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tv   Justice  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2017 9:00am-10:00am AST

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stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the conversation at this time on. the journey to work at all or. i prefer to live out the standard way to get the cock into. life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle. to the real world and nearly die. our children go to school and live because of the train. risk the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian for the good here in the top stories on al-jazeera us police say the gunman behind the last vegas mass shooting had nearly fifty weapons including a dozen with devices that made them automatically stephen paddick killed fifty
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eight people and injured more than five hundred when he opened fire from a hotel room on an outdoor concert and reports. as stephen down on a crowd of concert goers on sunday night newly released police body camera footage shows panic and confusion officers scramble to locate the source of the gunfire and get members of the public to safety this is a dramatic snapshot of the moments before panic was located on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel police gave more details of how events unfolded. the suspect i can tell you that we know now that he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and eleven minutes we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and we know that the firing by the suspect ceased at ten nineteen we had patrol officers actually working another event at the mandalay bay . who heard the shooting and they took it upon themselves to form up into
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a team in or the stairwell begin ascending the floors and also evacuating hotel guests the swat team had to arrive first official say several searches of now revealed the full extent of products. currently forty seven firearms have been recovered these firms recovered from three different locations those locations consisted of the hotel room as well as verdi embassy skeet nevada they were purchased in nevada utah california and texas the gunman purchased rifles shotguns and pistols. inside politics hotel room assault rifles can be seen on the floor many of them modified to fire more rounds what's not clear is why a retired sixty four year old accountant carried out the shooting but his longtime girlfriend mary lou donnelly has now been described as a person of interest steven products family history is also emerging his father
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benjamin product was at one time on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list for bank robbery and theft president trump also declared without citing any evidence that patrick was mentally unbalanced he was the sick man a demented man. lot of problems i guess we're looking into him very very seriously investigators say they're also looking at patrick's financial history described as a high roller he gambled heavily and sent large sums of money overseas what's clear is that stephen paddick planned his attack well in advance even installing a camera outside his otel room to watch for approaching police his motives however remain a mystery this is a man with no criminal record and someone who neighbors describe as a recluse as this city continues to mourn its dead it's a question many want answered but so far the reasons remain unclear and they gallacher al-jazeera las vegas nevada stephen paddocks girlfriend marilyn danley has now returned to the u.s.
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from the philippines she was met by federal agents at the airport the death toll in puerto rico after hurricane maria has now reached thirty four u.s. president donald trump told puerto rican officials that they should be proud that thousands of lives were lost in hurrican maria trant controversially compared the disaster to what he called a real catastrophe like katrina when on his first official visit to puerto rico where during that visit trump said that puerto rico's debt may have to be written off earlier this year the u.s. territory filed the biggest bankruptcy in u.s. municipal history with debts amounting to seventy two billion dollars he told one u.s. news agency we're going to have to wipe that out you're going to have to say goodbye to that. the king of spain has intervened in the crisis of a catalonia describing sunday's to session referendum as illegal undemocratic earlier hundreds of thousands of catalans demonstrated against a violent security crackdown during the vote of the us state department has ordered
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the expulsion of fifteen cuban diplomatic staff and has given them seven days to leave the country it comes after the u.s. reduced its staff at its embassy in cuba unexplained injuries to american personnel that. after justice next. this is the story of the biggest undercover sting in the history of africa and the ex droid unary man who carried it off as and i thought oh you know why have i lied that i come across some of the most trusted people in the land allegedly took bribes and betrayed their public duty even if it's one guy who sells justice justice sold is the most dangerous commodity on earth. and there are
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a liar and last is africa's most famous undercover reporter for twenty years he's been a martyr crusader against corruption a few weeks ago be unbowed he's mostly day she has operation yet. this is the biggest jungle in the history of our country. the most two hundred people were caught off the new judicial scandal sending shock waves through the legal system there should be put a new mindset which is i'm no great to succumb to such appalling acts of corruption not only because i might be caught but because it's appalling name shame and the song of threatens to bring down many powerful figures by shining a light on corruption sometimes take a spot of justice back and i think a nice has provided us back for the whole edifice to blow up.
