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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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and i was hungry for but also afraid of it because america. i still love a lot today. follows for inspiring people in istanbul as they seek to prove that seeing isn't everything this time. zero with every. zero. zero am fully back to go this is the news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. in the wake of the
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worst smash routing in modern u.s. history a search for answers and an effort to help the victims. and once again the question that needs to be asked why are the mass shootings in the u.s. so common and what can be done about that. also this hour a day after a secession referendum defiance from catalonia as government and anxiety among opponents of independence and bangladesh in myanmar greta repatch read half a million range of refugees. thank you for joining us at least fifty nine people are dead and more than five hundred have been injured in las vegas after the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. from the thirty second floor of a hotel a gunman rained gunfire on twenty two thousand people attending an outdoor country
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music festival a few hundred meters away concert goers fled or ducked for cover as the automatic fire rang out for several minutes it took police seventy two minutes to find the gunmen it is room at the mandalay bay hotel has been identified as sixty four year old stephen paddled police found him dead with at least ten guns in his hotel room the u.s. president has called the mass shooting an act of pure evil and his call for unity donald trump in the first lady observed a minute of silence for the victims at the white house the president has ordered u.s. flags to be flown at half staff to honor the victims the f.b.i. says it found no connection between sunday night's massacre and international terrorist groups now the sheriff of clark county of which last vegas is a part of has been giving regular updates still on bottle says police have found what weapons that products house in mesquite about one hundred twenty kilometers
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northeast of los angeles. we retrieved in excess there are only four arms was in excess of an additional firearms some explosives several thousand rounds of ammo . along with some electronic devices that we are evaluating at this point his al-jazeera is rob reynolds now with more from las vegas. this is the moment when a harmless sunday night out became a nightmare. twenty thousand concert goers were enjoying a country music festival when suddenly death rained down from above terrified they scrambled for safety came down and then one after the other and we were lange on the floor i know to get up to ride and just to stay to done it was you know it was safe to me because just about everything that was going on is what's going on here at home i'm just shooting for people i'm dying in our pool now as we went through
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the airport parking lot that's up and down hill through the pot on the everywhere perched in a sniper's nest on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel sixty four year old stephen paddick fired off hundreds of bullets from a fully automatic military style machine gun. the carnage lasted for ten minutes as police broke down the hotel room door patrick killed himself police found ten guns in the room on monday morning the scale of the atrocity became heartbreakingly clear we are currently standing at five twenty seven for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away fifty nine police called patrick a lone wolf you apparently had no criminal record no history of mental illness and the f.b.i. said he had no connection with any overseas groups such as eisel or al qaida it
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wasn't evident that he had weapons in his room we have determined that there has been employees going to and fro from his room and not in a nefarious was noticed at this point that's what we know now police hope paddocks female companion marilou danley might provide clues as to his motives friends say she's been out of the country a somber president donald trump addressed the nation. we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear trump plans to visit las vegas on wednesday among the many unanswered questions are how patrick got ahold of a fully automatic machine gun which even in the us with its for missive gun laws is not obtainable without a special license law enforcement authorities raided a house in reno nevada that was also associated with stephen paddick but so far
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they have no known motive meanwhile the people of las vegas are stepping forward there are hours long lines for people to volunteer and to donate blood for those who were injured people have offered food shelter and transportation to relatives and friends of those who were affected in the killing and later tonight there will be prayer vigils in numerous houses of worship all over the city. well landmarks across the world are paying tribute to the victims of the last shooting the empire state building in new york turned off its opera lights in a show of solidarity and france paris as eiffel tower echoed the sentiments france suffered its own attack hours before the us shooting two women were stabbed to death at a train station in the southern city of marsay. in other world news catalonia as government is calling for international mediation to resolve the crisis sparked by
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the vote on secession from spain the regional president has also called for the removal of more than ten thousand spanish police sent there in the lead up to the referendum that's after riot police injured nearly nine hundred people in an attempt to stop the vote john hendren reports. defiant catalans want to turn a disputed secession vote into an independent nation. is a strong nation and i think. the spanish because of the biomes because of the. i don't like spain because of. catalonia is leader asked the world to accept his regions vote for independence and broker a divorce from spain a woman of. the moment calls for mediation and there has to be internationals used to be effective we demand called for a formal independence vote from the regions parliament the response from the european union was swift and to secessionist disappointing under the spanish
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constitution yesterday's vote. was not to go in madrid prime minister marianna real horror met with his cabinet as his country faced a constitutional crisis catalonia might be on the verge of declaring itself an independent nation but the day after the referendum looks pretty much like the day before there's a healthy economy here and a booming tourism industry and many people say benson just the point with or without spain things here will run pretty much the same. in barcelona catalonia protested against the violent spanish crackdown you at the poles spanish national police in riot gear descended on polling sites with the tongs and rubber bullets injuring more than eight hundred cattle on the tourists in barcelona crowded the sidewalk for a new spectacle a confrontation between demonstrators and spanish national police who carried out
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the crackdown. i was defending the school and police kicks me to the ground and told me leave now opal kill you as catalonia returned to something like normality the rift with spain seemed wider than ever john hendren al-jazeera or salon. or the results of the referendum have left catalans who don't want to see their region least spain worried about what will happen next. meeting some of them. if the referendum result overwhelmingly in favor of catalonia breaking her way those who want spain to remain united becoming fearful. has defied catalan society divided families and marriages. to explore the fault lines i had to meet cattle an artist.
