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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm AST

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so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current things that matter to. al-jazeera. their forefathers fought the soviets. twenty five years off their independence. they too must become man. defenders of lithia way near preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. and i'm jane dutton this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty
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minutes. that spain is deeply divided as the government makes new threats to catalans who plan to vote in sunday's secession referendum. here a secular state arrives in china to discuss the crisis on the korean peninsula plus . if anybody out there is listening to us. we are dying the mayor of puerto rico's capital criticizes the u.s. government for its slow recovery efforts after hurricane maria but donald trump fires back. and stealing oil nigeria's army cracks down on pirates or raiding refineries across the niger delta. and i'm santa how much with all the sport as we meet golf the new entertainers. veteran phil mickelson so pumped up at the presidents cup find out later in the
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program. spain's government is cracking down on the bands the session vote in its catalonia region on sunday describing it as a mockery of democracy it's worn volunteers at polling stations they could be fined more than three hundred fifty thousand dollars police are already begun deploying ahead of the ballots and sealed off more than half of the schools designated as polling centers offices say they will remove voters in madrid thousands of people in favor of united spain are holding a rally so far neither side is backing down a teams are cross the country covering this story call panel is in barcelona will have more on the protesters at schools but we begin with tony berkeley in madrid and i'm just wondering how people are feeling about it there considering the vote
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is imminent. well jane that demonstration was outside here in city hall in the center of madrid and now they've dispersed the organizers say up to five thousand people turned out i'm not sure that's correct but there was a depth of feeling here that we haven't seen in the rest of spain in the coming in the last few weeks people have been rather mute in their response to this referendum crisis but today they voiced their opinions everyone we spoke to was unanimously in favor of catalonia staying with spain and they wanted to stay there were also calling some of them for the jailing of the catalan leadership so feelings are running high but if you look back at the history of spain what happened eighty years ago civil war is a factor in what's happening here now. explains most familiar to me but these are estonia has lost some of its meaning since catalonia started its drive for secession and its forthcoming referendum. on friday madrid held his own referendum purely symbolic but the people here equally
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important the question people were asked was do you want catalonia to remain part of spain because i want to remember to remind everybody that you know spanish sovereignty. you know should be there by all spaniards not just one part of spain which is catalonia you know these this issue would affect. we want to make sure that everybody knows that you know. here. i came to vote because what they do in is an outrage against the constitution against spain and against history those people deserve the worst adjectives even. if franco was alive we would just shoot them against the wall live franco lives by him we don't want the communists well. that's an extreme view but there are still many in spain who think former military leader francisco franco was a hero and not a villain to the tranquil. countryside north of madrid is the valley of the fall
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and a monument created to remember those killed in the civil war it was built by political prisoners and is where franco is buried if there's anything that symbolizes the divisions in spanish society this place is supposed to commemorate the dead on both sides of the civil war but for many it's a monument to the fascist victory and the defeat of the republicans many of whom were catalan. many on spain's left believe that frank his legacy lives on in every aspect of spanish life from the judiciary to politics and they support the catalans right for self-determination we have a lot of outdoor retiree i know. and so the national question is being treated in accompli the way we believe that catalonia referendum can be a democratic key and an example for all the nations that lives in it are now on their deeds to to show off this kind of state. in madrid vote people
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overwhelmingly wanted catalonia to stay part of spain but on sunday the question is will it still be a case of be the last spaniard or will it be farewell catalonia. and tony obviously as we know the spanish government is pretty angry about this they have issued new threats haven't they against the protests about what the police can do and even threatening fines talk a threat. he said it again last week these threats the spanish government has made if protesters do go out or voters rather do go out and vote. yes well this is upping the ante considerably a lot of the people here today would agree with that stand they want to see measures implemented which would prevent this referendum from going ahead they believe it's illegal unconstitutional but also on the other side of the fence are people saying this is totalitarian measures and we should not be allowed in
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a democratic society is a throwback to the old days when franco was leader. is a very to milk to a situation at the moment and it doesn't seem to be getting better i think the thing that's going to worry people is what no matter what happens on sunday what will be the legacy of what this campaign has been all about. leave it there and go over to penn how he is in barcelona so knowing that you can be removed from the school call and also be fined three hundred fifty thousand dollars is that going to put people after they. she asked that jane and that is because citizens and families getting together defense it is that you know it's becoming but rouse catalog is political struggle if you can't occupy the schools and the folks they know go ahead so that is why families that's just right now trying to buy the schools but i want to talk to our guest he said i lose year she's an
