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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia you can see the. looking draw and find still some showers around the southern side of the caspian sea and around the caucasus some big storms are likely extending a way towards back in azerbaijan there with eighteen is a nice one so the eastern side of turkey also looking wet as you come further south into lebanon where the conditions find there beirut at twenty eight but you notice that area of rain becomes more extensive ahead further towards the east maybe even tehran might pick up the old shower still pretty warm in kuwait of course at this time of the year but then in the arabian peninsula temperatures not quite as high as that for so in the gulf states temperatures just easing from the humidity not quite as high as it has been on the other side of the peninsula temperatures still run about the forty mark for both mecca and medina so heading down into southern parts of africa where the conditions for the most part i'm looking fine but we still want to run the eastern side of south africa into the sotto and swaziland
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should be dry and fine at twenty three for the north across much of botswana and into maybe a weather conditions should also remain dry with plenty of sunshine in central africa plenty of big showers effect in central africa public and also the bond with highs of twenty nine expected in the brazil. the weather sponsored by qatar race. break. blanket coverage follows experts and politicians often platitudes and sound bites strong and stable leadership trying to play the media and shape the message in an age of simplistic narratives the listening post critiques the mainstream response today in the hundred days of this administration exposing the influences that drive the headlines at this time on al-jazeera.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera international figures show a decisive vote in favor of catalonia succession from spain in sunday's referendum but also indicate a low turnout more than eight hundred people were injured across the region a spanish police moved in to shut down some polling stations. two women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader have pleaded not guilty to his murder at the start of their trial in malaysia they're accused of poisoning kim jong nam with a nerve agent a kuala lumpur airport. and the u.s. president has contradicted his secretary of state's handling of the north korean crisis dismissing efforts to negotiate over its nuclear program as a waste of time donald trump's comments come a day after rex tillerson revealed that the u.s.
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was using direct channels of communication with pyongyang further economic sanctions on iraq's kurdish region are expected in retaliation for last week's secession referendum iran has joined iraqi efforts to take control of its border crossing from the kurdish regional government now businesses near the turkish border fear that their crossing may also close and some of the spent time with turkish kurds whose livelihoods depend on cross border trade beyond the border it's a landscape that's fertile with dreams of independence for iraqi kurds the reality is so different. is a turkish kurd he sees the dream but he has doubts. every human being had the right to have the referendum but of all those around you and against the more. everyone here is dependent on board of trade
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many own all trucks for part time work transporting goods into iraq. it's tough living here most people have relatives over the border and don't want to leave threats of closing the crossing only makes things harder. people living in this area will be jobless is the border closures will have to find a labor and he stumbled or collect his allots in turkey. the only way in and out of the kurdish region of iraq by land is normally one of the busiest border crossings in the world since the warnings of its closure there's been a reduction in traffic the iraqi government insists it doesn't intend to starve out the iraqi kurds the people don't feel reassured this whole border area is consumed by uncertainty the only crossing point for turkey into iraq isn't only crucial for the iraqi kurds it's life on this side of the border for the local economy.
