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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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sunset hours never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr than all the people that i'm alive is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that incredibly to others in india a mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time when i visit . las vegas much pam brown is working on two fronts to process the crime scene and also investigate the motive of the shooter. what led to this sixty four year old
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former accountant to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. hello welcome to our live from doha i'm asking that is also coming up. a general strike in catalonia following the disputed votes to break away from spain. a plan to send thousands of re refugees who fled to bangladesh to me and. we'll have a live update. and another push for unity among rival palestinian factions will it make a difference to the sufferings of thousands of gazans. in the you know. digging into the history of the sixty four year old former accountant
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who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern american history saving paddock from a hotel room in las vegas overlooking a consulate and the fifty nine people were killed five hundred others were injured in the attack but reynolds has more from. this is the moment when a harmless sunday night out became a nightmare. twenty thousand concert goers were enjoying a country music festival when suddenly death rained down from above terrified they scrambled for safety came down and then one after the other and we were lying now on the floor i know to get up to run and just to stay to die but it was didn't know if it was safe to move because just about everything that was going on just getting here home and just shooting to get down on the floor people i'm dying in our pool now as we went through the airport parking lot and up and down hill through the pot
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on that everywhere perched in a sniper's nest on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel sixty four year old stephen paddick fired off hundreds of bullets from a fully automatic military style machine gun the carnage lasted for ten minutes as police broke down the hotel room door patrick killed himself on monday morning the scale of the atrocity became heartbreakingly clear we are currently standing at five twenty seven for individuals injured and individuals that have died or passed away fifty nine police called patrick a lone wolf apparently had no criminal record no history of mental illness and the f.b.i. said he had no connection with any overseas groups such as eisel or al qaida it wasn't evident that he had weapons in his room we have determined that there has been. employee's going to and fro from his room and not than
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a nefarious was noticed at this point that's what we know now police hope patrick's female companion marilou danley might provide clues as to his motives friends say she's been out of the country a somber president donald trump addressed the nation we pray for the entire nation to find unity and peace and we pray for the day when evil is banished and the innocent are safe from hatred and from fear trump plans to visit las vegas on wednesday among the many unanswered questions are how patrick got a hold of a fully automatic machine gun which even in the us with its permissive gun laws is not obtainable without a special license las vegas has always been known as a city where people from around the world come to gamble take in a show and generally have fun but from now on the city's history will forever be
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shadowed by one terrible night when music gave way to mass murder robbery los vegas another of our correspondents in las vegas is on the gallagher he joins us live now andy and more and more details that are emerging about this man this former accountant sixty four. yeah but not much to be honest i mean i think this will be a very long investigation because as rob said this is a man who had very little contact with the police never really got in trouble lived a pretty quiet life in misc eat the town a retirement community where he lived about ninety minutes drive from here and the key question and there are a few key questions here but the main one is the motive behind this why someone like this would preplanned this in such a heartless way we know that he rented the room in the hotel behind me here
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a few days before that they discovered twenty three weapons inside that hotel room and police are now treating it as a crime scene obviously but we also know that some of the weapons that he bought legally bought had been modified to go from semiautomatic to automatic meaning that he could let off between four hundred to eight hundred rounds every minute but the key question here for the police is why someone like this would carry out such a cold calculated attack with marty and i have to tell you last vegas right now is eerily quiet it is just after midnight on a tuesday morning normally this whole area would be full of party goers revelers people who come to enjoy what is known as the entertainment capital of the united states but right now all i can see around me here are abandoned shoes there's actually blood on the sidewalk here as people skate from that concert and this is very clearly a city in mourning and so almost sixty dead at least five hundred injured but many more people directly affected by the events that occurred more than twenty four
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hours ago. actually tonight where we're standing now we've met a few people who've been retracing their steps from sunday night one gentleman we talked to for quite a long time was standing in front of the stage when those bullets started to rain down from the thirty second floor of the hotel behind me he said at first people thought someone was playing a prank someone was. playing the sound of gunfire through the speakers other people thought it was fireworks he said until he saw the first dead body he saw a security guard lying in a pool of blood he knew something serious had happened we spent quite a lot of time talking to him about his experiences he was clearly very shocked but you have to think the thousands upon thousands of families who have now been affected by what is the biggest mass shooting in modern u.s. history all right ending thank you andy gallagher there live on the strip now a general strike is threatening to bring much of catalonia to
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a complete standstill following sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain the strikes were called by castle and catalonia as trade unions in response to the violence by spain's national police during the vote almost nine hundred people were injured as hundreds of riot police attempted to shut down polling stations where the result over the referendum is now left catalans you don't want to see their region least why worry about what happens next karl penhall has been speaking to some of them. the referendum result over whelming in favor of catalonia breaking her way those who want spain to remain united becoming fearful. that dunn has defied catalan society divided families and marriages.
