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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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he brings his personal story to life. al jazeera correspondent my own private bollywood this time. and put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. the doctors the nurses and all of the people who are still have. a job that's indescribable hailing first responders as heroes president trump meets police
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paramedics and firefighters are on the scene after sunday's match in las vegas. in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up an outbreak of the plague causes panic in madagascar as health officials call for calm. leaders called the mediation of their push for independence from spain madrid says there's nothing to talk about. and britain's prime minister tries to rally the party faithful but very little goes according to plan. people in las vegas and throughout the united states are still trying to make sense of the deadliest mass shooting in the country's modern history police have described a las vegas gunman as a disturbed and dangerous man who spent decades acquiring firearms but investigators still don't have any answers for why stephen killed fifty eight
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people and injured hundreds more at a concert on sunday to reports from las vegas. police say if anyone had knowledge of the gunman's motive the woman he lived with would but after returning from the philippines tuesday mary lou danley had little to say to explain her partner's behavior she released a statement through her attorney. i knew steven had it. as a kind caring quiet man. i loved him. and hoped for my future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen speaking on australian t.v. and with their faces hidden danley sisters said paddock center away two weeks ago
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to visit family overseas. that's a go and it. was said no way so was there no way. to really be. there for work this. danny's attorney says she is cooperating with the investigation police say they found a total of forty seven firearms inside the two homes the couple shared and inside the hotel room on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay resort from which paddock rained down terror what we know is stephen paddick is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived in a secret life much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst mess that united states history. body cameras worn by police officers captured the chaos and confusion as twenty
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thousand concert goers ran and hid from the barrage of bullets. and other chilling details police say patrick may have considered attacking and nother music concert prior to sunday night's massacre a week earlier paddick rented a high rise condo overlooking the life is beautiful music festival and its fifty thousand attendees with what intention yet another question that remains unanswered how did you castro al-jazeera las vegas well u.s. president donald trump visited las vegas on wednesday rob reynolds has the details . president donald trump said he went to las vegas to pay his respects and honor doctors nurses police officers and civilian heroes who saved lives. his first stop was at a hospital where he visited privately for about an hour with gunshot victims and family members i just met some of the most amazing people we had we met patients
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that were absolutely terribly wounded and the doctors the nurses and all of the people of the hospital have done. a good job that's indescribable las vegas is a city trump knows well his name adorns one of the highrise casino hotels on the famous strip but on this day he saw a different vegas a city traumatized and grieving at a sidewalk memorial hundreds of candles notes and toys gave physical shape to the city's sorow the psychological wounds inflicted on the community run deep says resident shanta gibson everyone is feeling and whether you are a person that likes to go out and enjoy a events which a family or this is really disturbing trump showered praise on las vegas police and firefighters as one eyewitness recounted this week while everyone else was
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crouching police officers were standing up as targets just trying to direct people and tell them where to go the traditional role of consoler in chief does not seem to come naturally to president trump and some have criticized the tone of his remarks and behavior on recent trips to hurricane ravaged areas of texas florida and earlier this week in puerto rico this time there were no jarring notes our souls are stricken with grief for every american who lost a husband or a wife a mother or a father son or daughter we know that your sorrow feels endless. we stand together to help you carry your pay. back at the memorial shanta gibson was unimpressed by trump's visit i don't feel his sincerity at all the only reason i feel as if he's come in is the status quo you have to the president you're going to
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look stupid if you don't step up and come back trumps stay in las vegas lasted several hours but the city's pain will last much longer rob reynolds al-jazeera las vegas well david byrne it is the former president of the group students for concealed carry it's a firearms advocacy group he says a gun ban wouldn't to prevent of the mass killing it's just unrealistic to think that we could go door to door and prevent firearms or really confiscated firearms which everyone says we don't want to do we have an illicit drug trade in this country and drugs are enormously illegal and there's vast penalties available so again i wish that a law could fix this i don't think that an armed citizen could fix this that tends to be that the you know my side of the aisle says well maybe if someone a good guy with a gun could have stopped this you know he would have been there that's not something that i think would apply in this case and what i wish i could hear from the other side is also saying we're not sure that laws would have fixed this either again how do you stop
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a millionaire who's intent on murdering people and even if he didn't have the guns the man was a certified pilot he could have used his plane and flew into the crowd clearly this was a demented individual and he wanted it to concent some carnage i have yet to hear of a law that would have prevented this man from doing what he did and i'm i'm willing to listen to possibilities were james supporters a military reporter at the daily beast he says it's unlikely it will bring about any change to us gun laws. dating back to after the virginia tech shootings you know we saw that some states did limit. magazine capacities so in new york city for instance you can have i believe it's a magazine over ten rounds you know after. that was really the only change after virginia tech after the newtown shooting you know congressional lawmakers turned down a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchases and even after the orlando
