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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 3, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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the ingredient that bring smiles but it's also the number one thing in a global health crisis cardiovascular disease. on the one killer already posted the hardest part is just to say we think of this. is that all the same if we prove that sugar in places risk factors this is a problem no at this time on all disease. police still searching for answers as to why a retired accountant who loved gambling but opened fire on country music fans last vegas.
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are you watching out is there a live from london also coming up. pro independence catalans shut down roads and stations in a region wide protest that police violence during sunday's referendum. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you're thrown out but you're a little out of whack president from to jokes about the cost of the clear up on a visit to puerto rico two weeks after hurricane maria kurdish leader and former iraqi president jalal talabani dies as his people price for independence. the f.b.i. is investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history the tech lives are trying to work out why stephen paddick opened fire from
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a hotel room onto a country music festival in las vegas at least fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred others were injured rob reynolds has the latest now from las vegas. stoned and grieving people in las vegas gathered to pray for the victims of sunday night's murderous rampage candlelight vigils were held at city hall in the places of worship we should learn something from this and just come together and just beyond all on one accord president donald trump is due to visit las vegas on wednesday with a message of consolation he declined to label the shooting is domestic terrorism and said it wasn't time to talk about stricter gun laws. trump also declared without citing any evidence that the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick was mentally unbalanced.
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by all accounts haddock meticulously planned his deadly killing spree police found twenty three rifles in his hotel room and nineteen more at his home north of las vegas but investigators are still stumped as to his motive i can't get into the mind of a psychopath or many people here are turning their thoughts away from the killer and his motives and towards those who stepped forward as the bullets rained down they praised doctors and nurses whose hard work saved many lives and they praised heroes like jonathan smith a thirty year old who saved dozens of people by leading them out of harm's way but then was shot in the neck doctors say he'll likely carry the bullet in his body for
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the rest of his life it will take this city a long time to recover but people are ready to begin that process let's move forward let's see what we can do as a city let's join together and work together to for the good amid all the shock and pain death and heartbreak people here are finding strength in each other rob reynolds al jazeera los vegas. well nevada the state where this attack has happened has some of the most relaxed the gun laws in the u.s. its state constitution gives every citizen the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense as well as for lawful hunting and recreational use it allows people to buy a handgun shotgun or rifle without a permit automatic assault. weapons and machine guns are also legal as long as they are registered let's go live now to heidi as you castro in last vegas are heidi you know we've had similar mass shootings as it was at the bait in the states and then
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nothing really changes is anything likely to change after this. there is a lot of skepticism to that question barbara specially because as you said this is yet another round of rhetoric following a mass tragedy on a local level state level and federal level democrats have said this might finally be that last incident to motivate some real change but there is a lot of skepticism that will happen in fact two democrats boycotted a moment of silence last night that was dedicated to the victims of the shooting in congress they said the reason is they didn't want to support what they called an excuse for inaction. and what he what more do we actually know about the gunman. well we do know that police officers did find at least twenty three weapons inside
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his suite at the mandalay bay hotel room which you see behind me and they say that some of those weapons one if not more me have been modified to become automatic rifles basically in essence machine guns that from the video we saw were able to shoot out nine bullets in one second now this is the concern here because it is legal to modify a weapon to become an automatic weapon here but it is still very cheap and easy to do so simply by buying a forty dollars kit online now it remains to be seen whether any of these automatic weapons were licensed which after a thorough background check is available in the united states there but many saying that there should be an all out ban on automatic assault weapons in the u.s. . as well as a ban on cartridges a bullet wound or a more bullets to be dispensed as far as what we know more about stephen paddick it's very little we know that he has been retired for many years according to his