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economist at the university of barcelona and i want to bring her in to find out what happens next. in many ways initially there was a lot of discussion about catalonia paying too much for the spanish government is this fight for independence or secession justified about taxation not that people are not organizing them does them selves into the defense committees occupying schools to vote just for taxation this was an issue many years ago but it's one of many other issues in the relationship the political relationship between catalonia and spain needs a matter of sovereignty dignities have the terminations. is what is at stake tomorrow in this referendum not a simple question off taxation our fiscal relationship now we know if we look at the figures that catalonia economy is larger than the economy of greece or portugal or around the same size as finland but it's also deeply articulated with the
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economy of the rest of spain can catalonia really be viable if you take it away from the rest of spain or been a comic failure take me to wade so matter of political powers it's not a matter of bridging economic barriers i mean it is true that we trade a lot with the spain but as we trade a lot with france also that isn't our our neighbor it's not a matter of having tariffs if they are if people in spain need business in spain are buying and selling goods. because they don't find any other thing that is. less expensive of the same quality not because of our national nationality at all we are in a walled of open markets and catalonia is a very very open country at present catalonia only sells only buys twenty seven percent only sells to twenty seven percent of its goods to the spanish economy forty two percent of the goods it sells it sells to the rest of the world saw i
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think we are in our walled of open borders in the in economic terms and this is not at all like brick city catalonia wants to be true to and in the e.u. in the european economy and wants to keep open markets both for goods and for mobility of people but we know that investors the thing that they like most is stability so if there is a declaration of read independence forty eight hours after this referendum is that not going to the spark an exodus of european but also american investors uncertainty is a problem in this is true but this is created because of spain a spanish that do not want to accept to negotiate independence in a fair way and if this hurts cattle an economy that's going to leave a cause grow a spanish economy it's in the country very sick of all parties if the referendum takes place tomorrow if the yes queen's and leave the catherine parliament declares independence it is in the end interest of the spanish economy of the spanish
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government of the u.k. and authorities to see to not table and negotiate the continue to in the treaties and the sharing of assets and there because otherwise the damage is not going to be to the spider to the catalan economy it's going to be to the spanish economy and to the european economy as a whole. that was. she's an economist at barcelona university which incidentally right now has been occupied by students they too are forming defense committees there has been a lot of talk that catalonia is paying too much in taxes to the rest of spain but as alexander is telling us there that really has gone beyond the core demand of the secession supporters and it's a demand that you're hearing across the streets in many ways demands for a break away from spain have now got out of the grip of the political parties it is
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now common demand that we're hearing on the streets join ok call panel and we'll have much more on the referendum later in this news. we'll get the view from catalans across the border in france who are watching events not mislead. the community in nepal cancelled by a powerful earthquake two years ago is still trying to adjust to a new reality. a birthday treat for an emerging formula one star but it's a disappointing day for one of the other top drivers. a military cargo plane has crashed in the democratic republic of congo at least twelve crew members have been killed it came down moments after takeoff from an airport in the capital kinshasa the airport director says there were no survivors
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united nations has agreed to start an independent investigation into human rights abuses by all sides in the war in yemen the decision follows weeks of negotiations since two thousand and fifteen yemeni government forces backed by a saudi led coalition have been fighting who thier rebels supported by iran the taylor pairs hardy on reports. the decision has been described as a game changer the un's human rights council will send a delegation to investigate a possible war crimes in the yemen more than ten thousand civilians have died since the country's devastating war started in two thousand and fifteen and that number could rise the international community faces several urgent tasks in yemen including the protection safety and security of civilians the u.n. delegation is expected to investigate attacks on schools markets and even hospitals fina between harvey rebels and a saudi led coalition which sides with president. condi has torn the country the
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commission will also investigate attacks carried out by the rebels i think that the point becomes one of does the international community stand by the laws that it puts to hold all yemeni lives as valuable as any other lives the decision was met with resistance a last minute compromise between western powers and arab countries including saudi arabia eventually made it possible experts say blocking the investigation could have led to more unwanted attention where you see mounting pressure at the international level for this to go ahead at a p.r. level the u.s. the u.k. saudi arabia who've been instrumental in the past really blocking this kind of investigation going ahead would struggle to justify their reasons for doing so right now along with the war an estimated twenty million yemenis continue to go hungry and a nationwide cholera epidemic is ravaging the country since april more than two
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thousand people have died from the illness the red cross believes there could be a million cases of suspected cholera by the end of the year but access to treatment is limited airport is completely sealed off on the three planes roughly are entering the i.c.r.c. plane m.s.f. and un plane and no other plane is coming in. even planes that could do some humanitarian transfer of patients that want to get treatment abroad or something like that this is not possible so you don't have access to drugs and you're going to go out. the war in yemen is showing no signs of ending but the un's human rights council hopes the investigation will lead to a greater level of accountability on all sides cardio local civilian now dizzier. the us government has ordered sixty percent of its staff to leave its new embassy in the cuban capital have it's said to be because of specific attacks on u.s. diplomats their words which included the use of so-called sonic weapons let's get