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shooting had. lawmakers again. turned down a bill that would prevent. people terrorists that are on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms so it seems like every after every single massive shooting that we have there is really no action from congress so in this case with this one particular case with a bump stocks it does seem like there is bipartisan support which may or may not you know pass both the house and the senate three u.s. special operations soldiers have been killed and two others injured in an attack in a jag a joint patrol of u.s. senate jerry and troops was ambushed near the border with mali don easterbrook has more from washington d.c. . well the pentagon at this point is not releasing a lot of details about this attack what we do know from other media reports is that three u.s. commandos were killed two others were wounded this attack happened in southwest new
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cher near the mali border what we understand is that in this particular area there is a heavy presence of insurgents in that area some from al qaida some from the islamic state in greater at this point though we don't know if one of those groups was responsible for this attack now the u.s. has military throughout western africa we know that several troops are have been in there they have been assisting in counterterrorism efforts in reconnaissance and in training they were on a routine patrol when this occurred and as we understand president trump has been alerted and has been briefed on what has happened we are expecting more information about this attack tomorrow from the pentagon madagascar's trying to contain an outbreak of the highly contagious plane at least thirty people have died in the past two months and almost two hundred suspected cases have been reported the
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government's banned public gatherings in the capital in an attempt to stop the disease from spreading some a binge of aid reports. these are the culprits partly responsible for the plague spreading in madagascar infected rats spread the bubonic plague while the pneumonic plague is carried from person to person more than one hundred sixty people have been infected when they say blue bonnet plague the blue bow actually stands for the swelling in the various love notes but it soon as it spread from the lungs i could cough and those droplets could infect you that's alarming because it's human to human transmission rather than animal to human. on average two to six hundred people are infected annually in feet outbreaks of the plague madagascar's rural areas. but this time it spread to populated parts the government has now banned public meetings in the capital and then and everybody there must first we must because we have heard of the disease that is spread through breeding so just to be
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on the safe side but never no i don't shake people's hands and i don't care say i don't know the precautions you take are not to talk to people and always wear a mask. the disease killed an estimated two hundred million people in the fourteenth century health experts are advising caution but they say there is no need for panic the plague is treatable with antibiotics and the world health organization says there is no risk that the disease can spread internationally with please. i would like to remind you here and it is important that the plague exists in many countries and the latest epidemics in some countries including kenya and madagascar zambia algeria and the d.r. see it's not only madagascar and this is important because what we hear in the city is that the plague is if madagascar is the end of the world we would just like to say that it is a disease like any other but we are lucky that this disease has
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a cure and this treatment is available and it is free. many schools are closed and they're being sprayed to kill fleas campaigns are also underway to remove trash in cities and officials are setting right traps the health ministry says it's taking steps to keep infections from spreading a disease which was believed to have already been wiped out some of the job i was there the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve the standoff with the country's central government but the prime minister says for that to happen and his government must respect the law call panel reports from barcelona. the head of the kaplan government colors posed the monitors used a televised address to criticize the spanish government's handling of the political crisis he also said that he firmly disagreed with king philippe's address to the nation the previous day in that address the king accused the capital already of disloyalty and suggested they were almost on the verge of rebellion posed him on
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tuesday measured tone to say that the solution to the problems of catalonia is attempt to break away from the rest of spain was a political matter not a police matter he has once again suggested talks in mediation in this crisis the spanish government was very quick however to come out and say that the only way that they would consider such talks was if catalonia abandoned its attempts at a session that is something that will be deaf very difficult for the catalan government both because of the referendum results but also because if the man tries to back away from this proposed declaration of independence which could come as soon as next monday then effectively he could risk losing a process session majority in the capital and parliament meanwhile pro independence parties in catalonia are preparing to debate the regions a session from spain millions of catalans hope an independent country would remain
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in the e.u. sitting between france and spain but when things really go as smoothly as they believe lansley reports from barcelona. the wisdom of the crowd is difficult to resist particularly when the atmosphere is as relaxed and happy as it has been in barcelona. the singalong here is to a protest tune dating to the franco dictatorship when council and traditions were systematically repressed that every teenager knows the words speaks volumes about the historical toward madrid so secession beckons can catalonia go it alone why not go. for the troy they say. is pure and beautiful they think spain is a proper democracy oh no. it's not when they are. believing that they have the power to. defeat us. beyond the economy and. our money and they're not returning. you know and they're
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spending the money we are shopping for to make things not hard for anyone. to leave spain camp here has all the momentum they think historically this is that time in the sun the idealized version of events is often presented to you here is. free from the tyranny of madrid's an independent sovereign republic able to make its own way and sit happily among the european community of nations but will things would things really be so simple. of course another european country voted for historic change recently to the u.k. to leave the european union but the essence of the argument was similar we want to be free from the control of others. it was convincing enough to win the arguments but now the u.k. is riven with disagreements and the e.u. is blocking its key demands. say when he was pro independence council and m.p.'s how they can possibly stay in the european union when spain would veto its you get
