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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 274  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 3:32am-4:00am AST

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god government and neighboring countries iran and turkey the u.s. government says progress is being made in recovery efforts in puerto rico almost three weeks after the island was hit by hurricane maria large swaths of the u.s. territory are still without running water or electricity and many are facing food shortages u.s. resin donald trump is scheduled to visit puerto rico on tuesday his administration has been accused of a slow response compared to the recent hurricanes in texas and florida. truthfully i don't think will make much of a difference whether he comes or not if it were up to me i'd tell him to stay where he is. god permits him to be moved because in reality i see things really really stuck the ides really slow and reaching people. and the two women accused of killing the a strange half brother of the north korean leader kim jong un have pleaded not guilty at their child in a malaysian courts they're charged with attacking kim jong nam by smearing his face with a band nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport in february the women say they thought
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they were taking part in a prank for a hidden camera t.v. show and not an elaborate murder plan those are the headlines coming up next it's inside story. a difference of languages in cameroon turns violent english speakers are demanding an end to what they say is discrimination by the french speaking majority some are even going for independence so what does this mean for camel unity this inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm elizabeth parata secession it's been the talk of the week from the kurdish region of iraq because morning and spain and on sunday he was speaking parts of cameroon joined the trend by demanding their own independence police shot and killed at least eight people in the western regions of the country power was also caught and remains out the rallies took place on the very day cameron's anglish and french regions had united fifty six years earlier they had been protests like this for nearly a year but until recently they had only called for reforms cameron's english speaking minority said they're being marginalized by the french speaking majority. well the government has been criticized for its lack of response to months of protests the president responded to sunday's protest saying let me make this very clear it's not forbidden to voice any concerns in the public however nothing great
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can be achieved by using verbal excesses street while ins and defying authority lasting solutions to problems can be found only through peaceful dialogue but critics of the government say it's shown dialogue through all this conflict allowing it to grow and escalate and get to our guests in just a moment but first the city has this report. they have a national anthem their own flag and a leader in waiting all the trappings of a potential new country but without any land because what these people want to call amazonia is at the moment the english speaking part of cameroon it's here the demonstrators have gathered momentum in the last year by saying that people suffer discrimination at the hands of the french speaking government most people just want reform but calls for outright independence are getting louder. and it's not.
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really our freedom at the end of the first world war cameron was divided between the french and the british at its independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty one the english speaking opted to join the french cameroon instead of neighboring nigeria. these protests have been mainly peaceful but cameroon security forces have cracked down six protesters were shot dead last year and hundreds arrested. an apparent gesture of reconciliation president paul b. ordered that the charges be dropped against several detainees but that doesn't seem to have calmed the tensions the man who leads the separatists has been touring the us calling for a peaceful uprising we call for a nonviolent. call for nonviolent protests for nonviolent much this is one of the well and we have resisted. but this is a moment that we must continue to stand for. the u.n.
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secretary general has asked cameron's government to address the grievances of the english speakers but the u.n. is unlikely to answer mr tavist prayers for a new country called amazonia mohammed omar d.c. al jazeera. well total i guess i'm one of the first we're joined on the line from cameron's capital yon day by the foreign minister dr al this. doctor and golan just how worried should the government be right now by the cause of an independent and bizarre nya. not. as a citizen of cameron and reconsider. it's concerning that there are some people there apparently reserves of amazonian as far as i'm concerned i'm envious believe but i really i don't i don't identify with the comfort of a bygone era and i think that while the concept of a modern. is an opinion but also many muslims.
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i'm not one of those who aren't involved with that and i think that it's just the wrong opinion it's an opinion on the religious again because. it is an opinion and a movement which are very much to. the united nations just one of the you know the work of the united nations and i think it is a helper now which isn't really the politics and the politics concerns of all the people. in general and majority of elites because government in particular but we are seeing protests calling for and dependent and bizarre from some people and there are those who say that it would never have got this far as their grievances are the being marginalized of being disadvantaged for speaking english address right now we're seeing the killing of protesters in the shutting down of internet services why is the government responded this way to these grievances. of course.