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more now from practical one. what happened here the beginning of an international mystery an american diplomat says while in bed in this hotel he heard a strong annoying hum only in that spot later he and twenty others would be diagnosed with a variety of symptoms from hearing loss to traumatic brain injuries some heard a noise others did not it's like something out of a spy mystery the name's bone. james bond ok maybe not that sophisticated still hollywood has had its share of sonic weapons. invisible wave stuff the incredible hold. even put iron man on ice. so what hollywood thinks out of weapons can do they really do that find out we came here to the university of maryland to ask an expert they would have known if you have a sonic weapon that causes hearing loss you know you were exposed to it there is no
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missing doctor d.d.a. do pray says it's easy to cause hearing loss with sound if you turned on this speaker in his lab he says i would be completely deaf pretty quickly the kind of sound that i use for that. would be just a few minutes just yes from suck yes two minutes and i'm deaf or ever and one of you know it but he says to make that kind of sound you would need something like this military project he worked on called the mother of all speakers the size of a truck can't hide that in a hotel room because he would be next to impossible to have those kind of sounds be directed at only a few people right we're talking about in for cells they will shake the whole building if you're inside a building he says alter sound can cause that kind of damage but there is a reason it has to be pressed up against the body it doesn't travel well so that's probably not it the bottom line sound can be a weapon but he doesn't think it is the likely culprit in cuba meaning this international mystery continues but with real world consequences. al-jazeera
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college park. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says washington has direct channels of communication with north korea to see whether pyongyang is interested in dialogue to listen has been holding high level talks in china about tension on the korean peninsula the u.s. wants it china's influence to curb north korea's nuclear and missile program adrian brown has more from beijing. well with tensions on the korean peninsula still at a very dangerous level rarely have relations between china and the united states mattered as much as they do now rex tillerson had been due to arrive in beijing on friday night but his visit was delayed because of mechanical problems with his plane on saturday he had a brief audience with president xi jinping that is significant because china's president doesn't always grant an audience to visiting dignitaries from overseas
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that's a measure of the importance they place on rex tillerson presence in china and also of the importance they place on president donald trump visiting china in november that was confirmed by the white house at the weekend both china and the united states have a very different approach as to how to deal with north korea rex tillerson wants to make sure that china delivers on its promise to fully implement united nations sanctions against north korea for its part china says it's backing a whole slew of new sanctions against north korea for instance on sunday it will begin limiting the export of oil to north korea on friday it announced it was shutting down all north korean businesses in china in three months time the same applies to north korean chinese joint ventures so in a sense north korea in a strange way is bringing china and the united states closer together. the mayor of
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puerto rico's capital san juan is accusing the trumpet ministration of killing people through inefficiency ten days after hurricane maria devastated the u.s. territory aid is starting to reach communities and the white house has appointed a three star general to oversee relief of operations but the mayor says it's not happening quickly enough. we are dying here. and not cannot fathom. the thought that the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out what just it's for his small island of one hundred miles my thirty five miles i am begging begging anyone that can hear us to save us from dying. if anybody out there is listening to us we are dying. and
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you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy. the us president has reacted strongly in an early morning tweet trump said the mayor of san juan had been very complimentary only a few days ago but has now been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to trump followed up with such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico were not able to get their workers to help they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort ten thousand federal workers now an island doing a fantastic job the military and first responders despite no electric roads phones etc have done an amazing job puerto rico was totally destroyed. al-jazeera today as opposed more from and out on. in the central mountains of puerto rico and he was one of the worst hit areas by hurricane might be yeah the eye of the
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storm passed right through this part of the island. in the course of my says she cannot help but cry when she things of everything she's lost. i cry for what happened for what we lost but brenda is not alone many here are struggling to recover from the hurricane people tell us that this area used to be filled with green trees but as you can see there's not many left in fact many of the houses in this area were completely blown away this for example is the only standing left from this house. that we cover a efforts are underway all around the island the electricity grid was destroyed so the island is currently dependent on generators. the hurricane was so strong that destroyed the old posts the new posts nothing survived we are all doing what we can to get the island moving again at the town's shelter there are more than one
