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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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this documentary at this time on al jazeera. for the congolese the journey to work the cold war means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live on the first than the i got the call came to chance a good life a bit but a dangerous journey through the jungle. i fell into the real world i merely died. for our children to go to school and live because of the prank risking it all but the democratic republic of congo at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up u.s.
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president donald trump arrives in las vegas to meet survivors of sunday's shooting which police say was planned in great detail. i have never considered leaving this approach to. rex tillerson denies reports he wanted to resign as u.s. secretary of state after tensions with trump. a turkish court finds forty two former soldiers guilty of trying to kill president under one in an attempted coup. spain's stock market takes a hit as catalonia moves ahead with plans to declare independence. in doha football is meant to unite people but in syria fans are divided about who the team really represents i'll have that and more in the sports. u.s. president donald trump as a rock. in last vegas following the worst mass shooting in modern american history
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is meeting survivors and first responders from sunday's attack which left at least fifty eight people dead and more than five hundred injured trump says investigators are learning a lot more about the gunman stephen paddock appeared to have meticulously planned the attack the sixty four year old killed himself a swat teams closed in on his hotel room his partner is due to be questioned by the f.b.i. after returning from the philippines. let's go live now to heidi castro who's in last vegas for us and so i understand that president is currently in the hospital behind you tell us what's happening there. that's right trump arrived here about half an hour ago at the university medical center hospital in las vegas he's currently meeting in private off camera with the survivors with their family members and with the medical staff that descended upon this place
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sunday night and are credited with saving about one hundred people's lives inside this building now trump is again being tested in his role as consoler in chief this is this it is coming off of yesterday's visit to puerto rico which was much criticized by the tone that struck to the victims of hurricane maria today after he meets with the survivors of the medical staff here in this hospital trump is expected to then visit the civilians and the first responders who were quick to escort people out of the concert grounds sunday evening when this mass shooting occurred now trump is not expected to make any public statements today we may be surprised otherwise but we are not expecting him to address any sort of gun reform questions trump has already said that this is not the time to do so he has an interesting history though when it comes to his stance on gun reform in two
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thousand trump wrote a book in which he said that he supported more restrictions but since running for president and now in the white house trump enjoys the endorsement of the national rifle association he said that he's a strong defender of the second amendment right to bear arms in the united states and perhaps most famously following the massacres in orlando and in paris at the hands of gunman trump said that the public would be safer if they had more guns in their possession so certainly that stance is controversial in many places around the country here in las vegas especially with this fresh wound from sunday night's massacre in. community members and leaders have organized an event to counter the president's visit in which they say they will petition for finally some sort of reform on gun control to take place to to potentially prevent another one of these
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mass shootings from occurring mary and indeed drums rhetoric will be closely watched on this important trip to las vegas but also we were hearing earlier about the gunman's girlfriend being brought back to the u.s. from the philippines what will investigators want to know from her. that's right her name is mary lou dandy and she arrived in the united states from the philippines yesterday last night and the los angeles airport now investigators say she was the live in girlfriend with patrick with with patrick and in fact share the two homes with him in which police found a trove of weapons dozens they say some of which he accumulated during the time of their relationship so dan lee's family reportedly have said that she knew nothing of the planning or the execution of this attack but that investigators are saying of course she may be the one person though who can shed some light on the
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motive given that patrick was such a loner with perhaps not a friend in the world except for this woman and that the mystery here truly is why what motivated him to commit this crime we know he had no criminal history according to his family he had no propensity to violence in his past no religious affiliations no political affiliations so at this point investigators are still looking into that key question of why he decided to meticulously planned this attack and why that he desired to kill so many mariyam all right thank you very much heidi joe castro in last vegas world turning now to some other important developments in the u.s. secretary of state has been forced to deny media reports that he considered quitting three months ago but he didn't address claims that he openly referred to president trump as a moral issue meeting rex tillerson made an unscheduled appearance to refute stories that vice president mike pence out to persuade him to stay on in july. to
