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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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al jazeera is that because we have a bank of nap or people would come for us and actually show and meet with the al-jazeera team into that that. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to me but he would films so five years ago i decided i was finally queen to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose the laws of my one village and it's transformation going behind the lens has gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al-jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. more tales of horror. violence in me i'm on the un says half a million refugees have now crossed into bangladesh.
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canada i'm already watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. russia's president putin arrives to meet his turkish counterpart now working together syria despite past disagreements. china orders north korean companies in the country to shut down as the chinese vice premier high level talks in washington. take you to the japanese museum showcasing work from an artist known as the queen of polka dots. the u.n. and international aid groups say more than half a million refugees have now fled to bangladesh since violence broke out in states last month the united nations security council will hold a meeting about the crisis in the coming hours u.n.
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officials would you to be allowed into rock island state for the first time since august the twenty fifth but miramar says the trip has been postponed due to bad weather. the u.n. has accused me of ethnic cleansing and human rights groups say the army has committed crimes against humanity there calling for sanctions in particular an arms embargo. meanwhile hundreds of children are being separated from their families as they flee the unrest say the children and unicef have expressed concerns about the increased risk of child exploitation abuse and trafficking. well there is he made it to bangladesh brought with them accounts of murder and systematic. there is john hall reports from the border district of cops is bizarre. the government hospital in the town of cops is bizarre is the next best thing to
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the clinics in the camps it receives some of the more seriously injured and sick including you arrivals in the last few days. it's hot it's filthy and it stinks. but for mohammad saleem and his family it is a haven from the horrors of their journey to bangladesh woken up at night by gunfire in the village they ram for their lives but two of the children were left behind nothing. to do but the years when the shooting stopped i came out of the jungle and found my wife where my other children i did not know i have three children i found my wife on the floor and the baby i saw that my wife had been shot three times in one leg and in the other a bullet went in one side and out the other. mohammed picked up his injured wife and baby and fled they don't know what happened to the other children aged two and
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three. i felt like my world had changed for ever thinking about what i had left behind leaving my children behind i had left my own children behind did i feel like carrying on i didn't even feel like taking a single step forward. the couple believe they hope the children may have been picked up by fleeing relatives it feels like they forsaken place this hospital people on the floors on benches the rubble patients and there are beds more stories than we were able to tell. we also met her limit her tune beaten by soldiers as she escaped me and with her children and grandchildren the old thing that i did . i left at three am so the buddhists wouldn't see me everyone was crossing the river they were shooting people and killing them everywhere there were dead bodies
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floating in the river. did she know i asked her why it was happening that killing men children brothers not letting teaches or him observe vive not leaving any rich people alive but just killing everyone to finish the job the job as the un has said is an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh and dozens of women and children have died after their boat carrying rahane just playing the violin capsized off the coast of bangladesh the bodies have been found on an only beach in bizarre a boat was carrying one hundred thirty people. now the russian president vladimir putin has been meeting his turkish counterpart rich in ankara developments in iraq and syria are up for discussion along with
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turkey's decision to purchase of russian made missile defense system putin's visit comes as turkey and russia attempt to strengthen their relationship which took a downturn in the shooting of a russian plane over syria turkey and russia have been on opposing sides in the syria conflict but both now backed plans for the creation of deescalation zones let's take you to anchor and speak to al-jazeera as andrew symonds said previously relations between russia and turkey they were pretty dire why have things changed now. well there's been more than a reproach more really the reason is mainly you just pointed out that the both turkey and russia were backing opposing sides in the syrian conflict but has come together with russia and iran for the a start up peace process and turkey is using its influence to move towards peace with its relationship with opposition groups and russia turkey and iran will be
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moving into it live with military observers is a lot to be worked out there that will be discussed no doubt about it whatsoever and there's also a number of other issues no doubt about it whatsoever and there's also a number of other issues including the s four hundred missile system it's a russian system and it's been sold to turkey which is a member of nato and that presents a problem not only with with nato not having the compatibility but also in terms of relations with the west they seem to be moving away from the western more towards russia this is what warm analyst made of the situation. putin is in turkey to draw to wage between turkey and the west. that he has drawn in the first place and he's doing this very successfully but it turned in limbo are there are similar current
