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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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referendum for a new republic mockery of democracy the outcome is unlikely to hang on technology all the law but on the ability of citizens to defend the ballot box in schools that have become a battle ground. zero spain antone berkeley reports from madrid where thousands of people have held up pro unity rally outside the city hall. on saturday we see you know hardening about issues we've seen a hardening of language but we've seen no softening of emotions this whole campaign is now being shrouded in acrimony and hostilities become a war of words the accusations are flying between both sides so it's going to be very difficult whatever happens on sunday's vote to see what will happen in the long term to heal the wounds that's been created and i should say further wounds because wounds have been existing for a long time people in madrid i think a realizing how serious the situation has become many didn't actually believe it
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would get to this stage and on saturday we saw a big demonstration five thousand people turned out we are told by the organizers to show their support for cats only being part of spain they also are very angry about the position of the castle and government they want the castle and government to be held accountable and sent to jail and therefore they are very supportive of the measures that the spanish government is taking of course the catacombs all say that the spanish government is being or thought tarion as far as government is saying that the catalan government is being undemocratic so whatever side you're on you'll take whatever you can from what they're saying but the question is what will happen after the referendum how will we get over the animosity and hostility created in this campaign many countries will be watching to see what happens in the referendum because there are repercussions not only for spain but for them to countries like belgium france and italy so this holds very important issues for countries in europe not just spain but the spanish government is doing everything
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possible to stop that vote from going ahead it may be scare tactics it may be designed to make the people who are basically in the middle not go out and vote but we can only wait and see. well to find out what's behind the catalonia is independence movement we want to speak to the man who leads it john hendren sat down with catalonia this president supports them all and i asked him why he thinks catalonia should be independent the well they say that the land of the west of us but the effort to beat cotton and within spain has failed and now is the time to choose the only possible way to continue being cut and ends with dignity and equality of conditions an independent state will be honest i think that when then the ones that i start but we don't have to tell them there are lots of patterns who want to vote and to create what i would call a democratic tsunami and people will see the world will see in them and that it is their secret plan for how to carry this out and then you tell us about it i'll call
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you up to them and the rest of us but you know we don't know what the plans of this state are to stop their friend whom they've kept them on the ropes so we have no obligation to publicise how are we going to organize they were a friend. got away i will take that to mean yes there is a secret plan and no you can't tell me about it. on the front lines of this quiet revolution our children young people out in the streets and there are thousands of police in the street there is the potential for violence if it gets ugly what will you tell them what we tell their parents. so if someone has these temptation they will be doing themselves no favor they will be doing democracy no favor no one will accept or. want. how do you evaluate the response of spain and witness but the spanish government
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has almost acted like a pyromaniac it has been putting boots on the fire it's been acting totally responsibly. of. everything it's kind of to go for everyone to feel happy within this state but you know and if you don't succeed you face some pretty serious consequences with the spanish government they have accused the organizers of this referendum of crimes including sedition which comes with a penalty of up to fifteen years in prison are you willing to face that. we accept full responsibility but it would be very very responsible from the response to our political aspirations to be a reason sentence it would be a very severe mistake and they would have to live with the consequences. i'm not screaming out i'm not responsible for sedition beast the. president of catalonia thank you for talking to me you're welcome. the u.s.