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brother he was wealthy he was living a life. of traveling no indication of mental illness no indication of any sort of political or religious affiliation and so police are really dissecting still with no real leads as to what was the motive behind this massacre are still a mystery heidi if you cast your life for us in vegas thank you. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across catalonia to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum protestors are surrounded the hotel allow which is housing some of the national police officers around nine hundred people were injured on sunday when spanish police tried to prevent the voting in the controversial poll results show that voters overwhelmingly backed independence lawrence lee is in barcelona for us following
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all the developments lawrence any sign of a breakthrough in the stalemate yet. none know it's absolute deadlock and that says led to the succession is those who want independence for catalonia really having their tails up it's been a very much tonight's hero celebrates a removed among the crowds they think that's basically all the efforts from madrid soon crush the referendum on crush their spirits on sunday have failed and they still insist at the council on parliament gets on with what they believe to be their democratic mandates the only bit of news we've heard this just just been announced from madrid is that the king of spain is apparently going to address the nation at nine o'clock tonight that's nine hundred g.m.t. and you could only assume he's going to call for unity and that the spanish states is in divisible and everybody must must stay together but the trouble is while the
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rest of spain might agree with that here where it counts they're not interested at all in what the king that spain has to say that the person they want to hear from is rolly the prime minister and they want him to negotiate very many of the sessions are actually republicans and don't like the money it's all so it remains an enormous democratic crisis for spain and by extension for the credibility of the year in the european union and given that it is very striking that from brussels and from madrid today politically there's been nothing but silence. if the spanish government thought breaking up the referendum would win its war with catalonia it was dead wrong this crowd gathered outside the office of the ruling spanish popular party denounced the prime minister as a fascist and the police action on sunday was brutal and. the people are defending what they have to defend the people are ready we will see if the government is ready this week. the reviled civil riot squads were nowhere to be
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seen the protest was policed by local catalan officers the firefighters seen here as heroes. received evasions every time they arrived. the mood there is in some reaction right there been chanting the whole you must go to the streets will always be as the ranks of the popular party spines rolling policy does not run in council lonia. at university square the crowds were even bigger thousands up every side road there is much bitterness about the perceived silence from the european union after what happened on sunday. and they are treating as badly we are demanding some some things and they are not hearing us but they don't want independent cuts alone yet they want to be united spain yes but we have our own faults and no one no one tries to understand what our faults. so what happens now nothing from the spanish prime minister who has no interest in engaging the catalans in political mediation
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for madrid this is strictly a legal issue. that means the call from the council and president for talks is likely to get nowhere on the clock ticks away on the self declared timeframe of independence this week that is a crisis for spain and for the european union and yet nobody wants to grasp the immediacy of this. of course if you go a few hundred meters away from the protests the streets are quiet and the many who don't want spain broken up get on with their lives but they are the ones making all the noise the momentum remains with the separatists. so the culdesac if you like that spain's got itself blocked into is that it wants to regard this as a legal issue the referendum was illegal there is no legal basis for the kaplan's have independence and yet because partly of the have very heavy handed police response on sunday then the growing pressure from many places is the cross europe to negotiate politically and that would give the council and leadership some
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credibility and a platform with which to sit down at the table which is what they say they want to do so in that sense a spanish government is actually stuck in a situation of its own making as far as the capital and government goes it had been assumed that they might today validate the referendum results and then start the clock ticking down towards announcing independence we're now told that the parliament here won't sit on wednesday some morrow at all and that leads to that lends to the idea that they think there might be some grounds for negotiation a movement on actually biding their time a little bit without going down the full blown let's declare independence immediately rooms and you'll be following all developments for us from barcelona for the moment thank you. still to come here on al-jazeera the french parliament adopts a new counter-terror law making state of emergency measures
