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tv   Peter Szijjarto  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm AST

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territories infrastructure was destroyed almost two weeks ago by hurrican maria on wednesday the white house appointed an army general to oversee relief operations u.s. secretary of state has tried to ease tensions on the korean peninsula by saying the trumpet ministration has no plans to force regime change in pyongyang rex tillerson made the remarks during a visit to china where he also revealed his country is in direct communication with north korea dozens of football so it tasers were injured when a crowd barrier collapsed at a stadium in france the incident happened at the league one match between legal and . illegal supporters were celebrating the opening goal when the fence collapsed under their weight three people were taken to hospital in a meal with serious injury as the match was abandoned thousands of people are marching in ireland demanding a change to abortion laws the same old march for choice comes after the irish government said a referendum on the issue will be held next year and has some of the most
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restrictive laws on abortion in europe terminations are illegal unless the mother's life is at risk by a judge today those are the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's talk to our jazeera. facing the realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened to getting to the heart of the my tax cuts are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on. at this time. trying to. do what you want. thanks to the migration crisis in europe hungary's profile is higher than other but it's controversial and e.u.
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court says budapest is wrongly denying asylum to the mike fleeman war and deprivation the government of prime minister viktor orban is defined calls the league a joke and says the e.u. will pay for its security council with serbia orbán is also accused of cracking down on political activists and free speech he's even trying to close a university started by the hunt gary an american billionaire george soros a man considered a threat by political so is hungry willing to play by the rules and embrace its values or is its chosen path the way of the future peter c.r.t. hungary's horn minister talks to. foreign minister of hungary thanks so much for joining us here thanks for being with azure thank you obviously migration is the big issue that everyone thinks of
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when we talk about your country hungary this was your reaction to the european court of justice ruling on immigration quotas back on september sixth and i'm quoting this decision jeopardizes the security and future of all of europe. politics has raped european law and values do you regret using the word rape well. that doesn't sound that bad. reluctance on them but but you know to go to the substance i really consider these decisions a political one because if you have a look at the do your opinion procedure of decisions and the european law you can see that the decision about the o.b. got three quotas are made in a way which while weighted the europe in the regulations because the highest body let's do it this way the number one decision making body of the european union is the european council which comes it's over you know the heads of state and
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government and heads of state of government and the government made the decision that they introduce a quota system on a voluntary basis and afterwards the council of the ministers of interior and justice which are definitely on the lower shelf in the structure than the european council they changed his decision and decided in favor of an obligate three quota system so that's that's not really a while ation of european regulation is number one number two. that we have some very important treaties in the european union shango right dublin and these treaties cannot be modified by a decision of a ministerial council these treaties can only be modified food the procedures of the parliaments of the member states of the european union the consensus all around the twenty eight members and such kind of a decision introducing going to get three quota is basically the modification the
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amendment of the dublin treaty and because it takes away partly the right of the single member states to make their decisions on their own whom they let and third of territory of their countries or whom they do not like now other two thirds of the obviously hungry would want to go back and change this and try to deal with the numbers. but given that the people who support the mandatory quotas have won what can hungary say in order to get them to revisit this idea of a mandatory quota and then following on that in the interim what's the harm in letting in thirteen hundred people a year we're talking about a entrees you hear of nearly ten million million people yeah so we have a principle position here you know over think of that. regarding the migration crisis we have to bring help verity is needed. so we have to help those people
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whose rights were violated either very day leave or very close to where they live because that helps them to return to their homes as soon as possible as soon as conflict or military conflict or wars are over but serious going on in yet seventy year too long time too long and so our position is that we should not encourage more people to try to take the life hazard life risk and and come to europe but we should help them to stay as close to their homes as possible that's why our initiative was has always been too far to give financial aid more to turkey jordan jordan lebanon the kurdish region of iraq because these entities have been taken care of many refugees and to help them to be able to continue to do so because if the conflicts are over these people can return this is a number one number two you know about the bobby got to report the system and about those ones who praise it and who says that it's a good decision because you asked me how we can commit you know the thing is that if you have a look at the whole system you see that the decision has been made more than two
