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those left behind often don't have the means to follow suit but ultimately it's now puerto rico's poor communities that are paying the price for this island's staggering debt. the ingredient the bring smiles but it's also the number one culprit in the global health crisis cardiovascular disease that's our number one killer already i would say the hardest part is just discipline we think of that but there isn't the same if we close that sugar in places responders this is a problem no i bestowed on all disease. hundreds of thousands take to the streets in barcelona to protest against police violence during catalonia is banned to session right. hello it's nine hundred g.m.t.
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on felicity ball and you're watching al-jazeera life from london in the next few minutes the spanish king is due to address the nation about the crisis in catalonia . well earlier hundreds of thousands of catalans demonstrated against a violent security crackdown during sunday's referendum on breaking away from spain protests are surrounded the hotel palau which is housing some of the national police officers around one hundred people were injured on sunday when spanish police try to prevent them voting in the controversial poll some officers were seen firing rubber bullets and there was the king let's listen in times and in these circumstances i won i won me i want you to address it to oil is finance we have been testimony of events happening in catalonia. we've. illegally the independents in. for
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a long time many. in catalonia has been have been in. the fire in the constitution. but that is the law that drug nice's. they historical institutions and the government. with their decisions have been born near eighteen. over it legally illegitimate deeply. the fire power of the state and. a state. who is represented in catalonia as well. they have broken their constitutional principles of all. a constitutional states. they have divided it will give me leave
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a catalonian society today catalonian society is broken fractured and there are thirty t's. have not appreciated. their solidarity. feelings that unite all the citizens. and they can go. their economic and social stability of catalonia and spain as well with. all of that and it. in defying daystar because institutions of catalonia those institutions. have. themselves a side of their democracy they have tried to break it has to be to spain and this severing of the country.
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and in front of the situation of extreme situation a screen grab. that. general interest. this of course and of. basically based on the constitution as well i want to address all the aspiring spaniards on the particular day qatar lands this qatar and city since two. i want to mention them from many years we have lived in democratic state and that all first. they did proceed. to defend their rights and they
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respect without the respect there is no possible. you know peaceful and. there's no. living together. because you do. this. you know. knows that city sense. i am aware that in catalonia they are also concerned about. the behavior of the autonomic. is the dish and. they have absolute warantee are right in defending de freedom and de rights and to the rest of this pain they leave.
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these events. we want to i want to tell them to be calm i'm hopeful these are difficult moments but the way with. these situation they are complex times but we. break through and get ahead because we are proud of being what we are because so are democratic principles are strong and solid and they are because they are based on. this side of millions of millions of spying it's. living in harmony and we have been constructing a spain like this in the last decades and we have constructed these.
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catalunya we. wrote. our must finish but i want to underline different compromise of their monarchy we. stick to sion. to ensure they were being of espanol's together. so there you have it that was they a taped address to the nation by spain's king philippe addressing the crisis in catalonia he says the current situation in catalonia is very serious he says the castle and leaders have broken the laws of the state showed inadmissible lack of loyalty he also said the irresponsible behavior of cattle and leaders can put at risk spain's economic stability he owes spain to remain calm and hopeful and said our democratic principles are strong and solid listening into that with us is
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al-jazeera sorry guy you go she's in barcelona in catalonia for us right now unusual for the king to address the nation in this way and he was pretty firm on what he believes. absolutely felicity and in fact this is probably the most serious constitutional crisis that the country has seen since the early one nine hundred eighty s. when the king's father on catalyst had to face off another constitutional crisis when there was a an attempt at a coup de ta the king then lost became a symbol of uniting the country thereby facing off that threat this is an altogether different kind of threat in fact it comes as a spain and here in basra they are questioning really how they want to progress their own future but of course this is become also a crisis of brinkmanship the catalans have accused the government in madrid of consistently avoiding any dialogue on how they would like to be able to shape their future or autonomously or even as some of putting it as an independent or you in
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the session as fashion spain says that so certainly this the government of madrid is saying that this is something which is fundamentally wrong constitutional act and certainly that was the take on the referendum as was seen on on sunday but the problem is is that with the heavy handed use of force that was seen on sunday any kind of momentum that prime minister had in terms of the legality of the question of the referendum seem to have sparked an awful lot of anger at the central government and got the fact that at this scene of quite heavy handed tactics and attacks on people who were trying to take part in this illegal vote really reminded people many people here of certain repressive tactics people saying that they reminded of right of them of the times of the dark ages of franco. whereas the
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governing party seemed to pay no heed to that in fact saying that the police seem to have acted proportionately as was said by the deputy prime minister this is. this was certainly not the opinion that was held here and certainly judging by not just the feelings of antipathy to put it mildly but anger towards the the central government real anger catalonia has also not traditionally been a region which has necessarily supported the idea of a monarchy they have quite a different culture but of course the king in in spain has see has been seen really as a symbol of unity amongst the different regions the different autonomous regions as well while he has tried to reach out certainly people will be very angry at his message of calling of of of this attack on the constitution as he put it