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address a few specifics that have been eroni officially reported this morning. the vice president has never had to persuade me to remain the secretary of state because i have never considered leaving this post i ventured to question repeatedly for some reason that continues to be mis reported there's never been a consideration in my mind sure at the appointment of the president and i'm here for as long as the president feels like to be useful to achieving his objectives. oh president was quick to comment on twitter he's blaming the news channel n.b.c. for the reports that to listen wanted to resign and says it should apologize to the entire country and i want house correspondent is following all these events for us in washington d.c. just hearing that the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson addressing reports directly about his resignation
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saying that that was never on the table but it's it's really what he chose not to say that garnering the most attention. that's right i mean there's certainly been no secret and there's been widespread reporting about the tensions that exist between u.s. president donald trump and his secretary of state rex tillerson and really who could blame anyone for reporting that given the fact that the president's been very public of his criticisms of a number of his cabinet members including rex tillerson as tillerson was in beijing meeting with chinese leaders putting pressure on them to sort of up the economic pressure on north korea to rein in north korea's nuclear program the president was undermining that effort in a social media tweet on twitter saying in fact that the secretary of state was wasting his time so it's not just sort of speculation this is actually happening out in the open and that reporting came to
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a feverish pitch on wednesday morning here in washington and led to that very strong statement strongly worded by rex tillerson that in fact he never had any desire to leave really that statement seemed to be for an audience of one given the fact that he did not deny that he had ever called the president and use salty language if you will in sort of characterizing the president as so what we're left in all of this as you pointed out now there's a bit of blaming of the media certainly that something rex tillerson did as well saying that this sort of is a sowing of the seeds of dissension that continues in washington certainly that is true of washington it's often said here if you want to friend to get a dog the bottom line in all of this is that there's certainly a concerted effort at this point and the knowledge min of the tensions and an effort to try and turn the page and prepare or sort of put out a united front but that has been challenging much because of the president's own
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actions and meanwhile the congressional investigations into rushes into ferentz and the election continuing has there been any news on that today. well certainly there's been news in that it's still ongoing it's not over you gotta remember there are five investigations going on right now for at the congressional level we've had an update now from the senate intelligence leaders a republican and democratic chair and said what they said is we're still working we haven't reached a conclusion on whether or not definitively there wasn't a conclusion between the truck campaign and russia to influence the twenty six thousand election but what they have concluded in this concurs with the intelligence assessments and that is that they believe that russia actively intervene to try and undermine the twenty sixteen presidential election and continues to do so so this is significant given the fact that we know that there will be hearings held next month that will include the executives of google facebook twitter and others who will be testifying to this as there continues to be
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an investigation i think what's most important in all of this is that they pointed out just how many interviews they've done so far more than twenty five that includes the president's son in law his personal attorney but they're not done and one more thing that they also said is that they're a bit of a some sort of a stalled point because of that sort of dossier that was very salacious and details about the president the author of that christopher steele the former british intelligence officer not cooperating with him some best occasions so far they're hopeful he'll do that and that's why this is another reason that continues to be investigated but has not yet don thank you very much kimberly ok to the white house for us. oh much more telling about in this news our aid agencies are pale for four hundred thirty four million dollars to save the lives of range of muslims fleeing massacres in the us. why the european union has ordered amazon to pay nearly three
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hundred million dollars. no love lost between two of the childs of women's tennis joe we'll tell you how this grudge match in china and down. a court in turkey has convicted forty two soldiers in a major trial linked to the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen they were accused of trying to assassinate president. forty received life sentences so has the latest. verdicts have been delivered against some of these suspects accused of being a part of an s.s. nation team targeting the turkish president on the night of the failed coup attempt in july two thousand and sixteen the conviction of this team as they were dropped is one of the most important following the feared coup because they're all well known prison tired on himself is the plaintive and phantom the u.s.
