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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  ALJAZ  October 4, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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the liver does is cause the liver to send it out into the blood. it sends it out into with little packages that are included lots and lots of triglycerides but also includes cholesterol immediately blood triglycerides go up but eventually the cholesterol levels go up joe high fructose corn syrup appears to be behind these problems but dr stan hope says sucrose any sugar made from sugar cane or sugar beet may also increase liver fat she suggests limiting intake of all types of sugars and sweeteners brown white or artificial the best advice is to stick with mother nature get your sweet fix from fresh fruit the only way you can over each sugar in nature is the eat a lot of honey that is the one that actually occurring food at super high and sugar everything else pretty low levels even and sugar came where we get our commercial sucrose is only ten percent sucrose so if you were to rely on the sugar cane to get
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all your sugar you'd be naing for a long time results from the study will take time to be completed and calculated but for the students who completed this leg of the research there are more immediate concerns i'm going straight home and having a child norma's pizza delivered to me fresh and hot out of the oven. i can't wait oh i think radio this started. i was going to start with a hope large piece of the hamburger. sushi and then just whatever i could get my hand. i'm really proud to finish it all the way i have been waiting for this for two nights i've been waiting for this to be exact when you think about that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death so we're not talking about this real obscure death and it doubles and so instead
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you know. b. ball now there's twenty people dying no it's thousands and thousands and thousands of extra deaths. that can be attributed to that high level of sugar. cardiovascular disease that's our number one killer already we have obese children now we have children with fatty liver we have children with diabetes that never used to happen but children didn't used to have access to sugar breakfast lunch and dinner and us now. extra added isn't just found in sweetened drinks isn't much of the process for you to be consume the world health organization recommends how to make up less than ten percent of daily diets but modern diets are often filled with processed foods containing high levels of added sugar. the world health organizations call to cut these products has gone out
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the question is who will listen to techno i'm dr mara c.n.n. time. reefs the rain forest of the sea we continue on our current way we won't have whole race within twenty thirty years from now so you're essentially trying to recreate the ecosystem but under controlled conditions the main goal is to win the fall of the storm so it's really up to. the great barrier to saveable but we're going to start now and we need to get everyone behind the solution. at this time on hold is iraq. business update brought to you by a always going places together. business
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update brought to you by always going places together optimism has faded. to lead is a divided. tension grows its fate is that
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a crackdown is eminent the targets the activists who fought for democracy divide and conquer. parts five of the six part series filmed of a five year. con china's democracy experiment and this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. u.n. experts say attacks against our hensher women and children and me i'm army. amount to crimes against humanity. new details emerge about the gunman who killed fifty eight people in las vegas police say he set up surveillance cameras in the hotel.
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turkey's president is in iran for talks as tensions rise in the region after the yes vote in the kurdish secession referendum also ahead. young fun and they have millions of followers online i'm so at a higher open i'll be telling you why social media like regular. are on the rise. and it's being called the world's fastest developing refugee crisis and now un humanitarian rights experts say crimes against humanity may have been committed since late september over half a million refugees fled violence and mean mars for kind state the u.n. has been calling for proper investigations as stories of abuse of women and children continue to emerge human rights watch report now says meehan mars' military executed several dozen more henschel muslims on august twenty seventh
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witnesses say soldiers beat sexually assaulted and stabbed villagers looking for safety in a compound and rakhine state there also is growing concern for the health of our head to refugees living in bangladesh as makeshift camps health workers fear a cholera outbreak could easily spread to two unhygenic conditions our correspondent joins us live now from cox's bizarre so now they're starting to get documentation mohammed on what is said to be crimes against humanity what are you hearing from people there in the camps. yeah rachelle i can tell you that here at the camp everybody we've spoken with today all the rohinton refugees that we've spoken with have told us that there is no question that crimes against humanity have been committed we have heard horrific stories today numerous ones i spoke with a woman a short while ago that said many people from her village before they fled and once
