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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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we struggled so much we want to stay here. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian forget this is the news i live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. thousands of people lined up to vote in catalonia is secession referendum is the police use force to shut down polling stations. accusations and insults between president trump at the scene the puerto rican official as the u.s. caribbean territory struggles to recover from hurricane maria. a rare admission by secretary of state rex tillerson the u.s. is in direct talks with north korea. and living in a climate of fear nigerians in the northeast mark independence day with subdued celebrations. scuffles between spanish police and voters in catalonia as controversial session referendum paramedics have been treating people who were injured outside polling
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stations elsewhere catalans a custom that ballots in some polling stations referendum leaders of urged voters to use passive resistance if police try to interfere with the vote let's go straight now to our series john hendren who's in barcelona with us for the latest john that's pretty noisy way you are at the moment what what's happening there. adrian i'm at a polling station that is just opened back up so the spanish police aren't just using violence they're also using technology they're shutting down the website used to register. voters nobody gets to vote here unless they're checked against a national census so what happens is the spanish police shut down the website and then the people who organizes election here in catalonia they set up a new web site there's a new web domain name and they give that information to the polling places and the polling places are back up again as you can see and we have
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a voter in here right now a family who speaks english let me ask what does it mean for you to be here today well today's a crucial day for people the first time offender is that we have the advantage if you did spend most out have democratic way before you way past a nobody and that really means something. and thank you very much focused on your these are the ballot boxes that those spanish police are confiscating. this is the ballot you can see it's simply yes or no let me try to stay out of the way of democracy here but let me walk you down everybody is checked against the universal sensors normally when you vote that voting place only has the information for a limited number of people but the spanish government or the catalonian government knew that the spanish government was going to shut down a lot of these polling places and so what they did was they allowed people to vote
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at any polling place for their checked against the registry that's why they need the internet and we're told that seventy three percent of the polling places are open that's according to the catalonian government the spanish government says it's more like fifty percent let me walk down here. so we talk to international observers who say that what they're doing here. really meets the standards of international legitimate voting but don't don't take my word for we're going to talk to one right here this is karen klein thank you for joining us thank you she is an international observer the catalonian government has arranged. for international observers to be here she's from south korea lives in new york and let me ask you what you see here does this meet the standards for a legitimate election. i don't think people just exercise their right to go into a. seat and especially the spanish or the member of the euro can you that this is
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a referendum a couple of people this is not in the context i reckon because it's just going to let the candidate you know that the people here so shocking because they're worried that there might be simply take late. to tell me about seeing the pictures of police violence we've seen the violence in the streets how is it affecting this election. well. just the fear that people worry about the spanish police but they are not careful about the fish all. of them as a show and there will calm me but so people just want to continue even though the police is coming if you get inside try to organize groups to do that to protect those smaller. case that the spanish this is getting. help from what you've seen
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about the way they are conducting this election the way they check the ids the way they check each voter against the national census is it reliable this is this vote . yes i think so because you know if you think of that many of the sovereignty. right that goes to the people you know and you see the whole process they're doing it really seriously they track every number seven spanish id and they say i saw everything was. useless liable to democracy and you know this spanish the spanish to freely and be curious about that they don't they don't even see. yes that would not be possible so i think we're seeing the director not miss any chance to be involved and. thank you very much international observer that is what's going on here at this polling place which is just gone back into motion after the spanish government shut it down germany thanks jon heder the live elsewhere in the city as
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. a whole. two hours ago you find yourself in a very dramatic situation in the middle of scuffles between voters and police where you know what's happening. who would been doing a join is following one of these national police as they rove around trying to shut down some of these polling stations what we've seen is that each time they come to a school being used as a polling station they meet with resistance peaceful civil resistance scuffles break out the police are trying to take ballot boxes in any voting papers but as john was just saying that those voting stations they bring out new ballot box layers and layers of contingency plans are in place now this is one of those mobile spanish national police squads that is roaming around in a right now there are fifteen trucks fifteen trucks here they seem to be
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resupplying from an underground car park in a residential area. it looks right now that the police are starting to load back up get back in their trucks and if you look across the road there are civilians who have gathered people on the streets in general terms very towards the arrival of the spanish national police. you can hear that group there right now charging we will borrow a defiant tone to say that they still have the intention of keeping this referendum going you have to remember that some of these span. national police have come from many other areas. in total we're told around ten thousand additional police and paramilitary civil guard have come here with specific orders from the spanish government to crack down on the vote to stop this referendum happening. we've got pictures of what happened two hours ago just talk us through what you saw of what
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it is the police are actually doing when they when they show up to what to these polling stations. yeah absolutely the location of those pictures you're looking at now was the cat's. ministry which was also. polling. large groups of spanish police arrived. on some of them are carrying what appeared to be weapons. requests. by the education ministry they were met with a human for the on that human cord on then just simply sat down and the. police waited in and what dragging them away physically dragging them away from the front of the school people were still chanting we will there will have no pass out on
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that means they will not. they came from the civil war days that is how deep some of the wounds are running here and. that is the memories that some of this crackdown on the referendum is stirring back up right now as you can see. these people. get out get out. to malaysia. raising that. is. doing this morning trying.