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and certainly they would see that message as being contradictory to their own rights whether that's illegal or legal and certainly in the eyes of the spanish government a what they attempted to do was most certainly illegal with the latest in barcelona . now u.s. president donald trump has been touring areas of puerto rico. and meeting victims of the storm his first official visit comes thirteen days after the u.s. on a territory was devastated some officials in puerto rico including the mayor of the capital have strongly criticized federal relief efforts during a briefing alongside the on ins governor trumbull defended the federal response. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack because we've spent a lot of money and put
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a rico and that's fine we've saved a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is a horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this and what is your what is your death count as of this moment seven. sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. let's go live now to san juan to speak to al jazeera she had her time say she had not the most diplomatic was being used by the u.s. president given the criticism of him and his government. right i mean usually politicians heads of state i mean come to disaster zones to give comfort but also to see for themselves what the reality is on the ground what
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was clear from donald trump statements that is he's already made up his mind this has been going very very well there was a round of self-congratulatory back slapping from members of his own cabinet and politicians and for the emergency responders off that offer he made that statement just that sentiment that everything is going fine that actually maybe this is him such a bad disaster when you compare it to katrina and the total total of so always chiding once again you've said you've cost us a lot of money. really messed up our budget i mean it's difficult to imagine him saying something similar in texas or in florida remember this is a territory where ninety five percent of people have no access to tricity fifty five percent no access to water there are regions which haven't even reached by federal officials we don't know how many people have died frankly as a result of maria and the aftermath but donald trump making it very clear that he's completely satisfied with the operations of the will i would imagine and we will be
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going out to talk to people soon have added to that sense we'd already know that the people of puerto rico feel like second class citizens of the united states has actually got to meet the man who was so critical of the trump ministration. right i mean in some ways we can look at this spot as a sort of tawdry sideline but it isn't it is actually very significant because i lied to this the twitter spat between the mayor of san juan is our understanding of how much input the white house the administration fema and others are taking from those on the ground who are seeing the emergency with their own. with there and we had the white house say with great fire yesterday that the mayor of san juan had been invited to speak to the then we had the mayor this morning saying she had the first she had about that was on twitter she was that when they did shake hands she was one of many people who shook hands after he landed we understand she said to him it's not about politics he didn't really reply very much people are really all
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sorts of things we don't quite sure whether he had a kind of terse response or she was on the end of a long line of people he was shaking hands with but what is really clear is that if you're not saying what donald trump wants to hear he's not necessarily going to listen to us and certainly that was experience of the man herself she was invited in the white house again trumpeted this to take part of the homeland security conference call about the problems in puerto rico but she was told she was mostly informed about it by text and once she was on the conference call she was told she could not speak she would not be allowed to speak this is the manner of sound one who is out here but she was not out to speak in this department of homeland security conference call it's adding to those fears that people here as they already were necessarily being listened to him as an unelected bunch of people who are deciding this territories economy right down cutting social services and pensions and schools and so on now the fear is with the reconstruction will be no say for puerto ricans in that and long held plans to privatise services even
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further avik people build condos for rich people and more hotels that these will start happening without any real input these are the real fears of people that we've heard from in puerto rico now they just being listened to shihab rattansi and so long first thank you. the f.b.i. is investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who carried out the worst mass shooting in multan u.s. history is still trying to work out why stephen paddick opened fire from a hotel room on to a country music festival in las vegas at least fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred others. were panels has the latest from las vegas. night stoned and grieving people in las vegas gathered to pray for the victims of sunday night's murderous rampage candlelight vigils were held at city hall and at places of worship we should learn something new and i'm just trying to spend time together and just get on all in one corner president donald trump is due to visit
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las vegas on wednesday with a message of consolation he declined to label the mass shooting as domestic terrorism and said it wasn't time to talk about stricter gun laws. trump also declared without citing any evidence that the killer sixty four year old steven patrick was mentally unbalanced thank you thank you thank you thank you thank. you by all accounts haddock meticulously planned his deadly killing spree police found twenty three rifles in his hotel room and nineteen more at his home north of las vegas but investigators are still stumped as to his motive i can't get into the mind of a psychopath and many people here are turning their thoughts away from the killer
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and his motives in towards those who stepped forward as the bullets rained down they praised doctors and nurses whose hard work saved many lives and they praised heroes like jonathan smith a thirty year old who saved dozens of people by leading them out of harm's way but then was shot in the neck doctors say he'll likely carry the bullet in his body for the rest of his life it will take this city a long time to recover but people are ready to begin that process this move far less. what we can do as a city let's join together and work together to for the good amid all the shock and pain death and heartbreak people here are finding strength in each other. las vegas is that you live to los vegas to speak to castor and heidi what more are