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a nice area mayor nass is gone is best known but at least recognizable journalists . he's been undercover for nearly twenty years he never identifies himself on camera preferring to show his face wear wigs and hide under a hat two months ago news started to leak about his latest and most important investigations so far. al-jazeera has been recalled in what happened. and this is todd is with the judges and officials who run the country's courts from humble magistrates to powerful high court justices. he set out to show that justice was for sale but even he was surprised at how deep the apparent corruption
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went and how hard it would be to expose which. it's early september and iness brief in an old friend who runs a gun a newspaper group. at the end of the investigation. we've got thirty four judges. thirty four s. and one hundred l. forty six tradition asked thirty four that you know you have to stand there. and as sad as it is that some of these judges. identities who hold in high esteem. for example jet a jets nasa. it. is caught on tape taking bribes. so you can imagine that the implications are huge for the country was
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a gentler sam is one of gone his most senior judges sitting in the high court and dealing with the most important cases. when an ass is on the cover team came across him he was trying for men. they were accused of stealing over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars from garner's national oil company. to get access to a judge like this they first had to winnow raise clark in this case a man called gabriel. pleaded the middle man. he would need us to buy jed's. of course as you can see we give him his share not madge let him take said. and us wanted to find out whether they could pay to get one of the accused off the bone to the clark worked he got i mean to see the judge. the amount of money needed to tim seen in a judge's light this is no small
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a nurse says that this judge wanted around three thousand dollars more than a month's salary for a high court justice who spoke to him where the kids were given their narration and they who demanded their money be given to him so that's what you can see here is the money that has been given to him and if i send it on to an eight thousand c.d.'s and it over but the judge wants to make sure he gets a verb or i'm out he offers to me the defendant in person to sort out the paperwork . after the money is finally handed over the lucky. femdom olds frame is three whole accuse will get long sentences as the oil companies state owned is the people of ghana we've just lost out is this kind of corruption which provides ferd's how
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ground for campaigning journalist like crazy pratt the award winning newspaper editor crossing affects every place you listed the facts everything first of all enormous resources are being taken out of the state coffers in the was resources are being taken out of private office and so on and and you know what it ought to know to be in there's corruption in the award of quote rising is that the contractors are going to wish on a job you know if there is corruption you know in the admission of students in is that the quality of students who are going to end up wasn't in years and so on will be defective. with huge natural resources including oil gone as should be one of africa's powerhouse economies but it's not. a point not lost on ghana's most influential citizen corruption that's not all it is stopped. development it
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deprives the poor of services. and not only does it deprive the poor of services when the corrupt get away with it and there are no sanctions you are created in a society that kabir rotten to the core. after two years under cover and as a nice tiger i investigative team went public in september the decision would provoke huge controversy death threats and they sometimes uncomfortable spotlight on their own methods. among the first to hear what had been going on was gone as president john muhammad. mr president. there's a problem on our hands. what is the problem that you dish out. then he bowed his head. with a plank. while so how many. thirty four.
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and also briefed gone as most senior judge the chief justice to gino would say as how long is this meeting one to finish talking about we've been trying and that's. where the effort went to have our. just a few days later the chief justice suspended twenty two junior judges and began impeachment proceedings against twelve more senior ones and as was told by the president his evidence would be vital but he was warned he'd be in for a tough time he acts to me and i prepared to subject myself to that scrutiny and that says that because it's not going to go on for him i said mr president. i can't put my life on the evidence i have.
