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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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where ever you are. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place where able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is all straight. this is al-jazeera.
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everyone i've found a warm welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes trying to make good after a false start donald trump meets victims of hurricane rhea in puerto rico but he's not mincing his words. now i hate to tell you or to recover it you've grown up but you're a little out of work. space is king denounced his castle and leaders are pushing for secession in a rare public address and we'll be live in las vegas where investigators are trying to find out what drove a sixty four year old man to open fire on concert goers killing fifty nine. tennis turn around for the world number one it's relief for rafa as he survives the scare in his first match since winning the u.s. open details coming up later and.
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our u.s. president donald trump is due to leave puerto rico after touring areas hit by hurricane maria and meeting victims of the storm he made his first official visit thirteen days after the u.s. island territory was devastated some officials in puerto rico including the mare the capital san juan have strongly criticized federal relief efforts during a briefing alongside the island's governor defended the federal response. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you're throwing our budget a little out of work because we spent a lot of money in puerto rico and that's why we saved a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is a horror but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous. hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here was really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this
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and what is your what is your death count as of this moment seven. hundred sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands. is there she have a chance he joins us live now from san juan and she had to say that some eyebrows the being raised that's the tone and words used by the president it is difficult to imagine a u.s. president going to texas or florida and saying i did tell you texas but you really put a dent in our budget with your storm and then saying well it wasn't even that bad of a storm compared to katrina i mean it is rather surprising well perhaps not surprising i don't know but it does add to that sense of puerto rico that are second class citizens here from donald trump doesn't realize the puerto rican saw us and we know from the polls that actually a large percentage of americans on the main don't realize the puerto ricans are american american citizens but it is once again underlining the fact that donald trump is made up his mind this has been
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a successful relief operation even though we still have ninety five percent of the island without electricity fifty five percent of people without water and these are just the statistics we don't really have understand the scale of the damage in central puerto rico and the mountainous regions and we're not through these numbers even getting close to explaining the human distress that's been caused as a result of communities losing everything and she had these also be missing some of the survivors of hurricane maria and again more eyebrows being raised about his actions. well he visited a relief center and he started handing out some goods and paper goods and then after a while you sort of tired i suppose of the sort of just handing them out and sort of apparently practicing his basketball throws perhaps you know you could argue this is all about morale and trying to keep the spirits up showing that he's with the people and so on award it can be suggested that once again he's not taking this
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terribly seriously and he's heard what he wants to hear that things are going well that the goods are being distributed and he's doing his bit but it does once again lead to this this real suspicion not just about the short term. and the medium term age without long term aid and reconstruction there's a real sense here that washington doesn't take put a rico seriously already already under huge austerity measures here that the population has been suffering terribly for ten years because of austerity in order to pay back wall street various barns and predatory loans that wall street took on knowing the puerto rico was in trouble so they could get them back in favorable rates back to wall street that's been the priority both of the obama administration and the trump administration at the expense of puerto ricans and now we have this disaster in the suspicion is once again they're not taking the humanitarian issues the social issues that have been revealed in puerto rico as a result of the red terribly seriously once again it will all be about how does
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wall street make its money back again and that's through some frozen paper rolls of the puerto rican people in the meantime. thank you spain's king has intervened in the crisis the castle describing sunday secession referendum as illegal and democratic iraq public address he accused castle. of dividing society and pushing the economy at risk. boss i want you that this thing or that i should just be standing up will see and i got along we have all been witnesses to what has been happening in catalonia will be ultimate aim on the part of a couple of forty's of declaring illegally independence for catalonia for some time certain people in the catalan government have been deliberately breaking the constitution and catalonia autonomy statutes which are the law which aims to protect the institutions and the regional government when arya hundreds of thousands of catalans demonstrated against a violent security crackdown during sunday's referendum on breaking away from spain
