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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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industry revealing out even the smallest devices of deadly environmental and health costs. china's communist party is holding its annual congress what would it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. that's not just phones contributing to sound phones bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. in excess of eighteen additional firearms some explosives several thousand rounds
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of ammo. u.s. gun laws are back in the spotlight after fifty nine people are killed in the worst mass shooting in the country's modern history. hello again i'm sure without is there a life and also coming up. this is the scene in barcelona now tens of thousands of people have joined a general strike in the catalonian capital to protest against police violence in monday's referendum. iran has deployed tanks along its border with iraq semi autonomous kurdish region. a plan to send the range of refugees in fled to bangladesh to miramar but there's little details on how it will be implemented.
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at least fifty nine people are dead more than five hundred people have been injured in las vegas after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history sixty four year old steven paddock used automatic weapons to fire on cults that goes from the thirty second floor of a nearby hotel responding officers found him dead more than twenty weapons were found in the hotel room offices and now trying to find out what motivated him a search of his home has uncovered explosives and additional far arms as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition heidi jocasta reports. why would a retired american accountant with no known political or religious affiliations commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history the question has so far stumped investigators monday morning police combed through the primary home of sixty four year old steven patrick in misc eat
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a peaceful community of retirees ninety minutes north of las vegas patagonia his house which police say he shared with his girlfriend who is currently traveling outside of the country neighbors say other than being a reckless he was rather ordinary knowing that it's just a guy that looks so normal and and you just walk down the street look and say hello to is capable of turning in and doing what he did last night is unbelievable police say patrick had no criminal record the f.b.i. says paddick was not affiliated with any armed group as my brother was a member of the gunman's brother told reporters patrick was a wealthy real estate investor and gambler who showed no signs of violence just nothing i mean it's on the public record he did stuff we went to college she had a job. and you know we own some apartments we sold some apartment we i mean there's
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there's nothing there was no indication. nothing that's what's so. i mean. i mean i can't even make something up there's just. there's nothing. nothing so far to give police a lead in to why this massacre happened heidi jo castro al-jazeera muskeg nevada. well the attack has once again sparked calls for increased control on the sale of firearms in the us many gun owners and lobby groups rail against such proposals they point out that the right to carry a gun is a central tenet of the us constitution many argue that democratic freedoms are insured because the population is armed they say it protects the country from the possibility of dictatorship because citizens can fight back or groups that want to increase controls on guns say the constitution was written long before also matic
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weapons existed they say citizens are at risk by the widespread availability of high caliber firearms and many want to limit the sale of also mattick weapons restrict people from carrying weapons in public and increase regulation of gun ownership simon chapman is author of over our dead bodies australia's fight for gun control and he says when australia banned semiautomatic weapons there was pushback from lobby groups but the leader from that time now says it was most popular decision he made was in office. we had thirteen mess shootings in seventeen years before the year not in ninety six and in ninety ninety six a man ran amok with semiautomatic weapons and killed thirty five people tourists location in tasmania now that this man unlike the killer today had no
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criminal record he had no mental health history he was someone who people said after the event well he was a strange person but nothing was ever done by police or mental health authorities about this person and it's the same with most people who engage in mass killing incident within six weeks after the incident and not in ninety six all state and the federal government in australia united to outlaw civilian on a ship semiautomatic weapons and in the twenty one years since we have not seen a single massacre in this country moreover he refugees have arrived in bangladesh for me i'm on while the two countries have agreed apparently on a repat trade him plan the deal to send back the range it was made after representative from me a month either on from thinking he went to bangladesh for talks with the foreign minister the un has called the exodus of a the half
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a million range or the world fall for this developing refugee crisis in the un mark writing that progress myanmar has made proposals for taking back the role hinge on refugees both countries have agreed to form a joint working group in order to monitor the repeat region process both of us have agreed on every now bangladesh will figure out what the details will be of the composition of the joint working group so will myanmar and more now from our correspondent in the a majar of whom ellen. well there was a similar agreement to return. who had fled main mar to bangladesh in early around an earlier round of violence in the ninety's and it would be based on that particular agreement at that time about a quarter of a million refugees were repatriated to mean maher but it was facilitated by the united nations crucially in this instance there will be no united nations of involvement this will be something that's going to be worked out between bangladesh
