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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the pressure intensifies on the kurdish regional government after the secession referendum which the iraqi parliament calls on the prime minister to mobilize
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proofs. of them my name's peter tell me you're watching al-jazeera live from my headquarters here in doha also coming up catalonia remains defiant insisting sunday's independence referendum will go ahead despite spain declaring the vote illegal. a verdict is expected shortly in lebanon in the trial of a sunni cleric cling to a shoot out in which sixty people died plus. iraq but pride in tokyo at the opening of a museum to one of japan's most important living artists eighty eight years old and still as prolific as ever. we begin with the latest on the fallout from monday's secession referendum in the code. this region of northern iraq initial results say ninety two percent of the
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people there voted yes to secede but pressure on kurdish leaders is increasing iraq is demanding the vote be an old the country's parliament has called on the prime minister to deploy troops to the disputed areas including the oil rich city of kirkuk that area is controlled by kurdish military units but officially governed by baghdad the iraqi prime minister also says the kurdish leadership must relinquish control the border crossings and oil revenues several international airlines have agreed to the request from baghdad to avoid flying into regional government controlled airports as all friday chel stratford is in a bill. celebrations on the streets of appeal up to ninety two percent of voters said yes to secession from the kurdish region of northern iraq. if. the referendum is very important it before my future and i hope at least that baghdad will eventually to be independent. with the federal government in baghdad
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is called a referendum on constitutional and he's refusing to even recognize the result little known start negotiations with the kurdish regional government ok allergy over future independence for iraq. events of the last few days here can only be described as some of the most momentous in this region's history but the political ramifications are massive the threats continue from the baghdad governments and neighboring countries and there's a sense here of great uncertainty as to what could happen next. the federal government has threatened to close the region's international airspace if kurdish authorities don't hand over control of their two main airports by a friday deadline. turkey is threatening to cut off the kayleigh g.'s oil pipeline and close the land border turkey is the biggest supplier of goods and food to the chaos. we don't have.
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to use making of the same damn regime but the kurds don't have a life with. maybe determination among the people who wanted a country of their own for generations but the celebrations here may not last long . has built. but all of us democrat has come out in support of an independent state chuck schumer leads the democrats in the senate he's calling on the u.s. government to recognize what he called monday's historic vote he says it should back the creation of an independent kurdish state. expecting a lot of problems not only from the central government in baghdad but from regional countries. part of.
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the kurdish forces. have actually taken control of those and kept them safe now. people in those areas have. vote to be very interesting now to see the breakdown of the vote in those areas the heart of it obviously being cooked. but if you go along this berm that exists since a couple of years now many calling it the border of the future state of kurdistan you will see that in some areas just fifty meters away from the there are already
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units of the paramilitary units that are stationed there and that is one of the issues that many kurds have with baghdad they say that the push have never been respected as those military units they say that baghdad is giving those them much more support and finance than the got even though they played a key role not only in securing the kurdish region throughout these turbulent years but also in the war against in this country and many kurds i spoke to yesterday were saying for me the breaking point was the emergence of these paramilitary units they said we cannot live in a country where you have these what they call militias that are so strong so powerful and that threaten us on a daily basis well one of those regional powers thought it was talking about
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against the votes was is iran. is international relations direct the menus agency who joins us on skype from tehran. there are eight million kurds in iran so does tehran have a big problem here. thank you very much for having me that actually you know we have about forty million and courts across the war and as you said eight million are living in iraq but among the four countries that are having the court population those anyone can say had the best relationship with dissent from governments through the years especially after the one thousand syrian revolution we have had thirty one who connections between the sensor going on chords in iran and we have a live situation and peace was a situation actually in the west and bonds is very in that there is of course on