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there's only one independent in that room and that is you know on every one or another measure the richest that it covers the last two independents this group of government. we've. been here speaking all french speaking all whatever they cannot claim another independence day that will be termed amount to a rebellion against the republic and against the established laws but as far as the . as far as the grievances that of the rich by some are because they feel marginalized unilife much as i know as well i know that yes people are right to have grievances i think it's legitimate to our people just what are the differences are based on marginalization. of all. cylinders injustice on lack of
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a weekly or whatever it is normal and. the mix of people to our differences but what do you do with your hands when you have them i think that you cannot deliver answers within the framework of the long within the framework of the values of the other completely and in conformity with. they must value the last moments in the person killed because of their evil they also want to have what they call the independence and up to angola you're just about to meet with the prime minister what are you going to be discussing what should he be dressing right now where we all have a meeting because our citizens who are concerned or concerned we are going to get our level to look under us but from one of our of this congress i was one of the one of the two in the stricken region general jones of cameron and we're going with me to do that all over with all of them the people. who just lost
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our complex our style of the just ask you the question of the problems of the day including those who would tell you that they are going to reason to do two or three i really got to be on the other you know there are millions intended to restart our union and all of them on the arm and you know knocking the government from going to government then finding you don't want to listen to the questions on the programs received or i talk send galeras we thank you very much for your time doctor and bolivia appreciate it where you much thank you for your time and this angle in joining us from yellin day. well let's bring in our panel now in nairobi. who is camron analyst at the international crisis group joining us on skype from budapest albert chanda who is a political blogger focusing on cameron and in london michael moore associate of the africa international affairs program at the london school of economics welcome
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to you or mr chanda and her friends were out on the streets on sunday some of them calling for an independent and design and just how realistic is that given that decades of course for greater autonomy haven't resulted in anything well i think the call was to say surely by majority of people in the streets yesterday that income link is legitimate i could say that it's not a very stiff solution to the government is legitimate because the government has for most of these because the reaction from the government has been having to freshen it have been avoiding their organs have been arresting and detaining most of the leaders so i think it's very very good to me because the concerns of my to my vision by the anglican community is very very real and i think the government is supposed to come back to dialogue and he said i think it is not need for everybody to come back on the stance of federalism which was the first demand by the younger
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one community when these protests broke out last year i think a good month for federalizing a silver jeep and it's the best very solution for us if we turn to a diner people with a neutral third party front of it the un the african union of ecowas to mediate on this because the government cannot make good on this crisis when people have been the first people the first people responsible for the escalation so the time to jordan of the many vehicles for the same crisis because mr i'm on that let me bring you in now what have you made off the government response to the latest protests not dissimilar to their response to protests earlier this year and is there the other conditions on the ground are they exist now for talk of federalism when that hasn't happened in decades. but i think. the difficulty that the recession this movement have actually at the moment is that they are not
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operating on on a level political field. and you don't hit the government is quite a rich lives and if they are haven't been opposed it is very difficult for them actually to articulate and give you. a doesn't quite appear that they have managed to actually get their views across to the un security council because that is the main international body that can actually authorized or even officiate any serious talks towards secession. answer marie on do let me bring you in now where is the international community on this but also the we have been quite concerned of the international crisis group by world we qualify for because of the kind of. ms rate. response of the international community we think given what happened.
