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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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over chile we've got more clouds working its way in here so we could see some rain in santiago and a fair amount of snow over the mountains to the north and plenty of cloud across the central americans at the moment and plenty of white weather the most intense is this out to the west where we are seeing a few areas of low pressure begin to develop within this system and these will give us more prolonged areas of rain potentially could give us an issue with flooding as well further north we've got a very marked system here is working its way steadily eastwards giving heavy rain. they're with sponsored by cattle race. this is.
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kerry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes last sperm is working on two fronts to process the crime scene and also investigate the motive of the shooter. but led the sixty four year old former accountant to carry out the deadliest mass shooting and modern u.s. history. tens of thousands of people are out on the streets in catalonia to protest against police violence during the vote to break away from spain. the palestinian prime minister holds a unity cabinet meeting in gaza as part of another push to end the rift among rival palestinian factions. and a plan to send thousands of our hensher refugees who have fled to bangladesh back to me and mark but there's little details on how that would be employment it.
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f.b.i. agents are investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history the tactics are trying to find out why stephen paddick opened fire from a hotel room overlooking a concert in las vegas fifty nine people were killed more than five hundred others injured police found him dead in his hotel room alongside more than twenty weapons and a similar amount of guns were found in his home along with thousands of rounds of ammunition and explosives. and while on his way to see hurricane damage and puerto rico president donald trump dismissed questions from reporters about the prospect of gun reform. anyways. mark. probert also joins us live now from las vegas i'm rob let's go back to the to stephen paddick what what also we learned about him since this shooting unfolded.
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well there's precious little that we know at this point rush rick hill richelle other than the bare facts and that's the question that so many people are asking not only here in las vegas but all around the country really all around the world who was stephen paddick what led this previously law abiding sixty four year old retired to meticulously plan and carry out man's murder and my colleague heidi is out castro has been doing some reporting on this question but so far there are few answers why would a retired american accountant with no known political or religious affiliations commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history the question has so far stumped investigators monday morning police combed through the primary home of sixty four year old steven patrick in misc eat
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a peaceful community of retirees ninety minutes north of las vegas paddock own this house which police say he shared with his girlfriend who is currently traveling outside of the country neighbors say other than being a wreck loose he was rather ordinary knowing that it's just a guy that. look so normal and and you just walk down the street look and say hello to is capable of turning in and doing what he did last night is unbelievable police say patrick had no criminal record the f.b.i. says paddick was not affiliated with any armed group as my brother was a member of the gunman's brother told reporters patrick was a wealthy real estate investor and gambler who showed no signs of violence there's just nothing i mean it's on the public record he did stuff he went to college he had a job. and you know we own some apartments we sold some apartment we i mean there's
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there's nothing there was no indication. nothing that's what's so. i mean. i mean i can't even make something up there's just. there's nothing. nothing so far to give police a lead in to why this massacre happened heidi joe castro al-jazeera muskeg nevada so rob what else is going on in this investigation what else have we learned about either of the days leading up to the where all the weapons came from anything what new information to rehab. well police have not held another briefing since. last evening so there is not a great deal more information we do know that patrick amassed of an armory an arsenal if you will of forty two weapons some of which were found in the hotel room
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others at that home in mosquito vada they were all apparently purchased legally some of the gun shop owners that sold these guns to patrick say that he met all the criteria filled out all the forms properly and raised no red flags when they interacted with him the death toll as we've stated as standing at the moment at fifty nine people killed and more than five hundred injured on wednesday president trump will visit las vegas he will bring a message of national unity and try to bring some consolation here and one thing that may be a key element in the investigation is if the police are able to question marilou donley the female companion of stephen paddick who lived with him for some
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time she is out of the country the police are very anxious to speak with her ok proper idols life ross and los vegas thank you. now the attack has once again sparked calls for increased control on the sale of firearms and the united states many gun owners and lobby groups rail against such proposals they point out that the right to carry a gun is a central tenet of the us constitution many argue that democratic freedoms are in short because the population is armed they say that it protects the country from the possibility of dictatorship because citizens can fight back groups that want to increase control on guns point out the constitution was written long before automatic weapons existed they say citizens were at risk by the widespread availability of high caliber firearms many want to limit the sale of semiautomatic weapons for strict people from carrying weapons in public and increased regulation on gun ownership simon chapman is author of over our dead bodies australia's fight
