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tv   The Listening Post 2017 Ep 35  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 7:32am-8:02am AST

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part five of the six part series filmed of a five years. on china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for our desire is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging they believe but declared because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. the coca plant has long been a pillar of bolivia's traditions but it's using illegal drugs today is threatening the nation's culture that might and yet most adora jews are involved because they received it back so while some have made fortunes many others have suffered at the hands of this multi-billion dollar industry me malady my mother was strangled with
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the cable and brutally covered with the power it was a huge news crime who are the winners and losers of this illicit trade snow of the andes this time. the ingredient that bring smiles but it's also the number one culprit in a global health crisis cardiovascular disease. number one killer all right i would say the hardest part is just discipline we think of that but there is that all the same if we prove that sugar and faces risk factors this is a problem techno i bestow on all disease. was. violent scenes of polling stations of the bitter political standoff
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as police crackdown on the capital and referendum declared illegal by the spanish government. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the trial has begun in malaysia of two women accused of murdering the north korean leaders it's strange to have rather. one family's struggle to reunite shows the painful road to recovery faced by the people of puerto rico and. seventy five million dollars. after visiting the hinge of refugees in bangladesh the head of the world food program outlines the scale of the help needed.
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initial figures released by the cattle and regional government show a decisive vote in favor of secession after sunday's referendum but also indicate a low turnout meanwhile the divide between the regional government in barcelona and central government in the dritte appears to have deepened after polls close the president of the regional government charles push months said that catalonia had earned its right to independence more than eight hundred people were injured as spanish police moved in to shut down some polling stations speaking from the capital madrid prime minister mariano to hoist said that spain had shown it has the resources to defend itself from an attack as serious as this illegal referendum and another sign this crisis is far from over labor unions in catalonia have called for a general strike on tuesday well catalonian government unveiled the preliminary results stressing that the spike the violence millions had voted and behaved peacefully. i we our element last year today democracy won more importantly today
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people won and they won because they behaved and defended democracy peacefully in these exceptional circumstances two million two hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty four people voted the latest now from al-jazeera penholder and barcelona. in a tally of the votes offered by catalan no authority as they say an overwhelming majority of those who voted voted in favor of catalonia breaking away from the rest of spain capital thora the say ninety percent of those who voted of voted for secession but the problem lies more in the level of voter turnout and from the figures that we have been given it seems that that actually did not reach much higher than around forty three percent that effectively means that well over hoffa registered voters in catalonia either did not turn out could not vote or boycotted
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the vote and that will certainly lead to even deeper divisions between the regional government in catalonia and the central government in madrid in the in the coming days what i believe we will see is that the cattle lying government pushing an interpretation to suggest that perhaps this turnout was a success by given the level of effort by the central government to crack down on this referendum and use police reinforcements to try and shut down voter stations on the other hand it is likely that madrid and prime minister mariano rajoy will point to this relatively low voter turnout to suggest that the catalonian government simply does not have a strong mandate to declare independence from the rest of spain we've going to have to look at developments over the coming forty eight hours because it is on tuesday
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that the catalan government has said it will declare independence from the rest of spain a based on this voter turnout they say that they will view the results of this referendum as binding also the main labor unions have declared a general strike from choose day in an effort to back the push for sister. well let's take a look back at the events of referendum day with john hendren. catalonia closed its polls in reopening a historic rift with spain. heard earlier catalans had lined up by the thousands devote many paying a high price for. spanish national police in riot gear battered their way into one voting center after another tossing peaceful voters downstairs striking them with the tongs and as promised confiscating ballot boxes. they did not discriminate by gender or age advancing on those peacefully protecting the polls sometimes
