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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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that hammy air bill. wild with international flights grounded as hot it was month talking about the iraqi kurdish regions line the border with turkey takes on a greater importance andrew symonds reports with international flights now banned from the regional aspace this is the only way in to kurdish iraq how poor border gates there's a very very long queue of trucks here and we have passenger cars on the other side and there were seventy flights a week going into kurdish iraq from turkey none of them now taking off from the six airports involved here in turkey this route is the old silk road it's probably important for turkish trade not only that it's a lifeline for the kurds food resources all sorts of building materials going in to kurdistan from here it's very important indeed cut off it will have a massive effect on the iraqi kurds and also damage the turkish economy it would
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seem this would probably be the last card to be played in this crisis if turkey really goes through with it and certainly considering it along with possibly cutting off the oil supply out of kurdistan which comes through turkey so still the waiting game goes on what sort of tactics will be used the waiting game on both sides of this border. plenty more ahead on the news hour including the u.s. pulling out more than half of its cuban embassy stuff after what are being called mysterious attacks on diplomats and questions raised over mexican construction standards after last week's powerful earthquake. sports one of the most prolific partnerships in the history of the n.b.a. is about to be re-united.
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the u.s. health secretary has resigned after a scandal over his use of private jets home prices quote after it was revealed that taxpayers will have to food bills of around four hundred thousand dollars for his trips alan fischer reports from washington. tom price may have gotten his annual flu jab but he couldn't protect himself from the president's anger donald trump give a broad hint the health and human services secretary time in charge would soon be over a very fine man but we're going to we're going to make a decision sometime and i know he's resigned even though twenty four hours before he thought he could still save his job we're going to work through this and. i think we still got to the confidence of the president price faced growing criticism for his use of private flights which sometimes makes government business with his own personal agenda the cost to the taxpayer more than four hundred thousand dollars. he also made trips to europe on military jets which could take the figure to more than a million that's enough to annoy the man who wanted to dream washington swarm so i
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was disappointed because i didn't like it was medically or otherwise price offered to write a personal check for the cost of a seat on the private jets and he promised to fly only commercial in future it wasn't enough the other senior trump officials are facing questions about their travel and must know be increasingly nervous interior secretary ryan zinke he took a private jet from las vegas to his home in montana at the taxpayer's expense the cost twelve thousand dollars and environmental protection agency bosco uproot flights to various parts of the u.s. costing fifty eight thousand dollars questions are being asked about the treasury secretary steven munitions travel and requesting a government plane for those european honeymoon i think they're doing it because the example is set from the top with donald trump violating ethics norms on a daily basis and so i think other people think we don't really need to worry about the ethics rules and that appearances really don't matter price's resignation is another high profile friday departure from the white house is no loss more than
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a dozen senior staff in just nine months alan fischer washington where mike hanna joins us live from washington d.c. so tom price says that he resigned but mike was pushed. well i think it was more than pushed here to being very clear in the last few hours that president trump wanted him to go not only the last few hours the last few days and some would say weeks there are issues beyond the secretary's travel his inability to remove the obama health care system for example that was known to make president trump rather angry now you had these charter flights laid on to it president trump making very clear throughout the day that he was considering firing him that firing was likely to come the resignation just preempted it might donald trump always made a point of saying mentioned in his purse report there that he was going to drain
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the swamp of u.s. government and that he knew the right people to do that but once again we have a senior official resigning after just a few months in the job it's a friday night resignation there are going to be questions surely about whether or not donald trump is administration actually are able to pick people who are up to the job. well indeed yes i mean as alan mentioned as well there are more than a dozen senior officials that have come and gone in the trumpet ministration in the eight months that president trump has been in office now this ranges from f.b.i. director fired. chief strategist who resigned also after arguments were reported these are senior figures the chief of staff an assistant chief of staff the administration seems at times to be falling apart there has been some reaction in the last few hours the white house budget chief has announced that commercial travel for even senior officials is appropriate as it is put and also there's
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another stipulation is that the white house chief of staff has got to approve any chartered flights by any member of cabinet so clearly there's a stepping up in the white house to deal with these issues as well and mention as well that there are a couple of issues that are on addressed by senior cabinet members spending huge amounts of of taxpayers' money on charter flights but it's important to know to president trump's reference to the optics the cosmetics of it it's not as though he's implying that this is cheating the taxpayers as many would claim he's more concerned about it detracting from his legislative program which continues to stumble along and he made that very clear it's the optics he's concerned about not the fact that the public were being cheated mike thanks very much indeed. when the united states government has ordered sixty percent of its staff in cuba to leave its embassy it's said to be because of specific attacks on quote on u.s.
