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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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solve and help bring peace and stability to our country. is the journey to work with all of our names unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because then i get the call came to. life and live in a dangerous journey. to the real for a nearly died. of our children go to school and live because of the trade risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. violent scenes at polling stations and a bitter political standoff as police crackdown on the catalan referendum dismissed by the spanish government.
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you know this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead the trial is set to begin in malaysia two women accused of murdering the north korean leader's estranged half brother. ross as america's top diplomat visits china over north korea his boss tweets that trying to talk to piano is a waste of time. we're going to need seventy five million dollars just. in the next five to six much and after visiting room hainje refugees in bangladesh the head of the world food programme outlined says came up it helps need it. initial figures released by the council on regional government show a decisive vote in favor of secession in sunday's referendum but also indicate an unexpectedly low turnout meanwhile the divide between the regional government in
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barcelona and central government in madrid appears to have deepened after polls close the president of the regional government collis boojum on said catalonia had earned its right to independence that was after at least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region as punishment has moved in to shut down some polling stations speaking from the capital madrid prime minister mariano rajoy said spain had shown it had the resources to defend itself from an attack as serious as this illegal referendum and in another sign that the crisis is far from over labor unions in catalonia have called for a general strike on tuesday at the regional government in catalonia unveiled the preliminary results around an hour ago. two million two hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty four. people. we know the people voting yes is two million twenty thousand one hundred forty four that is ninety percent of votes have voted yes to the independence of catalonia no one hundred seventy
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six thousand five hundred sixty six and that represents seven point eight percent of the votes blank void forty five thousand six hundred eighty six representing two percent and we also have twenty thousand one hundred twenty nine void votes that represent over point eighty nine percent right now these are the counts we have but we are told that there are approximately fifteen thousand votes to be counted the compound here has more from boston on what the results mean. in a tally of the votes offered by catalan no authority as they say an overwhelming majority of those who voted voted in favor of catalonia breaking away from the rest of spain capital thora the say ninety percent of those who voted of voted for
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secession but the problem lies more in the level of voter turnout and from the figures that we have been given it seems that that actually did not reach much higher than around forty three percent that effectively means that well over hoffman registered voters in catalonia either did not turn out could not vote or boycotted the vote and that will certainly lead to even deeper divisions between the regional government in catalonia and the central government in madrid in the in the coming days what i believe we will see is that the cattle lying government pushing an interpretation to suggest that perhaps this turnout was a success i given the level of effort by the central government to crack down on this referendum and use police reinforcements to try and shut down voter stations on the other hand it is likely that madrid and prime minister mariano rajoy will
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point to this relatively low voter turnout to suggest that the catalonian government simply does not have a strong mandate to declare independence from the rest of spain we've going to have to look at developments over the coming forty eight hours because it is on tuesday that the catalan government has said it will declare independence from the rest of spain a based on this voter turnout they say that they will view the results of this referendum as binding also the main labor unions have declared a general strike from choose day in an effort to back the push for sister. and john hendren reports on the day's events in catalonia. catalonia closed its polls in reopening a historic rift with spain. heard earlier catalans had lined up by the thousands devote many paying
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a high price for. spanish national police in riot gear battered their way into one voting center after another tossing peaceful voters downstairs striking them with the tongs and as promised confiscating ballot boxes. they did not discriminate by gender or age advancing on those peacefully protecting the polls sometimes retreating and sometimes clashing verbal ewood catalan is local most so delete apparently over the use of force today the spanish government has demonstrated a shameless attitude showing that it's only through violence that they can get their message across the spanish state has always on such questions with violence and repression. the catalan people have won the right to an independent state which would take the form of a republic here at the polls election organizers used a special tactic they gave the entire voter registry the only place so that it believes shut down one polling place voters we went to another this ninety two year
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old voter remembers when the catalan language was outlawed until the one nine hundred seventy s. now she comes to vote only to be turned away by a system shutdown. i believe we will gain independence because we are sick of the current government that we have. this hundred and two year old waited out several outages to cast her ballot. that is just outside the center of barcelona where residents proudly fly the spanish banner some catalans quietly oppose independence easier said thank you i lived here for sixty years of course they love catalonia it's where my children. our where my family lives but there is no reason why we have problems with a succession of just to stay in that i don't know if i am capitalism yet and i don't think like secessionist you know what i'm from the outside but then when i go to my family home then i'm also from the outside so where i might be wrong and what
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identity do i have yet the anti secessionist seem largely to have boycotted the referendum which the spanish government again declared illegitimate under spanish along you get. there was no independence referendum in catalonia today i'm the prime minister i'm a leader of the government and we have done what we have to do with in battle we've only active in the law it was when the voting ended thousands of defiant catalans remained outside to guard the ballots along with your staff and there's over. pedal and celebrate they and the government of spain continue a standoff that might have only just begun john hendren al-jazeera barcelona. john i'm andrea seen ice from stanford university he says a spanish government's actions in trying to stop citizens from voting doesn't sit well with the european union's wider values european union is in difficult situations because the statutes do not allow it to intervene and what they continue
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to say is an internal affair of one of the member states nevertheless the. very foundation of the european union rests upon civic rights upon the non use of. militarized police force police brutality in this case sort of the talent the against any of the citizens and let's face it with these people were doing in barcelona and all of that when they was to go peacefully to the to the polling stations and demanding the right to custom vote on their future. i saw has claimed responsibility for a knife attack that killed two people in mar ses main train station the attacker a man believed to be in a city was shot dead by special forces french police opened a counter-terrorism investigation after the station was evacuated france's interior minister described the event as an awful tragedy and praise the security forces.