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for gun control he says when australia banned semiautomatic weapons there was pushback from lobby groups but the leader of the time now says it was the most popular decision he made while in office. we had thirteen mesh shootings in seventeen years before the knot in ninety six and in ninety eight ninety six a man ran amok with semiautomatic weapons and killed thirty five people tourist location in tears mania now that this man unlike the killer to die had no criminal record he had no mental health history he was someone who people said after the event well he was a strange because but nothing was ever done by police or mental health authorities about this person and it's the same with most people who engage in mass killing incident within six weeks after the incident and not in ninety six all state and
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the federal government in australia united to outlaw civilian on a ship semiautomatic weapons and in the twenty one years since we have not seen a single massacre in this country a general strike has brought much of head alone yet to a complete standstill following sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain strikes were called by catalan trade unions in response to the violence by spain's national police during the ballot yelling nine hundred people were entered as hundreds of riot police attempted to shut down the polling stations live pictures there so let's go to our lawrence lee who is live there all of this and barcelona so florence's the day has progressed are the crowds getting bigger or are they dissipating. there's a little hiatus just to the moment they they they they went and hit all the main targets they wanted to this morning the popular party the ruling party headquarters the national police center here at the university square and then of the council on
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parliament and they're going to rest i think for a couple of hours they're all going to come back again for the six or seven o'clock tonight and it will look very much the same as it did this this morning which was very defiant no little anger of course it was cold in the wake of all the police violence on sunday very many people saying that the mandate as they see it's of the referendum needed to be accepted and mirrored by the council on parliaments and they want their independence this week and if you say to these people well maybe you do but you know the rest of spain dozens in the european union doesn't support you most people here like saying europe where are you they feel a lot of bitterness towards the e.u. in the european commission you say these things too and they said well yeah but no one's listening to us it's our democracy and we reserve the right to have things our own way in the end i think what it says is if the madrid government thought it was going to be able to crush the referendum the council land on sunday in the way it did with the police they think that they misjudged it badly what type of
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interaction that you've been able to say has been with police considering that's kind of what but sparked off. well the there the goddess avila riot police have haven't been here at all they've been invisible and all these things have been policed at a very great distance actually by the council on police but the other people in all of this who are invisible the governments of madrid and the european union and it is the most bizarre situation to me to be honest with you because you know your own situation here in a in a very democratic progressive western european country that it might actually have a slightly fallen apart by the end of the week and yet nobody seems to want to address the sense of crisis that there is for spain and the need for the european union. there's spanish government sees this not as a political issue but a legal issue and that's why i wanted to stop the referendum and therefore rowley has been prime minister has no interest in political mediation with the council on government even though they've said that they might want it to happen the european
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union has had absolutely nothing about this except a statement from the european commission saying the violence can't be the way the two sides need to go together and so you have this ticking clock that the council is might actually announce their independence by the end of the week a bit of spain falls off the international map no longer part of the european union which is a crisis all round and yet you just have silence everywhere and no one apparently willing to get to grips with what is an absolutely enormous democratic problem all right so this all barrels ahead but the two sides extremely far apart. a lot of barcelona lawrence thank you. when you were head of the news hour and clothing under fire and the administered kashmir gunmen launched an attack on an indian army base plus. i'm sure about i'm on the i'm in iraq in doha but when looking at innovative job and car design and technology in the one nine hundred fifty s. to the near future. and sport barcelona's most famous football club speaks as the
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city observes a general strike while all that in sport. the french parliament is about to vote on a new and controversial anti-terrorism bill for proof the bill will endorse exceptional powers currently granted to the police as part of the state of emergency put in place after the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen critics say the new law will create a permanent state of emergency and harm civil freedom the butler is live for us in paris to talk more about this so so natasha what's the latest there what is this law mean. we all expecting this law to be passed by french parliamentarians at any moment and in fact what it will do to it will allow the government to lift this state to much and say that it has been in place since
