it's a great step in the right direction for that country. another step that's been lauded by rights activists came over the weekend for the first time women were allowed to enter the king fahd stadium to celebrate the eighty seventh anniversary of the kingdom's foundation. did i know how to steal the notes saudi women are able
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to do anything they respected and have proven themselves in every field they're not so weak as to be contained to one place. the right for women to drive may be a welcome step but some human rights organizations say the kingdom has a long way to go and guaranteeing equal rights for not only women but for minorities like those who are subjected to hate speech and violent attacks culture dirge on al-jazeera. the leader of the u.k.'s opposition party has been addressing his policies on your conference in the coastal city of brighton in a wide ranging speech that includes it but domestic and foreign policy issues jeremy corbyn criticise saudi arabia for what he described as its crew war in yemen . democracy and human rights are not an optional extra to be deployed selectively so we cannot be silent at the cruel saudi war in yemen while continue to supply arms to saudi arabia
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thanks for the crushing of democracy in egypt or bahrain all. over the tragic loss of life in the congo which the media very seldom bother to report. or call when also said his party was the government in waiting its hard prime minister to resign mayor what he described as the bungling of bricks and negotiations and said the burning conservatives were on the verge of collapse barnaby phillips was at the conference in brighton. he argues that the whole center ground of politics in britain has shifted decisively to the left he would say that this is a delayed reaction to the financial crisis way back in two thousand and eight and now he believes the british electorate are prepared to support
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a government that will invest much more in public utilities invest much more in health in education and indeed bring some private industries back on national control and he would say that the tired facts are right if you like less a fair economic model that the conservatives are still following is very much out of step you also heard him of course criticizing the government over breakfast he argues that it's badly divided that too and that the conservatives are guilty of quotes constructive ambiguity that i have to say that that is a charge that you could level at labor as well his own party as he well knows is also divided on bracks it and so for example today you have him talking about both respecting the referendum results but also trying to guarantee unimpeded access to the single market so for whichever party is in power in britain over the next
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couple of years that is a big existential problem or i still had so on the program we're going to hit chilling testimony from pretty hinge of refugees who say they've suffered a brain and assault at the hands of me and all soldiers. on thailand's former prime minister found guilty of criminal negligence for why it's unlikely she will serve any of her five year sentence. hell i was about to start writing again in southern china you thought it had all finished but now are afraid not the winds turning from its circulation on thursday to an on shore feed come friday so it's lighter rain from hong kong down towards the vietnamese border but the real rain is still alive extends from sichuan to shanghai it's given a lot of rain in shanghai recently but the focus will be heading further west to
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the next there's a potential for flooding still exists with the retreating monsoon through india we are still getting late season rain fairly heavy rain in fact in bangladesh than in tamil nadu as well and occasionally as a forecast jessie gets as far north as mumbai north of that it's dry and warm and sunny it's still thirty five thirty six in new delhi and low thirty's in southern pakistan with the retreating monsoon we're getting a lowering in the humidity for salala so the what if it's just about overnight and a slow lowering in humidity throughout the gulf states thirty eight in there has a max that's well below forty on this side of the peninsula still up above further west so about forty or forty one in mecca or medina and the chance of showers though is still there down in yemen is much less than it was so it's all big sunshine at the moment.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. are again undermined at the top stories head on al-jazeera results have been announced in a controversial kurdish referendum in northern iraq with ninety two percent voting
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in favor of secession baghdad has responded by calling on the kurdish leadership to relinquish control of their hopes on some airlines have announced they will stop flights to the regional capital. tens of thousands of people are taking part in a nationwide strike against government corruption and unemployment in south africa . and rights groups are welcoming the king of saudi arabia's decree allowing women to drive. refugees you've escaped a military crackdown and me and are accusing the army of raping women and girls. government denies the accusations but has refused to allow international observers to investigate four hundred eighty thousand ranger who fled to bangladesh in the past month and a whole has more now from could you pollo in bangladesh. two
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sisters twenty five year old me and twenty two year old aziza share their story of escape from me and my both say they were raped by soldiers. the military tortured us they murdered our parents even our sisters they took us to the jungle they pushed us down on the ground there were two of them they raped me and then i became unconscious. some people came and rescued us and took us to a group of people who were going to cross the river to bangladesh but they wouldn't take us in the boat as we had no money we told them either you kill us or take us with you. it's estimated that more than a third of nearly half a million really injure refugees who arrived in bangladesh in the past month of women and young girls i met survivors myself who've told me their harrowing stories about how one sister was gang raped and killed in front of her how one was raped