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occasion it doesn't interrupt you for a second it may be peaceful but is it necessarily a good situation they have long complained of discrimination they have long complained of abuse. i've talked to many of course people i know many friends that horrible beyond that and those regions. there are the dark controversial talks about that there are differences among the views some believe that this equation is ok some believe that we have the hand discriminations but i have never heard a strong argument about that i'm not going to defend anything or say that there is no there's going to nation but talking to them many many are kind of admissions. i haven't heard any a strong arguments about this can mean a change of heart ok so to me when the main are going to be are they slow surely they want some form of autonomy within a democratic structure inside iran would that ever be acceptable if only as
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a as a point of leverage to keep a lid on the votes that we've just seen inside the kurdish region. you know we aren't isn't one of really countries in many ethnic groups you have courts of you have. to have to work means you have to work people in northwest you have to work in the north is you have arab people in south west we have different different ethnic groups in iran and he's one of the rape cases that they have been living for many years and many centuries that have been living together very early and dad always been living as any one nation what you mean and each so if it is going to happen to of course it can be also happening to. be happening to look at it can you have been other ethnic groups and their first impact on themselves would be. getting us out of a peaceful life we be living in a let's say well that region and say so in such
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a region speaking large about middle east where we you want is apparently and i and our security but i'll take that as. no because basically what you seem to be saying is this idea of mini ethno states is a complete nonstarter is there another senator or not god just let me get to want to final point please because the clock is against us is there a certain aspect to this which means that it's a nonstarter anyway because going right back to the very early ninety's when saddam hussein invaded kuwait the kurds in effect would toll to rise up they were told by the bush administration the original bush administration rise up and we will support you they rose up and they were not supported and if you were pro barzani if you were pro barzani you would say that that's the red flag that you have to be aware of when it comes to kurdish secession kurdish independence.
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this essentially is in venice the first thing will be court themselves it is something that you should understand about that the situation in kurdistan region you are is that you don't have free borders so your your international trade will be depending on the other countries and you need any barriers all of them are against things and this so the first thing that is economic process persian under people so is not in favor of evil and among them iran has been and some friend a week or two people and we are going to family and you know during saddam's war against iran by his people were living here eat in you are near ten iranian terrorists city and when isis attacked erbil and other regions in iraq it was immediately supported court people and went there to help the barzani family and or to actually feed a city so iraq has had friendly relations but beyond that the most important thing
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to even your government is integrity and security are the neighbors and the region so independence leads to disintegration of iraq and more insecurity in the region in a country which has been suffering in security since two thousand and three after united states war so it won't will not support that event when it is friendly with corps understood time address golems out of there in tehran many thanks thanks very much for that to commanders in turkey said strikes have killed thirteen kurdish pre-k. fighters preparing an attack in northern iraq the p.k. k. which turkey says is a terrorist organization has fought for kurdish autonomy in northern iraq and southeast turkey since the 1980's twelve afghan security personnel have been killed in a suicide attack in kandahar a car bomb exploded in the district of no roof in the east of the province a government spokesman said the attack took place late on tuesday. to europe now
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where catalonia is leader has criticized european institutions for ignoring the region's wish to hold an independence vote carlos said spain's crackdown on the referendum is boosting support for the vote he insists will go ahead on sunday spanish police chiefs submit to plan taking control of polling stations preventing people from casting a vote no e.u. country has openly supported the referendum the spanish government and the courts have ruled it to be illegal but in the major actually done most even people on sunday will go out and vote massively peacefully also for only one reason and one of the most important reasons regardless of what their vote will be there is a firm conviction that the state today is an inheritor of franco's spain that wasn't overcome in this transition stage but today more than ever it is a problem that we need to fight democratically ok let's drill down into the issues surrounding that story for you karl penhall reports now from barcelona. last thing
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at night activists stay up late campaigning for catalonia to break away. the first thing in the morning there i'd get up early calling for spain to stay. in. the spanish government has declared the secession ballot illegal but catalan interior minister form explained why regional authorities are pressing ahead. with the i mean the. government is not just trying to stop a referendum to stop. the citing its political future things have gone beyond a simple call for self-determination and what we're also debating here is the defense of democracy and of the most fundamental freedoms. dritte is stepping up efforts to stop the referendum many schools are going to be potential.