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space turkish businessman is accused of organizing the failed coup. only it's this is hard to get to make this team was sent to kill the president it was clear what these suspects were accused of and to some of them were caught already handed it's good that these kind of trials are finished as soon as possible but of course according to the law. the s.s. in this case is just one of the hundreds of lawsuits following the failed through more than fifty thousand troops are in jail awaiting court proceedings many are accused of being members of the given this moment which the government says orchestrated the attempted overthrow they come from. all sections of society including four hundred eighty one military officers and civilians on trial in ankara they're charged with murder attempted murder and tribes and persecutors say they organized a coup from
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a military base just outside the capital. in istanbul thirty journalists and newspaper executives are charged with being members of what persecutors ascribed as an armed terrorist organization tens of thousands of teachers and public sector workers have been sacked in a government crackdown and thousands of current and former government workers are under arrest almost all of those. some of those people who were sacked will remain ploy to after they appealed to the courts. prisons are almost full some courthouses are too small for the high numbers of defendants critics and hooman rights organizations blame turkey's leaders of using the coup attempt as an excuse to silence the media and their point. but despite the trials arrests and sacking many turks continue to support the government they say they are still angry about the two hundred fifty lives lost during the failed coup attempt three namco saw al-jazeera. of more on this we're joined by abraham douglas who is director of the
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center of a techie studies here in london thank you very much for coming in to speak to us so what is there to say about these trials i suppose they will continue and prosecutions inevitable. turkey. i mean since it was founded in one thousand twenties probably has never had a proper independent judiciary whoever has been in control of the governments they've always used judiciary to eliminate the opposition's opposition parties opposition figures journalists and so on in this case with ricin exactly the same thing preserve the gun in his government is using the judiciary to eliminate their opposition but these people who have been sentenced to life in prison for six times are known to be involved in the failed military coup attempt so if there was rule of law in the country in a democratic way they would have been prosecuted and probably present in any case
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but would have. the intention is to have a democratic country with rule of law or is it just to get rid of any potential opposition to do to the president his government that's debatable in the country so that's a key question right now and as you rightly point out. the perpetrators of the coup or not is something to consider because two hundred fifty people were killed thousands were injured the country's parliament was bombed this was a very. traumatic event for tacky what how would you describe the impact it's had on the government and particularly the president. i mean turkey has a history of military coups this was a failed attempt at each occasion the latest being in one thousand eight hundred s. the biggest. in the thousands of people get prosecuted in prison and even executions have taken place at the time the president look at his build his government offering something different to people during the first few years ago
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elected in two thousand and three he was known to be a reformist he was known to be introducing new laws which were of democratizing the country granting further rights to minorities including the kurdish minority in turkey and then since he was a very positive so atmosphere in turkey economy was doing very well. public and people across the world thought that turkey is going to be a very very reliable ally in peace building so of attempts in the region with a list but also in terms of becoming a role model for the rest of islamic world with its democracy and so on and but and said i was just going to say how wide ranging has the post crackdown been that the perpetrators are one thing but i mean just is how many thousands have been arrested and detained we're talking about teachers public sector workers civil servants in this failed military coup was real and they were the tried to overdraw the market
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the elected government and so on so rightly government has taken measures to stop them from from you know from succeeding in that attempt to overthrow the government but it is known that president going to say this is a god given gift which means there's a great opportunity to use targets anyone that has been in opposition to the current government one hundred fifty thousand plus people have been dismissed from their jobs these are mainly civil servants. teachers doctors trade unions anyone you can name has been targeted by this and they're not just people who are normal or who are suspected of being linked to his movement they're ordinary people who have nothing to do with glenn and his movement. leftist teachers and so they're also being suffering as a result of. the by the government of the family. thank you very much for sharing your analysis with us this director of the center for tucker studies here in london
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. meanwhile i do want has been in teheran discussing kurdish secession efforts with the president there and ronnie is vowing to take decisive steps to stop kurdish leaders declaring independence state from iraq under simmons has more from. president rouhani on opposing sides over syria but together in their reaction to the kurdish referendum next door in iraq both turkey and iran have kurdish minority populations both presidents believe any independence move in iraq could cause unrest in their countries and even more instability in the region there's agreement for more cooperation between along with sharing more intelligence and deep terror operations both men had stern faces as they promised action but they weren't specifying what might happen. as we concerned