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getting ready for war no stranger to controversy with his politically charged photos but he says rising intolerance is forcing him to wants to keep his anti secession opinions to himself if you not with them you're with franco that's how radicalized they go. it is a scary and it's going to get worse i think the fracture that this election course . it's a reversible as long as we have the same players ruling the country. believes repression of the catalan language and culture and the general franco's dictatorship which ended in the mid one nine hundred seventy s. may have fueled the independent spirit yet that doesn't change his mind i'm not here to rebuild my grandfather i got my own life i'm looking to the future i love people from madrid i got better friends in madrid so everything that my father
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grandfather was telling me it doesn't match my reality that's what it is i'm not going to really bench times of change a law across town i head to a social club for men like retired farm worker danielle cabin yetto he migrated here from the neighboring arab gone region in the one nine hundred fifty s. but feel strong loyalty to the rest of the country catalonia is vibrant economy has drawn several million workers from poorer corners of spain and abroad. they will never have independent catalonia is a province of spain and always will be that's how it should be the people behind this referendum must be half crazy they'll never achieve it. but catalan leaders i determined to try a bit that seems destined to deepen between neighbors and friends call panel al-jazeera barcelona spain. bangladesh and myanmar have agreed in principle to set
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up a repatriation plan for the more than half a million ranger who fled violence in myanmar's rakhine state the deal was made after a representative for myanmar's leader and son sochi traveled to bangladesh for talks with its foreign minister myanmar has taken foreign diplomats and u.n. representatives on a tour of northern rakhine state where the violent crackdown on the arranger has been taking place now as political talks over the refugee crisis continue pressure is increasing on surrounding countries to accept them while many in indonesia have shown support many refugees have been stateless and stuck there for years said vast and reports are made on. both anger in indonesia over a million miles file and cracked down on muslim or hinge are. refugees here are being treated as detainees in the not ratified the un convention on refugees local governments considered as illegal immigrants who are not allowed to leave the city
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nor work or educate their children a situation very similar to what they've been facing in myanmar now that as i am one of my children are asking me where my country and i can't answer i have become a refugee and i am praying that my children don't grow up as refugees too not a single human being wants to be a refugee it's been very difficult for reinjure to live in indonesia. mohammad can and his family have been waiting for five years to be resettled in countries like the u.s. or australia but would last and one percent of refugees worldwide accepted u.n.h.c.r. says it has become nearly impossible to resettle the rohingya only a few have left for the u.s. in recent months they've been. oppressed for so long that they have. it for some very few tools at their expense you know at their
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hands to be able to to be successful and to be able to thrive that's why it's so important to give them rights but that's also why. they're so on wanted by so many with their lives on hold so i'm arranging i have married into nishan women and started families they want to stay here but indonesia does not accept them well at the clans and continues in myanmar the u.n.h.c.r. is urging countries also those who have not signed the un convention for refugees like indonesia to accept the ranger and allow them to work and educate their children. trying to prevent another disaster like in two thousand and fifteen when many ruhi injured drowned at sea indonesia's president signed a decree outlining basic help for refugees but to legally accept refugees indonesia needs to change its laws yeah. sure indonesia really cares about human
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rights but for indonesia it will be difficult to offer jobs to refugees and asylum seekers because jobs are limited and we have still a lot of unemployment here that's why we still need to think about the best solution we've got another web us the un h e r believes it's just a matter of time before more ranger refugees will be knocking on indonesia's doors the country needs to decide if they and ranger who are already here are welcome to stay stopped fasten al-jazeera made an elysia. and while japan is one of the biggest donors to a global refugee assistance program has been criticized for accepting a very limited number of refugees our of thousands of applications last year only twenty six people were taken in by the world's third largest economy from tokyo sky high their report on the struggle of a syrian refugee who was among the few who made it to japan. you said jodi fled his
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home in syria in two thousand and twelve he got word security forces were after him hiring a broker he thought he was headed to the u.k. but instead the broker brought him to japan saying it was temporary that was five years ago he opened a restaurant near his home an hour outside of tokyo but had to shut it down recently admitting japanese culture and language are difficult adjustments and japan does not have refugee laws like your country's i don't think japan's decision regarding a few jesus for. japan follows a very strict interpretation of the one nine hundred fifty one un refugee convention with a heavy burden on proving persecution under fire from human rights groups japan only accept twenty to thirty refugees a year last year more than ten thousand applied for asylum and only a small number were from syria since the war started only around seventy syrians have applied while he waits for refugee status you said has been allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds his family joined him three years ago we have. talkies our is