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retreating and sometimes clashing verbal ewood catalan is local more so delete apparently over the use of force today the spanish government has demonstrated a shameless attitude showing that it's only through violence that they can get their message across the spanish state has always on such questions with violence and repression. the catalan people have won the right to an independent state which would take the form of a republic here at the polls election organizers are a special tactic they gave the entire voter registry the only place so that if police shut down one polling place voters simply went to another this ninety two year old voter remembers when the catalan language was outlawed until the one nine hundred seventy s. now she comes to vote only to be turned away by a system shutdown. i believe we will gain independence because we are sick of the current government that we have. this hundred two year old waited out several
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outages to cast her ballot. that is just outside the center of barcelona where residents proudly fly the spanish banner some catalans quietly oppose independence easier said thank you i lived here for sixty years of course they love got along yeah. it's where my children are where my family lives but there's no reason why we have problems with this obsession of just displaying that i don't know if i am capitalism yeah and i don't think like secessionist you know that i'm from the outside but then when i go to my family home and i'm also from the outside you know where i might be wrong and what identity do i have yet the secessionist seem largely to have boycotted the referendum which the spanish government again declared illegitimate under spanish along you get it because. there was no independence referendum in catalonia today i'm the prime minister i'm the leader of the government and we have done what we have to deal with in the middle with only
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active in the law. when the voting ended thousands of defiant catalans remained outside to guard the ballots a long way a step and kids over. as pedal and celebrate they and the government of spain continue a standoff that might have only just begun john hendren al-jazeera barcelona. other news the trial of two women accused of murdering the north korean leaders a strange half brother is on the way in malaysia accused of poisoning kim jong nam with a nerve agent in kuala lumpur airport in february the women from vietnam and in today's here face the death penalty if you take you live to kuala lumpur florence louis is outside the high court in shah so florence what are we expecting from the first day of this trial today. we know that the two suspects it from indonesia and donkey hong from vietnam have already pleaded not guilty this is
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what has been widely expected because to do otherwise would have been a death sentence quite literally malaysia in malaysia murder conviction carries a mandatory death penalty now the lead prosecutor has also read his opening statement and he said he would be calling witnesses to help the prosecution prove beyond reasonable doubt that these two women carried out the attack on kim jong un and not only that knew what they were doing and intent knew that what they were doing was enough to kill him now and we haven't yet heard from the women of course it is still the prosecution who has to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt we're not sure yet if they will go on the witness stand but they have told representatives and diplomats from their home countries that they are not guilty that they thought they were taking part in a harmless prank for a reality television show and the prosecution is also expected to call expert witnesses to testify that kim jong un died from the it's nerve agent with so much
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publicity surrounding this case these two women are going to get a fair trial. well there's already a sense that they are not the real culprits behind this attack now don't forget there are other suspects and they are still at large north korean men charged police have not been able to question them much less. put them on trial they left malaysia a couple of hours off to them was committed there is an interpol red notice out for them but malaysian police have not been able to bring them into custody now believe prosecutors stated in his opening statement that he will put forward evidence to the board that will explain the roles of these two men and explain how they were present when the two women carried out the attack and also when they carried out practice runs at shopping malls in kuala lumpur but the fact that it's only the two women who are on trial and not the four suspects who are believed widely believed
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to planned the attack really is already giving people a sense that. it's an awesome trial and that these two women were just pawns in a high profile case zero is florence louis reporting live from kuala lumpur many thanks florence well robert kelly is a professor of political science and diplomacy at the national university he says that kim jong nam death will have strained north korea china relations given that he was on the chinese protection at the time. yeah i think the chinese are pretty upset with the north koreans they just don't want to say it publicly i think geopolitically the chinese see north korea as a useful buffer between them and the americans and the japanese and south koreans so they like the idea of china of korea being divided and north korea being roughly in the chinese orbit what they really don't like is the sort of ideological gangster kind of governance of north korea right so the pursuit of nuclear weapons obviously is very disruptive to china i think that china i think they do think china is not lying when they say they want to denuclearize korea they want to keep the north korea alive they don't mind the kim family but i don't think they want