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and then a baby was killed in front of her they have experienced its extreme amount of pain trauma being fled some have walked for days not even if you say trauma it's an understatement they are severely traumatized. it is of course impossible to verify the stories we've been told but those n.g.o.s are hearing this sort of testimony every day now as this vast population of refugees slowly gains access to health and counseling services but despite the best efforts of aid agencies the task of reaching all those in need is nowhere near complete the sisters have had no direct help. we are young girls where can we go we don't have anything left they killed everyone only my sister and i are alive. whether or not sexual
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violence is being used as a weapon against the fleeing richenda is something that may be proven in time when dissident and sang suu kyi was fighting for democracy in myanmar she's on record as saying that rape was used systematically by the army against minorities now as the country's leader she's had nothing to say about the latest allegations nor has her government granted access to international agencies to investigate jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. u.s. president donald trump is considering reducing the number of refugees allowed into the country to historically low levels in twenty eighteen the cap will be set to an all time low of forty five thousand troops expected to announce them is off to consult haitian with congress. joins us live now from washington d.c. and kimberly what else do you know about this. well certainly this isn't coming as
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a big surprise felicity we did hear this on the campaign of campaign trail from donald trump and twenty sixteen that he was looking to reduce the number of refugees entering the united states well this isn't officially announced policy just yet we certainly saw this effort and within days of donald trump taking office when he put in place his travel ban of course he also at that point kept the number of refugees at fifty thousand but now it appears the discussions are underway to try and reduce that number even more what this means is that this would be historically low levels given the fact that typically we've seen for decades according to the refugee act of nine hundred eighty that was put in place by congress and started setting those levels of the number spend about seventy to eighty thousand and but of course this would be it not only a drastic reduction from those historic levels that we've seen typically but also of the previous administration of barack obama had set the level at one hundred ten thousand refugees that could be admitted to the united states each year or what can
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we expect then in terms of timing on this issue. right so the timing is pretty significant and usually under that act of one nine hundred eighty the refugee act that i mentioned there has to be consultation by the administrations with the u.s. congress and that's what's taking place right now that deadline for those discussions to take place is october first which of course is imminent so we know that the secretary of state and the homeland security secretary is talking to congress right now but the concern is in critics of this reduction are already saying this is going to damage the united states its reputation internationally considering the fact we have is joining just reported so many crisis including the ones involving the rich that is taking place right now so there's that concern but donald trump as i pointed out certainly did promise this not just on the campaign trail but we heard this from him last week when he was speaking before the united nations the focus of the trip administration moving forward is going to be very different from what we've seen in the past his intention is to support financially
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in the billions in terms of what's already taken place for example turkey jordan lebanon to try and get refugees to be able to return to their home countries help with the rebuilding process in the words of the u.s. president it's the belief of his administration this is the safe responsible humanitarian approach zero is complete how could reporting live from washington d.c. thanks complete. quite a rico's governor says the situation on the caribbean island is getting worse despite the ongoing relief efforts many of the more than three million residents a desperate for food and supplies following successive hearkens us president donald trump has defended the government's response and says he will visit the island next week. members of parliament in uganda have brought for the second day running. the what happened during a debate over changes to laws that dictate the age limit for presidents which is
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seventy five years old the current leader yarima seventy is seventy three and is seeking an amendment to the law so that he can run for a sixth term in office but thousands of people in central ukraine and had to leave their homes after a series of explosions at a military ammunition depot blast at the military base near callen if it started on tuesday evening rescue services say one person has been injured and they have evacuated people from six nearby towns and villages ukraine's prime minister says quote external factors are behind the explosions. thailand's former prime minister yingluck shinawatra is being given a five year jail sentence after being convicted of negligence she wasn't in court to hear the verdict she fled thailand just over a month ago the case was over a rice subsidy scheme that cost the country billions of dollars but as wayne hale reports from outside the court she still has plenty of support.