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iraq is one single country syria is one single country and we do not accept the geographical border changes in any way whatsoever we do not wish to exert this pressure but the wrong decisions made by some of the heads of the kurdish regional government need to be compensated for whatever. we correspond with the iraqi central government as far as we're concerned this referendum is illegitimate we have already taken certain steps but from this moment onward more decisive step. will be taken. turkey's army is in the third week of military exercises next to the only border crossing point into northern iraq a small number of iraqi troops joined in last week and they're still there iran has deployed tanks on its border and is also in gauged in joint exercises with iraq this is all intended to increase the pressure on the iraqi kurdish leadership the two presidents may have been short on detail in any further action they plan but
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that could be tactical they insist that iran turkey and the central government in iraq will act in unison. there appears to be a determination to cut off the iraqi kurdish leadership unless it really now says the referendum result in this isolation issue this content month issue you know in politics terms in economic terms and also in military terms and those are two struggle if we feel our south threatened. that ankara can. be on the same room in the same room sit on the same table and. think military options together. but most military observers believe cross border interventions by turkey all ron are unlikely and if more economic sanctions are imposed such as shutting off the kurdish oil pipeline that runs through turkey pickel to resist particularly when the atmosphere is relaxed and happy as it has
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been in barcelona. the singalong here is to a protest tune dating to the franco dictatorship when castle and traditions were systematically repressed that every teenager knows the words speaks volumes about the historical enmity toward madrid so secession beckons can catalonia go it alone why not give it a try they say democracy is pure and beautiful they think spain is a puppet. it's not when they are. believing that they have the power to. keep. our money and the terms. you know spending the money they are shopping for to make things not hard for anyone. to leave spain camp here has all the momentum they think historically this is that time in the sun the
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idealized version of events is often presented to you here is over catalonia. free from the tyranny of madrid's an independent sovereign republic able to make its own way and said happily among the european community of nations will things would things really be so simple. of course another european country voted for historic change recently to the u.k. to leave the european union but the essence of the argument was similar we want to be free from the control of others. it was convincing enough to win the arguments but now the u.k. is riven with disagreements and the e.u. is blocking its key demands. so when he was pro independence council and m.p.'s how they can possibly stay in the european union when spain would veto it you get answers slightly less inspiring than the mood of the crowd whatever as a couple only got stuck outside the european union as long as i was i would not like your defroster what happened. i could live perfectly it's not over yet is that
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photo to benefit you feel you're certain that you did not realize that for example you know the way. bridges the road up out of there all of the union with additional triggers exactly like your ex accompany you know government it could be the like like like iceland was that's what they say well we're not saying no we're not saying we're. real thing goes you have economic governance when you were up all the difficult comparable questions the u.k. never asked itself borders trade agreements the rights of cattle lands in spain and spaniards in catalonia nobody's bothering to ask about any of it's but if they do jump off the cliff to independence they will have the european union to deal with it could be incredibly messy largely al-jazeera in barcelona. let's get the latest now from college town hall in barcelona it's been a lot of political maneuvering going on hasn't there have the politicians decided
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when castle a near is going to declare independence. well again mariam political maneuvering by the politicians and also on the street you can probably hear just now sounds from a loud speaker that is because there's a small cattle and group near as here in the main square cooling for independence for catalonia now they want the declaration of independence and sooner rather than later but that has been the topic that capital hands process session parliaments have been debating today deciding when to convene the capital i'm part of that because it will be offered at that session of parliament that it declaration of independence is made now within the process session groups and there are differences in political style and a little bit of disagreement on the exact timing but we do believe that the session will now go ahead on monday morning and that the declaration of independence could come on that same day possibly that would in effect give time for international
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mediation to take place or to at least ah but there is still no sign of that from the european union once again we heard today from the vice president of the european commission who seem to firmly come out in support of the spanish central government and the spanish constitution. violence does not solve anything in politics it is never an answer never a solution and it can never be used as a weapon or instrument europe knows this better than anywhere else none of us want to see violence in our society. however. it is of course for any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes does require caution that use of force. now the political crisis is also having a deep economic impact today sprains main stock index the ibex thirty five fell
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close to three percent and the two worst affected stocks were two major capital and banks nowhere near as bad as the day that breaks it was announced however on that day the spanish stock index fell more than twelve percent. indeed both sides are digging in their heels in about half an hour's time we're going to hear from the castle president pushed him on what can we expect to hear from him. there a little clues as to exactly what he is going to talk about we don't expect him to go ahead and declare independence straight off the bat we have to wait until the session of parliament is convene for that but his speech will come twenty four hours off to the spanish king fell asleep i made a very strong speech last night he really slapped down the cattle and government the council annulled dorothy's and the whole referendum process accusing kaplan of storage is of being disloyal and almost being on the verge of rebellion and what
