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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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i think that's where we're heading and i think on beaches and the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain the good logical rational person crazy monsters and misinformation is right dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. get experts say attacks against our hands or women and children and me and mark. amount to crimes against humanity.
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i wish i'll carry the live from doha also coming up. the gunmen purchase rifles shotguns and pistols new details emerge about the gunman who killed fifty eight people in las vegas police eight said it surveillance cameras in the hotel. run in turkey reject the kurdish referendum and out of work together to ease tensions in the region. and reports that the un proposes to add saudi arabia to a blacklist for killing and maiming children in yemen. and it's being called the world's fastest growing refugee crisis and now you man un human rights committee says crimes against humanity may have been committed so since late september over half a million were hedger refugees have fled by. and me and maurice were kind state the
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un has been calling for proper investigations of stories of abuse and women beside women and children continue to emerge a human rights watch report now says myanmar's military executed several dozen or henchmen muslims on august twenty seventh witnesses say soldiers beat sexually assaulted and stabbed villagers looking for safety in a compound and rakhine state there's also growing concern for the health of russian refugees living in bangladesh as makeshift camps help workers fear a cholera outbreak could spread very easily because of and hygenic conditions our correspondent mohammed champion reports from cox's bizarre to give you some idea of the scale of this crisis this encampment that we're in right now this didn't exist in cox's bazaar which is on the border of bangladesh in myanmar more than a month ago now there are at least twenty thousand people here that's according to aid workers we've spoken with as well as some of the army officials that are just
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beyond that wall there distributing much needed aid to these were hindu refugees now even though aid is being distributed throughout the day fact of the matter is you talked to some of the new residents of this encampment they tell you how much more is needed i met just a short while ago with a young mother she has a nine month old baby girl her baby's head was burned in the past couple of weeks when her village and me and more was torched she's concerned that her baby doesn't get the medical aid that it needs that she will die and at this point in this camp they don't have the kind of medical supplies for babies that the baby would need in order to be treated correctly the scale of this even in front of your eyes is almost unfathomable it's very hard to comprehend and it seems as though there is absolutely no wind in sight for the time being. peter carey is the emergencies
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director at human rights watch and joins us on talk of the sky and we appreciate your time so it's been very difficult if not impossible for agencies to get in to me and mar to really perform some sort of investigation and so are these accounts that were hearing about of these her isom coming from people who have fled or are now in these camps in bangladesh is that correct yes human rights watch has been working in the camps and bangladesh for the last month delay in these accounts we have interviewed dozens of eye witnesses and survivors today's massacres they are really in large scale massacres are being working at human rights watch for the day base and some accounts are collected over the last few weeks have been some of the most horrific. like this where human rights whites were talking about women having their children taken away from them in front of them and beaten to death at large scale raped people put into houses and burned alive these are massacres involving
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hundreds of people and individual villages and human rights watch is now a document. that is. two hundred eighty going a village just inside north and refined state it may be difficult to know this at this part of this investigation are are these things that are happening on if it's happening in the military are these things that are happening on orders are these random rogue people assess a coordinated effort to do this to people. this is absolutely a coordinated campaign carried out by the me and maher military we're talking about soldiers in uniform and women and children to death meeting acts of rape and burning these villages there are supported by helicopters in many of these attacks so these are not the actions of brute soldiers we're talking about an organized military force engaged in ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity on
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a rather impressive scale so who or how to you confront and confront the military confront the people that are are doing this how can there be some sort of accountability if not now because obviously there are still people feeling that sometime in the future can there be accountability for something so horrific well we should remember that there are still hundreds of thousands of rooting us stuck inside there and rakhine state and our focus has to be on saving their lives right now i'm just going to make this very much ongoing not just being back from the border and we still hear about villages being burned just in the last few days so this probably hasn't stopped at all. the government soldiers continue to burn these villages and it's really important that they come under pressure to stop these atrocities unfortunately the u.n. together with diplomats visit a northern rock kind state just a few days ago. on
