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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm AST

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for most when we grow old we take life at a slower pace well not for this centenarian. online dating teaching the youth kicking in door. she's a blogger adored around the globe and she's doing it own way. life begins at one hundred eyewitness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. the pressure intensifies on the kurdish regional government after the secession referendum as the iraqi parliament calls on the prime minister to mobilize troops.
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hello everyone peter in doha here with your top stories from al-jazeera also ahead sri lanka's government to hunt down buddhist monks suspected of attacking a u.n. shelter for ranger refugee camps in the capital colombo. a verdict expected shortly in eleven on in the trial of a sunni cleric linked to a shootout in which sixty people died plus. a london bus tour taking in the sights of alleged nigerian money laundering property deals. ok let's begin with the latest on the fallout from monday's secession referendum in the kurdish region of northern iraq now initial results say ninety two percent voted yes to secede but pressure on kurdish leaders. is on the increase in iraq is
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demanding the vote be an old the country's parliament has called on the prime minister to deploy troops to disputed areas including the oil rich city of kirkuk that area is controlled by kurdish military units but officially it's governed by baghdad the iraqi prime minister also says the kurdish leadership must relinquish control of border crossings and oil revenues several international airlines have agreed to baghdad's request to avoid flying into airports managed by the regional authorities from friday let's get more on the story for you the iraqi leader told the parliament moments ago they are not looking for an armed conflict. we will impose our federal authority all over iraq including the kurdistan region as per the power of the constitution and law we are not making a threat some people have threatened us in this region and some have resorted to force to impose
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a status quo in these regions we will use all the tools offered by the constitution and how we will surprise them because we talk less and our actions are louder than words ok let's look back at the past twenty four hours or so charles stratford has more on the reaction to that vote out of erbil. celebrations on the streets of appeal up to ninety two percent of voters said yes to secession from the kurdish region of northern iraq. the referendum is very important it will for my future and i hope at least that baghdad will support us eventually to be independent. of the federal government in baghdad has called the referendum on constitutional and he's refusing to even recognize the result let alone start negotiations with the kurdish regional government ok allergy of the future independence for iraq's. events of the last few days here can only be described as some of the most momentous in these regions history but the political ramifications
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are massive the threats continue from the baghdad governments and neighboring countries and there's a sense here of great uncertainty as to what could happen next. the federal government has threatened to close the region's international airspace it could heal thor it is don't hand over control of the two main airports by a friday deadline turkey is threatening to cut off the kayleigh g.'s oil pipeline and close the land border turkey is the biggest supplier of goods and food to the k r j we can not feed ourselves. we don't have that much power. and threats that a body is making of the same as the saddam regime may be but the kurds don't have a life if they stay with baghdad. they may be determination among the people who have wanted a country of their own for generations but the celebrations here may not last long
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. but al jazeera has built. but all of us democrat has come out in support of an independent kurdish state despite opposition to the holding of the referendum from russia iran iraq and the us governments as well as the e.u. and the un secretary general chuck schumer leads the democrats in the senate he's calling on the u.s. government to recognize what he called monday's historic vote he says it should back the creation of an independent kurdish state. i mean happiness on the streets bordering on euphoria but a dramatically different reaction all around iraq. yes all around iraq and also. in the international community they haven't really had sort of big statements. except for the president of the region we
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also. which is due to run for referendum in a couple of days the same sort of. people. there was asking them so you're happy with the results they were fairly sure that the yes vote would go through with the resoundingly victory but everyone would tell you the same breath they knew that the problems will start. today and the head of the airport here near being confirmed to me on the phone that starting tomorrow friday all international flights. because the airspace in this is still on the. baghdad and the airport here comes under the control of baghdad is there any light at the end of the tunnel here . as we don't want iraq iraq is it is it his
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settled opinion that he can only go so far with this. certain point both. iraqi prime minister and the kurdish president. push it too far because the likelihood. is very real it's already happened twice in the past. the brink of a civil war back in two thousand and eight for example troops went into. one of the disputed territories ended. in this referendum if. they were really moments away. from beginning beginning a conflict do you. know that it takes very little if you start deploying troops face to face it would take very little really to spark an armed conflict.
