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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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here as well as the emir shakes her mother funny saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain cut the plastic and trade links with pat hunger in the face accusing it of sponsoring terrorism kept her strongly denies all the charges against them. that's one of ours he's a say they're working to ensure that the spearhead referendum on secession from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students have marched through barcelona to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote john hendren has more now from barcelona. each day a peaceful show of force growth. led by young in fiercely proud catalans in the street. police say sixteen thousand of them organizers say tens of thousands more. are going to shut their schools because.
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by comparison this anti secession rally mustered perhaps three dozen people. at a secret location days after the spanish army arrested catalan leaders and confiscated ten million ballot papers this video tweeted by catalan president carlos to month shows the resistance printing new balance he got better miska the media in no matter how much they intimidate us no matter how many times they say that they will not give us the keys of the classrooms or the schools will be opened there is a generation that has been growing in our country and they add to this majority that we have in catalonia that they want to vote. at schools doubling his polling stations a showdown police have orders to close them students plan an occupation to keep them open but we would stay there and. just to wait.
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for the moment the crowds are chanting these streets will always belong to us and while there are thousands of police all around barcelona right now they do. at barcelona's port firemen occupy catalonia is history museum unfurling a pro independence banner where the fire fight this have to go and vote as every citizen can do it as catalans plan their defiant vote the spanish government's marshalling its in forces national police and civil defense troops in riot gear ordered to stop the referendum. the thought of being locked up speaking. the local moscow's police who until now have resisted reining in the protests now role alongside national police in armored cars a cattle enforce under spanish control. with catalans determined to vote in the
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spanish government in madrid intent on stopping them the long tense standoff goes on broken john hendren al-jazeera barcelona. u.s. president donald trump has waived shipping restrictions to puerto rico to allow more aid to be sent to the island food and water supplies are running low and three million dollars are still without power eight days after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. territory there as a boy has more now from hole. in this emergency center reagan goes about forty kilometers away from the capital is about to run out of fuel it's been without electricity since hurricane marty hate to port authority and right now people's lives here depend on a generator. brought her grandmother here a few days ago it will be valid. the hospital is helping us but they are worried because they have no water and they are running out of diesel they have told us that we may have to go many of the hospitals in the area had to shut down and
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people were brought to this is have cause as a hospital in home goes my detail brady says that so far they have not received any help that they left on the c.b.i. handmade our but the generator here is on c.p.r. we are trying to keep it alive to keep their emergency area going if i don't have diesel people i have to shut down and i don't know where these people will go there is no water no food no air conditioning no oxygen. what authority god is struggling to recover from a category four hurricane but for many help is not coming fast enough fuel is cars and so is drinking water the hurricane destroyed the island's electrical grid people here are desperate for drinking water they're using this stream to clean themselves all together some water to take back home to wash their clothes but they cannot. drink it because they've been told it contaminated the file door and has
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served in the u.s. military for over twenty years he says puerto ricans are not being treated as u.s. citizens. although i've served the army and for what to be forced to drink water that has excrement this stream has human waste among other things i'm not a second class citizen i'm a third class citizen. what if the rico is part of the u.s. territory but is not a state and many feel they're being discriminated the government says it has sent ships with aid and few of us president donald trump lifted what is known as the jones act that prevents falling vessels from bringing goods to the island understand the coverage in some cases is giving the appearance that we're not moving fast enough but what i will tell you is that we are mobilizing marshalling the resources of the united states. in a way that is absolutely. professional. and adequate but there are those who cannot wait much longer fuel and water are crucial to save their lives.
