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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the nation to its core and expose to hundreds of court officials. in bribes just to show the most dangerous comedy sometimes take a spot like the one at the first to go out in the fight against corruption as. i have i am with michael in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and has an. extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time.
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last vegas police released body camp video taken as the gunman fired from the mandalay bay hotel killing fifty eight people. and i've read that again this is al jazeera live from also coming out and it's all right. here in the u.s. president's visit storm hit puerto rico beating officials that he's harshly criticized on twitter. in a rare televised address spain's king comes down firmly on the side of the central government in its standoff with catalonia plus. i think it's clear to me that the i.s.i. has connections with with terrorist groups and if i could just follow up on the u.s. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff tells congress that pakistan's intelligence service has ties to groups and warns of punitive action.
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u.s. police say the gunman behind the last vegas mass shooting had nearly fifty weapons including a dozen with devices that made them fire automatically. the police also released this body camera footage showing officers trying to locate the source of the gunfire stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred when he opened fire from a hotel room on an outdoor concert let's take you live now to las vegas gallagher is that with the latest on the investigation and. you know adrian we know that sunday night's events were horrific but that body camera footage that you just showed really gives you a snapshot of what things were like his officers were scrambling to find where the gunfire was coming from trying to get members of the public to safety but let's
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listen to what the city's under sheriff had to say. the suspect i can tell you that we know now that he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and eleven minutes we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and we know that the firing by the suspect ceased at ten nineteen so way to think about that the minute the first minute the police are aware of shots being fired at ten o'clock ten o eight and it stops at ten nineteen that's a remarkable response by this police department there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door people so that he could see down the hallway and the president trump during last vegas tomorrow as it is for you later on wednesdays it is from for much of the
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world what are we expecting from that visit. well i think this is a time when the president has to act as the consoler in chief this is a city in deep mourning forty eight people have died at the hands of a gunman more than five hundred injured so you have to imagine that he will be at the very least visiting local hospitals talking to survivors and doing what he can to make the people of las vegas feel better through a very very tragic time he's already said incidentally that the talk of gun control any talk of gun control is for now off the table obviously that's a highly political issue something people say that shouldn't be talked about of the moment in the midst of all this tragedy but it is something i think that a lot of americans do want to talk about when you look at the weapons that stephen paddick had when you look at the modifications he made and his sheer ability to amass almost fifty deadly weapons but i do think that we will see a president that will be consoling people giving people comfort and perhaps
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speaking to the rest of the country all right only many thanks and you got to go live in glass vegas where investigators in that city are still poring over what they consider to be an active crime scene police say that some of the numerous guns belonging to the deceased gunman have been sent to f.b.i. laboratories for analysis rob reynolds has more on the weapons used in the sometimes contradictory gun laws of the u.s. . this is the gun shop where mass murderer stephen paddick bought part of his arsenal was talking how he was new to the area kind of visiting all the firearm stores in the area firearms laws in nevada where paddock lived are extremely lax says criminal justice expert william souza people are able to. buy semiautomatic. weapons handgun rifles assault rifles people also are able to openly carry. weapons on them in any edition as much as you want there are no restrictions in terms of the amount ammunition that you can buy
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or any modern weapons they can buy for that matter what weapon tatic used in his killing spree is especially alarming it appears that you know the individual who who did this was was using fully automatic weapon such weapons can fire nine bullets per second that was the kind of gun fire that was coming out of the window the thirty second floor of that hotel and he had massive firepower fully automatic weapons are in most cases illegal. but there is a loophole there are kits available that are legal to buy on the internet that allow an individual with some technical skill to convert a semiautomatic weapon to fully automatic fire police confirmed paddocks modified for rapid firing we are aware of a device called a bone stock. and. enables an individual to speed up the discharge
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ammunition stocks can be bought online for about one hundred dollars one of the many loopholes in our gun laws in the united states that while it is illegal to take an existing semiautomatic and transform it into a fully automatic weapon that is illegal and then to own that weapon that's illegal under federal law it's not illegal to sell the kit that allows you to do it. build in las vegas massacre sparked new gun control legislation unlikely with the current political configuration in power in washington d.c. the republican party in control of congress and the presidency you will see no action by either branch of government to tighten up gun laws americans have come to realize that no concert night club school or theater can ever be safe from a determined gunman with eight in his heart rob reynolds al jazeera las vegas well
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we're continuing to hear stories of heroism from the last vegas using like this account from a man who found a victim bleeding off to being struck by a bullet we. were given away and i just we came across it was in the bed of a pickup truck. there is a makeshift tourniquet it was kind of a round is neat it's really wrong spot. just walked up there and he was actively bleeding i just did the belt got it out where it should be tighten it down to stop the bleeding. then we hung out there for ten fifteen minutes and some. savior in a pickup truck came in they do we need a ride said yeah we threw moll in the bed of the truck and we took off to the hospital by time i got out of the lot my pants are already in my shoes for blood so now i when i made it i know i would. you know. i'm very thankful that james was there to help me singer jennifer lopez and the u.s.