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protests around the hotel which is housing some of the national police officers around nine hundred people were injured on sunday when spanish police try to prevent the voting in the controversial poll. well al jazeera spain you go is in buffalo in catalonia for the spanish king very critical of catalan officials and no mention of dialogue during that address to the nation. a little felicity and this is something that really is not playing well here a tool in the region. catalonia is traditionally not. a very monica's region at all in fact it's quite republican but this is really done nothing more than just to further. the feelings here that are already quite fired up already today we've already seen those voices of angry when there wasn't
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violence assad shown on nothing breaking out here on the streets there is this feeling that they have had enough and those who came out on to the streets yes to come in with different messages son came out here in protest against the very way that the police tried to stop on oprah vent the referendum from happening some people protested against the right to be able to hold that vote in the in the fall for the for the right to be able to hold up votes in the in the first place and all those were just here as as a show of solidarity to show that they too want to be able to have their voices heard and look at the lack of dialogue there has been between catalonia and the madrid government or the government in madrid so with the king coming out with such strong words it really is making their worst fears. come true is it whether they do not have support in that respect and this is just pushing those who already
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fired up with this whole with this issue they're pushing for further. separation if you will and perhaps that the best people to look after their interests catalans themselves. certainly that's the way it is going so this is very much the politics of brinkmanship which is being played out here it's very difficult to see without a dialogue really being. flatly on both sides to. actually take place and to be undertaken as quickly as possible to try and avoid the biggest constitutional crisis in the country since the early one nine hundred eighty s. there really it's becoming really spiraling out of control here one wonders where this is going to going to actually take place in the next few days whether the whether the president of the the region is actually going to make good on his statement to declare independence he does and that is just really going to make
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things go even more out of control spain could quite possibly invoke an article in its law article one five five which then allows the spanish government to take full control over an autonomous region by direct control that felicity will be an episode which will which has never been called for so far in modern spanish history and that will really take this whole crisis to a whole new level which i don't think either side is really quite prepared at all let alone civilians here who have been really the pawns in this very controversial political game that is being played between barcelona and madrid sagna in barcelona thanks so much for this coming week will be critical in what is already spain's worst political crisis since the end of the franco dictatorship in one thousand nine hundred seventy five called penholder takes a look at what could happen next. now.
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this is a warning from cattle and unions to madrid that they can cripple spain's biggest regional economy. and maintaining pressure for secession diverse labor and political factions also with each other the right to shape their plan the public system for the end of the or the effect of the president there's little doubt that's all catalan sectors are doing is putting their pieces on the chessboard out there for how you play this piece is going to give you an advantage or not so a general strike is important to introduce working class values into the process in addition to applying pressure on central government. thank catalonians government agreed to call a pretty recession of the capital and parliament within forty eight hours of a guest vote to declare independence political sources say that could begin to see just wednesday or slate is next week and the secession parties make it will
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probably take millions of people went to the polls this bite the state and police violence and millions of people voted and the outcome was a clear. yes for the cattle and republic so we have to obey the mandate of the people we had already stated that we had already discussed that and approved that in parliament it was a binding vote so now we got to deliver. friday october sixth is a symbolic day with some sources suggesting this is when catalonia may declare independence on that date in nine hundred thirty four then leader g.'s com pine's declared catalonia an independent republic but the rebellion was short lived and compliance was arrested. madrid ruled the referendum illegal catalan officials remain defiant under article one five five even
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a majority senate vote the central government could take control of all catalonia economic and political affairs that would block the breakaway. this article could be invoked because this regional government only recognizes its own laws the artista being the verdict of the supreme court and the spanish constitution we've never had a situation where a regional government wants a session. the european union views the political turmoil as an internal spanish affair and has expressed no intention to mediate suggestions for a political solution range from reform of the constitution to creating a more federal system top end all al-jazeera barcelona spain there is plenty more still to come here on the al-jazeera news including french politicians vote in favor of an anti terror a bill that critics say puts human rights at risk. kurdish leader and former iraqi
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president jalal talabani died days after his people voted for independence plus. their young son and they have millions of followers online i'm sorry higher than i'll be telling you why social media folk like rebel that. are on the rise. first the f.b.i. is investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history they're still trying to work out why stephen paddick opened fire from a hotel room or to a country music festival in las vegas at least fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred others injured but reynolds has the latest from las vegas. night stoned and grieving people in las vegas gathered to pray for the victims of