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the military in myanmar been in there many women were raped the children were injured but there were brutal executions as far as the conditions here in the encampment to give our viewers an idea of the scale of this i mean we talked a lot about the numbers let's talk about just where we are right now in boxes are which is on bangladesh's border with me and. this is a relatively new encampment it's called him kali it wasn't here three weeks ago so in the past three weeks you had this makeshift tent city spring up out of nowhere and there's at least twenty thousand refugees that are here if the conditions are appalling and that's with even the army the bangladesh army trying to distribute as much as they can they say that they're not getting as much as they need from human a.c.r. from unicef but they need more donations i spoke to a woman a short while ago she has a nine month old baby girl. head to the top of the baby's head was burned severely
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as they were fleeing their village in iraq and state as it had been torched she told me by the army by the military in myanmar she says that although she has seen medical care professionals here in the camp that the encampment simply doesn't have the kind of medicine that babies need the kind of food that babies need she is worried that that baby is going to die so so many tales of woe so much desperate need for aid at a time when even the world's attention is focused here and aid is coming in but everybody is saying it's not nearly enough and that much more is going to need to be done for show some ahmet in the midst of all this there are there still people crossing the border and trying to get into these camps. yes there are we're told that today there are still thousands perhaps as many as five thousand at the border crossing trying to get in that people are still coming
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and they don't believe that this tide will diminish any time soon another question that's being asked a lot the past couple of days is will rohinton refugees want to go back or will they even be allowed to go back to me any more we know that officials from the bangladeshi government and the man our government have been meeting have been talking about trying to set up some sort of mechanism that would allow them to return but everyone has a refugee that we speak with now here says that even if they wanted to go back which right now they don't they don't believe they will be able to return they don't believe that they will be able to live there in any kind of safety and they don't believe that they would be safe even going back so it's question after question and dire humanitarian situation after dire humanitarian situation that we are encountering here and everybody we speak with here he they aid workers or be they refugees has no has no conception that this situation is going to improve
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anytime soon michel ok hala jams him live for us in kocsis our mohammed thank you. new details are emerging that indicate the las vegas mass shooter was shooting rather was thoroughly planned u.s. police say sixty four l. stephen paddick set up cameras outside his hotel room to watch if police approached assault rifles have been found in that room which were modified to produce automatic fire at a friend who's a person of interest in the investigation has returned to the philippines is being questioned by the f.b.i. and gallagher reports. as steven public fires down on a crowd of concert goers on sunday night newly released police body camera footage shows panic and confusion offices scramble to locate the source of the gunfire and get members of the public to safety this is a dramatic snapshot of the moments before public was located on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel police gave more details of how events unfolded the
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suspect i can tell you that we know now that he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and eleven minutes we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and we know that the firing by the suspect ceased to nineteen we had patrol officers actually working another event at the mandalay bay . who heard the shooting and they took it upon themselves to form up into a team into the stairwell begin ascending the floors and also evacuating hotel guests the swat team had to arrive first officials say several searches of now revealed the full extent of products. currently forty seven firearms have been recovered these firms recovered from three different locations those locations consisted of the hotel room as well as very image skeet nevada they were purchased in nevada utah california and texas the gunman purchased
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rifles shotguns and pistols. inside politics hotel room assault rifles can be seen on the floor many of them modified to fire more rounds what's not clear is why a retired sixty four year old accountant carried out the shooting but his longtime girlfriend mary lou donnelly has now been described as a person of interest steven products family history is also emerging his father benjamin product was at one time on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list for bank robbery and theft president trump also declared without citing any evidence that product was mentally unbalanced he was the sick man a demented man. a lot of problems i guess we're looking into him very very seriously investigators say they're also looking at patrick's financial history described as a high roller he gambled heavily and sent large sums of money overseas what's clear is that steven part of plan does attack well in advance even installing
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a camera outside his hotel room to watch for approaching police his motives however remain a mystery this is a man with no criminal record and someone who neighbors describe as a recluse as this city continues to mourn its dead it's a question many want answered but so far the reasons remain unclear and they gallacher al-jazeera las vegas nevada and investigators in las vegas are still examining what they consider to be an active crime scene police say some of the numerous guns belonging to the dead shooter have been sent to the f.b.i. lab for analysis barbara else has more on the weapons used and the sometimes contradictory gun laws in the u.s. . this is the gun shop where mass murderer stephen paddick bought part of his arsenal was talking how he was new to the area kind of visiting all the firearms stores in the area firearms laws in nevada where paddick lived are extremely lax says criminal justice expert william souza people are able to. buy