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yesterday sunday there is a need to strengthen the rio one more bitter cordon it. the response of the international community things the beginning of this crisis in october twenty sixth team we have seen a government was not been responsive to the demands of the under phone including some which are not mrs three what they qualify as terrorism the demand for federalism or even the demands for an effective extended decentralization not just regarding the underfund regions of cameroon but regarding the under nations. we think today that it is time for the international community to act a very strong way to avoid in order to avoid a possible and irreversible deterioration of the situation on the grown that we are called and we observe with more and more people within the secessionist trend of
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the un before movement we think that it is time for there to to think about violent means to reach their goals. mr chen do you know that the government will say that about those violent means that the protests that the movement as a threat to national security you know they use the word extremists and terrorists what do you make of that. well i think the government's qualification for government twenty five years and most seafarers to go smoke or her around was the real threat to national security the under foreign crisis has been a time bomb for a long time and the reason for this is because the government has avoided dying of extremism is seen right now by so many people because this is the only way some some people who express your views so many people trying to express them peacefully by protesting they've been shot and killed we have elected off the show would i
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give to be from an effect of if i mean so so many people have expressed their views and yet the mind through the most peaceful means possible but they have been arrested and knocked down i mean even writing an article on the crisis could get you in jail so so many people have been pushed to the wall and they are reacting with extreme extreme conditions which we can there they are very wrong there we got way to support to create conditions for reconciliation the first condition to be concerned with the people is with the government to release every person from prison really is the people and call for around people that you know involving the succession needs involving those in support of who you need to speak and those in support of federalism and i think we can my part a good solution from this because it's our heritages our nature and the vexed him for us to do is get back to nine hundred sixty one the era when we knew nothing of
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this to people and look for the best solution for each each cameroonian and the best solution could be our new home community for fair grassy square where there would have their voices head of yeah i would be between two very. but mr chandler says that hasn't happened in so many decades what needs to happen now i mean you've talked about that and the involvement of the international community is that what has to happen what couldn't change things that's the only solution he could talk of right now which is viable and which is reasonable why am i saying this because first of all we cannot expect a government of for the year to make good on this crisis to join this crisis because they only come with a condition of one an indefensible and they couldn't quite get this treaty contiki killed dying of the condition it should be a fair dialogue each room each of you in view televised down of good nature into
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parts and the best people or the best body to be the un ecowas all the african union to make use of this crisis and have a fair and balanced view from all sides and come to a solution to ensure the nation would live in peace mr aylmore what about the powers that be where you are that is the anglo phones that have been disadvantage the british so have a responsibility have they abandoned the anger falls some say it. is doubtful i don't think that the british have in their response may have a moment because the on the phone. come only slightly from different countries and usually when. there are cases like this it's it is sent to the francophonie rather than the commonwealth and the francophonie is francophone so the whole issue gets bullied. and i think by the moment it would appear that. the under phone
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part of cameroon have to seriously consider making a case of representation through ico us first go to the to the african union and perhaps to the un security council and then perhaps some sort of study and systematic representation. we get them somewhere. mr on go who do you think in the ecowas and the african community would support there and he finds because what we saw in western capitals in august anyway the meetings to try and find a solution to this ended either in facile or turned violent. well looking at all the developments since one the year that describes this as a real marriage. i'm not sure that eco us or even the african union or some to africa community better place to address or to played a mediation role maybe they can accompany the kind of international community response even the secession is themselves are calling much more the united nation
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which is the anti that has. put together the cameron and reform of the cameron francophone in one thousand nine hundred sixty one one thing i wanted to come back to highlight is emphasizing and supporting what my producers i've just stated that the crisis that in the beginning was when the government thinks october where denying was denying the existence of dandruff one problem fodder we have seen the value of the pressure and dismiss of all the grievances to the point that when the greek government started to address to some of the what was called technical grievances it was too late and people were further radicalize i think there is a need now to see the cameron government with an international which is the most credible and and reforms as it should is themselves are calling for the united
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nation regarding the issue of this decision of course i think it is very unlikely that cameron will reach that step one day but on the issue properly of federalism or the issue of effective extended decentralization i think there is there are things on which reform francophone and international community can find common ground we at the international crisis group in our last report august report we advocated for an extension of an effective decentralization wish which can be a solution. at the same time good for and reform but that do grant of francophone can support because some of the francophone feel reluctant views are viewed the question of federalism and the government to be our government is having these trends in the fact that francophone in somehow some of them are rejecting federalism and the house is popular grant on this basis so maybe the effect of decentralization and extending it we can discuss little body detail of what that