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the november twenty fifteen paris attacks now the government say that this law will be extremely tough and that's necessary because of the still under threats more than two hundred people have been killed in attacks over the past two years the most recent just last sunday in the southern city of malcolm of say when two women were killed by a man wielding a knife in a train station and then again today the french interior minister said that appealed in the center of power. to bite me so i'm going straight the government says that something needs to be done and they. say that this new counterterrorism know is the way to deal with it but many critics say that is simply going to end up leading to human rights abuses so to talk more about all of this i'm joined by freshman journalist pierre haski p.s. this is a very controversial nor because many people say it might end up turning france into a police state yes the problem is that no politician could leave the state of emergency
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without taking some risk and the last one the tried was for so long then president in july last year and a few hours later his announcement there was a nice attack so politicians don't want to be caught again in that kind of a limit so they they said ok we'll leave the state of emergency but we introduced tougher security laws which is the sixth time in five years that we have a new security rose so they have been piling on top of each other the problem this time is that many regulations or activities by the police which were under judicial control are no given to police and administrative control and that's what is worrying a lot of human rights groups and some opposition parties. have even had a u.n. rapporteurs saying that this is a real worry and they're worried about the direction the fraud is going in but when you speak to people in the street when you speak to french people it has to be said
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that few people seem to be bothered by the small yes a problem as you as you mentioned in your introduction we are still in the threads and every day you have either in france or in neighboring countries the signs of this right and people put security on top of anything else that means that they accept this stuff follows especially with you know we don't leave with a threatening government but the problem is that once you have those in the statute book in the low. what who knows what future governments we're going to have. if not then look up and. the far right candidate who lost the last election one day gets in the office she would have tough for those two to handle and that's what is worrying a lot of human rights defenders in france but as you say public opinion doesn't care because they put security on top of anything else wise when if this new no is posted a thank you very much if the snow is posted age will come into effect at the end of
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the month and that is when the government will also make mistakes and i did see plenty of talks about them live in paris thank you laura and your refugees have arrived in bangladesh from me and mar while the two countries have a great honor repatriation plan to send back their attention was made after representative for me and maurice later on travel to bangladesh for talks with its foreign minister the un has called the exodus of over a half a million one hundred the world's fastest developing a refugee crisis. has made proposals for taking back the role hinge of refugees both countries have agreed to form a joint working group in order to monitor the repeat region process both of us have agreed on it now bangladesh will figure out what the details will be of the composition of the joint working group so will myanmar. are of the mill has the latest from me and mark. well there was a similar agreement to return. who had fled main mar to bangladesh in early around
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an earlier round of violence in the ninety's and it will be based on that particular agreement at that time about a quarter of a million refugees were repatriated to mean maher but it was facilitated by the united nations crucially in this instance there will be no united nations of involvement this will be something that's going to be worked out between bangladesh and main my main my has said that it's going to set up two checkpoints. along the border with bangladesh one on land and one on water to process the return isn't under what it's calling a national verification process now we don't have a lot of details about what that process will entail but if you look back at the nineteen in the at the agreement in the one nine hundred ninety s. rangers were. expected to provide evidence of citizenship or id cards or
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at least some sort of evidence of residency mean months is extremely difficult for a row hinges have been excluded from citizenship and even if they did have some sort of documents many people fled their homes too quickly to take anything like that with them so it's unclear and unlikely that many of the half million or so refugees were hinges who fled to me in my will actually be able to come back under this process and muhammad has a way this for us from cox as a bizarre near the bangladesh and more water. with seemingly no end in sight to the or hinder refugee crisis questions are now arising about whether bangladesh and myanmar could come up with some sort of agreement to allow for refugees or hinder refugees to return to me and more now we've spoken to refugees that have arrived here in the past few days they are absolutely terrified at that prospect they say that they do not believe that there could be any condition that would allow them to
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return safely to me and more they believe that they would be in mortal peril if they go back we also spoke today to u.n. officials including mark local he's the u.n. emergency relief coordinator he's come to cox's with bizarre here in bangladesh to two or some of the camps to speak to refugees he said that really the focus now needs to be if there is going to be some kind of an agreement to ensure the conditions are safe on the ground in myanmar because that is where the crisis began here is more what mr lowcock had to tell us we need to pray says my wage people can safely securely voluntarily be allowed to go home and they onus is on the authorities in me and not to demonstrate to everybody above all to the refugees and so that circumstances are going to change so that it is safe to go home because at the moment if you listen to the people we've listened to in the last thirty six hours none of them think it is among aid workers concern is really mounting right now concern about the possibility of there being epidemics because of the