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country star jason aldean have canceled shows and ice vegas following the shooting on sunday all day and was on stage when suspect stephen paddick opened fire on the crowd at the concerts. now to other news the number of people confirmed dead in the u.s. territory of puerto rico following hurricane maria has risen to thirty four president trump visited the island on tuesday two weeks after the hurricane struck he says that puerto rico's massive debts will have to be wiped out earlier this year filed the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. been a simple history with debts amounting to seventy two billion dollars habitats he reports from san juan. it's clear that donald trump has made up his mind about the success of his administration's relief efforts in puerto rico during a self-congratulatory event shortly after landing the president praised the military local officials and members of his cabinet for the emergency response
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suggested that the crisis in puerto rico wasn't as bad as the aftermath of other hurrican disasters if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that. and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was just totally overpowering nobody's ever seen anything like this after landing the president did shake hands with the mayor of san juan who strongly criticized the administration's response is too slow she was reported to have said as they shook hands it's not about politics it's not clear what the president's response was you'll see mccann is a u.s. army veteran this is his response to the president's comments i think that we definitely cost a lot of money to the states but they also have to think about how many soldiers we lost how many lives we lost three percent in the united states so they've given us a lot of money yet but we've been given a lot of lives others didn't take donald trump's comments too seriously he is the
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way he has jumped in this but can we say that. progress is being made according to the governor petrol stations banks and supermarkets are reopening telecommunications have been restored to forty percent of customers and truck capacity at the port is back to sixty percent of normal but fifty five percent of the population is still without running water ninety five percent are without electricity and despite the president's words no audit is complete of those who died community groups say there are still areas untouched by government help the president satisfaction with relief efforts is more evidence of the disconnect between the white house and this u.s. territory there's long been a belief here among the three and a half million u.s. citizens and puerto rico that they're not listened to in washington they call even vote after all and now there are very real concerns they won't be this into as reconstruction begins she had zero sound one. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has told the senate that washington will again try
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to work with pakistan afghanistan before taking what he described as punitive action the top u.s. military officer general joseph dunford has accused pakistan's intelligence agency of having ties to groups an accusation that pakistan denies the sullivan job and reports. these are some of the taliban fighters the thirty nine member alliance has been trying to defeat since two thousand and one donald trump is the third president who's come up with another new strategy to win the war and of learning stand his defense secretary and joint chiefs chairman have bearden public hearings before the senate and house armed services committees to explain this strategy shift and once again u.s. officials say pakistan is among the reasons the a failed it's clear to me that the i.s.i. has connections with with terrorist groups and if i could just follow up on something secretary mabus i think over the last several years we've had a bilateral approach to trying to effect the change in pakistan's behavior. it's
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not about says the latest round of accusations are absurd the cia paid back son millions of dollars to set up the fight to the end of the understand in the one nine hundred seventy s. by his son has also played a role in u.s. led efforts to mediate between the parliament of government and the state department has reiterated that the only solution is a political one focus on not just afghanistan but also india and also incorporating pakistan and that is sort of a regional approach. the key element of that is eventually getting afghan afghans to talk to afghans and that would it would certainly include the taliban getting them to talk to one another. and is against india's increasing role in of one a son the foreign minister is in washington to try to remind the administration about pakistan's sacrifices during the last sixteen years the government says its economy lost billions of dollars in addition to the debts. more than eighty thousand people
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. china is strengthening as the relationship with the u.s. deteriorates i can't. be trumpeting ministration is taking a radically harsh more vigorous approach to pakistan but i think they want to give the pakistanis the impression that they might. in washington stone is somewhat softened since last month the defense secretary says he's going to try one more time to work with congress on. a seventeen years on of lot of fun i mean for more on the job i was there a weather update next he and i was in zero then we'll take a look at how president donald trump plans to help puerto rico out of its financial crisis. and you have seven days to get out that's what the u.s. tells cuba's diplomatic staff in washington we'll tell you why.
