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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. at least fifty people have been killed more than four hundred injured in a mass shooting in las vegas. and richelle carey this is al jazeera live on doha also coming up.
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the writing victory in catalonia vote to leave spain but for their joy the short lived. palestinian reconciliation senior fatah delegation visits hamas controlled gaza to try to end a ten year risk. and more than one hundred thousand passengers are scrambling to find a way home three cave based monarch airline suspended operations. united states is once again dealing with a mass shooting this time it's in las vegas a gunman opened fire from an upper floor of a hotel overlooking a major concert outside mandalay bay casino more than fifty people have been killed making this the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history another four hundred six were injured in this. police named the gunman as
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sixty four year old stephen paddick. officers found dead when they went into his hotel room and they also found more than ten rifles and his room they still investigating this as president donald trump has taken to twitter to offer warmest condolences to the victims. and reports. this was the final night of a festival in las vegas when gunfire silenced the music. witnesses say they were in absolute panic and pandemonium we were the further stages away from mandalay bay and they were ricocheting everywhere we saw it was they were firing from somewhere higher and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after. police found the shooter sixty four year old stephen paddick on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel they say patrick it killed himself we located
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numerous firearms within the room that he occupied and like i stated earlier it's going to be a long and tedious investigation obviously this is a tragic incident and one that we have never experienced in this valley. investigators were quick to tell the public that rumors of multiple shooters at several locations were false this is now the deadliest mass shooting attack in u.s. history paul childer gian al jazeera. joins us live now from washington d.c. can play what more are we hearing from the white house in addition to their comments on twitter. well we do expect the president to react he had a previously scheduled media appearance in the next hour that has now been moved up by thirty minutes clearly the white house has according to the press secretary been monitoring this from the moments that the first shots rang out and that was we are
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told the police was or rather the president was informed of the shooting so that he could monitor it throughout the night if not only did he have the reaction on twitter where he sent his condolences and sympathies but we also had a statement from the acting homeland security secretary elaine duke where she said in fact that she has no information to indicate that this may have been a specific credible threat regarding public venues because of course this took place at a concert where thousands of people were in a public open space however she does say that the homeland security department is now monitoring other public spaces in and around the united states and in some of those areas there has been stepped up security again until this investigation can be completed and that is going to take some time given the scale and scope of the crime scene certainly it's going to be a while before the motive of the sixty four year old gunman stephen paddick remains clear now certainly we've also had updates from law enforcement that they are
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continuing to try and determine what caused this man to act we do know that the only reason that he stopped was when he turned the gun on himself when police officers breached his hotel room so a lot of unanswered questions a lot of rifles found in that hotel room and of course we are awaiting the president's reaction and also updates perhaps on what more is known by law enforcement officials given the fact there are now three levels of police investigating not just the local police but also state and federal investigators ok kimberly how can it live in washington kimberly thank you. callen his government is claiming victory in sunday's referendum and says ninety percent of those who voted back secession from spain but only forty two percent of catalonia is five point three million registered voters are believed to have turned out for the referendum so that's just under two million people many opposition groups in the region boycott of the vote because they believe the poll to be
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illegal in line with the spanish government that's estimated spanish police shut down about half of the polling stations preventing many people from being able to vote either way. and the entire world is seeing that on one side we have violence and shame and on the other democracy and dignity this is an easy election to have moreover this is an election that we asked for from the european institutions and from governments of other countries who want desire and call out for us to be able to build a more open democratic world. luckily we've been being coexistence is a good that we must begin to recover as soon as possible and i say very clearly i'm not going to close any door on if it did it's not my way of doing politics and i've always offered an honest sincere dialogue but always within the law and always within the democracy frame. john hendren has more from barcelona. spain considered it a crime but catalonian leaders consider the reverend here a triumph they were aiming for
