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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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a gunman kills fifty eight people and injured five hundred more as a las vegas music festival it is the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history it was an act of pure evil.
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caliber over the steeple and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. camarines government continues its crackdown on independence protesters on the song just shot dead eight people on sunday. pro independence catalans defiant after sunday's referendum the president wants the e.u. to mediate to end the crisis. and the palestinian prime minister makes a rare trip to gaza with a message of reconciliation for a much. lower gunman has killed at least fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred others at a country music festival in las vegas it is the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history and the country's two hundred and seventy third this year alone president
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trump has called it an act of pure evil police say sixty four year old stephen paddick opened fire from the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel that's on the other side of the las vegas strip from the las vegas village arena where the music festival was taking place a distance of several hundred meters around as there is can be how has the latest. as the number of casualties in las vegas continues to climb us president donald trump offered grieving victims and their families sympathy and support it was an act of pure evil in moments of tragedy and horror america comes together as one. and it always had fifty people have been killed two hundred others have been injured americans woke up to learn of the deadly los vegas shooting that occurred while they slept. it was the final night of
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a three day country music festival in progress when the first bullets were fired at concert goers scattered for safety as the gunfire rained down on them from a hotel room thirty two floors above. all. the shots. and. i had my wife had dropped down to just kind of and i told her to get up and start with this is gone we went back to their room and as soon as we reached the room from the concert venue we just heard constant shootings at first we thought it was fireworks but then it was. las vegas police report they're working with state and federal investigators to determine what motivated sixty four year old stephen paddick to open fire on the crowd of thousands and clued in children he resides here locally i'm not at liberty to give you his place of residence yet because there's an ongoing investigation we don't know what his belief system was at this time the shooting reportedly went on for
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more than ten minutes it stopped when police breached the hotel room door the gunman then turned his weapon on himself at least ten rifles were found in paddocks room. emergency responders expect a number of casualties to continue to climb much of the mandalay bay hotel is now being locked down as police continue to investigate what motivated the gunman to act and what's now being labeled the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. on a date a press conference has been held in las vegas in the last ten minutes or so just some of the key lines coming out from the press conference we now know that at least fifty eight people have been hurt a more than five hundred others were injured country music festival in las vegas the information that the f.b.i. and the police were able to give us was that there was no known connection between
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the gunman and any international terrorist organization so they were stressing at the moment there has been no known connection between the gunman stephen park and any international organization related to terrorism. just looking down at the latest lines coming in the appeal for blood has been issued again more. people in las vegas to come forward to help some of the people out in those hospitals in las vegas. now at least eleven people have been killed in a series of suicide bombings at a police station in the syrian capital damascus the syrian observatory for human rights as a car bomb went off near the station then two suicide bombers also blew themselves up next offices and civilians are among the dead nobody has claimed responsibility
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for the attack in his time is monitoring that story from beirut in neighboring lebanon. well this is a very significant attack in damascus in the area which is in the south of the city a car laden with explosives went off causing considerable damage and we understand . number of casualties but shortly after that bombers also strapped with explosives detonated their devices causing even more destruction and devastation syrian government has. i'm out to say that they will continue to fight what they describe as terrorism but this attack on this police station really begs a lot of questions about the state of security inside damascus this isn't the first time this police station has been targeted in a suicide attack in december of last year a nine year old girl wearing the suicide vest was able to get into that police station and detonate that device given the fact that we've now seen two major
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attacks on this very sensitive location in less than a year certainly will have many people in damascus certainly many people inside the government of syrian president bashar al assad questioning that sort of security that they have on the ground in this area and indeed around the capital but in the background of all of this we of course have seen major and considerable gains by the syrian regime elsewhere in syria damascus has always been seen as a safe spot a safe location for the regime given just how much security they have on the ground but yet here we are a police station now in the grips of its second major suicide attack in less than twelve months afghanistan's defense ministry says an accidental as strike but one of its bonuses kills at least ten of its soldiers the strike hit a checkpoint run by the afghan force in southern helmand province the victims of from the afghan police and intelligence agency