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hundred people left homeless they have lost everything they own the city's mayor has played a crucial role in organizing relief efforts private donations are paying in but more is still needed. we desperately need is water to continue providing people here with what they need we have some food clothes for them and now we need to see how we help them to get their lives back together what about was struggling before two consecutive storms hit the island heavily in debt with high levels of poverty local authorities say they need help because we have three four and five million of american citizens in need right now so we will need our fellow of the federal government to recovery program this will take years to really position we were before the recovery effort will probably take months people like that in the course may say they're bracing themselves for
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a long struggle. parts of the poll asked still suffering from the destruction caused by a powerful earthquake two years ago one area near the border with china was cut off by severe landslides trapping thousands of people so being a stressor reports from the border town of the pink. a raging river and a trembling mountainside weakened by the two thousand and fifty three when drugs started falling on larger bridge in june they cut a lifeline for people living on the other side of this with which is the only way to markets for people living in once thriving villages on the way to the chinese border the entire area was devastated by the quake. when the bridge was destroyed and his car both became stuck on the other side three months on the drive is still precarious and the scene heartbreaking the mountainside is scarred by landslides triggered by heavy rain last many homes were buried here flooding also engulfed
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homes near the river but it doesn't look this is both because you had your power the dam can no longer hold water this forty five megawatt hydro power plant was destroyed. people have nothing to do since the bit where people had to carry everything a sack of rice with one thousand five hundred rupees it's now two thousand one hundred school at eight hundred children now there are three hundred everyone who has an option has led. this is lipping a town that used to collect three hundred thousand dollars a day just on customs and duties from trade with china now this is the reality at what was a major border crossing. after the quake the border closed and locals on the chinese side relocated to say gutsy a city several hundred kilometers away this chinese town is now deserted on than a pastime people stayed on when we were here in early two thousand and sixteen
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there was a row of houses here and there was a bus stop over here many of these houses still had people living here with the hope that trade between the paul and china would start again the few who remain here now say they have lost all hope. even houses built after the quake have slipped into the river the government has declared the area unlivable but locals haven't been provided new homes we were told not to venture further rocks are still falling. and rocks are the only thing people have these women who used to earn fifty dollars a day selling chinese goods are now forced to break rocks in the hope they may one day are in them a living they say that at least the bridge got a man who will be build soon perhaps then they can sell the only thing they have to trade. al-jazeera living on the nepal china border. wildfires in southern california are spreading and forcing evacuations fires can be seen burning
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dangerously close to homes in the city of long pock flames and heavy smoke have clouded the horizon there firefighters say after one hundred homes are as risk has been more than forty thousand wildfires in the u.s. so far this year and it's time for weather with everton fox and those who need the rain are not getting it from those who need the heat yet either side jane that is very much the situation we could deal with the rain on that western side of the u.s. there's no sign of that in the forecast come back on to the east side of florida for example flood hit florida they're going to see more rain as is the case of puerto rico we can see that quite clearly here with this massive cloud just rolling across the last around two days making its way back into puerto rico very heavy showers here just to the east to puerto rico so seventy nine millimeters of rain in twenty four hours this was in st thomas i'm afraid there's more showers more spells of rain coming into the forecast over the next couple days picture very wet that rain just running across seemed to the dominican republic and it will continue to
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be driven that way on those easterly winds as we go through sunday and on into monday hopefully by monday we will start to see it turning a little dry but those showers never really too far away we push a little further north into florida again of course another hurricane hit area look at a cloud of rain the white tops on our satellite picture there that's where you got the coldest cloud the highest topped clouds further spells of rain this is the weather system which is stuck over florida so we go through saturday showers along the spells of rain sunday still very much in the same area and you go on into monday and they gain further showers along dispose of rain into central and southern parts of florida converse lee on the other side of the country where we could really do without rain take a look at the west coast it stays dry for the simple future jane exhibited and still ahead on al-jazeera the us healthy. secretary resigns over scandal over his use of taxpayer money for private flights. i mean are the momentum threatening
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hunter valley to become the center of the any of the debate here the plan to close the content all death cult wipe out they've been. missing their shop shooter manchester city lose sergio guerra for one of the biggest matches of the season after a comeback. in the aftermath of civil war peace and reconciliation i remember sitting in the absence of justice. people in power on earth chilling testimonies of atrocities suggestion of dorothy's have failed to conduct a full and proper investigation that could help heal resentment inflicted by conflict. called the partial justice at this time on al jazeera. we have
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a news gathering team here that is second to none and they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we help give you understand it makes sense of it. again this look at the top stories government is threatening to impose a three hundred fifty thousand dollar fine on volunteers at sunday's secession vote in the catalonia region police say they will remove people from polling stations.