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issues on which turkey and russia and i have common interests and our need to work really close in with you know one of them obviously is the most current one. but also this situation in northern iraq in the aftermath of the referendum tell me. tell us a little bit more about what we're going to be discussing. well of course the syrian war is very much going to be the main issue and possibly turkey is looking towards some sort of concession some sort of payback for its efforts to relate to the opposition groups by possibly getting some leeway in terms of the presence of the syrian kurds particular the y. p.g. and in territory around afternoon right across right opposite to the border of turkey doesn't want the kurdish presence there and it wants russia to help it in that situation furthermore we will see discussions it seems on the iraqi kurds
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issue whether or not russia is in agreement with president urged one's assurance that he is considering switching off the oil flow from the kurdistan region russia does have some interests in this commercial interests involved in the investment in the oil and gas industry in the region even though russia has said that it backs the territorial integrity of iraq it hasn't been as outspoken against the referendum as other states so those are the two primary issues that will be on the table felicity and thank you. all turkey has threatened to impose crippling restrictions on oil trading with iraqi kurds after they backed secession from baghdad the iraqi parliament is also urging the government to send troops to take control of oil fields health by kurdish forces kurdish officials say they're not
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worried and they can withstand an economic blockade because they are self-sufficient hot abdulhamid reports from just outside avail. coming from iran and turkey. they consider this referendum a threat to their own national security you have to bear in mind that they have a sizable kurdish nation and those two countries while the referendum was happening here they were sort of celebrations or they were even messages of support from those kurdish populations whether from iran or from turkey. actually on the celebrations the night of the referendum itself. who had crossed the border where to come here not to vote but to be part of that. that it was very symbolic for them even if it had no direct rick berke arsenal that they were hoping for that it would be the way for them to also forge ahead with some
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sort of maybe autonomy or any kind of sort of self to. the un has condemned air raids that hit five hospitals and two humanitarian warehouses in syria. this week they're calling for a system to be set up for warring sides to protect civilians and medical facilities to fight. tarion advisor on syria said it was not clear who had carried out the attacks but it was part of an escalating trend to talk humanitarian lifeline hospitals and health work as a guilty verdict has been given in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon. will be executed for his role in leading a shootout in two thousand and thirteen. lebanese soldiers died along with four supporters and two civilians. right. well in the early days of this case the prosecution in this military tribunal had been pushing
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for the death penalty for this year and some of his supporters and that is just what this sentencing is not only has all this year been sentenced to death seven others in connection to this case have also been sentenced to death as well there are a number of kohak used in this trial they have received prison sentences a very in the links but the death penalty here in lebanon itself is controversial the last time capital punishment has been carried out here was in two thousand and four it also requires the signature of the president for an execution to be carried out it also needs to be said. and his coat accused can appeal this sentencing and one would imagine that they will but this case is a very deeply controversial and polarizing case here in lebanon it really put into sharp focus the complexities of the region particularly at the start of the syrian
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civil war the violence that we saw inside on where i was syria's from really was one of the earliest and most major spillover of violence of the syrian civil war in the lebanese territory and although he went into hiding shortly after those eighteen lebanese soldiers to lebanese civilians and dozens of his supporters were killed he was ultimately arrested in two thousand and fifteen but again the complexities of this case really puts into sharp focus how many have struggled in particularly in the courts to try to figure out a way forward in the how to prosecute those involved in the kind of violence that we saw then but it's been very clear from this military tribunal that they want to sentence this year and his supporters or at least some of his supporters to death and that's just what they've done. still to come on the private. warning that yemen's cholera crisis is getting. really hard.
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and sailing to a land he's never know the cambodian man he's been split his family and for the u.s. because the crime committed as a child. welcome back now across western asia and the levant weather conditions mostly fine you see across some eastern as we have got some shower activity i'm sort of pulling colder air from the north of tosh count there which is thirteen as a maximum elsewhere we've got a few showers in the southern side of the caspian sea you know says kuwait city still stuck with temperatures above forty degrees and that is likely to be the case through the remainder of the next four five days heading on through into saturday again forty three here we've also got some showers are on the eastern side of the
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black sea extending in across the caucasus conditions from beirut in lebanon for the my sort of twenty seven here in the arabian peninsula dry and hot and sunny across a mecca medina that into the low forty's here in the gulf states not quite as hewitt and maybe not quite as hot but still temperatures coming in thirty nine degrees in dropping very slightly as we head on through into saturday now heading across into southern parts of africa weather conditions here looking largely fine made to see the old show on the eastern cape otherwise one of two showers for the coast of mozambique but for most part it's sunshine all the way the stock about zambia coming in with highs of twenty eight but across central parts of africa got some really heavy showers across parts of central africa public in cameroon in particular.
