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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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at this time on al jazeera. where every. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. police still searching for answers as to why you have retired accountant who loved gambling would open fire on country music fans in last vegas.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program. pro independence catalans shut down roads and stations in a region wide protest that police violence during sunday's referendum. kurdish leader and former iraqi president jalal talabani dies just the week after his people vote for independence president trump flies to puerto rico to survey the damage done by hurricane maria and their role in just skeptical they'll ever be able to return home despite assurances from yemen. hello thank you for joining us the f.b.i. is investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who
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carried out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history detectives are trying to work out why even paddock opened fire from a hotel room onto a country music festival in las vegas at least fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred others injured had a killed himself in his hotel room before police arrived he had twenty three weapons with them and they found many more guns in his home as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition for u.s. president donald trump has praised the last vegas police for their response to the shooting and this missed questions about gun reform. well nevada the state where the attack. happened has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the united states its state constitution gives every citizen the right to
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keep keep and bear arms for security and defense as well as for lawful hunting and re creational it allows people to buy a handgun shotgun or rifle without a permit or automatic assault weapons and machine guns are also legal as long as they're registered. well let's go live now to hide the usual castro in less vegas for us so heidi i mean we see this again and again don't we we have these mass shootings and then the debate over gun laws gets reignited is that what's happening now is there more movement now to reform those gun moles. that's exactly right barbara this is a repeating refrain that we've heard many times in recent u.s. history and though there is local talk now from politicians at the state level also from the federal level that this may be finally the incident to motivate real gun reform laws as we've seen history play out little action has resulted in the past
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and in fact there's been so much skepticism about that to members of congress caught it a moment of silence for the gun victims of this massacre because he said that he believe that there was little that would become of it now what we do know is that when a police officer stormed into the suite in the mandalay bay who is helping jaime were sixty four year old stephen paddick that was holed up on sunday night killing those fifty nine people the concert goers below what they found were at least twenty three weapons some of which may have been modified into automatic weapons that although illegal in the united states is easily done with just a forty dollar kit purchased from the internet we also know from his gun record keeping that many of his weapons confiscated from this hotel you know. from his home or legally purchased what more that was known about stephen paddick is very
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little. why would a retired american accountant with no known political or religious affiliations commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history the question has so far stumped investigators monday morning police combed through the primary home of sixty four year old stephen paddick in misc eat a peaceful community of retirees ninety minutes north of las vegas patagonia his house which police say he shared with his girlfriend who is currently traveling outside of the country neighbors say other than dana reckless he was rather ordinary knowing that it's just a guy that looks so normal and and you just walk down the street look and say hello to is capable of turning in and doing what he did last night is unbelievable police say patrick had no criminal record the f.b.i. says paddock was not affiliated with any armed group as my brother was
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a member of the gunman's brother told reporters patrick was a wealthy real estate investor and gambler who showed no signs of violence just nothing i mean it's on the public record he did stuff we went to college he had a job. and you know we own some apartment she sold some apartment we i mean there's there's nothing there was no indication. nothing that's what's so. i mean. i mean i can't even make something up there's just. there's nothing. nothing so far to give police a lead in to why this massacre happened. well heidi that still the question isn't really a motive but in the meantime how is the last vegas community responded and how is it managed to help the hundreds of people affected directly by this tragedy.
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that's right now even as families go about the grim business of identifying the dead the community held several vigils last night where people from all all around las vegas and the area were there with candlelight to remember the victims donation centers have been filling up with food as well as with supplies and also people have been standing in lines for six to eight hours to give blood and there hasn't been a lot of praise a lot of commendation for the response of the community but in the end of this is a reaction in the criticism i'm hearing from many sides is that rather than simply so strange as a real action each of these tragedies we've been seeing more needs to be done to prevent that barbara. starr live for us in las vegas hiden thank you.