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a government forces have been out to ministry operations against taliban fighters in that region soldiers in cameroon have shot at least eight people and wounded others off the english speaking communities began protesting for independence witnesses say gunshots being heard throughout the night and tear gas is still being deployed on the streets by the military shallop bennis reports. as you can hear gunshots serious gunshots. cameron's unification day was anything but unify the country is split down linguistic lines french and english and english speakers seized the anniversary to demand independence. they were met by forces of law and order. to have very heavy handed the government banned gatherings of more than four people
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shut shops and disrupted social media but that didn't stop the english speaking movement they use facebook life twitter and whatsapp to spread the news and the last shot. due to it i think the level of damage. is too good to keep people shop do it trust. independence activists say five of the dead were prisoners escaping a jail that caught fire cameron's president paul bia responded with a statement on facebook saying i strongly condemn all acts of violence regardless of their sources and their perpetrators let me make this very clear it is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the republic however nothing great can be achieved by using verbal excesses street violence and a final authority. gunshots were heard throughout the night heavily armed military personnel patrolled english speaking areas on monday and shot tear gas at residents
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on the street. you fired tear gas canisters. so i had to scramble for safety just to show you how tense and how. the situation is the roots of this crisis began after the first world war when cameron was divided between the french and the british and its independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty one english speakers from british areas joined french cameroon instead of neighboring nigeria they complain the french have always stifled their language and culture french speakers disagree and supported a unified cameron on sunday and some english speakers agree with them the separatists wanted a crisis to. try to. change the constitution. for a vote power has been cast in southern areas of cameroon and when phones die so are
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the ability to find out more about what is going on shall it ballasts. the palestinian authority prime minister rami hamdullah has arrived in the occupied gaza strip as part of reconciliation efforts between the west bank. and the hamas government in gaza is the new head of a unity government which will have administrative control over gaza but i'm asked remain the dominant power in the region on his arrival hamdullah described the developments as a historic moment towards unity of the palestinian people. who came with instructions from the person the president to tell the world from the heart of god that the palestinian state cannot and will not be established without a geographical and political unity between gaza and the west bank. or let's take you back now to our main news this hour that is of course the shooting in las vegas
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fifty eight people and more than five fifty people killed among the five hundred others injured that country music festival in las vegas let's cross to las vegas and speak live to n.b.c.'s jay gray jay bring us up to date with the latest on the investigation because i know there has been a press conference there in the last half hour. yeah but we'll see if this drug moves out the way you can see behind me where they have the strip locked down at this point a police presence everything going on behind that that's where this a riff attack took place we now know that police are inside the misstate nevada home of the suspect in this shooting stephen paddock we know that they found other weapons there ten weapons were recovered inside the hotel room where this took place apparently the mandalay bay it was the thirty second floor looking down on the area where this concert was going on and that's apparently where he carried out the attack we do know that as police made their way into that room forced their way
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in with explosives he apparently took his own life we're also being told that they've seized two vehicles in this investigation and they're trying to glean any evidence they can in all of these locations about how and why all of this happened but officers are quick to point out this is an investigation that's going to be long it's going to be difficult and they may not have those answers for quite some time for the city and on the ground itself of course the police the emergency responders trying to deal with so many victims and trying to identify those who actually died in this shooting. yeah it's horrible and what police have said within the last fifteen minutes or so is that this scene behind us here that the crime scene is going to stay that way for some time they've got to deal not only with the investigation any potential evidence that may be on the ground here but but. and it's a grim situation but they've got to deal with the removing the bodies of victims
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here and a dinner flying them and notifying next of kin that horrible process is going to take some time as well and it's very difficult for a lot of people who have seen a lot of bad things in their time in service never anything quite like this most deadly mass shooting in u.s. history president bush spoke about an hour ago to the american people sending his condolences and best wishes obviously to those in las vegas no mention in his address the american people of the word terrorist or indeed guns but the issue of gun control is going to be debated yet again isn't it. yet we'll listen i think and not to correct you i think you meant president trump who made that statement not too long ago you're absolutely right and i think that we'll see that debate again resurface but i painfully remind you it was
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a debate after forty nine people were killed in orlando thirty six at virginia tech more than twenty five elementary school students in newtown so while the debate has raged at times there's been very little substantive change will this be the event that changes that a lot of people hope that's the case we won't know obviously until all of this moves through but that not the primary focus at this point it's the investigation it's the families that are grieving here and it's this city which has been really rocked to its core horrendous a horrendous incident j. craig joining us live there from us vegas with the latest on that investigation appreciate it john thanks so much. or i still has on this program two women pleaded not guilty as they go on trying to malaysia the app organizer of kim jong un's home brother. on three u.s. scientists we talked about on this the research that's giving us a deep insight into pilot. with.
