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filmed of a five years. on china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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fully back to go this is a news hour live from i had quarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the doctors the nurses all of the people who want to screw up the paper job that's indescribable hailing first responders as heroes president donald trump meets police paramedics and firefighters who are on the scene after sunday's mass shooting in las vegas meanwhile senior republicans say they want to investigate devices that turned guns into rapid fire weapons in the wake of the massacre also this hour a castle on leaders call for mediation over their push for independence from spain but madrid says nothing to talk about and an outbreak of the bubonic and pneumonic plague scrawls panic in madagascar. thank you for joining us the u.s. president has commended the efforts of medical staff and police following sunday
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night's mass shooting in las vegas fifty eight people were killed and more than five hundred injured. and the massacre the deadliest in modern u.s. history but during his trip to las vegas donald trump again avoided the subject of gun control laws rob reynolds has this report from last i guess. president donald trump said he went to las vegas to pay his respects and honor doctors nurses police officers and civilian heroes who saved lives his first stop was at a hospital where he visited privately for about an hour with gunshot victims and family members i just met some of the most amazing people we we met patients that were absolutely terribly wounded and the doctors the nurses and all of the people of the hospital have. a job that's indescribable las vegas is a city trump knows well his name adorns one of the highrise casino hotels on the
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famous strip but on this day he saw a different thing i guess a city traumatized and grieving at a sidewalk memorial hundreds of candles notes and toys gave physical shape to the city's sorow the psychological wounds inflicted on the community run deep the president is a strong gun rights advocate and is unlikely to support any strict new gun control laws but back in washington opposition democrats said such laws are urgently needed how many imo must stop. a hundred. thousand ten thousand american. what is your blood price harm in a moment star the traditional role of consoler in chief does not seem to come naturally to president trump and some have criticized the tone of his remarks and
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behavior on recent trips to hurricane ravaged areas of texas florida and earlier this week in puerto rico this time there were no jarring notes our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife a mother or a father son or daughter we know that your sorrow feels endless we stand together to help you carry your pain back at the memorial shonda gibson was unimpressed by trump's visit i don't feel his sincerity at all the only reason i feel as if he's coming is a status quo you have to give the president you're going to look stupid if you don't step up and come down trumps stay in las vegas lasted several hours but the city's pain will last much longer rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas and live not to hide the show castro and heidi what's the latest on the investigation what on us
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vegas authorities revealing. fully there is a key witness in this case and that is the live in girlfriend of stephen the gunman she mary lou danley was in the philippines during the shooting but last night came back to the united states escorted by f.b.i. agents and was question today and her attorney has just released a statement on dan lee's half saying that she was not aware of any sort of planning or expected five lives from her boyfriend according to the statement in fact patrick sent away his girlfriend to visit her family in the philippines days before this attack in order to spare her and she was not expecting the wire transfer that patrick center one hundred thousand dollars that arrived in her bank account just days before this attack occurred however police have found an arsenal of weapons inside the two homes that this couple shared along with the suite in the mandalay
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bay hotel all together confiscating forty seven weapons from that suite is where patrick rained down that barrage of bullets killing fifty eight people why didn't he do it authorities certainly hoping that his girlfriend could provide them with some answers and as expected this massacre has reignited the debate over gun laws in the u.s. and in particular this time around over the type of weapons and accessories that are available to people. that's right and within that hotel suite police found at device called a bump stop no this is basically a do it yourself kid that you can purchase online in the united states or at a gun shop and it can convert a semi auto weapon into essentially a machine gun which is what audio and video of the attack seems to imply was used
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by patrick now this draws a new line. in the list of mass shootings that we've experienced in the us this is the first time that a machine like a machine gun like device was use like this mass casualties and yes democrats have stepped up as they usually do after each mass shooting saying this is the time for more reforms to occur and perhaps this was the fine line with the use of a machine gun type weapon because in fact now some republicans have also joined in that effort one saying that this was the time to consider. limiting the use of those stop this and that device that creates a machine like device. would certainly look at the i'm not an expert on both dogs but all things that make america safer and don't infringe on the second amendment so you think now is the time to have this policy debate you know i think so i think
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would be a good time there but hearing. and in the past we've seen a run on gun sales in the u.s. during obama's presidency when it was feared that more strict gun control laws would take place and similarly we're hearing an anecdote from gun shops around the country that bump stops are now in fact more popular and have been selling out in the wake of this las vegas shooting thank you so much for that. for us in las vegas and as we heard some republicans have said they will consider a democratic push to ban devices known as bomb stocks that heidi was just talking about there they're used to make guns fire more rapidly twelve of the twenty three guns found in the gunman's room had bomb stocks attached to them as believe the functions allowed stephen paddle to fire hundreds of shots at concert goers now this gun club owner explains how bomb stocks work exactly take a listen. the bump stock itself is an attachment that replaces the
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buttstock of the rifle it has a locking mechanism here that keeps it in a fixed position so that it can't go forward here but you see how easy it moves you little force will move it so if you put your finger over this and then push forward here it basically will put your finger on the trigger and with it. with it all safe just that little bit of motion you can hear the click it will shoot then it comes back forward the rifle will then cycle and cock again which is what makes it similar although also more in this sense now speak to david burnett a former president of the group students for concealed carry it's a firearms advocacy group he's also the author of tough talk it's when criminals face resistance from citizens. via skype from lexington thank you very much for being on al-jazeera why so popular among gun owners first of all.