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a former un refugee agency executive he feels japan should open its doors wider and take in two hundred to three hundred refugees a year and these people are getting stronger. sources of inspiration and. we have one in twenty. first my dear. neighbor. he also feels that lack of exposure to refugees by japanese people contributes to their image of who refugees are and what they might be able to do for the country so if there are more refugees in japan so talk is our thanks stereotypes can be broken many people in the country want their government to do more good and there is no system in place for helping refugees and the government is not doing enough. so more refugees come to this country because the trouble that they shouldn't be neglected i think it's important to be willing to accept. while japan's not
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accepting many refugees it has contributed billions of dollars in global refugee assistance last year one hundred sixty four million dollars alone went to the u.n. h.c.r. . yousif might not agree on its policies and ended up in japan by accident but it's where he sees the future and how can i go to another country and start all over i cannot afford that i would love my children to be like the japanese people i want them to have a future to have right to be japanese and with a new syrian student program ramping up in japan uses family might be welcoming more compatriots to their adopted homeland but in the hundreds not the thousands it's got harder al-jazeera tokyo. plenty more ahead on the news hour including a day before president trump is scheduled to visit puerto rico all residents of the u.s. territory voiced their frustration with relief efforts plus stranded to more than one hundred thousand passengers are scrambling to find a way home after u.k.
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based monarch airlines cancels its rights and in sports bos'n own admits playing behind closed doors had nothing to do with security details later in the news that . the two women accused of killing the estranged half brother of the north korean leader have pleaded not guilty at their trial in a malaysian court they're charged with attacking kim jong nam by smearing his face with a band nerve agent at kuala lumpur airport in february for three reports from the high court in shah alam. the two suspects accused of killing kim jong il arrive in court on monday morning on the heavy security where bulletproof vests flanked by armed police officers city i shot from indonesia and don t. long from vietnam and led into the courthouse there accused of swapping came the
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half brother of north korean leader kim jong un with the vx nerve agent a highly toxic substance it happened at international airport earlier this year the two women have traded not guilty to murder american and south korean officials have said they believe north korea was behind the killing dawn's lawyer says he's confident he'll be able to prove her innocence read all the evidence from the prosecution. put them together objective analysis that would be written proof your innocence. the two women are not the only suspects in the case four of the men still at large have also been accused of the murder but the names have not been released they are thought to have planned the killing the lead prosecutor in his opening statement said the prosecution will present evidence to show what roles the four played in the mud. police have said a full on north koreans believed to have left malaysia hours after the. defense lawyers have demanded the prosecution provide their names but the judge has
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overruled their request the distortion is in for them part of a fair trial. and we don't wish we feel we don't mean to be unfair to day killers because he should know which direction the process is moving so daisy able to answer the charge the prosecution could take up to two months to present its case off to which the judge will rule on whether there is a case for the defense to want to take used have said through lawyers and diplomats that they thought they were taking part in a prank for a television show and not an elaborate matter that has caught the world's attention florence sholom malaysia. the u.s. government says progress is being made in rehabilitating puerto rico almost three weeks after the island was hit by hurricane maria large swaths of the u.s. territory are still without running water or electricity and many are facing food shortages u.s. frozen donald trump is scheduled to visit puerto rico on tuesday his administration has been accused of not showing enough urgency in responding to the crisis compared
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to the recent attacks by hurricane maria large parts of the u.s. territory are still without running water or electricity and many are facing food shortages u.s. resident donald trump is scheduled to visit puerto rico on tuesday his administration has been accused of not showing enough urgency in responding to the crisis compared to the recent hurricanes in texas and florida. truthfully i don't think will make much of a difference whether he comes or not if it were up to me i'd tell him to stay where he is. my god permits him to be moved because in reality i see things really really stuck the ides really slow and reaching people she returns he has more now from puerto rico's capital san juan. authorities very keen now to give us regular updates of indicators to show that they are making some progress in the aftermath of maria here are some of the latest figures we have forty five percent of the population here now has access to running water eleven percent of the cell phone