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to get. somebody trying it on the long. run we're going to get in there. all right many thanks. live in buffalo and we'll have more on the situation in boston and. a little later in this. now to the rest of the day's news the man. accused the u.s. government of killing puerto ricans through what she calls inefficiency large parts of the u.s. territory have been without electricity or drinking water since her made landfall two weeks ago today as a bow reports. the generator went down in this hospital in some one
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who more than one hundred patients had to be urgently transferred to other locations a lot of a rush his mother is still inside he's worried about where they're going to take her he. just several complications in the it's oxygen she is old and i'm not sure where we will go but she is not alone inside there are others who are recovering from surgery among other things who were not allowed inside but we were told that most of the patients were transferred on time. because penitent on a general way because of how one which was completely destroyed during the hurricane is just an example of how the situation for the police really deteriorate if immediate action is not taken this forward is playing a crucial role this days as it is where much needed aid has arrived. says there are more than ten thousand containers here with goods even though the products belong to private companies they could easily help to restore the supply chain here right
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now in in all of our terminals there are merge and see supplies they are emergency goods medicine water food construction materials commercial materials so the terminal is full of goods it's a matter of how we restore this. part of the supply chain on the island distribution has been one of the biggest issues so far in getting aid out ten days after the hurricane people are still lining up for hours for fuel many are still in need of water and other goods some are desperate to get help to most commonly see only we want my mother to live in a house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask what i mean joining groups is the mayor of san juan. she has been pleading for more help from the united states government on saturday president
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donald trump accuse her and other puerto ricans of not doing enough to get out of the current crisis i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of emergency . other disasters have been treated and again you know. five hundred twenty pounds mayor. in the caribbean three star general. said. we don't have enough we need to get more in order to be able to listen to. general isn't. right for most people here this fight is not a political one but one of survival and they hope those in charge we'll leave their differences aside and sort things out. some point. the secretary of state has tried to ease tension on the korean peninsula by saying
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that the trumpet ministration has no plans to force regime change in pyongyang rex tillerson made the comments during a visit to china where he also revealed his country is in direct communication with north korea. has more for us from washington. this is the first public of knowledge meant by the trumpet ministration that it has been in direct contact with north korea the secretary of state saying that there are two if not three avenues that it is using for communication he also made clear that it is not through china in other words the u.s. is using avenues of communication unilaterally separate from china this is very significant because it indicates that the secretary of state is still believes that there is a diplomatic resolution possible to this ongoing crisis the despite the hostile words that have been exchanged by the president of the u.s. and of the leader of north korea in recent months it's also an indication of the growing warmth in the relationship between china and the u.s.