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diplomats after embassy employees reported mysterious health problems u.s. president donald trump says some very bad things have happened in cuba but have honest says the decisions been made too quickly. we consider the decision announced today by the u.s. government through the state department is hasty and will affect bilateral relations especially cooperation in the matters of interest between both countries and the diverse exchange that takes place between cuba and the united states i say all right i want to reiterate the willingness of cuba to continue active cooperation between officials from both countries to clarify these acts completely and for that it is essential to have the participation and involvement of u.s. authorities or the embassy in havana is now expected to stop processing visas and issue a new travel warning for u.s. citizens from particle haim what happened here the beginning of an international
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mystery an american diplomat says while in bed in this hotel he heard a strong annoying hum only in that spot later he in twenty others would be diagnosed with a variety of symptoms from hearing loss to traumatic brain injuries some heard a noise others did not it's like something out of a spy mystery the names. games ok maybe not that sophisticated still hollywood has had its share of sonic weapons. invisible waves stop the incredible home. even put iron man on ice. so what hollywood thinks out of weapons can do they really do that find out we came here to the university of maryland to ask an expert they would have known if you have a sonic weapon that causes hearing loss you know you were exposed to it there is no missing doctor d.d.a. do pray says it's easy to cause hearing loss with sound if you turned on this
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speaker in his lab he says i would be completely deaf pretty quickly the kind of sound that i use for the. would be just a few minutes. from so yes two minutes and i'm deaf or ever and morning you know that but he says to make that kind of sound you would need something like this military project he worked on called the mother of all speakers the size of a truck can't hide that in a hotel room because he would be next to impossible to have those kind of sounds be directed at only a few people right we're talking about infrasound they will shake the whole building if you're inside a building he says alter sound can cause that kind of damage but there is a reason it has to be pressed up against the body it doesn't travel well so that's probably not it the bottom line sound can be a weapon but he doesn't think it is the likely culprit in cuba meaning this international mystery continues but with real world consequences. al-jazeera college park. about a bra goes
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a political analyst at the atlantic council she's joining us from washington d.c. back in middle of this year i think it was there were canadians who were affected by something similar and now the u.s. is deciding to pull sixty percent of its stuff out and it's going to slap a travel warning to cuba on for u.s. citizens how is that decision going to be taken in both cuba and america when canada hasn't actually changed anything. yes thank you so much for having me the u.s. decision to remove its american staff and stop processing the says for prospective cuban travelers will add a degree to the already a degree of tension to the already delicate ties between the two countries in regards to how this decision is seen in cuba and the region cuban officials have commented the u.s. decision is he state that is of course because no conclusions have been drawn from the investigation at this point in cuba some have said the united states is
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politicizing the sonic incidents there's no denying the u.s. opening on the influx of u.s. tourism has ushered in new opportunities for entrepreneurs in both countries and i believe many in cuba and in latin america will view this as a definite step back in engagement and one that will backtrack on the increased ties between the two countries that has already impacted not only the cuban private sector but many others on the island as well the u.s. says it's not blaming cuba for this but given the fact that nobody seems to know who is doing this this is going to make relations as you were talking about between cuba and the u.s. very difficult because there is going to be a suggestion that it might be cuba. that's certainly true but no one knows at this point and it's certainly not in cuba's interest to bring harm to us and canadian diplomats as i mentioned earlier for the past two years
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americans and cubans have really prospered from a greater opening between the two countries business transactions have gone up investments have blossomed the private sector in cuba has grown in large part because of the american troops so also from the security standpoint the united states and cuba have collaborated on a variety of different fronts from the flow from stemming the flow of illegal drugs to preventing the spread of diseases like sica so although this step is temporary it does jeopardize this do you still new bilateral relationship that could harm the interaction between the two countries given the fact you're a political analyst you specialize in latin america what would it benefit either people within cuba or a foreign government to try to carry out something like this against the u.s.
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at this point it's a very difficult to say there's no evidence to indicate that a cuban group or a particular foreign country were involved in this incident you could say a dissident cuban faction that perhaps opposes u.s. u.s. opening with cuba may benefit from interfering with the bilateral relationship or countries who might be has a tent of any sort of u.s. influence in cuba could also stand to gain from a rift between the united states and cuba but certainly there is no evidence to indicate that either of these theories is what happened here the details and the cause of the of the attacker is still very much a mystery about our progress from the atlantic council thank you very much for your time thank you so much. still ahead on al-jazeera a crackdown on so-called incompetent teachers in asia their colleagues say not so fast plus that eventually you've got to get off the planet if we're going to continue as a as a as the human race. what was once a science fiction is not just
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a science get ready to do book your tickets to mas. and sri lanka's captain makes his mock action from the first test against pakistan in sport. hello the heat waves over such as it was not quite a heat wave and it was pretty warm really for the u.s. for sure you now see what cloud you see here is now in the cooler read temperatures are more or less where they should be a little bit below sixteen in toronto nine thousand new york two days ago we're talking about thirty three or so more than two days but a huge drop for the same and yet city evidence of tropical storms in the well there is a circulation here and certainly hit near florida you might get something of
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a tropical circulation the areas that warm but beyond that dry looking picture brinson wandering slow showers in the four corners states and they are probably going to disappear rather more action takes place further north but the snow maybe you'll notice probably montana maybe northern california but it's just going to be a few showers developing temperature wise we haven't seen a big drop off as chicago's going back up to twenty one the suddenly breeze brings winnipeg up to sixteen so any cold that was looking has temporarily disappeared now i did mention the potential for development of a tropical depression at the moment it's somewhere in this cloud if it develops it will first probably affect western cuba and then head up to florida. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to me. so five years ago i decided i was finally
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going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition the story i choose to lose my own village and its transformation going behind the lens that's going to missing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood this time. without knowledge would these be my rent. this term damage. could this be operation. all this over the. life trust.