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unsanitary conditions that the wrong hands are refugees are living in also a lot of concern we're hearing about the state of children that have come here many aid workers telling us that the kind of trauma that they're seeing that for him to children have experience is among the worst kind of trauma they've seen children experience avar. a palestinian prime minister is call for the lifting of the siege on gaza after chairing a unity cabinet meeting there for the first time in a decade. is in gaza as part of national reconciliation efforts between his mainstream fatah party and hamas he says he wants to turn the page on the division that is plagued the factions since hamas took control of gaza in two thousand and seven amoss announced last week that it was handing over administrative control of the gaza strip to a unity government harry fawcett has more from gaza city. well the first cabinet meeting of this new unity reconciliation government has taken place the palestinian
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prime minister i mean presiding and this is really the first getting underway of this project is difficult project which is failed so many times over the last ten years to restore palace in north already government to the gaza strip now we have ministers going out to their ministries the expectation is of a smooth handover of power from the hamas officials who have been controlling those ministries up until now we've had a news conference after the cabinet meeting in which the p.a. government spokesman talked about the importance of the egyptian backing to all this we have posters of president sisi in this square talking about the fact that the egyptian minister of intelligence will be here later in the day offering support to this process talking about appealing to the international community and the israelis themselves to ease the israeli blockade and as for the kind of humanitarian issues which are so key to the nearly two million people who live in
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the gaza strip so far we're in a holding pattern over that they're saying that they have received detailed reports about things such as salaries electricity water border crossings and that they will look into these things deeply however some of these issues are issues that have been exacerbated by restrictions imposed by the palestinian authority precisely to bring on board again under a unified government the squeeze on the electricity the cutting about thirty percent to the salaries of the p.a. employees have been sitting idle for the last decade these are things that the p.a. could reverse if it wanted to immediately at the moment they're talking about talks about talks next week beginning in cairo and at a process to try and address and solve those issues. the stuff of marketing as the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative who joins us now live from ramallah thank you very much for your time so this first day this meeting your reaction to it are you encouraged what are your thoughts.
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well it's a very positive development of course we. want this process to proceed as fast as possible. government. that would take place. hopefully within the next week during which we hope we will achieve full implementation of the reconciliation agreement and what would actually lead to the creation. of a unified palestinian national leadership this is what the palestinian people need more than anything else what do you see as some of the potential roadblocks that could stop that progress that you just outlined. one day shows are many but.
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easy and. decided to dissolve administrative commission committee it was very easy to the government to come back to now of course everybody expects the government to speed the process of reversing some of the actions that were taken and that have hurt their population of gaza and one has to understand the other obstacles there are some internal obstacles but the main obstacle is the external obstacle and. struction and. rejection of the principle of conciliation between palestinians we've heard statements being made today by mr netanyahu the prime minister and his minister of education the. conciliation process and that is totally unacceptable it would be
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a mistake to bend the pressure especially that we are also talking not only about the reconciliation but also about bringing democracy back to the palestinian people bringing back of the separation of powers between the executive legislative and judicial powers bringing back the right of the palestinian people for free elections of the president of the government of course and the parliament. is totally not understood. to these types of conciliation so. looking ahead to the talks in cairo how significant is egypt's role in this. it's very significant to be honest with you i don't think. we would have gotten into this direction so fast i think. three reasons first to.
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be in the. talks between palestinian groups second. graphic proximity of. security concerns of egypt regarding what's happening in sinai this is a very important factor. that is an important issue for the egyptian. came exactly at a time when i think both started. losing their popularity because of this longstanding division and because the public pressure has been growing demanding. demanding ending this internal conflict which has been a conflict over. and i think a major other factor besides the egyptian role is the fact that there is a. or a bloc of the so-called peace process and the clear picture.
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actively to destroy the palestinian cause completely which means that we should be unified as soon as possible. thank you very much for your time appreciate it. fighters from great taste in pakistan say they attacked an army base and ended in mr kashmir killing at least four people the gun battle was near shankar airport where flights are fact it. has more. mary separatist fighters were holed up in this border security force building after managing to get into the camp before dawn on chews day indian police say they were well armed with guns and grenades. where the attack happened at four in the morning we were sleeping and suddenly we heard the gunfire and explosions and later found out that the militants have stormed the border security force. one border guard officer was killed and three others wounded in the attack which lasted ten hours.