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state department says north korea has shown no signs of interest or readiness for talks about its nuclear program secretary of state rex tillerson has revealed washington has been in direct communication with pyongyang is in beijing for high level talks on the crisis the u.s. has been looking for china's help to tighten an economic squeeze on north korea even brown is in beijing. well with tensions on the korean peninsula still at a very dangerous level rarely have relations between china and the united states mattered as much as they do now rex tillerson had been due to arrive in beijing on friday night but his visit was delayed because of mechanical problems with his plane on saturday he had a brief audience with president xi jinping that is significant because china's president doesn't always grant an audience to visiting dignitaries from overseas that's a measure of the importance they place on rex tillerson presence in china and also
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of the importance they place on president donald trump visiting china in november that was confirmed by the white house at the weekend both china and the united states have a very different approach as to how to deal with north korea rex tillerson wants to make sure the china delivers on its promise to fully implement united nations sanctions against north korea for its part china says it's backing a whole slew of new sanctions against north korea for instance on sunday it will begin limiting the export of oil to north korea on friday it announced it was shutting down all north korean businesses in china in three months time the same applies to north korean chinese joint ventures so in a sense north korea in a strange way is bringing china and the united states closer together and mike hanna gives us the u.s. perspective from washington d.c. . this is the first public of knowledge meant by the trumpet ministration that it
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has been in direct contact with north korea the secretary of state saying that there are two if not three avenues that it is using for communication he also made clear that it is not through china in other words the u.s. is using avenues of communication unilaterally separate from china this is very significant because it indicates that the secretary of state is still believes that there is a diplomatic resolution possible to this ongoing crisis the despite the hostile words that have been exchanged by the president of the u.s. and of the leader of north korea in recent months it's also an indication of the growing warmth in the relationship between china and the u.s. in the past china had a deal of houston not fully implementing the sanctions that had been passed against north korea in the u.n. security council and indeed these sanctions that had been unilaterally imposed by
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the united states but in recent months there has been a significant policy shift china has been implementing these sanctions as shown by the fact that its instructed its banks to no longer do business with north korea it is restricting the import of oil into north korea so this is something very significant in terms of the u.s. stated policy of getting china to bring greater pressure to bear on north korea in an attempt to resolve this crisis but also what is happening is that it does not only pertain to north korea the relationship between the u.s. and china is growing stronger through this ongoing crisis in wider areas such as trade. the mayor of puerto rico's capital son of one has accused the u.s. government of killing people through inefficiency can you include help isn't coming quickly enough to the u.s. territory hit by how to can the white house has appointed a general to oversee relief operations and aid is starting to arrive but the mayor
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says puerto rico isn't getting the same support as other communities in the u.s. well donald trump is hit by go via twitter accusing his political rivals of telling the mayor of san juan to criticize and in another tweet he says such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are not able to get their workers to help there is a boat reports from some on. the generator went down in this hospital and some one who more than one hundred patients had to be urgently transferred to other locations a lot of iraqis mother is still inside he's worried about where they're going to take her. she has several complications in the oxygen she is old and i'm not sure where we will go but she is not alone inside there are others who are recovering from surgery among other things who were not allowed inside but we were told that most of the patients were transferred on time. and generally.
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how were they destroyed during the hurricane just an example of how the situation for the family deteriorate if the media actually is not taking this forward is playing a crucial role these days as it is where much needed aid has arrived. there are more than ten thousand containers here with goods even though the products belong to private companies they could easily help to restore the supply chain here right now in in all of our terminals there are merging supplies emergency medicine. water. construction materials commercial materials so the terminal is full of goods it's a matter of how we restore. part of the supply. distribution has been one of the biggest issues so far in getting aid out ten days after the
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hurricane people are still lining up for hours for fuel many are still in need of water and other goods some are desperate to get help. we want my mother to live a house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask i mean joining groups is the mayor of san juan she has been pleading for more help from the united states government on saturday president donald trump accuse her and other puerto ricans of not doing enough to get out of the current crisis i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of emergency that other disasters have been treated and again you know. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more
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in order to be able to take care of the situation so. that a general isn't saying the right thing right for most people here this fight is not a political one but one of survival and they hope those in charge will leave their differences aside and sort things out. some one. political analyst who's a republican says the u.s. administration should admit its failure in handling the crisis in puerto rico. i find it unfathomable that a sitting united states president would show such a lack of empathy for people that are suffering and would make a humanitarian crisis part of that it's just that i cannot believe he would say the mayor of san juan has been told by the democrats to be nasty to him it's unreal it's as if we're living in some sort of dream he should be stepping up to what a commander in chief should be doing at this very moment and talking about the
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reality of the situation and giving facts and figures and really mobilizing the american people to help the americans this president as commander in chief of everything that's related to the federal government he has the ability to touch and to really pop in times like this this is as republicans like me have long believed why our federal government exists the federal government exists to mobilize and act fast and be efficient in times of crisis so i think this administration should really choke up and live up to that that they have failed here it's been more than a week and they look fresh water is scarce cell phone towers are knocked out and if farms are death a man it and it is up real to think that anybody could fix this overnight i think this is ministration need to take responsibility and show real leadership making this a partisan fight and allowing this president anybody that's part of the administration allow this president to come out and give this kind of response it's unresponsible
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and it's frankly disgusting thousands of americans have joined what's been called out march for racial justice in washington d.c. relatives of people shot dead by police have been among the protesters demanding justice and self-love as more have. had to make it was a march to the federal department of justice several thousand people saying that's exactly what they're looking for justice you do it because you die otherwise and you refuse to die. and we refuse to be enslaved again. valerie castiel came halfway across the country to participate her son fell lando was shot and killed by a police officer last year in the state of minnesota that latino officer geronimo yeah nez was recently acquitted of all charges. it happened these gas paid off no accountability no responsibility.