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towers are back online five percent of the electrical grid is working seven hundred fifty nine of one thousand one hundred twenty petrol stations accepting customers from hospitals and now either running on generator power all the electrical grid so there is some progress here however that also suggests there's a great deal to be done that means ninety five percent of the electric electrical grid still isn't working the fifty five percent of people in puerto rico have no access to running water what we're hearing from a lot of community based groups is they're the ones that are going out especially into the interior and elsewhere into areas where authorities have not reached and supplying food and medical help really very much communities doing it for themselves which is one of the reasons why dog tweet suggesting the puerto ricans are in great city we're expecting the government to do do everything for them have gone particularly badly those sorts of tweets because donald trump will be visiting shortly ecuador's supreme court has ordered that it's vice president to be held in prison while he's investigated over corruption charges jorge glass is accused of
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taking bribes from a brazilian construction giant is the highest ranking official in ecuador to be investigated so far. with the ana bracts construction company he denies any wrongdoing. the number of people who may have had their personal data stolen in a security breach of credit report giant equifax has climbed to more than one hundred forty five million the company has admitted an additional two point five million u.s. customers may have been affected if they left at significant risk of identity theft the information stolen earlier this year includes names social security numbers birth dates and addresses. the u.k. government is trying to arrange drives for about one hundred ten thousand stranded passengers after more knock airlines was placed into administration with around two thousand staff it's the biggest you care line that's ever collapsed needs rocker reports from gatwick airport in london. monex to mines is
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a major blow to britain's aviation industry the collapse has left one hundred ten thousand customers stranded overseas a further three hundred thousand people bookings have been cancelled more than two and a half thousand people are expected to lose their jobs at gibraltar airport passengers awaited news of replacement flights the british government's asked the civil aviation authority to charter thirty aircraft in what's been described as the largest peacetime of patrick nation of british citizens this is a hugely difficult day for passengers for staff we've been working with other tour operators other airlines over the last twenty four hours to try and make sure that is the earliest possible opportunity for people here to rebook their holidays the collapse has been blamed on an increase in aviation fuel costs and a slump in the value of the pound following the u.k.'s vote monex also faced tough competition from other low cost carriers especially on mediterranean routes the company says recent attacks targeting tourists in tunisia egypt and turkey have led
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to a slump in travel and numbers to key destinations contributing to losses of four hundred million dollars last year terrorism probably has been the major the major cause of monarchs failure because there are two particular markets red sea resorts and remote it was a really major player takeover talks with other airlines including norwegian air collapsed at the last minute leaving monaco unable to renew its air travel organizers license that protects customers from being stranded the broad monaco also has an engineering wing that could in theory continue to operate despite the collapse of the airline when it comes to its aviation assets though including lucrative a landing slots a busy airports like gatwick or they're expected now to be covered up between other airlines formed in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight moloch was the country's fifth largest carrier a pioneer in low cost travel and the largest yet. to go out of business is one of
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several european airlines including air berlin and to enter administration the fear is other airlines also find their wings clipped in this increasingly turbulent market leave. at london's gatwick airport still ahead on al-jazeera the strange story of a cargo ship bound for egypt and what it was really carrying and after the flood that killed several resident rhinos india's national park reopens and sports are bad day at the office for the world's a number one tennis player details with joe after the break. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. continue across central and eastern
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areas of china still some rather disturbed weather coming in here maybe a few showers just coming into southern china as well say somewhat weather then this would go on through the next. i also extend their way across vietnam some rather lively showers coming in here much of into china seeing some big downpours from time to time in the heat of the day as one would expect the usual rash was there across southeast asia so the philippines the northern parts of borneo also particularly wet and that wet weather standing across some pushing up across a good part of town on a friday over the next few days as well they are running down across a good parts of indonesia now so jakarta seeing some lobbyist's hours or longer spells of writing. of rank continue costs and eastern parts of india pushing up across the dishes into bangladesh more heavy showers that into a good part of me and ma in the west and still looking very just at present more heavy downpours here choose day going on into wet and stand
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a low cloud pushing up into central pass as we go on through wednesday night poor thirty three degrees celsius a similar temperature there but still hot and dry. the weather sponsored by qatar and. kuwait. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. six continents across the.