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them when you get weapons similar i think the chinese realize that all this kind of north korean gangsters and the kind of things that we've seen in malaysia not just the murders but north korea traffickers and methamphetamines and counterfeit dollars and so i think that north korea does a lot of sort of shady illicit stuff and i think the chinese would like to find a way to rein that in but they don't really know how all that sort of ends up or down and not the china right because it's you know chinese banks the whole north korean money and stuff like that and china acts the pipeline to north korea and all this tarnishes china's reputation as sort of a responsible normal you know rising superpower right they look like they're sort of a patron of the of this sort of gangster's that right and so i would say that the relationship would probably pretty strained but until china decides that north korea isn't sort of worth it as a geo political buffer anymore i don't see them cutting north korea loose the u.s. president has dismissed his secretary of state's efforts to negotiate with north korea as a waste of time donald trump's comments come a day off the rex tillerson revealed that the u.s. was using direct channels of communication with pyongyang mike hanna reports from washington. secretary of state rix to listen has been holding high level talks in
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beijing dealing both with north korea as well as the wider relationship between the u.s. and china this seen as a crucial part of a warm up in relations between the two countries and china would have welcomed to listens apparent commitment to pursuing a diplomatic track in dealing with north korea in an off the camera interview the secretary of state confirmed publicly that the u.s. was pursuing back channels in dialogue with the pyongyang administration. this was the president's reaction less than twenty four hours later i told ricks to listen now wonderful secretary of state that he's wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man followed by save your energy rex we'll do what has to be done. president trump continued tweeting on north korea while he traveled a short distance from his golf club to another to watch the final day of the presidents cup tournament apparently unconcerned that he'd publicly contradicted
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his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to have given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue avenues of dialogue on this occasion is particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and his up and stated policy this is not the first time the president has publicly contradicted his secretary of state but given that to listen appears to his given his commitment to chinese leaders to pursue you avenues of dialogue it's particularly embarrassing to the country's top diplomat and is often stated policy we're going to continue our our peaceful pressure campaign as i have described it working with allies working with china as well to see if we can bring the regime and point yank to the negotiating table with a view to begin a dialogue on a different future for korean peninsula and for north korea this policy now reversed without consultation in a few thumb strokes and no matter how wonderful the president may describe his
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secretary of state ricks to listen is cutting an increasingly lonely figure in what is clearly a divided administration mike hanna al-jazeera washington. facebook plans to turn over copies of around three thousand ads with suspected russian links to the u.s. congress on monday the social network says that the ads will likely bought by people in russia in the months before and after last year's u.s. election three congressional panels are investigating allegations of russian meddling in the election i saw has claimed responsibility for a knife attack that killed two young women and must say his main train station the attacker a man believed to be in his thirty's was shot dead by special forces a counterterrorism investigation is underway france's interior minister described the event as an awful tragedy and praised the security forces police in canada meanwhile say that a man arrested over an attack in edmonton is
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a somali national seeking refugee status five people were injured when the thirty year old rammed a car into a traffic control barricade before attacking police a police officer with a knife officers are calling the incident an act of terrorism after seizing what appeared to be an eyesore flag from the vehicle. will get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then we'll take a look at how economic sanctions are threatening the livelihoods of kurds who depend on cross border trade and forced to flee thousands group to safety after a volcano an. island. from the. to the city that never sleeps. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western
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parts of asia you can see the eastern areas gerri looking dry and fine still some showers around the southern side of the caspian sea and rather caucuses some big storms are likely send you away towards back when i say by sound there with eighteen as a mix on so the eastern side of turkey also looking wet to pursue come further south into lebanon where the conditions find their beirut it twenty eight but you notice that area of rain becomes more extensive and heads further towards the east maybe even tehran might pick up the old shower still pretty warm in kuwait of course at this time of the year but then in the arabian peninsula temperatures not quite as high as that for so in the gulf states temperatures just easing fractionally humidity not quite as high as it has been on the other side of the peninsula temperatures still around about the forty mark for both mecca and medina so heading down into southern parts of africa where the conditions for the most part looking fine but we still want to showers around the eastern side of south africa into the sotto and swaziland should be dry and find it twenty three further north across much of botswana and into maybe
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a weather conditions should also remain dry with plenty of sunshine in central africa plenty of big showers effect in central africa public and also good bond with highs of twenty nine expected in the brazil. the weather sponsored by cattle.


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