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really also back down because they also have a public opinion to deal with they have regional players to deal with very complicated situation when you speak to the kurds they say if we knew that this was going to happen the people. have been through so much already bracing ourselves but the reality of their bill today for example is no the reality a very big. this is now an international city i mean there's a lot of. people living here it has an airport is has an economy it's built it has modern roads so there's a lot to lose. in case of an armed conflict something nobody wants but publicly for the next few days at least we're going to hear still some quite bold statements coming from both sides. military. strikes of. preparing an attack in northern iraq that. he says is
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a terrorist organization has fought for kurdish autonomy in northern iraq. since the one nine hundred eighty s. a suicide attack has killed twelve security personnel in southern afghanistan they were killed. on tuesday in the maruf district of kandahar province. government leaders in sri lanka in the police to track down the attackers for him to refugees in colombo. by buddhist monks threw stones at a un shelter for thirty one refugees in the capital and mainly women and children re-injure fled after what the government described as a shameful assault i reports of an elephant and as has more now from columbus. a tired looking welcome sign still hangs above the entrance of the safe house that housed the roy injured muslims would welcome is the last thing they felt when a few days ago an angry mob descended accusing them of being terrorists wanting the
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un to expel them from sri lanka basically also accusing the u.n. s.c.r. of interfering with the sovereignity of sri lanka saying that the range of muslims had no place here and they would just bring the threat of terrorism back to this country now most of that group of thirty one. refugees were basically women and children most of them very young children obviously traumatised by the sight and sound of this angry demonstrators breaking down gates in fact the safe house behind me you see these are some of the authorities and police the gate wrenched out of its hinges we've seen evidence of some of the glass windows having been broken by stones obviously there's just a police presence left inside now as the refugees have been transferred to a detention center in the south of the country to make sure that they are safe and that they don't face the threat of another angry mob. catalonians mean leader has
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criticised european institutions for ignoring the region's wish to hold an independence vote counters pujol said spain's crackdown on the referendum is boosting support for the vote he insists will go ahead on sunday spanish police chiefs of mexico and taking control of polling centers to prevent people from voting no e.u. country has openly supported the referent. the spanish government and the courts have ruled it illegal. most even people on sunday will go out and vote massively peacefully also for only one reason one of the most important reasons regardless of what their vote will be there is a firm conviction that the state today is an inheritor of franco's spain that wasn't overcome in this transition stage today more than ever it is a problem that we need to fight democratically. reports now from barcelona last thing at night activists stay up late campaigning for catalonia to break away
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. the first thing in the morning their adverse get up early morning for spain to stay. i think there's going to be you. know what. the spanish government has declared the secession ballot illegal but catalan interior minister foreign explained why regional authorities were pressing ahead. i mean the. government is not just trying to stop a referendum to stop catalonia citizens from deciding it's political future things have gone beyond a simple call for self-determination and what we're also debating here is the defense of democracy and of the most fundamental freedoms. the dritte is stepping up efforts to stop the referendum many schools are going to be potential crime scenes to stop them being used as banking centers and. pouring into the area.
