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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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just to show that. sometimes. a defense to a personal fight against you. in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines the man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana at this time. at least twenty people are dead one hundred others have been injured in a mass shooting in las vegas. hello and welcome to our jazeera live from. that is also coming up.
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celebrating victory in catalonia votes to leave spain but could the joy be short lived. palestinian reconciliation a senior fatah delegation goes to hamas controlled gaza to try to end the ten year rift that's left nearly two million girls and more deprived than ever. the emotional family reunion is predatory can struggle to put their lives back together almost two weeks after her a canoe area. that we saw out in the united states where police say in the city of las vegas at least twenty people have been killed one hundred others have been injured. officers responded to the shooting at the mandalay bay hotel killing one attacker a
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police spokesman says they're still trying to find a female suspect. we have well in excess of one hundred plus injured an excess of twenty plus. that have died at this point so we will get those numbers to you accurately as soon as we can but please bear with us this is an ongoing investigation but we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this event is has expired or passed away and is no longer a threat well. the ground is a try to avoid the. yeah. and this is describe what happened. for this v.i.p.
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stages away from mandalay bay and they were ricocheting everywhere we were they were firing from somewhere high and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after clip. i had my wife had dropped down to just kind of and i told her to get up and start with gone and as we did there was a gal that was off to the right of us on the side of her face and was bleeding. to wade. he's on the line wade tell us what you know about this incident. yes hi i am standing right now at one of the hospitals in the area where victims have been taken in the lobby is packed with friends family and well wishers wait to hear more. i've seen people wearing smocks they've had to discard bloodied clothing there is some bloody clothing it's discarded outside of
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the hospital. area folks right now is waiting for more information waiting to hear what was that tell us about the consulate who was the filming what kind of people were attending. yes this was a multiple day country concert the attack happened while the country music artist jason how the was on the stage is what i'm told by people who were there they said he started playing they heard a sound like fireworks going off he played for about thirty more seconds before it dawned on everyone that this was not fireworks people hit the ground people ran. and gentleman here i don't know what kind of people what kind of people were on the cones what kind of people are they people from out of town with a local people has a book toto ruins as well to enjoy maybe a couple of days away from home what kind of event. yes sure so
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far have actually talked a lot of locals who who came out to the show. steeple from as far as chicago people from as far as los angeles that i've talked to who've right cave in to town to see some of the the artist or for a vacation ranged on the strip or stay nearby. to just to enjoy some music. and an aide to mean was there an average age as far as you can tell with a middle age with a they said they don't look to be young says. i talk to a couple of twenty somethings but i would say it is start stewing more toward. thirty's and forty's i've seen and see a range of people as young as twenty two and as as old. right. and the really sad to say but the police spokesman talked
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about there being more than twenty dead he said that there be more than one hundred injured. yes that is what we've also heard we heard of out more than twenty. years ago without any particular charge. all right wade millwood of the last vegas journal review thank you very much indeed for talking to us talking just live from one of the hospitals in the last vegas area thank you. and of course we'll keep you right up to date and bring in more detail on that particular incident as soon as we get it but in the meantime we'll look at what's been going on in spain because catalunya as government is now claiming victory in sunday's referendum they say that ninety percent of those who voted secession from spain but only forty two percent of catalonia is five point three million registered voters a believed to have turned out for the referendum that's just under two million people many opposition groups in the region boycotted the vote because they
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believed it to be illegal in line with the spanish government and it's estimated that spanish police shut down about half of the polling stations preventing many people from being able to vote either way from east. and the entire world has seen that on one side we have violence and shame and on the other democracy and dignity this is an easy election to have moreover this is an election that we asked for from the european institutions and from governments of other countries who want desire a call out for us to be able to build a more open democratic world. coexistence is a good that we must begin to recover as soon as possible i say very clearly i'm not going to close any door and if it did it's not my way of doing politics i've always offered an honest sincere dialogue but always within the law and always within the democracy frame. john hendren is live for us now in barcelona
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so victory being claimed on the one hand victory being claimed on the other side as well where does that leave the situation in catalonia today. i think about where we expected it to be martin the spanish government was never going to consider this a legitimate election and they certainly did everything they could so stop it they say in thousands of police at least sixteen thousand police from the national police and from the civil defense force. we're here trying and their mandate was to stop this election and to confiscate the ballots they succeeded it neither of those in a complete sense but they certainly dampened the turnout and they they certainly affected the election they had arrested a number of election officials beforehand they confiscated ten million ballots at one point so i think to put that turnout number in perspective we don't really know exactly what the turnout was in a definitive sense because they confiscated
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a number of ballots catalonian officials say it was about seven hundred seventy thousand but again we don't know and you had police battering their way into these polling stations the national police the local police were not doing that as far as we can tell and you had eight hundred some people injured this vanished government says there were also about three dozen police who were injured but what we saw on the ground here were were people linked linking their arms and then just being struck by a baton even in some cases tossed down stairwells so that certainly dampened enthusiasm for voters and nevertheless you did get a sick significant number here whether you consider that legitimate or not the president of catalonia carlos is said that there is no minimum threshold and he says that even under spanish law there is no minimum threshold so he considers it a victory the spanish government considers it a crime sent up to the castle i know for it is proposed today do that and they re