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in the past china had a deal of houston not fully implementing the sanctions that had been passed against north korea and the u.n. security council and indeed these sanctions that have been unilaterally imposed by the united states but in recent months there has been a significant policy shift china has been implementing these sanctions as shown by the fact that it's instructed its banks to no longer do business with north korea it is restricting the import of oil into north korea so this is something very significant in terms of the u.s. stated policy of getting china to bring greater pressure to bear on north korea in an attempt to resolve this crisis but also what is happening as that it does not only pertain to north korea the relationship between the u.s. and china is growing stronger through this ongoing crisis in wider areas such as trade here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program hundreds
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of people rally in hong kong against chinese national day celebrations will take you there. hundreds of thousands of refugees facing a humanitarian crisis let's speak to the head of the world food program about his visit to camps. dramatic pictures. beriah collapses injuring several fans the details coming up a. little later. pro-democracy campaigners of relitigate hong kong's chinese national day celebrations police blocked a small group of protesters who marched in a flag raising ceremony hong kong has been under chinese rule for twenty years the self-governing territory has extra rights of the child as one country two systems policy hong kong crowds gathered for five kilometer long march against what
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organizers say is political persecution in the self-governing territory. is that. meaning and people are joining at. forty forty five kilometer mark from the end of the. people to. get to the end of the thing against what they call political persecution. and the worst. been told several people have been. protesting for least to leaders was. spearheaded the umbrella. many people. turning our people. were carrying are taking their turn and for security war like the rest of the people cannot express themselves freely they say their. march on national. t.v. the rest of the china particularly. that's never been like the. slowly
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growing over the freedom speaker. the head of the world food program has visited ranger refugee camps in bangladesh aid agencies are trying to help the more than half a million who fled the military crackdown in manaus rakhine state the u.n. has warned of a humanitarian nightmare in the camps there's limited access to clean water toilets health workers fear that an outbreak of disease could be imminent and. iraq has sent thousands of troops to the city of karbala ahead of a religious events the assured a commemoration is particularly important for shia muslims but now it's the anniversary of the seventh century battle of karbala made ritual evolves mourning the death of the same in the past some have used the occasion to attack the shia community. the leader of the iranian backed group hezbollah is warning that the
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kurdish secession vote in northern iraq will lead to division in the region. says that it threatens iraq turkey so. area and iran all of which have large kurdish minorities. now. there is a new phase that the region is facing and it is a very dangerous one it is the phase of partition. this is an issue not about the right to decide the fate or about rights or about a group that wants to separate it has a completely different aim which is to partition the region based on ethnic and religious grounds independence day celebrations in nigeria's northeastern borno state subdued this year because of fears of attacks by boko her around the armed group has increased its raids in the region in recent months as ahmed addressed reports. would be a member of a militia helping the army in the fight against boko haram is now facing its own battle for his life iraq it tore through the patrol car he was in as he
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helped provide cover for workers two months ago but was also part of that convoy that included soldiers who will be as if they be i.d.d. as it was an ambush the surprise is that we were sitting there was safe we spent days working there that attack happened in our last day there was a bloodiest so far this year in nigeria as in all the east i few kilometers away from here. fighters a convoy of oil exploration workers being escorted by the military and vigilantes more than fifty people died in that attack that attack coincided with an increase in the rate of suicide bombings and abductions in the northeast the military's response was an and ground offensive that lasted for weeks. the army deployed more personnel and equipment and top commanders were ordered back to the region. where a climate of fear has returned the latest wave of violence represents
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a change in strategy by boko haram which suicide bombings and hostage taking being stepped up. security experts say this was to be expected after the group lost control of territory. because if you hold the ground it's ms you know the opposing force has something substantive to heat but when you. you know you you you you kind of dilutes all that advantage. advantage advantage in training retired group captain said as an end to the fight is not yet in sight we made. it was a very very long time because you could say this is dead that you can spend weeks with out here in that list and operation the notion of complete victory may very difficult i think but maybe have sufficient victory the military declined to speak about book or arms recent strategy and its own response when our military operation
