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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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they fought they were american until they broke the law are now they're deported to cambodia for life. one of the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. facing reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that orders hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the. kurds a celebrated as referendum results show they overwhelmingly voted yes the seceding from iraq.
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and of their own barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program chilling testimony from a hinge of muslims. as the u.n. no warns of increasing reports of sexual violence we go deep into the amazon where members of isolated tribes were reportedly massacred last month plus. on your page you're watching from the sound that we're getting an animation a strike of. the calling for president jacob zuma to step down. the results are in ninety two percent of kurds voted yes in the controversial kurdish referendum on monday but there is still strong opposition to the poll the government in baghdad is called. the kurdish leadership to relinquish control of
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airports in the region and several airlines are suspending flights to kurdish cities stratford has more now from. celebrations on the streets of appeal up to ninety two percent of voters said yes to secession from the kurdish region of northern iraq. the referendum is very important it will form our future and i hope at least that baghdad will support us eventually to be independent. with the federal government in baghdad has called the referendum on constitutional and he's refusing to even recognize the result let alone start negotiations with the kurdish regional government ok allergy over future independence for iraq's. events of the last few days here can only be described as some of the most momentous in this region's history but the political ramifications are massive the threats continue from the baghdad governments and neighboring countries and there's
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a sense here of great uncertainty as to what could happen next. the federal government has threatened to close the region's international airspace if kurdish authorities don't hand over control of the two main airports by friday deadline turkey is threatening to cut off the kayleigh g.'s oil pipeline and close the land border turkey is the biggest supplier of goods and food to the k r j we can. we can have. you come to our party is making of the same mr saddam regime and the kurds don't have a life if we stay with make that. determination among the people who wanted a country of their own for generations but the celebrations here may not last long john struck at al-jazeera the built. of the top u.s. democrat has come out in support of an independent kurdish state senate democratic
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leader chuck schumer has issued a statement calling on the u.s. government to recognize what he called monday's historic vote and to back the creation of an independent kurdish state well earlier i spoke to be an expert on iraqi kurdish politics at the washington institute he says the international opposition to the vote is understandable considering the history of the region. let's not forget that this is a unilateral and non-binding kurdish move and was mainly targeted at baghdad to strengthen the kurdish hand in negotiations and exciting exciting more concessions from baghdad and more autonomy for kurdistan but the international backlash is understandable the middle eastern borders as. unnatural as they are have turned to be resilient the united states turkey iran and indeed the international community spoke in unison against the referendum albeit for a variety of different reasons the us opposition mainly emerged from a referendum
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a distract from the war against isis and defeating isis is the main priority of u.s. engagement in the in the region and be weakening prime minister a baddie who the united states sees as an ally in trying to. drive iraqi toward more independence from iran even if not more toward the united states so this referendum would obviously we can about the and strengthen his allies but also it would create an arab tension in iraq a violent eruption of violence in iraq and that would obviously be detrimental to the much needed cooperation between the kurdish peshmerga and the iraqi security forces in defeating isis and case in point was liberation of mosul. the head of the un's migration agency says he's shocked about the increasing reports of soldiers in myanmar raping range of women and girls the government
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denies the claims but has refused to allow international observers to investigate four hundred eighty thousand range i have fled to bangladesh and the past months from crucial palau in bangladesh joanna hall has more. two sisters twenty five year old me and twenty two year old aziza share their story of escape from me and my both say they were raped by soldiers. the military tortured us they murdered our parents even our sisters they took us to the jungle they pushed us down on the ground there were two of them they raped me and then i became unconscious. some people came and rescued us and took us to a group of people who were going to cross the river to bangladesh but they wouldn't take us in the boat as we had no money we told them either you kill us or take us with you. it's estimated that more than a third of nearly half