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to explore the fault lines i had to meet cattle an artist. getting ready for war no stranger to controversy with his politically charged photos but he says rising intolerance is forcing him to wants to keep his anti secession opinions to himself if you're not with them you would franco that's how radicalized they go. it is a scary and it's going to get worse i think the fracture that this election's course it's a reversible as long as we have the same players ruling the country. believes repression of the catalan language and culture and the general franco's dictatorship which ended in the mid one nine hundred seventy s. may have fueled the independent spirit yet that doesn't change his mind i'm not here to rebuild my grandfather i got my own life i'm looking to the future i love
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people from madrid i got better friends in madrid so everything that my father grandfather was telling me it doesn't match my reality that's what it is i'm not going to really bench times of change a law across town i head to a social club for men like retired farm worker danielle cabin yetto he migrated here from the neighboring arab gone region in the one nine hundred fifty s. but feel strong loyalty to the rest of the country catalonia is vibrant economy has drawn several million workers from poorer corners of spain and abroad. they will never have independent catalonia is a province of spain and always will be that's how it should be the people behind this referendum must be half crazy they'll never achieve it. but catalan leaders i determined to try a bit that seems destined to deepen between neighbors and friends call panel
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al-jazeera barcelona spain. now i'm over hindu refugees of a rived in bangladesh or from me a ma at a time when me i'm on bangladesh of apparently agreed on some kind of repatriation deal now it is a deal which would allow for some of these range of refugees to go back to me m r it was made after a representative from she went to bangladesh for talks with the foreign minister that the un has cooled this exodus of more than five hundred thousand the world's falses developing refugee crisis. in my. proposals for taking back the role hinge of refugees both countries have agreed to form a joint working group in order to monitor the repeats reach in person both of us have agreed on it now bangladesh will figure out what the details will be of the composition of the joint working group so will be any more. well let's find out
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a bit more about this and you are boom ellen is in yang go on mia miles biggest city and what more do we know about what both governments seem to be calling a deal to allow for the repaired three asian of the range of refugees. well there was a similar agreement that bangladesh and me. had in the early ninety's to repatriate refugees ran into refugees who had fled mean ma in violence in the ninety's and it would be based on that particular agreement about a quarter of a million refugees. passionated at that time but crucially the united nations was involved in those repatriations won't be involved in this particular bout of returning bangladesh and mean my are going to work this out between them now meanwhile has said that it's going to set up two checkpoints along the border one
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land one water to process the refugees and what it's calling a national verification process now it's unclear what that process when tale but if you look back at the fine print of the agreement in the ninety's that this is all based on required that one hundred. years applied evidence of citizenship id cards or other evidence that can show that the residents of mean mark and this is extremely difficult for the rangers they've been excluded from citizenship and even if there had some sort of documentation to show that they were residents of mean mar many people fled their homes too quickly we had their homes burnt to the ground taking such documents with them so it's unclear unlikely that you will actually get a lot of these a lot of really hinges who fled to bangladesh under this current bout of violence coming back under this process absolutely that's a central issue it's been highlighted again and again the fact is that these people
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are stateless they have no citizenship they don't have papers but what do we know then about what's actually going on in rakhine state lour given that we've just said the refugees are continuing to cross the border and go to bangladesh. well diplomats have gone on a tour to yesterday on monday too to record state unless it was a dire situation and that aid needs to be aid work and unfettered access to rock i need to be given to aid organizations and to other aid workers in the area but when it comes to the return is another crucial thing that needs to be figured out is whether where the refugees all the return needs will actually be able to return to the government has said that it will be sending them to what it's calling resettlement resettlement camp in the north of rakhine state in mando an
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area that was heavily hit by the violence it's also saying that it's going to appropriate land that was burnt and now human rights organizations have said that hearth of villages have been burnt in the recent bout of violence so it's really unclear for those who are returning at least from bangladesh where they'll be going if they'll actually be able to go back to their homes or if they're going to stay indefinitely in a resettlement camp or out for now you are a boom elam live in yang gone thank you very much. we've got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including a state of limbo kurdish businesses along the turkey iraq border face an uncertain future after last week's defiant secession referendum.