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a government tour and there their statement after to back didn't even after to visit didn't even mention their are being let alone that this image of the crimes being committed it sounded like that is a disneyland rather. zone where it needs planting is being carried out. wow peter bouckaert with human rights watch thank you for speaking to us on this we appreciate it. reports emerging from syria say fifty civilians have been killed by russian air strikes near the city of hers or eighty people are injured six strikes at a suburb on the eastern outskirts of the city near a river crossing witnesses say after the first phase of the attack ended planes were turned and hit people treating the wounded. new details about sunday's mash outing in las vegas suggest it was thoroughly planned assault rifles have been found in the attackers hotel room some were modified to produce an automatic rate
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of fire cameras had been set up to watch for approaching officers sixty four year old stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured more than five hundred others and turned a gun on himself his girlfriend is being questioned by the f.b.i. after returning from the philippines on tuesday a comms as police released body camera video showing victims the scaping the hail of bullets as is happening at mandalay bay auburn else is live and las vegas and joins me now so rob what else is coming out in the investigation which will no doubt take a quite a long time. that's right richelle it will definitely take a long time and law enforcement here said that they're not even really finished yet processing the scene which is actually behind me where the where the bullets fell from were fired from the mandalay bay. hotel building now one of the missing many many missing pieces is falling into place and that that
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is in the form of mary lou donnelly the long time female companion of killer stephen paddick hugh come back to the united states from a trip to the philippines is landed in los angeles on tuesday night and is being interviewed by f.b.i. agents the law enforcement authorities here in las vegas have described her as a person of interest no one has actually suggested that she had anything to do with the commission of the crime in the murder of those fifty eight people on sunday night her sisters in an interview with australian television saying. just like that . that ms manley his name is done lee was. sent away by stephen paddick so that she would not get wind of what he was up to
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and try to interfere with his plans in any way the other major thing happening in las vegas today michelle the president is on his way to the city where he's going to meet with some of the family members and some of the injured and hope to provide a message of condolence to the city. the city says they are going to respect. the police who don't really. sure. how they're learning a lot. that will be different. very very sad day. so there was president trouble on his way leaving washington earlier today he's now on his way he'll spend about four hours here and as i mentioned he'll be meeting with the some of the people who were injured in the mass shooting some of the doctors and nurses who treated the injured
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and also will be meeting with local officials and law enforcement he's praised law enforcement in the high terms for its response to the to the shooting this comes one day after the president made a trip to hurricane ravaged puerto rico and there was some criticism that he didn't quite get the the tone right at one point throwing rolls of paper towels into a crowd of needy people and the optics of that were quite heavily criticized in the american media so we'll have to see what president trump has to say here and what note he strikes in this city which is really still reeling i'd say from the events of sunday night richelle. live in las vegas thank you. turkish president. has held a joint news conference with the ranch president rouhani and tehran the two leaders
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have been holding talks on kurdish secession efforts turkey and iran oppose iraqi kurdish plans to form an independent state. said that he rejects the kurdish referendum vote as a foreign sectarian plot. as far as we concerned iraq is one single country syria is one single country and we do not accept the geographical border changes in any way whatsoever we do not wish to exert this pressure but the wrong decisions made by some of the heads of the kurdish regional government need to be compensated for it would have had. we correspond with the iraqi central government as far as we're concerned this referendum is illegitimate we have already taken certain steps but from this moment on which more decisive steps will be taken. more from istanbul. aside from the stern expressions on their faces there weren't really any clues as to what exactly
