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nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional manager israel over two hundred were killed and wounded the front part of the ship was just red with blood what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up and mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al jazeera. trying to make good ol for a false start donald trump meets victims of hurricane maria in puerto rico but he's not mincing his words. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you're grown up but
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you're a little out of work. and again i'm. from london coming up. spain's king denounces castle and pushing in a rare public address. will be live in las vegas where investigators are trying to find out what drove the sixty four year old man to open fire on consequence killing fifty nine. former iraqi president jalal talabani dies days after his people voted for. u.s. president donald trump as. victims of horror canaria he made his first official visit to the territory thirteen days after it was devastated by the storm some officials
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there including the mayor of the capital san juan have strongly criticized federal relief efforts she had reports from san juan. it's clear that donald trump has made up his mind about the success of his administration's relief efforts in puerto rico during a self-congratulatory event shortly after landing the president praised the military local officials and members of his cabinet for the emergency response suggested that the crisis in puerto rico wasn't as bad as the aftermath of other american disasters if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died. and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this after learning the president did shake hands with the mayor of san juan who strongly criticized the administration's response is too slow she was reported to have said as they shook hands it's not about politics it's not clear what the
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president's response was you'll see mccann is a u.s. army veteran this is his response to the president's comments that we definitely cost a lot of money to the states but they also have to think about how many soldiers we lost how many lives we lost three percent of the united states so they've given us a lot of money but we've been given a lot a lot of others didn't take donald trump's comments too seriously he is that way here. but. progress is being made according to the governor petrol stations banks and supermarkets are reopening telecommunications have been restored to forty percent of customers and truck capacity at the port is back to sixty percent of normal but fifty five percent of the population is still without running water ninety five percent are without electricity and despite the president's words no audit is complete of those who died community groups say there are still areas untouched by government help the president satisfaction with relief
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efforts is more evidence of the disconnect between the white house and this u.s. territory there's long been a belief here among the three and a half million u.s. citizens of puerto rico that they're not listened to in washington they call even vote after all and now there are very real concerns they won't be this into as reconstruction begins. spain's king has intervened in the crisis of a catalonia describing sunday secession referendum as illegal and democratic in a rare public address castle and regional authorities of dividing. cami at risk hundreds of of thousands. demonstrated against a violent security crackdown during sunday's referendum on breaking away from spain gago reports from barcelona. if the spanish government thought breaking up the referendum would win the war with catalonia it's been proved already quite wrong
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this crowd gathered outside the office of the ruling spanish popular party denounced the prime minister as a fascist and the police action on sunday as brutal and they're. the people who are defending what they have to defend the people are ready we will see if the government is ready this week you know the what if you the riot squads reviled within the region were nowhere to be seen the protests were police by local catalan officers the firefighters seen here as heroes received ovations every time they arrived. at the university square the crowds were even bigger thousands every side road was much bitterness here about the perceived silence from the european union after what happened on sunday. but on tuesday night the spanish king addressed the nation in a call for unity but slammed the referendum as a legal dossier much of the best you're going to. see in the we have all been witnesses to what has been happening in catalonia will be ultimate aim on the part
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of the catlin authorities of declaring illegally independence for catalonia this will have little effect on the largely republican catalans and there is still nothing from the spanish prime minister who has no interest in engaging the catalans of political mediation for madrid this is strictly a legal issue. that means the call from the capital a president for talks is likely to get nowhere and the clock ticks away on the self declared timeframe of independence this week that is a crisis for spain and for the european union and nobody seems to want to grasp the media city of it. but a few hundred meters away from the protests. quiet and many who don't want spain broken up have been getting on with their lives but they aren't the ones making all the noise the momentum so far remains with the session it's this is the politics of brinkmanship with everyone waiting to see who will be the first to back down. our