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semiautomatic. weapons handgun rifles assault rifles people also are able to openly carry. weapons on them at any addition as much as you want. there are no restrictions in terms of the amount mr ammunition that you can buy or any modern weapons they can buy for that matter what weapon tatic used in his killing spree is especially alarming it appears that you know the individual who who did this was was using fully automatic weapon such weapons can fire nine bullets per second that was the kind of gun fire that was coming out of the window the thirty second floor of that hotel and he had massive firepower fully automatic weapons are in most cases illegal. but there is a loophole there are kits available that are legal to buy on the internet that allow an individual with some technical skill to convert a semiautomatic weapon to fully automatic fire police confirmed paddocks gun
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modified for rapid firing we are aware of a device called a bone stock. and. enables an individual to speed up the discharge ammunition dump stocks can be bought online for about one hundred dollars one of the many loopholes in our gun laws in the united states that while it is illegal to take an existing semiautomatic and transform it into a fully automatic weapon that is illegal and then to own that weapon that's illegal under federal law it's not illegal to sell the kit that allows you to do it. reeled in las vegas massacre sparked new gun control legislation unlikely with the current political configuration in power in washington d.c. the republican party in control of congress and the presidency you will see no action by either branch of government to tighten up gun laws americans have come to
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realize that no concert night club school or theater can ever be safe from a determined gunman with eight in his heart rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas. and we are hearing more stories of how lives were saved during the shooting like this account from a man they found a victim of bleeding after being hit by a bullet we mean we were we were getting away and i just we came across and he was in the bed of a pickup truck. there is a makeshift tourniquet it was kind of around his knee it's clearly wrong spot. just walked up there and he was actively bleeding i just did the bell got it out where it should be tighten it down to stop the bleeding so we hung out there for ten fifteen minutes and then some. savior in a pickup truck came in they do we need a ride said yeah we threw mall in the bed of the truck in we took off to the
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hospital i got over the wall of my pants are already in my shoes for blood so now i when i made it i know i wouldn't. you know i'm very thankful that james was there to help me. a draft u.n. report has out of saudi arabia to a blacklist for the killing and maiming of children and yemen the confidential draft obtained by the reuters news agency attributed six hundred eighty three child casualties to the saudi military coalition in two thousand and sixteen along with dozens of attacks on schools and hospitals and notes the coalition has put measures in place to improve child protection the saudi u.n. ambassador declined to comment on the report until it is officially released i came as a political analyst and editor in chief of the yemen post he joins us now via skype from sana so does this that the findings in this report does it does it ring true based on the reporting that you all of that you have done. it's it's
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a bit too late i mean two years to realty right now as of now all these two thousand three hundred children have been killed by study that airstrikes and not only on civilian homes but also in the attacks on hospitals and schools so these investigations should have happened months ago or. i think we just lost our guest there mr smart can you hear me ok we lost him we will try to effort that to get him back to emphasize an important discussion to have. mr massara can you hear me yes well i can hear you ok great our apologies for that little technical glitch there but you were saying that that the timing in your opinion of this report and his findings you think this is too little too late is a bit too late two years too late because right now two thousand children were killed by saudi that airstrikes not only on air strikes on homes on civilian homes
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but also on hospitals log on in the schools at least two hundred thirty schools have been attacked so our children have been diving different ways in yemen so it's very sort of this committee or this investigation is going by today or now being you talked about rather than a couple of years ago to save more children lives so on the ground now have you seen any change and what we're talking about any at a different tactics anything different. well there is one positive it issue over the last couple of months the majority not all of them but dorothy of the airstrikes on you have might have been. within the military targets over that area as yes there have been civilian casualties but was targeted air strikes but much less than it was months back so but again there are children i mean you have different ways because of this huge honor you have a right out you have two thousand children dying every couple of months because of hunger because of lack of medical attention all of these are caused by the war that
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is like right now by the south of the solution would you like to see some sort of accountability do you think that there could or would be some sort of accountability for this people would love to see that as especially those who lost a loved one but it's common right now in this age that's. when they're ready to fight the poor the poor always i forgot it so you mean you didn't get out why be forgotten because their neighbor is rich and for those civilians who have been killed for no reason yes you know sitting at home i fight a lot of airstrikes attacked your home so you have over twelve.


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