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may have calmed the situation but people in the northeast know that they have not heard the last from fighters in the last eight years have killed tens of thousands of people and forced more than two and a half million others from their homes. al-jazeera north east nigeria. exactly two years ago the u.n. adopted a resolution calling on sri lanka to ensure justice for victims of the civil war that thousands of people went missing during that thirty year conflict sri lanka's president has announced the setting up of the office to look into those disappearances however critics say that much more needs to be done but often under his reports. the push is desperate desperate for news of her youngest son. she says she was separated from him while fleeing the shelling during the final stages of the war he called to say he was being held with thirteen other tamils it
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was the last she ever heard from him. this was my youngest child he was very close to us we can't imagine living without him he would always take me around on the motorbike so i never walked anywhere and now we have no one. push for ronnie's not alone she's one of hundreds of timers waiting for news of their family members who remain missing after the war they have begun a number of continuous demonstrations in different parts of the north it's two hundred days since this one started. out they have to tell us that they must give us answers we will continue our campaign. setting up a mechanism to deal with such cases was among pledges made in the two thousand and fifteen un resolution. the office of missing persons was brought into being by president might a palace erasing or shortly before he attended the un general assembly last week
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pledges to create mechanisms for a trip commission and a judicial mechanism remained just that pledges some privately owned land occupied by the military has been handed over but a sizable amount remains in military control. speaking at the general assembly the sri lankan president stressed that after a thirty year conflict it's a slow process. as a free and peaceful country we hope to address our gate and take on board suggestions of how we should deal with them during a slow but effective journey towards a clear target i ask for your support while we do that but not everyone accepts the president's claim. lawyer who has a number of clients says the commitment is lacking the family is very much. on the war. because the government is unwilling to take on the security.
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ultimately it is the army and the police. the people. alleging that they did this the un human rights chief hussein has told the government that acting on the resolution is not a box ticking exercise to keep the council happy but an essential undertaking to address the rights of all its people. two years after the un resolution rights groups have complained of a lack of progress while the government says it will take time but thousands of families say they're suffering in silence waiting for the truth of what happened and hoping for justice when a fan and there's al-jazeera. next on the news hour we'll get the weather with everton but still to come. take a look at the peace agreement between colombia's government and the last standing rebel group which is finally coming in. plus a result of
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a long battle to play basketball wearing when the just head covering details it's a little later. through tranquil the rave you can you. can see and if. we have some useful and welcome rainfall or just popping in tiding africa at the moment in between some welcome rainfall just around the ethiopian highlands as one hundred seventy millimeters of rain in twenty four hours perhaps more than we'd want to see and any one go but it's always going to be of help in this particular part of the world in the central african republic well eighty one millimeters of rain coming down here in the space of twenty four hours you can see the thunderheads the cloud just those making the way from the eighth i've been hollins pushing further west words. into the democratic republic of congo here ninety millimeters of rain in twenty four hours in that central belt of course
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. as we go on through the next few days maybe the creeping into kenya into uganda pushing right across into cameroon much of west africa again seeing some lively and helpful showers coming through as i said into southern parts of africa we've also seen some useful right in this little area cloud just diving out of namibia pushing down across botswana into south africa just into the eastern cape seeing some of the wet weather just pushing over towards the they will see a few showers here once again as we go on through the next couple of days you can see it stays a little the further north we got a little area making its way across the northwest of africa some wet weather coming into northern areas of algeria it will spread across. into libya. the weather sponsored by race. determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight of five percent but i can distinguish objects big and
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small and realize their ambitions. but also. because i'm married. today. follows for inspiring people in istanbul as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time. until now the coverage of latin america that most of the world was a cloud cover included taz tragedies of quakes and that was it but not for how couple feel how they look how they feel and that's what we do we go. five and a half months of demanding a good education system that was introduced. that america has have to fill a void that needed to be filled. it