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jazeera barcelona the f.b.i. is investigating the history of the sixty four year old former accountant who carried out the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history they're still trying to work out why stephen paddick opened fire from a hotel room or to a country music festival in las vegas at least fifty nine people were killed and more than five hundred others injured. the latest from las vegas. night stoned and grieving people in las vegas gathered to pray for the victims of sunday night's murderous rampage candlelight vigils were held at city hall and at places of worship we should learn something new and i'm just going to spend time together and just knowing one of the former president donald trump is due to visit las vegas on wednesday with a message of consolation he declined to labeled a mass shooting as domestic terrorism and said it wasn't time to talk about
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stricter gun laws. trump also declared without citing any evidence that the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick was mentally unbalanced thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. by all accounts had a meticulously planned his deadly killing spree police found twenty three rifles in his hotel room and nineteen more at his home north of las vegas but investigators are still stumped as to his motive i can't get into the mind of a psychopath and many people here are turning their thoughts away from the killer and his motives in towards those who stepped forward as the bullets rained down they praised doctors and nurses whose hard work saved many lives and they praised
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heroes like jonathan smith a thirty year old who saved dozens of people by leading them out of harm's way but then was shot in the neck doctors say he'll likely carry the bullet in his body for the rest of his life it will take this city a long time to recover but people are ready to begin that process far less. what we can do as a city let's join together and work together to for the good amid all the shock and pain death and heartbreak people here are finding strength in each other. lost. and why did your castro joins us live from las vegas heidi what more are we learning about the killer. cities so we were just given an update by the investigators and they have discovered that this man had an even bigger arsenal of weapons than previously thought swat teams and police officers
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raided a second home of stephen paddick in reno nevada and there they found more guns more ammunition and more electronic devices that are now being combed over for evidence also inside of him and his suite in the mandalay bay hotel that discovered what's known as bump stops these are basically do it yourself ways of modifying rifles to be automatic in order to to a display in order to shoot quicker and more bullets with each discharge it is now trying to be investigated how these bomb stops were used in the massacre that happened and also investigators discovered that patrick had video cameras installed both inside his hotel room as well as outside conceivably in order for him to see these officers coming at him and and to prepare the police did barge into that room and just stopped this man this rampage to find that tatic had shot himself and
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killing himself in the city or afic a time. known as a city of fallujah how is the community that the people who actually live there how have they been reacting to what's happened. there has been an overwhelming outpouring of the best side of manatee the city to overcome what we saw on sunday night. as the worst we've seen this played out with people standing hours in lines outside of blood banks and the donations they have brought to the convention center and now overflowing with water and other supplies for the families of these victims who have come in to town to identify their loved ones the sheriff here in las vegas says now all but three of those victims have been identified and he also is praising the many acts of heroism that we saw played out whereby standard strangers i'd never met before were able to save one another
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people going back and over the fence into the danger zone in order to help others who were weak or cross into safety countless stories we've seen of those being shared on social media and now many of those strangers help deter other survivors on believable tragedy or coming back together reuniting and still wondering why this even happened felicity hiding in the thank us thank you. still ahead on the program why are things all skeptical about a deal that is supposed to see them return to me i'm all. french politicians vote in favor of an anti terror of bill that critics say puts human rights risk. breaking october right for at least in parts of queens ladder recently we are going
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to see you standing a little drive in brushes you guys for the next couple days main area for the three of them let me just go to this guys come back in behind high pressure and. so we are going to see things brightening up settling down and setting warm sunny once again temps getting up just. a little bit the weather just down towards the southwest and colder for a time. around nine hundred and rising thursday does say the right becoming more entrenched fading into south australia will see a tempest in adelaide at around seventeen thousand and nineteen that the melbourne middle of the crisis at least the winds coming in from the north westerly direction and we got some clear weather warm weather but it's been getting up to around twenty eight degrees. and over the next day or so you can see it is logically settled fine and sunny if a little only chilly side temperatures are going to around sixty celsius in oakland not bad in cross should around twenty degrees at least on the way to stay calm for
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those temperatures struggling to get at eleven celsius but at least will be crisp if sunny may well we've got some sunshine making its way back into a good pass of japan. the ingredients that bring smiles but it's also a number one. crisis cardiovascular disease. and. i would say the hardest part is just to say we thank you for that but that is the same if we prove that sugar and. this is a problem. i biz time on hold is.