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no consent for firing as an undercover journalist and nasa has been laney's life on the line for nearly twenty years i am going undercover to find out who is behind this illegal business and how they are getting away with it. initially a newspaper journalist is undercover techniques made him a television natural what's needed is government regulation and enforcement to protect our children environment and our future. he didn't face the gay corruption of time no subject was off limits. and thus was singled out for his campaign journalism by the us president when he came to gone up in two thousand and nine today i'll focus on the critical to the future of africa and the entire developing world. democracy opportunity
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health and the peaceful resolution of conflict we see that spirit in courageous journalists. well i remember i was dressed just like for the trip and if you do stories that are of universe i import and attention like this vesta kitty rex plays into human trafficking like chinese my fia sex fame dealing with kate's exploit and kate's i mean if you do that kind of story that has international impact i'm not surprised a u.s. president will recognize that. unless home these forensic techniques fervor by qualifying as a lawyer he was was studying the law and he began to focus on the hidden problem of judicial corruption if you look at records look at the gun and deputy initiative reports look at the u.s. department of state report for better or me to report. always side. they can
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dish out. as have an issue and telling this off corruption. i felt embarrassed as an undercover journalist that. we only left it at the realm of speculation and that flash and substance to those issues. and i spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a network of undercover agents i mean to bribe judges and courts officials in every region of gone on cases they would have included family disputes fraud armed robbery and rape in fact any case up to and including murder. and first the judges seem to resist the chance of extra phones for the first six and it was selfish there was no results coming nothing and nobody was taking them on i was i spoke to my team it was almost like i recall one team member telling my boss
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but you know there was an op in there why did you say which was that. and i felt embarrassed worse still twelve of the judges the investigators from tiger why i approached turned down the bribes and some of them even threatened to report the journalist to the police for attempted bribery could it be that gone as judges were more honest than rumor suggested. perhaps not and that is team slowly realized what was wrong they needed to spend longer hanging around courts and to their faces became familia sometimes we were just tagging along with relatives and not just saying anything but we had a sit in in the court and we always said at the place that i did this i don't know when you raises his head so as soon as you pull that beautiful visit. the dead looks at your face and think that ok this guy is funny and. inter milan novin
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gone up and that is investigators went to see if they could influence the outcome of a rape case it was an appeal here in the twenty nine year old defendant wanted to reverse a conviction for rape in an under-age girl and nicest thing went to plead for the young man. this is the job she always of work respect that high court judge and come at it and all their original fault but rather than lead us to his house that morning and the letter and as you can see it does have. the defendant is appealing because he claims the girl was actually sixteen at the time judge and saw gee abortion be meeting like this but he appears willing to listen and he suggests that the girl's father should come to the court to say she wasn't really under-aged
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. yes. in my. eyes. they judge as helping us so that they guy can walk free. so we took the money. and then we handed it over to the judges anxious nobody should know that he accepted the cash. and he said. ok. there's as i was a jail and this is his claque was not part of the incident. this was a day of judgment and not you know looked very good that day and he indeed he freed
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this guy this was after we had been two thousand then as it is to him without for decided to go back to him. and this is team take a traditional gift bags of yams and more cash i think and see here is he collecting the money that were given him. the convicted rapist was freed from a ten year sentence with hard labor to return home to the girls neighborhood as a result of the nasa is intervention. not everybody agrees with the nazis methods not even some from his own journalistic community journalists or not supporters. to be acting. intelligent agents you know not really substantial and. here in the philippines as it is also. in the first week of
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september news of a nurse's sting operation against the nation's judges has begun leaking out the justice space to into two judges and magistrates judges the worst. response is overwhelmingly positive news papers are full of it t.v. and radio talk shows can't get enough either they need to know why they didn't actually know a few people are very unhappy a direct threat and that is life has been made when a crowd radio station and i says he's not worried well i i've gone through it over the years and i just you know be a star i mean why would you threaten someone without mentioning your name that's a coward that's how i think them to be and like i said my point has always been that that is a diversion i acted and this might make light of the threat but he's been persuaded
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to accept twenty four hour police protection and sent his wife and family abroad he's god is inside the car with him. no no i have security i have security. somebody doesn't want me to go see the shooting and that it will be a sniper. that is your gun me. and this has prepared an official petition to the chief justice to discipline the judges we call accepting cash and he's on his way to testify to the judicial council committee here in against the way with judges he can give evidence knowing that he has immunity from prosecution for bribing judges is normally a serious criminal offense but the attorney general is the clear the nasa whistleblower which means he's protected from the consequences. it took two years for an assisting to collect five hundred hours of undercover
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footage. showing almost one hundred eighty judges and officials accepting cash and other gifts it was an epic. film and it is of cut the material down into a blockbuster three hour documentary which an ass wants to show to as many people as possible. he's a range this series of free screenings at a crass conference and. is tied to a suitably epic ghana in the eyes of god. it's a move that will upset his opponents and spark a legal battle. john in the book gray is one of a number of lawyers acting for the judges named in shamed in the film he opposes
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the screening if in gonna. take him money in order to be influenced in his in his work he probably will go to jail as well but in britain where you will have. not by going to some cinema house and showing by going to a court of competent jurisdiction and making out your case. it's trying to or mask you know corruption and my fees as it is was cited. but it depends on the extent to which you take it. in the process trampling on derives. it's the day before the screening is june tickets of already been issued to leading politicians lawyers clergy and foreign diplomats.
