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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 276  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 2:32pm-3:01pm AST

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prevents haitian of these the confliction zones with the escalation zones but let's not forget this is also a big delegation is not just the king there are there are business leaders who are coming as well and perhaps the russian media is getting more excited more more than about the politics with actually the idea of the prospects of saudi arabian cash being invested in russia or in infrastructure like the toll road system that sort of thing russia obviously needs cash in the moments in the lobby take it from the saudi arabians ok for a challenge in moscow roy thank you to the u.s. now where people are still trying to make sense of the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history play satisfy the las vegas gunman as a disturbed dangerous man who spent decades acquiring firearms but investigators still don't know why stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured hundreds more at a concert on sunday heidi jocasta reports police say if anyone had knowledge of the
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gunman's motive the woman he lived with would but after returning from the philippines tuesday mary lou danley had little to say to explain her partner's behavior she released a statement through her attorney. i knew stephen paddick as a kind caring quiet man i loved him. and hoped for my future together with him. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen speaking on australian t.v. and with their faces hidden danley sisters said patrick center away two weeks ago to visit family overseas and i know that's a go and it was like it was so no way. so was there
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no way. to really be. for this. danny's attorney says she is cooperating with the investigation police say they found a total of forty seven firearms inside the two homes the couple shared and inside the hotel room on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay resort from which panicked rained down terror what we know is stephen paddick is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived in a secret life much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst domestic united states history. the body cameras worn by police officers captured the chaos and confusion as twenty thousand concert goers ran and hid from the barrage of bullets. and other chilling details police say patrick may have considered attacking and
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other music concert prior to sunday night's massacre a week earlier had a rented a high rise condo overlooking the life is beautiful music festival and its fifty thousand attendees with what intention yet another question that remains unanswered how did your castro al-jazeera las vegas still ahead on al-jazeera a u.n. force pulls out of haiti after thirteen years in a controversial legacy of violence and a cholera epidemic and find out what u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson had to say on claims he called donald trump a moron. hello the recently familiar line of rightness stretches in the middle of china just north of shanghai south korea and japan is still very obvious it tends to do this
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it weighs in nice of the heaviest rain is where the waves going north suggested south korea and increasing the south in holland shoe and q she will have the heaviest rain on friday it's sunny for north korea good part of northeastern china siberia showing a little bit of snow which is hardly surprising it's not coming south and we've got twenty three sunny good degrees in beijing in the sunshine we've got a quality the whole lot new snow yes was tokyo's cold still probably nearly a wet day on sunday but that rain is clearing eastwards into the sea and then so sunny twenty six enjoy your weekend. further south in china beyond that line which disintegrates we still got the feed of. moisture and we've seen again fairly regular showers along the south coast of china back towards the end and they're going to be the case on friday and indeed saturday with hong kong just on the edge of this still warm and sunny typically for a good part of this part of china further south as the wet season shows itself
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developing more and more the heaviest showers will be as far south as jakarta but maybe concentrating more in borneo. the fool fathers fool says he it's. twenty five off to independence. they must become. defendants. preparing for the possibility of we. wait for invasion. tree at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now iraqi government forces have recaptured the northern town of the region after a two week battle with eisel the town was one of just two remaining pockets of territory in iraq. the red cross says fighting in syria is the worst since last year is a battle for aleppo red cross says up to ten hospitals have been damaged and at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in multiple airstrikes interest or province in just the past two days saudi arabia's king solomon is in moscow for five days the first visit by a saudi monarch to russia to hold talks with president vladimir putin the war in syria will be on top of the agenda along with bilateral investments and stabilizing oil markets. businesses and togo have shot in protest against president nice base
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twelve year will demonstrators want law reforms that will stop later some rolling more than two terms scott heiler reports on growing on a rest in the west african country. has been ruled by one family if not some of these protesters say it's time for a change. man. on the streets to ask for reforms we have country fifty years by the same regime and they don't want to be the youth afraid up we had demanding change. president has changed his mind on changing the limits of his term since two thousand and five when hundreds were killed during the contested election campaign that he won to calm the nation he pledged to introduce two term limits. it never happened and now in his third term he has just bought up a parliament push to cap his presidency. the one thousand nine hundred two
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constitution contains a lot of provisions for the limitation of presidential terms that the president and the prime minister the composition of the high court bringing back in one thousand nine hundred two constitution means that we want our institutions to perform democratically as it is supposed to be and the anger has swelled since august with this becoming a regular scene but the not some do have plenty of support as many have taken to the streets in support of their dynasty. i'm here to join the call to defend. when people are protesting going straight to why there is a president who is leaving the country we have to speak out and say. they talk about change let them calling their part of the military and. government leaders in togo say they have cut the internet to control what they call hate speech and misinformation protests are expected to continue on thursday got harder al-jazeera. the later of the catalonia region has launched an attack on
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spain's king accusing him of ignoring millions of people for thinking a different way about secession and a televised address carlos put them on said he wants mediators to help resolve the standoff with spain's central government but madrid says for that to happen the region must respect the law and on parliament is expected to unilaterally declare independence next monday the european commission's vice president has urged the spanish government and cattle on already to avoid further confrontation. violence does not solve anything in politics it is never an answer never a solution and it can never be used as a weapon or instruments europe knows this better than anywhere else none of us want to see violence in our society. however it is of course the jew chief for any government to uphold the rule of law and this sometimes does require the put