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and again undermines our top stories here. u.s. president has defended his government's response to the disaster in puerto rico. victims of hurricane gloria. spain's king has come out in favor of the central government calling the castle referendum. on the democratic and public address. the economy at risk. and u.s. officials are investigating the motive of the gunman behind sunday's attack in las vegas the worst mass shooting in a modern american history. at least fifty nine people. forced to flee violence in say they're skeptical about a repack deal the country has struck with bangladesh the agreement would allow half
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a million living in camps in bangladesh to return home but human rights groups warning that hof of their villages have been destroyed. and ashwell says refugees shouldn't be repatriated until their safety can guarantee. june has been talking to refugees it bizarre near the bangladesh border. with seemingly no end in sight to the remainder refugee crisis questions are now arising about whether. the market come up with some sort of agreement to allow for refugees or hinder refugees to return to me and more now we've spoken to refugees that have arrived here in the past few days they are absolutely terrified at the prospect they say that they do not believe that there could be any conditions that would allow them to return safely to me and more they believe that they would be in peril if they go back we also spoke today to u.n. officials including. the u.n. emergency relief coordinator. are here in bangladesh to some of the camps to speak
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to refugees. he said that really the focus now needs to be if there is going to be some kind of an agreement to ensure the conditions are safe on the ground in myanmar because that is where the crisis began here is more what mr lowcock had to tell us we need to precise my wage people can safely securely voluntarily be allowed to go home and they bonuses on the oath or it is in me in my heart to demonstrate to everybody above all to the refugees and so that circumstances are going to change so that it is safe to go home because at the moment if you listen to the people we've listened to in the last thirty six hours none of them think it is among aid workers concern is really mounting right now the cerne about the possibility of there being epidemics because of the unsanitary conditions that the wrong hands are refugees are living in also a lot of concern we're hearing about the state of children that have come here many
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aid workers telling us that the kind of trauma that they're seeing that for him to children have experienced is among the worst kind of trauma they've seen children experience after the french politics has they tried to adopt a controversial antiterrorism bill that grant security forces power and they signed intelligence agencies were first given the extra powers on the francis states of emergency those measures will now become permanent critics say the no harm civil rights but authorities say it is vital in the fight against terrorism that reports . a majority of m.p.'s passed the new counter-terrorism law that incorporates many of the special powers given to the police under the state of emergency the interior minister says it's a way of combating an ongoing threat we. are still in. even if i saw my have suffered some military debate more than two hundred people have been killed
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in attacks in france in the past two years in mass a people pay tribute to the latest victims two women killed in the city's train station on sunday under the new law police can raid homes and arrest suspects without warrants and place people under house arrest without a judge's order rise ation what the government says that the new law will protect people critics say gives the police far too much power and will lead to human rights abuses they say falls under a permanent state of emergency you know. suddenly we find ourselves with a law or integrates the tools of a state of emergency but without the country being in exceptional circumstances and it's a prospect which frightens tony a few days after the paris attacks and twenty fifteen police raided his house during the night terrifying him and his young children still traumatized he prefers not to be identified. i found myself on the floor face down hands tied my children
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and wife taken to the back on the shouted where are the weapons. placed under house arrest until a court declared his innocence he believes he was targeted for being muslim and belonging to a shooting club. secure fulfillment issues iraq for you are you shit for sport and you are a muslim it's not acceptable it was before the attacks but now it's assumed you are a terrorist. the government's due to lift the state of emergency next month but only worries that the new law will encourage discrimination and lead to other french people having their lives turned upside down natasha butler al jazeera paris the trumpet ministration has ordered the expulsion of fifteen diplomats from cuba's embassy in washington over a series of mysterious sonic attacks that began just days after donald trump was elected for months now washington has been trying to figure out why twenty one u.s. diplomats working in havana some of whom have now turned out to be spies suddenly