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a million rick injure refugees who arrived in bangladesh in the past month are women and young girls i met survivors myself who've told me their harrowing stories about how one sister was gang raped and killed in front of her how one was raped and then a baby was killed in front of her they have experienced its extreme amount of pain being fled some have walked for days not even if you say trauma it's an understatement they are severely traumatized. it is of course impossible to verify the stories we've been told but those of n.g.o.s are hearing this sort of testimony every day now as this vast population of refugees slowly gains access to health and counseling services but despite the best efforts of aid agencies the task of reaching all those in need is nowhere near complete the sisters have had no direct
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help. we are young girls where can we go we don't have anything left they killed everyone only my sister and i are alive. whether or not sexual violence is being used as a weapon against the fleeing is something that may be proven in time when dissident and sang suchi was fighting for democracy in myanmar she's on record as saying that rape was used systematically by the army against minorities now as the country's leader she's had nothing to say about the latest allegations nor has her government granted access to international agencies to investigate jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. tens of thousands of people have been out protesting in south africa against president jacob zuma and the corruption that they say has become endemic under his leadership the marchers were organized by the country's largest workers'
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union whose alliance with the african national congress is looking increasingly strained pages more now from johannesburg. miners teachers and laborers are among the thousands of workers taking part in a nationwide strike against corruption. and the man they say is to blame for it is president jacob zuma they say he's been compromised by private business leaders have captured control of the state the president has indicated that he's not willing and we know the reason is because he has been the brain of. the president. since ninety members of the. day have to stand on. the demonstrators switch through the city delivering their demands to government the banks and big employers like the mining industry.
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because i'll just pressure on the president to sign i am leaving the. lines with the african national congress and the south african. it's deeply divided. says its partners are free to protest but it can't be happy at the level of corruption being uncovered by the opposition democratic alliance which won control of johannesburg at the last election. not far from the march dogs protect an almost empty construction site there's supposed to be a new power station here where we are. just one example where almost five million us dollars was paid to a contractor without doing any job i mean if you look around you can see that nothing has been done keenan lost his job at the site and now his community suffers
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frequent power cuts because the upgrades have stopped. kenan is the victim of corruption that cost south africa about two billion dollars a year but it's far from certain that it will cost the president his job no matter how loud the call is from one of the mcs oldest partners for him to go tony a page out a zero johanna's bird. come on the program the u.s. military rushes aid to the hurricane hit island of puerto rico as president trump is criticized for his handling of the disaster and a trip down money launderer blain the london bus tour that takes in properties bought by corrupt high profile nigerian.
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how low we may see some useful rainfall into central parts of australia over the next couple days you can just see this little line of cloud coming into the heart of the country diving doubts was the southeastern corner ahead of that still stays on the hot side brisbane getting up to thirty six celsius then as we go through thursday for the south well twenty five celsius there for sydney and the sort of that rain bad is a good deal colder the winds coming in from the west southwest direction so right around fifty to sixty degrees across south australia just want to showers from time to time therefore up i think it will be dry you can see that wet of weather there you know sliding down into the apostle south australia further east well not quite as hot for praise but it around thirty three degrees celsius elsewhere would getting up to around seventeen for melbourne and for adelaide the cloud and the rain that a slot across
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a good parts of tasmania easing down towards new zealand i think new zealand generally not doing too badly thirteen souses there for christ as the weather not too far as way as we go through thursday on into friday starting to creep a little further east was maybe seeing a little bit of wet weather just making its way into north island by this stage plenty weather meanwhile into japan at least as we go through thursday but tell you dry and fine for friday. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing me up sense of justice. people in power chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting before to have failed to the full and proper investigation that could help heal the resentment inflicted by conflict. partial justice at this time.