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three fighters were killed. a group called jaish e mohammad which once pakistan to have control over all of kashmir said it carried out the attack on the border security forces they recovered food clothing weapons and tools from a tunnel they uncovered under the border days before this attack near the airport it's the second tunnel they've discovered this year. india regularly accuses pakistan of training fighters who cross the line of control which separates kashmir between the two countries. that analysts here live for meters long and wasn't finished we found the story of equipment nearby alert border guards prevented a major attack and foiled this in the various attempts by pakistan. pakistan always denies helping the attackers who cross into india both countries claim kashmir. out of twice gone to war over the region burner to make al-jazeera. time for weather
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now is stuff and it's all looking very autumnal across europe at the moment let's take a look at some of the pictures coming out from the northern parts of europe then this is poland believes they're changing color in the same things happening in germany and even across the u.k. we're seeing just a hint of the changing of the colors there from the greens into the glorious gold and red colors that we see at this time of year but unfortunately the weather is going to knock most of these leaves off the trees at the moment thanks to this weather system here because it gets rattles through it's pretty windy behind it so that will bring down quite a few of the leaves and also the rain won't help us either certainly very heavy is stretching from the baltic states there all the way across the alps very heavy downpours and behind it blustery and definitely feeling and cooler than we've been used to in the last week or so so sixteen in london and paris and around fifteen if . this is to move and continue its journey east first through parts of russia and into ukraine bringing the cooler weather in here as well but still for the south as
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she breaks up but it's still going to stay warm mild for the southern parts of europe and it's still going to stay fairly cool for the north so we're looking at around thirteen in berlin there on wednesday but twenty five in rome and for the northern half of europe is still going to be pretty messy as we head through thursday is still going to be generally unsettled the better weather in the south. all right still ahead on al-jazeera. and a state of limbo kurdish businesses along the turkey iraq border face an uncertain future after last week's defiant secession referendum. their right to a rock and roll legend tom petty stats talks music fans around the world. and in sport former world number one british eric holder advances at the china open peter has all the details ahead. with.
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why the sky why should be no borders up here why only horizons we're as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we're we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way what it is a right football of us to go where we need to go we're to feel with things we want to feel. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies were providing you with everything we can one treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all remember that this world is a ball of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together.
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watching out of there let's take out the top stories right now at the i agents have found a weapons ammunition and explosives in the home of the gunman who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick opened fire from the hotel room overlooking a concert in las vegas killing fifty nine people and wounding more than five hundred others. tens of thousands of people have joined in a general strike and had a line use capital barcelona following sunday's controversial vote to break away from spain strikes or call back at a law and trade unions in response to the violence by spain's national police during the ballots. orencia refugees have arrived in bangladesh from the amar while
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the two countries have agreed to work on a repatriation plan the deal was made after representative from ian mars later on sun sochi travelled to bangladesh for talks with its foreign minister. are honest a ploy tanks along its border with iraq semi autonomous kurdish region iran says the deployment as part of joint military drills with iraqi armed forces tensions in the region are high following last week's kurdish secession referendum the vote was held in defiance of the government in baghdad as well as neighboring iran and turkey trail strap from the ports from border post in iraq's kurdistan region. well certainly for the kurds that we've spoken to here at this border crossing the customs authorities here these maneuvers are very threatening to my right on the hill behind me there is an iranian tank with its guns are pointing in this direction into the kurdish area of northern iraq it's a similar scenario to the left there are tanks over there we've been told there are
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tanks in borders on the hills even further back further along basically all the way along this area now the iranians say that these tanks are positioned there as part of these joint military exercises with the iraqi military the kurds here say that the iranians have told them that those exercises certainly in this area that we've seen happening in other areas are going to be starting around fifteen kilometers from here any day now what's interesting and what's so frightening for the kurds certainly according to the customs of sources here they say that it was on the twenty ninth of september that twelve members of the iraqi interior ministry arrived here and handed them a letter basically an ultimatum saying we are going to be taking control of not only this border crossing but the two other main border crossings between iran and the k r g the wanted pair of his phone and then other wanted house and the kurds
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have rejected that ultimatum until now they tell us that negotiations are still going on to try and come to some sort of solution the border crossing today is actually open two days ago when we were here it was closed i'm certainly to oil traffic foodstuffs were allowed to go to and from iran but oil traffic today is still open and they say that they're expecting up to forty trucks to pass either way at some stage today we've been here what three four hours now and it's safe to say we've seen pretty much zero traffic. to cut a long story short the fears of the man in the building here to my left the customs of storage is the chief there said that despite. the statements coming out from the iranians that these tanks are part of these joint military exercises and despite the statement from the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body that he didn't see any kind of military solution is being feasible right for this crisis the people in