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stories they tell. you you're a. news. you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for anybody below the mind or our top stories the number of people dead from sunday night's nationally las vegas has risen to fifty nine five hundred twenty seven people were also injured in the shooting the deadliest said modern u.s. history police have recovered twenty three firearms from the hotel room from where
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the gunman fired from and another nineteen from his home north of las vegas. bangladesh and myanmar have agreed in principle to set up every patry ation plan for the five hundred thousand ranger who fled violence in myanmar's rakhine state the deal was revealed after a representative for myanmar's leader on tonsil travel to bangladesh for talks with its foreign minister and the us government says progress is being made in rehabilitating puerto rico almost three weeks after the island was hit by hurricane maria present donald trump is scheduled to visit on to say he's been accused of not showing enough urgency in responding to the disaster. more now on our top story in sunday night's mass shooting in las vegas raises questions yet again about america's gun laws it happened in the state of nevada which has some of the most relaxed gun policies in the us firearm owners do not have to register with state authorities gun sellers carry out background checks but private sales are allowed
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to go ahead without checks last year the state voted for mandatory checks but this was an implemented because the f.b.i. wouldn't cooperate sold weapons including automatic and semi automatic rifles are legal well i shall speak to derek pogs who is c.e.o. of metropolitan protective services and a former assistant chief of police in maryland his live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us tell us first you know as far as you're concerned and given your experience when you heard of this attack in las vegas from a law enforcement perspective what immediately came to mind first thinking the mom was how many casualties and had the neutralized the threat and how long did it take them to neutralize to through it it took a long time to neutralize a threat from what we understand and obviously a lot of questions still need to be answered in this case i know you currently work with on armed guards that provide security as several locations casinos in the
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washington d.c. area what do you think we should know about the level of complexity in securing a large venue like a casino and how could this shooter in this case have gotten several weapons into his hotel room knowing that in these last vegas casinos there's always a lot of security how could this but. well this is uniquely different because not only was this hotel she's not only was it a casino but it was also a whole tale so wouldn't have been unusual force individual to come into the hotel with bags and luggage that's quite normal quite common and even as relates to him staying in a hotel for three to four days at a time that's unusual stay for vacation time of somewhere in a word between two to five days so the things that he has had pre-trained would know roles wouldn't raise the alarm of the average security or police
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a law enforcement officials force him training and they apparently never know seventeen seventeen or eighteen arms are firearms from his hotel room that that's quite a long yes. that is i mean but if you really think about me you have to really think about what size with the weapons what kind of our suitcase did he put them in words that were a weapon cases where they just generic suitcases that he was able to break the weapons down put them in or just look like a regular traveler just you know enjoying a week in vacation in vegas so i think that you know. hotel security is not generally. on alert to look through people's baggage in things that are nature like the t.s.a. is when it goes to airports and things like that generally people come whether a drive in a check into the whole tail molested by security in
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a court to rome and what they do in a room is particularly their business so it would have been really. a stretch to try to figure out how security would have been a little bit more proactive as related to knowing what this individual had in his bag and of course eric as you know with every mass shooting in the u.s. is always a debate over gun control gun laws you know for our international audience it's always very difficult to understand why this is such apologizing issue in the u.s. why the laws are more relaxed in some states like like las vegas you know people ask why do these things keep happening and why i don't think strange as far as gun laws. well i think you know the the gun debate has been one that you have a huge. into tea of individuals who really you know fills those they are right to own weapons to bear arms and then you have other ones who feel as though that no
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one should on guns so it's something that's completely divided i think but what we need to really probably focus on is the mental stability of the individuals i think if we look at these mass shootings one thing it seems to stay in the common thread is some level of mental instability that eventually is always discovered after the fact i it's interesting that you bring bring up that the mental stability of the individual because as you may know one of the debates right now online and everywhere else is whether this incident was in fact a terrorist act that the shooter is being described as a lone wolf and many people argue you know it's unknown wolf when it's a white man who's e attacker then we want to find out more about his mental stability as mental health when it's someone from a different background from a foreign background it's more about his affiliations to terrorist groups and so on what we know why why this double standard in the u.s.