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centers and. into the area. madrid has also said it will take command of the capitol police force that is the source this. capital an authority is a resisting that order. the most also the security force of catalonia and they're responsible for law and order their role should be to permit people to vote in peace we don't want a confrontation but we will defend our rights and responsibilities as. the referendum is planned for this sunday. see. thing would have been like in the scottish referendum both sides to debate the alternatives that's been impossible in spain. on the streets of basra alone
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this group is small loud and not in the mood the hoff measures they would like to see spain remain united and for the cattle and government to be completely shut down. the drain. penalties iraq barcelona spain and. unconfirmed reports suggest the former time prime minister yingluck shinawatra could be in london she was sentenced to five years in prison on weapons they are a corrupt rice subsidy scheme which lost billions of dollars being lucky wasn't in court to hear the verdict because she left thailand last month sources in the united arab emirates say she left a boeing in september the eleventh and headed for london when he has more now from bangkok. prior to the verdict being delivered on wednesday the prime minister of thailand general pryor china china said that he knew where the what was and would tell everyone after the verdict well we now know that the former prime minister
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yingluck was given a five year jail term for negligence and he now says that she is in dubai the prime minister saying the police will now have to proceed and coordinate with the foreign ministry and interpol in reality though if she is in dubai it seems there is very little that the thai government will be able to do to get her back because presumably she is in dubai with her brother taxon chin what another former thai prime minister who has been living in dubai for years after he too was ousted in a coup in two thousand and six and cynics in thailand would also suggest that the prime minister. knows where young like is because she had help getting there there's been speculation that she may have made a deal with the military government to allow her to leave thailand remembering that she disappeared a couple of days before the original verdict dates which was on august the twenty fifth in the new zealand of bali remains on high alert because of fears of
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a volcano much ruptured any moment are going has been spurting smoke and ash for the past six days and it's tremors are becoming more intense more than seventy five thousand people have been evacuated from the area of ok in the last erupted in one nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people. still to come for you here on al-jazeera moscow says its airstrikes in syria are targeting high school but the u.n. security council hears a different story. and south korea showcases its firepower as a mark sixty nine years of its armed forces. from the clear blue sky of the dome home. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of london. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now across europe many dominated by an air of high pressure temperatures here really struggling
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southern parts of this trough of low pressure can be some severe storms across the only n.c. and the northwestern areas a whole series of it weather fronts trying to push in against the high one such system is going to push in across aren't you in the course of thursday elsewhere some showers fine conditions across the iberian peninsula and still those showers across the far south temperatures across much of russia through into ukraine struggling nothing special for this time of the year and then those storms push further into wards of athens some thunderstorms are possible here on the other side of the mediterranean we've had the showers pushing through the gulf of region but generally they are fading away a little bit so we should see relatively dry conditions here across the coast of tripoli maybe just share for benghazi otherwise cairo should be pleasant enough with highs of thirty one degrees into central parts of africa the showers into a bit further south now across d.r. congo uganda and towards cameroon we're going to see if you have the showers effect in one thousand or a quite a long way north to in across parts of west africa the circulation or given the
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chance of showers but much of southern africa dry and fine with highs of eighteen in cape town. the weather sponsored by qatar anyways. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same plane that's when they're on line and what are you the u.s. citizens here in and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then look at differently because i'm dacogen all the before this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile intent stream and one of their pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the arab.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera piece it will be in doha this hour your top stories iraq's parliament has called the prime minister to send troops to areas controlled by kurdish military units it follows monday's kurdish secession referendum ninety two percent of the voters voted yes. the government of the catalonia region in spain is insisting on independence referendum on sunday will go ahead despite the central government saying it is illegal police chiefs have been discussing plans to control the voting booths and to stop people from casting a ballot unconfirmed reports say thailand's former prime minister yingluck shinawatra left her by in the early part of this month and headed for london she was sentenced to five years in prison on weapons day over a corrupt subsidy scheme which lost billions of dollars. the verdict in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric is expected any moment now in lebanon. assia is accused of leading
