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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  ALJAZ  September 29, 2017 1:00am-1:34am AST

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revelation that a large number of hindu villages have been messick it and buried in mass graves that dorothy's have assured the villagers that they would be provided assistance and security however some have chosen to cross over to bangladesh there has been a growing clamor for reply tradition of refugees who have fled from myanmar to bangladesh i would like to stress here that memory is prepared to start the verification process at any time bangladesh and mema our neighbors and our two neighbors who had the experience of such a rep or repatriation process in one thousand nine hundred three we are working to enhance relations with bangladesh i have met with the foreign minister of bangladesh in here in new york last week the minister of the office of the state
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consul will visit dhaka this weekend to further discuss matters of mutual concern and to find ways and means to move ahead with regard to the situation on our border we have also invited the minister of home affairs of bangladesh we will work on him at any time he is able to come to myanmar and hope to take forward our cooperation on border security matters our stated willingness to discuss the issue of repatriation gives the lie to the assertion that there is a policy of ethnic cleansing on our part mr president the new government in myanmar inherited a challenging situation ereka in state and and has had to deal with the consequences of actions by other activists the current crisis is due to the acts of
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terrorism perpetrated by sea. to address the situation the government launched a number of initiatives including the rakhine advisory commission chaired by dr kofi annan the recommendations of the kofi annan commission represents a viable roadmap forward we have embrace the recommendations of that report and implementation committee for their recommendations has already been formed and work is in progress two meetings have already been held we must give this committee time and space to go forward at this critical juncture in the life of our young democracy it is
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imperative it is imperative that the international community join hands with us to ensure that democracy takes firm root and that we will succeed in carrying out a responsibility to establish peace stability and develop an era kind and the whole of nema and that is the only way we can solve the conundrum in rakhine the security council must refrain from taking measures that exacerbate rather than alleviate the situation in rakhine state. it can and must do no less i thank you mr president are you flying physics. we're just hearing from pound told me on mars and national security adviser addressing the security council that is a meeting for a public meeting on the route into crisis for the first time since that crisis
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erupted a most notably what we heard from the national security adviser was that myanmar has invited the un secretary general detectors to visit the country. and see rakhine state so let's cross to our u.n. correspondent roslyn jordan in new york rosen you've just been listening there to the myanmar national security advisor you've also been listening to the meeting that's been going on now for roughly two hours or so would you think were the most notable things to be said there. well let's start with the me and more national security advisor he said there's no ethnic cleansing happening inside iraq and state he said that he doesn't understand why people are leaving and flooding into bangladesh unless they were afraid of terrorists when the only incident that. the military is using to justify its crackdown was one attack back on august twenty fifth this does not in any way explain why more than
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a half million people more than five hundred thousand people according to un estimates have fled in recent weeks into bond dash this also does not explain why the military is refusing to let the u.n. or other non-governmental organizations go into iraq and state either to bring humanitarian aid or to assess the situation for themselves because they are hearing far too many reports of abuse of possible crimes against humanity of possible war crimes being carried out by government forces against the. minority it also does not explain why their writing i have not for many many years not been allowed to be recognized as citizens of me and maher to actually have their rights respected as are the rights of some one hundred sixty other ethnic minorities in that country it's rather shocking to have one sit before the other members of the
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security council where almost to a person and i stress that word almost they all say that in their view what is happening in iraq and state is the forcible cleansing of an ethnic minority for political purposes not just by the military but aided by groups primarily buddhist groups who have their own grievances against the writing of the only country that actually stood up for the government in young. and was china again echoing those comments that though that what is being alleged is not actually happening and that this is a political situation that can be worked out if only other people would basically take their noses out of the situation well i guess a lot of people don't want to take their noses out of the situation i'm thinking of the united states ambassador nikki haley saying that they should suspend providing weapons to me and i are but actually stopping short of properly calling for
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sanctions what more did she say well essentially a nikki haley brought a same amount of moral outrage that you would traditionally expect to hear from the united states government about the situation echoing what the secretary general antonio guterres had to say here's a bit more of nikki haley's comments in the past two hours we cannot be afraid to call the actions of the burmese authorities what they appear to be a brutal sustained campaign to cleanse the country of an ethnic minority. now barbara you raise the question of whether the u.n. security council is contemplating any sort of any action namely sanctions well we may not be at that point yet but there is certainly a lot of real concern about whether countries are in any way tacitly endorsing what