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well i think the the reason it at this particular time i would just suspect that the investigators that there are investigating is is if he's not associated with any other they can draw a link between any terrorist organization at this particular time or any kind of. religious or or social organization that would have driven him to do something like this so now they have to peel back the onion or try to figure out what exactly was going on in his head to have caused him to do you think you know this had been a black man i'm sorry to ask you this but if this had been a black man with the same questions have been asked about his mental health you think. that's a very good question i think. it's really hard to say i mean to be quite honest i think the sometimes there can be a double standard or there can be standards put in place but realistically i think it's just the evidence that the investigators have to go off and when when there's
5:38 am
no obvious evidence they really have to start to investigate in ways that are more clandestine if you will so that's when we start looking at men to mental stability and things of that nature so i just think that the investigators just have to do their due diligence before we can really. kind of call it one thing or the other ok thank you so much for speaking to us derek banks security expert joining us from washington d.c. thank you for your time we appreciate it. now to africa and protests against kenya's electoral system have spread across the country in the capital nairobi police riot demonstrators who are calling for electoral officials to be sacked protesters accuse them of reading august's presidential election in favor of president or a kenyatta the opposition is demanding major changes before a repeat votes later this month the supreme court had cancelled the initial vote result catherine so he has more from nairobi. the country wide protests called by
5:39 am
the opposition have been luke you're right outside. commission. will be a few protesters were dispatched gassed by police we've seen the state in the sunni western kenya these bits of peaceful protests as well what the opposition wants is some electoral reform to hand of the election and to safety also want a deal that was stapled in parliament last week and election amendments below most it will do parliament the head of anything else they say this bill is going to taste now some of the proposals include among other things the strengthening of the my new old hollywood system so that if there is a dispute that this is my new old colleague supersedes anything outside the opposition that's saying that it's in bad faith and all this you know back and forth and political grandstanding causing a lot of concern and making the work of the electoral commission really difficult
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and we're running out of time. toyota will no longer manufacture cars in australia its last set of camry's will roll off the production line on tuesday later this month another comic i will stop production and with that cars will no longer be made in australia thousands of jobs will be gone but as andrew thomas reports from sydney the changes also point to a new economic drivers. to make you calls in australia back in one nine hundred sixty three in the thirty four years since more than three million times the calls were rolled off its production lines in this country. the closure of a factory in melbourne was in the direct loss of two and a half thousand jobs for a further three thousand people depended on the factory for their livelihood because they were in supply chain companies from the classic holes were brought back to the melbourne factory on tuesday for a ceremony to mark the closure of the factory last year ford closed its last. factory plant in australia and in two weeks' time the australian brand name for general motors. has and i know it's where in the world it will close its last
5:41 am
factory and will mark the end of all car manufacturing in australia costs are simply too high compared to manufacturing costs elsewhere in asia but some say the closure of the car industry in australia isn't necessarily think it marks the transition of australia's economy toward civil service for insight. and it also suggests australian workers are getting jobs in. the strings elsewhere. joining us . eek economics corporate network and joins us from singapore very good to have you with us so i will be the last comma. ford to. why isn't there demand. or the factors at play here. other factors i mean demand for cars in australia has been quite strong two
5:42 am
thousand and sixteen was a record year and toyota is actually the best seller in australia as well it's much more to do with structural issues within the auto sector particularly around import tariffs and the cost of manufacturing in australia in recent years. of comedown meaning that cars produced more cheaply elsewhere particularly places like thailand and the united states have allowed been allowed tariff free entry into australia meaning that the cars are produced in australia itself economically and viable unfortunately so what now for the australian kamarck it then if there is no local production presumably australians will be relying on hundred percent on imports so how will this affect pricing and also supply well if you will follow the theory of international trade it should be that prices will remain low on competitive just said it's one of the reasons why toyota's shut its plant is because production costs are too high and those of course passed on to
5:43 am
the consumer so if consumers could get access to cheaper cars manufactured overseas then that's a positive for them of course the downside to that is the loss of jobs that we heard about in your report just before this right and a lot of jobs being lost i believe about three thousand five hundred workers out of jobs what's going to happen to them and what does this mean for the australian economy what kind of a hit is it going to take. so interesting questions and i understand it's about two thousand five hundred direct jobs at the total plant though of course again as we heard in the report there will be people in the supply chain so manufacturers of components and so on that will be hit by this closure as well as i understand it has been a very responsible employer disclosure was announced in two thousand and fourteen and since then there's been many programs a lot of investment from. towards the workers in terms of access to retraining and
5:44 am
many of those people have found jobs retrained into different professions as well that's not to deny that there will be people who will struggle to find full time employment and that's going to be a negative for the local economy the broader question posed around australia's economy is an interesting one so. in particular are focusing on on higher tech higher value added sectors australia recently announced a space program as well so that's really where the future lies it's less around mass manufacturing of things like cars a much more and bio pharma tech aeronautics and so on very interesting to talk to you thank you so much for your insight and your state force joining us there from singapore al-jazeera has learned that strained relations between the u.s. and egypt has to do with a weapons shipment from north korea a united nations report obtained by our team details the connection between pyongyang and cairo political head explains from washington. whenever u.s.