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this building here are concerned that military action could be taken but as i say negotiations so we believe ongoing with the situation here is very tense. turkey's president is warning of further sanctions on northern iraq following last week's secession referendum by kurds typer want told m.p.'s from the ruling party that embargoes will increase if his words they don't come to their senses as head of delamater ports from the border crossing some kurds fear cross border trade will be affected by the political fallout. of the brain crossing it's business as usual goods flowing into the kurdish region from turkey people are traveling back and forth between the two it's iraq's most important land crossing kurds on both sides of the border make a living out of it. i am poor i don't love my job but i make my daily bread coming and going through this border if it closes there will be
4:38 pm
a domino effect from here to istanbul it's all connected i won't be the only one her. cousin and the other drivers here are turkish kurds they have silently supported the referendum they live across the border in the same area where iraqi soldiers carried out joint exercises just a few kilometers away from the crossing. iraq's prime minister. has to bring it on the the federal government's authority although it's an entry point. here. actually . from border guards. everyone is scared the regional government also imposes its own customs and immigration policies and if you are still in doubt then you have to remind you where you are and. even though the border guards under the command of baghdad giving up their posts to numb kurds is out of the
4:39 pm
question. as of now the border guards and peshmerga a part of the iraqi forces but if there is a problem that would defend kurdistan it will be a national cause this is their land where their families and their people live every kurd will take part in this. the crossing fell under control of the kurds with the no fly zone was imposed over the region after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one and since it's been a lifeline for the kurdish region has said it was a child then but still remembers how different his hole was addict i. told one nine hundred ninety one we couldn't do any business no one had money after that things changed the town became rich but a kurdish state is more important than anything else we have to sacrifice for it even if we have to fight we knew since before the referendum that there could be some negative reactions. everyone here is waiting for baghdad and ankara's next
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step but with more than half of the goods that drive through it. making their way beyond the kurdish region to the rest of iraq say everyone involved will pay a heavy price. in the order in iraq. i saw fighters say they attacked a police station in syrian capital damascus at least eleven people were killed in bomb blasts including civilians and policeman the syrian observatory for human rights monitoring group says a car bomb exploded near the police station before two suicide bombers blew themselves up. and this is expected to order nearly two thirds of cuba's diplomatic staff to leave the country it's in response to months of mysterious sonic attacks on the u.s. embassy in cuba that has affected the health of its staff on friday washington announced that it would cut its diplomatic presence in cuba by more than half its president is now on its way to puerto rico two weeks after it was hit by
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hurricane maria parts of the u.s. territory are still without running water and power local leaders have been critical of the speed of trump ministrations response. australian researchers say the inability to find missing malaysia airlines flight three seventy is unacceptable in the modern aviation era that released the final report into the search for the plane on tuesday calling for better satellite tracking systems to be built into aircraft and made three seventy disappeared in two thousand and fourteen two hundred thirty nine people were on board the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing some debris has been found but the australian led search was called off in january after it failed to find the plane of a car factory has shut down and australia before on the road to this being the end of car producing their total closed its factory and mill born making two thousand six hundred workers redundant car manufacturing in australia and completely when
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holden closes its adelaide plant in three weeks ford closed its ninety one year old plant in victoria last year andrew thomas has more. so i just started making cars in australia back in one thousand nine hundred sixty three and in the fifty four years since more than three million tires to cars have rolled off its production lines in this country the closure of a factory in melbourne with the loss of two thousand jobs but a further three thousand people depended on that factory for their livelihoods because they were in supply chain companies from the classic so it's a holes were brought back to the melbourne factory on tuesday for a ceremony to mark the closure of the factory last year ford closed its last. factory plant in australia and in two weeks' time holden which is the australian brand name for general motors is called as and i know it's where the wild it will close its last whom are we all call manufacturing. costs here simply too high compared to manufacturing costs elsewhere but some say the closure
4:43 pm
of the car industry in australia isn't necessarily think it marks the transition of australia's economy towards a. tight economy and it also suggests a strike in work his are getting jobs in high attacking the strings elsewhere. tourists are returning to a park in india and other animals which escape the devastating floods and reports. this is a sight to many people in india is a province thought i would never see because you don't get national park reopens for tourists albeit only partially severe floods over the summer submerge sheaves waves of the park forcing the most famous resident of the one hold rhino to flee to higher ground the world heritage site faces flooding every summer but this year severe floods force record numbers of the rhino to move in the initial flooding seven rhinos died while floods caused deaths and damage the annual cycle is
4:44 pm
necessary to regenerate the grasslands essential for animals like rhinos elephants and wall buffaloes the floods also fill up four hundred bodies of water located inside the park the fact that they were able to open even partially is a relief to the director. although the water levels reduced but due to rain we are still facing difficulties in repairing the entire tourist we hope to repair it as soon as possible the return of tories has delighted local businessmen who rely on the park for income the tories seem equally excited to be back it was the first day the video was beautiful and we had a lovely sighting of the rhinos and they were there in their natural habitat and within the water with their babies so it was a wonderful experience but some are concerned that the park hasn't fully recovered from the floods they fear the park could take short cuts to accommodate tourism and that may have an environmental impact in the future. which is of germany has long