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going to go ahead with the union you need a lateral that creation of independence. yeah i spoke to carlos put it did put him on a couple days ago the catalonian regional president and he said that if this referendum went ahead and if a majority of those who voted however many that was said yes then he was going to present to the parliament a proposal to create an. independent state to declare independence and that is what most of the government officials here seem to be determined to do and now they have what they consider a mandate to do that what we don't know is how spain will respond will the spanish government come and try to occupy catalonia will it arrest the leaders who have done this they've threatened them with charges of sedition that could include a fifteen year prison term i asked carlos if he was willing to serve that term and
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he said we will take responsibility for whatever happens but it would be a big mistake and the international community would not be happy to see that and as you say john i mean you've actually had an in-depth conversation haven't you with the castle and president is it your impression that they actually prepared for what independence could entails like renegotiating the entry to the european union in the euro zone like renegotiating the entry into into nato for instance i mean have they prepared for that kind of thing. i think they're determined to take on those challenges but i don't think that they're prepared and how does one prepare we see from the the experience in britain that declaring a thing is one thing and actually achieving it is another and it can take a long time they don't know that they would be able to enter back into the european
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union. at least amount says that he believes that will happen but one country under current rules can deny entry and certainly spain would seek to do that he thinks that he he could come to some kind of reproach along with spain where that would happen clearly this is not an area that has its own military they've got sheep fields where there would be borders so there would be a lot of infrastructure to set up and you know they they have not begun the physical work of doing that but push them on says they have started the planning for that and they are confident that they would be in the european union all right thank you for that john hendren our correspondent live in barcelona. the u.s. president has called critics of his response to disaster. as quote politically motivated in great power is still down on the island goods are running low some families are separated nearly two weeks after hurricane maria hit our correspondent has been
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with her sister been on the journey to try to find their missing father. sherry and try health failed have not heard from their father for more than ten days he lives in the central mountains in an area that was among the hardest hit by the hurricane gas is difficult to find these days that's why when neighbors gave them some they decided to go and find him. before they go. their ways to get their work. and now we are trying to go there and find them he lives in one of the most remote areas of puerto rico if i spent a year in there to here it is there when i was a child but this is the strongest one that hit the island so far and we headed to was a nice in the center of the island there is no electricity no communications here
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nobody knows how bad the situation really is. normally you go in there. and everything is green and you have all these big trees are beautiful and now looks very. very sad but once there we were told we needed to take another road to the actual shooter this is what's happening all around. covered with everything bridges that collapsed now heavy machines are trying to clear the road so people can start moving freely around the island. were able to cover part of the trip by road then we have to walk through the mud. intern's. some houses are destroyed and this is how many are trying to locate their relatives this days and neighbor told us that they'd been seen a little light going on at night so we're thinking they are turning on their small
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electrical panel and this is really good news but even though they lived here most of their lives things have changed since the hurricane there used to be a small road here but it's now completely covered with trees so they're trying to find alternative ways to make it there in spite of the difficulties they say nothing will stop them from making to their old home half an hour later they start calling out and there are signs that things could be ok shortly after they found what they searched for. were alive were alive my girls don't have health ed says he has been living here for forty seven years. what authority call has been devastated by hurricane by for these two sisters the wind and the rain were not able to take away the people they cherish the most hideous i will i just cedar or local reese what are ego loss what a gram here at al-jazeera including getting an education is
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a challenge for most girls in south sudan find out how one school is helping many of them attend class and the colombian government and the rebel group and the gay ca to their first ever since staff after five decades of fighting. hello there we're seeing lots of lively showers over the southeast in parts of asia at the moment plenty of them over borneo and plenty more towards the west as well and in fact it's a march where we've seen some of the heaviest outbreaks over one hundred millimeters of rain there in the last twenty four hours now as we head through the next few days we can expect some more all the shop downpours plenty of sunshine in between though for the western part but over borneo some of the showers will linger around for a little bit longer than you might hope and also for us in parts of it now in the
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southern parts they're looking pretty soggy and there's no major change really as we head through wednesday so plenty of rain here down towards australia lots of dry weather here but we have been watching this weather system who actually sink its way southwards has been affecting some of us in queensland bringing some of us some very heavy downpours hundred forty four millimeters of rain there and it looks like that system will finally begin to clear away as we head through the next few days so still the chance of one or two outbreaks of rain on choose day and then as we head through into wednesday here should brighten up towards the west well it looks like perth will have a fine day twenty degrees will be our maximum if you show us just around in some parts of western australia they generally fairly well scattered over the southeastern parts of working towards tasmania with.