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you know they're really more of a novelty device i personally have never fired one i truly don't know anyone who has or owns one. in the explanation they're just a device that simply enables you to pull the trigger faster so the idea that as a policy prescription we could actually curtail the sale of bum stocks and actually have prevented this attack is kind of a misnomer i wish it were true i wish that there were it's a simple solution but it's not one that would actually work. the each so like with the devices you can replicate on your own you can take a firearm apart and file that under certain car and make it more automatic some of the experts people who practice with this have been able to do that just by learning how to pull the trigger faster so i wish you wouldn't just are like something for our international audience because you know not many people are aware of the different laws in the us automatic weapons are tightly regulated right in the us why isn't various
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a case it automatic with bonds stocks i want tightly regulated. the bum stocks are not the automatic weapons have been illegal to manufacture or purchase since one thousand nine hundred for several decades now. and we also have the assault weapons ban which went for ten years that was an attempt to curtail the assault weapons crime quote unquote and that did very little to help out as well so yeah i truly do wish this were as simple as a law but i think when you have an eccentric millionaire who's winning willing to spend fifty to one hundred thousand dollars and a lot of time in premeditation to kill people it's very difficult to determine one banning these devices dell reduced the risk of such massive casualties. absolutely not absolutely not as i said if this is something that you can replicate just by taking your firearm apart and sawing it down if you were to attempt to confiscate every single one of these devices someone can manufacture it illegally
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really so you can take to the gun part and you can thank this so you know this is a terrible attack we don't know why he did it in some sense it's premature to try to prescribe solutions until we know what the problem truly was but this you know only as it relates with this debate david is you know deja vu this has become a predictable affair in the us a mass shooting happens there's a call for tighter gun laws but then it's business as usual nothing happens and you know people around the world that look at the u.s. and they say why is this if you look at the australian example for instance they have been very successful in tightly restricted gun ownership after their worst mass shooting there in one thousand nine hundred six and there's been less casualties sat why is it so difficult to achieve lasting change on issues like gun control in the u.s. why is this not happening the united states is not australia and what what one prescription may work in one country doesn't always work in another australia has
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a smaller population they have fewer guns they're more homogenous the united states is more a collection of states for them or if you look at similar policies that were implemented in places. you know a lot of i'm sorry i think we lost the connection there for a second just coming back to the australian example and the u.k. as well why why do you think again this is can't be replicated in the us i know it's not just about the constitutional right to bear on does is it i it's not just about the second amendment it's also about entrenched political interests isn't it . i don't think that's the case because if you look at the nature of the bands that took place over in europe they did very little to prevent the attacks in germany and nice france and a lot of the other places so mass killings are taking place at the same rate overseas as they are here so in australia as a smaller country it's more homogenous they have fewer guns they have fewer shootings and shootings before the the ban and it's just unrealistic to think that
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we could go door to door and prevent firearms or we can confiscate the firearms which everyone says we don't want to do we have an illicit drug trade in this country and drugs are enormously illegal and there's that penalties available so again i wish that a law could fix this i don't think that an armed citizen could have fixed this that tends to be that you know my side of the aisle says well maybe if someone a good guy with a gun could have stopped this you know he would've been there that's not something that i think would apply in this case and what i wish i could hear from the other side is also saying we're not sure the laws would have fixed this either and again how do you stop a millionaire who's intent on murdering people and even if he didn't have the guns the man was a certified pilot he could have used his plane and flew into the crowd clearly this was a demented individual and he wanted it to conason to carnage i have yet to hear of a law that would have prevented this man from doing what he did and i'm i'm willing to listen to possibilities but so far none of the laws that have presented either
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you know australia or here in america have worked and we've tried right we tried them so and it's been president clinton and then we've tried you know the the democrat party people who are friendly to gun control were in power for eight years and didn't and didn't affect any i'm going to control measures to prevent this certainly very interesting to hear if you point on this and hear the other side as you say thank you very much for speaking to us david burnett joining us there from lexington in the us thank you. in other world news now the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve a standoff with the central government but the madrid government says for that to happen the region must respect the law on sunday more than two million catalans voted for secession from spain in a band referendum i would very much about up when i close when we have ever been to achieving a historic on sunday we succeeded in holding a referendum despite the oppression of a police yesterday we set an example of a general strike and there are days to come we will show the best face of our