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on to slightly less inspiring than the mood of the crowd what happens if you get stuck outside the european union. would not. you know. that's. not a way. to get exactly like you. like. that's what i think. when you were up all the difficult comparable questions the u.k. never asked itself borders trade agreements the rights of cattle lands in spain and spaniards in catalonia is bothering to ask about any of its but if they do jump off the cliff to independence they will have the european union to deal with it could
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be incredibly messy largely al-jazeera in barcelona. so to come here and al-jazeera including weapons of war the new human rights watch report about how groups terrorize women and girls plus i'm daniel whiner import to brands where the united nations stabilization force is pulling out of haiti after thirteen years here want to they achieved. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello again we've got a lot of rain with this around the middle east at the moment and has been working its way from turkey all the way across toward down marty and that's really how things are going to stay over the next day or so as well for some of us in iran we've seen an awful lot of rain over one hundred millimeters in places and that has been causing quite a few problems so this system again then as we head through the day on thursday to
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the north of that certainly is cooler now so are marty no higher than around ten or eleven degrees as we head through the next couple of days and of course around the mountains we are likely to see a fair amount of snow but further to the south and here in doha the winds are likely to be feeding in from the sea over the next few days so that means things will get a little bit more humid and because it's becoming more humid the temperatures will be dropping as well so probably a maximum of friday just around thirty seven degrees time to was the southern parts of africa and things are looking a little bit more lively weather wise here you can see this weather system here that's in the east working its way across and that's giving some of us some very heavy downpours could see a few showers around joburg as well and then that system gradually pushes its way a little bit further northeast with there as we head through friday so still for some of us it could be one or two showers still to come for the western part so brightening up here after cape town were ninety. the weather sponsored by
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race. or is it when our on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the crew club but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump a surprise medical staff on the police following sunday night's mass shooting in
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las vegas fifty eight people were killed and more than five hundred others were injured democrats and some top republicans are calling for a debate on banning devices used to make guns fire like automatic weapons. trying to contain an outbreak of the plague at least thirty people have died in the past two months while the latest outbreak has spread to urban centers the world health organization is calling for calm. and the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve the standoff with the central government madrid says for that to happen the region must respect the rule. human rights watch says groups are using right to punish and terrorize women and girls the organization interviewed hundreds of survivors some of whom were raped by groups of fighters tortured and imprisoned as sex slaves reports. hidden beyond the tall grass and veiled behind curtains survivors talk of barbaric acts cruel and brutal
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crimes that are still unpunished the minimoog claim that one of them took a grenade and they put it in my vagina then they removed the grenade and they write to me. this thirty five year old is among the hundreds of women and girls who've told human rights watch about sexual violence and torture and then that's when i think about it my heart beats so fast and really hard when i remember my heart beat so hard so hard so hard even right now when i'm thinking about it it's beating heart and so fast fast fast three of the victims were children when they were raped and became pregnant. they raped me over and over again they never stopped not for even one day when i was eight in the house months pregnant i escaped when i had the baby i didn't want to hurt him i felt like killing him the survivors say they were raped by up to a dozen men fighters beat the women burnt them and left them with broken bones
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smashed teeth and head wounds to the fighters kidnapped women beat them up rape them and tortured them young girls older women they just didn't have human rights watch says the abuses are not only crimes under central african law but also constitute war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity a new task force is trying to address the plight of survivors. stories that we know are responsible for these grave crimes of rape and violation of human rights if they are not arrested right now and taken into custody no victims will have the will to seek justice and that makes justice inaccessible you have to talk about zero impunity then you need the women to have the courage to come forward and report the facts human rights watch says only eleven of the two hundred ninety six survivors interviewed tried to initiate a criminal investigation so far no member of any armed group has been arrested or
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tried for committing sexual violence. on al-jazeera a court in turkey has convicted forty two people including soldiers in a major trial link to the failed coup in twenty sixteen they were accused of trying to assassinate the president russia type. most of those convicted were given life sentences. saudi arabia's king solomon has arrived in moscow for a five day trip the first ever visit by a saudi monarch to russia king salmon will hold talks with russian president vladimir putin the war in syria will be top of the agenda along with bilateral investments and stabilizing oil markets. at least fifty people have been killed and eighty others injured by an airstrike in syria's darrow's little province is not clear who carried out the strikes in the town of samarra this amateur video reportedly shows the nearby town of maya dean being bombed u.s. and russian backed forces are trying separately to retake the region from myself fighters. now after thirteen years the u.n.