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united nations has agreed to start an independent investigation into human rights abuses by all sides in the war in yemen it comes as another saudi led coalition air strike killed five an injured six others in saada province. u.s. president trump is blaming fake news for claims that he's not doing enough to help puerto rico recover from hurricane maria the mayor of the island's capital accuse the trumpet ministration of killing people through inefficiency she says she's focused on saving lives after trump used to accuse her of being nasty. going back to our top story the spanish government says the band's a session vote on sunday may not go ahead after police raided counting facilities in the cattle and government communications base the spanish government spokesman said equipment has been disabled. today we were informed that the organization of the illegal referendum suffered a blow when the facilities of the cutline government's telecommunications hold were
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blocked with the intention to prevent telematic voting and vote counting this action like all actions have been taken within the framework of the law and by judiciary order. catalans across the border in france are watching the situation closely there are nearly half a million in the southwest region as the second biggest cattle city after barcelona a touch of other reports on how they see their future. it's prime time at a radio ad ells france's only catalan news station for more than thirty years it's been broadcasting to the southwest and peppino region where a third of people speak the language the radio is a way of keeping their culture alive to the. region where our language is under threat three centers it was banned really it's coming back especially in schools so our radio is helping this renewal by developing the language and maintaining our
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catalan identity rolling vineyards and sweeping mediterranean beaches define this part of france known as northern catalonia southern catalonia is a few kilometers away just across the spanish border here any separate the two but people are united by their catalan roots traditions and pride it certainly feels very unique garrett feels very different from other parts of france there are catalan colors and reminders everywhere and people say they are looking very closely at the referendum which is taking place just over the border what's interesting is for a few people in french catalonia say that they would want independence from the state. a catalan association in the center of power in your office activities for all ages while many catalans in spain want to vote for a clean break from madrid those here say they wish to remain part of france but with more regional autonomy. unemployment is widespread here young
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people are jobless french trade does little for us we want a special status. which would give a small town of. economy and taxation. but mesmerising start down a dance was banned in the one nine hundred forty s. by spanish dictator general franco who regarded the catalans as a threat. the people he grew up with eight its intricate moves have been post down through generations and glosses like this. in a. fire along with our mountains the sadhana our language it's everything a sketch islands have it's our inspiration. with great momentum for independence the focus for most casamance here is on keeping in step with france but don't seem to they are in tune with al-jazeera.
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hundreds of rangoon refugees who've crossed into bangladesh are lining up to receive aid at the could have prolonged camp bangladeshis have mobilized to help some of the hof a million people who've escaped the violence in minot the un refugee agency and the government have been providing food and other relief time your child has more from a rehab and trauma center for children in cox's in bangladesh. close to how many are going to refuse it up crossed over to bangladesh for the matter of one month out of time two hundred eight isn't our children according to aid agencies and bangladesh government among them a hundred thousand children one of go away this is something called child friendly space this was set up by bangladesh rock the largest and you know and also with the help of unicef what just save children has got click on that drawing corner and reading corner they also have music honor the children grass to be quite happy out here they're out of danger in the street they got counseling from
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a professional counseling people they're also in a place where they are given free mats and lines sometimes fifty six of this products are set up among the new and old refugee camps six of them are all the rest are new now if there's me and my references are unable to go back to myanmar within us to come goes like this and the son does like this are badly needed to rehabilitate a lot of the. children who are highly from a price for what they're for on the other side of the border in the years to come bang for those government aid agency has to mentally prepare the institution like this to help the children cope with the trauma of their face while coming to by mother and what the phrase than man mark. tension is increasing between the kurdish leadership in northern iraq and its neighbors after monday's secession vote iraq says it's coordinating with iran and turkey to take control of borders administered by the semi autonomous kurdish regional government kurdish leaders have refused to
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give up control of the border post to baghdad as part of a campaign to pressure the kurds to cancel the results of the referendum in which ninety two percent voted in favor of a split from iraq the government in baghdad says the vote was unconstitutional u.s. which is supporting kurdish led forces fighting eisel in neighboring syria says it doesn't recognize a session vote as legitimate take your state breaks tellus and says the u.s. supports a united federal iraq and international airlines of stop landing at airports in the region after a request by iraq and the city of kirkuk in northern iraq is some of the largest oil reserves in the country for decades there's been disagreement about who should control it peshmerga units loyal to the kurdish regional government patrolled the city but cooks inclusion in monday's secession vote has angered baghdad as charles traffic reports. the kurdish peshmerga to control the cook after the iraqi army