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country and this institution applying the results of a referendum in the meantime we must keep our confidence and not rise to any provocation or any attempts at violence we do not want that here in our home or anywhere else we must remain strong and dignified and we will be a country able to make our reality his copperhead whole now with more from barcelona. the head of the catalan government colors posed the monitors used a televised address to criticize the spanish government's handling of the political crisis he also said that he firmly disagreed with king philippe's address to the nation the previous day in that address the king accused the catalan of already of the disloyalty and suggested they were almost on the verge of rebellion pushed him on tuesday measured tone to say that the solution to the problems of catalonia is attempt to break away from the rest of spain was a political matter not a police matter he has once again suggested talks and mediation in this crisis the
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spanish government was very quick however to come out and say that the only way that they would consider such talks was if catalonia abandoned its attempts to session that is something that will be deaf very difficult for the catalan government both because of the referendum results but also because if the man tries to back away from this proposed declaration of independence which could come as soon as next monday then effectively he could risk losing a process session majority in the capital and parliament meanwhile the vice president of the european parliament has the spanish government and catalan authorities to avoid further confrontation violence does not solve anything in politics it is never an answer never a solution and it can never be used as a weapon or instrument europe knows this better than anywhere else none of us want
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to see violence in our society. however it is of course the jew chief or any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes does require caution its use of force. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including a small device which could revolutionize the way cancer is detected plus a u.n. force pulls out of haiti after thirteen years and a controversial legacy of violence and a cholera epidemic and football is meant to unite people but in syria fans are divided about who their team really represents we'll have more on that in sports coming up. but first to syria at least fifty people have been killed and eighty others injured by an airstrike in dera zor province it's not clear who carried out the strikes in the town of asada
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a sandwich or video reportedly shows the nearby town of maya deen being bombed u.s. and russian forces are separately trying to retake the region from i saw a fight. russia says it's investigating and i saw a video which apparently shows two of its soldiers captured by the armed group in dairies or the russian foreign ministry says it's working to establish details about the men as defense ministry has previously denied any of its soldiers have been captured russia supporting syria's government in its fight against eisold dares sore. court in turkey has convicted forty two people including soldiers in a major trial linked to the failed go in two thousand and sixteen they were accused of trying to assassinate president type most of those convicted were given life sentences has our report. verdict have been delivered against some of these suspects accused of being a part of an assassination team targeting the turkish president on the night of the
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failed coup attempt in july two thousand and sixteen the conviction of this essence team as they were dropped is one of the most important following the feared coup because they're all well known president tired on himself is a plaintive and frontalot girl and the u.s. space turkish businessman is accused of organizing the failed coup. only it is hard to get them with this team was sent to kill the president it was clear what these suspects were accused of and to some of them were cordial redhanded it's good that these kind of trials are finished as soon as possible but of course according to the law. the essence case is just one of the hundreds of loss' following the failed coup more than fifty thousand turks are in jail awaiting court proceedings many are accused of being members of the given this moment which the government says orchestrated the attempted overthrow they come from all sections of society
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including four hundred eighty one military officers and civilians on trial in ankara they're charged with murder attempted murder and tribes and prosecutors say they organized a coup from a military base just outside the capital. in istanbul thirty journalists a newspaper executives are charged with being members of what prosecutors ascribed as an armed terrorist organization. tens of thousands of teachers and public sector workers have been sacked in a government crackdown and thousands of. current and former government workers are under arrest. but some of those people who were sacked will remain ploy after they appealed to the courts. prisons are almost full some courthouses are too small for the high numbers of the fence critics and who. blame turkey's leaders are using the coup attempt as an excuse to silence the media and their pointed. but the spike the