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sunday night's murderous rampage candlelight vigils were held at city hall and at places of worship we should learn something from them and i just think it's time to come together and just you know own one of the former president donald trump is due to visit las vegas on wednesday with a message of consolation he declined to labeled a mass shooting as domestic terrorism and said it wasn't time to talk about stricter gun laws. trump also declared without citing any evidence that the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick was mentally unbalanced thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. by all accounts had a meticulously planned his deadly killing spree police found twenty three rifles in
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his hotel room and nineteen more at his home north of las vegas but investigators are still stumped as to his motive i can't get into the mind of a psychopath and many people here are turning their thoughts away from the killer and his motives in towards those who stepped forward as the bullets rained down they praised doctors and nurses whose hard work saved many lives and they praised heroes like jonathan smith a thirty year old who saved dozens of people by leading them out of harm's way but then was shot in the neck doctors say he'll likely carry the bullet in his body for the rest of his life it will take this city a long time to recover but people are ready to begin that process with some far less. what we can do as a city let's join together and work together to for the good amid all the shock and pain death and heartbreak people here are finding strength in each other rob
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reynolds al-jazeera las vegas and heidi to pastor joins us live now from las vegas are we learning anything more heidi about the killer. felicity we just got an update from investigators who say that this man had an even bigger arsenal of weapons that had previously been unveiled police searched through a second home to see them patted this one in need and in nevada and they found that there were more there more were more guns they were more ammunition as was electronic devices that they will now comb over also more information on what they discovered in the hotel room from which path they raided the sniper's perch they say there were these devices called bomb stops on the rifles now these are homemade devices that can be ordered online and create an automatic weapon have
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a share in the press conference so that they're still investigating exactly how these bomb stops were used by paddick that it was clear this was a well planned massacre. i'm not aware of any transmission but there was cameras there was cameras located and outside of the way and inside the room along with the firearms anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody and the f.b.i. took digital and electronic evidence into custody and we are evaluating here horrific new details being released by the police how do you think the community in las vegas itself has been reacting to this shooting. well just as you heard in rob's piece this community is pulling together they are now projecting a sense of strength saying that after seeing the very worst of humanity the healing will begin by now demonstrating the very best and we've been seeing that in many
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aspects the hours long waits to donate blood here thousands of people lining up outside of the blood banks the donations that are pouring in the casino and hotel community donating millions of dollars to relief fund to pay for funeral expenses and we do know that the the work of identifying the dead still continues with at least three of the fifty nine victims who were killed in this massacre still on it and identified at this moment now the thoughts of those victims and the row acts of many bystanders who saved thousands perhaps others from meeting the same fate that is what's being celebrated here felicity all right what's your castor anaesthetised thank you. for president trump will travel to las vegas on wednesday his praise nevada police for their response to the mushing and dismiss questions about gun reform but the attack has reignited the debate over gun control in the u.s. the reports from washington d.c.
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. two days after the massacre by a lone gunman firing hundreds of rounds a minute president donald trump was avoiding the issue of tighter restrictions on guns we saw him about. once a proponent of gun control candidate trump won the backing of the national rifle association by promising to make gun ownership even easier a promise he's repeated since entering the white house as your president i will never ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms never. each time a mass shooting happens forty nine killed in orlando last year. thirty three killed at virginia tech university in two thousand and seven twenty seven at a primary school in connecticut in two thousand and twelve the call goes out to tighten regulation of guns especially in curbing access by the mentally ill this
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problem of mass execution is a uniquely american problem despite the fact there is no evidence that we have a higher rate of mental illness than any other country but in february signed legislation that rolled back a regulation aimed at blocking some people with severe mental health problems from buying guns. meanwhile the republican controlled congress has rejected attempts to end a major loophole in existing gun controls most states do not require any background checks for private sales at gun shows republican congressman steve scalise who was critically wounded by a lone gunman just three months ago joined the chorus of condolences for the victims of the las vegas shootings but like his fellow republican leaders schoolies has reiterated his opposition to more gun control even after las vegas trump is unlikely to become a convert to gun control but the latest mass shootings have for the moment at least