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madrid has also said it will take command of the capitol police force now does that also is this. cattle an authority is a resisting that order. from one of the most us or the security force of catalonia and the responsible for law and order their role should be to permit people to vote in peace we don't want a confrontation but we will defend our rights and responsibilities as. the referendum is planned for this sunday. see. if they're right in order. not to call things would have been like in the scottish referendum sides to debate the alternatives that's been impossible in spain. on the streets of barcelona this group is small loud and not in the mood to haul
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measures they would like to see spain remain united and for the catalan government to be completely shut down. the. pen or al-jazeera barcelona spain. still to come here on al-jazeera. a lavish ceremony marking fifty years of israel's occupation of the west bank and the golan heights plus. south korea showcasing its firepower as it marks sixty nine years with some four six. welcome back the weather across much of southeast asia is going very much according to plan at this time of the year we've got good scattering showers across the
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philippines in particular more northern parts of borneo dry weather as it turned across much of java barley lombok and then moving up through them in a planter things are looking much more unsettled some pretty heavy rain here affecting singapore kuala lumpur and northwards into thailand that's really going to continue as we head on through into saturday sumatra looks a little bit dry the stage now as we move down into a straight here we've got a couple of weather front moving through and a trough of low pressure as well as along this trough line where we're going to see development taking place we could see some heavy rain just across parts of south australia in particular i think the northern territory probably just about dry so the rain is also through alice temperature wise nothing special the seventeen degrees and winds there for melbourne but sydney is actually likely to be drier september on record going back into the eighteen fifty's now across western areas look a little bit cool there with perth highs of seventeen and then through into south of the area of rain begins to develop so some quite heavy rain is likely some
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localized flooding across into new zealand weather conditions remain pretty unsettled some showers likely across both islands highs of fifteen expected in auckland. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember seeing in the absence of justice. people in power on earth chilling testimonies of atrocities suggesting or thora to have failed to conduct full and proper investigations that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. cote d'ivoire partial justice at this time on al jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories today the iraqi parliament has called on the prime minister to send troops to areas controlled by kurdish military units now that follows monday's kurdish secession referendum in which ninety two percent of people voted yes. the government in the catalonia region of spain is insisting on independence referendum on sunday will go ahead despite the central government in madrid saying it is illegal police chiefs have been discussing plans to take control of polling centers to stop people from voting . the u.n. says is concerned about an attack on ranger refugees in sri lanka's capital a crowd threw stones at a un shelter for refugees on the outskirts of colombo dozens of them mainly women and children were supported by the police to safety. a lebanese military court is
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any day now due to liver its verdict in the trial of a controversial sunni cleric. is facing charges linked to a battle with government troops in twenty thirteen in which eighteen soldiers and two civilians were killed forty of alycia supporters. also died in the fighting which was a spillover from the war in neighboring syria correspondent contest time following that of beirut for us and she has what's happening there today. well he's or this hearing he's still ongoing we understand that the lawyers representing the prosecution have been getting their final submissions to the court and then what we understand is that the judges of this military courts will then know how to call in a recess where they will then discuss the merits of this case and then it could live or their sentencing good as you can see behind me a group of people have assembled here these are protesters many of them are the
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wives and the daughters of the other colored queues of policy or he's being tried with a long around thirty other people but let's take a look back now on how this year approaches to prominence and where we got today where many are expecting he could be sentenced to expect to see the death penalty. it was one of the earliest bloodiest spillovers into lebanon from the civil war in syria named after the town in southern lebanon where it happened the battle of signed on between the lebanese army and supporters of ahmed osier lasted for two days described by the government as a sunni militant cleric a list here led the confrontations in which forty fighters loyal to him eighteen soldiers and two civilians were killed alessio was relatively unknown before the
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syrian war started six years ago he rose to prominence quickly pour his fiery speeches on t.v. criticizing has below ports support of syrian president bashar al assad and praising the opposition including what was then the group known as joe but on this or. a link to al qaeda i think a less serious connection to the syrian a rise in an extremist negative i used as a showman or militant groups is kind of is is a kind of banking he was kept at ising on this on this side or the two and investing on that in order to create his own his own supporting or support base and not and he was successful to a certain extent into about after going into hiding a less year was arrested two years later at beirut airport while trying to board a flight to cairo then there was little doubt he faced serious charges but his trial in a military court along with thirty others has been repeated be delayed and human
