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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 1, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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on al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. the spanish prime minister calls the secession voting catalonia an attack on the rule of law as police are accused of brutality.
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and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up u.s. president donald trump resumes his war of words with north korea under minding his top diplomat. an upsurge in violence by the armed group boko haram means independence day celebrations are muted in northeast nigeria. and lifting the ban on head coverings the long battle to play basketball is finally over for muslim women. we begin in spain where the prime minister has called catalans an authorized secession referendum an attack on the rule of law these have been accused of using unjustifiable brutality to shut down the vote at least seven hundred sixty people have been hurt according to the regional government polls have closed down vote
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counting is now underway. you get. i'm the prime minister i'm the leader of the government and we have done what we had to do within the law we've only acted within the law we have shown but democratic state has to has always has to defend itself against such a serious attack as the one which has been tried with this illegal referendum today democracy won with. john hendren joins us now from outside the biggest polling station. which has now closed john i'm guessing they have prime minister's words filtered out into way you all he was saying that most of the people didn't join this referendum as. well she would be awfully hard to tell from downtown barcelona this is where all of the people who are supporting secession have been you can see perhaps it's a little dark here but you may be able to see the polling place behind me and there are thousands of people around me but it is only outskirts of town and elsewhere
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where you get the no voters there's really no way of telling whether what roy says is actually true polls suggest that a majority here are in favor of secession were at least in favor of an independence vote. we talked to a number of people throughout here and of course the people who are the most vocal are those who say yes they would like to see from spain but there is another group a quieter group that did not show up to the polls today we put together a story and this is what we found. catalans lined up by the thousands devote many paying a high price for the. spanish national police in riot gear battered their way into one voting center after another passing voters downstairs striking them with the tonton as promised confiscating ballot boxes. they did not discriminate by gender
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or age it dancing on those. he's fully protecting the polls sometimes retreating and sometimes clashing verbal ewood patton is local most of the elite apparently over the use of food. that. they stole materials they violate that human rights they. injure people that a crime still voters lined outside by the thousands here at the polls on election organizers here is a special tactic they gave the entire voter registry to pulling place so that if police shut down one place voters simply went to another this ninety two year old voter remembers when the catalan language was outlawed until the one nine hundred seventy now she comes to vote only to be turned away by a system shutdown. i believe it will be an independent because we are sick of the current government that we have. this hundred two year old waited out several
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outages to cast her ballot. that is just outside the center of barcelona where residents proudly fly the spanish banner some catalans quietly oppose independence since. i lived here for sixty years of course i love catalonia it's where my children are where my family leafs but there is no reason why we have problems with this obsession. if i am catalunya and i don't think like the secessionist do then i'm from the outside but then when i go to my family home then i'm also from the outside so where am i from and what identity do i have yet the n.t. secessionist seen largely to have boycotted the referendum which the spanish government again declared illegitimate under spanish along. not me no benefit in the there hasn't been a referendum or the resemblance of one i asked the catalan government and the
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posses that supports it to cease this irresponsibility to assume from this moment that what had never been legal is clearly unfeasible it makes no sense to continue this process that leads to nowhere. this international observer says the vote past global voting standards if you look at what's happening here is totally in my take from. here with their official identity and they register themselves as well and they simply think that if they find a fellow. as catalan celebrate the way the outcome and perhaps the declaration of independence. and join the prime minister he found the place he said they were firm but they stayed within the rule of law some of the pitches you just have in your report looked quite brutal but did you get the sense that they were on the right side of the law in the way they treated the boat race.
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issue it is hard to see police wielding bad times and beating middle aged and elderly people as you saw in those pictures and or say that that that was within the law. it's pretty hard to say you know getting peaceful protesters these were people who linked arms i suppose the police argument might be that because they were blocking polling places where the police felt they had the right to come in and shut them down but that is their rationale there but there were some awful heavy handed work done here today we saw people with blood streaming down their faces when we saw our injured people of all ages and what i did not see at all today was people attacking the police that may have happened i certainly didn't see it we are here at the polling station right now where these people are still here. the polling is over if we can take a look at the crowd here these people have all voted they're not here because they
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want to vote they're here because they want to protect the polling place from those police that you saw in that video they came here to this very spot earlier today in this crowd repel them so. they're going to remain here until the ballot boxes are taken away that of course is the goal of the spanish national police it is their stated mission to come here shut down the referendum and to take away those ballots that's what this crowd has been trying to avoid people have slept here and at other polling places all night and if you look behind me i don't know if you can see it in the dark with those helmeted men are firefighters they're here on their own time and they have come in to protect the doorway until those ballots are carried off so . thank you john giving us the latest there from large polling station we can cross to the other side of barcelona now to the main square. we're talking to a cop and whole who's being listening into the reaction from the crowd of prime minister's. address earlier on on television and they talked about this being
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a legal call but as far as the people are concerned that. they have the pro and they don't believe but how important is that turnout how many how important is as to how many people turned out for how this referendum is to see. what i think that is something we've heard prime minister saying the boss majority. chose not to vote today and i'm really is not borne out by the figures that the capsule and government is offering is right now in an early estimate they say that more than three million people turned out to vote today of an electorate of about five and a ha in that sense it would put turnout at around fifty five or sixty percent now if you take into account that there was no no. but this simply because the spanish government to send the boat would be illegal and that means that many of the people who are secessionist in catalonia simply boy call the folks in any election of
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course a number of maps and so on i would guess that if the turn out to be around sixty percent first of all that would be a majority of cats alliance and secondly. that the government would be pretty happy with given the circumstances and given the fact that voters had to run the gauntlet of riot police to get to the pile of boxes we don't know just yet when the preliminary results are going to come through we are expecting those figures on turnout in perhaps the next few moments so yes indeed and also we believe in a ballot. on the lead of the cast is also due to come out and speak a fent before but if it majority yes he'll call independence within forty eight hours is this realistic with what the prime minister has just been saying.