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put a halt to the drive in congress to weaken restrictions on the purchase of guns silencers and armor piercing ammunition tom ackerman al-jazeera washington the french parliament has voted to adopt a controversial antiterrorism bill that grants security forces sweeping powers police and intelligence agencies with us given the extra powers under france's state of emergency those measures will now become permanent critics say the law harms civil rights the authorities say it's vital in the fight against terrorism that reports. a majority of m.p.'s passed the new counter-terrorism law that incorporates many of the special powers given to the police under the state of emergency the interior minister says it's a way of combating an ongoing threat we. are still in. even if i saw my have suffered some military defeats more than two hundred people have been
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killed in attacks in france in the past two years in mass a people pay tribute to the latest victims two women killed in the city's train station on sunday under the new law police can raid homes and arrest suspects without warrants and place people under house arrest without a judge's order rise ation what the government says that the new law will protect people critics say gives the police far too much power and will lead to human rights abuses they say falls under a permanent state of emergency you know. suddenly we find ourselves with a law integrates the tools of the state of emergency but without the country being in exceptional circumstances it's a prospect which frightens tony a few days after the paris attacks and twenty fifteen police raided his house during the night terrifying him and his young children still traumatized he prefers not to be identified. i found myself on the floor face down hands tied my children
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and wife taken to the back on the shouted where are the weapons. placed under house arrest until a court declared his innocence he believes he was targeted for being muslim and belonging to a shooting club. if you shoot for sport and you are a muslim it's not acceptable it was before the attacks but now it's assumed you are terrorist. the government's due to lift the state of emergency next month but only worries that the new law will encourage discrimination and lead to other french people having their lives turned upside down natasha butler al-jazeera paris. israel's prime minister has given his first public response to the reconciliation process between fatah and hamas in gaza and human netanyahu demanded that hamas recognize the state of israel dismantle its military wing and cut ties with iran in gaza itself the new unity government has held its first cabinet meeting where how
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a force that sent this report. after the grand gestures of welcome on monday twenty four hours later the palestinian unity government was keen to show it was in gaza to do business smiling on the image of egypt's president sisi the broker of this deal try mr romney one dollar presided over an initial cabinet meeting receiving reports on the humanitarian crisis and calling on israel to ease it. modulus a low with our prime minister has called for the siege on gaza to be lifted and for the international community to help lift the unjust blockade the situation in gaza is tragic. but many want rapid action from the new government itself among them protesters who say they lost the palestinian authority pay without cause ten years ago during the factional fighting. to sell we are victims of division my salary has been cut since two thousand and seven we won one dollar to restore our salaries
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because this money is for our children and the p.a. is imposed more recent measures reducing salaries to its staff and electricity supplies to the strip which may have succeeded in pressuring hamas but at a cost a few hours power a day for instance is it enough for the treatment plants to work each day the restrictions remain more rule sewage pours into the mediterranean so far hamas remains publicly patient we were hoping. not to think would be solved in the first moment but i think you know we expect it from the government now to take more actions. at a restaurant overlooking the sea representatives of all garza's political faction sat down to lunch hamas leader ismail honey. saying the reconciliation had to work at all costs well this is just the latest display of unity between these two rival political factions over the last couple of days so far though this really has been at this play what we're waiting for is to see whether this new unity government will stick whether it can address the humanitarian crisis that still prevails here
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in gaza if you did you did was said the magic word was he labeling of unity government to take real power in gaza. echoing the message of president mahmoud abbas who met egypt's security chief in the occupied west bank earlier in the day our boss told egyptian media that the restrictions on gaza would only be lifted once it was clear the new government was fully up and running. the initial handovers of ministries did take place on tuesday but more might depend on the next round of talks between fatah and hamas in cairo next week aimed at further bridging ten years of division because it gaza all right stay with us. because still ahead why range of muslims a skeptical about a deal that surprised to see the return to me and. remembering the day sixty years ago that russia sputnik became the world's first man made object to text. i
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am stuck on a new speed record in state coming up with. how we got more wet and windy weather streaming across northwestern parts of here behind this cold front that we have sinking its way down into central areas that's very much or some of the winds coming in from the northwest direction. things a little quieted down towards the southeast some places say just wrong grayson he thinks has settled down somewhat bigger area of high pressure just around western russia so we are still looking at a little bit of lingering fog for many areas here but that will get pushed through by a rather more active weather which will feed into moscow as we go on through what the state temperatures than single figures a high around eight degrees celsius the cloud or
