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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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just to show the most. sometimes take a spot with a difference to go out a personal fight against judicial too much as. i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine the man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth of that i would that's what his job. thousands lined up to vote in catalonia succession referendum as the police use force to shut down polling stations.
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all over them to al-jazeera life and there's also coming up accusations and insults which mean president trump and a senior put a region official as a u.s. caribbean territory struggles to recover from hurricane maria. a rare admission by secretary of state to listen the u.s. is in direct talks with north korea searching for justice one man's case against the n.y.p.d. is highlighted in a new documentary. that has been scuffles between signage police and voters in catalonia as controversial secession referendum paramedics have been treating people who were injured outside the polling stations and elsewhere catalans a casting their ballots in some polling stations referendum leaders. freighters to
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use passive resistance if the police try to interfere with a phone call ban hall has been following police movement from one polling station to the next in barcelona a cameraman also inman captured this volatile scene at one location. trying to shoot it down the will resist and then on right now they're out. but as you can see down now was starting to move. into the crowd. that charge from the crowd from the procession photos patient now. that was. released from other areas of the main to catch a load of the specific crimes out on this referendum now on the road. around the door and they drag. that goes away an ambulance.
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and now the spanish national riot police drawing from this area to see if we can get a picture of these people coming up now. we have seen at least one person taken away with injuries off the scuffles with police many people standing outside the education ministry in tears because they weren't able to vote and because of the way that the spanish national riot police came in this just to show you the level of police presence we're just going through here i'm going to show you the line. and this is this is a spanish national police frying squad if you like because this is one of the squads with orders to go around the city of basra alone. coming to a polling station off the polling station to try and shut the referendum down as
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you can see they're now getting back into their vans who do believe in a location that we were at earlier this morning the industrial college hundreds if not thousands of people were already lined up there we believe that at nine o'clock in the morning we know the ballot boxes were already there so we do believe in some of these voting stations voting is going ahead right now as these bands are starting to move away again civil disobedience cattle lines are drawn up human cordons to try and stop these rioters moving off to brought a number of polling station where some of those taking part in this referendum have been speaking about what they say is the spanish police's heavy handed tactics. i completely respect people that don't want independence for catalonia but i want to dependent which is not you can be in favor you can be against but it's not i'm not a criminal and today it's been one of the worst day in my life because i came to
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the fence our right to vote i was just on the on the street and the police came very aggressively and they they go they went like these on the floor they even number of my more vile as you can see and i had never seen these aggressivity anywhere and i can i don't have words to explain how i feel i wish people in the world can see me i'm you see i'm a mother i have three children i'm still breastfeeding my little kid and i'm asking is to vote in even even know when we will respect it but we have the right to vote we are citizens we are not secondary citizens because we are independent because we are independent they don't have the right to treat us like animals today i have felt treated like an animal and i'm very affected i don't sing these. i don't sing this the way i have my my heart now we'll never recover from this from what happened today i'm done with spain i'm done with spain. where we've been speaking
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to end rick carlisle who's an historian and the next president catalan affairs he says the catalonian government has become increasingly a reasonable in negotiations with the spanish government. the nationalist government has gone forward with. an effective parliamentary majority but which does not represent in terms of voters solid majority and has just gone for broke in september they just jump to the legal basis and effectively proclaim themselves independent then wanted to. what was the american phrase run it up of like policy who salute hold a referendum make it independent so the national government doesn't have any. thing to gain by being reasonable it's become pointedly unreason at the same time the spanish conservative government has not does not have any reasons to be
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reasonable either it just figures that it can squash the independent assert then it will succeed and it will certainly succeed with its electoral base in central spain so it's a. win win no win situation. the mayor of sound one has accused the u.s. government of killing her to reconsider what she calls an efficiency loss parts of the u.s. territory have been without electricity or drinking water since oracle maria made landfall and that was almost two weeks ago today as a bow ripples out from someone. the generator went down in this hospital and some one more than one hundred patients had to be urgently transferred to other locations a lot of the rashes mother is still inside he's worried about where they're going to take her. she has several complications in the oxygen she is old and i'm not
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sure where we will go but she is not alone inside there are others who are recovering from surgery among other things who were not allowed inside but we were told that most of the patients were transferred on time. because tenet and on a general way fifteen hours which was completely destroyed during the hurricane and this is just an example of how the situation for the city deteriorate if immediate action is not taken this forward is playing a crucial role these days as it is where much needed aid has arrived. says there are more than ten thousand containers here with goods even though the products belong to private companies they could easily help to restore the supply chain here right now in in all of our terminals there are merging supply. they are emergency medicine water. construction materials commercial materials so the terminal
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is full of goods it's a matter of how we restore. part of the supply chain on the island distribution has been one of the biggest issues so far in getting aid out ten days after the hurricane people are still lining up for hours for fuel many are still in need of water and other goods some are desperate to get help to most commonly see only we want my mother to live a house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask got a manger linguist is the mayor of san juan she has been pleading for more help from the united states government on saturday president donald trump accuse her and other puerto ricans of not doing enough to get out of the current crisis i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of emergency that other disasters have been treated and again you know. five hundred twenty pounds mayor of
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a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more in order to be able to take care of the situation. to say that a general isn't saying the right thing right for most people here this fight is not a political one but one of survival and they hope those in charge will leave their differences aside and sort things out. some one. are we going back now to the issue of that referendum taking place in buffalo where our correspondent joins us live his name is cow pen home crowd. the polls have been if enough for several hours have been a lot of hurdles for the people of catalonia to go out invasion that she register their political opinion have people around you manage to cast their votes.