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has suffered from health problems some attacks happen to diplomats homes others at hotels those affected reporting hearing bizarre sounds and experiencing strange physical effects like loss of hearing balance and vision last week the state department warned americans to stay away from cuba and announced it was pulling more than half its diplomats from the country and truck made his first public comments on the issue. some very bad things happening here but very bad thing. you're going to see what's happening in cuba but so bad they did some bad things in . allowed to go most joins me now from miami vice skype he is the director of the university of miami's is to the cuban and a cuban american studies thanks for being with us on the program this is a very mysterious very weird story isn't it the u.s. as i gather hasn't actually cuse cuba of attacking the u.s. diplomats in havana. well thanks again it's good to be with you first and foremost
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thanks are beginning to get to your a quite fast as you are aware that you've been a foreign minister flew to washington and now we're secretary tillerson and they really had no explanation they cannot confirm or deny me the cuban worsen bob yet at the same time as you alluded to we have had a number of our u.s. personnel in some cases children fact above what we think of sonic ways we still have not been able to confirm if this only son it weighs but now we have the actions that have been that your mother trying to ministrations certainly and i would say very justified. the it goes any country is responsible for protecting the diplomats of other countries living in their territory in cuba has failed to do so so i think even
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though we have now broken diplomatic relations. united states intelligence senate intelligence committee is meeting later on this week in closed doors to be present there with the facts. that the american investigations as like to believe that the cubans have been involved in such as that but i guess the question is why would king about risk damaging relations with the u.s. at this time what would it have to get or you know that's such a good question and one that i keep telling myself i mean why would they do this and the only given the fact that they need more of the united states and or worldwide this time given the state of their economy the only theory and again and let me let me be very clear it is still a theory there's not proved to have. number one. the
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cuban government the one thing is to go back to the way the. castro was president or two good good the russians or the north reviews on this process and that you don't really know. to what extent do you think the cuban u.s. relationship is now at risk that it could deteriorate even further. what apologies that we appear to have lost our skype line there and to go in miami . let's move on turkey says it will impose further sanctions on northern iraq after the autonomous kurdish region overwhelmingly voted for independence from baghdad last month the iraqi kurdish government in erbil says it now plans to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in november since the referendum baghdad's
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banned international flights to kurdish airports want to iran and turkey have held joint military drills with iraqi troops iraq's former kurdish president jalal talabani has died at the age of eighty four the veteran leader of the kurdish struggle for self-determination stepped down from office in twenty fourteen after suffering a stroke two years earlier in a car looks back at his life. he was the first kurd to serve as iraq's president jalal talabani was the leader of the patriotic union of kurdistan one of the two main kurdish groups that dominate iraq's northern kurdish region he was one of the longest serving kurdish politicians he was just a teenager when he entered politics joining the kurdish democratic party in one thousand nine hundred six as a law graduate of baghdad university he went into hiding to evade arrest for his political role as found in secretary-general of the kurdistan student union after graduating from law school in one nine hundred fifty nine he was called to serve in
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the iraqi army where he commanded a tank unit. when the kurds were sought independence and rose up against the iraqi government in nineteen sixty one taliban he led battles in iraq he also led diplomatic missions in europe and elsewhere passionately pleading the kurds case in one nine hundred seventy five he split from the k d p and joined the p u k eventually rising to become iraq's president. the movement suffered under saddam hussein especially in the widely condemned. what kurds were gassed in one thousand nine hundred eight really then came the iraq invasion of kuwait in one thousand nine hundred one after kuwait was liberated a no fly zone and safe haven for kurds was established by britain france and the us . elections were held in iraq or to start in one thousand nine hundred two and a p u k k d p joint interest ration was established. but the underlying tension between the two parties spilled into armed confrontation dubbed the fratricide war
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in one thousand nine hundred four taliban and again fled to iran after the k d p called on saddam hussein's forces to help defeat the p u k the four year conflict ended in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight with taliban and masoud barzani the k d p leader signing a peace agreement. after the two thousand and three invasion of iraq by the us and the takeover into areas of iraqi territory. by i saw in two thousand and fourteen the kurds began to demand self-determination eventually a referendum on to say should happen this month with ninety two percent voting for their own country while the kurds voted talabani was in germany for medical treatment he died in a berlin hospital aged eighty four in iraq on al-jazeera a man accused of being one of the world's most wanted people smugglers has appeared in course in italy prosecutors say he's met on the merits and eritrean responsible for sending thousands of people on boats from libya to europe hundreds of them