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absolutely that there are there are two things and push the moment said before this vote he said if the no vote provide health something which i think is unlikely given that the no vote simply boycotted this referendum but if the no vote prevailed then pushed him on said he would call new elections to the parliament if the yes vote prevails then he has said by the law that was passed in the parliament that he will be declaring independence from here in forty eight hours now of course given that the spanish government has declared the referendum illegal they will certainly not recognize the result of any independence declaration and that really is taking this political crisis to a whole new level there's a latent threat that the central government could declare an article of the constitution which would enable it to take over all. functions of the capital and government if it tried to press ahead with full blown independence vote we just don't know yet we are really into the political on indeed and we'll be back i'm
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sure shortly to hear more thank you very much cal and whole thing is the latest from barcelona. u.s. president donald trump has resumed his war of words with north korea over its nuclear weapon and missile program on sunday he tweeted i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man a reference to leader kim jong un he also said it will do what has to be done for more on this let's speak to my kana who is live for us in washington d.c. mike could this be a clever sort of good cop bad cop style of diplomacy where extra lessons on the ground saying well what can i do my my president being very pushy about this but i just want to speak sort of generally or is
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a very strange strange way of conducting diplomacy. i think it's a very strange way and in fact an unprecedented way of conducting any form of foreign diplomacy to state a foreign policy in a series of early morning tweets is bizarre even for the standards of the trumpet ministration and certainly publicly contradicting your secretary of state just twenty four hours after he was given a commitment to pursue negotiation with senior leaders in china is also an exceedingly bizarre move by president trump he has continued tweeting he has just tweeted being nice to rocket man hasn't worked in twenty five years why would it work now clinton failed bush failed and a bomber failed i won't fail he says so he's continuing the series of tweets undercutting his secretary of state and removing what there had to be even terms of progress between the in the relations between the u.s.
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and china china had welcomed the secretary of state's commitment to continuing to pursue ever news of dialogue that is what china has wanted all along and that it was why it's been cooperating with the u.s. in terms of applying pressure on north korea however we'll wait and see what china's response is now that president trump has unilaterally and without consultation taken the option of dialogue off the table when it is pointed out that it's not the same rocket man that's obviously being in charge of north korea for twenty five years and just on my second but if the original three will do what has to be done that would put a shiver around many people thinking what the shifting from my diplomacy setting to something that's a lot more threatening on the ground is that how you read it. very much so that is a threat and it's got to be read in conjunction with the statement he made in the u.n. general assembly that shocked many diplomatic observers threatening to destroy
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north korea as he put it which led to that whole upsurge in words between him and the north korean leader certainly what he's done in removing diplomacy and removing dialogue as a possible option has narrowed to the things that the u.s. can do in terms of confronting the north korean crisis now members of his cabinet including the secretary of defense and as i said the secretary of state has been insistent that every option must be exercised they've seen sanctions for example as a long term process cutting off revenue streams to north korea nobody expected it to happen quickly they've said recently that yes it is working it's got to be given a chance that is what the chinese have been arguing as well but all this protracted diplomacy that has taken months to put into place has all been removed with a couple of thumb strokes in the course of the morning and now as you say the
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option on the table appears to be one that nobody would appear to want and that is military action very good to get your perspective my kind of there giving us the latest from d.c. still ahead on. the head of the world world food program visits refugee camps in bangladesh as aid agencies struggle to help more than half a million were hanjour the flagman last rakhine state. and puerto ricans fighting for survival ten days after the devastation of hurricane maria. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts it's all looking pretty unsettled across more northwestern parts of europe at the moment we're not tobin a definite looks like autumn at the moment was these are frontal systems pushing in deep low pressure system giving some very strong winds so cool and share across the
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u.k. we've got this front extending down through germany down as far as italy central and eastern parts here looking dry but of this area of high pressure is no particular warm moscow they're just eight degrees recovering to tan as we head on through into tuesday so that stage some heavy rain across austria further towards the southeast area looking too bad we've lost a lot of the showers who should be in around the ionian sea over recent days on the other side of the mediterranean we've got showers for parts found syria and tunisia those working their way towards libya as we head on through into chooses to want to share is left behind in one part small cheer in some lifted dust certainly possible in this region otherwise look at temperatures into the low thirty's for cairo in egypt into central parts of africa very lively shower wise across so sit down through central africa public towards cameroon and southward towards congo liberal there look at highs of twenty nine degrees circulation low pressure in parts of west africa giving some heavy showers for parts of liberia guinea and keep us out.