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will certainly right now where we are martine this is the known as the industrial school it's one of the largest voting centers in wasilla i'm wrong reason why voting hasn't been disrupted here is this piece huge metal doors about an hour ago riot police spanish riot police did try and come here and shut this polling station down but people inside simply shut these doors closed because there were hundreds perhaps even thousands of people inside the police stopped a while drove off they realized they did not have sufficient numbers to shut this polling station down but let's go inside and see what is happening just look at the numbers here. standing in line to vote at the industrial school of barcelona one of the largest polling stations what we're seeing going on right now is that priority has being given to the elderly to
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pregnant women and perhaps people with some kind of disability day have been taken to the front of the lines so that they can both first and then others standing outside this stage so difficult to calculate numbers but i would say they're in the thousands now waiting under the rain so that they can go and vote and so though these actions by the spanish riot police and the civil guard are going on trying to shut down these polling stations that is just not being affected what we're hearing from the capital gang government the kaplan government estimates seventy three percent of more than two thousand three hundred polling station. across the catalonia region that's the size of belgium are open to day business what we've seen here in barcelona is when the riot police come in and shut one polling station down the voters those who want to vote simply go back in they have spare ballot
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boxes and voting continues once again there are multiple levels of a contingency plan in place so that these people can come out and vote martin and what about the internet because it in other locations call you told us about how the government has blocked the internet and so people coming to have been asked to switch off their mobile phones so as to free up any kind of connectivity that's available. absolutely martin and in the run up to this referendum the spanish government in the civil guard intervene closing down web pages raiding information technology centers that belong to the capital government then we saw the capital private program is popping up once again to try and restore miral websites proxy websites. so that voting could go ahead and
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periodically what you are seeing here is is a call from inside and then runs through the crowd and people will then stop using their mobile phones and that is because the vote to send is computerized and and the electoral officials will say if they're having difficulties getting connectivity they'll call on people simply they're turned off their mobile phones so they have sufficient band with the the did the role that information technology is playing in this election or in this referendum rather has been vital to the point that julian assange is the wiki leaks founder has called this first world war the internet. all right and we're going to call. guys go ok. all right carl will same with you take us where we should be lance. these are ambulance workers they have just arrived outside to the applause of
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people waiting in line to vote not sure why they needed here although as i say priority has been given to elderly and disabled voters to vote first what we have seen in some of the other polling stations where the spanish riot police have intervened. the voters would stand there or even sit on the floor in a campaign of civil disobedience trying to peacefully resist fiction by the spanish riot police but we have seen injuries we saw one man stretch of the way with we fully with some kind of seizure we also saw one elderly lady with her face bloody it doesn't appear that those medics came in here because of any specific emergency right now. but as you can see this the scene is sort of one of the past months largest polling stations marty. all right penholder and just to say the emergency services are reporting that thirty eight people may have been injured so karl
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penhall that live in barcelona. still to come here and they're living in a climate of fear nigerians in the northeast mark independence day with subdued celebration. however we've got more rain pushing towards japan over the next day or it's a big massive cloud streaming across the korean peninsula across the yellow sea the east china sea and that's all filtering over towards q.c. high pressure still trying to keep that wet weather it by it will get not to the way but certainly for southern parts and really heavy rain coming through and push up into the southwest of holland she was we go on through monday tokyo monday fought in dry temperatures at around twenty five degrees celsius right staggering
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a little further race was by the time becoming to choose just getting eaten away by our area of high pressure mounts of cloud behind that's across the korean peninsula particularly across south korea stretching into central parts of china and yeah we got more right in the forecast for shanghai pro shanghai seeing further heavy downpours then monday going into tuesday and still writing for the south not too bad for hong kong temperatures here at around thirty three degrees meanwhile the usual showers across southeast asia we'll see more big downpours coming in across indonesia some heavy showers there for vietnam cambodia feeding all the way across into thailand some lively showers coming back in here becoming more widespread as we go through the course of the day on tuesday. determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight. but i