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and just sida course puerto rico. and while the caribbean island dominica is also still reeling after hurricane maria with fears it could take years to recover eighty percent of buildings have been damaged or destroyed and most of the island remains without electricity food or water gabrial is on the has more now from the dominican capital. i'm here in a side street in the capitol of a road so you can get a sense of how bad this hurricane was there just destruction here everywhere now look at this vehicle that i'm about to show you again it shows you how strong the winds were and how ferocious this storm was you can see a helicopter about to land here this is near the stadium and we see the eight helicopters various countries. thirty minutes when we flew into the country what we saw was absolutely devastating this is normally
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a very lush green island but it was all brown the force of the hurricane winds just ripped all of the trees and vegetation completely out of the ground it was absolutely astonishing when we got to one of the main airports we saw aid convoys that were arriving from various different countries helicopters also large military planes as well aid is finally starting to get into the country and it's needed desperately on the drive we saw more of the extreme devastation that's been hitting this country at one point there were people with gathering water from a precious water stream because that's the only access to water that they had very very bad way off to the right it's the believe they are just. the steroid that the water. in the room and. we came here to speak to the country's prime minister roosevelt skerritt this is what he had to tell us complete
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devastation and every street and every village in the country. it's as it is it is very painful to see the suffering and on which people well aid is starting to come into the country it's very clear the recovery of dominique is going to take weeks months you know it's going to take years every. on the reporting there china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the united states has been pressuring china to use its economic leverage to force to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese vice president is the vice premier rather is currently visiting the united states and has met with secretary of state rex tillerson in washington and she will also meet with president trump. more on all the stories on our website al-jazeera
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dot call me can see our top story there the rohinton of the disaster. in a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera mian maher has invited the u.n. secretary general to visit the country it comes after and on a good terror is warned the rohingya crisis was the world's fastest developing refugee emergency thousands of women and children are fleeing myanmar have died after their boat capsized off the coast of bangladesh the u.n. and the international aid groups say more than half a million range of refugees have now arrived in bangladesh since the fighting started last month we have received bone chilling accounts from those mainly women children and the elderly. these testimonies points to excessive violence and serious violations of human rights including indiscriminate firing of weapons the
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presence of landmines and sexual violence this is unacceptable and must stand immediately russia and turkey have agreed to boost coordination in their efforts to end the conflict in syria russian president vladimir putin health talks in ankara with this turkish counterpart retch uptight paragon after previously backing opposing sides in syria the two leaders have now agreed to push for the escalation zones in syria's lead to problems yemen's cholera outbreak is getting worse the british charity oxfam expects one million cases of the disease by november more than two thousand people have died from color in yemen since may. a controversial sunni muslim cleric has been found guilty in connection with a shootout in lebanon in two thousand and thirteen amidala syria will face a death sentence eighteen lebanese soldiers died along with forty of allah sears supporters and two civilians catalan authorities say they're working to ensure that
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a disputed referendum once a session from spain will take place peacefully thousands of university students have marched through barcelona to protest against what they call an intensifying crackdown ahead of sunday's vote new drone footage taken over the course of rican capital san juan the shows the devastation left behind by hurricane maria at least sixteen people were killed and residents are facing severe shortages of food water and fuel that's it coming up next one on one east. oh. they did the crime and they've served their time but the u.s.
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is deporting hundreds of cambodians who've been released from prison. some of those deported to the u.s. . genesis are. on this episode finds out how the deported are surviving in a land they hardly know. the families they've been forced to leave behind. it's the. whites for every day. look so big. it's the only thing connecting him to his wife and infant son who are thousands of miles away.
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gone to. see has never met his little boy stan and. he hasn't been able to see his wife allison since she found out she was pregnant. just a year ago allison and living the american dream. they were madly in love. had just married in rural minnesota well a matter of the summer of two thousand and forty. two friends i didn't even know there were cambodians until i met him i just i just thought they were you know asians they just trying to have him. i guess our first real date was like the minnesota state fair. and that's where he proposed to me he was.
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the best time of my life being married at our wedding. two weeks off to their wedding alison discovered she was pregnant we were both really excited and happy we just. since we had had a miscarriage once already. we were excited. actually i have a baby. but the young family was about to be torn apart. a few days off to their honeymoon he was detained by u.s. immigration officials.
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when he was just fourteen percy was convicted of second degree murder in a robbery gone wrong at the time he was the youngest person in his county to be tried and convicted as an adult he spent more than seventeen years in prison for his crime and was released in two thousand and twelve. people do make mistakes and . he served his time. better person. and his family arrived here as refugees and nine hundred eighty six they didn't realize that they needed to apply for citizenship almost ten years later conviction made him a target for deportation because he was still a permanent resident not a citizen. just five days after his son was born was put on a one way flight to cambodia why did this have to happen.