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these two presidents plan to do rouhani said that they would accept no border changes whatsoever in iraq or indeed syria he said that there would be serious steps to move forward with strategic goals for the region whatever that might mean and said that there will be more stronger steps taken now these two presidents did emphasize both of them that everything will be done in a three way fashion and that is iran turkey and the central government in baghdad would take decisions on how unified they are under the surface is not clear but they are putting out this united signal to iraqi kurdish leadership and as far as his concerned he was very much pointing out that this three way mechanism was important however there are questions as to the pace as in which turkey is following in terms of economic action there's only one border crossing into iraq
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that still wide open and also the issue of the oil flow from the kurdistan region through turkey to the mediterranean ports well that's still going on even though there was a threat to cut it could there be an interest of russia here in that they bought many many investments in kurdish oil and may not want a cut in the pipeline it is unclear at this stage still ahead. a day after massive protests procession in catalonia to discuss what's next in their move to break away from spain. hello the semi persistent line of rain has been on and off for a couple of weeks and sichuan to shanghai is back again for thursday and the
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likelihood of it raining fairly heavily is quite high so this is rather sudden dry a bit of flooding seems possible the feet of the moisture is still there on the south coast a chance there from hong kong back towards vietnam the chance of thunderstorms here are also quite high but in between it's dry but as hot as it was fishy was about thirty one degrees but that's getting warmer and it looks like friday will be a dry spell rain is gone completely in the forecast in shanghai i think it was a sunny twenty four degrees monsoon rain still falling it's not receding that quickly to be honest to potential development around cold cuts and may well keep that rain back but the heaviest is for the hydrabad back towards carolina and down towards sri lanka the chances of shari rain still quite high in the forecast proves the point so where is dry is still quite warm thirty five degrees crashes about thirty two mark no showers in this particular forecast but they are now reaching as finals as night poor humidity is come down the breeze is picked up down the gulf
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though house thirty eight is now rather more bearable thirty eight say humidity has gone down. when they're online in a hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching. the top stories this hour the u.n. human rights committee says the abuse of women and children and me and mark could amount to crimes against humanity the committee is calling on the myanmar government to stop the violence and allow a proper investigation over half a million. after a crackdown by the military in late august. police have released a body cam video showing victims escaping that match shooting at los vegas detectives say stephen paddick modified attack rifles to increase the rate of their fire and sixty four year old set up cameras outside his hotel room to watch for police. president has vowed to take stronger steps in retaliation for last month's iraqi kurdish referendum made the comments in a joint news conference with the iran's president rouhani who dismissed the
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referendum as a foreign sectarian plot. let's talk about turkey now a court there is issued burdick center and major trial linked to the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen so far a judge has found thirty four of forty seven defendants guilty of the group which included many military officers there accused of trying to assassinate president resit thai apart along on the night of the coup two police officers were killed in the hotel where the wind was staying. so many of the case aspects are accused of being members of the so-called coolness movement which the government says orchestrated this overthrow attempt and all more than fifty thousand people are in jail waiting for court proceedings four hundred eighty one senior servicemen and civilians are on trial in ankara they face charges of murder treason and attempted murder prosecutors say they conducted operations from a military base just outside the capital in istanbul thirty journalists and
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newspaper executives are charged with being members of an armed terrorist organization tens of thousands of teachers and public sector workers are also under suspicion on tuesday authorities ordered the arrest of one hundred twelve current and former you know civil workers last week alone and one week more than a thousand people were detained a lot to keep up with. joins us in the studio she's been covering events in turkey for years for al-jazeera so yeah a lot of court proceedings a lot that are happening now that are going forward but this one in particular really stands out because this one is about the life of the president right exactly . the president's life was at stake for that my mother only his actually though his family is because in that southwestern city moola he was on medication with his family with his daughters son in law and grandkids in that hotel while the plotters attempted to assassinate him also another plane and his the plaintiffs off this.