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can distinguish objects big and small and realize their ambitions. and i was hungry for but also. because i'm married. i still. follows for inspiring people in a stumble as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything at this time i'm. trying to remind you of the top stories here it out there they've been scuffles between spanish police and voters in catalonia secession referendum around thirty eight people have been treated by paramedics who were injured outside polling
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stations referendum leaders of voters to use passive resistance as police try to stop them voting. the mayor of put a rica's capital someone has accused the us government of killing people through inefficiency hurrican maria caused extensive damage across much of the us territory two weeks ago people say not enough aid has got through. all right we're going to go back to events in catalonia in spain today because our correspondent john hendren is out for us now live and john we've just been talking to colleagues in a different part of the city he showed us vos lines vast numbers of people still queuing patiently. what has been the scene what has been your overall assessment of the numbers of people who that she managed to call save a. there have been thousands of people at this polling place and what happened just recently was that there was a warning
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a false alarm that the police were coming so the line you see behind me actually went around the block and it is now lessening somewhat because people were concerned that the police who've been reacting fairly violently at other polling stations were on their way here but they haven't just been acting with force they've also been acting with technology inside that polling station one of the workers was telling me that every once in a while the action would stop and then it would start up again and the reason for that is that the spanish police are apparently cutting the connection that they use to this database of voters and every once in a while they have to set up a new website with that information so they can check the i.d.'s of the voters against that so it's a cat and mouse game being played here between the police and between the polling officials and it's it's incredibly crowded in there there were thousands of people outside as i said that inside there are hundreds more. and. john i
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was just wondering about the numbers in terms of the credibility of the i mean i know that you've been speaking to the president the president and this. lack of clarity should we say when it comes to how credible this vote will be. well i have been speaking to a number of people on that and i've got a little clearer picture now president carlos the catalonian president did tell me yesterday that there was no threshold for a number of votes that they needed in order to make this a legitimate election he said the spanish government doesn't require any given threshold and that he's abiding by those same rules i also spoke to an international observer and they're inside of the polling station behind me and she said that the standards that are being met here meet international standards this
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is a south korean living in new york who was called in by the catalonian government to act as an international observer and she said that what they are doing checking each id checking that person against the database to ensure that they are not voting more than once that that is all in accordance with international standards we've also heard from the catalonia government that seventy three percent of the polling stations are open now that's somewhat disputed by the spanish government which earlier today said that was more like fifty percent but what's interesting is that if your polling station closes one of the one of the things that the catalonian government has done is instead of making you go to just the local polling station you can go to any polling station and all of those polling stations have access to this complete database of voters so the argument from the catalonia government is that this will be a legitimate election and the president said he thinks we might be surprised at how many people actually do vote last time in this area of seven point five million
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people there were two point four million people who voted in a referendum a few years ago and the government the spanish government did not crackdown as it did here we've seen lines around the block at every polling station i think we're going to see a significant a significant number of votes if the spanish police don't charge those ballot boxes away and. the spanish government considers this to be an illegal referendum it's unconstitutional according to the supreme court so the still a lot of debate to be had over this but for now thank you very much indeed john hendren. now the head of the world food program has been to the range of refugee camps in bangladesh aid agencies are trying to help the more than half a million who fled the military crackdown in mere miles rakhine state the un's warned of a humanitarian nightmare in the camps there's limited access to clean water and toilets and health workers fear an outbreak of disease could be imminent.