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is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha with the news out from zero to zero the top stories that been scuffles between spanish police and voters in catalonia it's a session referendum paramedics at st injured people outside a polling station referendum leaders have urged catholic voters to use passive resistance of police try to interfere with the vote. without puerto rico's capital sana'a has accused the us government of killing people through inefficiency hurrican maria cost extensive damage across much of the u.s. territory two weeks ago but people there say the aid delivery has been slow. and the u.s. secretary of state says the trumpet ministration has no plans to force regime change in north korea rex tillerson made the comments during
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a visit to china where he also revealed that his country is in direct contact with pyongyang. one on our top story i'll just ask our panel hole has been following police movement from one polling station to the next in barcelona in one earlier captured a pretty volatile scene at one particular location take a look at this. one thousand polling times that it now. will resist the land right there out. but if you can see them now talking to move on. to the crowd. that shot down the crowd from the recent photos that they seem now. it's a natural light at least from other areas of the main to catalonia specifically would crack down on this thread because now earlier. warning
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hung around the door and they drank a whole. i don't know why an ambulance. and now the spanish national riot police drawing from this area see if we can get a picture of these people coming up now and made it. we have seen at least one person taken away with injuries off the scalpels with police many people camping outside the education ministry in tears because they weren't able to vote and because of the way that the spanish national riot police came in this just to show you the level of police presence here we're just going through here and i'm going to show you the line. and this is this is a spanish national police drawing squad if you like because this is one of the squads with orders to go around the city of basra alone. coming to
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a polling station off the polling station to try and shut the referendum down as you can see they're now getting back into their vans. we do believe in a location that we were at earlier this morning the industrial college hundreds if not thousands of people were already lined up there we believe that at nine o'clock in the morning we know the ballot boxes were already there so we do believe in some of these voting stations voting is going ahead right now as these bands are starting to move away again civil disobedience catalans are trying not human cordons to try and stop these gangs moving off. they know the polling station well here's how we're cattle and succumb to this vote today after decades of course force a session from spain it twenty fifteen regional elections saw catalan nationalists win a razor thin majority two parties formed
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a coalition partly based on an agreement to ensure that a referendum would be held within two years the dred refused catalonians demands saying that such a vote was banned under the constitution and the spanish courts agreed as did many people in catalonia itself so the first being held in spite of staunch opposition from many sides the most recent polling from july this year suggest that forty one percent of people in catalonia favor independence or forty nine percent want to stay with spain it's kind of you know from on rick with the col who's a historian an expert on catalan affairs he's with us now live from barcelona good to have you with us. what are we to make of the catalans desire to to vote the passionate desire to vote today and this opposition from the police who are determined to stop the. how can i put it it's a case of double. in
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a. referendum is based on. revolutionary announcement by the cattle in parliament. in early september. they would no longer a base banish laws and in a referendum law was to be followed by an immediate declaration of independence there's under the spanish constitution is illegal on the other hand the conservative government never acted politically it only acted through the courts and gave no possibility for a solution and it is indeed trying to do that now. police helicopter over my head. that there's been a definite shift though hasn't there within capital and society from being mostly pro autonomy to to pro independence what's going on within catalan society. you're having are you can you hear me now now ok i'll tell you what we'll take
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a break for a couple minutes we'll come back to want to helicopters moved away because there's a lot other i want to ask you ask you ok stay with us. ok. sunday is unification day in cameroon it marks fifty six years since the english speaking part of the country voted to join the much lot of french speaking areas but it's not exactly been a happy union the english speaking minority feel discriminated against and the protests which the security forces have put down and now in the gulf but has closed the border with nigeria for fear of further unrest. reports. they have a national anthem their own flag and a leader in waiting all the trappings of a potential new country but without any land because what these people want to call amazonia is at the moment the english speaking part of cameroon it's you the