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trials arrest and sackings many turks continue to support the government they say they are still angry about the two hundred fifty lives lost during the failed coup attempt. turkey's president to take decisive steps to stop kurdish leaders from declaring an independent state in iraq . iranian president hassan rouhani in tehran to discuss kurdish secession efforts under simmons has more from istanbul. president rouhani on opposing sides over syria but together in their reaction to the kurdish referendum next door in iraq both turkey and iran have kurdish minority populations both presidents believe any independence move in iraq could cause unrest in their countries and even more instability in the region there's agreement for more cooperation between his along with sharing more intelligence and deep terror operations both men had
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stern faces as they promised action but they weren't specifying what might happen. as far as we concerned iraq is one single country syria is one single country and we do not accept the geographical border changes in any way whatsoever we do not wish to exert this pressure but the wrong decisions made by some of the heads of the kurdish regional government need to be compensated for it would have. we correspond with the iraqi central government as far as we're concerned this referendum is illegitimate we have already taken certain steps but from this moment onward more decisive steps will be taken. turkey's army is in the third week of military exercises next to the only border crossing point into northern iraq a small number of iraqi troops joined in last week and they're still there iran has deployed tanks on its border and is also in gauged in joint exercises with iraq
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this is all intended to increase the pressure on the iraqi kurdish leadership the two presidents may have been short on detail in any further action they plan but that could be tactical they insist that iran turkey and the central government in iraq will act in unison there appears to be a determination to cut off the iraqi kurdish leadership unless it really now says the referendum result in this isolation issue this content you know in politics terms in economic terms and also in military terms and those are too strong if we feel our south threatened. back that ankara can. be on the same room in the same room sit on the same table and. think about military options together but most military observers believe cross border interventions by
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turkey all round are unlikely and if more economic sanctions are imposed such as shutting off the kurdish oil pipeline that runs through turkey it won't just the kurds and to simmons' al-jazeera istanbul. a draft u.n. report has added saudi arabia to a blacklist for the killing and maiming of children in yemen a confidential draft of of taint by the reuters news agency attributed nearly seven hundred child casualties to the saudi led military coalition in two thousand and sixteen but it notes the coalition has put measures in place to improve child protection the aid group save the children has welcomed the report says it sees little sign of improvement on the ground saudi arabia's king solomon has arrived in moscow for a five day trip the first ever by is saudi monarch to russia king solomon will hold talks with the russian president vladimir putin the war in syria will be top of the agenda along with bilateral investments and stop the lies in oil markets were
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a challenge has more from moscow. well i think the main reason why he's arrived here is because of the changing landscape of middle eastern politics. america is still the preeminent global power in the region but you could argue that its influence there is weakening and so traditional allies of the us like saudi arabia like turkey like egypt and israel have all been coming to moscow recently their leaders have essentially hedging their bets. letting me putin is a leader who realizes the changing tapestry of the region and he is in many ways responsible for it because of his intervention in the in the syrian conflict and he knows that perhaps saudi arabia and the others are not going to give up on their partnerships with the united states but he still willing to do deals with them as
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well i think the saudi arabian king is going to be here to talk politics me they'll be discussing iran they'll be discussing syria and various other problems of the region but the main progress i think that's going to be made on this trip is in the economic sphere they'll be talking about a joint energy fund to the tune of one billion dollars for investing in the energy industries they'll be looking at various investment opportunities in russia and they'll be talking about continued cooperation in consing oil production to boost energy prices so yeah i think the they will be doing politics but certainly they'll be doing a lot of business as well. rory chalons in moscow there seen ahead on the al-jazeera news hour find out why thousands of protesters have again taken to the streets
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saying togo press internet giant amazon gets an unwelcome item in its shopping basket we'll tell you what it was later in the news hour and no love lost between two of the giants of women's tennis still we'll tell you how this grudge match in china went down coming up in sports slated to stay with us. hello again we've got some fairly heavy rain over parts of north america at the moment you can see quite clearly on the satellite picture is this area of cloud here the stretches all the way up into the eastern parts of canada that's giving a sim fairly heavy rain at the moment and it's not really moving anywhere in a great hurry so chicago having rather a wet day on thursday and that rain sticking around as we head into friday just pushing a little bit further towards the northeast so we'll see some of that weather work its way into toronto now ahead of that system where you can see the air's all being