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under thailand's military government gatherings like this are banned but there was no stopping some supporters of you know what who gathered outside the supreme court in bangkok i knew i came here to give support knowing that i may not show up because i'm a supporter of the shadow us because of them at one stage as able to afford a better life the judges to. four hours to read the decision before the former prime minister's legal team emerged to confirm a guilty verdict and a five year jail term. i don't know how to feel we have done our duty the court has done its duty to the liver the verdicts that legal team with allies have verdicts again how we have fought this case and see if we can appeal. the case since it on the rice pledging scheme it was a populist policy that helped party win the two thousand and eleven election and sort removed in a military coup three years later after widespread protests the scheme so far has
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paid above market prices for the harvest the court ruled that you knew there was corruption going on but didn't act to stop it she failed to show for the initial court session to hear the verdict last month after leaving the country two days earlier it's believed she's either in london or dubai where her brother also a former prime minister thaksin shinawatra lives he too was removed in a coup in two thousand and six and sentenced to two years jail for abusing his power he was also out of the country at the time and hasn't served the prison term . there's no doubt the shinawatra and their party still enjoy a lot of support around thailand but there's unlikely to be any significant mobilization of those supporters following this verdict since the military coup in two thousand and fourteen that saw the young like government removed from office the military has clamped down on dissent and opposition voices. this you know what's believed are victims of a campaign by the establishment and military to remove them from politics for good
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. the supporters may have been largely silenced but they refused to give out i don't know what the political future is but the people always support the chena what's the party will always vote for the poor type party with or without the chena what's the verdict means that depending on the political situation you know what is unlikely to be back in thailand for a long time if at all wayne hay al jazeera bangkok villagers who fled an active volcano on the pacific island nation of ottawa two are facing food and water shortages according to aid workers around seven thousand people have been forced to leave their homes with the monaro volcano waiting rocks and ash on their villages and threatening a major eruption one or two declared an official state of emergency on tuesday or people in the indonesian island of bali meanwhile are spending their sixth day on the highest possible volcano alert as mount agung threatens to erupt volcano is
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spurting smoke and ash and the intensity of tremors is increasing according to seismologists more than seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from a twelve kilometer exclusion zone last time out again erupted back in one hundred sixty three more than a thousand people were killed. reports from one of bali's main resorts there are also big concerns about the effects on tourism largest and most lucrative industry . to lumberton one of bali's most famous diving resorts is closed hotel staff and guests were ordered to leave the town as soon as authorities raise a volcano alert level when mt last erupted fifty four years ago the area was damaged by lava and hot gas clouds but the resorts owner. has decided to state he doesn't want to leave his business behind it. i trust my parents told me are doing to leave yet situation is not critical when the mountain exploded on nine
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hundred sixty three there's a lot more smoke and all kinds of quakes didn't stop. divers from all over the world come to the lambent to see a famous historic ship wrecked but they now are all gone and the diving equipment is being taken to a safer place for storage even the guides are too scared to go out to sea. and then work it was a one or two pm when i felt something happening in the water i could feel the pressure and i could feel it in my heart i panicked and i went to a friend so i was not alone and could calm down. all they can do now is watch mt argo as it release a steam and gas while all eyes are on the volcano people are increasingly concerned not only about their safety but about their future as well their livelihoods could be gone in an instant. business had picked up over the last decade but why and fears he may be faced with having to start all over again. golly it has
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a big impact especially on our economy it's all dead now a total standstill there's nobody left i really hope nothing bad will happen here and the situation quickly turned to normal. most interest have also left a nearby beach resort which is considered safe for the few who stayed behind they are enjoying special treatment bought some fresh freshly. cooked for us. very nice they like us. it's like our own crap here. a different story for business owners and their staff they can only hope there will be no disaster and mount argo will instead go back to sleep step fasten al-jazeera to london. the top stories on al-jazeera results have been announced in
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a controversial kodesh referendum in northern iraq with ninety two percent voting in favor of secession well this was the scene in cinema near where people celebrated after the announcement was made. still strong regional and international opposition to the poll central government in baghdad is now calling on the kurdish leadership to relinquish control of the region. including. one jordanian. flights to the regional capital. that has more. people. given for everybody. people in the past. i would say. by how much. and many were quite. a result. they were.
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all the statements coming out of. the regional. this is not something that's going to be. tens of thousands of people are taking part in a nationwide strike against government corruption and unemployment in south africa the marches have been organized by the workers here whose alliance with the african national congress is looking increasingly strange the protesters are demanding an investigation into state corruption which they say has become endemic under president jacob zuma to ship. rights groups around the world all welcoming the king of saudi arabia's decree to allow women to drive for the first time to get behind the wheel as of next summer but will still probably need a man's permission to buy a car. and a burst in the leader of the opposition labor party says it's the government's in waiting thinking that the parties are appropriate in writing for an open set of ruling conservatives on the verge of collapse the prime minister to resign by to
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resign and attacks what he called how bungling of bricks it like a she a she was with the view. and those were his headlines here on out is there are more for me in twenty five minutes time when it is coming next time with us.


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