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one of the nicest friends a comedian called funny face is doing an impromptu performance at a cross big shopping mall he's drumming up a publicist say for the film i'm here we're just giving away for good for people to come watch undercover video of the judicial corruption. come and watch how people take money people yes wicked people. not having the country. where. is the crowd scrambling for the tickets what they don't know is that the film may
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not be showing off during. a campaign to stop it is gathering ice. lawyers acting for the judges who feature in the documentary a trying to get no last minute junction. and nasa has powerful. people only side one of them brings in from geneva. to have an hour. and find say. this is their self-righteous call right now coming back thank you so much. for. that bit of a. bit of a prior on. your work. well. thank
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you thank you. that was. my conversation with him gives me a lot of coverage it doesn't mean that i have it all. and nurses smuggled into the conference center where the screen is jude the following day. lawyers for the judges are making a last ditch attempt to stop the show and are trying to track him down with a writ. coincidentally this is the same hallway years before president obama had singled him out for his work. we see that spirit or write the story of. one of us. the rest just like. the scream maybe in down to nasa is hoping he will still be a national hero but this time tomorrow's.
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show the ingredients bring smiles but it's also the number one culprit in a global health crisis cardiovascular disease. number one killer already. i would say the hardest part is just the discipline we think of the fact that they have is that all the same if we throw that sugar into place there's risk factors this is a problem techno i bestowed on knowledge is. the nature of news as it breaks out equally pentagon tony jenour way to think of our what they destroyed during the hurricane with detailed coverage this is what it means when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these up in just four in the past few
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months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw they feel very let down by the baghdad government. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo i wanted to see the permits in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business to you and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand in al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time.
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hello again adrian for the going to hear with the top stories on al-jazeera. las vegas police have released body camera footage showing officers trying to locate the source of the gunfire sunday night's shooting stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred twenty opened fire from a hotel room onto an outdoor concert police say had forty seven guns in three locations a dozen of the weapons had devices attached that made them fire automatically. the death toll in puerto rico following hurricane maria has reached thirty four during his first official visit to the island u.s. president donald trump told puerto rican officials that they should be proud that thousands of lives were lost trump controversially compared the disaster to what he called a real catastrophe like katrina the visit comes two weeks after the u.s. territory was hit by the powerful storm u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis has told the senate that washington will give his lamb about another chance to help on afghanistan before taking what he described as punitive action it comes as the top u.s. military officer general joseph dunford accused pakistan's intelligence agency of having ties to groups spain's king has intervened in the crisis over catalonia describing sunday's session referendum as illegal and undemocratic. iraq has to halt financial transactions with its kurdish region in retaliation for last week's secession referendum iraqi state television says the parliament voted in favor of the blockade in order to preserve the interests of the kurdish people the u.s. state department has ordered the expulsion of fifteen cuban diplomatic staff and has given them seven days to leave the country it comes after the u.s. reduced its staff at its embassy in cuba citing unexplained injuries to american
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personnel there cuba's government denies accusations that it was involved what is called the response from the u.s. reckless and hasty. colombian police have arrested more than one hundred fifty people in a crackdown on kidnapping and extortion around one thousand offices were involved in raids across colombia those in charge say that it's had a significant impact on reducing the number of cases. as i'm speaking here with our next for you in just over twenty five minutes but now let's get you back to justice . and no sarah mayer unless his controversial documentary is going ahead even though the judges his name in the trying to get it stopped.