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set up from the south so it's actually quite humid and quite warm for many of us here washington d.c. on friday still getting to around twenty seven degrees for the west largely fine and dry here but still hot in l.a. thirty three a bit further towards the south and there's plenty of cloud here as there have been over the past few days and we're now seeing a few more weather features develop there particularly just to the southern parts of mexico this is now a storm more and it's working its way away towards the west fortunately but behind it there still are a few more areas which we're watching very closely that could be developing into something a little bit more sinister i mean further towards the south and here we've got one system that is just easing now with the next one is brewing and that's going to give us heavy rain for friday. an indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's
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biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time when i visit. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people struction say you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when it comes on things seemed to realize you witness history in the making. and that's not just phones contributing to samsung's bumper profits if we look at the u.s. economy the moment it does seem to be in pretty good shape up until around two thousand and five greek debt levels were basically stable we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the back to our in mind of our top stories u.s. present donald trump has phrase medical staff and police following sunday night's my shooting in las vegas fifty eight people were killed and more than five hundred injured democrats and some top republican lawmakers are calling for a debate to ban devices used to make guns fire like automatic weapons the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve a standoff with the central government but the central government in madrid says for that to happen the region must respect the law. and turkey's president is vowing to take decisive steps to stop kurdish leaders from to carrying an
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independent state in iraq the ship type even in president hassan rouhani in tehran for talks on. all countries oppose iraqi kurds plans to form an independent state. by u.s. president donald trump will ask congress for a twenty nine billion dollars emergency relief package for hurricane recovery efforts. made a controversial visit to puerto rico two weeks after it was hit by hurricane maria she is in puerto rico's capital san juan where locals are hoping the disaster will be the catalyst for long term change. it soon became clear after hurricane maria passed through put a ricoh that. aid was going to be forthcoming any time quickly for why the washington or from the authorities here and put a rico so it was up to community groups to begin organizing to try to get food to people to try to help people to try and rebuild to try and recover people from houses and i'm joined now by. one of those who are overseeing fifteen community
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groups around put a rico who are doing very much extending the sort of work they're already doing here in puerto rico because of the austerity measures in the financial emergency that was already taking place a republican explain that this is just an extension of what you were doing already and so we are in a way maybe even enough we will what we were doing already but it's also urgency that has come with it it's like a deal of bail has been lifted. now for the world to see the poverty that already exists in it what it means in terms of working infrastructure the impact of it here again of this magnitude in the end it feels like that here it was just the beginning and what has happened afterwards it feels like we're still in the middle of the storm we're going to give us those those connections in between the austerity emergency that was already underway and what's happening now as a result the hurrican not sure it's so. seventy two billion dollar debt and that debt is directly connected to economic policies that congress passes that allow
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specific industries like pharmaceutical industries to be made millions and billions of dollars off rico and at the same time the infrastructure suffers right they don't pay taxes part that he has been used as a tax haven for a very long time and it doesn't have political power so you have a place that is historically been kept poor that has been used to make billions of dollars and extract well and at the same time your infrastructure that goes from people's homes which they don't make enough money to have a cement home so the impact is much worse but it also goes to the extent of what happens to our roads our electricity how is it that after we've made so much money for all these industries nothing is left behind burger donald trump says he wants to forgive but a reader of the goldman sachs read i'm going to make a book i would like to see that in paper i think that. donald trump is someone difficult to trust who came here and made a critical of the people part that really it was embarrassing to watch the governor
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laugh while he was making jokes about her thirty bill and even diminishing the amount of people that we've lost and the amount of people that's that we've had some of which we haven't even counted for so if that's true i want to see it on paper and he should have a clear it's not a concession he's making is not your marco rubios thank you very much. groups that are that they would rather decentralized relief and reconstruction and that the same authorities would try to cut services and put a record called necessarily be trusted now to rebuild weaker. and central america is at risk of more flooding with forecasters warning a tropical depression because strengthen into a hurricane the storm is about three hundred kilometers southeast of kabul a deals on the nicaragua honduras border the u.s. national hurricane center says it should come close to the coast of nicaragua early thursday. to africa now and a joint patrol of u.s. and troops has come under attack with reports of several soldiers being killed the