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believe that here in the paris prosecutor's office has been put in charge so the investigation is ongoing both on a local and national level the person who attacked the two young women who were killed was shot dead by soldiers from the city mail operation we have c.c.t.v. footage which will provide as we commission the military reacted with great control police in canada say a man arrested over an attack in edmonton is a somali national seeking refugee status four people were injured when the thirty year old rammed into a traffic control barricade before attacking a police officer with a knife officers are calling the incident an act of terrorism after seizing what appeared to be an eyesore flag from the man's car it is believed at this time that these two incidents are related based on evidence at the scenes and the actions of the suspect at twelve thirty a.m. today it was determined that these incidents are being investigated just as acts of
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terrorism under section eighty three point two of the criminal. that shows between colombia's government and the country's last danding rebel group has begun the national liberation army or agreed to the terms of the negotiations fail several times hold the agreement will stand while talks for a longer term deal continue in ecuador and reports from bogota. it's a first ever cease fire declared by the national liberation army or. the last active rebel group in colombia and the first concrete step after seven months of peace talks to end its five decades of conflict with the state a historic truce but one that's temporary at least for now. new this doesn't completely end the conflict with the e.l.o. this is temporary it is not a cease fire weapons are surrendered or where demilitarisation takes place the truce will run through january twelfth and may be extended if respected they. start
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recruiting minors and attacking oil routes and pipelines in exchange the colombian military will avoid confronting the rebels yet the group stepped up attacks ahead of the deal. since talks began with some sources government we have insisted on the urgency of this ceasefire because it stops offensive actions and brings important humanitarian relief to the colombian population. founded by radical catholic priests in the one nine hundred sixty s. . peace with the government before making little progress in the capital bogota news was met with relief and hope that the sides will comply with the terms of the truce. we leave this uncertainty in its peace process but it's definitely positive if the eleven wants to do its part to end the war it is great professor victor that says monitoring the truce will be important i really believe that the government as
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well as the national liberation army elaine are clearly. committed to respect. this is the most important point second one i would say they support vision of the united nations as well as the catholic church and third the pressure of the society in colombia is a big a small i'm in favor of the peace process and we are really pushed the parties to respect that really mean talks will restart on october twenty third in quito ecuador but the road to peace will still be long and complex and the year land is seen as more hardline in its ideology and more divided in its chain of command compared with the former fired gravels but there is hope here that this ceasefire will indeed help pave the way to end political violence in. iraq says it's coordinating with iran to take control of border crossings from the
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kurdish regional government and measures designed to pressure the kurdish leadership into canceling the results of monday's secession referendum john stratford reports on the border town of pandering this is one of two main border crossings between iran and the kurdish region of northern iraq now the kurds used to sell their crude oil to the iranians who would refine it for them before selling it back but it seems like tehran is acting on its threats and we've been speaking to customs all sources here who say certainly at this border at least trade in oil and fuel the stock. the transport of food and general goods is not but. these trucks are waiting to cross back into iraq having delivered their loads. the situation will continue we have made out a little going back to iraq we don't know if i might be allowed back to the. iraqi soldiers are expected to participate in military exercises with the iranian
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army on the iranian side of the border in the coming days. this is the closest town to the border many of the goods sold in the shops are iranian many of the people here are reliant on trade with iran. we are afraid of referendum ignore the economic challenges we now face. many of the kurds voted yes in the referendum but they are increasingly anxious about what further threats from iran could mean. one family's struggle to reunite shows how long the island's road to recovery will be after hurricane irene. from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east.