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independence day celebrations in nigeria's northeastern borno state. because of fears of attacks five. the armed group has increased its raids in the region in recent months as armitage now reports. i would be a member of a militia helping the army in the fight against boko haram is now facing its own battle for his life iraq it tore through the patrol car he was in as he helped provide cover for workers two months ago. but was also part of that convoy that included soldiers who will be as if they be i.d.d. as it was an ambush the surprise is that we were sitting there i was safe we spent days working there that attack happened in our last day. the attack was a bloodiest so far this year in nigeria small the east a few kilometers away from here. on fighters
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a convoy of oil exploration workers being escorted by the military and vigilantes more than fifty people died in that attack that attack coincided with an increase in the rate of suicide bombings and abductions in the northeast the military's response was an and ground offensive that lasted for weeks the army deployed more personnel and equipment and top commanders were ordered back to the region. where a climate of fear has returned. the latest wave of violence represents a change in strategy by boko haram with suicide bombings and hostage taking being stuck. security experts say this was to be expected after the group lost control of territory holding ground is also makes you weaker because if you hold the ground it's ms you know the opposing force has something substantial to heat but when you attack iraq you know you you you you kind of dilutes all that advantage in number
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advantage and put main advantage in training retired group captain said if you as an end to the fight is not yet in sight we may. take was a very very long time because you could say this is dead that you can spend weeks with out here in that list and operation the notion of complete victory in a very difficult but maybe have sufficient victory the military declined to speak about book or arms recent strategy and its own response. for now i renewed military operation may have calmed the situation but people in the northeast know that they have not heard the last from fighters who in the last eight years have killed tens of thousands of people and forced more than two and a half million others from their homes how many dressed al jazeera north east nigeria. the former american football star a.j. simpson has been released released from prison he's now serve nine years for armed
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robbery the seventeen year old was released from the nevada jail early on sunday he'll be supervised by a parole officers for five years he was convicted for a failed robbery of sports memorabilia store in las vegas in one thousand nine hundred five he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in a trial that gripped the world. thousands of americans have joined what's being called a march for racial justice in washington d.c. relatives of people shot dead by police have been among the protest says alan shuffler has more. than. a march to the federal department of justice several thousand people saying that's exactly what they're looking for justice you do it because you die on the watch and we refuse to die. and we refuse to be enslaved again. valerie castiel came halfway across
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the country to participate her son phil lando was shot and killed by a police officer last year in the state of minnesota that latino officer geronimo yeah nez was recently acquitted of all charges. it happened these gas paid off no accountability no responsibility. this demonstration is actually to merge protests the march for racial justice and the march for black women drawing attention more specifically to issues facing minority women in a nation that has a majority white population we're marching for our lives we're marching for our health we're marching for our for our sanity and we're marching for liberation marches like they and similar mark has planted ten other cities around the country come as the u.s. is struggling over aggressors of race and race in fact complex social issues being
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publicly debated here in this very hard social media all of it weigh in by tweets from the white house and controversial symbolic displays in the nation's sports arena. it is a time of national division american football players staging controversial pre-game demonstrations tweeted condemnation from the president anger from some fans. white supremacist displaying nazi symbols this summer an opposing protester killed and a tepid response from the white house scrawled slurs found this week targeting african-american students at a military prep school and if you can't treat someone from another race or a different color skin with dignity and respect then you need to get out there is anger on the streets but diversity as well and hope says one march organizer on street the. well we live with one another we love each other and this is an
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opportunity to express that. an opportunity to sound off taken by thousands of americans and want jobs for al-jazeera washington d.c. . thousands of people living on the van want to island of by being forced to leave because of fears that a volcano may erupt well the six thousand people have been moved to emergency shelters while others boarded planes to neighboring islands and watch it is a sprawling cluster of more than eighty islands and it lies on the geologically active pacific ring of fire. trying to take a look at the top stories here and out just where they've been scuffles between spanish police and voters in catalonia secession referendum paramedics have treated at least thirty eight people who were injured outside polling stations referendum
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leaders of urge castle and voters to use passive resistance if police try to interfere with the vote al jazeera is called pan hole and camera operator also inman got caught up in the clashes outside a polling station in barcelona. right there at. the but if you can see they are now starting to move the to the crowd. that sean was in the crowd from the. photos patients and the women with us now live. from other areas to catch a load of the specific crimes out on this thread. the mare of foot a rica's capital san juan has accused the u.s. government of killing people through inefficiency hurrican maria coles excessive damage across much of the u.s. territory two weeks ago but people say aid delivery has been slow. the u.s.
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secretary of state says the trumpet ministration has no plans to fully regime change in north korea rex tillerson made his remarks during a visit to china but he also revealed his country is in direct contact with pyongyang police and drug survive and investigation into what cools a football stadium barrier to collapse in during dozens of spectators the incident occurred at the league one mass retrain leland amiel supporters are celebrating the eighth inning go when the fence collapsed under their weight seven people are still in hospital five of them suffering serious injury has pro-democracy campaigners have rallied against hong kong's chinese national day celebrations police blocked a small group of protests is the march near to a flag raising ceremony hong kong has been on the chinese room for twenty is the self-governing territory has extra rights under china's one country two systems
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policy all right so today those are the very latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera coming up next is inside story. who's committed war crimes in yemen the u.n. has agreed to send a team to investigate what how much us politics played in this decision and who will hold those responsible for human rights abuses to account this is inside story .


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