4:45 pm
been known as a powerhouse of industrial design and famous for new luxury cars siemens high speed trains and other brands the first exhibition to showcase a german innovation has opened in the country capital laura are normally has taken a look at design law in the center of the exhibition in doha provides a window into some of the most innovative german techniques from the past seventy years. from the evolution of the t.v. intricate furniture virtual reality and sport shoes each design has improved leaps and bounds decade by decade you know looking at back of some of the older designs of so many have computers and looking at it thinking my goodness how could be even that use those you know twenty thirty years ago looking at what we have now we're so lucky that ranchman in design but that's how it all started and that's what we need to show the audience it also traces the development of some of the most famous
4:46 pm
german cars which have pervaded popular culture germany's post second world war effort to mend it shattered economy saw mass production of pushes design of the beetle and new designs for the super car porsche what's one literally means the people car was one of the first affordable vehicles to be mass produced and now it's the first major car company to announce a persons the mass market with an electric vehicle but it may have taken and the mission scandal to drive the company into a cleaner future two years ago the vaults working group admitted it used illegal software to cheat us diesel emissions tests sparking the biggest industry crisis in its history it paid heavily up to thirty billion dollars in damages. but it's not only an image clean up beat up is principal design a says the future of the electric car may take on an entirely different shape
4:47 pm
though we face a situation where the traditional combustion engine most likely really be reduced by electrical engines and it seems you could say these massive metal blows from the combustion engine disappears but use us design as computing possibilities. electric car technology has been around for more than a century but with ample supply of oil at the time the combustion engine took the lead but now the future is steering back to woodsy electric vehicle and it's created a race to sell on a mass scale but many will want to see if the consumers will be as excited as the car makers more about a manly al-jazeera doha. for us scientists who found gravitational waves in space have won the nobel prize in physics barry barish kip thorne and reiner weiss led
4:48 pm
a team which observed for the first time ripples of energy created by stars exploding and black holes colliding albert einstein predicted so-called privatization always over a century ago but their existence remain largely theoretical. still ahead on al-jazeera. different kind of motor sport along or racing has its own world champion peter will have all that in sport.
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4:50 pm
time for sport with peter michel thank you very much barcelona football club joining the general strike on tuesday in protest and violence in the aftermath of the catalonia referendum the club will close and the players won't be expected to turn up for training this comes three days after the team played the league a game against last palm us behind closed doors possibly in a football club's president joseph maria has defended bosses decision despite it proving unpopular with many and again when countries stand in this crucial moment of our history of see barcelona reaffirms its commitment to freedom and to the people of catalonia what we witnessed in our country was unacceptable we demand respect for the people of catalonia and we shall once again stand alongside its legitimate representatives we cataloged have won the right to be heard as one of the leading into cheese in the country we are appealing for political solutions to be found in full respect for the people's wishes we spent a gold outcome spanish football correspondent ben haywood who says boss and i have
4:51 pm
no choice to stay out of the politics of the catalonia referendum. i think they were left with a difficult decision because obviously you know tensions were running high a lot of people didn't want the match to be played at bus line and were told by the professional football league however that if they didn't play the game they would lose out on six points or three points for forfeiting the fixture and a three point punishment as well and so you want and most of the players when they found out wanted to go ahead and play the game that's why barcelona decided olds and leads played behind closed doors it was a political gesture also as you mentioned missed more than a club you know bustling to have always been in the street people linked to politics you know go back to the franco era the camp was a place one of the very few places in barcelona where fans could could go and speak the language of course the council on language wasn't you know could be spoken it was illegal during franco they want that's where the flags and you know it's always
4:52 pm
been a symbol it's something of an unofficial defacto national team for counseling for many people and i think it's always going to be linked to politics so i think i had to do something and you know all the council and clubs apart from. you know came out to their citizens in the aftermath of catalonia as referendum barcelona defender general p.k. says he may quit the spanish national team think it says if the spanish football federation view he's pro catalan views as a problem he'll be happy to retire well friends have let him know what they think about that p.k. was booed as he trained with spain ahead of the world cup qualifier against albania . brazil have made next year's world cup in russia but would still prefer to have their best players fit and available for their remaining qualifying matches on monday it was a scare training for their match against a bolivia the world's most expensive player name always forced to leave the ground
4:53 pm
after clashing with teammate the guitar daily is good news from a mother after leaving the station as a precaution the para sentiment striker was seen back in action despite a lot of them and just a few days after being sacked by german giants by munich color enchiladas he is back in a coaching role the italian is in jerusalem coaching children from muslim christian and jewish backgrounds for a charity that's trying to open a school in the old city by and fired last week after the us which happens we've lost to p.s.g. n.f.l. and major league baseball players have been expressing condolences for the victims of the las vegas mass shooting fifty nine people died in sunday's attack and five hundred twenty seven were injured it appeared to almost bring this n.f.l. coach to tears on behalf of the story zation. our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and. very sad situation.