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a scandal which was the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of. brides just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one s. sometimes take a spot in my defense to go out a possible find. as a. writer. i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines the man's extraordinary battle for just as in donna at this time.
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reminder of the top stories today on al-jazeera spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has called catalogs an authorized session referendum an attack on the rule of law and said his government's response has been a spanish police have been accused of using unjustifiable brutality to shut down on the vote the regional government says at least seven hundred sixty people have been hurt us president past tweeted that his secretary of state is quote wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man a reference to north korean leader kim jong un. the head of the world food program has visited refugee camps in bangladesh david beasley says they desperately need international support to help deal with the crisis aid agencies to help the more than home for a million refugees who fled the military crackdown and. state time has more from
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one count on the. border. i mean. the relief this division sense to be more active in a lot of the camps we have visited last couple of weeks this is far from a very different scenario two weeks ago when things were very chaotic. the army took over for the central distribution of relief and the traffic management thinks looks far better on the ground right now we have also seen presence of very high up u.n. agency people as well as international donor agency people taking part in distributing relief coordinating on the ground talking to monitor and things i spoke to the executive director of the world food program david bisley i oxon to share his experience on the ground he went to went to narrate to say what the refugees told him on the ground something like women and children crossing into bangladesh how they were shot at by me and my security forces. what is most needed right now in
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bangladesh he said to be ram more food aid is needed unless that's not done he expect more people thousands more are going just to cross over into bangladesh shortly and the international community to really speed up the aid process into this camp. the u.s. says it will than two thousand personnel to still ravaged parts of rico and that weekend most of the u.s. territory has been without power or drinking water since it was devastated by hurricane rita nearly two weeks ago the government continues to face criticism for its slow response eighty eight hundred people remain in shelters trains about reports from someone. the generator went down in this hospital in some one who more than one hundred patients had to be urgently transferred to other locations a lot of his mother is still inside he's worried about where they're going to take her. just several complications in the oxygen she is old and i'm not sure where we
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will go but she is not alone inside there are others who are recovering from surgery among other things who were not allowed inside but we were told that most of the patients were transferred on time. because tenet and on a general way because of how one which was completely destroyed during the hurricane is just an example of how the situation for the police really deteriorate if immediate action is not taken this forward is playing a crucial role this days as it is where much needed aid has arrived. says there are more than ten thousand containers here with goods even though the products were long to private companies they could easily help to restore the supply chain here right now and in all of our terminals there are merge and see supplies they are emergency goods medicine water food construction materials commercial
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materials so the terminal is full of goods is a matter of how we restore the distribution part of the supply chain on the island distribution has been one of the biggest issues so far in getting aid out ten days after the hurricane people are still lining up for hours for fuel many are still in need of water and other goods some are desperate to get help can and must come you see only we want my mother to live the house was destroyed she hasn't many years left and we want to live decently is that too much to ask who got him in joining girls is the mayor of san juan. she has been pleading for more help from the united states government on saturday president donald trump accuse her and other puerto ricans are not doing enough to get out of the current crisis i think we haven't been treated with the same sense of emergency that other disasters have been
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treated and again you know. i'm all of five hundred twenty pounds mayor of a city in the caribbean a three star general. said yesterday we don't have enough we need to get more in order to be able to take care of the situation. home are to say that a general isn't saying the right thing right for most people here this fight is not a political one but one of survival and they hope those in charge will leave their differences aside and sort things out. some one. french police have opened a counter terrorism investigation after two people were killed in a knife attack must say essential train station the attacker was shot dead by security forces after he stabbed to passers by france has been in a state of emergency since november twenty fifth dean one hundred thirty people were killed in attacks in paris independent celebrations in nigeria's north eastern
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borno state have been muted due to fears of attacks by boko haram honesty international says the group has killed nearly four hundred people since april and attacks are becoming more frequent with interest reports from my degree. a member of a militia helping the army in the fight against boko haram is now facing its own battle for his life. force through the patrol car he was in as he helped provide cover for workers two months ago. but the one who was also part of that convoy that included soldiers who will is that they be i.d.d. as i wish it was an ambush the surprise is that we were sitting there i was safe we spent days working there that track happened in the last day. they attack was a bloodiest so far this year in nigeria small the east