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however we are gathering across the primaries of north america big area clout on the right streaming through the central and northern plains pushing towards the midwest and this massive cloud will bring some rather lively showers long spells of right bumping into an area of high pressure struggling to make in the east which is progress but we will see some rather wet weather just around the lakes through a high oh pushing down across missouri oklahoma radicals northern parts of texas and that rain stretching down across parts of new mexico eventually making its way into arizona so we're going to see the wettest weather over the next couple of days eastern seaboard not so bad a little bit of what weather just around new england pushing into the far east kind of touch cold and also at about nineteen celsius but still not bad for the time of year twenty six celsius there in new york amid a similar values for day seattle so for atlanta meanwhile about the west coast is generally fine and dry. at around twenty eight celsius western parts of the
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caribbean on the other hand not quite so fine not quite so dry big masses of cloud from the heads rumbling away through those central and western parts of the region that could lead to some localized flooding very heavy rain just around the bahamas at the moment but notice for the last around it is not too bad here. for the congolese the journey to work all the more means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because then you might get the cock into chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell into the rails and nearly died. our children go to school and live because of the train. risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al jazeera.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera. right. las vegas police have released body camera footage showing officers trying to locate the source of the gunfire some from sunday's mass shooting stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred but he opened fire from a hotel room onto an outdoor concert police say he had forty seven guns across three locations. u.s. defense secretary james mattis has told the senate that washington will give islam about another chance to help with afghanistan before taking what he described as punitive action a top u.s.
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military officer general joseph dunford has accused pakistan's intelligence agency of having ties to groups. for the death toll in puerto rico following her record maria has reached thirty four u.s. president donald trump has told puerto rican officials that they should be proud that thousands of lives were lost in hurricane maria hsia compared the disasters what he called a real catastrophe like kareena. katrina on his first official visit to me. donald trump has said that puerto rico's debt may have to be written off earlier this year the u.s. to the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. to be discipline history its debts amounts to seventy two billion dollars he tweeted that we're going to have to wipe that out you're going to say goodbye to that and tony i want to is the last in america analyst he joins us via skype from miami and city good to have you with us what do you think donald trump meant by that i mean really is going to wipe out both rica's debt. you know with the you
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never know what he actually means as you've probably heard the whole thing about the certain people take him seriously but not literally others take him literally but not seriously and this case i think we probably have to take him seriously but not not literally i my my gas is that he's not talking about somehow pushing for a full pardon of that debt but that was already you know the target has been defaulting on its obligations for a couple of years have been operating under a law called which is as a qualified bankruptcy law that was specific to puerto rico so already it was pretty clear that most of the banks that had. standing puerto rican debt were never going to get paid in full that they would probably have to and that debt would be paid at some sort of a discount now with this complete and utter catastrophe in puerto rico. it's very difficult to imagine that puerto rico is going to be able to pay anything back it's
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going to be desperate for funds to be able to rebuilt and to what extent has this this dense this this dire financial situation camp the recovery efforts following the hurrican. well i think it's been significant because i think what's happened and i don't want to put it all on just the debt i think there's just tremendous mismanagement on the government side which actually probably led to the debt being as high as as it is but what's happened is that because of its terrible financial situation dave allowed the infrastructure across the island to deteriorate terribly and so when a storm of this magnitude comes in with a weak infrastructure the devastation is tremendous i mean you should see what it's like down here in miami and we only got hit by irma as a category one when it hit this area and this is you know an area with a very strong infrastructure compared to most parts of the world and there was a lot of devastation and still in the streets there's massive debris all over the