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i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and want to produce to us citizens here and what puts people of iraq on one and the same or if you join us on saturday i was never could have filed been looked at differently because i'm dacogen all the people that i'm a lot this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make a connection join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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juicy or. where ever you have. time to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera in the u.s. at least fifty nine people are dead more than five hundred have been injured in las vegas after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history police searching the attackers home have found nineteen firearms explosives along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.
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trade unions in catalonia are expected to strike in response to the violence by spain's national police force during sunday's referendum almost nine hundred people were injured as hundreds of riot police attempted to shut down the polling stations . mohinder refugees have arrived in bangladesh from him. while the two countries have agreed on a repatriation plan the deal was made after representative mia myles leader aung san suu kyi went to bangladesh the tools with the foreign minister. more now on our top story that of course of the last vegas shootings police are trying to find out what exactly meant of ated this attacker a search of his home his own covered explosives nineteen firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. that has more from mesquite nevada. why would
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a retired american accountant with no known political or religious affiliations commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history the question has so far stumped investigators monday morning police combed through the primary home of sixty four year old steven patrick in misc eat a peaceful community of retirees ninety minutes north of las vegas patagonia his house which police say he shared with his girlfriend who is currently traveling outside of the country neighbors say other than being a reckless he was rather ordinary knowing that it's just a guy that. looks so normal and and you just walk down the street look and say hello to is capable of turning in and doing what he did last night is unbelievable police say patrick had no criminal record in despite eisel claiming responsibility for the shooting the f.b.i.
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says kadek was not affiliated with any armed group as my brother was a member of the gunman's brother told reporters patrick was a wealthy real estate investor and gambler who showed no signs of violence just nothing i mean it's on the public record he did stuff he went to college he had a job. and you know we own some apartments we sold some apart we i mean there's there's nothing there was no no indication. nothing that's what so. i mean. i mean i can't even make something up there's just. there's nothing. nothing so far to give police a lead in to why this massacre happened heidi joe castro al-jazeera muskeg nevada. now the palestinian prime minister is expected to lead a unity cabinet meeting in gaza as part of a national reconciliation effort between his. party and hamas thousands of
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gazans lined the streets on monday is running one dollar cross into the strip for the first time since twenty fifteen is the most ambitious effort yet to end the hostility between the rival factions after repeated failures hamas announced last week that it was prepared to hand over administrative control of the girls and strip to a unity government we can now speak to mohammed dharug mayhew's a political analyst he's joining us now from ramallah in the occupied west bank thank you for talking to us so thousands if not almost two million girls and hopes rest upon this unity arrangement working out in order for them to have an improved living conditions do you think that their hopes are well placed. i'm not sure actually what we have seen so far as only
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a symbolic steps. government is convening today the cabinet is convening in. and. of dismissal it is taking place in some ministers and departments not in the major ones like the minister of finance and the police the mystery of interior so the first. sympathetic but i think. i mean to wait. a long time until they see that have been on the ground until they see significant changes because both both sides are. moving cautiously. and the huge political. security and minister the differences.
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but given that egypt is putting its weight behind this unity range meant does that improve the chances of success. actually the egyptians have tried. many times before even during mubarak time and during this time and now but that is not enough it's not enough has its own interests and reason and. that won't bring. to an area of agreement on the political issues and now is making what they call painful concessions and they are showing signs that they are willing to make these concessions but that. the mystic issues like the cross like the. government responsibility.