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the government in young going is doing by continuing business as usual that includes joint military exercises selling our military equipment to the government there engaging in other forms of normal trade practices those are all things that could very possibly now be coming up for review and it is something which some sixty seven human rights organizations are calling on the security council to was seriously consider given that the situation is such that some seven hundred thousand and that's a rough estimate have been forced to flee their homeland for their safety because they are very much afraid not of people who may be coming after them in the night but they are afraid of government forces coming after them in the night so this is now being put out there in the atmosphere as it were whether or not such steps should be considered with course we will have to see whether or not young gun makes
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good on its invitation to want on your good tears given that a number of u.n. affiliated groups were supposed to go into the country on thursday but supposedly because of bad weather they weren't allowed to travel to the country yan even if he does go to the country exactly what he is allowed to see iraq jordan at the u.n. for the moment ross thank you. and just echoing what rose was saying there international aid groups say more than half a million range of refugees have fled to bangladesh since violence broke out in our current state last month it's the largest mass movement of refugees in the region in decades those who have made it a bundle of ash have brought with them accounts of murder and systematic arson china hold reports. from the border district of cox. the government hospital in the town of copses bazaar is the next best thing to the clinics in the camps it receives some of the more seriously injured and sick
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including you arrivals in the last few days. it's hot it's filthy and it stinks but for mohammad saleem and his family it is a haven from the horrors of their journey to bangladesh woken up at night by gunfire in the village they ran for their lives but two of the children were left behind that. money to do but the way it is when the shooting stopped i came out of the jungle and found my wife where my other children i did not know i have three children and i found my wife on the floor and the baby i saw that my wife had been shot three times in one leg and in the other a bullet went in one side and out the other. mohammed picked up his injured wife and baby and fled they don't know what's happened to the other children aged two and three so they knew that the idea that i felt like my world had changed for ever
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thinking about what i had left behind leaving my children behind i had left my own children behind did i feel like carrying on i didn't even feel like taking a single step forward. the couple believe they hope the children may have been picked up by fleeing relatives it feels like they forsaken place in this hospital people on the floors on benches that are born patients and there are beds more stories than we were able to tell. we also met her limit her tune beaten by soldiers as she escaped me and with her children and grandchildren the old thing that i did. i left at three am so the buddhists wouldn't see me everyone was crossing the river they were shooting people and killing them everywhere there were dead bodies floating in the river. did she know i asked her why it was
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happening that i'm not even killing men children brothers not letting teaches or survive not leaving any rich people alive but just killing everyone to finish the job the job as the un has said is an organized campaign of ethnic cleansing jonah how al-jazeera bangladesh. and at least fifteen women and children have died after their boat carrying a range of fleeing violence in myanmar capsized off the coast of bangladesh bodies have been found on and beach in cox's bazar the boat was carrying more than one hundred people and authorities fear the death toll will rise. well to talk about the situation there and also all the developments we've seen at the security council let's join feeble up young deputy director for global advocacy at human rights watch he joins us live now from new york sir thank you so much for being
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with us i mean we heard some harrowing stories there in john hall's report but first of all let me ask you i know that you've been following the meeting that's been going on of the security council what did you make of what came out of it and especially what we heard from the representative of me and my. well look i mean first i think this is progress for the first time the u.n. security council is meeting publicly on this crisis was briefed by u.n. secretary general until you get a rush the young more representative was in the hot seat today and had to justify himself so this alone is progress now the military the myanmar military knows that the u.n. security council is witching and obviously they are concerned about possible next steps you know by the council now of course this will amount to nothing and there's the security council is the allowed to act and that's the big question mark i would say at this point listening to russia listening to china there is
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a clear sense that they are not you know fully on board with the direction this is taking even though several countries want sanctions and clear actions against the burmese military it's clear that they are not there yet so that's my worry right now is you know will they allow the u.n. security council to act or will they use their veto to block action in the middle of one of the nastiest ethnic cleansing campaign in recent history i mean you mentioned that the meeting itself is a step forward and i suppose if we're looking for glimmers of hope but then we also heard from the represented myanmar as saying that until a new good ten days the secretary general of the u.n. of course has been invited to visit the country i mean how crucial would that be how crucial is it for groups like you for example to actually go there on the ground and see yourselves what's happening. i mean it's clear that the government is doing everything to conceal what's happening in iraq and states they