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with. with hello there we're seeing a fair amount of rain over parts of china at the moment it's mostly in the northern parts of our map it is very very wet during the day on tuesday and on wednesday as well and only slowly is that system running its way towards the northeast so we're going to see a period of per longdon heavy rain here that could give us an issue with flooding further south a lot of moisture in the atmosphere you see the winds all feeding him from the sea feeding and all of that cloud and quite a few showers around as well meanwhile out towards the west in the wet weather here is mostly in the east imposts of india and stretching down towards the south also northwest territory be fine and dry as it should be across pakistan so for new delhi still thirty six degrees still hot here and forcing karate will be getting to around thirty two the showers there around the eastern parts of india look like
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they go to stick around for wednesday as well they will be wrong the heavy now here in doha the major change for us over the next few days so still thirty eight to thirty nine will be our maximum temperature for the south of course not as hot in muscat little bit more humid here and it's the law of the skies have largely cleared now so the temperature is a little bit higher than they have been will be getting to around thirty or thirty one degrees further towards the west force insana we're twenty six with. on counting the cost of the world's fastest growing startup created a new virtual labor market but can that business model clear the regulation roadblocks ahead plus the fact is a players or prices enter a bull market counting the cost at this time on a just you know. new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such an
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international city they're very interested and that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. and again undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera a gunman in las vegas has killed at least fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. u.s. president donald trump has called the attack on acts of pure evil and says he will visit las vegas on wednesday. let's stay with that story and take you live to our white house correspondent kelly how chris can really give us some idea of the reaction there in washington d.c. to this atrocity in los vegas. well certainly there is the presidential reaction as
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you point out the president calling this an act of pure evil saying he will in fact be meeting with the victims' families as well as first responders also ordering that the flags in the united states be at half staff trying to unite the country really as it is overwhelmed by the grief that many americans woke up to sort of a traditional role of the president to try and do just that but it isn't just the president who is trying to comfort americans right now in the victims' families but also members of congress the top republican in the house of representatives paul ryan the house speaker saying this is an evil tragedy that horrifies us all and we are united in our morning in our shock the top democrat nancy pelosi saying that despite this tragedy americans will never allow fear and violence to break our spirits now in terms of the motive as we heard jay gray there reporting just a few moments ago the f.b.i.