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tree cannot afford it especially when recent floods have forced thousands from their homes see now because all of al-jazeera space x. finder in a mosque says he's developing a rocket capable of taking passengers anywhere on earth in less than an hour he's made the announcement at a space conference in australia musk is confident the spacecraft will be ready for launch in five years a flight between london and new york would then only take twenty five minutes the project as part of his ambitious plan to colonize mars by the twenty six days that obama elam has more from the international astronautical congress in adelaide industry heavyweights and space lovers converged on adelaide for they see is international astronauts congress the highlight of the event was without doubt
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space royalty entrepreneur and billionaire a long musk has long made it known he wants to make humans and interplanetary species to make sure we don't go the way of the dinosaurs now he says he'll start a colony on the red planet with the first human flights in twenty twenty four. then build up the base starting with one one ship then multiple ships inside building up the city then making the city bigger. yeah and at that time tom foreman was. making it so really a nice place to be. lockheed martin to has plans to get humans to the red planet it revealed more about its blueprint for a mars base camp that will orbit the moon and act as a launching pad for human missions to mars it believes it can have it operational
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in a decade in about five billion years give or take the sun will eventually be going to a red giant it will expand and devour the earth so at least in five billion years we need to have somewhere else now how much do you need to worry about it in twenty seventeen fair question but that eventually you've got to get off the planet if we're going to continue as a as a as a human race at the moment all we have on mars are two rovers like this replica of the curiosity and while there are many companies here that believe humans will journey to mars within this generation and possibly even colonize it there are doubts about whether mass should be considered a backup plan to. all missions to mars need the hope of one of three nasa deep space command centers this one is new strains capital camera it operates like air traffic control but the space sending commands and receiving signals from spacecraft and all the vital communications for any human missions to mars will
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also go through here i think one of things that journey to mars will tell us most especially is that really in reality earth has always got we have to look after this planet first and foremost going off to mars going to have to create a whole range of new technologies to survive in an environment that's trying to kill you every second of the day and there's no shortage of companies working on those technologies to keep humans alive in deep space technologies that if nothing else could perhaps be useful to humans on earth to yarber malham out zero adelaide . with the headlines on al-jazeera the un human rights council has agreed to send a team of experts to investigate alleged war crimes in yemen then examine human rights violations by all sides of the conflict yemen has become a battleground in
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a fight between government forces backed by a saudi led coalition and the rebels supported by iran yemen's u.n. convoy envoy says his government will cooperate with the investigators in. the complex circumstances that yemen is going through requires from the council and the international community support so the government can fulfill its obligations with regards to human rights the yemeni government has always expressed its determination to cooperate with the u.n. in order to promote and protect human rights before the u.n. announced its decision more deaths were reported in yemen's conflict this time five people were killed in an airstrike by the saudi led coalition inside a province six others were injured in the attack dozens of supporters of catalonia as vote for secession from spain have held a final rally before sunday's referendum there also occupying the schools designated as polling stations to make sure the ballot goes ahead. iraq's defense
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ministry has once again warned that it will take control of the borders of its kurdish region if monday's secession vote result is not canceled baghdad has also closed the airspace to international flights over the area the. price has quit after a scandal over his use of private jets it was revealed that taxpayers will have to food bills of around four hundred thousand dollars for his trips. the u.s. government has ordered sixty percent of its staff in cuba to leave its embassy and said to be because of what it calls specific attacks on u.s. diplomats which allegedly included the use of sonic weapons embassy in havana is now expected to stop processing visas and issue a new travel warning for u.s. citizens at least twenty two people have been killed and another thirty two others injured after a stampede in india's commercial capital man by it happened during morning rush hour on a pedestrian bridge which is connecting to railway stations local media say it was
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triggered by overcrowding and commuter panic in a heavy downpour caused some concrete to fall from the bridge those are the headlines that he's continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. of like. iraq has international airlines to stop flying into its kurdish region follows monday's vote which passed with overwhelming support the baghdad's pressure of force the regional government to cancel the results or. this is inside story.


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