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we learning about the killer. cities so police and investigators are really stunned as what drove this sixty four year old retired accountant an american with no known affiliations with political groups or religious groups to commit this massacre at this point police are still searching for that motive what we know about stephen paddick from his brother is that he was a wealthy retirees who frequently traveled with his girlfriend and who also came to las vegas frequently to gamble that was his major cast time we also know from what police found in paddocks hotel room of the man a way to see you know behind me and at his home about ninety minutes north of here was a who had an armory of weapons dozens of rifles and shotguns many that were legally purchased and that is what is causing a lot here many people here to also question whether more could have been done to
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have that it's happening in the city yardy whenever we see mass shootings on this scale there is always the talk about reforming and tightening gun laws in the states is there any movement towards to get any traction. unfortunately it is a revolving record we hear the same sort of rhetoric after each mass shooting in the united states and we're hearing it again with local politicians the baddest state politicians and on the federal level saying that finally is this going to be the last straw that creates some real gun reform but history has shown that that type of hope has not played out in the past and in fact there is a lot of skepticism several democrats in congress boycotted a moment of silence dedicated to the victims of this las vegas shooting their reasoning this said if they didn't want to support it excuse for inaction felicity
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party in a saying is thank you. the french parliament has voted to adopt a controversial terrorism bill that grants security forces sweeping powers police and intelligence agencies were first given those extra powers under france's state of emergency those measures will now become permanent critics say the law home civil rights before she say it's vital in the fight against terrorism the reports. a majority of m.p.'s passed the new counter-terrorism law that incorporates many of the special powers given to the police under the state of emergency the interior minister says it's a way of combating an ongoing threat we. are still in a state of war even if i saw my have suffered some military defeats more than two hundred people have been killed in attacks in france in the past two years in mass a people pay tribute to the latest victims two women killed in the city's train
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station on sunday under the new law police can raid homes and arrest suspects without warrants and place people under house arrest without a judge's authorization what the government says that the new law will protect people critics say gives the police far too much power and will lead to human rights abuses they say france will be under a permanent state of emergency or they can work suddenly we find ourselves with a law integrates the tools of the state of emergency but without the country being in exceptional circumstances. it's a prospect which frightens tony a few days after the paris attacks and twenty fifteen police raided his house during the night terrifying him and his young children. i found myself on the floor face down hands tied my children and wife taken to the back and shouted where are the weapons. placed under house arrest until
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a court declared his innocence he believes he was targeted for being muslim and belonging to a shooting club. if you shoot for sport and you are a muslim it's not acceptable it was before the attacks but now it's assumed you are terrorist. the government's due to lift the state of emergency next month but only worries that the new law will encourage discrimination and lead to other french people having their lives turned upside down natasha buckler al jazeera paris turkey says it will impose further sanctions on northern iraq after the autonomous kurdish region overwhelmingly voted for independence from baghdad last month the rocky kurdish government in erbil says it now plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in november since the referendum baghdad has banned international flights to kurdish airports when iran and turkey of help joint
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military drills with iraqi troops reports now from all that post in iraq's kurdistan region. that's an iranian tank you can see on the hill there it's guns or it's pointing towards the kurdish region of northern iraq there are more iranian tanks to the left here now we've been talking to kurdish customs or sources here they say that on the twenty ninth of september members of the iraqi interior ministry came here and delivered a letter insisting that the iraqis take control of this border crossing and the two others that border the k r j now the kurds have refused the iranian military say these tanks are all part of joint military exercises with the iraqi army that are happening across the border in iran but that is not allowing the fears of the customs of stories here to see it. in such a tense political situation it's normal for us to be worried as kurds because previously we have faced so many wars and challenges with the displacement of
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people kurds they want a new war we understand thoughts between all sides continue to try and find a solution to this crisis iraqi prime minister hyderabadi has said he does not want a military solution but there's no doubt that tension is increasing in this region we understand that those joint military exercises happening across the border so in the iraqi and the iranian military said to continue for the next few days iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died aged eighty four the better leader of the car to struggle for self-determination step down from office in twenty fourteen after suffering a stroke two years earlier imran khan looks back at his life. he was the first kurd to serve as iraq's president jalal talabani was the leader of the patriotic union of kurdistan one of the two main kurdish groups that dominate iraq's northern kurdish region he was one of the longest serving kurdish politicians he was just a teenager when he entered politics joining the kurdish democratic party in one