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fled and leisel offensive in two thousand and fourteen but there's never been agreement between the kurdish regional government talk and the federal government in baghdad about who should be in control there and benefit most from the area's vast oil well. kirkuk had an eighty percent turnout in the referendum on the session. the day after the vote the iraqi parliament asked prime minister hydrilla party to send troops into kurdish controlled disputed areas like kirkuk and take back control of the oil fields and the kurdish governor of kirkuk hopes he doesn't heed to parliament's demand prime minister about he has made it clear that force is not how he will approach this thing. and i agree with him and we don't expect a force to be used but of course there are people maybe not under his control
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who may try to do this parliament earlier this month voted to remove mr karim but he has refused to go and anything that comes against me for my patriotic position it's it's an honor for me many kurds call kirkuk their jerusalem but there are also turkomans arabs and christians here too there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw and they feel very let down by the baghdad government there's also considerable opposition amongst the arabs and the turkmen about any idea with respect to kirkuk being part of a future independent kurdish state the vast majority of turkmen and arabs who have lived in kirkuk for generations boycotted the referendum this if you to the area and the borders of k r g is not the clear and the specially kid. will be.
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spaced off this a try going between arab be owned by that and maybe be a war about kirkuk the way to solve this a problem is not their independence and their friend on their way is. the two thousand and five constitution stipulates that the federal government send seventeen percent of the federal budget to the kayla g. every year it stops sending the money in two thousand and fifteen. and baghdad has since accused the kayleigh ji of not sharing the oil wealth but any fighting here could jeopardize the battle against eisel in her around fifty kilometers southwest of kirkuk. who control was killed cook was at the the referendum on kurdish independence the kurds say they will fight anyone who tries to take it from them. that al-jazeera. oil is also have big concern in
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nigeria where thieves and pirates are costing the government at least a billion dollars in lost revenue every month security forces say they're getting tough on those who steal but that's likely to be a difficult task with interest reports from the niger delta. on the hunt for pirates in all fields in the creeks of nigeria's delta it's hard and dangerous work . as we approach a base we were being watched all the way but the military hardware is enough deterrent. that they're all feel or set on fire as strategy to stop us from getting close to the suspects however aren't lucky today and the reason we get on board. is three months after their bases destroyed by the army it's being rebuilt while all is are find and the talk of pipes lead to
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a nearby oil well for white crude is diverted this is what remains of an illegal refinery after a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been destroyed in the past few months refine oil here after breaking in ciphering from all pipelines and wells across the region. another refinery is trying to get back into business a few kilometers from here this company has been destroyed before. trying to revive it which means that we still have to care to put it out of use completely again the biggest threat to nigeria's all supply any kind of me to the us all think. it's a well connected orders of the buy just send ships or transport the crude in large quantities every ship was seized filled with petroleum products for years the pirates have made these waterways unsafe and blood the nigerian economy. now the
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army has new treatment and personnel it's a show of force which commanders hope will deter criminals. it's penned in. the. trades. the government's new offensive isn't welcome with everyone not just the pirate. the region that. all it's not going to be. government leaders say the crackdown is necessary to stop criminal activities protect lives in nigeria's largest natural acid. mature trees al-jazeera in the niger delta the leader of colombia's last rebel group has ordered his fighters to stand down ahead of a historic cease fire beginning on sunday nicolas rodriguez posted
4:44 pm
a rare video online committing the national liberation army to honoring the deal the l n began peace talks with the government in february after the disarmament of the much larger fark rebel group the u.s. health secretary has resigned over controversy involving his use of at least four hundred thousand dollars of taxpayer money on private jets tom price was president trump's choice to lead the movement to repeal and replace barack obama's health care program ellen fisher reports from washington. tom price may have gotten his annual flu jab but he couldn't protect himself from the president's anger donald trump give a broad hint the health and human services secretary time in charge would soon be over a very fine man but we're going to we're going to make a decision sometime and i know he's resigned even though twenty four hours before he thought he could still save his job we're going to work through this and. i think we still got to the confidence of the president price faced growing criticism for his use of private flights which sometimes makes government business with his
4:45 pm
own personal agenda the cost to the taxpayer more than four hundred thousand dollars. he also made trips to europe on military jets which could take the figure to more than a million that's enough to annoy the man who wanted to dream washington swarm so i was disappointed because i didn't like it because medically or otherwise price offered to write a personal check for the cost of a seat on the private jets and he promised to fly only commercial in future it wasn't enough three other senior trump officials are facing questions about their travel and must know be increasingly nervous interior secretary ryan zinke he took a private jet from las vegas to his home in montana at the taxpayer's expense the cost twelve thousand dollars and environmental protection agency boss scott pruitt flights to various parts of the u.s. costing fifty eight thousand dollars questions are being asked about the treasury secretary steven munitions travel and requesting a government plane for those european honeymoon i think they're doing it because the example is that from the top with donald trump violating ethics norms on
