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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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you know what i do know that and i've got i think oh i don't want to when i could have it cannot then you know what i seem to always get what i just get because i'm rather bad that i know it's a thousand dollars when yes how long that i mean for. me that he. knows what those bless him or that but he's not the most honest took place in which i was with mr place the same pills yes that's what i thought if he had the fifteen percent the. were ones that were sent in to terrorize the formats now they stand beside them you believe in model the. at the the. the.
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what they got us had received a tip off on the whereabouts of a drug. corporal yalla has been chosen to take part in the operation. but at the moment as i am on something it don't just sink in for the month of any of them. you can anybody this one that i'm with if not there with him i want to work sick it was as good me look there were a few cable me folded and i leant. in millisieverts they must have thought that when the female if you could ok i'm rough as i couldn't get any real offices and this is meant to seal me when i look in a book a book a book if i mean x. that doesn't look as if i mean i think the. this brother quoting
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a cousin about. the goddess are entering into the heart of as a body. the birthplace of president morales his revolution. here coca-cola to vacation on cocaine laps still flourish side by side. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new virtual labor market but can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead of us the fact is a play as oil prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. here are fluent in world news a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials. in bribes just to show the most dangerous commodity one s. sometimes take a spot at the door an edifice to blow up a customer five days judicial corruption as in my god i have by i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine the man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time.
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i'm about this in in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera spanish police are on the streets of catalonia ahead of the band's secession vote on sunday madrid is describing it as a mockery of democracy police in catalonia have already closed more than half of the schools which are being set up as polling centers officers say they will remove voters the mayor of puerto rico's capital sun one is accusing the u.s. government of killing people through inefficiency president donald trump has hit back via twitter he says his political rivals are behind the accusations he also accused the mayor of poor leadership this was her response i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of an urgency that other disasters have been treated and again you know. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of
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a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more in order to be able to take care of the situation so. that a general isn't saying the right thing thousands of americans have joined on the march for racial justice in washington d.c. relatives of people shot dead by police were among the protesters. at least fifty people have been arrested at a far right rally in the city of gotham bugg members of the nordic resistance movement have been fighting with counter demonstrators the group promotes anti semitic ideas it's said to have timed the march to coincide with the jewish holiday of young kapoor a police officer was among several people injured. the u.s. state department says north korea has shown no signs of interest already in this for talks about its nuclear program secretary of state rex tillerson has revealed washington has been in direct communication with pyongyang he's in beijing for high
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level talks on the crisis the u.s. has been looking for china's help to toughen an economic squeeze on north korea the leader of colombia's last rebel group has ordered his fighters to stand down and ahead of a historic cease fire. posted a video online committing the national liberation army or l n to honoring the deal the group began peace talks with the government in february after the disarmament of the much bigger rebel group those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera office know of the andes. while the government on the google leaders may have regulated the growth of coca plants the production of cocaine continues unabated. the task of detecting drug
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activity relies on believe his own special antonov cortex police force they've got us. thinking a little but i'm going to get out of there she says it will be leaving the photograph they want to be tossed in a cookie. ball hit. by al but he got. the better
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looking forward. just as a husky request. for those on opening hours who goes. by the key. to the. ok if you felt. like if you. oh. you. might not feel. of course. the coca leaves are soaked in chemicals including so if you're a casket ammonia and gasoline. the coming boys if you get your
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money. will put them on think of something i mean capital i must own. a lab of this size is likely to produce four killers of cocaine a day. believe in officials make great claims that three hundred of them are busted every month yet few producers are of a court. with them but i think they. hold. people for.
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a decade a little they could allyson felix would be a good book that goes to prove you know what before thought of going out when the guy's a ball boy here before but when i want to. call the claims of the government drug production into body seems to be flourishing. the heart of the battle is in the tropical eastern city. you know something. here traffickers have established an international makes. this man is a pilot we would call him because he has flown drug planes in and out of the local airport for us. to ever be and how he can you know be on hand.
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to get on with you. know my area there were no police to him pick out the marking no for the record i mean forget your receiving them you. know meanwhile get your way i'm sure that your fight is going to see him talking for me no no no. no says he earns around thirty thousand dollars for every international flight he makes transporting cocaine. he flies at least three times and i. mean. look or maybe we're not going to get you're going to go forward you're welcome we'll get more people from our. various young man here when i was obviously. i don't keep away i want to make a case for my maxima police. i thought electorate got a broken record you know but if you're walking it up i you know took place here but
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it was about as you know the money and the award it going to going on that i'm sort of regular going to the movies at least. carlos agrees to take us to the outskirts of an airport that is often the starting point for cocaine no trafficking. some people will be totally a mother as for me i think they are right like the i don't poke way are more common or ok we don't really go. over there but oh by where he. told me he going to hear from tell your story lines on the map there will soon be a good time we're going to know you were on the internet but it's on michael i mean .