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documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. let's take a look at the top stories and here at al-jazeera more than twenty people have been killed in a gun attack in the u.s. city of las vegas more than
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a hundred other people have been injured the gunman opened fire from a hotel window on to a concert at mandalay bay casino and hotel police responded they killed one attacker who they described as a local man and they say they're still trying to find a second female suspect. catalunya as regional government says ninety percent of voters have gone in favor of secession from spain in sunday's referendum despite a relatively low turnout at least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region the spanish police moved in to shut down some of the polling stations. the senior fatah leaders are on their way to go as a part of reconciliation efforts to mend ties with the rival palestinian faction hamas the palestinian authority's prime minister rami hamdullah is leading the delegation this is his first visit to the strip since twenty fifty gaza has
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struggled with months of electricity shortages. for the past decade how much has controlled the strip while the faster controlled palestinian authority holds power in new york people and west bank the rift between the palestinian factions began when hamas won parliamentary polls in gaza in two thousand and six talks to form a government there broke down because of ideological differences fatah supported a two state solution hamas rejected israel's right to exist the differences lead to conflict in the eventual hamas takeover of gaza in two thousand and seven have been several failed attempts at the two factions reconciliation. then hamas announced it would dissolve its rival administration and want to move forming a unity government all right let's go live now to our correspondent gary forsett he's at the area's crossing into gaza and harry the prime minister has just arrived in gaza. where it was still waiting for me about fifteen or twenty minutes
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behind schedule but certainly he was jews who arrived at the top of this hour midday local time when he does arrive he'll be greeted by a military band and obviously a big delegation from officials here in gaza then he'll give a news conference and then he'll go beyond the gates into gaza proper just across there about a one hundred meters or so away there is a large group hundreds of largely young men and teenage boys the very kind of people who have been so deprived of jobs and a future under the last ten years of separation and israeli blockade with unemployment rates among the youth especially running at sixty percent or so he will then mr handler go to gaza city for talks with his male honey or the political leader of hamas they'll have lunch together and then he will give him a tour of some of the most deprived areas of gaza the reasons behind all this
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many but some suggested it could be because of the sheer amount of pressure that was being inflicted on the hamas administration not just by the israeli blockade but also by the restrictions imposed by the p.a. by fatah in recent months on a tricity on paying cuts in payments to its staff also there is those who say that imus may want to offload some of the problems of running a government under these circumstances to see if they can make good on their promises for a better future for the people of gaza and the question must be that this attempt because there have been others before that have failed that this attempt will succeed. or. the noises on both sides that are being made are extremely positive there is a big welcome arranged here already for mr and his fellow ministers and the rest of his delegation posters of mahmoud abbas and the prime minister are up posters of the egyptian president sisi as well for the first time because it's egypt that has
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brokered this deal the question remains how in the longer term after they've handed over power in the various ministries how they solve things like the security arrangements on the egyptian border crossing who's in charge there who's in charge of internal security and indeed who has control alternately over the military wing of hamas hamas is very clear that that is not on the table that talking about committees to try and solve the issues of how to run the security situation within gaza there was a suggestion that from officials that mahmoud abbas doesn't want to see something similar to what's happened in lebanon with hezbollah military wing being another center of power we've heard from a senior member saying that that has never been a condition but that it is part of the longer term negotiations on the basis of one of the previous agreements that happened in twenty eleven in cairo but those sorts of very difficult issues if and now postponed will have to be solved at some stage
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in the future all right harry thank you harry for that live at the air is crossing now the two women accused of assassinating the half brother of the north korean leader kim jong both pleaded not guilty at their trial in a malaysian court they're charged with killing kim jong nam by smearing his face with a band nerve agent at the airport in february the women say they thought they were part of a prank for a hidden camera show they face a death penalty if found guilty he has more from shah alam high court. the two suspects from indonesia from vietnam have pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering kim jong nam on that team of february now the lead prosecutor in his opening remarks said the prosecution will put forward evidence including calling expert witnesses to testify that kim jong un died after being swamped with a lethal dose of v.x. nerve agent and he said they will be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that
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these two women knew what they were doing and knew that what they were doing was enough to kill kim jong il not now of course these two women are not the only suspect in this case though for the north korean men but they are still at large police malaysian police have not been able to question them much less put them on trial now they are thought to have left malaysia a couple of hours after the killing was committed and they're believed to be in north korea there is an interpol red notice alert out for these men now of course at this stage we don't still know what the motive was this could become kara in the coming weeks but the two women have said told diplomats from the home countries that they are not guilty but they thought they were just taking part in a harmless prank for a reality television show a ban on full face veils has come into force in austria muslim groups have condemned the law which the government says is to protect values the lower applies . with specific exceptions for things like surgical mosques worn in hospitals and