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a stretching right down into ukraine all the balls of here we'll see a fair amount of what sanitize when the weather well a cloudy there across a good part of england down across the like countries from the americas germany but come to the south i stick into. fine and dry with some decent spells of sunshine for a time the rain will little further south. with that cloud around that temperature up in moscow to about ten degrees. come back in behind in the u.k. brightening up sixteen degrees. whether there was. some outbreak right but the. dry. bring smiles number one. cardiovascular. i would say the hardest part is. to say thank you. but that is the
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same with her back sugar and. this is a problem. this time. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much input and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging even if but if you because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back and a reminder of the top stories here on the al-jazeera news u.s. president donald trump has defended his government's response to the disaster in persia rica. victims of harken area. spain's king has come out in favor of the central government calling the castle on the session referendum illegal and democratic in a rare public address he accused regional catalogue of the forty's of putting the economy at risk. and u.s. officials are investigating the motive of the gunman behind sunday's attack in las vegas the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick killed at least fifty nine people. now more evidence is emerging of divisions at the top level of u.s. governments over the a rainy and nuclear deal the agreement with iran was signed by the obama administration and five other nations in twenty fifteen has to be certified by the
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u.s. president every ninety days the next deadline is coming up in twelve days time trump has hinted he's going to try to undo the deal but now the u.s. defense secretary appears to be going against his boss otic how he explains. it was a simple question that greatly complicated the understanding of what the trump administration thinks about the iran nuclear deal do you believe it's in our national security interest at the present time to remain in the j c p o a as a yes or no question yes senator i do that doesn't seem to be where his boss is after all president donald trump took his time on the world stage to say this frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me. the president said he's made his decision his secretary of defense says
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it's still being debated but mattis made clear what his advice is the point i would make is if we can confirm that iran is living by the agreement if we can determine that this is in our best interests then clearly we should stay with it i believe at this point in time absent indications to the contrary it is something the president should consider staying with but that's not what the president promised on the campaign trail and he is still facing strong lobbying from those against the deal comes through in certain circles in the republican party it comes from the israeli government not so much but from netanyahu himself the israeli professional elite the civil servants the military they understand perfectly well that this agreement is a useful agreement in postponing any real challenge from the iranian nuclear
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program trump often says he respects his generals will find out by the next deadline tobar fifteen if that extends to the iran nuclear deal as well. al-jazeera washington. range of muslims forced to flee violence in say they're skeptical about a repository the country has struck with bangladesh the u.n. describes the crisis as the world's fastest developing refugee emergency but human rights organizations on the refugees themselves a worry they could be worse off if they go home. reports. a deal has been made for their return but the refugees continue to stream into bangladesh with by now familiar accounts of violence and terror. the killing shooting and setting fire to our homes we could not tolerate this then we crossed hills and jungles and reach here after travelling for three days maine maya and
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bangladesh have agreed on a plan to repatriate some of the more than half a million rahane jerk who fled here since fighting began in late august in what the united nations has described as textbook ethnic cleansing the humanitarian crisis in bangladesh is profound but it's unclear how many wrote him to be allowed to return here to me and mark granger are excluded from citizenship mean mouth or it is however required that they prove residency in order to return home but many refugees say they fled without their papers that they were birds in the violence for those who can return there's little left with human rights organizations saying half of war a hinge of villages in morocco and state have been burned the government says it will appropriate or land and that those who are allowed to return will be sent to a resettlement camp in northern record withrow hinge are unsure whether it's safe
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to leave bangladesh and the repair tree ation process many feel is designed to keep them out of me ma the growing humanitarian situation in bangladesh is expected to worsen as the flow of refugees there continues yarber mohamed al jazeera yangon people from a minority hindu community are also crossing into bangladesh about one hundred twenty families have so far arrived in refugee camps but the bodies of forty five hindu villages were found in mass graves in rakhine state mammals military denies killing the villages blaming russian jet fighters instead. they slaughtered hindu people for seven days we were completely surrounded and cordoned off there when they went to burn another area that's when we managed to escape we had to cross a river in a canal and all this while my children were hungry and asking for milk and rice i could only give them water fighters from