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demonstrators have gathered momentum in the last year by saying that people suffered discrimination at the hands of the french speaking government. most people just want reform but calls for outright independence are getting louder. and it's. giving freedom at the end of the first world war cameron was divided between the french and the british at its independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the english speaking opted to join the french cameroon instead of neighboring nigeria. these protests have been mainly peaceful but cameroon security forces have cracked down six protesters were shot dead last year and hundreds arrested an apparent gesture of reconciliation president ordered that the charges be dropped against several detainees but that doesn't seem to have calm the tensions the man who leads the separatists has been touring the us calling for a peaceful uprising we call for a nonviolent revolution we call for them violent protests we call for the
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environment much this is what young people straight into the well and we have resisted. i mean you know what but this is a moment that we must continue to stand for. the u.n. secretary general has asked cameron's government to address the grievances of the english speakers but the u.n. is unlikely to answer mr tavist prayers for a new country called embers only mohammed omar d.c. al jazeera right that police helicopter is still hovering overhead but we're going to try and speak to rick again rick is an historian an expert on cattle and nationalism i think i don't know whether you can hear me any better now but i was trying to ask you about what's been going on it's like having an i can hear you quite well what's been going on within catalan society and this move away from autonomy to rampant pro in the pendants if it's sick. this was a very marked historical shift four hundred thirty years there was
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a solid consistent long lasting thomas movement strongly nationalist but never. questioning the participation or forming part of spain there was from nineteen nineteen on a very small independent this movement very small which suddenly suddenly became a mass of opinion suddenly the tenets of that tradition became about separatist tradition became a mass phenomenon could fill the streets with what would seem visually at like a at least a couple of million people. what do you make of the way that the nationalists is sorry sorry what are you to make of of don't know much that the nationalist and the spanish government are playing this is either side getting it right. the nationalist government has gone forward with. an effective parliamentary
1:40 pm
majority but which does not represent in terms of voters solid majority and has just gone for broke in september they just jumped the legal basis and effectively proclaim themselves independent and then wanted to. see what was the american phrase run it up a flagpole and see who salutes hold a referendum make it independent right sorry. and. the so the nationalist government doesn't have anything to gain by being reasonable it's become pointedly unreason at the same time the spanish conservative government has not does not have any reasons to be reasonable either it just figures let it fade can squash the independent of then it will. and it will certainly succeed with its electoral base in central spain so it's
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a. win win win situation all right good to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us some. fifty people have been arrested in a far right rally in the swedish city of gothenburg members of the nordic resistance movement fighting with counter-demonstrators the group promotes anti-semitic ideas said to have time to march to coincide with the jewish holiday of young people a police officer is among several people injured. a man who filmed the death of eric garner he was being arrested by new york police says that he is now the victim of retaliation ramsey is suing the city for millions of dollars for what he describes as his wrongful arrest as kristen salumi reports. if you could read if your cell phone video of eric garners death at the hands of police shocked the nation. and helped spark the black lives matter movement
1:42 pm
protesting police brutality. but for the young man who recorded the footage it was the beginning of a series of run ins with police that he says led him straight to jail. watch he spoke to al-jazeera by phone after the group you know which. i don't like spotlight on me basically anything you. have to know. and point attention to something that did not want us to pay attention to or to who is suing the n.y.p.d. for wrongful arrest is featured in a new documentary called cop watch the film focuses on a group whose mission is to record police officers to protect the rights of citizens not cost social rights don't want to it's members are responsible for recording other police controversies like the arrest of freddie gray in baltimore in the aftermath of michael brown shooting and ferguson this isn't like david and goliath this is like david buses an f.
1:43 pm
eighteen so essentially the police used every every possible thing in the palette to make sure that ramsey you know what went down the n.y.p.d. has yet to comment on the details of the lawsuit which is currently under review by the city but former police officers and their supporters all over the country are complaining that the prevalence of videotape is having a negative impact on policing well everybody has a video camera in their pocket now with a phone so this former detective believes officers have become much more reluctant to intervene put it in context about what's exactly happening here that officer is trying to focus in on a specific problem where this person may or may not be armed or dealing with it and now you have other people coming in from different sides of the stimuli this could be present a big problem for those of us. that's. right critics of cop watch say glosses over or to his criminal record but or to says regardless of his past the film and his lawsuit are an attempt to shine a light on police misconduct while. putting all of.