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has happened is that that has led many political analysts to suggest that the spanish central government is looking to invoke article one five five in the spanish constitution which in broad terms would allow the central government to take day to day control of consular news economic and political affairs effectively taking back the devolved powers that the catalonian government currently has it would be very difficult to see how the capital of the already is could resist that kind of intervention by central government unless of course they can keep up momentum by political and grassroots groups on the streets but the longer this political crisis laws the mall. it will set in among among folks have to get on with their daily lives and go to work as well so we are going to be listening very closely to mr speech are expected amount about. thanks very much and hole in boston i. want to tell you about this hour we speak to
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a cambodian opposition politician just a day off to she escaped her country from exile in thailand. while we were. excuse me. the british prime minister that. divided party here overshadowed by. a prankster and even the slogan behind. and he was booed by spanish fans because of his support for the castle and referendum but defiant we'll hear from him in sport it's. and i was still raining or has been running fairly heavily on the caspian shoreline of iraq and you see the cloud which is going across the turkmenistan but the two
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hundred to beaches like if you flash floods and this sort of to write in the forecast the potential for more than a still there these thunderstorms and into the mountains just north of terror on titan itself looks dry as by john looks dry back up through the caucasus now we are free of clouds but that line does exist and it heads towards tashkent might even catch the north of afghanistan where of course we're now talking about snow in the hindu kush dry sunny coming down baghdad. but breezes picked up down through the gulf. still the high surtees from garden to abu dhabi about the breeze now it has come off the saudi turning round to the door thio notice nothing really over the right from the point of view of cloud the potential for showers down in yemen is there and maybe gets a bit stronger on friday but it's unlikely event a likely event so this is now a dry part of the world and cooling down and it could be opposition is warming up
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and has been particularly wet in many parts of south africa. but look at the impact applied across the country. show. the bring smiles it's number one. cardiovascular. eller all right i'll see the hardest part is just to see we thank you for that way of using the same if we throw that sugar in. there this is a problem know this time. discover the wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. powerful documentaries ever tell you that is hurting us this is literally killing off and we needed to stop would you then listen to bates and discussions with the ones that
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you'd like us to do. and not for more on the fire challenge your perceptions algis a. little mind at the top stories for you on this news out u.s. president donald trump is in las vegas meetings the survivors and first responders from sunday's mass shooting which left at least fifty eight people dead and injured more than five hundred. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been forced to deny reports that he was told hours of questioning three months ago amid tensions with trump. and our other top
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story of course in turkey has convicted dozens of soldiers linked to the failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen are accused of trying to assassinate president type i do one. now aid organizations are appealing for four hundred fifty four million dollars to save the lives of range of muslims fleeing violence in northern me on my humanitarian work as a struggling to deal with the surge in new arrivals more than eight hundred thousand ranger refugees are sheltering in bangladesh often million of them of arrived in just the last five weeks over half of them a children twenty four thousand pregnant women need maternity care and five hundred . thousand people will fade human rights watch says myanmar's military massacred dozens of ranger on august twenty seventh two days after an attack by range a fight to sponsor army crackdown the un increasingly believes that crimes against humanity being committed says it's received reports of women and children falling
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victim to killings rape and forced displacement mohammed young jim reports now from tank ali camp in cox's bizarre to give you some idea of the scale of this crisis this encampment that we're in right now this didn't exist in cox's bizarre which is on the border of bangladesh you ma'am are more than a month ago now there are at least twenty thousand people here that's according to aid workers we've spoken with as well as some of the army officials that are just beyond that wall there distributing much needed aid to these were hindu refugees now even though aid is being distributed throughout the day fact of the matter is you talked to some of the new residents of this encampment they tell you how much more is needed i met just a short while ago with a young mother she has a nine month old baby girl her baby's head was burned in the past couple of weeks when her village and me and more was torched she's concerned that her baby doesn't
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get the medical aid that it needs that she will die and at this point in this camp they don't have the kind of medical supplies for babies that the baby would need in order to be treated correctly the scale of this even in front of your eyes is almost unfathomable it's very hard to comprehend and it seems as though there is absolutely no wind in sight for the time being. global health officials gathered at a summit in france are pledging to slash cholera deaths by ninety percent by twenty thirty the charity water aid is warning that efforts to end the disease will fail unless poor communities given more help cholera is present in more than forty countries killing nearly one hundred thousand people a year the biggest epidemic is in yemen where cholera cases of jumped from seventeen thousand in two thousand and fifteen to an estimated seven hundred fifty thousand this year two thousand one hundred people have died that since the operate