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a group based in pakistan say they attacked an army base in indian administered kashmir killing at least four people the gun battle was near srinagar airport where flights were affected as bad as smith reports. separatist fighters were holed up in this border security force building after managing to get into the camp of before dawn on tuesday indian police say they were well armed with guns and grenades. the attack happened at four in the morning we were sleeping and suddenly we heard the gunfire and explosions and later found out that the militants have stormed the border security force. one paramilitary officer was killed and three others wounded in the attack which lasted ten hours when the three fighters were killed. a group called jaish e mohammad which once pakistan to have control over all of kashmir said it carried out the attack. the border security forces they recovered food clothing weapons and
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tools from a tunnel they uncovered under the border days before this attack near the airport it's the second tunnel they've discovered this year. india regularly accuses pakistan of training fighters who cross the line of control which separates kashmir between the two countries. the tunnel is here live four meters long and wasn't finished we found the story of equipment nearby alert border guards prevented a major attack and foiled this in the various attempts by pakistan. pakistan always denies helping the attackers who cross into india both countries claim kashmir. out of twice gone to war over the region. are jazeera. turkey says it will impose further sanctions on northern iraq after the autonomy kurdish region overwhelmingly voted for independence from baghdad last month the iraqi kurdish government in a bale says it now plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in
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november since the referendum by dad has banned international flights to kurdish airports while iran and turkey have held joint military drills with iraqi troops. well iraq because he worked in the trade sex on the border with turkey said there were a crackdown on their businesses because of the referendum well most of them support kurdish independence they don't want their industry to suffer. more from a border crossing in northern iraq. crossing it's business as usual goods flowing into the kurdish region from turkey people traveling back and forth between the two it's iraq's most important land crossing kurds on both sides of the border make a living out of it. i am poor i don't love my job but i make my daily bread coming and going through this border if it closes there will be a domino effect from here to istanbul it's all connected i won't be the only one
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her. cousin and the other drivers here are turkish kurds they have silently supported the referendum they live across the border in the same area where iraqi soldiers carried out joint exercises just a few kilometers away from the crossing. iraq's prime minister has to bring it under the federal government's authority. here. everyone is scared the regional government also imposes its own customs and immigration policies if you are seen and then you have to remind. everyone. even though the border guards under the command of baghdad giving up their posts. is out of the question. as of now the border guards and
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a part of the iraqi forces if there is a problem that would defend kurdistan it will be a national cause this is their land where their families and their people live every kurd will take part in this. the crossing fell under control of the kurds with the no fly zone was imposed over the region after the first gulf war in one thousand nine hundred one and since it's been a lifeline for the kurdish region. it was a child but still remembers how different his hole was at the time. before nine hundred ninety one we couldn't do any business no one had money after that things changed the town became richer but it kurdish state is more important than anything else we have to sacrifice for it even if we have to fight we knew since before the referendum that the could be some negative reactions. everyone here is waiting for baghdad. but with more than half of the goods through it.
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making their way beyond the kurdish region to the rest of iraq. everyone involved will pay a heavy price. in the order in iraq. iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down from office in twenty fourteen after suffering a stroke two years earlier in one car looks back at his life. he was the first kurd to serve as iraq's president jalal talabani was the leader of the patriotic union of kurdistan one of the two main kurdish groups that dominate iraq's northern kurdish region he was one of the longest serving kurdish politicians he was just a teenager when he entered politics joining the kurdish democratic party in one thousand nine hundred six as a law graduate baghdad university he went into hiding to evade arrest for his political role as found in secretary-general of the kurdistan student union after
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graduating from law school in one nine hundred fifty nine he was called to serve in the iraqi army where he commanded a tank unit. when the kurds were sought independence and rose up against the iraqi government in one hundred sixty one taliban he led battles in iraq he also led diplomatic missions in europe and elsewhere passionately pleading the kurds case in one nine hundred seventy five he split from the k d p and joined the p u k eventually rising to become iraq's president. the movement suffered under saddam hussein especially in the widely condemned massacre where kurds were gassed in one thousand nine hundred eight room then came iraq invasion of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred one after kuwait was liberated a no fly zone and safe haven for kurds was established by britain france and the us . elections were held in iraq the kurdistan in one thousand nine hundred two and a p u k k d p joint it diminished ration was established. but the underlying