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as well as local and state officials all investigating which is a massive crime scene at the moment but certainly there has been a statement coming not just but from the f.b.i. but also from the department of homeland security repeating again that right now there is no link to international terrorism and in fact when it comes to a credible threat regarding public venues well security has been stepped up around the united states because of concerns about large public spaces there is no credible threat right now with specific details regarding public spaces trying to calm the public right now that is understandably confused and concerned about what the motivation could be in one of the most deadly mass shootings in decades to take place in the united states can we how could live with the latest that in washington d.c. all machine in las vegas thanks kony. now catalonia as president has called for international mediation to resolve the crisis over his region's attempt to break away from spain
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almost nine hundred people were injured when riot police tried to stop sunday's referendum on the issue carlos pushed them all said the overwhelming yes vote meant catalonia had won the right to be an independent state but he softened his previous line saying he wants a new understanding with spain not a traumatic break with spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is meeting the opposition leader to discuss his response spain's constitution gives him the power to dismiss catalonia regional government and suspend its autonomy wisdom on the e.u. to intervene but it considers it to be an internal matter for spain european commission spokesman has called for all the players to move from confrontation to dialogue let's take you live now to our visitors john hendren who's in barcelona for us and john all of this leads to great uncertainty for the people of catalonia. it does indeed felicity that there was celebration here today in this square where i am
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right now and all across parcel lonna and catalonia but it was measured they were really hoping the leaders of this is session movement were really hoping for a spectacular outcome a spectacular turnout in that election and what happened was they got about forty percent far less than the spectacular threshold they were looking for but the extraordinary circumstances that led up to this election and during it or this referendum rather than made it significant that level there were arrests of electoral officials leading up to the election there were threats of arrest for those leading it including sedition which carries a fifteen year criminal penalty and then of course you had the this spanish police spanish national police and spanish guard who civill that's the paramilitary force that was accompanying and that's about fifteen thousand or so of them descended on catalonia in order to stop the election and confiscate the ballot papers which they
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did several times over ten million of them they confiscated and then during the referendum they raided whole place after a whole place sometimes violently injuring people which we of course ran on tape that intimidated other people who were going to come to the polls so all of that probably had some effect on turnout nevertheless the president of catalonia carlos says he wants to move ahead with independence. defiant catalans want to turn a disputed secession vote into an independent nation. is a strong nation and i think. only two thousand two hundred just been is because of the bio names because of the repression and i don't like spain because of on a. catalonia is leader asked the world to accept his region's vote for independence
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and broker a divorce from spain a woman of. the moment calls the mediation and has to be internationals yet to be effective. called for a formal independence vote from the region's parliament the response from the european union was swift and to secessionist disappointing on there the spanish constitution yesterday's vote at the lonia was not to go in madrid prime minister marianna real horror i met with his cabinet as his country faced a constitutional crisis catalonia might be on the verge of declaring itself an independent nation but the day after the referendum looks pretty much like the day before there's a healthy economy here and a booming tourism industry and many people say that's just the point with or without spain things here will run pretty much the same. in barcelona catalonia protested against a violent spanish crackdown. at the poles spanish national police in riot gear
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descended on polling sites with but tons and rubber bullets injuring more than eight hundred catalogs. the tourists in barcelona crowded the sidewalk for a new spectacle a confrontation between demonstrators and spanish national police who carried out the crackdown. by get out that i was defending the school and police kicks me to the ground and told me late now ople kill you as catalonia return to something like normality a rift with spain seems wider than ever. and john i guess so all eyes now on prime minister to say what his next mavis. prime minister roy has some very serious decisions to make right now he's got to decide whether to talk to catalonia or whether to take it over under the constitution they have the ability to take over what they view as a renegade province now the european union officials have been urging grow wholly
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to discuss the future with the people of catalonia with the leaders of catalonia to come to some sort of resolution although the e.u. has said as you saw in the story that this was not a legal election nevertheless squeege him on has committed himself to pursue independence in the parliament here in catalonia so this standoff has not ended and will here in the coming days what exactly happens between roy and police to mark. bangladesh on mammal have agreed in principle to set up a repository ation plan for the more than half a million refugees who fled violence in minerals rakhine state it was made to a representative for mammals leader aung sun suu kyi travel to bangladesh to talks with its foreign minister the un has accused me of ethnic cleansing on the groups