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tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across catalonia to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum protestors are surrounded the hotel and palau which is housing some of the national police officers around nine hundred people were injured on sunday when spanish police tried to prevent the voting in the controversial poll some police were seen firing rubber bullets storming into polling stations and the police women and by their hair results show that voters overwhelmingly backed in the pen. lawrence lee is in barcelona force lawrence a lot of tension right now any sign of a breakthrough in the stalemate yet yet. complete deadlock still i wouldn't want it tension the atmosphere here is if anything exuberant frankly this is session is really have the tiles up and you know that those extraordinary scene of a half an hour or so ago when they started playing a song from the franco era when when when the council on what had but talking
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repressed by the franco regime the entire crowd including every teenager started saying again it just shows you how deep the historical skull is all in the sense among this that this session is that right systematically abused by madrid for generations even since spain has been a democracy and patiently the attempts by madrid to crush the referendum on sunday have and was not independent spirits among this enormous crowd is still there and given that and given that this is a crisis of democracy both the state and the european if you are going to apply from both brazil but from both the great brussels today has been complete silence. so. if the spanish government full breaking up the referendum would win its war with catalonia it was dead wrong this crowd gathered outside the office of the ruling spanish popular party denounced the prime minister as
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a fascist and the police action on sunday was brutal. the people are defending what they have to defend the people are ready we will see if the government is ready this week. for the reviled god civill riot squads were nowhere to be seen the protest was policed by local castle and offices the firefighters seen here as heroes received evasions every time they arrived. the mood in some reaction rate that being chanting run for a must go to the street will always be as the race of the popular party spain's ruling party does not run in. catalonia. at university square the crowds were even bigger thousands up every side road there is much bitterness here about the perceived silence from the european union after what happened on sunday. and they are treating as badly we are demanding some some things and they are not hearing us
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but they don't want independent catalonia they want to be a united spain yeah but we have our own faults and no one no one tries to understand what our faults. so what happens now nothing from the spanish prime minister who has no interest in engaging the cattle hands in political mediation for madrid this is strictly a legal issue. that means the call from the council and president for talks is likely to get nowhere on the clock ticks away on the self declared timeframe of independence this week but is a crisis for spain and for the european union and yet nobody wants to grasp the immediacy of this. of course if you go a few hundred meters away from the protests the streets are quiet and the many who don't want spain broken up get on with their lives but they are the ones making all the noise the momentum remains with the separatists. there's a clearly very bought state because on the one hundred saying there are no grounds
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for a legal referendum no grounds for kaplan independence whatsoever and they won't have it and yet increasingly you're finding european politicians are going to be debating the european parliament's about this tomorrow saying you've got to compromise advantages in the way and that's impossible for madrid to counter those remember it is difficult for madrid it could potentially be enormously hard for the compliment as well because the verge of eventually you get here is not an independent counsel only potentially a member of the european union and yet the things that they seem to be entirely ignored or forgotten is it's a being member of the european union who have to get the concerns of every other e.u. member and that includes spain conceived of course there like lawrence lee live for us in barcelona thank you. well just days after iraqi kurds voted in their own secession referendum iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down from office in two thousand and fourteen after
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suffering a stroke two years earlier imran khan looks back at his life. he was the first kurd to serve as iraq's president jalal talabani was the leader of the patriotic union of kurdistan one of the two main kurdish groups that dominate iraq's northern kurdish region he was one of the longest serving kurdish politicians he was just a teenager when he entered politics joining the kurdish democratic party in one thousand nine hundred six as a law graduate baghdad university he went into hiding to evade arrest for his political role as found in secretary-general of the kurdistan student union after graduating from law school in one nine hundred fifty nine he was called to serve in the iraqi army where he commanded a tank unit. when the kurds sought independence and rose up against the iraqi government in one nine hundred sixty one taliban he led battles in iraq he also led diplomatic missions in europe and elsewhere passionately pleading the kurds case in