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tension between the two parties spilled into armed confrontation dubbed the fratricide war in one thousand nine hundred four taliban and again fled to iran after the k d p called on saddam hussein's forces to help defeat the p u k the four year conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with taliban and masoud barzani the k d p leader signing a peace agreement. after the two thousand and three invasion of iraq by the us and the takeover of huge areas of iraqi territory. by i saw in two thousand and fourteen the kurds began to demand self-determination eventually a referendum on suspicion happened this month with ninety two percent voting for their own country while the kurds voted talabani was in germany for medical treatment he died in a berlin hospital aged eighty four in iraq on al-jazeera a man accused of being one of the world's most wanted people smugglers has appeared in court in italy prosecutors say he is met hani meretz and eritrean responsible
12:45 am
for sending fountains of people on boats from libya to europe hundreds of them drowned on the way the eritrean government and the man's lawyers say it's a case of mistaken identity and he's an innocent refugee the u.s. is expelled fifteen cuban diplomatic staff and given them seven days to leave the united states some american diplomats were withdrawn from the u.s. embassy in cuba on friday staff there have been suffering mystery illnesses for the past few months calls by alleged sonic attacks cuba's government denies accusations that it was involved australian searchers say the failure to find a missing malaysia airlines plane is on acceptable in the modern aviation era of final report into the search as called for the installation of better tracking systems on aircraft two hundred thirty nine people were on board flight m h three seventy from kuala lumpur to beijing when it disappeared in twenty fourteen someday barry has been found but the search was called off in january. deepest sympathies
12:46 am
are mine with those who lost their laws on board in my tree seventy and and for those to continue to suffer their loss this is one of the world's greatest credit ease and we so wish that we had been able to recover this a craft and those that lost their laws on board all right still ahead on the knees down off open tunings controlled by how social media is playing a role in turning the game on its head. business update brought to you by can talk they always going places together with the. with the are i. think
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the. with the. car i. think the are on. with business update brought to you by cats are they always going places together.
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and again it is this sixty years since the first manmade object was launched into space sputnik one was the world's first satellite and was a great achievement for the save the union the launch was a propaganda coup for the russians during the cold war and kicked off a space race with america sputnik was used to discover information about the nature and ion density of the earth's atmosphere today there are more than fourteen hundred satellites orbiting the earth or a challenge is how small they have to say this remarkable construction here is one of my favorite things in moscow a silver rocket streaks towards the heavens atop a metallic plume of exhaust it's called the monument to the congress of space leaving us in no doubt about it celebrating because although it was the americans who put the first man on the moon it was the soviets who scored the early successes in the space race and when basketball size satellite called sputnik one became the
12:49 am
first man made object or orbit the earth in october nine hundred fifty seven well that shocks the americans deeply and shook their belief in their own technical superiority they realized that they had to catch up with the u.s.s.r. but the soviets were on a roll the first man in space the first woman in space the first space walk and the first space station those were all soviet achievements yes the americans did eventually take the lead but even these days with the demise of nasa's shuttle program russian rockets are still the only way now for people to get into space. times catch up with the latest for his day. felicity thank you well number one rafael nadal has survived a first round fright at the china open this was the decisive moment of the spaniards match against look at buoy the frenchman's one during the first of two match points ended up taking the second set tie break by winning four consecutive
12:50 am
points and in his first appearance since last month's us open victory he eventually punished four six seven six seven five hundred down now faces russia's karen catching off in the second round. ended juan martin del potro is giant killing run at the u.s. open in the semifinals the argentinian in the near court was pushed in his china open debut for overcoming your appliance wise. seven six six ball del potro now fronts a total of favorite democrat. maria sharapova has reached the last sixteen in beijing the russian was a wildcard entry for her fifth tournament since returning from a fifteen month doping ban sharp of beating fellow russian and catalina mark over six four four six six one. and sharp over says she's relishing her next challenge against world number two simona halep the romanian in the knee courts with
12:51 am
a much easier passage to the third round she was a setup when her opponent matt dillon at a paddock over retired because of illness yeah i mean playing someone as always is always a difficult match and our or us open battle was one of the toughest matches of against her so you can always take a little bit from from each match that you played in the past but every new day sets up a new challenge and no matter what the record is against an opponent matter how good or bad the matches have been it's a new chance for both of us and yeah i really look forward to it well many football fans will follow their favorite players on twitter facebook and instagram now imagine a football team put together on social media where the fans influence who they will play next it's happening in the u.k. and it's not a high. discovers millions of fans can translate to millions in the bank. their first ever game was managed by one of english football's biggest names rio ferdinand and one huge huge plan to change your name but this isn't
12:52 am