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and main mar i mean my has said that it's going to set up two checkpoints. along the border with bangladesh one on land and one on water to process the return isn't under what it's calling a national verification process now we don't have a lot of details about what that process will entail but if you look back at the nineteen in the at the agreement in the one nine hundred ninety s. rangers were. expected to provide evidence of citizenship or id cards or at least some sort of evidence of residency mean months is extremely difficult for a row hindus have been excluded from citizenship and even if they did have some sort of documents many people fled their homes too quickly to take anything like that with them so it's unclear and unlikely that many of the half million or so refugees who fled to meanwhile will actually be able to come back under this
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process. has the latest for us from the other side of the border on the bangladesh side. with seemingly no end in sight to the or hinder refugee crisis questions are now arising about whether bangladesh and myanmar could come up with some sort of agreement to allow for refugees or hinder refugees to return to me and more now we've spoken to refugees that have arrived here in the past few days they are absolutely terrified at that prospect they say that they do not believe that there could be any condition that would allow them to return safely to me and more they believe that they would be in mortal peril if they go back we also spoke today to u.n. officials including mark local he's the u.n. emergency relief coordinator he's come to cox's with bizarre here in bangladesh to two or some of the camps to speak to refugees he said that really the focus now needs to be if there is going to be some kind of an agreement to ensure the conditions are safe on the ground in myanmar because that is where the crisis began
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here is more what mr lowcock had to tell us we need to pray says my wage people can safely securely voluntarily be allowed to go home and they own this is only zero thirty's in me and not to demonstrate to everybody above all to the refugees and so that circumstances are going to change so that it is safe to go home because at the moment if you listen to the people we've listened to in the last thirty six hours none of them think it is among aid workers concern is really mounting right now the cerne about the possibility of there being epidemics because of the unsanitary conditions that the wrong hands are refugees are living in also a lot of concern we're hearing about the state of children that have come here many aid workers telling us that the kind of trauma that they're seeing that for him to children have experienced is among the worst kind of trauma they've seen children experience ever. now calls for a general strike in catalonia have been hated by tens of thousands of people
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they're looking for a complete standstill in the region after sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain strikes the. cold specifically by the trade unions in response to the violence carried out by spain's national force during the ballot almost nine hundred people were injured as police attempted to shut down the polling stations let's go live now to our correspondent who's there in the midst of this protest lauren say lawrence very much as the numbers. yes yes very much so this is university square right in the middle this was primarily called by the students that have been joined by all sorts of other groups of people as well and certainly down all of the side streets here one one two three thousand people down the streets and so it's not just in the square itself and
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while it's true that this was told as a protest against police violence to the breaking up of the referendum on sunday it is also a fact that they don't think certainly the vast majority of the people here in the square are very much pro independence and indeed the section of the crowd is actually broken off here now has gone off to the capital on all of the building where we're told they want to impress upon the politicians. for independence to happen because they regard the referendum as having a democratic mandate and they want the president and the government to get on with its potentially by the end of this week separately in other parts of catalonia that in other actions very very noticeably across many major roads they've been blocked by drivers trying to drive us the main most likely linking northern spain to southern france is blocked by dozens of lorries all week. there's no police
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presence whatsoever the sun you know the guardian civill displays obviously by the council lines that the castle and police are into the distance but if the gaudio seville words were. i think anyway today it would likely be that my motorways blow simply because it's not it's a national assets if you like and they won't stand for that. that's being blocked in the aspen but otherwise the goddess avila been nowhere to be seen but ultimately i think what you can say at the moment is if madrid thought that. by dismantling referendum the referendum they could break the will of the catalan people for independence it doesn't appear that done so by any means all right lawrence either live in barcelona. so to come here is another push for unity among rival palestinian factions but will this make a difference to the suffering of trust. i'm nor about the money i'm