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one nine hundred seventy five he split from the k d p and joined the p u k eventually rising to become iraq's president. the movement suffered under saddam hussein especially in the widely condemned television massacre where kurds were gassed in one thousand nine hundred eight room then came iraq invasion of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred one after kuwait was liberated a no fly zone and safe haven for kurds was established by britain france and the us . elections were held in iraqi kurdistan in one thousand nine hundred two and a p u k k d p joint administration was established. but the underlying tension between the two parties spilled into armed confrontation dubbed the fratricide war in one thousand nine hundred four taliban and again fled to iran after the k d p called on saddam hussein's forces to help defeat the p u k the four year conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with taliban and masoud barzani the k d p leader signing
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a peace agreement. after the two thousand and three invasion of iraq by the us and the takeover of huge areas of iraqi territory. i saw in two thousand and fourteen the kurds began to demand self-determination eventually a referendum on happened this month with ninety two percent voting for their own country while the kurds voted taleban he was in germany for medical treatment. after airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition in syria have killed forty five people in the syrian city of raka many people have been displaced by the fighting as the attack on lyons of kurdish and arab armed groups continues to push eisel out of itself the cleared capital the s.d.f. has been fighting this year and has now taken almost all of the city backed by airstrikes and special forces from the u.s. led coalition so what's more to come in this half hour including the french parliament adopts a counter-terror law making state of emergency measures permanent.
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tributes pouring in for the musician tom petty who has died at the age of sixty six . hello there heavy rain is falling across parts of china at the moment it's mostly in the northern part of our map where we're seeing the wettest of all weather and that's still going to be with us as we head through wednesday and into thursday the change of thursday really is that it's slipping a little bit further towards the south so still some heavy outbreaks of rain and that's gradually nudgee its way toward shanghai to the south of that where you can see all the feeding in from the sea so bringing in a lot of humidity and that will give us a fair amount of cloud and quite a few showers around the coast as well over towards india and there's plenty of
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rain here all across this section in the central belt and it looks like some of the wettest the weather is going to be in the east around kolkata that that will gradually begin to work its way westwards as we head through wednesday into thursday so more of us will begin to see some more shop downpours to the northwest of that though it's fine and dry now just still very hot so new delhi up at thirty five and forcing karate will be up at around thirty two now here in doha the winds are fairly brisk as we head through wednesday that we working their way from the northwest so it'll be a dry heat thirty nine degrees will be our maximum but things do change as we head into thursday the winds come in from the say that will drag down the temperatures a little here. a new year and many new developments for this chinese religious fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting
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frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air police call. the six point zero is filmed over five years. china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. officials are investigating the motive of the gunman behind sunday's attack in las vegas the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick killed at least fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred other. tens of thousands
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of catalans have protested against violence by spanish police officers during sunday's referendum on secession and iraq's former president and the leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination any has died at the age of eighty four. u.s. president donald trump has landed in puerto rico thirteen days after the u.s. island territory was devastated by hurricane maria he's juggle to meet the governor as well as read it residents affected by the storm and to examine relief efforts trump has been involved in a war of words with the mayor of puerto rico's capital some one who was been strongly critical of federal relief efforts he says the operation has been a success well he's currently being briefed on the situation there and just had this to say. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine we saved
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a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is a horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this and what is your what is your death count as of this moment seven. sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. so that's going to she had seen sun while in the she of the president there comparing emory and its impact in puerto rico with hurricane katrina i guess we see trump was sounding pretty the fire and you think that's what people there where expecting when they heard the president was coming. i think expectations with president trump yeah i guess you know i guess you don't really