a premier league team this is rebel f.c. . the love of football is what unite system lines and social media influences and bloggers. across roots movement mixes football with entertainment aside from life matches good says of behind the scenes fan punditry pranks and challenges they make up most of their online content or a blow to the first video on you it all went really well from there and i continue to put on instagram twitter where all fans his or follower and keep up tonight. and some stars who came to see their idols and person at this event in london wants me to stay at the site and have lunch see and each old stars while the football teams regularly engage with their fans online this is also a chance to meet them face to face. share the stage. and
12:53 am
pose for a selfie there are ten social media football teams in the u k and for years following is going on five a day but in this interaction here with the fans offline and online but the football team stays behind their growing foot. and as one of the world's leading football freestylers tells us a fantasy is key you can actually go out to make you want to see us play next and they can actually have their insight and as soon as you can engage with the audience that's what takes it to the next level oh right now how you doing a welcome to the final episode of the wembley cup. and that's exactly what spencer f.c. did playing two finals at wembley stadium which pulled in over twenty million online views. and on a week to week basis some matches played by these teams average more than six hundred thousand views tokyo that's a big online following than some games receive in the lower leagues of english that is given a chance while most of their followers
12:54 am
a millennial as you keep coming back for more convincing traditional football fans might not be that easy the odds of me like i'm watching up for a controversial game while social media football team say they aren't looking to replace traditional football they do believe their biggest appeal is relatability especially at a time when fans are becoming increasingly frustrated by how commercialized and non-personal professional football has become what you actually do to get into like one of those you tube like that which are vital to small business for me this is a big market is always going to speak to be the largest crowd for a football match with nonprofessionals and by the looks of it these amateur footballers have found a winning formula to kick the ball and their businesses in the right direction so al-jazeera london. is in the world are counting down to the start of the olympics season but one former olympian has already been breaking records british skier
12:55 am
graeme bell is that the fastest toad speed on skis in sweden he reached an average of one hundred eighty nine point zero seven kilometers an hour as he was towed behind a car breaking the previous mark by more than seventy kilometers an hour but the fifty one year old who last competed at the games in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight has no plans to return to competitive skiing after this and that is all your sport for now will hand you back now to philistine london thank you joe now germany has long been known as a powerhouse of industrial design it is of course home to engineering giants like b.m.w. volkswagen and siemens now the first exhibition to showcase german innovation has opened in the cattery capital were brought in mali has taken a look. a design lab in the center of this exhibition in doha provides a window into some of the most innovative german techniques from the past seventy years. from the evolution of the t.v. intricate furniture virtual reality and sport shoes each design has improved leaps
12:56 am
and bounds decade by decade. you know looking at back of some of the older designs of somebody have computers and looking at it thinking my goodness how could we even they've used those you know twenty thirty years ago looking at what we have now we're so lucky that bandsmen design but that's how it all started and that's what we need to show the audience it also traces the development of some of the most famous german cars which have pervaded popular culture. germany's post second world war effort to mend it shattered economy so mass production a third number pushes design of the beetle and new designs for the super car porsche while talking literally means the people car was one of the first affordable vehicles to be mass produced and now it's the first major car company to announce a push into the mass market with an electric vehicle but it may have taken and the mission scandal to drive the company into
12:57 am
a cleaner future two years ago the vaults welcome group a misfit it is used illegal software to cheat us diesel emissions tests sparking the biggest industry crisis in its history. it paid heavily up to thirty billion dollars in damages. but it's not only an image clean up beat up its principal design a says the future of the electric car may take com an entirely different shape and now we'll be facing a situation that say the traditional combustion engine most likely will be reduced by electrical engines and since you could say this massive metal block from the combustion engine disappears but you've asked designers computing possibilities. electric car technology has been around for more than a century but with ample supply of oil at the time the combustion engine took the lead but now the future is steering back to woodsy electric vehicle and it's
12:58 am
created a race to sell on a mass scale. but many will want to see if the consumers who'd be as excited as the car makers. more about the manly al-jazeera doha. welcome mind you can find out much more about many of the stories we're covering by going to our website al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera called but that's about it for me. in london we're back by in a couple minutes time that. their
12:59 am
forefathers fought the soviets. twenty five years off to independence. they too must become mad. defenders of. preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. the most memorable moment of al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. and that is our strength . nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was
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at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional manager israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al jazeera. trying to make good ol for a false start donald trump meets victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico but he's not mincing his words now.


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