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in the past five years flights between peru and bolivia have multiplied. the authorities claim to trace five flights a day out of the van i'm valley in through the new global center for cocaine production. this is carlos its regular route picking up cocaine base from the road to be turned into powder in bolivia laboratories. you know sort of every sound more like helping me out i mean that i hear they know that. almost your song we're not friends when they move. or talk on the tele yell and i hear your current. there are no new moment but there was an order. from our bureau
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a good room just somebody didn't. notice. your name drop. the authorities have almost no way of controlling aircraft flying low over the dense rain forests. from bolivia the main distillation is brazil the second largest cocaine market in the world after the us. but i'm but i'm really into really was you are not to be are. not going to but i know you're marrying at the. time just a little more serious. now since you will and that's the end. and the things you mean
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it. isn't a come awfully they gave us a call and don't know better and i ask i am the president. as recently as i think. across town of headquarters of elizabeth known for being highly critical of what our listeners government. did and c.b.s. has been its leading reporter on crime and drugs for over twenty years. and i rarely change into michael duffy my own kuantan elected look at them is how high coca about implementing if i like little bit i mean which i think in my eyes. and. guess what they mean. i want. and also. i mean to. a political i
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mean. because you know listen if you got it for money. in april two thousand and fifteen there was the only journalist to interview him on kind of the owner a colonel from the bolivian army the release of the default pay trip or implicating senior government officials in a drug trafficking ring. immediately afterwards fled to spain. leaving the that the target of a barrage of official criticism. in your document i meant indicate there will be another book that only. coming political and i could have a good article that. miss eunice will take a. bullet about it i.e. be a leader but not a bad because. it will be another go that mean he's out of her busy period you know getting on a bit of a he's a very good to look. at the one maybe out there name it is headed
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like i see american and. three months later now when the old man returns to libya and publicly contradicted all his previous claims were the day before either suffered a terrible tragedy. or commanding a song. i freeze the other. western. were. that meant that.
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he. going for mehmet ali a bingo the never. dreaming . but that meant there are those early in the. morning this sort of thing and i. mean these are they get young people in the us they were on their last lap where the. gleaming black. was as you know against their will to. be elite is a she is at that. point as you. go. in there ought to be. no
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minimum in mind in the giving them at the midday meal. where monosodium me sending . a letter is a clinic a little leeway on how to. give me money but when i'm as willing to. give it is determined to find out if the two events were connected. he's aware of the risks this poses so his family. matter. over it like so many drug santas something is plagued by unsolved murders. he there may have his suspicions but finding proof or getting help from the police is almost impossible to. jump ahead of misty not to name one even documented the day. but it never comes from there and i might. have been missing now and then
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in the mental. i get to me and then what i. forgot it was the pilot something cruise this is center of operations. the international mafias that now have influence all across the city i his employees. were bombed or maybe earlier where they were not with us i mean i've yet. to read a book by gallows or been seen by some of the other off. with owning so passing fifty thousand dollars a month the most enjoys
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a life without routine. only the w o b stuff like i am not really i don't know i guess that'll be on the whole though. as god knows dr just one of his claims he points out some of the surprising number of pilot schools that have sprung up offering training for thirty thousand dollars they would not ordinarily have it there are people that are. already there because i had a go they were so your birthright the right. you're in a sort of a lot of. battle but there will be because i'm not. going to go there will be got to have my way out of work by. going to him though he ain't. got no money left over
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a window from around my. mom we're not pulling out. my mom's for me i have is. for me moving for i mean to me i'm going to work i know you might let me have a see your pick i will i mean. if we're going to be d.n.a. we've got the method you know nothing more they say. the only medicine they think they're on the. menu mean this in the hands of. doing is a little earlier than. that the cows on. the left and. the north pretty you know mama been in philly and build the kind of where you believe if you know what i mean the hint that this is some people will say a little sigh you know they might never feels that way see the local the inside she
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does i leave or they will follow it they were in there they don't want your they don't think a god. but i mean he also you have one question for i do not remember or know about it governor. since the time of the incas has been growing and these hints. but it wasn't until the one nine hundred eighty s. with the constantly increasing demand for cocaine in the west that coca took hold of significant segments of the economy. mr purcey in december. is the.
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going of the global. not. here in the us the nation years prior to most of that his hometown maintains a cultural connection to coke as traditional use. their. own personal level. of america she organizes a ritual to give things to mother earth harvest was has made a lot of think that and. then the good you will get in a man. on the other now the company. could
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be. your fast. that be the. most. or. is a little of both a. smaller. exact time.
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of. my. life any longer the hour. when. the more new member material can it get a look at us right there. after days of pressuring authorities give the reason his way to demand answers on his mother's murder. yeah.