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a spectacular show of force when it came to churn out what they got was about forty percent that's far less than spectacular but there were extraordinary circumstances leading up to this spain tried to shut down the election at did not happen although spanish police did certainly dampen turnout there were some brutal confrontations with demonstrators in which the demonstrators came out much for the worse as spanish police invaded polling stations took out the ballots which they considered illegal so that reduced the number who were turnout so extraordinary circumstances nevertheless president carlos told me whatever the the level of turnout was under spanish law it didn't matter he says that he will go forward with his efforts to declare independence if more and more people said yes in that vote and they certainly did by about ninety percent but here on the ground in spain the day after the referendum looks pretty much like the day before for this region or catalonia
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has a booming economy a booming tourism industry and a lot of people here say that is just the point with or without spain things here will remain pretty much the same. senior leaders have arrived in the gaza strip this part of efforts to mend ties with rival palestinian factions hamas the palestinian authority's prime minister rami huntelaar is leading the delegation that's its first visit to the script since two thousand and fifteen gaza has struggled with months of electricity shortages perry fossett is following this visit from gaza city. well if the want of the welcome is any indication of the signs for this deal finally sticking and having a workable reconsideration between fatah and hamas after all these years then the signs are relatively positive at this stage there has been a very warm welcome but both from hamas officials that the senior hamas a delegation that's been welcoming the fatah the palestinian authority delegation from ramallah and also from the hundreds of young people who gathered at the erez
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crossing the gaza side of it to welcome the delegation led by the palestinian prime minister. now it's time to stand together and to work the only beneficiary of a long division is the occupation in that context i would like to say the decision by hamas to respond to the new palestinian president mahmoud abbas by dissolving gaza's administrative committees is an important step upon which we will build we are confident that mutual understanding and positive will will fail we look forward to working with all political factions and now one of the things that one dollar committed himself to was specifically trying to fix the crisis among the youth here in gaza and it is a crisis sixty percent youth unemployment forty four percent unemployment more generally these are people who have really been left alone and really lost over the last ten years of palestinian split and israeli and egyptian blockade will this new
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fatah led administration the new p.a. administration be able to make good on some of its promises and actually improve the lives of those people of course one of the things it can do is remove some of the restrictions that it's imposed recently in order to bring hamas to heel to cause this moment where the unity government can be reestablished so it can it can restore some electricity supplies it can restore salary payments to the staff that remain here in gaza and will now have jobs to do once again but exactly how they come back into those jobs will they be threatening to displace the hamas be. well we've been doing those jobs in the intervening years who exactly will be in control of the hamas military wing the brigades in the future these are all obstacles which of scuppered such a tend to deals before some of these issues are likely to be pushed down the road a bit while the ministerial hand of his take place while easier things are resolved but they will have to be resolved at some stage in the future says have bombers have attacked
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a police station in the syrian capital damascus at least eleven people were killed in the blast syrian state television says civilians and policemen are among the dead monitoring group the syrian observatory for human rights says a car bomb went off near the police station before two suicide bombers also blew themselves up until as tired as monitoring the story from beirut in neighboring lebanon. well this is a very significant attack in damascus in the elma done area which is in the south of the city a car laden with explosives went off causing considerable damage and we understand inflicting a number of casualties but shortly after that two suicide bombers also strapped with explosives detonated their devices causing even more destruction and devastation the syrian government has come out to say that they will continue to fight what they describe as terrorism but this attack on this police station really begs a lot of questions about the state of security inside damascus this isn't the first
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time this police station has been targeted in a suicide attack in december of last year a nine year old girl wearing a suicide vest was able to get into that police station and detonate that device given the fact that we've now seen two major attacks on this very sensitive location in less than a year certainly will have many people in damascus certainly many people inside the government of syrian president bashar al assad questioning the sort of security that they have on the ground in this area and indeed around the capital but in the background of all of this we of course have seen some major and considerable gains by the syrian regime elsewhere in syria damascus has always been seen as a safe spot a safe location for the regime given just how much security they have on the ground but yet here we are a police station now in the grips of that second major suicide attack in less than twelve months. still ahead on al-jazeera and malaysia two women accused of