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against this as a summation team also the number one suspect of this lawsuit is. the u.s. space turkish chlorine i who is said to be the master mind. consistently denied that that yes yes he had made the night that he and his followers are actually being accused. by the government and judiciary for massive mining in this courts and only other side of course the consequences are important what if the president was assassinated or what if the president was captured by the plotters probably who would be in the same position like mohamed morsi in egypt but of course talking about all those hundreds of trials ongoing and thousand pages of indictments. and people who lost their lives doing sound for now we can
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say that. prisons are full in turkey and there are hundreds of thousands of people inside waiting for a trial so be heard and the verdicts to be announced. in the courthouses sometimes are not enough for those big trials. which the suspects are like four hundred or eight to six hundred eighty six suspects so it is a case that human rights groups have been actually. concerned about home cerned about that and some of the relatives of the suspects. the public opinion in turkey watching from the t.v. and hearing out the people on television and other news outlets. against people are kind of upset about the. coup attempt actually and they have been disappointed by the moment they say that they were. organization like for public
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services opening schools providing humanitarian aid to people people say we don't understand why these guys were involved in politics so there are two sides of the stories as usual but of course this trials are going to end but today's was important because it is one of the three important cases after the coup ok sam i know you'll keep us posted thank you very much richard. there has been an attack at a court and the libyan city of misrata three guards were killed and dozens of people injured when two gunmen attacked the court's compound attackers spot with security before detonating suicide vests eisel has claimed responsibility attracting a report has added saudi arabia to a blacklist for the killing and maiming of children and yemen confidential draft attained by the borders news agency attributed six hundred eighty three child
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casualties to the saudi led military coalition in two thousand and sixteen along with dozens of attacks on schools and hospitals and no to the coalition has put measures in place to improve child protection the saudi un ambassador declined to comment on the report until it is officially released i came almost moreas a political analyst and editor in chief of the yemen post he says this traffic report has come too late right now two thousand children were killed by saudi that airstrikes not only out airstrikes on homes on civilian homes but also on hospitals . in the schools at least two hundred thirty schools have been attacked so our children have been diving different ways in yemen so it's very sad that this committee or this investigation is going back today or now and you talked about rather than a couple of years ago to say more children's lives it's common right now in this age that's. where the rich fight the poor the poor always i forgot it so you're
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going to get out want to be forgotten because their neighbor is rich but those civilians we have been killed for no reason just enough so as to get home as by the law of attraction so you have over twelve thousand civilians who have lost their lives and that's millions of families were suffering because they lost loved ones and they would even want to see justice. if not by the regular countries by the international community saudi arabia's king solomon is traveling to russia for what's being seen as a highly significant visit riyadh and moscow are eager to improve relations despite being on opposing sides of the war in syria or a challenge like now what's bringing them closer together saudi monarch has never visited russia before king solomon's trip is the culmination of months of bilateral diplomacy pushed along by recent energy market uncertainties and shifting u.s. foreign policy this unpredictability of there are trumping ministration it worries
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the saudi king the saudis the saudis a lot and what they're hoping for. the sort of this insurance by dealing with russians as a growing power in the middle east. think saudi arabia's quarrel with qatar has had an unexpected result washington's disrupted relationship with doha has along to the saudis that they might one day suffer the same as us influence in the middle east weakens rusher is being presented with several new opportunities moscow and riyadh might well be putting behind the years of antipathy and perhaps forging a new more pragmatic relationship. the two countries are spent the past six years on opposing sides of the syrian conflict but russia's military support has turned the tide in favor of bashar al assad's forces saudi backed opposition groups are diminished saudi leaders have given their backing to the deescalation zones
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brokered by russia turkey and iran elsewhere shared economic interests have been bringing the world's two biggest crude oil producers together russia and saudi arabia have cooperated for the last year in cutting production to push prices higher from record lows there are promises of a one billion dollar russia saudi joint energy fund and other investments russia and saudi arabia may not be allies yet but they're certainly not the adversaries they once were rory chalons how does iran moscow catalonia spro and dependence parties are two debates a session from spain following sunday's referendum millions of catalans hope an independent country would remain in the european between france and spain but what they really go as smoothly as they believe warrants late reports from barcelona. the wisdom of the crowd is difficult to resist particularly when the atmosphere is as relaxed and happy as it has been in barcelona. the singalong here is to
