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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 270  Al Jazeera  September 29, 2017 10:32am-11:01am AST

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but also and health centers have been shut down or destroyed over two thousand people have died this year from cholera. russia and turkey have agreed to work more closely to end the war in syria despite backing opposing sides in the conflicts present has been in talks with the turkish leadership type better one they've bought opposing sides in the syrian conflict the two leaders have agreed to push for deescalation zones in syria as a province. what we're interested in is making sure that the terrorists are finally laid to rest and that we have a stable regime in syria these are principle fundamental issues for russia and the region and indeed for the entire world what is absolutely fundamental is finding a long term political solution under the aegis of the united nations. and beijing says any north korean companies operating in china will have to shut down by january the u.s. has been pressuring china to force to give up its nuclear ambitions the chinese
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vice premier dong is currently visiting the u.s. she's been meeting secretary of state rex tillerson in washington and will meet with president donald trump you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's witness to stay with us. the first catalonia plans to hold an independence referendum yet the central government insists it's unconstitutional and the courts have judged it illegal as the state prompts down and catalans take to the streets where will this crisis and watch al-jazeera for the latest.
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work that would. get i never would say that here. they do with us and upon us into this and this is the to fill them up as a thought of the ramos they get out yet. in an opportunity that unless you're not of the me take a look at this the man they cannot satisfy the can like him even if they're serving . with a serving meals. most of us power. you
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know. when he took on one. and tell you michael in the deep. hundred. thirty years this is. something that can be. done here. with. young man. a. young. gentleman. whom i want
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to. hear. some of them in this town with. me for. one. thing is this. me. thinks you're not of the. foremost in them a child with. the. seizing the or your thumb or maybe into the seal is
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this a lake and there's another what rocky crocus a lake in this i mean as you. said in my. bad as a mess he. is so. more villainous to see that is getting a us this is not where you are alone nor must yes and. that i want to. see the. yes i mean work while unless it was you will see and cause the movie in that the yeah the single he that he does but i am most scornful the sequester they will know this is
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a loss for me at ease. that among them. is. a lot of media. but i am. only in effect. with you. and the level of liberalism is that most of the. seed will seldom seen them before get them versus the use eagle mogul movie on which is when i. see. none of it in the first and this will little more than the end this probably has them. well. yes on the get up was. able to get this thing. to me is another one of their. little old on the little.
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bundle on. the roof of the lot now for most of you yes they are still a square. but i've been told. you know sort of people who. stick with one of the females have with them for. i think i'm a thank. you he said with a fuckin on my face on this thing. that up us on the media. called missy has done both. of us an offense on the you see what it is. it was a quest through a city a couple of years. to come up i thought of i'm your book you know where
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they see the wars. they hear group or the to the end this. sequester alvey this up but i see those. normally calling for mandela. you does what i really. only see. what in this about is. really good little was you know you have used to be up. to the nth is this about is either. the world or yorks enough racism
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this with this we. can. tell you within the last. four years. at the network at the near most. fail. we are not going to say what he. or.
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it was part of the analysis. yeah but i'm going to know what your boy you're going. back to you. and i but i wanted to. say when i was going through the break no not on my car.
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maybe i you know that's what he did i. said. he is and i'm with the new. me that he look at the. my that the son you're thinking of on the novel. i want. to know then i must read. it to some customers and. see. that about him. he's in there and out of the quick little. it's humid out but he still. wants to kind of see. the inning maybe you.
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don't get there i haven't decided. to spend time in love but secondly that. harken back on then much added. it will know when they feel like it is not unlimited where you. challenge all your particular yes to the c.e. circular but. what in the history and. given a lot of them not just these you see the elephant. you have no. getting in your.
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ear when you can not indeed a little limit. on the novel less easy to finish and at the ending up. in the. whole of my. system the. out of. us all what has. nothing to do you have here and there is. the i'm in the last one this is you don't feel the force see. sam made me do the. and where they knew we'd have a new openness in those in the middle then this is now this. or that maybe also now law there was a wall to place i was right a million illegal. if they tell a country. that said what i thought when he said of the law in love. with them in
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thankful to so much of the now or was she thinking which reports she would get back in to keep back out of the way from the report a good thing of the probably the one thing you don't want to hear that. they want to do is limit their feelings in here just a little bit. when you guys get to tell yeah i'm i think it's even more scary if. you're in. even if we have an enemy to get back to it was one that was. already there right there. in tallahassee yes we have gas and we have a telegraph. thank
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you. but i'm not you cannot replace. you. say with them with your real life they've. been lovingly wincey. known as governor cuomo mojtaba home of winter then play all in toes is going a little far. thank
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. you. thank prizzi's art is going to let me ask. and then just come back home. and play. last. is on the plane has. been already. saying.
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but as i live. well that's enough because let's say. you know what we got a good taste it was a friday night. was nothing. like that. of the last i must have. thought of them during my mind during the day yesterday but i think it was a mile away. and i was young i might. be right. it is in my eyes. but. sometimes on the.
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interim honestly i remember that when she. was going with amanda they said i did not mean a. lot other than you know not that i don't know as i've been sad and so on that in twenty four p.m. . we had dinner monday never. gagne's professor i don't oppose the law but i just i learned. the base out of the fillet. and.
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they don't last. player in mindanao say. that i will get them out when i meet either the number on the ramos. academy that we don't. get in the movie has. just. told me i was going to. come on several years in the mrs here you know someone. said in my. own name. into the.
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three week. people are counted when you're the last when most. of them you know sit with. this is a. lot of what i have got us thinking about. whether anyone. is here for with the media the.
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young. thought i pointed out. maybe more than in the noise. they let you know the cmos case on the from. where i think he's been sorry for the phone call me that was the most. he will case the moomin thaw indicate that a food source. was that is your old mother one must normally. where so many folk don't make up your innocent deal where you that it was just this . weekend weather had
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a minimal by. and by usual the list going the way they were before the new school we had a. room with may he call. they thought they were americans until they broke the law are now they're deported to cambodia for life. when one has made the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not
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just about the banks it's not just about the government to real people. or a break with the traveling blanket coverage follows ex-pats and politicians often have to choose on sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today is the two hundredth day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera.
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those of myanmar including military leaders to condemn siteman to racial rates of them violence.


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