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years ago and it will expire on the twenty six of september which are very serious and very soon and the completion is only twenty five percent meaning that those ones who are now very loud about the about the exclusivity of the obligatory quota system as a solution those countries who are very loudly criticizing us not to take illegal migrants those have completed this decision up to twenty five percent so this is hypocrisy this is hypocrisy so what do you do in the interim when you have the un high commissioner for refugees philippa grandy saying that hungary regardless of what the e.c.g. has decided isn't living up to its treaty obligations as a member of the world body is does he have a fair criticism here i met him as he was in budapest because you know i prefer dial. and i prefer those dialogues which. are coming first
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and then statements after sometimes we face that bureaucrats are hiring off the shores of international organizations for works made a statement and then come to us on the ask come to us and ask i don't think that's the right way to do it and mr grundy when he was here i assured him that hungary has always. has always who filled all the obligations we have on the international level when the migrants came to hungary we have offered them the supply weight and the treatment which is written in the international contracts bought and the regulations but those people were not ready to go to refugee camps those people occupy public areas those people block the highways those people occupy the railway stations and you know i don't think that there would be a fair expectations to expectation towards any country to to give the supply to the
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illegal migrants where they just want to have it on the open on public areas they refused to cooperate with the local authorities they refused to go to the the refugee camps and they have while eighty two very important european regulations at one time schengen regulation because there was only the border coming from a peaceful country peaceful country by the way because if you put this in a principle basis why should the allow anyone to while later our border from serbia to hungary there's no war in serbia no one no was life is in danger in serbia so i think that these are very important principle questions not to not to forget about the fact that we as a government have a very important obligation and responsibility we have to ensure and guarantee security for the country and for the people to help there gen ne security threat from people i mean it's one thing to say yes there are people camping out in trains . nations or on sidewalks we have that problem yeah here in the united states but
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is there an actual security problem or is this more a case of we don't have the social system set up to be able to accommodate people as they're trying to transit to a third country no no i mean once again the supply it was there but there are rules you have to comply with if you come to another country right i mean the rule is the international rule is that you go to your supplier the refugee camp you have to do it you have to go there and get your supplies number one number two if you have a look at the the recent developments in europe like security wise put into consideration the last two years you see many terrorist attacks happened which was not a famine phenomenon before i remember a couple decades ago one or two decades ago as we were watching news on television you know from the middle east. we found that these are never happened in europe and now this is part of everyday life so security situation has never been that bad in europe then currently in modern history and threat of terror has never been that serious as it is currently and this is
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a direct consequence of the fact that one and a half million illegal migrants were allowed to come to europe without any kind of control regulation of check and with this i don't say that those one and a half millions are terrorists of course i don't say that what i say that done such a big illegal massive influx of people gave the opportunity for terrorist organizations you know to send their fighters their terrorist to come to come to europe and there's another problem which was never dealt with because there was kind of a boo about which it was not pretty let's say agree to speak about and this is the the issue of perilous societies in some european countries so the former integration schemes about which we fought that they are the best in the world just simply didn't work out so in the ration was not successful in the upcoming in the in the last couple of years or one or two decades so why not. why something new why not try a new way to integrate people in hungary itself has had sunni arab sunni muslims i
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should say in their history going back more than a thousand years people from all across ottoman empire and from points east have come through hungry and shared their history and culture why not find a new way to welcome people to help them settle that's what they want to do or help them get to another country that's what they want to do you know if you go to another country i think it's a it's an expectation with a good reason that you that you respect the laws and regulations right right you don't behave aggressively you don't while a to border you don't attack police you don't throw stones and and a piece of concrete and bottles on the glass on their own policemen who are there to to protect you to do border and to ensure and guarantee security so you know. such kind of a illegal migration is according to understanding
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a bad phenomenon we just simply don't like it and don't support it i mean if you if someone would like to come to hungary everyone is welcome to come to hungary but but respecting the laws the way you get get there the way you act there the gray you behave there respect laws and regulations unfortunately i cannot say this about those four hundred thousand who enter the territory of hungary in two thousand and fifteen and they're left to austrian and german well obviously the migrant issue is one that isn't just for hungary yeah it's for all of europe whether or not they're a you member split it has created tension within the e.u. there's been criticism from germany there's been criticism from france as you know of the way hungry has responded and it's gotten into a bigger question of whether hungary shares the e.u. values is that a fair criticism no you know i think it's very unfair. are you finally unfair because there is an issue where we don't agree that finitely we think illegal