5:45 am
president donald trump meets publicly with his egyptian counterpart it's all smiles the moment you personality that is capable of doing the impossible thank. you. thing has got a bit frostier a few months later when the u.s. delayed or frozen around two hundred ninety million dollars in military aid meant for egypt the washington post says that was in part because of what was on this ship in july of two thousand and sixteen u.s. intelligence officials started tracking down as it made its way from north korea to egypt a month later u.s. officials told the egyptians they wanted it searched according to this u.n. report they found this on board hidden under iron or seventy nine crates containing parts that could create twenty four thousand three hundred eighty four rocket propelled grenades and materials to build more than four thousand additional ones there are reports those are meant for the egyptian army who later blew them up
5:46 am
under u.n. supervision this report also indicates the u.n. is also investigating whether north korea shipped spare parts for scud missiles to egypt that is likely to put a further strain on the u.s. egyptian alliance because president donald trump has made isolating north korea a top priority experts say the u.s. is going to keep a sharp focus on north korea's ports if u.s. intelligence agencies are doing. tracking of all ships entering and leaving north korean ports they can also through satellite observation get the images of what is being loaded onto ships the north koreans are believed to sell weapons cheap around the globe the trump administration believes that money fuels its nuclear program and they are reiterating that it needs to stop at the same time monday the white house seemed to contradict their own secretary of state who said the u.s. was looking to talk to north korea there's a difference between talking and playing diplomatic pressure we still strongly
5:47 am
support putting diplomat. pressure on north korea which we're continuing to do but now is not the time simply to have conversations with north korea we didn't get any sort of response from the egyptian embassy here in washington d.c. but it is clear the trump administration is sending a message to egypt that when it comes to dealing with north korea that will come with its own set of costs political hane al-jazeera washington or france is presiding over the u.n. security council this month and this is what the french ambassador is response to a question about egypt seeking to buy arms from north korea it on the face of. it's essential to implement fully one hundred plus in the sanctions that we have put in place and here are nestle i'll be frank we have made significant progress recently the sanctions committee is doing its work well. iran has deployed dozens of times along its border with iraq so ta'en a most kurdish region following last week's secession referendum the deployment to
5:48 am
spot of joint military drills with iraqi armed forces the referendum was held in defiance of the government in baghdad as well as neighboring iran and turkey has rejected any talks with the kurdish regional government because of it. facebook is handing to the u.s. congress more than three files an odd link to a russian advertising agency the social network says may have been bought to influence voters to support donald trump during last year's election congressional investigators are looking into whether russia use facebook to interfere with the vote moscow has denied the accusations the nobel prize for medicine has been awarded to three u.s. scientists for their research on the human body's clock by examining fruit flies jeffrey hall michael ross bash and michael young were able to show how genes help control the body's daily rhythms the nobel committee says their findings help us understand sleeping patterns and how important they are for human health. you look
5:49 am
for a similar kind of machinery and more complex organisms first mice yes there and then humans yes it's there and then. you you start finding that. the mutations are associated with a clear pattern since average sleep and in humans a unesco world heritage site has reopened in india after severe floods killed animals and cost major damage imran khan has a story this is a sight to many people in india is a sign province thought they would never see because you don't get national park reopens for tourists albeit only partially severe floods over the summer submerge chief swathes of the park forcing the most famous resident of the one hold rhino to flee to higher ground the world heritage site faces flooding every summer but this year severe floods forced record numbers of the rhino to move in the initial flooding seven rhinos died while floods caused deaths and damage the annual cycle
5:50 am
is necessary to regenerate the grasslands essential for animals like rhinos elephants and wall buffaloes the floods also fill up four hundred bodies of water located inside the park the fact that they were able to open even partially is a relief to the director. although the water levels reduced but due to rain we are still facing difficulties in repairing the entire tourist circuit we hope to repair it as soon as possible. the return of tories has delighted local businessmen who rely on the income the tories seem equally excited to be back it was the end of it it was beautiful and we had a lovely sighting of the day and they were there in their natural habitat and all within the water had their babies so it was a wonderful experience but some of the public hasn't fully recovered from the floods they fear the paul could take short cuts to accommodate tourism and that may
5:51 am
have an environmental impact in the future. which is of still ahead on the news hour. i read try to learn captain. has for a future with boss unknown i detest next with.