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things. will have a big. like. why would they do this to us. alison's husband posi is strapped in a country he's never been to before. is struggling to re-instate baby. oh. oh oh. oh oh i wish that necessary as an arts institution committed to presenting a multiplicity of voices we are dismayed that we must withhold works of art and that decision has drawn criticism as well notably from chinese artist ai wei wei not involved in this show who called it tragic that a museum cannot exercise freedom of speech and would be forced to limit its
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offerings the museum has not provided details of any specific security threats and says freedom of expression will remain a paramount value moving forward activists say the guggenheim has done the right thing and it's not cruelty to animals and it should be rightly left out of museums the art pieces in question have been displayed elsewhere but when the show funded in part by a us government agency opens in new york next week these troubling and powerful metaphors for life in modern china and the modern world won't be on display alan shot for al-jazeera washington d.c. budget airline ryanair has been threatened with legal action after it canceled hundreds of flights and scrapped some of its roots bookings civil aviation authority says the audi's carrier is playing fast and loose with consumer protection regulations by now has admitted that thirty four would so going to be suspended hundreds of thousands of passengers have been affected. now it's being
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called the most advanced and digital society in the world estonia has led the way with id cards online voting and elec tronic government services but with all of this comes greater exposure to cyber attacks rory chalons reports on this story in capital tallinn. whatever estonians do as citizens these days it's likely to involve. visiting the clinic for example the doctor assesses a patient's full medical history the diagnosis and patients use the card to get their prescriptions i'd say they're huge for the one they choose because i can't even imagine going back to the days when we had these paper birth for instance of baby medical histories. it's make the doctors work much faster so is travel banking tax and voting and get an id card through with your id card and
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you enter into your computer and you put in a pin one you don't write anything you click on the name and that's it voted estonia was the first country to vote online in two thousand and five and also one of the first to experience a full blown cyber attack two years later that's there's all this nothing is one of the conflict here so you have to be ready every time before every election and you start analyzing for the next elections how it could be made better how it could be improved even more despite fears of cyber aggression from neighboring russia estonia is pushed even further into the digital realm it's now realized a vision of the modern state where ninety nine percent of services are online and the solution environment where public sector data systems talk to each other and civic life is largely paperless at the heart of this is x wrote a creationist designers insist is remarkably robust it's
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a distributed architecture there is no single point of failure all the communication in an i.t. jargon. peer to peer so between two individuals there is no one central hardware which blocks or which is a single point of failure to be extra sure by the beginning of twenty eighteen government's data systems will be backed up in luxembourg meaning if it is attacked you can both run itself remotely to the state and here's something for the philosophical among you to ponder on estonia is basically embarked on an experiment certainly smudges perhaps even a raises the connections between state and country if the states functioning components could mean sent down a fiber optic cable to work perfectly well from the other side of the world well will the states of the future need a fixed location at all. that's a question with no answer yet but this tony is pioneering voyage into the digital
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future of state and citizenship will give us clues. how does iraq talent the iconic eiffel tower in the french capital is celebrating its three hundred millionth the visitor the first floor has been turned into a nightclub with a light and every half hour around seven million people visit. lady every year. this is al jazeera these are the top stories u.n. secretary general antonio gutierrez says the crisis is the world's fastest developing a refugee emergency more than half a million have fled to bangladesh since fighting began in states last month we have received bone chilling accounts from those with lands mainly women children
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and the the on. these testimonies warrants to excessive violence. of human rights including indiscriminate firing of weapons the presence of landmines and sexual violence and acceptable and must then immediately russia and turkey have agreed to work more closely to try to end the conflict in syria russian president vladimir putin has been holding talks in ankara with his turkish counterpart. to one during their joint press conference turkey's president once again condemned the referendum in kurdistan which voted for secession from iraq if. the region is becoming more and more fragile the referendum has no legitimacy in terms of international law unfortunately the regional government despite all the friendly warnings has made a huge mistake by holding this referendum as we have always mentioned they have no right to increase tensions in the region for their personal and regional interests u.s.
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defense secretary jim matters has made an unannounced visit to qatar he held talks with me and defense minister at dade air base which hosts some ten thousand u.s. troops not his visit comes after u.s. president donald trump said he was willing to act as a mediator to resolve the months long dispute between qatar and its gulf neighbors china says any north korean companies operating in the country will have to shut down by january the u.s. has been pressuring china to use its leverage to force pyongyang to give up its nuclear ambitions chinese vice premier young dong is currently visiting the united states those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story life and.
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women in saudi arabia finally allowed to drive from next year is lifting the ban a sign of real reform in the kingdom but it speed up for it should be the powerful religious establishment this is inside school.


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