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drowned on the way they are trying governments and the man's lawyers say it's a case of mistaken identity and he's an innocent refugee in australian search just say the failure to find a missing malaysia airlines plane is on acceptable in the molten aviation era a final report into the search has called for the installation of better tracking systems of our craft two hundred thirty nine people were on board flight m h three seventy from kuala importer beijing when it disappeared in twenty fourteen some daybreak has been found but the search was called off in january. deeper sympathies remember those who lost their lives on board in my tree seventy and and for those that continue to suffer their loss this is one of the world's greatest credulous and we so wish that we had been able to recover this a craft and those that lost their lives on board the new c.e.o. of transport officials in london as the ride sharing company fights to keep its taxi license in london last month transport for london deemed unfit to run
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a taxi service refusing to renew use its renew its license because of how the company reports criminal offenses and conducts background checks. it is sixty years since the first manmade object was launched into space sputnik one was the world's first satellite and was a great achievement for the soviet union launch was a propaganda coup for the russians during the cold war and kicked off a space race with america sputnik was used to discover information about the nature and i'm density of the earth's atmosphere or chalons has more. i have to say this remarkable construction here is one of my favorite things in moscow a silver rocket streaks towards the heavens atop a metallic plume of exhaust it's called the monuments to the congress of space leaving us in no doubt about it celebrating because although it was the americans who put the first man on the moon it was the soviets who scored the early successes
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in the space race and when basketball size satellite called sputnik one became the first manmade object so orbit the earth in october nine hundred fifty seven well that shocks the americans deeply and shook their belief in their own technical superiority they realized that they had to catch up with the u.s.s.r. but the soviets were on a roll the first man in space the first woman in space the first space walk and the first space station those were all soviets achievements yes the americans did eventually take the lead but even these days with the demise of masses shuttle program russian rockets are still the only way now for people to get into space. i don't mind at the top stories on mt is there a u.s. president donald trump is not residents of thirteen days after the on it was
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devastated by hurricane maria some officials in puerto rico including the man at the capital san juan have criticized federal relief efforts the trunk insists his government did a good job and has joked that relief efforts jeopardized his budget. now i hate to tell you puerto rico but you've drawn our budget a little out of whack because we spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine we saved a lot of lives if you look at the. every death is. but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died. and you look at what happened here with really a story that was just totally overbearing nobody's ever seen anything like this now what is your what is your death count as of this moment. sixteen people certified sixteen people versus in the thousands spain's king has called the castle and the
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session referendum illegal and undemocratic in a rare public address accuse regional capital of putting the economy at risk hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across castle over here to demonstrate against police violence during sunday's referendum around nine hundred people were injured when spanish officers tried to prevent voting taking place. u.s. investigators are looking for clues as to why a sixty four year old retired accountant opened fire on hundreds of people on sunday in the worst mass shooting in modern american history stephen paddick shot a concert goers from the thirty second floor of a hotel in las vegas killing at least fifty nine people and injuring more than five hundred others officers say he placed a camera in a food service cart outside his room and killed himself after security forces started closing in. ranger refugees say they're skeptical about a repository deal me a man has struck with bangladesh egremont would allow half
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a million range and living in camps in bangladesh to return home but human rights groups of warning that harsh of their villages have been destroyed and those the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more news in twenty five minutes stay with us next up it's techno. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. super sized and over it scientists around the world make a desperate plea to stop the epidemic of obesity. but now new research goes beyond fact to reveal the risk that could be even greater. techno expose the science of sugar.


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