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welcome back now as we look at weather conditions across eastern parts of china and taiwan well time was not looking too bad taipei that thirty six degrees and sunshine further south for hong kong we've got some cloudy skies in the chance of showers if i were going to see some showers affecting southern parts of china northern parts of vietnam and further towards the north up towards change to that weather system is looking fairly active so some flooding is possible here across the rest of indo china have. certainly in coastal areas let's head down into southeastern parts of asia and here we've got. the philippines but nothing particularly heavy showers across borneo about light wise nothing that heavy for. turning here such a carter could see some rain at times further north through them in a pinch and on into time it's looking fairly wet and heavy rain extends across southern parts of cambodia and also across some parts of vietnam and that's the. he continues he had in to choose day bangkok also likely be quite wet at times so
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let's head into southern asia and hear the monsoon rain still refusing to retreat altogether across eastern parts of india is looking fairly wet further south some heavy rain in bangalore or pretty should be fine in delhi with highs of thirty five . sponsored by cats. determined to live life to the full. i have very limited sight. but i can distinguish objects big and small. but also. because america. today. for inspiring people. to prove that seeing isn't everything this time.
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our top stories on al-jazeera initial figures show a decisive vote in favor of catalonia secession from spain in sunday's referendum but also indicate an unexpectedly low turnout more than eight hundred people were injured across the region as spanish police cracked down on the vote declared illegal by the spanish. i saw has claimed responsibility for a knife attack in which two women were killed in the southern french city of marsay at the main train station police opened a counterterrorism investigation after the attacker was shot dead by special forces at the scene and iran has joined the iraqi efforts to take control of border crossings from the kurdish regional government and move is intended to put pressure on the kurdish leadership to cancel the results of monday's session referendum. two
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women will stand trial on monday for the murder of came. brother of north korean leader kim jong il and they're accused of killing him by smearing a nerve agent on his face want to try to catch a flight from kuala lumpur airport in february florence we has more from the malaysian capital a murder so brazen that it shocked the world kim jong nam the half brother of north korean leader kim jong wood was killed in broad daylight at a busy airport in quality of paul in february two women city i shot from indonesia and durante home from vietnam will stand trial for his murder on monday police say the pair vx nerve a banned substance so toxic it's considered by the u.n. as a weapon of mass destruction on kim jong un's face experts believe each woman carried a separate component of the chemical to avoid harming himself.
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i mean. so if you go. with what's the way maybe that's the way. the two women have told diplomats from their home countries they thought they were taking part in a reality television show u.s. officials and south korean intelligence say the murder was organized by north korean agents according to the national anthem the soldiers only port. all lady all in all standing order to kill true law to condone their use of five year old stanley walters but no north korean will stand trial for the murder for north korean men accused of planning the attack immediately boarded flights out of kuala lumpur after the killing interpol has issued a red notice alert which is similar to an international arrest warrant for the men one other suspect who was detained by malaysian police has been released because of
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insufficient evidence the trial may shed some light on a murder whodunit that's caught the world's attention but there's also a sense that the mastermind of the killing may never be caught florence lee al-jazeera kuala lumpur the u.s. president has contradicted his secretary of state's handling of north korea dismissing efforts to negotiate over its nuclear program as a waste of time trams comments come as a day after rex tillerson revealed that the u.s. was using direct channels of communication with pyongyang mike hanna reports from washington secretary of state ricks tillerson has been holding high level talks in beijing dealing both with north korea as well as the wider relationship between the u.s. and china is seen as a crucial part of a warm up in relations between the two countries and china would have welcomed to listen it's apparent commitment to pursuing a diplomatic track in dealing with north korea in an off the camera interview the
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secretary of state confirmed publicly that the u.s. was pursuing back channels in dialogue with the pyongyang administration. this was the president's reaction less than twenty four hours later i told ricks to listen our wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man followed by save your energy rex we'll do what has to be done this is not the first time the president has publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to his given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue you avenues of dialogue it's particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and he's often stated policy we're going to continue our our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it working with allies working with china as well to see if we can bring the regime in power and yank to the negotiating table with a view that began a dialogue on a different future for korean peninsula and for north korea this policy now
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reversed without consultation in a few thumb strokes and no matter how wonderful the president may describe his secretary of state rex tillerson is cutting an increasingly lonely figure in what is clearly a divided administration mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the head of the u.n. world food program has visited ranger refugee camps in bangladesh aid agencies are trying to help more than half a million people who fled a military crackdown in myanmar rakhine state there's limited access to clean water and toilets and health workers here it could be an outbreak of disease david beasley says bangladesh needs international help to support to deal with the some crisis. just for example the world. seventy five million.