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murdering a north korean leaders a strange half brother go on trial. missing out how they got to come out of the school is affecting school children in qatar. with. with. with with. hello there we're seeing a fair amount of rain over parts of china at the moment it's mostly in the northern parts of our map it is a very very wet during the day on tuesday and wednesday as well and only slowly is that system running its way towards the northeast so we're going to see a period of pearland and heavy rain here that could give us an issue with flooding further south a lot of moisture in the atmosphere you see the winds all feeding him from the sea feeding and all of that cloud and quite a few showers around as well meanwhile out towards the west in the wet weather here is mostly in the east imposts of india and stretching down towards the south
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towards the northwest territory be fine and dry as it should be across pakistan so for new delhi still thirty six degrees still hot here and force in karate will be getting to around thirty two the showers there around the eastern parts of india look like they go to stick around for wednesday as well they will be wrong the heavy now here in doha the major change for us over the next few days so still thirty eight to thirty nine will be our maximum temperature for the south of course not as whole it must get a little bit more humid here and it's the law of the skies have largely cleared now so the temperature is really a bit higher than they have been we'll be getting to around thirty or thirty one degrees further towards the west force insana we're twenty six. with. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the
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matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in down. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time the strength of al jazeera is that because we have expensive for people with us and actually shared information with the team and truck after. watching al-jazeera take a look at the top stories right now a mass shooting and las vegas has left fifty fifty people dead more than four hundred injured police say sixty four year olds stephen paddick opened fire from the thirty second floor mandalay bay hotel
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a concert goers below he was found dead in his room by officers more than ten weapons were found with him. as regional government says ninety percent of voters went in favor of secession from spain in sunday's referendum that's despite an unexpectedly low turnout at least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region as put spanish police moved in to shut down some of those polling stations. senior fatah leaders have arrived in the gaza strip as part of efforts to mend ties with rival palestinian factions hamas palestinian authority's prime minister rami honda lies leading the delegation it's his first visit to the strip since two thousand and fifteen. rocks are later saddam hussein used chemical weapons against the kurds of a lobster province in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the attack is often cited as the argument for. they should talk to me but despite that painful history the province turnout in last week's assessing referendum list actually low. for now
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reports. almost thirty years ago during the final days of the iran iraq war the people of this town were victims of an atrocity that shocked the world. almost sixteen thousand nine hundred eighty eight iranian soldiers were in the area when iraqi war planes dropped chemical weapons in and around the kurdish town of jungle . it's estimated that up to five thousand people were killed in the chemical attacks on how about just now you think that the people that have suffered such an appalling atrocity would be fully behind the referendum on eventual secession from iraq but the province of had one of the lowest turnouts in the vote there are no flags or signs celebrating the referendum here there was a less than fifty five percent turnout in her lap just sixteen percent of those who did vote said no to the eventual future independence from iraq. she recently
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lost eight members of his family in the chemical attacks three decades ago he says the kurdish regional government has let down that the people have little trust of the government because of corruption and there is fierce competition between parties to maximize their gains life for every day people here is going backwards in recent years there's been growing opposition in protests in this area over delays of government salaries. the federal government in baghdad stopped paying the seventeen percent from the budget in two thousand and fifteen because it accused the kurdish government of not sharing its oil revenue. people here say any oil money the government in the bill has made has not been fairly distributed throughout the region. there is a difference between the rest of. economically speaking the government and i bill has been neglecting the people of the services and infrastructure life is hard here
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there is a lot of support for opposition more than ninety two percent of those who voted said yes in the referendum but there are a lot of people in this province even ones who suffer of so horrifically under the saddam regime who disagree. that al-jazeera northern iraq. two women accused of killing the half brother of the north korean leader pleaded not guilty at their trial in a malaysian court. attacking. a space with the band nerve agent at the kuala lumpur airport and february lawrence live reports from the high court and. the two suspects accused of killing arrive in court on monday morning on the heavy security where you will that proof vests flanked by police offices. from indonesia and daunting from vietnam led into the courthouse they're accused of swapping came the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un but the vx nerve agent a highly toxic substance that happened at international airport earlier this year