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u.s. says the assault took place in the southwest near the ne share mali border madagascar is trying to contain an outbreak of the bubonic and pneumonic plague at least thirty people have died in the past two months and almost two hundred suspected cases have been reported the government has banned public gatherings in the capital on to known a rave in an attempt to stop the did the disease from spreading while the latest outbreak has spread to urban centers the world health organization is calling for calm. zero zero zero zero zero i would like to remind you that the plague exists in many countries including kenya madagascar zambia algeria and the democratic republic of congo it's not only madagascar this is important because what we've been hearing is that the situation in madagascar is like the end of the world we would just like to say that it is a disease like any other we are lucky that there is a cure and this treatment is free. since it wiped out half of europe swap relation
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in the middle ages the plague as become a rare disease but it does still exist in some parts of the world between two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen it killed five hundred eighty four people globally in africa four country still regularly report cases madagascar is the most seriously affected country in the world in the americas outbreaks occur in peru and this even been some cases in rural areas of the us the plague originated in asia there it still affects parts of china care to stand and russia well for more on this let's bring in dr bob arnot was a medical doctor and former chief medical correspondent at n.b.c. news he joins us via skype from store in the u.s. state of vermont thank you so much for being with us so what is causing this modern day plague in madagascar. so there couple things here you know it lives on roads and when those those rodents disappear at this time of year during the rice harvest
2:38 am
then they start to feast on humans spreading the disease to them so as the minister said there and that a gas car it's a fairly common disease in africa but there are two things that are different and alarming in madagascar are one rather than being in rural populations were snuffed itself out it's in ten big cities which is a real concern and the other is this you know the bubonic plague when it gets into the lungs rather than spreading from a fully one animal and then an animal back to a human because from one human to the other and that is alarming so the symptoms will be sudden onset of fever a cough you have pain in your lymph nodes when they say blue bonnet play the blue bow actually stands for the swelling in the various lymph nodes but as soon as it spread from the lungs i could cough and those droplets could infect you that's alarming right because it's human to human transmission rather than animal to human
2:39 am
so highly contagious and so what you know what can people take to protect themselves and i think authorities in madagascar are very concerned because it's spread from rural areas to urban areas right. well they have that is known these days in these you know urban areas where you know what they want to do is they want to isolate each one of those cases that's called contact tracing they'll find a case to isolate those cases they're going to strengthen their surveillance they'll have the disinfection of all the affected areas are obviously raising awareness as you've seen there but the key thing of course is do you need to get the right antibiotics to patients once they become sick this. pneumonia plague or plague that's in the lungs is one hundred percent fail unless treated it has to be treated early so the three classes of an auditor that can be used of course is the government said they're free so no great need for panic but of course the trouble with all these diseases is they're just an airplane wide away from from europe or
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the middle east to the right so do the steps like. avoiding public gatherings and so on design to help train for it or there's. no i think we have lost our connection to doc to bob on it there was talking to us about this outbreak of the plague in madagascar we'll move on now to other news and saying on the african continent and a leading critic of wanda's president paul kagame it has been charged with inciting insurrection and forgery and he got the we got our eye has repeatedly accused me of siphoning his opponents and criticize his twenty three year rule has been detained for two weeks and blocks from standing in august presidential election officials came she forged signatures from supporters to back her intellectual bit. they have been more on thai government protests in the streets of tokyo in west africa with
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businesses shutting their doors in a quiet protest against president fornia symbols twelve year old that calling for the end of his dong regime and demanding changes that stop presidents from ruling for more than two times every port on the growing unrest in the small west african country. togo has been ruled by one family for fifty years is there not some day these protestors say it's time for a change. on the streets to ask for reforms we are the only country road to the fifty years by the same regime and they don't want to leave power the youth afraid up we had demanding change. president has changed his mind on changing the limits of his term since two thousand and five when hundreds were killed during the contested election campaign that he won to calm the nation he pledged to introduce two term limits it never happened and now in his third term he has just bought up a parliament push to cap his presidency. the one thousand nine hundred two constitution