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place you could only imagine what it would be like in. ireland that more resembles a third world country than it was. a real estate in the united states that's a good start see many thanks indeed antonio to that in miami. spain's king has intervened in the crisis over catalonia describing sunday's secession referendum as illegal and undemocratic in a rare public address he accused cattle and regional authorities of dividing society and putting the economy at risk earlier hundreds of thousands of catalans demonstrated against a violent security crackdown during the vote so we're going to go reports from barcelona. if the spanish government thought breaking up the referendum would win the war with catalonia it's been proved already quite wrong this crowd gathered outside the office of the ruling spanish popular party denounced the prime minister
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as a fascist and the police action on sunday as brutal and. the people are defending what they have to defend the people are ready we will see if the government is ready this week you know the what if the riot squads reviled within the region were nowhere to be seen the protests were policed by local catalan officers the fire fighters seen here as heroes received ovations every time they arrived. at the university square the crowds were even bigger thousands every side road was much bitterness here about the perceived silence from the european union after what happened on sunday. but on tuesday night the spanish king addressed the nation in a call for unity but slammed the referendum as illegal dos i want you the best you're going to. we have all been witnesses to what has been happening in catalonia will be ultimate aim on the part of the catalan authorities of declaring illegally independence for catalonia this will have little effect on the largely republican
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catalans and there is still nothing from the spanish prime minister who has no interest in engaging the catalans of political mediation for madrid this is strictly a legal issue. that means the call from the capital the president for talks is likely to get no. when the clock ticks away on the south declared time frame of independence this week that is a crisis for spain and for the european union and nobody seems to want to grasp the media. but a few hundred meters away from the protest the streets were quiet and many who don't want spain broken up have been getting on with their lives but they are the ones making all the noise so far remains with the secessionists this is the politics of brinkmanship with everyone waiting to see who will be the first to back down so yeah go al-jazeera barcelona iraq has stopped selling dollars to leading
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banks in its kurdish region and this band foreign currency transfers they're stepping up its retaliation for the kurds secession vote state television says that parliament voted for financial sanctions in order to preserve the interests of the kurdish people iraq's neighbors iran and turkey both with a substantial kurdish minority are backing baghdad but the kurdish regional leadership has announced plans for presidential and parliamentary elections next month a march has been held in defense of women's rights in poland's capital warsaw demonstrators protested against what they see as discrimination by the conservative government over reproductive rights it comes on the first anniversary of the black protest that stopped a total ban on abortion activists say that's despite last year's victory the battle isn't over as most terminations remain illegal in. police in brazil have discovered a tunnel dug by a suspected bank robbers in sao paolo sixteen people were arrested after officers
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found the five hundred meter tunnel leading to a bank of brazil branch offices managed to foil the suspects plans after monitoring them for over two months had the heist gone ahead police say it would have amounted to the largest ever bank theft in brazil is history. the u.s. state department has ordered the expulsion of fifteen cuban diplomatic staff it has given them seven days to leave the country it comes after the u.s. reduced its staff at their embassy in cuba citing unexplained injuries to american personnel there many of them suffering from illnesses for the past few months caused by alleged sonic attacks cuba's government denies accusations that it was involved in this called the response from the u.s. reckless and hasty now believe. it is. the policy announced by president donald trump on june sixteenth and other things that have happened since then represent a regression and have clouded our bilateral relations and justifiable and motivated
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political position of demanding that fifteen cuban diplomats from our embassy leave the united states is a completely political act which only benefits those who want to derail the ability of both countries to improve relations or evidence is emerging of divisions at the top level of the u.s. government over the iran nuclear deal the agreement with iran signed by the obama administration of five other nations in twenty fifteen has to be certified by the u.s. president every ninety days the next deadline is in twelve days time trumpets hinted that he's going to try to undo the deal but his defense secretary appears to be contradicting him in reports it was a simple question that greatly complicated the understanding of what the trump administration thinks about the nuclear deal do you believe it's in our national security interest at the present time to remain in the j c p o a as a yes or no question yes