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and the security apparatus but. the political issue. if we go for national unity government for example. this government needs to recognize israel and stress on. violent resistance and needs to respect and abide by the signed agreement would have to that can they create can they have the creative solutions. of agreement here the second security apparatus in gaza that. has a completely different security doctrine those people are fighting fierce they are fighting the collaborators with israel and the p.a. security apparatus has a different security doctrine all right you know based on the nation with israel cooperating with the americans are funded by the americans so can they create an
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area of agreement here it's difficult but let's hope very complex times in the gaza strip mohammad thank you very much indeed. now iran has massed dozens of tanks along its border with iraq semi autonomous kurdish region last week as a session referendum is held in this region in defiance of the government in baghdad as well as neighboring iran and turkey the move has had an effect on the important export of goods predominantly kurdish areas. from the crossing along the border with turkey and iraq. crossing it's business as usual goods flowing into the kurdish region from turkey people traveling back and forth between the two it's iraq's most important land crossing kurds on both sides of the border make
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a living out of it. i am poor i don't love my job but i make my daily bread coming and going through this border if it closes there will be a domino effect from here to istanbul it's all connected i won't be the only one her. cousin and the other drivers here are turkish kurds they have silently supported the referendum they live across the border in the same area where iraqi soldiers carried out joint exercises just a few kilometers away from the crossing. iraq's prime minister has to bring it under the federal government's authority although it's an entry point. here. everyone is scared the regional government also imposes its own customs and immigration policies and if you are still in doubt then you have to remind. everyone. even though the border guards under the command of baghdad giving up
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their posts. is out of the question. as of now the border guards and peshmerga a part of the iraqi forces but if there is a problem that would defend kurdistan it will be a national cause this is their land where their families and their people live every kurd will take part in this. the crossing fell on the control of the kurds with the no fly zone was imposed over the region after the first gulf war in one thousand nine hundred one and since it's been a lifeline for the kurdish region as it was a child but still remembers how different his was at the time. before nine hundred ninety one we couldn't do any business no one had money after that things changed the town became richer but a kurdish state is more important than anything else we have to sacrifice for it
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even if we have to fight we knew since before the referendum that the could be some negative reactions. everyone here is waiting for baghdad. but with more than half of the goods through. making their way beyond the kurdish region to the rest of iraq kurds say everyone involved will pay a heavy price. in the order in iraq. al-jazeera has learned that a weapons shipment trim north korea is the reason for a strained relations between the united states and egypt a u.n. report obtained by our team details the connection between pyongyang and cairo egypt's foreign ministry has responded saying they also it is have destroyed the shipment of antitank missiles culhane has mall from washington. whenever u.s. president donald trump meets publicly with his egyptian counterpart it's all smiles
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the moment you personality that is capable of doing the impossible. things got a bit frosty or a few months later when the u.s. delayed or frozen around two hundred ninety million dollars in military aid meant for egypt the washington post says that was in part because of what was on this ship in july of two thousand and sixteen u.s. intelligence officials started tracking down as it made its way from north korea to egypt a month later u.s. officials told the egyptians they wanted it searched according to this u.n. report they found this on board hidden under iron ore seventy nine crates containing parts that could create twenty four thousand three hundred eighty four rocket propelled grenades and materials to build more than four thousand additional ones there are reports those are meant for the egyptian army who later blew them up under u.n. supervision this report also indicates the u.n. is also investigating whether north korea shipped spare parts for scud missiles to
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egypt that is likely to put a further strain on the u.s. egyptian alliance because president donald trump has made isolating north korea a top priority experts say the u.s. is going to keep a sharp focus on north korea's ports u.s. intelligence agencies are doing. tracking of all ships entering and leaving north korean ports they can also through satellite observation get. images of what is being loaded onto ships the north koreans are believed to sell weapons cheap around the globe the trump administration believes that money fuels its nuclear program and they are reiterating that it needs to stop at the same time monday the white house seemed to contradict their own secretary of state who said the u.s. was looking to talk to north korea there's a difference between talking and putting diplomatic pressure we still strongly support putting diplomatic pressure on north korea which we're continuing to do but now is not the time simply to have conversations with north korea we asked but
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didn't get any sort of response from the egyptian embassy here in washington d.c. but it is clear the trump administration is sending a message to egypt that when it comes to dealing with north korea that will come with its own set of costs political hane al-jazeera washington. times rissa take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera at least fifty nine people have died and more than five hundred were injured in las vegas after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history police searching the attackers home found nineteen far explosives along with thousands of rounds of ammunition trade unions in catalonia are expected to strike in response to the violence by spain's national police during sunday's referendum almost one hundred people were injured as hundreds of riot police
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attempted to shut down the polling station as. the palestinian prime minister is expected to lead a unity cabinet meeting in gaza as process of national reconciliation efforts between his policy and hamas thousands of gazans live the streets on monday as rami have crossed into the gaza strip. more reindeer refugees have been arriving in bangladesh for me i'm while the two countries seem to have agreed on some kind of repository and plan the deal to send back some of the hof a million ranger was made after representatives from mia miles leader aung san suu kyi went to bangladesh for talks myanmar writing that's right the m.r. has made proposals for taking back the role hinge of refugees both countries have agreed to form a joint working group in order to monitor and to repeat region process both of us have agreed on it now bangladesh will figure out what the details will be of the composition of the joint working group so will myanmar. iran has massed dozens of
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tanks along its border with iraq so tom semi autonomous kurdish region following last week's referendum the referendum was held in defiance of the government in baghdad as well as neighboring iran and turkey all right those are the headlines inside story is next. thank. you stan the difference is. and the same analogies of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. a difference of languages in cameroon turns violent anguish because a demanding an end to what they say is discrimination by the french speaking in the jockey some are even calling for independence on what does this mean for camels unity this is and so.


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