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mission is pulling out of haiti it says its work is nearly done after helping put the country back on the road to recovery the peacekeepers have been credited with bringing some stability to haiti but as daniel sharma reports their legacy also includes disease violence and sexual exploitation. the united nations is going home early four thousand police and military personnel taking with them their trucks armored vehicles and the mobile hospital. they'd like haitians to remember them for helping to bolster national institutions for consensus building a successful election with human rights work and their relief and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes and an earthquake it is. in the haitian people it is an indication of the recognition by the security council that the. work which was intrusted to the mission. did in fact produce positive
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results. but staying behind another legacy these children and their mother say were fathered by europe one u.n. troops stationed in the southwestern coastal city of port salut then abandoned. i'm very angry that the un is leaving as it's left us with nothing they should take responsibility they know about the children they did d.n.a. tests and they told us they're positive but never give us the results. i feel abandoned after years of running around and false promises from the un nothing has happened they make us do a lot of stuff but there's no results. this is just one of several scandals including rape in alleged murder involving u.n. troops from a number of countries the un has apologized saying sexual exploitation has no place in its operations the organize a systematic. all of the information and all of the cases that it
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presents. in order to ensure that there is in fact reaction and positive action on the part of the members. many also want answers about the two thousand and ten color epidemic which investigators say was caused by nepalese u.n. troops and the un operations to pacify no go areas in july two thousand and five un troops entered this neighborhood with guns blazing the bullet holes still visible in the buildings behind me and unknown and still disputed a number of residents were killed. a smaller one thousand three hundred strong un force will remain to work with the justice system which also remains a many haitians asking whether the mission which many here never welcomed has left the future of their troubled country any more stable. than zero point two brands
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britain's prime minister tourism a has been trying to raise morale and her conservative party's on your conference it was an attempt to move beyond the party's infighting of a briggs it and the poor performance at the polls in june but the speech didn't go to plan as barnaby phillips now reports she came to manchester hoping to re-establish her or thorazine her final day speech was memorable but not as she would have intended an apology for june's election campaign in which the conservatives lost their majority went down well i hold my hands are for that i take responsibility i can pay and. from there it was downhill a prankster evaded security and handed the prime minister a document implying she should be fired. he was bundled out but how did he manage to get here in the first place is to strange then given the prime minister lost her voice. and it got worse the public sector working together
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we have found spark we've created record numbers of jobs. to her credit she carried on insisting that whilst bracks it is inevitable britain remains a global power we will meet our commitments to international security with the finest forces and intelligence services anywhere on the planet. we will build an outward looking britain that cooperates with other nations to tackle the great challenges of our time like mass migration. modern slavery and climate change it ended with letters falling off the wall behind her and sympathy from her husband. the prime minister is trying to convince many doubters both within her party and the country as
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a whole that she has what it takes she struggled at times in this speech that she's trying to show she has a policy agenda that she's not just an interim leader who will soon disappear afterwards ministers were quick to defend the prime minister that's a lot a lot of die round the world as to whether your party is united behind the prime minister. be united behind the prime minister she did the brilliant speech then and really you could really. from the whole i mean it was difficult but you know. supporters will say the speech show to reason may at best human side are resilient and will say it was the perfect metaphor for prime minister for him so much has gone wrong phillips al-jazeera just a. reminder the top stories here this hour u.s.
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president donald trump has praised medical staff and the police following sunday night's mass shooting in las vegas fifty eight people were killed more than five hundred were injured democrats and some top republicans are calling for a debate on banning devices used to make guns fire like automatic weapons twelve the government's rifles these devices attached when investigators have started building up a profile on the gunman stephen paddock share of joseph wambaugh to describe him as disturbed and dangerous but we know as stephen patrick is a man who's. in living a secret life much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst mess. you know. three u.s. special forces soldiers have been killed and two others injured in an attack in the shared a joint patrol of u.s. senate cherian troops wets was ambushed near the border with mali madagascar is trying to contain an outbreak of the plague at least thirty people have died in the
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past two months while the latest outbreak has spread to urban areas the world health organization is calling for calm the leader of spain's catalonia region says he wants mediators to help resolve the standoff with the central government over its efforts to gain independence but spain says for that to happen the region must respect the law. a court in turkey has convicted forty two people including soldiers in a major trial into the failed coup of twenty sixteen ever accused of trying to assassinate the president or one most of those convicted were given life sentences . turkey's president has met his iranian counterpart in tehran for talks on kurdish secession efforts to he's vowing to take decisive steps to stop kurdish leaders from declaring an independent state from iraq both men oppose the move believing this could cause unrest in their own countries saudi arabia's king solomon has arrived in moscow for a five day trip the first ever visit by a saudi monarch to russia will hold talks with russian president vladimir putin the
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war in syria will be top of the agenda along with bilateral investments and stabilizing oil markets but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's watching. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that. i am find and meaning in your in the stream live on al-jazeera and you too the death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria has jumped to thirty four and could rise even higher and as the u.s. territory continues the recovery effort who is helping out.


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