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senator i do that doesn't seem to be where his boss is after all president donald trump took his time on the world stage to say this frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it believe me. the president said he's made his decision his secretary of defense says it's still being debated but mattis made clear what his advice is the point i would make is if we can confirm that iran is living by the agreement if we can determine that this is in our best interests then clearly we should stay with it i believe at this point in time absent indications to the contrary it is something the president should consider staying with but that's not what the president promised on the campaign trail and he is still facing strong lobbying from those against the deal comes from certain circles in the republican party it comes from the israeli
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government not so much the go but from netanyahu self the israeli professional elite the civil servants the military they understand perfectly well that this agreement is a useful agreement in postponing any real challenge from the iranian nuclear program trump often says he respects his generals will find out by the next deadline tobar fifteen if that extends to the iran nuclear deal as well political gain al-jazeera washington a man accused of being one of the world's most wanted people smugglers has appeared in court in italy prosecutors say that he's met any method of eritrean his responsible for sending thousands of people on boats from libya to europe hundreds of them drowned on the way the eritrean governments of the bands lawyers say it's a case of mistaken identity and he's just an innocent refugee. sixty years since
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a manmade object was first launched into space the very first mission of its kind sputnik one was the world's first satellite and was a great achievement at the time for the soviet union the launch was a propaganda coup for the russians during the cold war and kicked off the space race with america there are now more than fourteen hundred satellites orbiting the earth rory chalons has more for us from moscow i have to say this remarkable construction here is one of my favorite things in moscow a silver rocket streaks towards the heavens atop a metallic plume of exhaust it's called the monument to the conquerors of space leaving us in no doubt about it celebrating because although it was the americans who put the first man on the moon it was the soviets who scored the early successes in the space race and when ball size satellite called sputnik one became the first man made object so orbit the earth in october nine hundred fifty seven well
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that shot's the americans deeply and shook their belief in their own technical superiority they realized that they had to catch up with the u.s.s.r. but the soviets were on a roll the first man in space the first woman in space the first space walk and the first space station those were all soviets achievements yes the americans did eventually take the lead but even these days with the demise of nasa is shuttle program russian rockets are still the only way now for people to get into space three u.s. scientists who found gravitational waves in space of won the nobel prize in physics barry barish kip thorne and rain advice i led a team which observed for the first time the ripples of energy created by stars exploding and black holes colliding albert einstein and predicted so-called gravitational waves over a century ago but their existence remained largely theoretical.
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until you get here in doha with the top stories on al jazeera. last vegas police have released body camera footage showing officers trying to locate the source of the gunfire from sunday night smash using stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred when he opened fire from a hotel room onto an outdoor concert police say that he had forty seven guns across three locations the death toll in puerto rico following hurricane maria has now reached thirty four u.s. president donald trump has told puerto rican officials that they should be proud that thousands of lives were lost in hurricane maria drug compared the disaster to what he called a real catastrophe like katrina one of his first official visits to puerto rico trumper said the puerto rico's debt may have to be written off earlier this year
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the u.s. territory filed the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. municipal history with debts amounting to seventy two billion dollars he told one u.s. u.s. one u.s. news agency that we're going to have to wipe that out you're going to have to say goodbye to that u.s. defense secretary james mattis has told the senate that washington will give his lamb about another chance to help on afghanistan before taking what he described as punitive action the top u.s. military officer general joseph dunford is accused pakistan's intelligence agency of having ties to groups iraq is to hold financial transactions with its kurdish region in retaliation for last week's secession referendum iraqi state television says that parliament voted in favor of the blockade in order to preserve the interests of the kurdish people the measures are expected to target the regional government leadership. the u.s. state department has ordered the expulsion of fifteen cuban diplomatic staff and has given them seven days to leave the country that's after the u.s.
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reduced its stuff at its embassy in cuba citing unexplained injuries to american personnel that cuba's government denies the accusations that it was involved that is called the response from the u.s. reckless and hasty there's the headlines i'll be back with more news for you here on al-jazeera right after risking it all next. but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife in listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.


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