4:54 pm
just yeah i mean i know when my best friends are some. twenty eight thirty their first time both of their songs. have indigestion and yeah i'm just happy that i burn knows ok. it's just tragic things happen. to us now and maria sharapova has reached the last sixteen at the china open the russian was a wild card entry for her first tournament since returning from a fifteen month job in bad shape over beating fellow russian make up that even record over six hundred four six six one. and sheriff says she's really showing her next challenge that's against world number two samantha hallett but in the near court here the remaining with a much easier passage to the third round she was a set up when her opponent magdalena barack over retired because of illness fourteen catalina person has passed a tougher test she was up against german qualify and pick a bitch who would be in the only other meeting the czech player staving off the
4:55 pm
challenge six four six two. at the japan open in tokyo canada's mean loss around its defeated serbians viktor troicki on tuesday the world of the twelve took me on a six three six four brown achieves the food scene that this tournament and will next face richie superheater of japan. motor sport is usually associated with cars or bikes going at high speed as it turns out it's also part of the joiner of the twenty seventeen lawnmower world championships to place in southern england it's actually an annual event and as you might have guessed features the wounds basically lawn mower races they have to contend with with conditions in a cow field the competitors are divided into different groups and a group for multiple defending champion from luxembourg bob coating was victorious and the club chairman well he was the winner in group two of course it's fun it's always fun even if it is pouring down right now i think the group have
4:56 pm
a holiday because. the rubble is clogged up with all the mud that's been used but now it's still good fun and everyone joins in even though it might not be like our big story at the moment but he certainly isn't. thank you very much. rock n roll fans are mourning the death of tom petty the leader of the u.s. band tom petty and a heartbreaker has died in hospital after a cardiac arrest diana looks back on his life stage. as a rock n roll icon tom petty's career spanned four decades and produced a string of hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the florida native is best remembered as the leader of tom petty and the heartbreakers which rose to fame in the mid night hundred seventy s. releasing hits that included breakdown american girl and refugee.
4:57 pm
the heartbreaker south is known as heartland rock its lyrics often reflecting feelings of isolation partly inspired by peggy's impoverished childhood in two thousand and two tom petty and the heartbreakers were inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight petty gained fame again in the supergroup the traveling wilburys teaming up with rock legends bob dylan george harrison roy orbison and jeff lynne the group's self-titled album quit triple platinum and went on to win a grammy. later petit enjoyed success as a solo artist releasing three albums he also had his own satellite radio channel on sirius x.m. the heartbreakers remains a fixture in the singer songwriter's live group performed off and on over the past forty years patti toured all last summer with the heartbreakers playing more than fifty shows in twenty four cities the group wrapped up its fortieth anniversary
4:58 pm
tour at the hollywood bowl on september twenty fifth in interviews following the tour petit said he wanted to keep playing with the band but not at that hectic pace he said he wanted to spend less time as a rock and roller and more time as a grandfather to his four year old granddaughter dion estabrook al-jazeera. that is all for the news hour here on altitude or al-jazeera part they were much more news on the other side of break but they were shall carry you better. a new year a new car many new developments for this chinese religious fledgling democracy the village committee has retreated to people's land but approval is fleeting frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air police call. for
4:59 pm
a six part series filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. was. across the paddy fields appears a stream of people laden with heavy bags and carrying small children they say they're escaping from the smoke in the distance the follow the path to the border and come across a group of. bare feet caked in mud they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day
5:00 pm
before need to return to find the rest of their families who couldn't make the journey that is the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that where you see the smoke billowing as me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for norma hamad and his extended family this path leads to safety. should we struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. or moroccan presidential all taleban he has died he was the first non era president of iraq and office for nine years.


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