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migration is is a security front to europe others say that the illegal migration is acceptable we don't think it's acceptable but but that should not give the reason to anyone to question do european the. deed should not question whether hungary respects european values or not because we have been then there's of the european union the view of the members of the european union got a strong member and we share the european regulations and share the european values of course but but you know blackmailing others accusing others putting pressure on others that's not the european behavior our emmanuelle must fall and i will merkel trying to blackmail hungary in government i didn't put it on a on a personal basis what i said there was many blackmailing against those countries which didn't want to take part in the rb get three quarters system by the european commission for example so if i if you want me to to put. to give you examples of
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blackmailing like blackmailing is when when the european commission or commission they're suppressed in hungary or any other sensory drop in country to take away the european financial resources because we don't agree with the migratory policy of brussels well michael mccall has said exactly that a lot but that has nothing to do with each other i mean i mean the european financial resources are based on contracts and treated you know when hungary joined european union and others freedom and we joined european union he opened up our markets so many french german italian british whatever bajan companies came to our market so that eighty thousand for yet made a lot of profit and have been making other probably the since ever says that around eighty percent of the european financial resources are taken advantage by these companies you know so we should be fair and correct and balanced and should not hide one part of the of the truth and just you know put another part on the light
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so. mixing or combining or confusing the issues of european resources and our position on migration is just simply a blank meaning has the prime minister mr or been told president must call to cut it out has he said the same thing to chancellor merkel. well there was one meeting between the countries and france and as far as i know there was a let's say we did discussion and debate and the german government the german chancellor herself are pretty much of a air of our position so it's open we never hide our position so we are a fair you know we tell everyone what fink because we can't afford is it of is it a worry though that they may if as you suggest have already violated policies what is there a fear that they might actually go to the very economic sharing that makes up the
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e.u. and possibly hurt investment in hungary an economy you know we have a very open economy. export over g.d.p. ratio is around ninety percent we have eight thousand six hundred euros f. the our stock per capita in the country which shows that we are pretty much dependent on external factors but germany is a number one investor in the country we have six thousand german companies in hungary active they employ free hundred thousand people and live with more than one quarter of all f.b.i. stock has come from germany german companies are investing continuously new ones are coming and by the us is a number two investor but not a member of the european union numberplate but the german industry and the hunger economy is very tightly linked to each other and i can if you allow me i would like to give you a and interesting data everyone speaks about the german french corporation and
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economy corporations when it comes to the future of europe how you regained competitiveness and so on and so forth but you know there are four central european countries which is called the sugared group poland czech republic slovakia hungary the trade of all you between germany and these four central european countries is fifty five. higher than the trade value between germany and france so that shows that the economy corp is extremely tight between central europe and germany because central europe is basically a backyard for the german industry which is then the backbone of the of the entire broken economy does the vision for then benefit because of bracks it assuming that the u.k. does leave the e.u. though i have to tell you that regretted the decision of the british very much although we are respected because we are not british and it's only the british who can make a decision about their own future but i regret that decision very much because that causes because huge economic loss and i think
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a significant political loss of the european union because imagine with british leaving european union of you lose one seventh of its economic performance one seventh and the single market's going to be closer to be a smaller definitely going to decrease so that we'll horrible european competitiveness definitely what does it do for hungary and workers their people who are already young thing because they're finding earning money in england or in wales or in northern ireland or scotland isn't going as far as it used to is the economic opportunity available for them back home or are they going to go somewhere else in the shang and zone you know there are around according to the estimation that's with this around two hundred thousand tongue areas living studying or working in the united kingdom if you put into consideration these four cents or a drop in countries they say this number can go up to one point four one point five million so you can see that we are not the only and we are the most exposed country
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in center up in this regard and i think there are much more spanish or german working in the u.k. than hungary and so it's a european issue it's not a hunger an issue i just wanted to underline that right so for us it's of course extremely important to come to an agreement with u.k. which which handles two issues number one to guarantee. the rights of those citizens who have already been there and working there studying their being there and on the other hand to come to an agreement about a very deep and very comprehensive free trade agreement which could ensure. trade investments and economy cooperation as such to go without obstacles or almost without obstacles forward because if you're not able to come to such kind of a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement then that beauty or rules would apply regarding the trade between u.k. and the european union which would mean customs and then custom times barriers and that would be a that would have a tragic really tragic effect on the european economy among them the central