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rights groups have questioned how some of the evidence was obtained despite the doubts a list here is expected to be sentenced to death for his role in the battle but whether he's hanged is unclear. as you know lebanon has been carried out how little punishment two thousand and four and it that is he see what these judges in this military courts to rule as their sentencing for all of us here he will need to go to the president in order to get his signature to sign up what essentially will be that execution order but many believe that seven forty seven a err on the side of caution and may offer her a life sentence as it were we are hearing that many of the photos you see again many of these women family members of his co excuse for hearing that those people who have been tried alongside of here will also likely face i think the prison sentences but as we've been saying the judges had yet to announce just what they
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will do with the fate of those men but perhaps more importantly zealous here in jazz ok told you later. israel has hosted a lavish ceremony marking fifty years of jewish settlements in the occupied west bank and the golan heights the prime minister benjamin netanyahu of the settlements will never be removed they are however illegal under international law history forsett. it was branded a state a vent produced as a t.v. special a celebration of fifty years since israel in his government's language liberated the west bank in the golan heights territories it is occupied ever since and the celebration of settlement construction in that land staged inside the illegal settlement block of goo shits young it's a project that israel's prime minister for the second time in a month vowed would never be reversed last year your work you are seeing the issue of him i'm saying this very clearly we will never operate settlements in the land
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of israel it's not only a matter of connection to the homeland it's not the way to make peace. for the palestinians it's a vital part of any future deal and a fading hope for farmers like even him. he turns his crops in the fields around go on but his family's land has steadily shrunk he says he lost more than a this year alone and struggles to access land now behind settlement walls going forward are the best of it when we are prevented from entering our lands it affects the harvest i prepared to lend it cost me around ten thousand dollars but they did not allow me to plant the saplings. ibrahim's town of are harder is part of a wider picture nearly six hundred thousand israeli settlers live in the occupied west bank including east jerusalem in a meeting with their representative council earlier on wednesday the prime minister reportedly promised another three thousand three hundred new units would be approved next month which would make more than seven thousand this year the
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residents of all how to talk not just of having lost their land but of continuing to lose it the israeli prime minister recently promised that not a single israeli settlement will ever be uprooted any time in the future the reality is they continue to expand. this and that's what makes this is densely historical commemoration a charged and divisive one israel supreme court declined to send a representative to what its president called a political event israel's pro settler right remains at the center of power its prime minister doubling down on his commitment to the settlement project sorry for sit al-jazeera in the occupied west bank the trade dispute is threatening the jobs of thousands of aircraft workers on both sides of the atlantic one of the arguments involves the us giant boeing and the canadian company bombard it has a factory in northern ireland and u.k. jobs are threatened because the americans are imposing a tariff on foreign built aircraft daniel lak has the story now from toronto.
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several years behind schedule and more than a billion dollars over budget bombard the series passenger jet is finally flying a modest number of planes have been ordered including by the u.s. airline delta but this u.s. commerce department ruling in support of a complaint by rival boeing could trouble the price of the bombard planes and this government is holding crisis meetings obviously were disappointed by the decision and i will continue to play hard for the killing jobs canada's not standing alone in the u.k. bombarded is a major employer in northern ireland where the largest political party props up prime minister to resign may's government she's expressed bitter disappointment so have workers at the bombarded a factory in belfast who want britain to take action of its own against boeing that's we're going to lose a to speak that's with the politicians we the railings that. we sell for.
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one of our cars commercials this week. and they need to. say to believe that they need to sell less with those it kills us canada too is said it will take a serious look at future business dealings with boeing a five billion dollars deal to buy fighter jets from the u.s. company could be scrapped according to the prime minister justin trudeau but the country also says it has legal means to challenge the ruling at the world trade organization and under the terms of the north american free trade agreement nafta with president trump threatening to scrap that agreement the current talks to renegotiate nafta haven't been going well canada says it invests in not subsidizes bombard and as it points out the u.s. has bailed out general motors in the past and gives boeing preferential treatment by some measures canada and the u.s. have the world's largest trading relationship but it's growing more hostile by the day daniel lak al jazeera toronto. ballistic missiles and other weapons have been
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shown off on armed forces day in south korea the display of military might was in the city appealing teac tensions are high on the peninsula following missile launches and nuclear bomb tests across the border in north korea. the indonesian island of bali remains on high alert because of fears of all kaino might erupt at any moment mt agong has been spurting smoke and ash for the past six days and its tremors are intensifying more than seventy five thousand people have been moved from the area the volcano last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killing more than a thousand people and on the pacific island of oahu are two villages who fled an active volcano there are facing food and water shortages about seven thousand people left their homes after the menorah volcano started raining rock and ash declared a state of emergency on tuesday and the fifteen official evacuation camps of quickly become overcrowded. anticorruption campaigners are exposing money laundering by foreigners in the u.k.