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this demonstration is actually to merge protests the march for racial justice and the march for black women drawing attention more specifically to issues facing minority women in a nation that has a majority white population we're marching for our lives we're marching for our health we're marching for our for our sanity and we're marching for liberation marches like they and similar mark has planted ten other cities around the country come if the u.s. is struggling over aggressions of race and racism black social issues being publicly debated here and this is very much social media all of it is playing by tweets from the white house and controversial symbolic displays in the nation's sports arena. it is a time of national division american football players staging controversial pre-game demonstrations tweeted condemnation from the president anger from some
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fans. white supremacist displaying nazi symbols this summer and opposing protester killed and a tepid response from the white house scrawled slurs found this week targeting african-american students at a military prep school and if you can't. treat someone from another race or a different color stand with dignity and respect then you need to get out there is anger on the streets but diversity as well and hope says one march organizer on the street where we live live with one another we love each other and this is an opportunity to express that. an opportunity to sound off taken by thousands of americans alan johnson or al-jazeera washington d.c. at least fifty people have been arrested at a far right rally in this way the city of gotham book members of the nordic resistance movement have been fighting with counter demonstrators the group
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promotes anti-semitic ideas and said to have time to march to coincide with the jewish holiday of young kapoor a police officer was among several people who'd been injured. twenty more ahead on the news hour including kurdish control over an oil rich city meaning more problems for the iraqi government. after several attempts at a peace agreement with colombia's last standing rebel group is coming into effect. and in sport and beating manchester united pile on the misery for crystal palace we'll have all the details. hundreds of the hinge refugees who crossed into bangladesh are lining up to receive aid at the apollo camp bangladesh's have mobilized to help some of the hof a million people the violence in me and hmong the un refugee agency and the government have been providing food and other greenleaf congo child free has more
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from a rehab and trauma center for children in cox's puzzle in bangladesh. refugees up crossed over to bangladesh for the matter of one month out of two hundred eighty children according to aid agencies and bangladesh government among them one hundred thousand children one of. this is something called child friendly space. by bangladesh brac the largest and also with the help of unicef what you see as children has got that drawing and reading corner also music corner the children to be quite happy out here now out of they get in the street they get counseling from a professional counseling they're also in a place where dad given free mats and lines sometimes. just kind of among the. six of them or all the rest on you know if there's me and my refuges are unable to go back to me on my wedding yes to come like this and. like this i badly
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needed to really have a lot of the children who are highly traumatized by what they're facing on the other side of the border in the u.s. to combine with this government agency has to mentally prepare the institution like this to help the children cope with the trauma their face while coming to buy into this and what the faced in myanmar. at least twenty eight people are being killed in airstrikes in the rebel held province of syria the u.k. based group the syrian observatory for human rights says four children were among the dead but it hasn't been able to verify whether the strikes were carried out by the syrian government or its main ally russia the latest in an intensifying air campaign against rebels who are not part of a deescalation zone deal brokered by russia turkey and iran. but how much of a member of the arab center in washington d.c. says the world is facing a moral dilemma in syria i think now there is this strong believe in the
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course as well as in moscow that the syrians can win the international war against terrorism however the what happens in the field does not. recognize the fact that they are killed in terrorist but innocent lives including children so there is a moral dilemma here and unfortunately the international community has failed for several reasons number one the u.n. doesn't have any peaceful peacekeeping force to monitor what goes on there number two there is a media for teague and we should recognize that we have less coverage of the syrian conflict than the north korean or the area iranian conflict then we have this revival of the geneva peace process by you an invoice to mr or unfortunately i think just to repeat in the same. failure that we have witnessed for the last six years from conflict resolution perspective we should not take the concept or
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the project of the scale asian area at face value because we should ask the question who is controlling the passage of individuals to those areas that are supposedly and that of the scale ation protection unfortunately or fortunately the syrian government is calling the shots therefore the powerful party is shaping the whole narrative and also constructing what this deescalation zone would look like this is not how a conflict transformation should work we need more intervention by the world community less controversy and less debate among the russians the same.


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