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means can be a kind of in between solution that can satisfy both sides within this crisis and until that happens because there does seem a while away mr chen to how worrying is the situation on the ground again we've seen protesters killed we're seeing the committee to protect journalists saying that the government is using a two thousand and fourteen anti terrorism law to stifle dissent we are once again seeing internet services cut so where to from here right now to come on tensions before we can get to you know any talk of decentralization or more federalism. what was a question on the ground of the story because for the shot every day and so many of them by june and on account that for so i think at this point we really don't know what's going to be the next their income written in english speaking regions you
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know i gaze there will be more protests in the coming days of the coming months but i think this is a moment where we have to reconcile and we have had two voices from the idea of one community i think my previous as i just said decentralization shouldn't be. a topic right now as a viable solution because i think one thing one to see we have a constitution on decentralization but it has not been fully implemented i think the other one community would be would look stupid so i stepped on effective decentralization of this point what the end of course would you say is what's worked before what worked before with the federal system a federal system which would ensure the quality and justice for every person because we need to remind everyone back in the federal police this was it was to people to stay the course and to davey in this community and the whole community has been dissolved into the two regions little or no to none of this and i think
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that's the best solution because if we have to keep watching what's happening on the ground people are going to keep dying and nothing is going to happen and at the same time people have been pushed to the extreme to do me a lot of wannabees and i don't think we agree that this is a good outcome of the situation secession is not going to be the best solution because it's going to reenlist into a humanitarian crisis just a couple of days while the gov shut down the region you saw a mass exodus of people leaving one to see for help from the francophone regions so just imagine we have a situation of some sort of war or problems just imagine the number of people who were going to be refugees imagine the. number of people were going to die i don't think we want a situation so the best solution right now is dire and the best possible that iraq should have given the fact we've all we've got rid of a section of the playground is all talking to
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a minute here it's always going to be your truck i think the un is going to be the first person to call upon the whole he could listen to these calls from the anglican community and i hope the government would also stop he he he went on to come up with a couple of days ago a governor called the ngo horn dogs i mean all of this keep what are you vision helps in in pushing the section if you want a legitimate reason and i think it's time for us to reconcile but on the basis of true dialogue mr only. mr undefined i bring you in here who will represent the anger phones and this true dialogue of the government was to agree to hold dialogue they have jails many of the most prominent representatives of the movement. i think that's a key question not just for us but for the entire cameron but there are still some outside. the jail that the government has recently released even if some of them
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have lost the very heavy popular support that they used to have in the to benefit in the past the government is now like in the position of not having a credible interlocutors with whom to discuss so buy in jail orders are abroad in the us or in south africa and order european and american countries but we can't start to be all the way for the federal is why i've been released while presenting boyan order and reform down it can be this can be a beginning of the solution regarding that all right mr thank you very much for that and thanks to all our guests hans to marie on albert and michael. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i handle this at a.j.
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and side story for me as a trial and the whole team here by for now. i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page that's why they're online and what produced the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one and the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file then looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into
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a stream and one of their pitches might make an actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this theme is for those mothers some bosis that on those wife's living in afghanistan there's always talking about their vices but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one a network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but because just that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country it was since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make but he would films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realize a lifelong ambition of the story i choose the laws of my one village and it's
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danceable mission going behind the lens that's gone from saying brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. thank. you and thank you. here i'm fully back to go with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera a gunman has killed at least fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred at a country music festival in las vegas it's the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history present donald trump has ascribed it as an act of pure evil and they're already called suit tighten gun control laws kimberly hawk it has more on the shooting and its aftermath. americans woke up.


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