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i would like going one way or. the pleasures now ready we'll put it up so please outside that will be with you thousands of people have been given free tickets to see the on the cover and pick which features fergie for judges filmed allegedly accepting gripes people from all walks of life going long queues at the hope i haven't gotten up a glimpse of the baby of. the police convoy escorts and that's his call because he's received several death threats. form. and this is car has hit rush hour traffic. and is carrying the only copy of the film.
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who is acting for the judges found to get there with against the mass for the screening this stealing down because now they're trying to wean junk this conference center instead gamma it out don't know what that will of the people is preventing and that makes me a couple. because of fears for his safety and the us is meant to be going through the side that decides to go through the front despite his unusual closure of in a few people so. to have spotted the creator of tonight's film it's being talked about and people are trying to describe how the whole thing took place but we're going to be given an opportunity to see what it is like yes i'm very excited. about corruption ok then just before. we die the proprietor spencer goes through so we can see for ourselves what's really on the idea most of.
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those. head scenes shake. all of us. no doubt this is the biggest scandal in the history of our country. to do this to us tied up with the police state to finish. she. says. if we have the perception with evidence hard evidence to prove that the judicial
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system is corrupt where are we going as a country with the serious problem of the hundreds and if some people would be thinking that this would be for the to democrats in this country get a leading member of the government who's seen the film gives an ass is take makes a clean bill of health and i think there are those who argue on issues of whether this was a sting operation or whether he said people are poor the instigator people are saying that given money that this was bribing them out of the middle class you know of the case that he was doing this what about the. the dutch ambassador also believes in assisting is justified. but it is so devastating and shocking what we saw today. what you. need to see. shortly after this the complex is stormed by thousands of people we want to see the
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second showing. in all six thousand people will see these three screens. a master of screen past this the people that saw this queue to watch scandal of the century. convinced. that they looked out of the window in this saw that in a long time their girlfriends and i had not given that it's such a crowd before and it was massive. they just simply threw out their records saying that it was a matter of public interest and that he felt that the public had a right to know. and then to where people have gone on to attack me. thinking that i didn't have any evidence or i didn't have enough evidence after watching it they had always had changed because now they were convinced that there is really an issue. not surprisingly the judges and their
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advisors remain unconvinced especially by some of the methods which have been employed where some of the ones i've seen it amount to and topper. when you're walking a guide telling the morning of five thirty when he is not properly dressed and you sneak into his. sitting room and he was stopped and gauging him in some conversation and out of gun yelling hospitality and respect he answers questions and then you put money on his table and you know i we're you going to publicize to know where you got these corrupt. i don't think our library we've got. this except for manasses film shows one of these investigators made in the judge's cool club as a guest house. we came across this quote clam he believed in the power of only one
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can see heart and instead sex the investigator known as one of n.s.a. spy scales like to talk to us through what happened to. him he kept on telling me he was going to help me see the cat. he was trying to have i think meet. me on the way. by the family not to do it. again. michel. and i thought that i have. got me. this morning's papers have also picked up on this by scale story sorry sex for justice quarter i busted in and i was with you it's interesting. newspapers as of filtering and feeding on the substantive stories so here was this called black and
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one of our spies girls and he demanded that he wanted sex before you could take us to educate. you actually ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha ha. well the details are there they are the facts out there who proposes that if you go to hotel it is that clark himself does that nobody forces anybody or maybe what. the judge in these headlines has been leading the fight back against the nasty. peta dairy a very senior judge was filmed during the trial of a man charged with possessing more than fifty pounds was of cannabis the undercover exposé shines a light on the shadowy world of the court official nearly one hundred fifty of who track in the saga. this is just as there is one of the judges who have really tormented me in this investigation he's
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filed a mini mini suit trying to stop me this is a mayor he's a fixer to just bury and we met him and then we had a quick conversations with him about how he wanted to influence us is very an aquatic case. he took a share of the money as you can see and then set up a good meeting between us and just there. he acts for a lot of men and for jess is very large and he said that normally is ten thousand plus when you're dealing with the likes of justin berry because he's a big gedge for me your name takes us to the house of justice day this is just as day and this is me up but yes i'm
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a are giving the money to justice there is no there are no quick meeting because mayor didn't want anything to be discussed there was a follow up meeting and a more unconventional bribe and this was the goods that we went in to give him on that fateful day. one of the nurses investigators is doing the deal i'd rather go. he was going to do call me more the crew took down the conversation we first had the judges fix our mayor who had been handling the deal. and. none told. you on your product are going to blow this one thousand are going to go to. the us. with an old. order thank you my lord you saw there he has just realized now that he's been
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ripped off by his crack. system and then he put it. on he seems to. be investigated i want to know whether the bribe will get the accused off the group to go into therapy yet although not a little shocking this horse aquatic case. and because of the money you set him free. across central core complex is where the judges and their lawyers get to fully explain their actions most days and less is required to attend to and where you choose your beat which one he's given evidence in disguise even though some of his opponents object. and there's also believes that the media are using the opportunity to work out what he really looks like.