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know but he said he's sticking to his script which is which from the sound of the sound bite for example is also all the fuss about and that's sort terribly constructive perhaps when you're visiting a territory when which fifty five percent of the population doesn't have water ninety five percent isn't connected to the electrical grid he talks about the death count we haven't had a proper would sing of the bodies in the morgues are still regions particularly in the central highlands which haven't been reached yet we have a dirty we have stories about the dead simply having not been counted yet but he's saying look what's all the fuss about it wasn't as bad as katrina. it's it's very trumpy and what can i say barbara. you said it all but listen what is the situation now in puerto rico i mean you mentioned that more than fifty percent people there still don't have water but is some of the aid that's can mean has it started to make a difference. well i think authorities now are very. very
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keen to give us daily updates now to show the progress has been made so we have a raft of statistics which came out this morning one hundred fifty three banks are now open three hundred twenty a.t.m. zanele functional two hundred ninety five supermarkets open eight hundred fourteen petrol stations forty percent of the population has access to telecommunications eight hundred fifty five trucks a floating cog in the ports usually it's around fourteen hundred we're told and so on but those key figures about water is still very there are still regions which haven't been reached particularly in the central areas around here and it's also interesting to note that this para ration from donald trump about i mean was it basically around the back slapping that we've been hearing for the last half an hour or so since he since he's been here about how brilliant his cabinet have done a brilliant everyone else has done a brilliant as ministrations response has been interesting leigh there is critical voices like for example the mayor of san juan who's who's retrieve a great deal of fame and certainly puts the plights of put
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a rico on the map certainly and got it trending and so on she wasn't it was a thing they made a great play of the white house of saying she would be invited to meet with donald trump this morning however she said what he said is an interview published this morning where she said actually the first she heard about that was all on twitter and in fact then she went on to say the white house made a great play of saying look we're consulting her that yes she was invited by text to listen in to a briefing by the department of homeland security but when she was warned she wasn't allowed to say anything so this is all adding to that sense that donald trump is here he's hearing what he wants to hear he's talking to those people who will tell them what he wants to hear he's ignoring the voices who tell him what he doesn't want to hear. the consultation isn't really happening once again the put a rican people are being steamrollered by washington by wall street by others whose priorities are different they're about debts and paying off speculative predatory wall street hedge funds or things like that it's not really about the people on the ground so i don't know i guess we'll go put a ricans what they think about all shows visit later we'll be checking in with you
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over the next few hours and be very interesting to see what reaction has been there to president trump's visit for the moment she has won thanks. well the u.s. has expelled fifteen a cuban diplomatic staff and given them seven days to leave the united states it's a direct consequence of the u.s. withdrawing some of its diplomats from their embassy in cuba on friday staff there have been some suffering mystery illnesses for the past few months caused by alleged assault make attacks cuba's government denies accusations that it was involved me and more involved with have agreed on a repatriation deal for half a million range of people who have fled violence in iraq and state the u.n. describes the crisis as the world's fastest developing refugee emergency but human rights organizations and refugees themselves are worried that they could be worse off if they go home yet a woman him reports now from young go on in me and. a deal has been made for their
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return but the refugees continue to stream into bangladesh with by now familiar accounts of violence and terror. the killing shooting and setting fire to our homes we could not tolerate this then we crossed hills and jungles and reach here after travelling for three days mean maya and bangladesh have agreed on a plan to repatriate some of the more than half a million rahane joe who fled here since fighting began in late august and what the united nations has described as textbook ethnic cleansing the humanitarian crisis in bangladesh is profound but it's unclear how many wrote him to be allowed to return here to me in my ranger are excluded from citizenship mean mouth for it is however require that they prove residency in order to return but many refugees say they fled without their papers that they were birds in the violence for those who
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can return there is little bit after the human rights organization saying half of all right hinge of villages in morocco and state have been burned the government says it will appropriate or burnt land and that those who are allowed to return will be sent to a resettlement camp in northern rakhine withrow hinge or unsure whether it's safe to leave bangladesh and the repaired tree ation process many feel is designed to keep them out of me ma the growing humanitarian situation in bangladesh is expected to worsen as the flow of refugees there continues yarber mohamed al jazeera gone the french parliament has voted to adopt a controversial anti-terrorism bill that grounds security forces sweeping powers police and intelligence agencies were first given the extra powers under france's state of emergency those measures will now become home and critics say the law goes against civil freedoms while it allows the government to temporarily designate