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a warning of a humanitarian disaster. two women accused of a strange half brother of the north korean leader kim jong un have pleaded not guilty at the trial in malaysia charged with killing him by smearing his face with a banned nerve. in february from the high court and. reports. the two suspects accused of killing kim jong arrive in court on monday morning on the heavy security where you will that proof vests flanked by police officers. from indonesia and from vietnam led into the courthouse they're accused of swapping came the half brother of north korean leader kim jong un but the vx nerve agent a highly toxic substance that happened at international airport earlier this year the two women have not guilty to murder american and south korean officials have said they believe north korea was behind the killing dawn's lawyer says he's
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confident he'll be able to prove her innocence we don't the evidence from the prosecution. put them together objective analysis that would improve your innocence . the two women are not the only suspects in the case for the men still at large have also been accused of the murder but the names have not been released they are thought to have planned the killing the lead prosecutor in his opening statement said the prosecution will present evidence to show what roles the four played in the mud. police have said before are north koreans believed to have left malaysia after the. defense lawyers have demanded the prosecution provide their names but the judge has overruled the request the distortion is in for them part of a fair trial. and we don't wish we feel they may be unfair to day q this he should know which direction the process is moving so daisy able to answer the charge the prosecution could take up to two months to
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present its case. after which the judge will rule on whether there is a case for the defense to answer the accused have said through lawyers and diplomats that they thought they were taking part in a prank for a television show and not an elaborate murder that has caught the world's attention florence italy charlotte. u.k. is trying to arrange flights for about one hundred ten thousand stranded passengers after the carrier monarch was placed in a ministration with around two thousand staff it is the biggest u.k. airline to collapse all mamak flights have now been cancelled the government has ordered more than thirty planes to be chartered to bring home tourists in what has been described as the biggest ever repatriation in peace time airline c.e.o.'s blaming a fall in demand for flights to egypt tunisia and turkey. the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to three u.s. scientists that their research on the biological clock by examining fruit flies.
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michael young were able to show how genes help control the body's daily rhythm. committee says their findings help us understand sleeping patterns and how important they are for human health. it's an evolutionary. in the sense that it's found in all organisms and it's based on our the standard comes and goes up and down every day. so that you need to adapt so you need to be kind of active in the morning active you're in today but you need to go to sleep believe me otherwise your body will china like us collapse because you will be very very tired. and our minds are at the top stories on our a gunman in las vegas has killed at least fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred others in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history most of the victims were attending a country music concert when
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a gunman still public opened fire from the thirty second floor of a nearby hotel offices say he killed himself of security forces started firing back u.s. president donald trump says he'll visit las vegas on wednesday has called the attack an act of pure evil las vegas sheriff joe nabarro says park had several guns in his hotel room that appears to have acted alone. we do know that he brought the weapons in on his own. original briefing we believe that he was in a partnership or companionship of a female and we have determined the female was out of the country so he brought these weapons in on his own and as far as method i don't have the ability to give you an accurate picture this is an individual who is described as a lone wolf i don't know how it could have been prevented if we didn't have any prior knowledge to this individual it was evident that he had weapons in his room we have determined that there has been employees going to and fro from his room and
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not in enough areas was noticed at this point that's what we know now castillo nias president has called for mediation over his region's attempts to break away from spain almost nine hundred people injured when riot police tried to stop sunday's referendum regional fishel say ninety percent of voters chose secession from space despite an unexpectedly no doubt president. says the e.u. could step in as a mediator but as accuse brussels of being timid and lacking courage. at least eleven people have been killed in a series of suicide bombings at a police station in the syrian capital damascus the syrian observatory for human rights says the station was talked to by a car bomb on two suicide bombers police offices on civilians are among the no one has claimed responsibility for the talk afghanistan's defense ministry says an accidental as strike by one of its goal most has killed at least ten of its soldiers yes strike hit
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a checkpoint run by the afghan air force in southern helmand province. and those the latest headlines say on al jazeera counting the cost is coming next. with . with a launch has i'm sick of this is counting the cost on as you know your weekly look at the well the business and economics this week a red light as legal challenges grow we'll look at whether its business model can survive in its present form also this week oil rebalancing as prices and to a bull market will.


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