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dress of cultural events and breaking the ban faces a potential fine one hundred. fifty fifty. i believe in like tolerance and liberality in truth what is happening here is a massive oppression of women and with this background i think it's right to say that there are limits i think we have made our position clear i'm absolutely a peace with myself about the. question i know this no i think one can question. play saying well you can't. label she on women will say but we are free to change our liberty but you. know what this is in english speaking parts of cameroon say the government is continuing to crack down on independence protests as following sunday's demonstrations the soldiers shot dead at least eight people and wounded several
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others when anger ferns began protesting on cameron's unification day residents say gunshots have been heard throughout the night tear gas is still being used by the military cameron was unified in one thousand nine hundred eighty one but english speakers accuse the francophone majority of discrimination. more than half of girls in south sudan drop out of school before the age of eighteen many of them come under pressure from their family to do so that teachers in one school in the rural town of rome back working with the community to change attitudes and to help girls finish their education morgan reports she's not just preparing for classes as she packs her books for. every day she stays in school is a win in the battle between her and her relatives who want her out of school. had only been in life. supportive of us when we need to get to my right leg i
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really feel that if i get tomorrow they will get. there the only prove they're living standard. marriage is not the only thing that can force young girls like josephine out of school south sudan has been at war for the past four years since its independence from sudan and twenty eleven thousands have been killed and nearly a quarter of its twelve million population displaced and that has prevented many children from attending school some parents say they don't want their kids in class because of the tribal tensions the world has created cyrus barrow says she had some fears before she joined school and till she met girls from other tribes i was very fearful and i went into. the chat of sandwich. communities that long time to this day i only. learned how to ski. but going to school especially for girls in south sudan is not easy according to
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unicef more than half of the children in south sudan are out of school and of those who are in school only thirty seven percent are girls and less than three percent of them actually finish high school and graduate. in many parts of the country a girl's value is based soley on how many cows which is regarded as a source of wealth the family can get when she's married sister or a. girl second preschool in room back the only boarding school in the country she says her school has managed to work out a way with the local community to keep the girls in school so one of the things we have to do in the school is we've had to get them to sign an agreement with the school and we asked for an elder within the family to come with the girl to sign an agreement with the school that if she comes to the school she will not be forced out over the four years works but sadly we're still two percent we still managed to lose every year commute to illustrate it's often difficult to convince the families to let the girls stay in school and i'm very lucky you some of the parents still
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don't understand why it's important to keep the girls in school here we tried to talk to them but sometimes we get insulted and harassed we talk to the girls we talk to the parents but it's very hard for the parents to be convinced justin doesn't know if she'll lose the fight against her family but she hopes they give up before she's forced to leave her books behind people morgan al-jazeera room back. then will the nine hundred explosives brought down the old cold scale scary bridge in the u.s. state of new york a controlled explosion blew up the eighteen year old structure that once connected the new york city bar as a brooklyn and queens the bridge had been named after a military engineer who was polish he came to fight for the independence of the american colonies. and say to our top stories again at least twenty people have been killed in
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a gun attack in the u.s. city of las vegas more than one hundred people have been injured a gunman opened fire from a hotel window on to concert at the hotel in mandalay bay casino. police killed one attacker who they described as being a local man the still trying to find a woman who they describe as a person of interest we have well in excess of one hundred plus injured an excess of twenty plus. that have died at this point so we will get those numbers to you accurately as soon as we can but please bear with us this is an ongoing investigation but we are comfortable that the primary aggressor in this event is has expired or passed away and is no longer a threat. catalunya is regional government says ninety percent of faces have gone in favor of secession from spain in sunday's referendum despite
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a relatively low turnout at least eight hundred people were injured across the region a spanish police try to shut down some of the polling stations catalonia as president says the region won the right to become an independent state. visiting the girls as part of reconciliation efforts to mend ties with rival palestinian factions hamas the palestinian authority prime minister rami hamdullah is leading the delegation hamas controls gaza but is open the door to restore ties with fatah which controls the palestinian authority the two women accused of killing the half brother of the north korean leader have pleaded not guilty at their trial in a malaysian court they're charged with attacking king. and his face with a banned nerve agent. in february. today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera the news continues in about thirty
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minutes of the witness. in india a mining company used. to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza for an ecological disaster. at this time on al-jazeera. with.


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