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public spaces. as security zones so they can restrict access and stop and search people inside the interior ministry will also be able to shut down places of worship for up to six months if they suspect links to terrorism or propagation of hate speech or violence individual control and surveillance measures will allow police to monitor and control the rents of anyone considered a national security threat and that allows for these to carry out house searches if they suspect terrorist activity natasha butler has more now from paris. well the french government faced something of a dynamite how to lift the state of emergency which was only ever supposed to be temporary but it's actually been in place now for nearly two years yet ensure that security remains high and that people are protected now what the government says is that this new counterterrorism nor is the solution because it gives police more powers they will be able to do things like conduct
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a house raids or arrest suspects without warrants or even put people under house arrest without water rising from a judge now the government says this is necessary because of the current climate in the context in france as a country which remains under threat i mean if you think of the past couple of years more than two hundred people have been killed in attacks the most recent one in musée in the south of france at a train station where two women were killed by a man with a knife and then again the interior minister saying the today in the center of paris police actually prevented a possible attack right in the heart of the capital so an ongoing threat and this new law they say is the solution but critics have a different opinion they say that because the new law is so many of the measures from the state of emergency that effectively it is if france is going to enter into a permanent state of emergency some even say that we're looking at a police state in the future they say it will lead to human. rights abuses and it
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is simply a lot of fun fair and could even discriminate against certain parts of the population particularly muslims and also discriminate against people according to skin color. music fans are mourning the sudden death of american rocker tom petty the sixty six year old rose to fame in the one nine hundred seventy s. with his band the heartbreakers easterbrook looks back on his life. as a rock n roll icon tom petty's career spanned four decades and produced a string of hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the florida native is best remembered as the leader of tom petty and the heartbreakers which rose to fame in the mid night hundred seventy s. releasing hits that included break down american girl and refugee. the heartbreaker south is known as heartland rock it's lyrics often reflecting
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feelings of isolation partly inspired by peggy's impoverished childhood in two thousand and two tom petty and the heartbreakers were inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight petty gained fame again in the super group the traveling wilburys teaming up with rock legends bob dylan george harrison roy orbison and jeff lynne the group self-titled album triple platinum and went on to win a grammy. later petty enjoyed success as a solo artist releasing three albums he also had his own satellite radio channel on sirius x.m. the heartbreakers remains a fixture in the singer songwriter's live group performed off and on over the past forty years patti toured all last summer with the heartbreakers playing more than fifty shows in twenty four cities the group wrapped up its fortieth anniversary tour at the hollywood bowl on september twenty fifth in interviews following the
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tour petit said he wanted to keep playing with the band but not at that hectic pace he said he wanted to spend less time as a rock and roller and more time as a grandfather to his four year old granddaughter dion estabrook al-jazeera. with. now the top stories on al-jazeera usa. besta gators are looking for clues as to why a sixty four year old retired accountant opened fire on hundreds of people on sunday carrying out the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick shot at concert goers from the thirty second floor of a hotel in las vegas killing at least fifty nine people and injuring more than five hundred others investigators have found weapons ammunitions and explosives in paddocks hotel room u.s. president donald trump has praised the police's response but this missed questions about gun reform.
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hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across catalonia to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum protestors are surrounded the hotel mon allow which was housing some of the national police officers around nine hundred people were injured on sunday after spanish police tried to prevent voting results show that voters overwhelmingly backed secession from spain iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down as president in two thousand and fourteen after suffering a stroke two years earlier taleban he was iraq's first arab president u.s. president donald trump is visiting puerto rico thirteen days after it was devastated by hurricane maria during
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a briefing on relief efforts trump praised his government's response but joked that recovery operations had jeopardized his budget he's been involved in a war of words with the mayor of course who recalls capitol who has criticized federal relief efforts those are your headlines to stay with us coming up next it's walkathon china's democracy experiment a sea of half an hour of i. tens of thousands of demonstrations erupt across china each year driven by anger over corruption and the illegal sale of communal land most protests failed to make an impact but in two thousand and eleven one village defied the odds.


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