5:52 am
thanks very much both ladies football club's president joseph maria says the decision to hold sunday's game against les paul most behind closed doors was a political one and then nothing to do with security fans were told fifteen minutes
5:53 am
before kickoff that they wouldn't be allowed into the new camp stadium because of safety concerns following violence over the catalan referendum the mayor now admits that the stunt helped the world to event in catalonia because the game could be seen in more than one hundred sixty countries the decision has turned out to be unpopular with some form. of the game should not have been played while board members including vice president have resigned over the decision and i can win. in this crucial moment of our history of c barcelona reaffirms its commitment to freedom and to the people of catalonia what we witnessed in our country was unacceptable we demand respect for the people of catalonia and we shall once again stand alongside its legitimate representatives we cataloged have won the right to be heard as one of the leading into cheese in the country we are appealing for political solutions to be found in full respect for the people's wishes well
5:54 am
earlier i spoke to gold columns spanish for correspondent ben haywood he told me the boss linda had no choice to stay out of the politics of the catalan referendum . i think they were left with a difficult decision because obviously you know tensions were running high a lot of people didn't want the match to be played. bass line of words about why the professional football league of the pick they didn't play the game they would lose down six points or three points before hitting the fixture and a three point punishment as well and so most of the players when they found out wanted to go ahead and play the game that's why barcelona decided alternate leagues play it behind closed doors it was a political gesture them also as you mentioned this can include more than a club you know bustling to have always been in extremely linked to politics you know go back to the franco era the camera was a place one of the very few places in barcelona where fans could could go and speak the language of course the council on language wasn't you know could be spoken it
5:55 am
was illegal during franco right they want routes where their flags and you know sort of on a bus or is it was been a symbol it's something of an unofficial defacto national team for counseling you know for many people and i think it's always going to be linked to politics so i think they had to do something and you know all the cattle and clubs apart from respond. you know came out to support their citizens and also tomorrow there's going to be a general strike in catalonia and bus numbers opposing that along with espanol and of the tribes as well so i think yeah i think they're always going to be. all right well many bass player fans are wondering what will happen to the club if catalonia gains independence according to the catalan sports minister the couple night longer be able to play a laker and boss lead it could end up plying that trade in the english premier league arsenal manager also vanga hopes a white come to that i try to learn qatar. and if
5:56 am
possible and i want to join in the premier league makes the title even more difficult for everybody. but i don't think about you know. but it's. it's interesting because the two development but of course we have. incidents on the sporting side of course bus on our side of political clap and it's interesting to see our over respond in the championship. well just a few days after being sacked by german giants by unmeaning collar and a lot he is back in a coaching role these hellion is in jerusalem coaching children from muslim christian and jewish backdrop backgrounds for a charity that's trying to open a sports center in the old city by and fired and last week after the u.a. for champions league lost to p.s.g. . u.s. open champion sloane stephens is crashed out of the china open it's her second tournament exit in two weeks meanwhile tennis is world number one. was also having
5:57 am
a bad day at wimbledon champion retired ill in the first round she was training six one to love to barbara's stroke over before calling it today. former world number one caroline wozniak he continued her impressive play on the hard court the dane beat anastasio public chunk of a for the second time in three weeks in what was a rematch of the pan pacific open final in beijing for jackie taking this match six two six two to bring her place in the third round. over in japan top seed matt and chile which made quick work of greece's stephanos city to the world number five twenty six three six teachers strike down the tokyo open. as cricketers have completed a thrilling twenty one run victory of a pakistan in their first test it was a bonus day with sixteen wickets falling on day five sri lanka resumed on six hundred four but yes a shot to five wickets to help the swiss the sri lankans for only one hundred
5:58 am
thirty eight that meant i saw his victory target was one hundred thirty six but they fell short runner. picked up six wickets to help dismiss them for only one hundred fourteen in their first loss at their home away from home in abu dhabi the second test in dubai starts on friday aug third spending i think that you know today tracy i didn't thirty six. with one part of the city to chase it down so that's that particular discipline he was trying to. but you know. and that's all the sport for now. that's it for this news hour from back to thank you for watching . the sky what they should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the
5:59 am
world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to feel . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice all the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be apart. cats are always going places together.
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fifty nine people dead paul and five hundred injured in las vegas of the worst mass shooting at us.


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