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thousand nine hundred six as a law graduate of baghdad university he went into hiding to evade arrest for his political role as found in secretary-general of the kurdistan student union after graduating from law school in one nine hundred fifty nine he was called to serve in the iraqi army where he commanded a tank unit. when the kurds were sought independence and rose up against the iraqi government in one nine hundred sixty one taliban he led battles in iraq he also led diplomatic missions in europe and elsewhere passionately pleading the kurds case in one nine hundred seventy five he split from the k d p and joined the p k eventually rising to become iraq's president. the movement suffered under saddam hussein especially in the widely condemned massacre where kurds were gassed in one thousand nine hundred eight really then came iraq invasion of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred one after kuwait was liberated a no fly zone and safe haven for kurds was established by britain france and the us
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. elections were held in iraq or to start in one thousand nine hundred two and a p u k k d p joint administration was established. but the underlying tension between the two parties spilled into armed confrontation dubbed the fratricide war in one thousand nine hundred four taliban and again fled to iran after the k d p called on saddam hussein's forces to help defeat the p u k the four year conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with taliban and masoud barzani the k d p leader signing a peace agreement. after the two thousand and three invasion of iraq by the us and the takeover of huge areas of iraqi territory. by i saw in two thousand and fourteen the kurds began to demand self-determination eventually a referendum on to say should happen this month with ninety two percent voting for their own country while the kurds voted taleban he was in germany for medical treatment he died in a berlin hospital aged eighty four imran khan how does
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a random muslim is forced to flee violence in nam all say they're skeptical about. the country has struck with bangladesh describes the crisis as the world's fastest developing refugee emergency but human rights organizations and the refugees themselves are worried they could be worse off if they go home. in nam are you out of them out of reports. a deal has been made for their return but the refugees continue to stream into bangladesh with by now familiar accounts of violence and terror. the killing shooting and setting fire to our homes we could not tolerate this then we crossed hills and jungles and reach here after travelling for three days main maya and bangladesh have agreed on a plan to repatriate some of the more than half a million rahane joe who fled here since fighting began in late august and what the united nations has described as textbook ethnic cleansing the humanitarian crisis
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in bangladesh is profound but it's unclear how many wrote him to be allowed to return here to me and mark ranger are excluded from citizenship mean mouth or it is however required that they prove residency in order to return home but many refugees say they fled without their papers that they were burnt in the violence for those who can return there's little left with human rights organizations saying half of war a hinge of villages in iraq and state have been burned the government says it will appropriate or land and that those who are allowed to return will be sent to a resettlement camp in northern rakhine withrow hinge or unsure whether it's safe to leave bangladesh and the repair tree ation process many feel is designed to keep them out of meanwhile the growing humanitarian situation in bangladesh is expected to worsen as the flow of refugees there continues. al-jazeera gone.
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to being one of the world's most wanted people smugglers has appeared in court in italy prosecutors say he's met halim read an eritrean responsible for sending thousands of people on boats from libya to europe hundreds of them drowned on the way the eritrean government and the man's lawyer say it's a case of mistaken identity and he's an innocent refugee. the new c.e.o. of google has met transport officials in london as the ride sharing company fights to keep its taxi license in the u.k. last month transport for london deemed unfit to run a taxi service refusing to renew its license because of how the company reports criminal offenses and background checks a quick reminder you can find out much more about the stories we're covering by going to our web site the address al jazeera dot com. and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera spain's king has defended prime
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minister mariano rajoy government calling the castle an independence referendum illegal and undemocratic in a rare public address king philippe accused catalan regional authorities of being irresponsible and putting the economy at risk. daughter watching that destiny was going to. see and then got along we have all been witnesses to what has been happening in catalonia with the ultimate aim on the part of a couple of forty's of declaring illegally independence for catalonia for some time certain people in the capital and government have been deliberately breaking the constitution and catalonia autonomy statutes which are the law which aims to protect the institutions and the regional government. or hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across catalonia to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum protesters surrounded a hotel which is housing some of the national police officers around nine hundred people were injured on sunday after spanish police tried to prevent voting results show that voters overwhelmingly backed secession from spain. u.s.
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president donald trump is not residents of question rico thirteen days after the on was devastated by hurricane maria some officials in question rico including the mayor of the capital san juan have criticized federal relief efforts to try because this is government did a good job at his job that relief efforts have jeopardized his budget. u.s. investigators are looking for clues as to why a sixty four year old retired accountant opened fire on hundreds of people on sunday in the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddocks shot at concert goers from the thirty second floor of a hotel in las vegas killing at least fifty nine people and injuring more than five hundred others president trump has praised the police's response but dismissed questions about god reform. the french parliament has voted to adopt a controversial antiterrorism bill that grants security forces sweeping powers police and intelligence agencies were first given the extra powers under state of
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emergency. will now become permanent critics say the law goes against civil freedoms. and those places headlines here on al-jazeera i'm back with another update for you in about twenty five minutes time if you stay with us up next it's the story of i. i am ali could be and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube and twenty sixty in the a ball outbreak that killed more than eleven thousand in west africa was declared officially over.


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