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in room one gallery in doha when looking at innovative german car design technology in the one nine hundred fifty s. to the near future. hello there the temperatures are definitely dropping across the northern parts of china now with fact we've seen the first snow of the season this from the north western parts of china and it's actually fairly deep snow that we saw all that now elsewhere and there's a fair amount of rain to be seen a little bit further east you see this very large area of cloud that's given some of us over one hundred millimeters of rain snow really moving anywhere in a great hurry on wednesday we're still expecting some shop showers more or less where it is at the moment but then gradually edges its way eastwards and it looks like shanghai is going to see some fairly outbreaks of rain there on thursday
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elsewhere largely fine enjoy tokyo getting to twenty one degrees with a bit of sunshine around as well after the south you can see all the winds that feeding in all the moisture so that means for many of us there will be a good deal of cloud around and quite. few showers around to some of which are likely to bring us some very heavy rain there is that rain that working its way up to shanghai that's the main feature over the next day or so further towards the south and we have plenty of showers over the southeastern parts of age at the moment and they've been particularly heavy over parts of thailand recently very very wet here more heavy rain to come on wednesday and thursday too is looking very wet and those showers are now extending all the way down across java. with. ever since i was a little boy in india my dream was to make bollywood films so five years ago i decided i was finally going to do it one man's quest to realise a lifelong ambition for the studio choose to lose my one and it's transformation
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going behind the lens that's gone missing brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood at this time. let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera f.b.i. agents have found weapons ammunition and explosives in the home of the gunman who carried out the worst not in modern american history even padded open far from ahead tell room overlooking a concert in las vegas killing fifty nine people and wounding more than five
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hundred others tens of thousands of people have joined the general strike in catalonia as capital barcelona following sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain the strikes were caught by catalan trade unions in response to the violence by spain's national police during the ballot more refugees have arrived in bangladesh from miramar while the two countries appear to have agreed to work on a repatriation plan the deal was made for a representative for me and miles leader aung san suu kyi went to bangladesh for talks with its foreign minister. now iran has deployed tanks along its border with iraq semi autonomous kurdish region iran says the deployment is part of joint military drills with the iraqi armed forces but tensions in the region a high following last week's caddis secession referendum the vote was held in defiance of the governments in baghdad tehran as well as ankara we can go live now
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to our correspondent charles trap that is him. that's a border post in the iraqi kurdistan region you're right on the border with iran so how threatening then all these maneuvers by iranian time. will certainly for the kurds that we've spoken to here at this border crossing the customs authorities here these maneuvers are very threatening to my right on the hill behind me there is an iranian tank with its guns are pointing in this direction into the kurdish area of northern iraq it's a similar scenario to the left there are tanks over there we've been told there are tanks in borders on the hills even further back further along basically all the way along this area now the iranians say that these tanks are positioned there as part of these joint military exercises with the iraqi military the kurds here say that the iranians have told them that those exercises certainly in this area that we've
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seen happening in other areas are going to be starting around fifteen kilometers from here any day now what's interesting and what's so frightening for the kurds though certainly according to the customs of sources here they say that it was on the twenty ninth of september that twelve members of the iraqi interior ministry arrived here and handed them a letter basically an ultimatum saying we are going to be taking control of not only this border crossing but the two other main border crossings between iran and the k r g the want to perve is for on another one it has and the kurds have rejected. that ultimatum until now they tell us that negotiations are still going on to try and come to some sort of solution the border crossing today is actually open two days ago when we were here it was closed i'm certainly to oil traffic food stuffs were allowed to go to and from iran but all traffic today is still open
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and they say that they're expecting up to forty trucks to policy either way at some stage today we've been here what three four hours now and it's safe to say we've seen pretty much zero traffic to cut a long story short the fear is that the man in the building here to my left the customs or storage fees the chief there said that despite. these statements coming out from the iranians that these tanks are part of these joint military exercises and despite the statement from the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body that he didn't see any kind of military solution is being feasible right for this crisis the people in this building here are concerned that military action could be taken but as i say negotiations so we believe ongoing but the situation here is very tense. live from penguin distrait in iraq you can't. the palestinian prime minister has chaired a unity cabinet meeting as part of