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a shoot that left sixty lebanese soldiers and civilians dead in twenty fourteen more from tire in beirut. it was one of the earliest and bloodiest spillovers into lebanon from the civil war in syria named after the town in southern lebanon where it happened the battle of signed on between the lebanese army and supporters of a seer lasted for two days described by the government as a sunni militant cleric a list here led the confrontations in which forty fighters loyal to him eighteen soldiers and two civilians were killed alessio was relatively unknown before the syrian war started six years ago he rose to prominence quickly pour his fiery speeches on t.v. criticizing hezbollah for its support of syrian president bashar al assad and praising the opposition including what was then the group known as job out on the sarah link to al qaida i think. connection to the syrian
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a rise in an extremist minute to minute or militant groups is kind of is this is a kind of banking on this on this side or the two and investing on that in order to create his own his own supporting or support base and not enough he was successful to a certain extent and do it about after going into hiding here was arrested two years later at beirut airport while trying to board a flight to cairo then there was little doubt he faced serious charges but his trial in a military court along with thirty others has been repeated be delayed and human rights groups have questioned how some of the evidence was obtained despite the doubts of this year is expected to be sentenced to death for his role in the battle but whether he's hanged is unclear under lebanese law any execution order must be approved by the president but capital punishment hasn't been used here since two
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thousand and four and although ahmed al this year has very little obvious support across lebanon president michel lone likely doesn't have the sort of political backing he needs in order to carry out such a punishment n.p.r.'s al-jazeera beirut. the u.n. security council has been told syrian civilians were killed last week when russian led airstrikes attack hospitals russian leaders say only eisel fighters are being targeted at the massacre to james bays. after more than six years of bloodshed the un security council has heard about so many atrocities in syria the latest attacks bombardment of civilians including the targeting of hospitals acts of escalation by the syrian government and its russian allies in what's supposed to be a deescalation zone british and french diplomats have described it as an acceptable and the palling yet the words of the un's own special envoy were markedly less
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harsh critic first time things april some errors today some allegedly hitting civilians and theory than infrastructure including health facilities human rights groups say there's nothing a legit about it i think there should always be talk about what happens after the conflict ends but it's not ending right now what we saw last week as i said was direct hits on hospitals as the start of intensive but apartments are civilian areas so what that tells us is that this looks like a strategy to punish the civilian population and take out the hospitals first so that health care is impossible the u.n. is trying to reconvene talks in geneva the man who many believe torpedoed previous rounds of negotiation by refusing to discuss political transition was in the council chamber syrian ambassador bashar al jeffrey is his country's chief negotiator mr de mistura put pressure on him but his toughest words were reserved
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for the opposition no one is asking the opposition to thunderous dubbing the opposition but we are urging their belligerent to realize that it is most credible and effective when he stand together and show the radian is to negotiate which with him and take the high negotiations committee position is that they are the only legitimate representative of the opposition and it's definitely true that some of the other groups that call themselves opposition. in the past had close contacts with the assad regime in a famous quotation winston churchill once said history is written by the victors and it may just be that's what's now happening in syria the russian military help the syrian regime turn things around militarily and it seems there are some who now want to give them the are perhaps in the diplomacy to end the war james pays out zero of the united nations. for the stick missiles and other weapons have been
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shown off on armed forces day in south korea the display of military much might was in the city of young teac tensions are high on the peninsula following the cell launches and nuclear bomb tests across the border in north korea kathy novak has more now from seoul. this is a commemoration all of south korean troops it happens every year it marks the day that south koreans broke through the border with north korea in one hundred fifty during the korean war but of course the timing this year is significant and it's an opportunity for the south korean military to send messages to the north it's taking place for the first time in a very important strategic naval base that is responsible for patrolling the western waters where there have been in the past conflicts with north korea along the sea border and it is an opportunity to display to the public for the first time some strategic silos that south korea has at its disposal we've seen shows of force