4:46 pm
a daily basis and so i think other people think we don't really need to worry about the ethics rules and that appearances really don't matter prices resignation is another high profile friday departure from the white house is now lost more than a dozen senior staff in just nine months alan fischer washington. still ahead on al-jazeera a troubling trend for jordan speak out on a day when the u.s. barely makes a stumble the president's cup details next in sport. or a break with the travel and blanket coverage follows experts and politicians offer patent shoots and sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundredth day of this
4:47 pm
administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. if you turn your back on the far. this would be collateral damage. at the margin. this would be over the option. of this operation cost. clarity by contrast.
4:48 pm
australia is stuck in a time warp because of its coal energy policies according to the former head of a un panel on climate change the strains are suffering from soaring electricity prices and power blackouts the government hopes it can improve this by extending the life of an aging coal fired power station. reports. the owner of the only disco find house station in australia says it's showing its age millions of dollars are being spent to keep the forty five year old little plant running before we times in five years but the government is pressuring operator a.g.l. to continue producing power for another five years beyond then saying it's key to securing electricity supplies a.g.l. is considering the request but says it would be better off investing in new cleaner technologies such as wind and solar so it's a natural progression of whatever anything comes to the end of its technical life you'd run the roller over whether you extend it or whether you. do something new in
4:49 pm
this but certainly the economics to lead you towards your goals being provided for energy and. you know very flexible efficient technologies providing that capacity the hunter valley north of sydney in new south wales is at the center of the energy debate here because it's a major coal mining and power provider the little power station is in muscle broke and the town's mayor says it's time to look to the future. if it is becomes a choice between extending little for an additional five years knowing that the jobs will come to an end at that point or closing it and repurpose seeing it for fifty years of new generation power then that is clearly the preferable option. not only is the israeli government pushing to expand a prolonged alliance of coal fired power stations like this one in the hunter valley it's also backing a new coal mine which if built will be one of the largest in the world. despite
4:50 pm
community opposition these trading governments approved the multi-billion dollar indian owned car market coal mine but there are serious concerns about its financial viability the architect of the united nations paris climate agreement which agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions says the. being calm ones now makes no sense so you know if that project had been proposed in the year nine hundred fifty it would probably have been a good project to propose that project in two thousand and seventeen frankly it's like science fiction time warp except that science fiction usually looks forward this one is a science fiction that is looking back astray is expected to remain the world's largest exporter of coal for at least the next twenty years despite that abundance some power station operators see a future in renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions. or
4:51 pm
a muscle group in the hunter valley or let's get this water santa thank you very much jay all disastrous qualifying session for sebastian vettel could prove a turning point in his quest for the formula one world championships. the ferrari driver will start last on the grid at the malaysian concrete had failed to set a time after being he said by engine problems but vettel is twenty eight points behind championship leader lewis hamilton will stop paul and his mercy this red bull driver max their stop and no go to twentieth birthday bruised hill we said on the grid. and there's a hint of sympathy for manchester city with their hot shot striker and head of saturday's heavyweight clash in the english premier league and it comes from their fierce rivals defending champions chelsea sergio aguayo is immediate playing future is uncertain after he was injured in
4:52 pm
a car accident in amsterdam the argentinian though was heading back from a concert in the dutch city on thursday night when the taxi crashed his man city manager says he has no problem with taken the trip on his day off in attitude echoed by his rival. the players are not gates and they are men they have family and they have a. son and. i think that. it's important to give for their right to responsibility and and then for sure they have to make the best the best decision for himself and beat the for the club. for everyone. i don't know that. we have the first impression would be as broken. exactly how many it is. so i don't know right now. no
4:53 pm
worries for england in their fifth and final one day cricket international against the west indies without the injured and suspended all round they crashed the tourist with twelve overs in hand at southampton still hitting an unbeaten century and sharing an opening stand of one hundred fifty six with jason roy and won the series for now. be the most convincing thing about the last couple of days and distractions that have gone on. when at the oval. you know a chance to win the series everything that happened was quite fresh and everybody knew about it the last couple of days so to produce a performance like that in such a toy game of the meant a huge amount to the side i think today i did potential you know to be a performance from our side of things but the determination resistance that everybody showed tried today was standing potent partnership and basketball is rian iting dwayne wade is joining n.b.a.