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a reconciliation effort between his party and hamas rami hamdullah said he wanted to turn the page on the division that has plagued the political factions since hamas took control of gaza in two thousand and seven and out last week that it was handing over administrative control of the gaza strip to a unity government hurry force that has them all from gaza through for. the first cabinet meeting of this new unity reconciliation government has taken place the palestinian prime minister i mean presiding and this is really the first getting under way of this project is difficult project which is failed so many times over the last ten years to restore palace in north already government to the gaza strip now we have ministers going out to their ministries the expectation is of a smooth handover of power from the hamas officials who have been controlling those ministries up until now we've had
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a news conference after the cabinet meeting in which the p.a. government spokesman talked about the importance of the egyptian backing to all this we have posters of president sisi in this square talking about the fact that the egyptian minister of intelligence will be here later in the day offering support to this process talking about appealing to the international community and the israelis themselves to ease the israeli blockade and as for the kind of humanitarian issues which are so. nearly two million people who live in the gaza strip so far we're in a holding pattern over that they're saying that they have received detailed reports about things such as salaries electricity water border crossings and that they will look into these things deeply however some of these issues are issues that have been exacerbated by restrictions imposed by the palestinian authority precisely to bring hamas. on board again under a unified government the squeeze on the electricity the cutting about thirty
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percent to the salaries of the p.a. employees have been sitting idle for the last decade these are things that the p.a. could reverse if it wanted to immediately at the moment though they're talking about talks about talks next week beginning in cairo and a process to try and address and solve those issues now the french parliament is about to vote on a new and pretty controversial antiterrorism bill if it's approved the bill would indorse exceptional powers that are currently granted to the police as part of the state of emergency that was put in place after the paris attacks of twenty fifteen we can speak to you know r.t. who's a civil liberties activist in the head of the justice in liberties for all committee and he's joining us live from paris thank you very much indeed why are you against this new anti-terrorism bill which if it's approved would replace a state of emergency. well the sort of emergency itself
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failed to prevent terrorism a search and failed to or to prevent radical ideas a form of spreading and to quote even our domestic intelligence repression alone does not work and even emmanuel markhor himself said that the state of emergency is a figure against terrorism no our worries are that all the extreme measures of the state of emergency or house raids done are good without any warrants the suspicion against the whole muslim community of the shutting down of mosques and reading of businesses and their own sucking by the police must surveillance and arbitrary arrests not only will be passed into the common law but would also be made. by granting widespread suspicious suspicion to be acceptable hey what's right what's the first paragraph of but the form of the former prime minister bernard casanova he claims that in twenty sixteen at least seventeen terrorist attacks were stopped by the powers granted to the police under the state of emergency so some people say
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it's actually were kept from safe. well does any other person that the government has any proof on these attacks being prevented i mean you know the government can claim whatever they want so far we have seen statements from the from the executive branch of power but nothing nothing gets and again these measures have all prevented the bus today attacks and the study that took place here in france as a matter of fact even when you have a police officer saying that we can all go corp with these extreme measures you have reasons to worry why is the government persisting on this repression based model one domestic intelligence itself says that it is not working and we need to switch strategies and what would you suggest then to president macro and his government would be a better better alternative way to dealing with what is a current state of insecurity feel country well first we have to make the
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connection between bombs at home and bombs abroad you can disconnect terrorism at home for our disastrous foreign policy yet the government never asked the question why do these attacks happen and second why do the do they keep happening and i'm quoting again domestic intelligence fronts needs to adopt extremists right e.g. that puts around the same table policymakers community leaders and the security apparatus in france yet we have not seen that happening second there at least attacks happen even under under dictatorships and it's not because by turning becoming a police state that you would prevent them dick only question is how much more of our freedoms are we going to lose or what are the same time seeing terrorism remaining a new a new normal for us you know the government usefully serious about tackling terrorism ask the question why you yes i thank you very much.