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a protest chuen dating to the franco dictatorship when castle and traditions were systematically repressed that every teenager knows the words speaks volumes about the historical enmity toward madrid so secession beckons can catalonia go it alone why not give it a try they say democracy is pure and beautiful they think spain is a proper democracy on us now and it's not when they are. believing that they have the power to shut us out of defeatism from government beyond their money and given. our money and they're not determined you know and they're spending the money that they are shopping for to take things not hard for anyone. to leave spain camp here has all the momentum they think historically this is their time in the sun the idealized version of events is often presented to you
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here is over catalonia. free from the tyranny of madrid's an independent sovereign republic able to make its own way and sit happily among the european community of nations will things would things really be so simple. of course another european country voted for historic change recently to the u.k. to leave the european union but the essence of the argument was similar we want to be free from the control of others. it was convincing enough to win the arguments but now the u.k. is riven with disagreements and the e.u. is blocking its key demands. say when he was pro independence council and m.p.'s how they can possibly stay in the european union when spain would veto its you get on to slightly less inspiring than the mood of the crowd what happens a couple only get stuck outside the european union as long as i was i would not like this prospect to happen. i would not have preferred literally out of the photo to friends who do feel you're certain that you did not realize that for example you
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know the way. bridges the roads are part of the role of the union because if you know the triggers exactly like your ex accompany you know the government it could be the like like like iceland oh no that's what they say well we're not. we are not . playing those. economic govern when you're not all that difficult comparable questions the u.k. never asked itself borders trade agreements the rights of cattle lands in spain and spaniards in catalonia nobody's bothering to ask about any of its but if they do jump off the cliff to independence they will have the european union to deal with it could be incredibly messy gloriously al-jazeera in wasilla. if the commission's first vice president is calling for the opening of dialogue between spain and catalonia following sunday's vote in favor of secession. told the european parliament it's time to talk even if the referendum ignored spain's constitution
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that comes just hours after cattle after the cattle on government for the first time since the controversial vote which was marred by violence spanish national police. british prime minister theresa may has apologized for the debacle in june snap election at the annual conservative party conference position has been weakened after a party lost its majority in parliament and that vote she call for party unity but offered no new press details. this year's nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to a team which developed a way of seeing the structure of biomolecules and special detail work of. came frank and richard henderson has given scientists a better understanding of how viruses move through the human body. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the un human rights committee says
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the abuse of our hands of women and children and me and mark could amount to crimes against humanity the committee is calling on the myanmar government to stop the violence and allow a proper investigation over half a million right and to have fled to bangladesh after a crackdown by the military in late august us police have released body cam video showing victims escaping the mass shooting in las vegas the tech to say stephen paddick modified attack rifles to increase the rate of fire and the sixty four year old set up cameras outside his hotel room to watch for police. turkeys president. has vowed to take stronger steps in retaliation for last month's iraqi kurdish referendum and made the comments in a joint news conference with the wrong president rouhani who dismissed the referendum as a foreign sectarian plot. you know all the actors federal here as far as we concerned iraq is one single country syria is one single country and we do not
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accept the geographical border changes in any way whatsoever we do not wish to exert these pressure but the wrong decisions made by some of the heads of the kurdish regional governments need to be compensated for. accord in turkey has issued verdicts in a major trial linked to the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen just found thirty four forty seven defendants guilty their group including many military officers who are accused of trying to assassinate president wretched typer in water on the night of the coup two police officers were killed in the hotel we're staying reports emerging from syria say fifty civilians have been killed by russian airstrikes to the city of daraa zor eighty people have been injured six strikes have a suburb on the eastern outskirts of the city near a river crossing and a draft u.n. report has added saudi arabia to a blacklist for the killing and maiming of children in yemen because financial draft obtained by the reuters news agency attributed six hundred eighty three child
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casualties to the saudi led military coalition in two thousand and sixteen along with dozens of attacks on schools and hospitals and most of the coalition is put in measures in place to improve child protection as are the headlines news continues in al-jazeera after the strain keep it here more to come. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. imo they could be out and you're in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube and twenty sixteen the a bowl outbreak that killed more than eleven thousand in west africa was declared officially over people in sierra leone liberia and guinea were delighted to take a look at this music video.


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