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neve barker has seen the latest focus on nigerian money in london. all aboard the kleptocracy toll our guide russian anticorruption activists. previous tours of focused on russia and the middle east now nigeria is in the spotlight our goal is to stop we have a dirty mind that is boring the real thing. to the central. organizers of this claim that london is at the heart of international money laundering a place to easily hide and spend astronomical sums of cash whereas a lot of that money goes into london's lucrative property market. we passed a three million dollar property recently sees from nigeria's for oil minister design the allison. it's one of several apartments owned by mature. in london gives allegedly from nigerian businessmen seeking oil production contracts she's under
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investigation in both nigeria and the u.s. and this property near hyde park owned by a family of a backer interim military leader of nigeria in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he's accused of dodging taxes and siphoning state assets are many of the properties we pass are owned by high profile political and business figures who struggle to explain their wealth most allegedly bought by a shell companies based in offshore british tax havens the more lead the financial set up the heart of it is to trace exactly where the money comes from there are forty thousand line titles in london by companies face a sixty jurisdictions so that means when they bought those long titles they didn't even have to lunge registry if they've been where the line judge doesn't know the police doesn't know the local residents don't know and that makes it really easy for corrupt individuals to steal money abroad and park in the u.k.
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on a visit to london nigeria's information minister told us that he believes fifty five people are responsible for stealing six point two billion dollars from the nigerian treasury between two thousand and six and two thousand and thirteen if insert of that money was return to treasury it's about six under collimators offloads that is hospitals. twenty thousand housing units and it would have been able to train four thousand children from primary school to. it's a side of london few will ever see a tour organizers hope to dissuade others some choosing the u.k. to stash that cash. al-jazeera london. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the iraqi parliament has called on the
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prime minister to send troops to areas controlled by kurdish military units it follows monday's kurdish secession referendum when one thousand two percent of the people there voted yes the iraqi prime minister hired he told the parliament just a few minutes ago they are not looking for an armed conflict. we will impose our federal authority all over iraq including the kurdistan region as per the power of the constitution and law we are not making a threat some people have threatened us in this region and some have resorted to force to impose a status quo in these regions we will use all the tools offered by the constitution and how we will surprise them because we talk less and our actions are louder than words regional leaders in catalonia are pressing ahead with plans for sunday's independence referendum and ignoring threats from the government in madrid which says the breakaway vote is illegal police chiefs have discussed plans to seize control of polling booths and block catalans from casting
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a vote. the united nations refugee agency says is concerned about an attack on ranger refugees in the sri lankan capital colombo a mob led by buddhist monks threw stones at the un shelter for the refugees the thirty one ranger inside the building people mainly women and children fled without injury because government has condemned the attack a shameful urging police to hunt down the perpetrators. ballistic missiles and other weapons have been shown off on an armed forces day in south korea a display of military might in the city appealing to yet. a lebanese military courses due to deliver its verdict in the trial of a controversial sunni cleric. is facing charges linked to a battle with government forces in twenty thirteen in which eighteen soldiers and two civilians were killed forty of honesty or supporters also died in the fighting . the indonesian island of bali remains on high alert because of fears of ok no might erupt at any moment is mount it's been spurting smoke and ash for the past
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six days as tremors are intensifying the news continues after people and power all season. the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state crimes down and cattle hands take to the streets where will this crisis and what al-jazeera for the latest. six years during and after a basically contested election savagest make far too through coke to a former president his own soaring to the international criminal court for the.


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