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a permanent deal that could return range of muslims to me and maher but many refugees are skeptical their safety can be guaranteed. hello there we see a fair amount of rain across parts of the middle east recently we look at the satellite picture we could see the cloud regenerate over parts of turkey then gradually meanders its way steadily towards the east for some of us in iran it's given us some very heavy downpours nearly nine thousand millimeters of wet weather from this system and it looks like you're still going to be with us as we head through the next few days it's also dragging down the temperatures behind it so as it works its way through the temperatures dropping so amati certainly feeling wall tumble now temperatures around eleven or twelve degrees a bit further towards the south and there's also a change in the weather here in doha as well on wednesday the winds will be firing
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down from the northwest so it will be a dry heat but certainly hot thirty nine degrees on maximum then it's we head forward into thursday the winds will be coming in from the east that we're bringing in all the humidity all the moisture so it will feel very sticky but because it's more humid the temperatures won't be able to get so high that we're getting to thirty seven degrees down to what the southern parts of africa we've got a few little pockets of cloud hair but nothing too significant as we head through into wednesday we'll see the clouds begin to gather though in this time there will be bringing us more in the way of significant weather we'll see this strip of cloud of rain giving us some very heavy downpours particularly to the southeast.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. officials are investigating the motive of the gun ban behind sunday's attack unless they get the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick killed at least fifty nine people and injured more than five hundred others u.s. president donald trump has praised the police's response to the attack but this
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missed questions about gun reform hundreds of thousands of catalans of protest against violence by spanish police officers during sunday's referendum it's a session. where u.s. president donald trump is touring areas of puerto rico hit by hurricane maria and meeting victims of the storm his first official visit comes thirteen days after the u.s. island para tree was they have a stated some officials in puerto rico including the mayor of the capital san juan have strongly criticized the federal relief efforts during a briefing alongside the island's governor trumpet defended the federal response. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we spent a lot of money in puerto rico and that's fine we've saved a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is a horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and
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hundreds and hundreds of people that done. and you look at what happened here was really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this and what is your what does your death count as of this moment seven. sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. shepparton see is live for us in san juan i guess a predictably defiant of donald trump there are what else is he said and done while he's been in puerto rico. why that we need to analyze what he what he just said there in that clip i think that was the key the key clip in the man to me if you haven't heard of a president comes. ninety five percent are without electricity fifty five percent are without water running water and saying look it's all that bad a real disaster like katrina many more died of course it's worth remembering that we don't know how many people died as a result of harken maria nor the off the mouth because many areas have been reached
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the morgues and hospitals are only now beginning forensic examinations and counts of the dead who have piled up we've long had evidence and google accounts of people was burying family members in various spots in more remote parts of put a record we don't know how many people have died but as far as he's concerned and certainly at that at that event was congratulating everyone within this cabin to within the first responders and so on even though this criticism has been. for the last two weeks that the u.s. did not see the u.s. government did not act quickly enough even the three star general eventually hired to oversee the operation and eventually made come to puerto rico admitted there weren't enough military personnel had to saw still to go the infrastructure and so on but define saying nope everything is fine in fact you know what's the fuss about and this is very much a theme that he's had particularly in the his spouse over twitter with the mayor of san that people in puerto rico in his words complaining that expect the government