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a few kilometers away from here around fighters a convoy of oil exploration workers being escorted by the military and vigilantes more than fifty people died in that attack that attack coincided with an increase in the rate of suicide bombings and abductions in the northeast the military's response was an and ground offensive that lasted for weeks top commanders were ordered back to the region. where a climate of fear has returned the latest wave of violence represents a change in strategy by boko haram with suicide bombings and hostage taking being stopped but security experts say this was to be expected after the group lost control of territory holding ground is also makes you weak because if you hold the ground it's ms you know the opposing force has something substantial to heat but when you. you know you you you you kind of dilutes all that advantage in numbers
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advantage and put men advantage in training a retired group captain said a-q. fears an end to the fight is not yet in sight we may probably take was a very very long time because you could say this is dead that you can spend weeks without hearing that list and operation the notion of complete victory may very difficult i think but maybe we'll have sufficient victory the military declined to speak about book or arms recent strategy and its own response. for now i renewed military operation may have calmed the situation but people in the northeast know that they have not heard the last from fighters who in the last eight years have killed tens of thousands of people and forced more than two and a half million others from their homes ahmed reese al jazeera north east nigeria. abound on full face veils has come into force in australia muslim groups have condemned the law which the government says is to protect austrian values the law
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applies to all face coverings with specific exceptions for things like surgical masks on in hospitals. there's been a very different role change in the world of basketball wear headscarves are now allowed in professional matches they will get more muslim women playing the game as a nice home and reports. the from home here you can choose. to and just slip it on it's a new look for basketball and for muslim women who play across the world by haarp the start of new opportunities after a long standing campaign that he job is finally allowed in the sport it's a important because it's get more people see that women muslim in the country and do play and are willing to play as well and even if we are covered up it doesn't stop us from playing. in leicester basketball players from across the u.k. came together as they try to form the country's first muslim women's team
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emboldened by the rule change on head coverings that was approved by the sport's governing body feed earlier this year. as dolly is the woman behind the new team is the falcons she was also one of the drivers behind an online campaign promoting the rule change using petitions and the hash tag feeder allow he job we might not see right now but gradually in the elite sports we're going to see a mom for girls in basketball playing with jobs in college basketball for example in america and basically was. making food and clothes with us seeing women that look like them playing the moment and having the right of going to cost us a cranny made her name nor and by designing the modest swimwear known as the book amy she first made the he g.b. in twenty eleven give it to that cover you know fiddling around with your he job which is a scar you know it just stays in place and allows you to perform the best it's
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allowed any whether it's the before or feeble or any sport you know and come to understand that this political limbo anyone and it's not going to cause any has it so crannies donated the he g.b. to the falcons the squad a full of ambition they want to raise money for kids to play basketball in iraq and syria and promote. the participation of muslim women in the sports field this decision doesn't just benefit muslim women turbans will now also be permitted on court but for the falcons it's not just about them but about the younger women who will now have every opportunity to reach the top homan al-jazeera. and don't forget much more content on our website video and al-jazeera dot com. and one of our top stories on al-jazeera spanish police have been accused of using
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unjustifiable brutality to shut down an unauthorized secession vote in the catalonia region the prime minister mariano rajoy says the vote is an attack on the rule of law in the regional capital barcelona offices used batons and five rubber bullets during pro referendum protests. i want to tell all of spain the majority of catalans did not want to participate in the referendum this is inarguable they have a lawful and noble people there they know this vote and by so doing they stayed on the side of democracy and unity. the government said at all times that referendum would not take place and basically behind this act you months ago that referendum would be illegal they knew it could not take place and you did it was impossible for us president donald trump has resumed his war of words with north korea over its nuclear weapon and missile program he tweeted that his secretary of state is
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quote wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man a reference to leader kim jong un he also treated it will do what has to be done. aid agencies are continuing to new in their efforts to help the more than half a million refugees who fled a military crackdown and. the head of the world food program has visited where henge a refugee camp in bangladesh has limited access to clean water and toilets and health workers fear there could be an outbreak of disease to berlin men have become the first gay couple to tie the knot after germany's new laws on same sex marriage came into force town halls open on sunday to allow couples to celebrate the law change same sex partners have been able to register their partnerships since two thousand and one and they now have the same sex the same tax advantages and adoption rights as heterosexual couples. former football star just simpson has been released from
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prison in the us state of nevada the seventeen year old left in the early hours of sunday morning after serving nine years for a botched robbery attempt at a las vegas hotel in two thousand and seven. those are the headlines talked al-jazeera is next. you. see. thanks to the migration crisis in europe how greece profile is higher than others but it's controversial and.


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