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the kids that we go and go. quickly to a mike or none of the officers involved in eric garners death have gone to prison. win or lose he says he plans to continue working with cop watch when he gets out kristen salumi al-jazeera new york for the american football star o.j. simpson has been released from a u.s. prison he served nine years for. a seventy year old was released from that of out of jail early on sunday morning and will now need to be supervised by parole offices for the next five years in one thousand nine hundred five simpson was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in a trial that grips the u.s. a peace agreement between colombia's government and the last at the country's last standing rebel group is coming into effect on sunday the national liberation army
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agreed to the terms after negotiations had failed several times but for now the deal is only temporary lopez reports. it's come on the as a last armed rebel group after decades of political violence the national liberation army and set it's ready to put down its weapons at least for three months working with the new. this doesn't completely end the conflict with the this is temporary it is not a cease fire where weapons are surrendered or where demilitarisation takes place the rebel group is known for taking hostages for ransom despite recent peace negotiations it reportedly increased its attacks on oil routes and pipelines under the agreement it must stop attacks on infrastructure kidnappings and the recruitment of minors knowing. they have agreed not to recruit members who are fifteen years old or younger during this period they will also stop
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planting mines they can injure or kill or endangered the lives of innocent civilians. the e.-l. and was formed in one thousand nine hundred sixty four it pledged to protect land rights and poor communities but in its call for social justice its tactics became final and. the challenge was to comply with all the rules we've agreed to we hope to her word and hope trust for peace grows in colombia the government hopes that yellen will give up its weapons for good just like the revolutionary armed forces of colombia or fark did over the last few months. the fark is an army trying to practice politics the is a political organization trying to wage war in other words the have a small number of armed fighters but its social base is much larger than that of the far. in two thousand and sixteen colombia's president
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those who won the nobel peace prize for his role in ending the country's fifty year civil war with fork rebels getting that yellen to do the same has been more challenging the group has agreed to a ceasefire until january ninth at that point both sides will consider whether they want to extend the contract and perhaps make it permanent. this is the young al-jazeera. thousands of people living on the vine want to island of. being forced to leave for fears that a volcano erupt more than six thousand people were moved to shelters others boarded planes to neighboring islands to a sprawling cluster of all the islands lies on the geologically active pacific ring of fire. just ahead here on the news hour at sport the latest from the blaze in grand prix where this red bull driver celebrated his birthday it's style so that has all the details next.
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break. the white blanket coverage follows ex-pats and politicians often platitudes and soundbites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today and the two hundred day of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most accurate today's information as quickly as you can. it's when you come on things that you realize witness history in the making.
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book itself thank you very much adrian we start with formula one then red bull's a max first stop and has celebrated his birthday in style by winning the malaysian concrete doesn't dominated the race as a circuit he edged out lewis hamilton and his teammate and ricardo the twenty year old overcame a season of frustration to claim the second f one victory of his career how thin extended his championship lead to thirty four points his major title rival sabbaton vettel finished impressively in fourth after starting the race at the back of the
1:50 pm
grid. well sunday is a milestone day for international basketball as a long standing rule of banning head coverings is officially lifted the change was approved earlier this year half to sustain online campaign and now one of the key campaigners is trying to promote the participation of muslim women in basketball in his home and has more. lucrative from home here we can choose. a new interest it's a new look for basketball and for muslim women who play across the world by haarp the start of new opportunities after a long standing campaign that he job is finally allowed in the sport have its important because it will get more people see that women muslim accomplish and do play and are willing to play as well and even if we are covered up it doesn't stop us from playing. in leicester basketball players from across the u.k. can together as they try to form the country's first muslim women's team emboldened
1:51 pm
by the rule change on head coverings that was approved by the sport's governing body feedback earlier this year they were going to make a big difference and is of even for the young kids they can see those as well as to be able to be best when job some of what i speak at school i used to actually stop for two years because of a job and when i heard about the bond i actually decided to go back. as my dolly is the woman behind the new team is the falcons she was also one of the drivers behind an online campaign promoting the rule change using petitions and the hash tag feeder allow he job. right now but gradually in the elite sports we're going to see a mom for girls in basketball playing with a job in college basketball for example in america and basically was. making the most of us think women that look like them playing the moment and having
1:52 pm