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contains a lot of provisions for the limitation of presidential terms that the president and the prime minister the composition of the high court bring him back in one thousand nine hundred to constitution means that we want our institutions to perform democratically as it is supposed to be a little anger has swelled since august with this becoming a regular scene but the not some base do have plenty of support as many have taken to the streets in support of their dynasty. and i'm here to join the call to defend bees then rings a dog when people are protesting going straight to why there is a president who is leaving the country we have to speak out and say stop the violence they talk about change lead them calling their parliamentarians slows. government leaders in togo say they have cut the internet to control what they call hate speech and misinformation protests are expected to continue on thursday it's
2:43 am
got harder al-jazeera. after thirteen years the u.n. mission is pulling out of haiti it says its work is nearly done after helping put the country back on the road to recovery the peacekeepers have been credited with bringing some stability to haiti but reports their legacy also includes disease violence and sexual exploitation. the united nations is going home believe four thousand police and military personnel taking with them their trucks armored vehicles and the mobile hospital. they'd like haitians to remember them for helping to bolster national institutions for consensus building a successful election as human rights work and their relief and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes and an earthquake it is a moment of confidence in the haitian people it is an indication of the recognition by the security council that the allies a from work which was intrusted to the
2:44 am
mission. did in fact produce positive results. but staying behind another legacy these children and their mother say were fathered by europe one u.n. troops stationed in the southwestern coastal city of port salut been abandoned. i'm very angry that the un is leaving as it's left us with nothing they should take responsibility they know about the children they did d.n.a. tests and they told us they're positive but never give us the results. i feel abandoned after years of running around and false promises from the un nothing has happened to make us do a lot of stuff but there's no results. this is just one of several scandals including rape in alleged murder involving u.n. troops from a number of countries the un has apologized saying sexual exploitation has no place
2:45 am
in its operations the organization systematically. all of the information and all of the cases that it presents. in order to ensure that there is in fact reaction and positive action on the part of the members. many also want answers about the two thousand and ten cholera epidemic which investigators say was caused by nepalese un troops and for you an operations to pacify no go areas in july two thousand and five un troops entered this neighborhood with guns blazing the bullet holes still visible in the buildings behind me an unknown and still disputed number of residents were killed. a smaller one thousand three hundred strong un force remain to work with the justice system which also remains a many haitians asking whether the mission which many here never welcomed has left the future of their troubled country any more stable. than zero point two brands
2:46 am
al-jazeera is demanding the release of his journalist model saying who's now been in prison in egypt's for more than nine months is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and ologist strongly deny authorities every few years to allow him to be transferred to a specialist treatment of a broken arm an injury he sustained in jail britain's prime minister theresa may has been trying to raise morale at her conservative party's annual conference it was an attempt to move beyond the party's infighting over breaks it but the speech didn't go to plan as our u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips records she came to manchester hoping to reestablish her or thorazine her final day speech was memorable but not as she would have intended. an apology for june's election campaign in which the conservatives lost their majority went down well i hold my hands are for that i take responsibility
2:47 am
i lead to the campaign and i am sorry from there it was downhill a prankster evaded security and handed the prime minister a document implying she should be fired. he was bundled out but how did he manage to get here in the first place is to strange then given the prime minister lost her voice. and it got worse. public sector working together we have bounced back we've created record numbers of jobs. to her credit she carried on insisting that whilst bracks it is inevitable britain remains a global power and we will meet our commitments to international security with the finest armed forces and intelligence services anywhere on the planet. we will build an outward looking britain that cooperates with other nations to
2:48 am
tackle the great challenges of our time like mass migration. modern slavery and climate change it ended with letters falling off the wall behind her and sympathy from her husband. the prime minister is trying to convince many doubters both within her party and the country as a whole that she has what it takes she struggled at times in this speech that she's trying to show she has a policy agenda that she's not just an interim leader who will soon disappear afterwards ministers were quick to defend the prime minister but that's a lot a lot of die round the world as to whether your party is united behind the prime minister can you tell me are absolutely united behind the prime minister she did a brilliant speech then and really uplifting you could really feel hugely from the whole you know it was difficult in terms of her cough but you know the whole really showed the support of her supporters will say the speech show to reserve may at her
2:49 am
best human side her resilience. will say it was the perfect metaphor for prime minister for him so much has gone wrong phillips al-jazeera. us scientists are hoping a handheld device will revolutionize the way cancer is detected the so-called mass spec pen pressed against a patient's skin and can give a cancer diagnosis within seconds it works by placing a drop of water against the body and then scans for small molecules the water. can be instantly tested with ninety six percent accuracy. still ahead he was booed by. supporting the friend. is defiance we'll hear from him and sports next with joe.