4:54 pm
superstar le bron james at the cleveland cavaliers the pair played alongside it for four seasons at the miami heat winning back to back him his hips. i mean is that i was is a different time it would be moments you know i would want to play together we want to plug and play off each other very well miss a different team it's a different time i mean i think everybody want to return to the lobs and all that i definitely thought oh yes he does get he will go get on the meadows what happened but you know the biggest thing you want to be can do is success in and i'm like i say i'm happy to be a part of what they've built here but you know you just we just so i prayed about and saw the man just go together. russell westbrook has class around him as the alcohol in the city thunder he also now has the richest contract in n.b.a. history the reigning most valuable player agreeing to a deal worth two hundred five million dollars for five years tony westbrook at the thunder formidable forwards paul george will come along antony. well sprint
4:55 pm
champion justin gatlin says he won't be taken any in protest this weekend if he wins an exhibit in race in brazil the american who won the one hundred meters at the world championships in london and expressed a mixed emotions saying this doesn't mean he's not showing solidarity with the n.f.l. players who are protesting a racial injustice but that his father was a member of the army and he was told military patriotism. i'm going to stand up i will stand up i mean nice and then if i take the if i stand up it's you know i'm not for the protests or not you know against it it's just that i do the day i understand what it takes for the military but also understand what it takes to be you know a citizen niceties and how to have equal rights for us are making all the noise our goal of presidents cup. i
4:56 pm
was just in thomas' birdie from a bunker setting the tone for a record eighty two lead after two days i guess international line up even a stumble of from three time major winner jordan speed couldn't stop the home side of jersey city he recovered with partner patrick created a square match against he dickey marciano and i them had to win but veteran phil mickelson stepped up when it mattered to with a record twenty fourth win at the cup and he made a song and a dance out of it with four ball partner kevin costner. for the record i don't really think much about i mean i just love every opportunity to be a part. it is part of these events and on these teams of this team's unique from any in the past in that the talent levels is as high or higher than we've ever had and the camaraderie amongst each other on and off the courses is. a whole different
4:57 pm
different environment that there's this great support system the three amigos thing we messed around this morning with and i thought i thought we believed it when we were doing it but when i looked back and saw the replay i think we kind of nailed it. beaten all blacks can see all the rugby championship on saturday when they face argentina and when osiris but while that is the focus for the likes of star matilda sonny bill williams it's their country's ability with the round ball that's also capturing attention new zealand could face argentina in their final qualifier for next year's football world cup in russia. i think it's great for the prospects of going to the world cup high for the argentina can sneak into the top four and then we can play someone else. and that's why as well for me i will have more for you later on with far no it's back to all right thanks a lot for that. animal lovers in the philippines have had their pets blessed at
4:58 pm
a zoo in manila a priest sprayed prayed for and sprinkled holy water on three dozen dogs of various breeds as well as a particular age of python one of the zoos main attractions next wednesday marks world animal day to help improve their welfare catholics also celebrate the feast of st francis of assisi the patron saint of animals and i'll see you back again soon. they thought they were americans until they broke the law are now they're deported to cambodia for life. when you speak to the families fighting for their loved ones at this time on al-jazeera. facing the realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the
4:59 pm
matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the nature of news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with detailed coverage the border between china and north korea stretches for more than fourteen hundred kilometers unlike the demilitarized zone the atmosphere here is very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks to lift water from the shallow holes is three is full of sediment and of course the high risk of disease. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new virtual labor market but can the business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead plus the fact is a players or prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time. i just want to
5:00 pm
make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and what produced the u.s. citizens here you know and what puts people of iraq going one in the same or if you join us on say i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm darker than all the people but i'm a lot this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. so i may yet. one day before plans a session referendum questions in spain's catalonia region about whether the vote will proceed.


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