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using those missiles in recent days and weeks when north korea for example launched a missile over japan and south korea responded by launching a missile of its own into waters off the country but in that case the distance that it traveled was significant because it displayed to north korea that it could at target the launch site from which north korea launched its missile so this is all as we talk about often messaging shows of force messages to the north south korea says it has the power to overwhelm north korea it doesn't want to have to use that but it's this message of deterrence that south korea together with the united states has the military might to take on north korea if necessary. now works by one of japan's most celebrated artists now have a permanent home in tokyo yai kusama as career has spanned more than seventy years robin broad takes a look at the world of the woman known as the queen of polka dot. the
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opening confirms your you kusama status as one of the world's most important living artists and for japan and national treasure good at any other snow this is been a lifelong wish for you to see my work this is the most moving moment of my life on five floors of this space the works mostly paintings but also installations and sculptures celebrating a life dedicated to art the museum is also a monument to artistic perseverance although kasama has moved between different means here over the decades she has always remained obsessive me true to an abstract style that's all her own repetitively intricate patterns of dots and lines a theme she has been following from childhood an extremely unhappy time she recalls and when she says she first had hallucinations dominated by dots. it's
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a style she developed in new york city at the heart of the one nine hundred sixty s. add on guard movement. come the seventy's she returned to japan largely forgotten but she hadn't forgotten her artistic mission. working every day ever since she gradually won worldwide recognition work has never been in more demand because you can't museums all over the world are calling me wanting to exhibit my work the number is growing so fast but it's only me painting i'm so busy the museum is also meant to inspire suffering much of her life from mental health problems has found in her work a place of solace overcoming she says depression and hopelessness. please love this museum all your life just the way i love it. with this permanent home she wants her work to give visitors the kind of peace she has found in
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creating it from the bride al jazeera tokyo. updating the headlines for you if you just joining us here on al-jazeera the iraqi parliament has called on the prime minister to send troops to areas controlled by kurdish military units it follows monday's kurdish to session referendum when one thousand two percent of people voted yes. we will impose our federal authority all over iraq including the kurdistan region as per the power of the constitution and law we are not making a threat some people have threatened us in this region and some have resorted to force to impose a status quo in these regions we will use all the tools offered by the constitution and how we will surprise them because we talk less and our actions are louder than
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words regional leaders in catalonia are pressing ahead with plans for sunday's independence referendum and ignoring threats from the government in the period which says the breakaway vote is illegal police chiefs have discussed plans to seize control of polling booths and stop catalans from casting a vote. the un's refugee agency says is concerned about an attack on ranger refugees in these for lankan capital colombo a mob led by buddhist monks threw stones at a un shelter for the refugees the thirty one ranger inside the building who were mainly women and children fled without injury as for life and government has condemned the attack a shameful action the police to hunt down the perpetrators. ballistic missiles and other weapons have been shown off on armed forces day in south korea the display of military might was in city appealing to. you half of the founder of playboy magazine has died at the age of ninety one the men's magazine was founded more than sixty years ago ethnic quickly rose to fame after its first as he was published in
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december of one nine hundred fifty three featuring a naked marilyn monroe family member say he passed away at the famous playboy mansion those are your headlines the news continues on this channel after the stream i will see you very soon. coverage of looking for an easy solution we delved deeper front on says and challenge the status quo. for a new season of love from at this time. i am it's one of the richest countries in the world yet ireland has what campaigners are calling a homelessness crisis and it's getting worse and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube in january we had an overwhelming online response to a show we did on this issue take a look. without a. bird.


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