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hello again at the top stories. the u.n. says more than half a million refugees have now fled to. since violence broke out in the. last month hospitals
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a struggling to cope with the influx of people. the russian president vladimir putin is in i'm currently seeing his turkish counterpart to one talks are expected to be dominated by developments in iraq on syria. and a guilty verdict has been handed down in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon without as it should be executed for his role in leading a shootout in twenty thirty. yemen's cholera outbreak is now the worst ever on record the british charity oxfam expects a million cases by november it says it's difficult to respond to the crisis because more than half of the emmons hospitals and health centers a closed due to the civil war but as smith reports. yemen is fertile ground for cholera when this outbreak began almost six months ago conditions were perfect to help the disease spread thirty months of war to stop virtually all public services as strikes have destroyed water treatment and other infrastructure filth is
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everywhere more than half of all the health facilities are destroyed or only partially working hospitals and clinics that are still standing are overwhelmed especially with infant and elderly cholera patients oxfam says there are more than five and a half thousand cases a day helder is a very easily treatable disease that is very typical in yemen with an active more that's happening it's difficult and. we have about fifty million people in yemen who don't have access to basic and we also have a situation where basic infrastructure and essential services. are fighting in yemen between who the fighters and a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia has killed more than five thousand civilians another three million have been forced from their homes and the most vulnerable to cholera they're weak from hunger and have little money to buy medicine the war is making it difficult for aid agencies to get into yemen oxfam
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and other help organizations say obtaining visas for cholera specialists can take up to two months medics who do get in so it's difficult to move around freely because of military restrictions. bernard smith al-jazeera. at least five people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the somali capital mogadishu the blast happened outside a restaurant in the city's densely populated home away industry most of the victims of thought to be civilians there's been no immediate claim of responsibility. china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the united states has been pressuring china to use its economic leverage to force pyongyang to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice premier young don't is currently visiting the u.s. on as the secretary of state to listen in washington she's also due to meet president trump before that story all white house correspondent kelly how could
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joins me live now from washington i'm kimberly these talks could be very interesting. certainly in fact it's unusual to see sort of a a lower level state leader meeting directly with the president in the oval office of the white house and i think that just underscores as you point out just how important this relationship is with china and the united states right now in the eyes of the trumpet ministration given the fact that there is a hope that china will continue to use its economic leverage in order to try and de asco late the ongoing sort of war of words that we've been seeing with north korea leader kim jong un as well as president donald trump and while it's always maintained the united states that there is the military option to be exercised the trumpet ministration officials particularly secretary of state james mattis as well as secretary of state rex tillerson saying that the diplomatic option is certainly the preferred option so we've had a series of in diplo speak high level exchanges that have been taking place here
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stateside as well as seeing visits such as the commerce secretary wilbur ross in beijing on monday all of this teeing up of course and applauding in the words of the state department spokesperson this week the moves that you talked about just a moment ago the fact that china has ordered its central banks not to do business with north korea something the united states is thanking china for and hoping that it will continue to do in terms of exercising that economic leverage so once again waiting for that arrival by the vice premier to the oval office something we expect to happen within the next hour but how could keeping an eye on those events there in washington thank you. council and authorities say they're working to ensure that a disputed referendum on secession from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students have marched from barcelona to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote they are demanding the right
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to vote in the referendum which the madrid based national government has dismissed as a leave them. the local stand on ryanair has been threatened with legal action over the mass cancellation of flights and scrapping of some of its roots written civil aviation authority says the irish carrier is playing fast and loose with consumer protection regulations ryanair has admitted that thirty four routes are going to be suspended a decision that's affected hundreds of thousands of passengers new drone footage taken over the course a region capital shows the devastation left behind by hurricane maria at least sixteen people were killed when maria made landfall on the u.s. territory it was the strongest hurricane to hit quite a rico in nearly ninety years or the caribbean island of dominique is still reeling after being devastated by maria with fears it could take years to recover eighty percent of buildings have been damaged or destroyed and most of the island remains
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without electricity food or water gabriel elizondo has more from the dominique and capital. i'm here in a side street in the capitol of a road so you can get a sense of how bad this hurricane was there just destruction here everywhere now look at this vehicle that i'm about to show you again it shows you how strong the winds were and how ferocious this storm was you can see a helicopter about to land here this is near the stadium and we see the eight helicopters various countries. thirty minutes when we flew into the country what we saw was absolutely devastating this is normally a very lush green island but it was all brown the worst of the hurricane winds just ripped all of the trees and vegetation completely out of the ground it was absolutely astonishing when we got to one of the main airports we saw aid convoys that were arriving from various different countries helicopters also large military
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planes as well aid is finally starting to get into the country and it's needed desperately on the drive we saw more of the extreme devastation that's been hitting this country at one point there were people with gathering water from a precious water stream because that's the only access to water that they had very very bad way off to the right if you believe just. the steroid the the water. in the room and suddenly we came here to speak to the country's prime minister roosevelt skerritt this is what he had to tell us complete devastation and every street and every village in the country. it is it is very painful to see the suffering and on which people well aid is starting to come into the country it's very clear the recovery of dominique is
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going to take weeks months you know it's going to take years. two teenagers have been charged with murder following a fire at a malaysian boarding school earlier this month twenty one students and two teachers were killed when a fire engulfed the school dormitory just before dawn the pair who can't be named because they're under eighteen are facing jail but will be spared from the death penalty. thailand's government has confirmed that former prime minister yingluck shinawatra is in dubai she was sentenced to five years in prison on wednesday for negligence in a rice subsidy scheme which lost billions of dollars left island last month ahead of the verdict her brother taksin also a former prime minister lives in self-imposed exile in dubai after he was found guilty of corruption. in the u.s. hundreds of thousands of families are facing separation after president trump's decision to phase out the dhaka program but america's cambodian population of had this threat hanging over them for years cambodians who were brought to the u.s.