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we need support from around the world you're talking about literal. proper nutrition. chantry has more from one of the camps on the bangladesh border. the relief this division since to be more active in lot of the camps we have visited the last couple of weeks this is far from a very different scenario two weeks ago when things were very chaotic. the army took over for the central distribution of relief and the traffic management thinks looks far better on the ground right now we have also seen presence of very high u.n. agency people as well as international donor agency people taking part in distributing relief coordinating on the ground talking to monitor and things i spoke to the
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executive director of the world food program david bisley to share his experience on the ground he went to narrate to say what the refugees told him on the ground something like women and children crossing into bangladesh how they were shot at by me and my security forces. what is most needed right now in bangor that he said to be ram more food aid is needed unless that's not done he expect more people thousands more going just to cross over into bangladesh shortly and the international community to really speed up the aid process into this camp. the u.s. president has lashed out at critics of his response to a disaster hit puerto rico as quote politically motivated ingrates power is still down goods are running low and some families remain split up nearly two weeks after hurricane maria hit traceable followed two sisters on their mission to find their missing father. jody and ty health field have not heard from their father for
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more than ten days he lives in the central mountains in an area that was among the hardest hit by the hurricane. gas is difficult to find these days that's why when neighbors gave them some they decided to go and find him. before they go. their ways to get their work. trying to. find them he lives in one of the most remote areas of puerto rico spent a year in there. there when i was a child but this is the strongest one that so far we headed to was. in the center of the island there is no electricity no communications here nobody knows how bad the situation really is. normally you go in there. and everything is green and. all these big trees are beautiful and now it
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looks very. very sad but once there we were told we needed to take another road from here so should you know better but this is what's happening all around port authority that are covered with everything bridges that collapsed now heavy machines are trying to clear the road so people can start moving freely around the island. were able to cover part of the trip by road then we have to walk through the mountains. some houses are destroyed and this is how many are trying to locate their relatives this days and. been seeing a little light going on at night so they are turning on their small electrical panel and this is really good news but even though they lived here most of their lives things have changed since the hurricane there used to be a small road here but it's now completely covered with trees so they're trying to find alternative ways to make it there in spite of the difficulties they say
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nothing will stop them from making to their old home half an hour later they start calling out and there are signs that things could be ok. shortly after they found what they searched for. we're alive we're alive my girls don't have health and since we have been living here for forty seven years. one of the recall has been devastated by a hurricane by for at least two sisters the wind and the rain were not able to take away the people they cherish the most hideous i will or to call reese what rico the death toll has risen to at least three hundred sixty one people in mexico's magnitude seven point one earthquake after another body was discovered in the capital two hundred twenty of the deaths were in mexico city while others were killed or position clear i'm absolutely a peace with myself about the pain. if you question know this law i think
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one can question it best place saying well you can't all hope luci on women will say but we are free to change our liberty but a false things such a law on us to men in berlin have become the first gay couple to tie the knot after germany's new laws on same sex marriage came into force town halls opened on sunday to allow couples to celebrate the law change same sex partners have been able to register their partnerships since two thousand in two thousand and one but they now have the same tax advantages and adoption rights as heterosexual couples germany's parliament agreed to change the law in june. former american football star o.j. simpson has been released from prison in the usa to have nevada the seventy year old left in the early hours of sunday after serving nine years for a botched robbery attempt at a las vegas hotel in two thousand and seven in one nine hundred ninety five simpson
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was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife nicole brown and her friend in a case that was dubbed the trial of the century. this is al jazeera and these are top stories initial figures show a decisive vote in favor of catalonia secession from spain in sunday's referendum but they also indicate an unexpectedly low turnout more than eight hundred people were injured across the region as spanish police moved in to shut down some polling stations the regional government in catalonia unveiled the preliminary results over an hour ago. two million two hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty four ballot papers and we know the people voting yes is two million twenty thousand one hundred forty four that is ninety percent of votes have voted yes to the independence of catalonia noles one hundred seventy six thousand five hundred sixty
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six and that represents seven point eight percent of the vote blank void forty five thousand six hundred eighty six representing two percent and we also have twenty thousand one hundred twenty nine void votes that represent all point eighty nine percent right now. these are the counts we have but we are told that there are approximately fifteen thousand votes to be counted yet. i saw has claimed responsibility for a knife attack that killed two people in them are say in the southern french city at the main train station there police opened a counterterrorism investigation after the attacker was shot dead by special forces at the scene and canada police say a man arrested over an attack in edmonton is a somali national seeking refugee status five people were injured when the thirty
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two year old rammed into a traffic control barricade before attacking a police officer with a knife the trial of two women accused of murdering the north korean leader's estranged half brother is you to get under way in malaysia there accused of poisoning kim jong nam with a nerve agent at the crack kuala lumpur airport in february and iran has joined iraqi efforts to take control of their border crossing from the kurdish regional government while it tries to convince a regional government to cancel the referendum resource coming up next on al-jazeera inside story. with. the the with. violence outside polling stations in spain's controversial secession followed say
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they want to separate barge madrid insists the referendum is illegal so how will the governments to deal with this and can cause pneumonia be independent as inside story.


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