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europeans because because the u.k. is a very important trading partner and economy partner and investment partner for essential european countries that's why i say that very good the decision because a huge economic and political us how committed is to hunger is hungry to staying in the euro zone absolute that it is up to the e.u. you see is that regarding you absolutely you know we have been members of the european union and we'll be members of the european union that's not a question of no one raises this question there is another concern that many particularly in the e.u. and to a larger extent here in the u.s. have about the freedom of speech about the freedom of people to participate in civil society the recent back and forth over central european university number one is an agreement going to be worked out with new york state on the future of c e u yeah that's what we are working on and i really do hope that the agreement will be made you know i was the one to sign the agreement for the state of maryland because
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there are twenty one for him because universities in hungary so when it comes to freedom of academia you know i usually use the number twenty one of fourteen because universities. and you don't hear any complaints from the other twenty right you only hear complaints from one university and i can tell you if the other twenty can comply with the regulations of the all of the low on higher education my question is why this university cannot this is a very good university so that should be able to comply with the regulations i really do hope that that the leadership of the university don't want to take this issue as an instrument to create political scandal i really do hope that they have the readiness and openness to come to an agreement with us but i mean i let's also be ready but the leadership but the leadership complains that they fear that the hungaroring government is trying to squelch freedom of thought freedom of activity in accusing the university of actually being political when they say they're not
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but you know once again there are twenty one for invasion of our cities and of the other twenty thousand do not. complain about the new regulations and i might pose a question that whether they are right or the one is right to complain you know i was the one to sign the agreement with the state of maryland for my danielle college to continue operations in hungary and i would be happy to sign the agreement i'll be the state of new york see you to continue but you know there are some problems with the hold up that there are some regulations they have to so i give you the quarter point ok the key points number one that if you issue a diploma. a graduation right registered in another country then you have to have a training program education program school campus on that in that given country so so far the situation was that the see you issued us diploma american diploma in hungary but they didn't have
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a school or education program in the united states is that going to be worked out so we hope we hope that see you will be able to comply with that point of the regulation as well i think this is the most important challenge now what they have to comply with the others the other twenty can comply so i really do hope that they can comply as well in the future and then finally. sorry for its ordering a routing about but there wasn't there was some other part of your question as well regarding you know the the rights and the freedom in hungary no i have a long experience of fighting perceptions and you know i'm really i feel it's really unfair that such kind of first actions are being put forward that such some kind of rights are violated in hungary but i always ask please give me give me concrete examples because if you give me concrete examples of if anyone gives me the ok some result if any got anyone gives me concrete examples i can address that but you know this is a kind of a. dialogue which doesn't make sense that one says there is no freedom of really in
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hungary and i said yes there is open the open internet open the newspapers have a look at the news you will see that the government is based like. very badly that's what it this way but it's normally democracy because you know i've been in politics a long time so i understand it's normal but but but these kind of perceptions are just simply not fair you know i mean if there are concrete issues we are happy to debate we have many issues ongoing with the rope and commission concrete issues we try to come to an agreement but perceptions fighting perceptions you know doesn't really make sense but activists do say that under the new transparency law they're worried that some within the government might use that information to try to squelch their right to free speech what's your guarantee to these activists that they're not going to be held it for their political views you know the new low on the ngos what you are referring to as far as i understand. is that if an ngo receives foreign funding above
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a certain amount has to publish it on its website i don't thing that really the really takes away any kind of freedom of action or freedom of speech from the n.g.o.s they just have to put it on their web page that they are funded from a foreign resource because you know it's a matter of principle again that people. from the side of the people i think it's a very a legit amount. legitimate will or expectation to have those organizations fully transparent from the perspective of financing who have the aim to influence public opinion both political parties and n.g.o.s as well if you as an ngo have an aim to to influence public opinion and you get funding externally but you put it on your web page i don't think it's too much it's much it's much. softer than the current regulation here in the united states. we will leave it there yeah
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foreign minister of hungary thanks so much for talking to al-jazeera thank you thank you. determined to live life to the full. to go to some i have very limited sight five percent but i can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions but also when i was hungry for but also. because i married for love and i still love the look today. follows for inspiring people in istanbul to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online to the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one and the same you join us i was
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never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr all the people. is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of their pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. than the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. english riot police smashed their way into a polling station to try to stop a controversial secession vote.


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