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as children but have been convicted of crimes or facing deportation to a homeland they've never known reports. alison chain never imagined that she'd be a single mom. last year she married cambodian refugees soon posi change but just eight months later he was deported from america. we're going to have a baby over by so why would they do this to us back in ninety ninety five when posi was just fourteen he was convicted of second degree murder in a robbery gone wrong despite completing his sentence years ago that conviction made him a target for deportation because he was a permanent resident in the us and not a citizen. i'm not going to say are the one to
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try and can make a living in a given back. david of the state. posse has never met his son he was sent to cambodia five months ago a country he has never been to before because he was born in a time refugee camp since two thousand and two the u.s. has deported more than eight hundred cambodians to this country these men and women can never go back to america not even as tourists the u.s. has been paying the government here nine hundred fifty dollars to every deportivo cambodia has recently refused to accept any more convicted criminals until they're paid more we need more more and more. money either to make those people live. like other people in the country. the u.s. government refused our request for an interview but as the deportations hang in
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limbo so does the face of hundreds of families like allison and post sees corish al-jazeera from penn to seacrest movie asses full program cambodia deportations and watch what i want to east of thursday at twenty thirty g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. now works by one of japan's most celebrated artists now have a permanent home in tokyo yoko samas career has spanned more than seven decades but the bride takes a look at the world of the woman known as the queen of polka dots they were there. the opening confirms your kusama status as one of the world's most important living artists and for japan a national treasure god every other snow this is been a lifelong wish for you to see my work this is the most moving moment of my life on five floors of this space the works mostly paintings but also installations and
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sculptures celebrating a life dedicated to art the museum is also a monument to artistic perseverance although kasama has moved between different means here over the decades she has always remained obsessive me true to an abstract style that's all her own repetitively intricate patterns of dots and lines a theme she has been following from childhood an extremely unhappy time she recalls and when she says she first had hallucinations dominated by dots it's a style she developed in new york city at the heart of the one nine hundred sixty s. on guard movement. come the seventy's she returned to japan largely forgotten but she hadn't forgotten her artistic mission. working every day ever since she gradually won worldwide recognition work has never been more demand to
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museums all over the world are calling me wanting to exhibit my work the number is growing so fast but it's only me painting i'm so busy the museum is also meant to inspire suffering much of her life from mental health problems is found in her work a place of solace overcoming she says depression and hopelessness. please love this museum all your life just the way i love it. with this permanent home she wants her work to give visitors the kind of peace she has found in creating it rob mcbride al-jazeera tokyo. and her mind at the top stories on al-jazeera dozens of women and children have died after their boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh they were fleeing
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violence and near mass were kind state the u.n. and international aid groups say more than half a million refugees have now arrived in bangladesh since the fighting started last month hospitals are struggling to cope with the influx of people. russian president vladimir putin's in ankara meeting his turkish counterpart. on developments in iraq and syria are up for discussion along with turkey's decision to purchase a russian a missile defense system turkey and russia now strengthening their ties after previously backing opposing sides in syria. well there are common interests between the two powers perhaps more in favor of russia than turkey may be but the bottom line is that the syrian conflict. offers turkey some opportunities to do deals with russia a controversial sunni muslim cleric has been found guilty in connection with a shootout in lebanon in twenty thirteen with alistair will face
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a death sentence eighteen lebanese soldiers died along with forty of a serious supporters and two civilians. yemen's cholera outbreak is now the world's largest record and it's still spreading the british charity oxfam expects one million cases of the disease by november or two thousand people have died from cholera in yemen since may. china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the united states has been pressuring china to use its economic leverage to force john young to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice premier young dong is currently visiting the us and it's met the secretary of state rex tillerson in washington should also meet president trump castle and authorities say they are working to ensure that a disputed referendum on the session from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students have marched from barcelona to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote. new drone footage
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taken over the puerto rican capital san juan shows the devastation left behind by hurrican maria at least sixteen people were killed when maria made landfall on the u.s. territory. and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera join me again in twenty five minutes or so with us though inside stories coming next. the women in saudi arabia finally allowed to drive from next year is lifting the ban a sign of real reform in the kingdom but it speed up friction with the powerful religious establishment this is inside school.


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