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portion of use of force karl penhall has more from barcelona. the head of the catalan government colors posed to monta used a televised address to criticize the spanish government's handling of the political crisis he also said that he firmly disagreed with king philippe's address to the nation the previous day in that address the king accused the catalan of thorold's of disloyalty and suggested they were almost on the verge of rebellion pushed him on tuesday measured tone to say that the solution to the problems of catalonia is attempt to break away from the rest of spain was a political matter not a police matter he is once again suggested talks and mediation in this crisis the spanish government was very quick however to come out and say that the only way that they would consider such talks was if catalonia abandoned its attempts at a session that is something that will be death very difficult for the catalan
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government both because of the referendum results but also because if the man tries to back away from this proposed declaration of independence which could come as soon as next monday then effectively he could risk losing a pro secession majority in the capital in parliament. u.s. president will ask congress for a twenty nine billion dollar emergency relief package for hurricane recovery efforts made a controversial visit to puerto rico two weeks ago when it said it was hit two weeks ago by hurricane maria more from shabba tongues in the capital san juan. it soon became clear after hurricane maria passed through put a rico that. aid was going to be forthcoming any time quickly for why the washington or from the authorities here and put a rico so it was up to community groups to begin organizing to try to get food to people to try to help people to try and rebuild to try and recover people from
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houses and i'm joined now by. shoes one of those who are overseeing fifteen community groups around put a rico who are doing very much extending the sort of work they were already doing here in puerto rico because of the austerity measures in the financial emergency that was already taking place actually perhaps you could explain that this is just an extension of what you were doing already and so in a way it's maybe even enough we were what we were doing already but it's also the urgency that has come with it it's like a deal of bail has been lifted the point that we go in is now for the world to see the poverty that already exists in it what it means in terms of for him restructure the impact of it here again of this magnitude in the end it feels like here it was just the beginning and what has happened afterwards it's just feels like we're still in the middle of the storm we're going to give us those those connections in between the austerity emergency that was already underway and what's happening now as a result of the heroic of those who are so under a billion seventy two billion dollar debt and that debt is directly connected to
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economic policies that congress passes that allow specific industries like pharmaceutical industries to be made millions and billions of dollars off rico and at the same time the infrastructure suffer is right they don't pay taxes been used as a tax haven for a very long time and it doesn't have the little power. our say you have a place that is historically been kept for that has been used to make billions of dollars and extract well and at the same time your infrastructure that goes from peoples' homes which they don't make enough money to have a cement home so the impact is much worse but it also goes to the extent of what happens to our roads our electricity how is it that after we've made so much money for all these industries nothing is left behind very quickly donald trump says he wants to forgive but a reader of the goldman sachs be damned what you make about i would like to see that in paper i think i. donald trump is someone difficult to trust who came here
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and made a ridiculous of the people for thirty it was embarrassing to watch the governor laughing while he was making jokes about her thirty bill and having diminishing the amount of people that we've lost and the amount of people that's that we've had some of which we haven't even counted for so if that's true i want to see it on paper and he should have a clear it's not a concession you're making it to your marco rubios thank you very much a sense amongst the groups that are that they would rather decentralized relief and reconstruction and that the same authorities would try to cut services and put a record called necessarily be trusted now to rebuild rica after thirteen years the u.n. mission is pulling out of haiti it says his work is nearly done after helping put the country back on the road to recovery from several hurricanes and an earthquake but reports the un's legacy also includes violence and sexual exploitation. the united nations is going home early four thousand police and military personnel
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taking with them their trucks vehicles and the mobile hospital. they'd like haitians to remember them for helping to bolster national institutions for consensus building a successful election was human rights work and their relief and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes and an earthquake. it is a want of confidence in the haitian people it is an indication of the recognition by the security council that the. work which was intrusted to the mission. did in fact produce positive results. but staying behind another legacy of these children and their mother say were fathered by europe one un troops stationed in the southwestern coastal city of port salut then abandoned. i'm very angry that the un is leaving as it's left us with nothing they should take responsibility they know about the children they did d.n.a.
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tests and they told us they are positive but never give us the results. i feel abandoned after years of running around and false promises from the un nothing has happened they make us do a lot of stuff but there's no results. this is just one of several scandals including rape in the alleged murder involving u.n. troops from a number of countries the un has apologized saying sexual exploitation has no place in its operations the organization systematically. all of the information and all of the cases that it presents. in order to ensure that there is in fact reaction and positive action on the part of the members. many also want answers about the two thousand and ten color epidemic which investigators say was caused by nepalese u.n.
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troops a few an operations to pacify no go areas in july two thousand and five un troops entered this neighborhood with guns blazing the bullet hole still visible in the buildings behind me an unknown and still disputed number of residents were killed. a small a one thousand three hundred strong un force remain to work with the justice system which also remains and many haitians asking whether the mission which many here never welcomed has left the future of their troubled country any more stable. than zero point two brands the u.s. secretary of state denies ever considering quitting his job rex tillerson made the comments after n.b.c. reported he publicly insulted president trump in a meeting more. or in a surprise statement from a secretary of state who doesn't make money let me tell you what i've learned about this president whom i did not know before taking this office he loves this country
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he puts americans and america first he's smart he was trying to refute this story in which n.b.c. news claims tillerson publically called the president a moron after a national security meeting he repeatedly didn't deny that he said that but his spokeswoman later did he did not say that tillerson did refute the other allegation made in the report that he was going to quit tennis and tried to quit but was talked out of it by allies there's never been a consideration in my mind to leave.


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