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began in april india tops the list as the worst affected country overall with more than twenty thousand estimated deaths a year over one hundred sixty three million indians live without access to clean water. the disease is also a mayor of a major concern in bangladesh where it cause more than three thousand deaths in two thousand and fifteen. nearly a million doses of cholera vaccine are being sent to the country to begin an immunization campaign targeting vulnerable refugees doctors fear an outbreak could easily spread in the makeshift camps housing people who fled me on our town via choudhry has this report from cox is bizarre. no one can describe the condition of some of this temporary refugee shelter built and to prolong area thousands of people concentrate in one area and scratching it up to thirty a degree there is very few left. in the drainage there is no sewerage system no
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fresh water system very few fresh. which is some help but the international aid agencies are warning that you need to be far more number of electrons and fresh water sources in this one bangladeshi and you say that there are three hundred twenty seven person using one letter and that's a very dissimilar condition always spoke to a lot of the doctors who are running this training and different camps most of the doctors told us the majority of the patients they're saying have diarrheal disease skin infection and respiratory illness with high fever most of the patients are women and children unless there is a long term strategy chalked out by the government international donor agency there is a clear danger of cholera and dysentery epidemics spreading out in this camp the international coordination group is sending about one million or a vaccination people that should help the situation to a bit most of the refugees are not going back very soon there has to be a long term strategy once the media focuses on out of these refugees there's
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a clear danger of aid flow into this camp will slow down. a draft u.n. report has added saudi arabia to a blacklist for the killing and maiming of children in yemen the confidential draft attained by the reuters news agency of seven hundred child casualties to the saudi led military coalition in two thousand and sixteen along with dozens of attacks on schools and hospitals it says the coalition has put measures in place to improve child protection save the children has welcomed the report says it sees little sign of improvement on the ground. at least fifty people have been killed and eighty others injured by an extra in syria's day as zero province it's not clear who carried out the strikes in the town of. this amateur video reportedly shows the nearby town of mayor dean being bombed u.s. and russian backed forces a separte trying to retake the region from i sill. saudi arabia's king salmaan
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is touched down in russia for the start of a five day visit it's the first time a sitting saudi monika's ever set foot on russian soil riyad in moscow eager to improve relations despite being on opposing sides of the war in syria or a challenge looks at what could be bringing them closer together. a saudi monarch has never visited russia before king solomon's trip is the culmination of months of by lateral diplomacy pushed along by recent energy market uncertainties and shifting u.s. foreign policy this unpredictability of there were trampolines facia on its way to saudi the saudi the saudis a lot and what they're hoping for is that they will start off this insurance by dealing with russians as a growing power in the middle east for a long ski thing saudi arabia is quarrel with qatar has had an unexpected result washington's disrupted relationship with doha has a law arms the saudis that they might one day suffer the same as us influence in
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the middle east weakens rusher is being presented with several new opportunities moscow and riyadh might well be putting behind the years of antipathy and perhaps forging a new more pragmatic relationship. the two countries are spent the past six years on opposing sides of the syrian conflict but russia's military support has turned the tide in favor of bashar al assad's forces saudi backed opposition groups are diminished saudi leaders have given their backing to the deescalation zones brokered by russia turkey and iran elsewhere shared economic interests have been bringing the world's two biggest crude oil producers together russia and saudi arabia have cooperated for the last year in cutting production to push prices higher from record lows there are promises of a one billion dollar russia saudi joint energy fund and other investments russia and saudi arabia may not be allies yet but they're certainly not the adversaries
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they once were rory chalons how does iran moscow. it's been a fresh round of anti-government protests in the west african nation of togo and what the opposition is calling a final warning to the ruling family thousands of protesters are demanding that president saying they stand down after twelve years of rule they also want presidents to only be able to run for two terms in a single a family has been in power for fifty years after the current leaders pharmacies power in a coup in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven. a leading critic of the rwandan president has been charged with inciting insurrection and forgery they are regard has repeatedly accused president paul kagame a of stifling his opponents and criticized his twenty three year rule authorities are barred from standing in august presidential election saying she forged signatures from supporters to back her electoral bid she's been detained for two weeks. the deputy leader of cambodia's main opposition party has told al jazeera