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the two women have not guilty american and south korean officials have said they believe north korea was behind the killing dawn's lawyer says he's confident he'll be able to prove her innocence read all the evidence from the. yes put them together objective analysis that would be we can prove your innocence. the two women are not the only suspects in the case for the men still at large i've also been accused of them but the names have not been released they are thought to have planned the killing the lead prosecutor in his opening statement said the prosecution will present evidence to show what roles the four played in the mud. police have said a full on north koreans believed to have left malaysia to the. defense lawyers have demanded the prosecution provide their names but the judge has overruled the request the disclosure is aimed for them part of a fair trial. and if you don't wish you feel that you may
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be unfair today q.'s this he should know in the process of moving so days and be able to answer the charge the prosecution could take up to two months to present its case to which the judge will rule on whether. there is a case for the defense to want to. have said through lawyers and diplomats that they thought they were taking part in a prank for a television show and not to elaborate matter that has caught the world's attention florence. place of use tear gas against opposition protesters in the kenyan capital nairobi they were calling her officials to be replaced before the presidential election later this month opposition leader has blamed the electoral board for botched election results last august catherine soy await us from nairobi . the country wide protests called by the opposition have been luculia right outside the offices of the electoral commission. to be
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a few protesters what discussed. by police in the state in the sunni western kenya has been peaceful protests as well. the opposition wants is some electoral reform to head of the election on to the sequel to want a deal that was stapled in parliament last week and election amendments below it it will do parliament the head of anything else they say this bill is going to taste. some of the proposals include among other things the strengthening of the my new old system so that if there is a dispute that this is mine you'll toddling supa see anything outside so the opposition that's saying that it's in bad faith and all this you know back and forth and grandstanding causing a lot of concern and making the walk of the electoral commission if you called and we're running out of time. has revealed that the egyptian government broken international embargo on trading weapons with north korea. has more. this
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north korean vessel flying a cambodian flag was intercepted by u.s. intelligence agencies near egypt the ship was carrying a cargo of all but hidden underneath were thirty thousand rocket propelled grenades egypt initially denied it had anything to do with the seas cargo but a panel of united nations investigators say the grenades were destined for the egyptian army well it's common practice for countries to report flags of convenience from cambodia or from liberia and from other countries to hide the original identity of the ship but u.s. intelligence agencies are doing. tracking of all ships entering and leaving north korean ports they can also through satellite observation get the images of what is being loaded onto ships. u.n. and u.s.
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experts say north korea has built a vast network of overseas clients to date international sanctions the cash starved country is selling cheap weapons to a long list of clients in africa latin america and asia the u.s. is concerned revenue from the arms trade could help korea pursue its nuclear weapons program. the. destined for egypt was later destroyed but in response the trump. froze two hundred ninety million dollars of aid to egypt and is calling on its allies to comply with the tough sanctions imposed. after a string of recent massage a nuclear attack. but for the time being north korea seems determined to find ways to bypass those sanctions. one hundred ten thousand
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customers of the u.k. based monarch airlines are stranded overseas a policy decision by british authorities not to renew its license to sell package holidays the government has asked facials to charter thirty planes to deal with the crisis altogether about three hundred thousand future bookings have been cancelled airline posted losses of almost four hundred million dollars last year the u.s. supreme court is set to begin its new session and will quickly take up the major issues involving immigration civil rights religious liberty gay rights and workers' rights jabatan see looks at some of the big cases with president seemingly hoping to suppose president obama is a wreck or deportations jennings of the rodrigue as will be very significant foreign nationals be detained indefinitely without the government having to prove they pose a danger to society or a flight risk do they have the right to remain free while the deportation case is
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all considered if they are neither as is the right of us citizens facing a charge last time this case was argued the court was deadlocked some justices uncertain as to whether an issue of border control was for the courts or for congress. the framework of u.s. surveillance of the will be determined by copping to the u.s. the fourth amendment of the us constitution protects against the unreasonable search and seizure of a person and his or her property the state has to prove probable cause to do either but in the digital age the amount of privilege see we can legally expect hasn't yet been made clear what is a reasonable expectation the government's arguing that it has the right to use cellphone data to track a person's movements for as long as at once without a warrant showing probable cause to suspect any wrongdoing it says such information isn't private because we've already surrendered it to also for an providers if the