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for reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera results from the controversial kurdish referendum in northern iraq show ninety two percent voted in favor of secession baghdad is calling on the kurds to relinquish control of the airports while some airlines say it will stop flights to the region the head of the un's migration agency is warning of increasing reports of sexual violence against the hinge of muslims fleeing myanmar and tens of thousands of people have taken part in a nationwide strike against the government corruption and unemployment in south
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africa. the us government has sent a flotilla of ships ships and thousands more military personnel to puerto rico to address the growing humanitarian crisis caused by hurricane maria six navy and coast guard ships are in the waters around the island with ten more ships on the way they're dropping food and water to areas left isolated by the storm u.s. president donald trump has been criticized for not responding quickly enough to the crisis on its territory but he has promised. to visit next tuesday. meanwhile puerto rico's governor says the situation of the caribbean island is getting worse the spite of ongoing relief efforts many of them or three million residents are desperate for food and supplies. there is no food there is no water mobile phone communications don't work there is no ice so what we're trying to find is whatever we can to help us survive with what supplies might be left. all
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of puerto rico is feeling the damage from what has happened we are suffering a lot we need help from everyone especially when it comes to food and water. the united nations has met to discuss the humanitarian crisis in syria after allegations a series of russian led bombings took out and the start hospitals and killed thousands of civilians both had led bad how much provinces came under heavy bombardment this week but russia says it only struck eisel fighters are diplomatic editor james bays has more. after more than six years of bloodshed the un security council has heard about so many atrocities in syria the latest attacks bombardment of civilians including the targeting of hospitals acts of escalation by the syrian government russian allies in what's supposed to be a deescalation zone british and french diplomats have described it as an acceptable
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and the palling yet the words of the un's own special envoy were markedly less harsh for the first time since april some airstrikes allegedly hitting civilians and civilian infrastructure including health facilities human rights groups say there's nothing about it i think there should always be talk about what happens after the conflict ends but it's not ending right now what we saw last week as i said was direct hits on hospitals as the start of intense have been part months of civilian areas so what that tells us is that this looks like a strategy to punish the civilian population and take out the hospitals first so that health care is impossible the u.n. is trying to reconvene talks in geneva the man who many believe torpedoed previous rounds of negotiation by refusing to discuss political transition was in the council chamber syrian ambassador bashar al jeffrey is his country's chief
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negotiator mr de mistura put pressure on him but his toughest words reserved for the opposition no one is asking the opposition to suddenly stop being the people fish and. we are urging the belligerent to realize that it is most credible and effective when he stands together and shows readiness to negotiate which reads give and take the high negotiations committee position is that they are the only legitimate representative of the opposition and it's definitely true that some of the other groups that call themselves opposition have in the past had close contacts with the assad regime in a famous quotation winston churchill once said history is written by the victors and it may just be that's what's now happening in syria the russian military help the syrian regime turn things around militarily and it seems there are some who now want to give them the are perhaps in the diplomacy to end the war james zira of the
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united nations suicide bombers have attacked cavil's airport during a visit by u.s. defense secretary jim mattis prompting an american american airstrike that accidentally killed a number of civilians but this is tour with nato chief u.n. stoltenberg follows u.s. president donald trump's pledge to send more american troops afghan security forces are struggling to the feet the taliban which has been on the offensive since the u.s. led nato combat troops withdrew in two thousand and fourteen. the u.s. has imposed a two hundred twenty percent tariff on jets made by canadian aircraft manufacturer bombard the air after a legal challenge by boeing boeing is accusing the canadian government over unfairly subsets of one party or c. series aircraft quebec has a one billion dollar stake in the company but the nies providing any subsidies it's calling the preliminary anti subsidies duties on the c.
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series an attack on canada. brazil is investigating the reported massacre of up to ten members of an isolated amazonian tribe it's believed that the indigenous people were killed by gold miners who later bragged about the attack al-jazeera steam is the first to be given access to the area since it happened our latin america editor lucien newman has a part one of our exclusive two part special series from the jaafari valley. the java the valley indigenous reserve. eight million hectares of brazilian amazon the size of austria it's home to the largest number of non contacted tribes in the world photographed only rarely from the air and it's here that ten indigenous people were reportedly massacred last month by illegal gold miners who roam these rivers we flew four thousand kilometers from sao paulo to menow sea to.