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to do everything for them seems to be more of the same no interest to me the matter of sound. was was a part of the invited by the white house or the white house said to talk to donald trump however up until this morning the man herself said the you heard about it on twitter we now understand she did meet with old trump on the tarmac at the air force at the national space well national guard base here in puerto rico we understand from people who are standing close by but she put out a hand they shook hands and she said this isn't about politics and he just found a way. that's the other durtal as what we were told happened on the sidelines than before that little press event he did meet with she said it's not about politics he just turned away in addition we've also heard from the mayor of. that they made much the white house made much play yesterday about her being involved in efforts of being consulted and she says yes she was invited to take part of the department of homeland security briefing but she was told that she was not to say anything she
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could only listen to the conference call so again there's this fear here that no one's really listening to the people on the ground the community leaders the people who are here. just listening to whom they want to listen to their priorities in the end of war about wall street debt to the creditors on wall street who want to recover the predatory loans to to put a rico not so much the people of puerto rico. and we very interesting to hear what the reaction is of ordinary people in puerto rico to this visit in the hours that come to see for the moment in san juan thank you turkey says it will impose further sanctions on northern iraq after the autonomous kurdish region overwhelmingly voted for independence from baghdad last month's the iraqi kurdish government and their b.l. says it now plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in november since the referendum baghdad's banned international flights to kurdish airports while iran and turkey have held a joint military drills with iraqi troops strafford reports now from the bash mike
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border post in iraq's kurdistan region. that's an iranian tank you can see on the hill there it's guns or it's pointing towards the kurdish region of northern iraq there are more iranian tanks to the left here and now we've been talking to kurdish customs or sources here they say that on the twenty ninth of september members of the iraqi interior ministry came here and delivered a letter insisting that the iraqis take control of this border crossing and the two others that border the k.l. jean other kurds have refused the iranian military say these tanks are all part of joint military exercises with the iraqi army that are happening across the border in iran but that is not allowing the fears of the customs of sorties here to see it . in such a tense political situation it's normal for us to be worried as kurds because previously we have faced so many wars and challenges with the displacement of people kurds they want
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a new war we understand thoughts between all sides continue to try and find a solution to this crisis iraqi prime minister hyderabadi has said he does not want a military solution but is no doubt that tension is increasing in this region we understand that those joint military exercises happening across the border between the iraq and the iranian military said to continue for the next few days well iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down from office in two thousand and fourteen after suffering a stroke two years earlier imran khan looks back at his life. he was the first kurd to serve as iraq's president jalal talabani was the leader of the patriotic union of kurdistan one of the two main kurdish groups that dominate iraq's northern kurdish region he was one of the longest serving kurdish politicians he was just a teenager when he entered politics joining the kurdish democratic party in one
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thousand nine hundred six as a law graduate baghdad university he went into hiding to evade arrest for his political role as found in secretary-general of the kurdistan student union after graduating from law school in one nine hundred fifty nine he was called to serve in the iraqi army where he commanded a tank unit. when the kurds were sought independence and rose up against the iraqi government in nineteen sixty one taliban he led battles in iraq he also led diplomatic missions in europe and elsewhere passionately pleading the kurds case in one nine hundred seventy five he split from the k d p and joined the p u k eventually rising to become iraq's president. the movement suffered under saddam hussein especially in the widely condemned. what kurds were gassed in one thousand nine hundred eight really then came the iraq invasion of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred one after kuwait was liberated and no fly zone and safe haven for
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kurds was established by britain france and the us. elections were held in iraq at a stand in one thousand nine hundred two and a p u k k d p joint it diminished ration was established. but the underlying tension between the two parties spilled into armed confrontation dubbed the fratricide war in one thousand nine hundred four taliban and again fled to iran after the k d p called on saddam hussein's forces to help defeat the p u k the four year conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with taliban and masoud barzani the k d p leader signing a peace agreement. after the two thousand and three invasion of iraq by the us and the takeover of huge areas of iraqi territory. i saw in two thousand and fourteen the kurds began to demand terminations eventually a referendum on suspension happened this month with ninety two percent voting for their own country while the kurds voted taleban he was in germany for medical treatment he died in a berlin hospital aged eighty four after airstrikes by the u.s.