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she wants sanctions imposed on her country. fled to thailand on tuesday saying she would have been arrested if she'd stayed cambodia's prime minister has said there'll be no letup in the crackdown on what he calls rebels and traitors in the accuses of plotting a revolution by a reports from bangkok. this is day one an example for moose a coup and clearly the gravity of who decision is still sinking in i don't want to live as a fugitive i want. oh voice. but there was cannot be heard even captured the deputy leader of cambodia's main opposition party decided to leave for neighboring thailand she says she would have been arrested if she stayed as senior officials in the government confirmed personally with me that it is him and then the address will come sometime this week
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otherwise i would not have fled the country the government believes she came soaker and others are putting with foreign governments to overthrow prime minister when sam last month came soca was arrested and charged with treason and. we hope that it is very lucky for us that cambodia has found and arrested the traitor if the opposition party continues to defend this traitor it means the party is also a traitor so there is no time left for this party to operate in cambodia's democratic process anymore in response around half of the cambodian national rescue parties members of parliament have now left the country the situation in cambodia continues a pattern of police in attacking the west for trying to interfere in the running of his country and an increasing reliance on china for investment and support when kim soca was arrested the chinese foreign ministry said it supports the cambodian government's efforts to protect security and stability who has been in power for more than thirty years but the opposition has been steadily gaining support critics
9:44 pm
believe the prime minister is scared of losing next year's election the only party capable of defeating him is in tatters but its leaders believe their challenge can still be resurrected there is hope if it is the action taken. but i did the national unity through the strong measures such as park it that sanctions like visa sanctions leg suspension of technical assistance to the government musak who isn't sure how long she'll be out of the country but however long it is she says she won't give up the fight for true democracy in cambodia where in her zero bangkok a court in sweden has reversed a decision to deport an afghan woman who's one hundred six years old baby how is
9:45 pm
becky arrived in europe from afghanistan in two thousand and fifteen after a journey that involved being carried by her son and grandchildren her family say she suffered a stroke when a happy occasion for asylum was rejected in june she's now been given temporary residence for the next thirty months after which she can apply for an extension. italian police have seized nearly thirty million dollars in assets and arrested thirty seven people as part of a mafia blitz the group is accused of running an extortion racket involving fruit fish and drugs police say one victim was the owner of a high end restaurant in rome two italian military police officers are among those charged they're accused of using the police database to threaten people. the european union has ordered am isn't pay around two hundred ninety five million dollars in back taxes despite selling goods from warehouses across europe for almost a decade amazon channel to sales through luxemburg the e.u.
9:46 pm
says it had a special deal that meant to pay less tax and other companies also taking action against ireland to make it climb back more than fifteen billion dollars owed by apple. today's decision to order luxembourg to recover unpaid tax from amazon and refer to the court for failing to recover on paid tax from apple. i hope that. both decisions seem. message that companies must pay their fair share of taxes as the huge majority of companies do. which is prime minister terry's amaze been trying to unite the conservative party at its annual conference after infighting over breaks it and its poor performance in the election the speech didn't go to plan as barnaby phillips reports she caved to magister hoping to reestablish or thorazine her final day speech was memorable but not as she would have intended an apology for
9:47 pm
jude's election campaign in which the conservatives lost their majority went down well i hold my hands are for that i take responsibility i lead to the campaign and i am sorry from there it was downhill a prankster if they did security and handed the prime minister a document implying she should be fired he was bundled out but how did he manage to get here in the first place is to strange then when the prime minister lost her voice. and it got worse the public sector working together we have bounced back we've created record numbers of jobs. to her credit she carried on insisting that whilst breck's it is inevitable britain remains a global power we will meet our commitments to international security with the
9:48 pm
finest forces and intelligence anywhere on the planet. we will build an outward looking britain that cooperates with other nations to tackle the great challenges of our time like mass migration modern slavery and climate change it ended with letters falling off the wall behind her and sympathy from her husband. the prime minister is trying to convince many doubters both within her party and the country as a whole that she has what it takes she struggled at times in this speech that she's trying to show she has a policy agenda that she's not just an interim leader who will soon disappear afterwards ministers who are quick to defend the prime minister. around the world your party's united behind the prime minister. simply be united behind the prime
9:49 pm
minister she did a brilliant speech then and really are lifting you could really feel the future from the you know it was difficult in terms but you know we showed. supporters will say the speech show to reserve may at her best human side her resilience. will say it was the perfect metaphor for prime minister for whom so much has gone wrong barnaby phillips al-jazeera. so i had for this news hour and all the day and all the time from tennis's bad boy kerry os joe out those details and much more in sport. and then how this new hand held device could be a major breakthrough in detecting cancer.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
chose the sport. marion thank you very much serious football team up or parry for the biggest moment in the history as unlikely as it may seem they could be on their way to a free for a while cup for the very first time syria take on a stranger in the first leg of their play off on thursday their home game what we played in their own war ravaged country but rather in malaysia syria still have a long way to go to reach russia the second leg takes place in sydney next week and they should win syria and if they should win syria will still have to play two games against a team from north and central america well. we have high hopes people have faith in us we're playing australia next they're