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now at least four people have been killed in a gun battle inside an army camp in indian administered kashmir police say three armed men forced their way into the compound just outside the international airport in sugar the attackers were wearing military uniforms when they fired automatic weapons and threw grenades pakistan based group jaish e mohammed has claimed responsibility for the attack. there within the last couple of minutes or so this year's nobel prize for physics has been awarded to three u.s. scientists barry barish kip thorne and raina rice led a collaborative project which observed for the first time waves of energy created by stars exploding and black holes colliding in space albert einstein predicted the existence of the so-called gravitational waves more than a century ago but they remained largely theoretical now germany has long been known
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as a powerhouse of industrial design and famous for b.m.w. luxury cars siemens high speed trains and other brands now the first exhibition to showcase german innovation has opened here in doha the cattery capital laura birdman the report's design lab in the center of this exhibition in doha provides a window into some of the most innovative german techniques from the past seventy years from the evolution of the t.v. intricate furniture virtual reality and sport shoes each design has improved leaps and bounds decade by decade. you know looking at back of some of the older designs of somebody have computers and looking at it thinking my goodness how could we even they've used those you know twenty thirty years ago looking at what we have now we're so lucky that bandsmen design but that's how it all started and that's what we need to show the audience it also traces the development of some of the most
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famous german cars which have pervaded popular culture germany's post second world war effort to mend it shattered economy so mass production of none pushes design of the beetle and new designs for the super car porsche while talking literally means the people car was one of the first affordable vehicles to be mass produced and now it's the first major car company to announce a push into the mass market with an electric vehicle but it may have taken and the mission scandal to drive the company into a cleaner future two years ago the vaults welcome group of misfit edited used illegal software to cheat us diesel emissions tests sparking the biggest industry crisis in its history. it paid heavily up to thirty billion dollars in damages but it's not only an image clean up beat up its principal design a says a future of the electric car may take on an entirely different shape and now we
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face a situation say the traditional combustion engine most likely will be reduced by electrical engines and since you could say these massive metal blocks from the combustion engine disappears give us design is completely new possibilities. electric car technology has been around for more than a century but with ample supply of oil at the time the combustion engine took the lead. but now the future is staring back to woodsy electric vehicle and it's created a race to sell on a mass scale but many will want to see if the consumers who be as excited as the car makers. lure about a manly al-jazeera doha. your without is there and these are our top stories at least fifty nine people have died
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and more than five hundred people have been injured in las vegas after the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history police searching the attackers home and found nineteen far arms explosives along with thousands of rounds of ammunition tens of thousands of people have joined a general strike in catalonia as capital barcelona following sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain the strikes were called by catalan trade unions in response to the violence by spain's national police during the ballot more refugees have arrived in bangladesh from me and while the two countries have agreed to work on a repository ation plan the deal was made after a representative for. travel to bangladesh for talks with his foreign minister on my right. has made proposals for taking back the road refugees both countries
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have agreed to form a joint working group in order to monitor and to repeat region process both of us have agreed on it now bangladesh will figure out what the details will be of the composition of the joint working group and more. iran has deployed tanks along its border with iraq semi autonomous kurdish region as part of joint military drills with iraq tensions in the region a high following last week's kurdish secession referendum the vote was held in defiance of the government in baghdad as well as tehran. and ankara. the palestinian prime minister has led a unity cabinet meeting in gaza as part of reconciliation efforts between his party and hamas thousands of gazans lined the streets on monday as crossed into the gaza strip his visit is the most ambitious effort yet to end the animosity between the political factions after repeated failure as. the french parliament is about to
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vote on a new and controversial antiterrorism bill if it's approved the bill would indorse exceptional powers that are currently granted to the police as part of the state of emergency put in place after the paris attacks in twenty fifteen right that's it europe today those are the latest headlines from us here at out jazeera coming up next is inside story. a difference of languages in cameroon turns violent anguish because of demanding an end to what they say is discrimination by the french speaking majority some are even calling for an independent so what does this mean for canons unity this as and side story.


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