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and there by boat to. there we met leaders of the reserves indigenous tribes who agreed to take us there. this is the reserve along a jolly river that borders per contacted in non-contact the tribes have lived here for centuries. on our seven hour journey up the river we learned that the reserve is being increasingly invaded by outsiders cattle farmers loggers hunters fisherman and miners. the latest reported massacre on this reserve is said to have taken place when members of a non-contact and tribe men women and children were looking for turtle eggs by the river the alleged killers are said to have boasted that they cut up their bodies and threw them in the river making it difficult if not impossible for prosecutors to find the evidence oh we go to meet the chief of the my unit tribe which was contacted about fifty years ago around fifty five hundred people belong to the
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reserves six contacted tribes but it within a minute before speaking any further chief tommy insists on putting on his ceremonial paint. he says his father used to kill the white invaders but was persuaded by four ny state indigenous authority to move the tribe into the reserve for protection. it is better but not good we have people dying from diseases we didn't have before i wish we could move back inside the forest where our ancestors lived the outsiders are sure killing people. he shows us how he is prepared to fight the outsiders he believes are again trying to take their land and resources incursions by poachers a man grabbers have soared since brazil's president more than half the budget of the authority in charge of protecting and policing the reserve. the reported massacre of the east or laos or isolated ones as they're called here are just one
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result says palamara will we start doing the going to nor does. the state keep saying that what happened recently is not true but how can they say that they haven't sent anyone to where the massacre happened they just overflew the area in a helicopter weeks later. in my mouse the prosecutor for amazon a state concedes that government is leaving indigenous tribes especially the un contacted almost defenseless. if you don't place a barrier and effective policing of the area which is not happening now the danger of these tribes becoming extinct is huge. and investigation into the massacre is underway but there's no guarantee there won't be more as the pressure increases from outsiders who believe they too have a right to the land and resources until now reserved for these amazonian try to see in human on the job that he was brazil. aid workers say the
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villagers who fled an active volcano on the pacific island nation of anwar two are facing food and water shortages around seven thousand people have been forced to leave their homes with the volcano raining rocks and ash from their villages and threatening a major eruption but it was a declared an official state of emergency on tuesday and the fifteen evacuation camps have quickly become overcrowded. meanwhile residents of the indonesian island of bali are also spending their sixth day on the highest possible volcano alert as ground are going threatens to erupt the volcano in northeastern bali is spurting smoke and ash and the intensity of tremors is increasing almost one hundred thousand people have been evacuated from a twelve kilometer exclusion zone the last time around only erupted more than a thousand people were killed. and the steadfast and reports now from one of bali's
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main resorts there are also major concerns about the effect on tourism. to lambourn one of bali's most famous diving resorts is closed hotel staff and guests were ordered to leave the town as soon as authorities raise a volcano alert level when mt last the ruptured fifty four years ago the area was damaged by lava and hot gas clouds but the resorts owner. has decided to stay he doesn't want to leave his business behind it. i trust my parents told me are doing to leave yet the situation is not critical when the mountain exploded nine hundred sixty three there's a lot more smoke on the kind of quakes didn't stop. divers from all over the world come to the lambent to see a famous historic ship wrecked but they now are all gone and the diving equipment is being taken to a safer place for storage even the guides are due skeer to go out to sea. and then what it was they wanted two p.m.
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when i felt something happening in the water i could feel the pressure and i could feel it in my heart i panicked and i went to a friend so i was not alone and could calm down. all they can do now is watch mt argo as it release a steam and gas while all eyes are on the volcano people are increasingly concerned not only about their safety but about their future as well their livelihood could be gone in an instant business had picked up over the last decade but why and fears he may be faced with having to start all over again. it has a big impact especially on our economy it's all dead now a total standstill there's nobody left i really hope nothing bad will happen here and the situation quickly turned to normal. most interest have also left a nearby beach resort which is considered safe for the few who stayed behind they are enjoying special treatment. first fisherman.