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are you know engaged in the mess of cover up but they can't you know you can't hide how familiar and refuges you can't pretend as the security. security advisor said. she said that you cannot understand why people are fleeing i mean they know exactly what's going on the entire villages hundreds of them have been set on fire people are not fleeing for no reason the burmese government invited the u.n. secretary general is not a bad thing but but of course rather than invite him they should allow the u.n. fact finding mission with trained investigators to actually go in the country they shewed allow journalists such as your crews that are currently in bangladesh to come and see for themselves what's happening in bangladesh they should invite us human rights organizations to come and investigate but they're not doing it right now what they're doing is a small propaganda tools where they invite a couple of diplomats or people that they tightly control and they show their money
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the side of the picture that they want them to to show so you know i'm not placing much hope in that invitation so when it comes to realistic concrete steps what do you think should be the next one's taking. i mean look first the security council is very late coming into this issue that meeting we had today we should have had three weeks ago so you know they have a lot of catch up to do realistically what the security council should do and could do today is issue a very strong statement joint statement or a reserve lucian essentially a new tomato into the burmese military that if they don't stop the ethnic cleansing campaign if they don't allow refugees to come back safely and voluntarily if they don't allow the u.n. fact finding mission to come if they don't allow you know humanitarian organizations to do their work then they will have to suffer severe consequences what are the this consequences an arms embargo individual sanctions against the
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military leaders involved in these abusers and referring the situation to the international criminal court so when they people responsible for these crimes have to face justice philip from human rights watch sir thank you so much for sharing your views here with us on al-jazeera. and that is there has launched a new virtual reality service with one of the first videos looking at life in a real hinge a refugee camp in bangladesh i am ranger is just one example of the marse of content you can view three hundred sixty degrees that and many other stories from across the world can be found online at contrast the our dot com. well coming up on this al-jazeera news hour a controversial sunni cleric in lebanon is sentenced to death for his role in the deaths of dozens of people during the two thousand and thirteen violence
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devastation in the mimico we'll have the latest on the relief efforts following hurricane maria and by our new coach leaves the club did he jump or was he pushed details later in sports. given sculler outbreak is getting worse the british charity oxfam says it expects a million cases by november it says it's difficult to respond to the crisis because more than half of yemen's hospitals and health centers are closed the due to the civil war bernard smith reports. yemen is fertile ground for cholera when this outbreak began almost six months ago conditions were perfect to help the disease spread thirty months of war to stop virtually all public services strikes have destroyed water treatment and other infrastructure filth it's everywhere. more than
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half of all the health facilities are destroyed or only partially working hospitals and clinics that are still standing are overwhelmed especially with infant and elderly cholera patients oxfam says there are more than five and a half thousand cases a day heller is a very easily treatable disease that it's very difficult in yemen with an active more that's happening it's difficult for people to access health care we have about fifty million people in yemen who don't have access to basic healthcare and we also have a situation where basic infrastructure and essential services. are fighting in yemen between who the fighters and a coalition of countries led by saudi arabia has killed more than five thousand civilians another three million have been forced from their homes and the most vulnerable to cholera they're weak from hunger and have little money to buy medicine. the war is making it difficult for aid agencies to get into yemen oxfam
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and other help organizations say obtaining visas for cholera specialists can take up to two months medics who do get in say it's difficult to move around freely because of military restrictions but it's met al-jazeera. and guilty verdict has been delivered in the trial of a controversial sunni muslim cleric in lebanon. will be executed for his role in the deaths of dozens of people during the violence in the city of sidon in two thousand and thirteen and yes tired has more now from. these are the mothers wives and daughters of the twenty one men sentenced by the military tribunals they're protesting against what they say were corrupt court proceedings saying their loved ones didn't receive a fair trial. we say that all our demands in court have been legal and we're sorry that the court has rejected them after two your trial and hours of deliberations the judges presiding over the case sentence are heard all this year and seven others to death the other thirteen were given lengthy prison sentences in absentia
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al a series described by the government as a sunni militant cleric formally trained to lead to days of confrontations in which forty fighters loyal to him eight hundred soldiers and two civilians were killed known as a battle of side on after the southern lebanese town where it happened it was one of the earliest and bloodiest spillovers of the civil war in syria into lebanon. and i'm not we know that alycia scroope were involved in the hall and they never said i would not in the wrong they said there was a. this means that they committed such acts against the lebanese military and killed twenty people this also means that they have to be clearly tried and convicted a list.


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