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runs a truck repair business he isn't a kurd but he says everyone he's working with wants peace and the return of business confidence. traders are uncertain will there be war in northern iraq they worry we need a decision fast and we need the language of peace from the authorities so that we can go back to the good old days of real trading. gets on with his work but he's just heard the owner of this truck wants the engine repairs stopped his customer doesn't want to be faced with the bill until he's sure the border remains open andrew symonds al-jazeera on the turkey iraq. the u.s. president has called critics of his response to disaster hit puerto rico quote politically motivated ingrates. goods are running low and some families remain
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separated nearly two weeks after hurricane maria it. has followed two sisters on a journey to find their missing father. and have not heard from their father for more than ten days he lives in the central mountains in an area that was among the hardest hit by the hurricane i guess it's difficult to find these days that's why when neighbors gave them some they decided to go and find him . was not. their ways to get there. and now we are trying to. find them he lives in one of the most remote areas of puerto rico. there when i was a child but this is the strongest one that so far we headed to was in the center of the island there is no electricity no communications here nobody
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knows how bad the situation really is. normally you go in there. and everything. and. all these big trees are beautiful and. very sad but once there we were told we needed to take another road to the accessibility there this is what's happening all around. covered with bridges that collapse now heavy machines are trying to clear the road so people can start moving freely around the island. were able to cover part of the trip by road then we have to walk through the mountains. some houses are destroyed in this. is how many are trying to locate their relatives this days and neighbor told us that they been seen a little light going on at night so they are turning on their small electrical panel
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and this is really good news but even though they lived here most of their lives things have changed since the hurricane there used to be a small road here but it's now completely covered with trees so they're trying to find alternative ways to make it there in spite of the difficulties they say nothing will stop them from making to their old home half an hour later they start calling out and there are signs that things could be ok shortly after they found what they searched for. were alive were alive my girls don't have health ed says he has been living here for forty seven years. what authority call has been devastated by hurricane by for at least two sisters the wind and the rain were not able to take away the people they cherish the most. what about.
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me and miles leader aung san suu kyi is sending a representative to hold talks with bangladesh's foreign minister as the refugee crisis continues the head of the world food program visited camps in bangladesh on sunday aid agencies are trying to help more than half a million people who fled the military crackdown a million miles for crime state there's limited access to clean water and toilets and health workers fear that there could be an outbreak of disease u.n. world food program head david beasley says that bangladesh needs international support to help deal with the crisis. just for example the world. seventy million. we need support from around the world because you're talking about. the. proper nutrition and safe water and sanitation.
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explode into a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. on the bangladesh border. to discuss their. personally by. the desired to meet the prime minister she isn't here now. and when i had. crisis going through we have to see if i point to. put. any of those will be implemented on the ground it remains. close to. coming to bangladesh within the span of one month when they're going to be taken out what are the process how are they going to be identified is a very complicated and although there is a lot of diplomatic maneuvering going on by the u.s. by the u.n.
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the real pressure should come from china and india to kind of leverage. unless that happens not much is going to happen. thousands of refugees been here for decades and nothing's been solved yet so the complication lies how is buying with us going to sustain this close to a million refugees from the old and the new influx how they're going to be helped by the international agencies and foreign governments what is on the ground things have improved since the first few weeks what we have seen there is a better relieved. better coordination lot of the u.n. agency heads are on the ground personally monitoring things however the threat of infectious diseases still there because the sanitation and sort of system within the camps are still in condition unless those. there is a clear danger of infectious disease spreading into the camps as well as within the local community many things still need to be resolved and the crisis is far from
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over refugees are still coming in not in great numbers but within fifty and hundreds almost every other day or every day. a sri lankan refugee held in australia's offshore prison on minors island has committed suicide the man's body was found in the grounds of the longer hospital where he'd been receiving treatment for a mental illness he'd been placed in the health care center after harming himself earlier in the week in argentina thousands of people have marched to the presidential palace and one assad is over the disappearance of a young protester santiago maldonado went missing in august opposition and human rights groups allege that he was detained by security forces but the government says there's no evidence of that of another was last seen during a security operation to end protests by an indigenous community of all kaino on vanuatu island of amber as a rock did as evacuations continue to other south pacific islands astray or sent
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a naval vessel to assist the eruptions polluted the the island's main water sources leaving flowers and is in need of safe drinking water and plaster more than eighty islands lies on the geologically active pacific ring of fire. said accusingly the situation is a big disaster which is affecting the whole island everyone must leave it's affecting all people west east south the whole of. the canadian politician whose measured response to a racist heckler went viral last month has become the first nonwhite figure to head a major political party that jack mead saying had been elected leader of the new democratic party the third biggest force after the liberals and conservatives saying chanted love and courage and said that he wasn't intimidated by hate after a woman yelled at him about islamic sharia law at an event in ontario prime minister justin trudeau has congratulated singh on his election.