9:52 pm
a big team most of the players playing top leagues we have a match plan we want to serials and qualify but rather than bringing people together the fans are divided about who the team really represents with opposition leaders accusing the government of politicizing football which reports. the syrian national team's draw in iran last month sparked celebrations in the capital. football has the power to bring people together but not in a government controlled damascus road only supporters of push on assad are now together in public. not far away you won't find any scenes of celebration just more death and destruction in opposition controlled assignment syria remains a war torn country young men here. streams work to play football find themselves instead dodging bullets and bombs. is the president of the opposition syrian
9:53 pm
football association he was a member of the general sports union before defecting in two thousand and twelve in protest at the regime of bashar assad he says the current national football team doesn't represent syrians. the world is now interested in the national team in a spot gotten about the massacres in my country the national team players and the management say football shouldn't be mixed with politics yet they have publicly thank those murdering out children they have expressed their support for russia iran and the syrian regime. coming for same is also from he's been playing football for twenty years he believes the regime is using the play off with australia to increase its popularity. they're politicizing the game and the people have nothing to do with that this national team completely supports the regime and its crimes my message to the world whatever accepts the steel supports the crimes of the regime against civilians. while the focus is on the success of syria's national football
9:54 pm
team dozens of civilians are killed every day the united nations says at least four hundred thousand syrians have lost their lives in six years of war. if syria does qualify for the world cup political opponents fear the war crimes committed by the assad regime and the struggle of syrians calling for freedom will be forgotten amidst the you for your of the celebrations. well on the theme of football and politics europe aka is adamant that he'll continue to play for the spanish national team despite being paid by fans over his support of the catalan independence referendum the barcelona defender faced criticism from some fans during a training session with the national team on monday and had said he'd retire from international duty if the federation didn't want his political views. yes i considered quitting the spanish team but in the end you have to consider every option and after thinking about it for
9:55 pm
a long time i decided the best thing was to stay and face this challenge if i leave now it would be letting the people who insult me and me win and i don't think they are a majority and i don't want to give them the looks real. world cup qualifying will be taking place in spader right across the globe over the next five days as more teams look to book their spot at russia twenty eight team we know eight of the thirty two teams so far starting in east asia you have japan and south korea the latter is featured at every world cup dating back to nine hundred eighty six now if you shift to the middle east you will see iran and saudi arabia qualified as the two teams who automatically made it through in europe russia will of course be competing as the host nation but so far just one of the thirteen other teams that have been confirmed for qualification qualification and that is belgium who are ranked number nine in the world that england germany serbia and spain could soon join them over three automatic spots for north and central america and caribbean
9:56 pm
only mexico have booked their place in russia so far and the eighth qualified team it's brazil who have lost just once from their sixteen qualify games they have played in every world cup so far but as you can imagine a world cup without leon messi might well be taking place you might have to imagine that because argentina's qualification is far from a guarantee they've reached three major finals in three years but the team who came so close to winning the world cup in brazil in twenty fourteen now have two crucial games ahead of them against pru in ecuador they face the very real prospect of missing out on the world cup for the first time since one nine hundred seventy sitting fifth in the south american standings. while tennis number two simona halep has achieved a first ever victory of a maria sharpe over this one came at the china. and in beijing off to share a prover return from a drugs ban halep criticised the russian being given a wildcard entry into her first tournament back the pattinson met in the us open
9:57 pm
first round in september but on wednesday it was the remaining who was superior making. the start of the sixty six two. meanwhile australia isn't it kerry also is the first man through to the quarter finals despite dropping the first sets and it was customary temper tantrum would regain his composure against germany's mischa's vera the older brother of alexander the a strain and going through to win three six six two six three and that is only sport for now but samarium in london thanks very much joe scientists in the u.s. say they've made a major breakthrough in detecting cancer with a new hand-held device mask and simply presses against a patient skin and then within seconds gives a diagnosis of where the cancer is present it works by placing a drop of water against the skin which lifts a sample of metabolites from the tissue sample can be instantly tested with ninety six percent accuracy. from myself in this news hour but lauren taylor will be with
9:58 pm
you in a moment with much more the day's news stay with us. the sky what they should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
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providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the travel goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. oh is it where they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you care to address or if you join us on set a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global
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conversation at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump arrives in las vegas to meet survivors of sunday's shooting which police say was planned in great detail.


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