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so today he's asking two of his colleagues to dress up in order to deceive them. the hearings have taken another unusual twist their assets have been for you finding an interesting one judge even claimed he'd been dealing not with a nice but with a girl most. just said that when i entered there and i sat with him and i gave him that the money he collected it suddenly i disappeared from the church. and when he walked out he saw a white sheep or goats it's arid across the fence but hey this is africa. some of the judges have not made it to the hearings at all because they've gone off sick judge quest is one of these. and this is running with us will show the full extent of the power that gone as judges have
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a coup cases no matter how serious they are or how long they last did. this case resulted from an armed robbery in two thousand and seven at this picture or station the terrifying night time it has never been forgotten by the victim the support of the other second little guy keep he wanted by for. the order this was just the force of the whole i'm going to go. over what i like this little girl after the other things that are common. clearly the one what is the one i select just like this one is pressing my first album. that all the girls are crying for which. is the law crying. it took eight years for the attacker to face justice he came up before judge quest earlier this year. is
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a very populated hearing. and he said on many crimean i case is in fact i have been in prison i would be forced me for and that is his crack so he makes a point come imation ten thousand by two know these people. so one limited will for them he said it took or that this quest to come. we have this entered their discussion. all you have almost my life. it's happened since then. it's contract on this one for him to give up the investigator hands over
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about a thousand dollars in local currency but it's only at the heart failure of a police. car or a store. or telegraph. so here. we go i guess. good wholesome. right where we seem to. be really whole for a lot of them talking. to us is investigated makes a further meeting but he still hasn't come with the full balance of the upper regard for details so it was going to. get there me now it's. really too much. to judge if he is to be getting increasingly
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annoyed because once again he's not getting the full amount. of the smile on my. wanting him. to morrow has come. back and this is chris pratt again. and this is a six thousand cities that were passing to him and he's taking that money he's looking at it and then he will ask how much is it that they were telling him how much it was the final payment was made on the same day that the day. judge freebee accused in fact the deal held down the start of the day's court proceedings court processes usually begin from that it will matter on this day was that into eleven a.m. quest or still not here because we had delayed him was he came to take them back
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today is the day he's going to really do the job the bed or two of them to do and lo and behold. he then decided to give that he basically read three four lines and that was it a case that had dragged on for five good years justice quest and even releasing self confessed on robbery what do you think about that just taking a brother as i think it and also that grammar should be realistic it is realistic. every word to the court or the time in which a court order for five times and there are several obvious obvious flaws armor of us came when there were marks. you see there is there only i don't know the. newly qualified graduates are cool to the bar you've gone up this is a joyful occasion but mass is expose a is also cost
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a major cloud over the proceedings. the song is not impressed the chief justice. you are graduating at a time in a legal history well more than ever the perception of the public all the process is largely negative. allegations of bribery and corruption in the judiciary and of the legal profession in general at all time high and closer to those possibly at a lot and. the chief justice is firm message to the young lawyers is one that is resonating around the well. when you have had to four judges who are caught on tape. with the primary evidence they may have taken bribes is an indication that there's something
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hopelessly wrong with her system. cannot afford to have a tradition in a country like canada that is not reliable that is not dependent that people have no confidence in. the results of this should be that those who have been proved to be corrupt should be dealt with extracted from the system and there should be going forward safeguards put in place and a new mindset which is i'm not going to succumb to such appalling acts of corruption not only because i might be caught but because it's appalling. the legal investigation is not going entirely n.r.c. is why seven of the senior judges were suspended in early october but one lower court judges no longer be an investigator because of issues with some of the evidence their own why the concerns too that unless is expose
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a has backfired on the criminal justice system the real disaster of this investigation is the damage to the confidence in the judicial system and their oil to members of the public going on to social media and saying i had a case before that judge and the results was an extremely odd one i wasn't happy with the result and inevitably they're going to be thinking about what they can do to have that case retried. unless exposé has also caused concern by allowing some convicted criminals to go free and it's already has been said that it is extremely reckless to release criminal suspects into society in order to prove the point of this investigation and one will have to leave it to society to be the ultimate judge on that. nevertheless and last believes that his exposé of the judicial system can only benefit his country.