the right. causes a chronic my. her name nor and by designing the modest swimwear known as the book amy she first made the he g.b. in twenty eleven get to do that comma you know fiddling around with your he job which is a scar you know it just stays in place and allows you to perform the best it's allowed any whether it's feet before or feeble or any school you know and companies to understand that there's more to come by anyone and it's not going to cause any how that so crannies donated the he g.b. to the falcons the squad a full of ambition they want to raise money for kids to play basketball in iraq and syria and promote the participation of muslim women in the sport so it doesn't make it this whole connotation oboist come on a woman in the press was when this was playing and we're going to double up in a joke in a full of old times but the boy oh ok she smiled ok she got the ok wait the fighting for the book you know it makes it kind of conscious that to stereotype him
1:53 pm
from his people going to my father's decision doesn't just benefit muslim women tub and will now also be permitted on colbert but for the falcons it's not just about them but about the younger women who will now have every opportunity to reach the top homan al-jazeera. at least twenty nine football fans that have been injured during a match in a top flight in france after the stadium barrier collapsed incident happened in the sixty minutes of feels way much to local rivals and it followed the visitors taking the lead at the away section as you will see completely giving way and much was abandoned by the referee several fans were taken to hospital. just as city defeated reigning champions at chelsea on saturday there are now to one nil winners away from home and started bridge city are top of the league with six wins from seven games kevin to brian got the goal of four pep guardiola steam
1:54 pm
the result least chelsea in fourth and six points off the top of following that when an away from sports former barcelona coach pep guardiola spoke about the his support for catalonia as bid to hold an independence referendum continues it is a day for democracy so with the people i was looking for the people say is the legal or not legal no it's not about legal is asked to the people with the will do in their lives is a party for democracy and just what i want to allow to vote that simple i don't nobody knows what will be the results but hopefully the catalan people can use the most influence service for the society because. they could vote in a vote on the ballot simple like that hopefully this can happen for our country. back to us for the manchester united also continue their undefeated start to the
1:55 pm
season they thrashed crystal palace for nail their second behind city on goal difference level on nineteen points we are playing well i don't say well for ninety minutes because sometimes we have periods where. we lose a little bit on consistency. you know what i call quality without intensity. but that's difficult to do that that's difficult to do that for ninety minutes that's difficult to do that. the chip is a game so i'm i'm happy that to start really strong. games taking place on sunday arsenal host brighton in the early kickoff. live a full hour away. and the united states need just half a point to retain their presidents cup title heading into the final round one more point that from sunday's singles matches will seal america's sevenths to excessive
1:56 pm
title in new jersey city they won six out of eight matches on saturday and. fourteen and a half to three and a half points against him and to national. there's a lot of trust in this team we've had a lot of laughs we've gotten to really know each other. a lot more than i think is is usual we've had a lot of new guys on this team but a younger team guys if maybe grown up together spent more time together and maybe it's this camaraderie is a bit different off the course. and i think that kind of level of trust in each other is as got a lot of confidence to it. in the team format. back in action she won her opening the china open the russian and former world number one had to dig deep. to fill but she be told when
1:57 pm
opponents after three hours. seven six seven seven six. for the first time since her defeat in new york. and also survived the. american. beaten by the fat. and have. so many thanks indeed now a new record has been set for a chinese auction in hong kong a painting by chinese american artist young was sold for more than thirteen million dollars a piece on saturday it was the paintings first appearance on the market having remained in the collection of the artist's family since it was painted eighty five years ago was originally commissioned for the opening of the museum of art in new york in one nine hundred thirty two just want to show you some live pictures out of
1:58 pm
madrid right now holding that. vote today these people here are protesting against that vote in catalonia as the president of the catalonia region has accused spanish police of firing rubber bullets against people trying to vote in that referendum. here with. the latest al-jazeera in just a few numbers but that's if the news. hard
1:59 pm
. enough. the nativist news as it breaks many of the people here came to this camp with injuries and illnesses already with detailed coverage the border between china and north korea stretches for more than fourteen hundred kilometers unlike the demilitarized zone the atmosphere here is very relaxed from around the world the water that comes in the trucks relist water from the shallow holes it is full of sediment and of course the high risk of disease. a scandal that's rocked the nation
2:00 pm
to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials. in bribes just to show the most dangerous commodity one s. sometimes take a spark of the an edifice to blow up a personal pot against judicial corruption doesn't help either i think i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines more man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time. i really felt liberated as a journalist about. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what his job. thousands lined up to vote in catalonia succession the referendum as the police you
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