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but that's. three months later given no snow mobile. what the authorities and the gangs behind the murder of his mother. and what does that mean for the rest of his family and himself as. well but the life endure a little bit better for him and then. the part of the list that. he has yeah now that. i'm finally that he then you. can be dicey about that was that if he hear us you wind up with us on the eve of
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again. just. circling above it seems. to me. it's what i said here. for the eighth year running bolivia has been blacklisted by the united states alongside furman venezuela for failing it says to adhere to international lantern a kartik standards and go. but for most bolivians the price of rejection means they are more in control of the country. for years and i thought before from before then i'm more fired up or put up. or not
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we're not going to want any level for minas any of us i'm talking about young. eleven i said i love my life is nothing. oh i think most going mostly to the part of which you're not on a hand but are still going to sell a hand to put a hole. in your state about it being called the imus but up and down with the north end of last year. lynn must almost go to remember a lot that i believe the appropriate ability of the left back you know sort of given you a bit about. and what by this people should be mean but more than welcome ways but then had almost reached out and in this world never pressed you on what's the most about by something in a book but don't go there have no hope. of. another that will
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be ok. if they're. going to go on the second viewing of other movie that out who are not but haven't women the police the import of have bill not come for them i can get them in the bin i used to consult them if a million people is that down for them i simply be a buy used the business they get out of our delicate is usually get us out of mutual money. or their the day. the earth.
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how i would say it's a very heavy rain coming into florida recently as the last thing we want to say off the hook him or of course but look at that cloud it's very white tops on that cloud nesting producing some big and thundery downpours further north is pretty quiet high pressure that's just around the lakes i sent from these deposits canada lossie ciara a little on the cool size and by comparison to recent days every cloud of rain that coming into west central parts of has a cross the prayer is cold enough just around the u.s. to the side of north america with some snow over the high ground just seven celsius and falling for calgary struggling to get above freezing by the time we come to monday that area weather that we have a little further ace best days in place not quite getting over towards on teria
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generally try. blocking things off and down into the southeast you can see for florida it does stay very very unsettled spells of heavy rain coming through and heavy rain to making its way across the caribbean through the lesser antilles. is just to the east to puerto rico instant thomas seventy nine millimeters of rain in twenty four hours again the last thing we need off of the passage of more heavy rainfall coming through on sunday is still that for monday. october on al-jazeera. as the state clamps down on cattle lands will the struggle pay off in the referendum. for the stories beyond the headlines faultlines examines the us his role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since
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a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the electronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices of deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. october on al-jazeera. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to meet bollywood so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition. of my own and it's transformation going behind the lens that's going to sing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes catalans prepared to vote on secession but the spanish government prepares to stop them. the u.s. reveals it's been trying to talk to north korea despite the increase is still a table tween them but so far no response from pyongyang. and another storm of words centered around donald trump and this time over criticism from puerto rico about the u.s. response to the hurricane maria aftermath. making their voices heard thousands take to the streets in the u.s.
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demanding racial equality. tens of thousands of catalans are expected to defy the spanish government in attempt to vote in a band independence referendum on sunday madrid insists it will stop the vote in catalonia which has been rolled. illegal by the spanish courts there are fears of unrest and violence on the streets although catalan leaders have called for calm and a peaceful response reuters news agency is reporting that volunteers at polling stations could be fined up to three hundred fifty thousand dollars police have already begun deploying ahead of the ballot they've sealed off more than half of the schools designated as polling centers officers say they will remove voters in the spanish capital madrid thousands of people in favor of a united spain have held a rally neither side shows any signs of backing down car pound hole reports from
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barcelona. schools have become a decisive political battleground families and so-called defense committees are camping out to ensure school stay open and double as polling stations. volunteers here in barcelona of two information through an app. a few square meters at stake the spot where a ballot box will be placed it's very exciting you know because it's like. so many people here are united just. with one cause in common but police are under orders from the spanish government to evict citizens and shut down schools that are around dawn on sunday if that happens the referendum could be in jeopardy in madrid spain foreign minister criticised the catalan all thora t's defiance we think the law guarantees the marquess. and. pushing is
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not democracy it's a mockery of democracy a travesty of democracy. referendum. do not. democracy catalonia sprains wealthiest region it's a bit bigger than belgium its economy larger than greece or portugal has its own language and cultural identity but the issue of secession has deeply divided society. with few impartial surveys the street is the only if imperfect barometer of voter sentiment on saturday thousands turned out in madrid demanding spain remain united. we don't agree on what catalans are doing they have no right to do what they doing we're all spaniards catalonia in spain. police raided the cattle and governments computer technology center and shut down software due to be used for the final vote
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tally. today we were informed that the organization of the illegal referendum suffered a blow when the facilities of the catalan government's telecommunications hold were blocked with the intention to prevent telematic voting and vote counting. referendum for a new republic or a mockery of democracy the outcome is unlikely to hang on technology all the law but on the ability of citizens to defend the ballot box in schools that have become a battle ground. zero spain antone berkeley reports from madrid where thousands of people have held a pro unity rally outside the city hall. and certainly we see you know hardening about issues we've seen a hardening of language but we've seen no softening of emotions this whole campaign is now being shrouded in acrimony and hostility it's become a war of words the accusations are flying between.


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