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difficult or assumption on the field that. my purpose is to bring down a country i believe in bringing down sections of the dishonest ones all we have doing is to build a new cork out of the senate that is having his flag with a beautiful flag of ghana along. and has wanted his film shown right across the country but in early october lawyers for the judges but a major screening stopped outside the capitol. some of the judges now want to see him prosecuted for contempt of court for showing the film in the first place they are step out to damage their balls interest damage reports in not in accordance with the law and we are asking the law to call him to order it is elected
9:54 am
a lot of us i'd rather than you should be locked up in the search for vengeance that the already one judges of the high court go to court and file contempt for civilians and i suspect that a lot more cases were brought against him gone as politicians have so far remained largely silent in europe the president of ghana face questions about the scandal in his only public response to the events so far gone a president john meagher harm are said that analysis work was a reflection of institutional weakness that we need to work on to make sure we have stronger institutions he also had a more positive message saying the suspensions of judges showed the rebuffs ness of the system pointing out that there were at least ten judges whose integrity was intact who threaten to call the police. judges and court officials featured in this film were approached for comment but they were unable to participate until legal
9:55 am
proceedings are over. and the us knows that his life will never be easy as i've made and a lot of enemies and if you want. i know the secret of my success is that i am very unpredictable. the people who come after me to the end night i only want to tell where my we can assess. the number of illnesses enemies is bound to increase he's already started work on a fresh series of corruption investigations. and they'll be relying on some of the simpler things in these life to give him the strength to continue. i do reggae because it inspires me while i'm getting to you know work. in times of trouble as you can rely on that and the inspiration that he comes up with.
9:56 am
the u.s. is powerful supporters of broad belief that he's expose a is a game changer for africa and beyond. sometimes take a spark just as spark and i think an os has provided that spark for the whole edifice to blow up for people to wake up and say no more something has to be done. how i wish still struggling to clear away the rain that we're seeing just around the black sea just around the caspian sea his i have your clout there that stretches all the way across into the foothills of the himalayas just around is back to. my stand still saying wanted to share was perhaps of a wintry nature you know just a bit towards all mighty still some rather wet weather there just into northern
9:57 am
parts of iran pushing up towards the south of that is far to dry warm and sunny kuwait getting up to well the made to high thirty's once again still a few showers in place for tehran on thursday eighty degrees celsius further west that what he says out of the middle of ant fine dry pleasantly warm and sunny as is the case too across the arabian peninsula no sign of any wet weather here thirty nine. rather more humid thirty eight just tucking in as we go on into thursday but plenty of sunshine nevertheless sunshine will be replaced by right across parts of southern africa over the next couple of days we've got some very heavy rain coming into central parts of south africa pushing across the eastern cape as we go on through thursday could be heavy enough to cause some localized flooding showers continue just around ethiopia maybe one or two showers into. southern parts of sudan maybe more weather for good west africa.
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oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to my real . their forefathers fought the soviets. twenty five years off to independence.
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they too must become mad. defenders of. preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. capital the capital which microcredit. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes in the interests. of protecting one's kids it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. guiding
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people to safety how police responded as the shooter opened fire last why.


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