2:50 am
2:51 am
thanks very much will syria's unlikely quest to qualify for their first before world cup continues on thursday they face australia in the biggest moment in the country's football history serious home game in the two legged play off won't be played in their own war damaged country but rather in malaysia they still have a long way to go to reach russia the second leg takes place in sydney next week and should they win syria will still have to play two games against a team from north and central america. we have high hopes people have
2:52 am
faith in us we're playing australia mixed they're a big team most of the players playing top leagues we have a match plan we want to. and qualify. but rather than bringing people together the fans a divided about where the team really represents with opposition leaders accusing the government of politicizing football which shall reports. the syrian national teams will draw in iran last month sparked celebrations in the capital. football has the power to bring people together but not in a government controlled damascus were only supporters of bashar assad are now together in public. not far away you won't find any scenes of celebration just more death and destruction in opposition controlled a sign that syria remains a war torn country the young men whose dreams were to play football find themselves
2:53 am
instead dodging bullets and bombs now that is the president of the opposition syrian football association he was a member of the general sports union before defecting in two thousand and twelve in protest at the regime of bashar assad he says the current national football team doesn't represent syrians other than from noting that in the world is now interested in the national team and to speak gotten about the massacres in my country the national team players and the management say football shouldn't be mixed with politics yet they have publicly thank those murdering out children have expressed their support for russia iran and the syrian regime. a common for saying is also from he's been playing football for twenty years he believes the regime is using the play off with australia to increase its popularity. they're politicizing the game and the people have nothing to do with that this national team completely supports the regime and its crimes my message to the world whatever accepts this team supports the crimes of the regime against civilians. while the
2:54 am
focus is on the success of syria's national football team dozens of civilians are killed every day the united nations says at least four hundred thousand syrians have lost their lives in six years of war. if syria does qualify for the world cup political opponents fewer the war crimes committed by the assad regime and the struggle of syrians calling for freedom will be forgotten amidst the you for your of the sort of ration. well on the theme of football and politics cherry pick a is adamant that he'll continue to play for the spanish national team despite being booed by fans over his support of the catalan independence referendum the ball slow to defend and face criticism from some fans during a training session with the national team on monday and had said he'd retire from international duty if the federation didn't want his political views. yes i considered quitting the spanish team but in the end you have to consider
2:55 am
every option and after thinking about it for a long time i decided the best thing was to stay and face this challenge if i leave now it would be letting the people who insult me and me win and i don't think they are a majority and i don't want to give them the luxury of quitting. well quite qualify will take place right across the globe over the next five days as more teams that support their spot at russia twenty eighteen we know eight of the thirty two teams so far starting in east asia you have japan and south korea now the latter has featured at every world cup dating back to nineteen eighty six if you shift over to the middle east you have iran and saudi arabia as the other two teams to automatically qualify in europe russia will be competing as the host nation of course so far just one of the thirteen european teams of confirms their qualification and that's belgium who are ranked number nine in the world england germany serbia and spain could soon be joining them on the three automatic spots
2:56 am
for north and central america and caribbean only mexico has booked its place in russia so far and the eight qualified team of course brazil who have lost just once from their sixteen qualifying games they have played in every world cup but can you imagine a world cup without messi you might have to because argentina's qualification is far from guaranteed they've reached three major finals in three years but the team who came so close to winning the world cup in brazil in two thousand and fourteen now have two crucial games ahead of them against peru and ecuador they face the very real prospect of missing out on the world cup for the first time since one nine hundred seventy sitting fifth in the south america's standings wealthy for president jenny has been in argentina as the country confirmed it will stage a joint bid with paraguayan you're going to host the twenty thirty feet for world cup argentina football has been besieged by problems involving financial
2:57 am
mismanagement corruption and disorganization. there's a lot of the made in argentina in recent years unfortunately from an administrative point of view has been in a little bit of a bad way like others on this continent outside this continent unlike fee for itself too and we all know it but in a country like argentina we have seen that there is the strength the passion and the heart to start working again now tokyo olympics organizers say they found high levels of bacteria at the open water swimming and triathlon venue for the twenty twenty games tests show levels of e-coli up to twenty times of of the acceptable limits and fecal bacteria seven times higher than it should be organizes a vowing to improve the water quality in time for the games and move dates in case of heavy rain the news comes during a visit of the international and pick committee to assess tokyo's readiness with just over one thousand days to go well turn is number two simona halep has achieved
2:58 am
a first ever victory over maria sharapova this one came at the china open in beijing after cher oppose her return from a drugs ban heloc criticised the russian being given a wildcard entry into her first tournament but the pair also met in the u.s. open first round in september but on wednesday it was the remain ian who is superior i switched work a sharp over six to six two. and that's all the sport for now joe thank you very much that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more world news coming up after this short break.
2:59 am
right. the nativist news as it breaks out of the rico tenet and tenet wait. for our great to be told you and the army with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these have been used for in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that
3:00 am
have arrived here in recent years fleeing by so and they feel very let down by the baghdad government. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it all the libya. at this time on al-jazeera. the doctors the nurses and all of the people who are spiral have done for a job that's indescribable hating first responders as heroes prize.


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