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led coalition in syria have killed forty five people in the syrian city of iraq that's according to local sources many people have been displaced by the fighting as the that's an alliance of kurdish and arab armed groups continues to push i saw out of itself the cleared capital yes the fs been fighting arsehole since june this year has now taken almost all of the city backed by airstrikes and special forces from the u.s. led coalition. the french parliament has voted to adopt a controversial anti-terrorism bill that grants security forces sweeping powers police and intelligence agencies were first given the extra powers under france's state of emergency those measures will now become permanent authorities insist the law is needed to tackle security threats but critics say it goes against civil freedoms france has been in a state of emergency since the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen. let's
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look at this law in more detail it allows the government to temporarily designate public spaces as security zones so they can restrict access and stop and search people inside the interior ministry will also be able to shut down places of worship for up to six months if they suspect links to terrorism or propagation of hate speech or violence new individual control and surveillance measures will allow police to monitor and control the movements of anyone considered a national security threat putting them under effective house arrest and that allows police to carry out house searches if they suspect terrorist activity of though they would now need a warrant to from a judge first but that has more now from paris. well the french government faced something of a dynamic how to lift the state of emergency which was only ever supposed to be temporary but it's actually been in place now for nearly two years yet ensure that security remains high and that people are protected now what the government says is
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that this new counterterrorism nor is the solution because it gives police more powers they will be able to do things like conduct a house raids or arrest suspects without warrants or even put people under house arrest without authorization from a judge now the government says this is necessary because of the current climate in the context in france as a country which remains under threat i mean if you think of the past couple of years more than two hundred people have been killed in attacks the most recent one in musée in the south of france at a train station where two women were killed by a man with a knife and then again the interior minister saying the today in the center of paris police actually prevented a possible attack right in the heart of the capital so an ongoing threat and this new all they say is the solution but critics have a different opinion they say that because the new law is so many of the measures
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from the state of emergency that effectively it is it is going to enter into a permanent state of emergency some even say that we're looking at a police state in the future they say it will lead to human rights abuses and that it's simply a law that's unfair and could even discriminate against certain parts of the population particularly muslims and also discriminate against people according to skin color. three u.s. scientists who found gravitational waves in space have won the nobel prize for physics barry barish kip thorne and. led a team which observed for the first time ripples of energy created by stars exploding and black holes colliding albert einstein predicted so-called gravitational waves over a century ago but their existence it remained largely. a range of muslims forced to flee violence in myanmar say they are skeptical about a repatriation deal the country has struck with bangladesh the u.n.
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describes the crisis as the world's fastest developing refugee emergency but human rights organizations and the refugees themselves are worried they could be worse off if they go home from young gone in myanmar yet reports. a deal has been made for their return but the refugees continue to stream into bangladesh with by now familiar accounts of violence and terror. the killing shooting and setting fire to our homes we could not tolerate this then we crossed hills and jungles and reach here after travelling for three days main maya and bangladesh have agreed on a plan to repatriate some of the more than half a million rahane just who fled here since fighting began in late august and what the united nations has described as textbook ethnic cleansing the humanitarian crisis in bangladesh is profound but it's unclear how many rohinton will be allowed to return here to mean market range or are excluded from citizenship mean mouth
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parties however require that they prove residency in order to return but many refugees say they fled without their papers that they were burnt in the violence for those who can return there's little left with human rights organizations saying half of already hinge of villages in rakhine state have been burned the government says it will appropriate or land and that those who are allowed to return will be sent to a resettlement camp in northern rakhine withrow hinge or unsure whether it's safe to leave bangladesh and the repair tree ation process many feel is designed to keep them out of meanwhile the growing humanitarian situation in bangladesh is expected to worsen as the flow of refugees there continues yarber mo him al-jazeera gone.
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and other top stories on al-jazeera u.s. investigators are looking for clues as to why a sixty four year old retired accountant opened fire on hundreds of people on sunday in the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick shot a concert goer. as from the thirty second floor of a hotel in las vegas killing at least fifty nine and injuring more than five hundred others investigators have found weapons ammunition and explosives in paddocks hotel room u.s. president donald trump has praised the police's response but this missed questions about gun reform. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you. for president trump is now meeting residents of puerto rico thirteen days after the island was devastated by hurricane maria some officials in puerto rico including the mayor of the capital some one have criticized federal relief efforts but trump insists his government
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did a good job hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across catalonia to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum protestors are surrounded a hotel which is housing some of the national police officers around one hundred people were injured on sunday after spanish police tried to prevent a voting results show that voters overwhelmingly backed secession from spain. turkey says it will impose a further sanctions on iraq's autonomous kurdish region after it overwhelmingly voted for independence from baghdad last month the iraqi kurdish government says it now plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in november since the referendum baghdad has banned the international flights to kurdish airports. and iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down as president two thousand and fourteen after suffering
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a stroke two years earlier and those are the headlines remember you can get more on all those stories on our web site the address al-jazeera dot com will stay with us inside stories next i'm going to have the news hour for you in less than half an hour right. there's a real palestinian reconciliation possible it is a fetus and fighting the palestinian authority his government and. the. rest. of his neighborhood have seen. this as end side stories.


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