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good to have you with us adrian forgetting here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera this our initial figures show a decisive vote in favor of catalunya secession from spain in sunday's referendum but also indicate a low turnout more than eight hundred people were injured across the region the spanish police moved in to shut down some polling stations the local government unveiled the preliminary results stressing that despite the violence millions have voted and behaved peacefully or we. hear today democracy won more importantly today people won and they won because they behaved independent democracy peacefully in these exceptional circumstances two million two hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty four people voted two women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader kim jong un have pleaded not guilty to his murder the trial is underway in malaysia they're accused of poisoning
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kim jong nam with a nerve agent of kuala lumpur airport in february the u.s. president has contradicted his secretary of state's handling of the north korea crisis dismissing efforts to negotiate with pyongyang over its nuclear program as a waste of time donald trump's comments come the day after rex tillerson revealed that the u.s. is using direct channels of communication with north korea facebook plans to turn over copies of around three thousand and to the u.s. congress on monday the social network says the ads will likely bought by people in russia in the months before and after last year's u.s. election three congressional panels are investigating allegations of russian meddling in the election. i saw claimed responsibility for a knife attack in france in which two women died of ses main train station the attacker was shot dead by special forces at the scene police in canada say a man arrested over an attack in edmonton is
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a somali national seeking refugee status five people were injured when the thirty year old rammed a vehicle into a traffic control barricade before attacking a police officer with a knife iran has joined iraqi efforts to take control of its border crossing from the kurdish regional government the economic measure is aimed at pressuring the kurdish leadership into question last week's secession referent of result as the headlines more news after the listening post next. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new labor market can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead of us the fact is a play as oil prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time. used to turn the referendum on.
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a lower richard guess where in europe the listening post here are some of the stories we're covering this week barcelona versus madrid not the football match it's the media in competition over the catalan independence story community radio stations in mexico and the stories they tell no place to hide two more syrian journalists are killed in turkey and millenniums listen up advertisers have got you all figured out. we begin the program with a story from the catalonian corner of spain which is holding an independence referendum this week and the different ways in which the spanish and catalan media have reported on the referendum suggests that the coverage is one part journalism and one part propaganda that reflects the positions of the governments involved
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since the national government in madrid is calling the whole referendum process unconstitutional t.v. spain's largest public broadcaster is the channel once described by its own journalists as a propaganda instrument of the state news outlets based in catalonia aren't much better the widely watched t.v. three which gets more than half of its funding from the regional government has been accused of indoctrinating the cattle on people rather than informing them cattle lands pro independence president car less pushed the moment is a former journalist so we know. it was a thing or two about shaping the media narrative he's looking beyond madrid and has been busily trying to convince international audiences through outlets like the washington post the guardian and since bridging the media divide in his own country is proving to be a much more difficult task our starting point this week is the catalan capital barcelona.
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and. let me tell you. that. this isn't about two conflicting narratives the state and private media in catalonia have drawn up an absolutely had to monic narrative one sided and full of lies. on the part of. what you know is that the government censors just part of me and that is me that it's very strange to assume that all people are deluded that they have no mind of their own and there's a single t.v. station fifteen or twenty that broadcasting council all of which is capable of mobilizing all the chaos we're seeing in this country. spain and its media are so divided that this comedian is offering to play
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peacekeeper. and. keeping the peace is a challenge when in one corner the cattle and one stands a regional government determined to go ahead with an independence referendum the spanish court has ruled unconstitutional standing alongside back government in barcelona is a publicly funded channel t.v. three which has taken a clear stand. advertising calling for participating in there were a friend and i know it's seen by the constitutional court. it was a. professor of the. public service broadcaster they have they now said one day considered to be political instrument on their
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t.v. . media have established a frame of reference which reflects only the nationalist version of reality they haven't even had to work out that. they've simply excluded more than half of catalonia population from their frame of reference but i don't really believe this is going to get. them said you were not able to get it right. as the cattle and media both of her independence and we defend that there is a majority of people who want to sort out the future of catalonia and decide it with their votes what divides the kaplan people is how to achieve this and this division is also visible in the catholic media.


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