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supreme court agrees all the information may be deemed not private since it's also held by service providers like the content of e-mails and internet usage and finally the mobster piece cake shop we call or rather a bakery is arguing that it has the constitutional right to refuse to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple and those bid such discrimination but the baker says making him supplies such a cake is forcing him to participate in a same sex marriage and therefore violating his constitutional rights to follow his own religious principles if the supreme court rules in his favor businesses will be allowed to turn anyone away based on religious belief a canadian sikh politician who is measured response to race had claire went viral last month has become the first to head a major political party. has an elected leader of the new democratic party that's
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the third biggest party by liberals and conservatives saying that he is not intended aided by hate after a woman yelled at him an event in ontario a minister justin trudeau has congratulated saying on is when. it's been nearly four months now since they land an air blockade on qatar began children and doha are being prevented from taking part in sports competitions and other countries in the gulf region to again be reports. primary school children are training hard at the sports center in doha they should be looking forward to the biggest event in the sporting calendar the british schools in the middle east games . but organizers have told her teachers in cattle that because of the gulf diplomatic dispute children will not be allowed to take pot hundreds of children a disappointed by the band which raises questions about whether sport education and politics should mix my dream to be envious of me. to it
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want. i really want to just go to it twice. i'm disappointed because like i really really. really wanted to try. ninety five thousand children with ninety five nationalities all educated in one hundred six cool's linked to the organization fifteen of them are in cata the b.s.m.e. website says the purpose of the games is to provide a learning experience in sportsmanship and in the value of healthy competition but critics say by excluding children as young as eight the organization is not living up to its own ideals. say that planning an alternative to the upcoming games in dubai and all working closely with principals and cattle to support the planning and running of a cattle games this year this will provide the opportunity for b.s.m.e.
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schools in cattle to participate in a significant organized event parents say that while they appreciate the effort it won't be the same it's a bit of a disgrace as. should be. i really think about what it's had teaches in qatar except the decision is out of their hands but that's little comfort to children who'd set their sights on competing in dubai victoria gazin be al-jazeera doha. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories right now a mash sitting in las vegas has left fifty people dead more than four hundred injured place a sixty four roll stephen paddick opened fire from the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel opened fire on the concert goers below he was found dead in his
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hotel room by officers and also ten weapons were found with him colonias regional government says ninety percent of voters went and. favor of secession from spain in sunday's referendum despite an unexpectedly low turnout at least eight hundred forty four people were injured across the region a spanish police moved in to shut down some polling stations the president of catalans regional government says they are launching an investigation into the violence during sunday's referendum vote later another the. what happened yesterday was the worst violence we have experienced in the last forty years it was unnecessary violence and this must not be repeated it cannot remain without any punishment i call on the police forces to leave catalonia those who have caused these valan acts in a country that has mobilized the many millions of people without having any incidents and without having any riot police or a presence that has been brought forward by the spanish government senior leaders have arrived in the gaza strip as part of efforts to mend ties with rival
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palestinian faction hamas the palestinian authority's prime minister rami homs ally's leading a delegation it's his first visit to the strip since two thousand and fifteen a un investigation has revealed that the government broke an international embargo on trading weapons with north korea korean ship flying a cambodian flag was intercepted by u.s. intelligence agencies near egypt hidden deep inside the vessel or thirty thousand rocket propelled grenades. so it had bombers have attacked a police station in the syrian capital damascus at least eleven people were killed in those blasts syrian state television says that civilians and police officers are among the dead a monitoring group the syrian observatory for human rights says a car bomb went off near the police station before two suicide bombers also blew themselves up and there had been a previous attack at that station. so the headline news continues on al-jazeera
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after talk to al jazeera keep it here. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new labor market but can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead plus the fact as a play as oil prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. would you or i. would see. thanks to the migration crisis in europe hungary's profile is higher than ever but it's controversial and e.u. court says budapest is wrongly denying asylum to the mike fleeman war and deprivation the government of prime min.


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