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very nice. it's like oh i only know of. a different story for business owners and their staff they can only hope there will be no disaster and moment our good will instead go back to sleep step bison al-jazeera to london bali. anticorruption campaigners in the u.k. have organized the tour of the british capital with the difference it's called the clip talk received tour and it's the sign to expose money laundering and other financial crimes being committed in the british capital by foreign nationals the latest trip focused squarely on the jury and money entering the u.k. needs parker went to have a look. all aboard the kleptocracy tour our guide to russian anticorruption activists. previous tours of focused on russia and the middle east now nigeria is
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in the spotlight our goal is to stop we have about thirty miles of this boring. relistening. to the central. organizers of this store claim that london is at the heart of international money laundering a place to easily hide and spend astronomical sums of cash where there's a lot of that money goes into london's lucrative property market. we passed a three million dollar property recently see some baiji areas for oil minister allison. it's one of several apartments owned by men in london gives allegedly from nigerian businessmen seeking oil production contracts which is under investigation in both nigeria and the us with this property near hyde park owned by family of a baka interim military leader of nigeria in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he's accused of dodging taxes and siphoning state assets are many of the properties
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we pass are owned by high profile political and business figures who struggle to explain their wealth. most allegedly bought by a shell companies based in offshore british tax havens the more lead the financial set up the heart of it is to trace exactly where the money comes from there are forty thousands line titles in london that are owned by companies facing sixty jurisdictions so that means when they bought those long titles they doing enough on the lunge registry if they've been where the line judge doesn't know the police doesn't know a local resident they know or not makes it really easy for corrupt individuals to steal money from old i'm talking u.k. on a visit to london nigeria's information minister told us that he believes fifty five people a response. for stealing six point two billion dollars from the nigerian treasury between two thousand and six and two thousand and thirteen if only one thirty of
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that money was returned to treasury it would have built six under kilometers off roads that are several hospitals twenty thousand housing units and it would have been able to train four thousand children from primary school to university level it's a side of london few will ever see a tall organizers hope will dissuade others some choosing the u.k. to stash like cash back al-jazeera london. and that and everything else we've been covering on our website the address al-jazeera com. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera results have been announced in a controversial kurdish referendum in northern iraq with ninety two percent voting in favor of secession this was the scene in suliman ia where people celebrated
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after the announcement was made but there is still strong regional and international opposition to the poll the central government in baghdad is calling on the kurdish leadership to relinquish control of airports in the region and some airlines including fly dubai and royal jordanian have announced that they are suspending flights to the regional capital it would be in the kurdish regional government has reportedly agreed to hold talks about having iraqi government observers at its here ports for the bellamy does more now from a to b. in. there's a lot of satisfaction and most people i think the yes vote would have what was a given for everybody you speak to people in the past few days and they would i would say. by how much do you think it will win and many were quite confident that it would be such a high result that when you also asked them what do you think is going to happen next they would be a lot of problems they do take very seriously all the statements coming out of
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baghdad off of the regional government they know that this is not something that is going to be easy. the head of the un's migration agency is warning of increasing reports of sexual violence against range of muslims fleeing myanmar around four hundred eighty thousand have fled to bangladesh sense a crackdown began last month myanmar's government denies the claims but has refused to allow international observers to investigate tens of thousands of people have taken part in a nationwide strike against government corruption and unemployment in south africa the marches were organized by. the largest workers union these alliance with the african national congress is looking increasingly strained the protesters are demanding an investigation into state corruption which they say has become in demi and the president jacob zuma his leadership. the us government has sent a flotilla of ships ships and thousands of military personnel to puerto rico to
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address the growing humanitarian crisis caused by hurricane maria u.s. president on trump has promised to visit the territory next tuesday those are the headlines that people and power is coming up next by. the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state trumps down and catalans take to the streets where will this crisis and watch al-jazeera for the latest. pictures during and after officially contested election savagest make. productive well for the president his own string to the international criminal court for those
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events but other crimes have not been investigated and other perpetrators.


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