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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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the country and its people. on al-jazeera. nine hundred sixty seven and the six day war was at its height a u.s. spy ship the u.s.s. liberty monitored the conflict from international waters suddenly she was attacked by the warplanes of america's closest regional israel over two hundred were killed in the front part of the ship was just read with what happened that day has long been the subject of cover up a mystery now the truth can be revealed the day israel attacked america a major investigation at this time on al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth bron i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. iraqi forces say they've captured last on klav in the noble. making history saudi arabia's king solomon as a moscow the first visit by a saudi monarch to russia. again and moves in the u.s. to ban devices that turn guns into rapid fire weapons and the way the los vegas massacre. and i'm far is small be here with all the day's sport including details on the rasta brazil's olympic committee president carlos newsman on charges of corruption. iraq's prime minister says his military has retaken from eisel iraqi military
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vehicles rolling into the northern town of the campaign to recapture her wish it was announced two weeks ago it is. main town and one for the last two iraqi enclaves still held by isis fighters well i don't know how to how do you we have liberated how we judge them and in this regard we have only the borderline with syria to go so we have beaten terrorism and our armed forces despite all difficulties have achieved big progress fighting terrorism in iraq. charles traffic has more now from nearby davis this is a peshmerga defensive position we understand according to the peshmerga fighters that we've spoken to that it is around twenty kilometers in that direction according to the iraqi military going offensive continues we understand that they are in control certainly of the center of the city but they are pushing eisel in this direction but tween here and here we are there are a number of villages that are still occupied by eisel earlier today we saw
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a number of families coming through this border crossing they were checked by the peshmerga and they described pretty horrific scenes in those villages say these people are very afraid of the shia militia groups that are working alongside the iraqi military the peshmerga here tell us that it was just yesterday there around about a thousand people came across this border their check before then being taken to some of the many i.d.p. camps here according to the u.n. serving on tuesday the u.n. are estimating there are around seventy eight thousand people still trapped in hawaii and this area of no man's land you can see here but. according to the iraqi military things are going to plan the fighting continues and when how we should does eventually fold it will be the end of i saw it will be the last i saw position that has been recaptured by iraqi forces in northern iraq. now france's president
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emanuel mccrone has offered to help mediate between iraq central government and kurdish leaders last week for secession referendum. we have particularly interested in the stability of iraq in the upcoming weeks and months we hope very much that there will be dialogue that is respectful of the integrity of iraq and we would also like to advocate that in the framework of the constitution a recognition of the kurds should take place there is a long towards political inclusion but it must also make sure that the constitution is respected. has more on our bodies a visit to paris he was here just to talk about certificate they did however talk about the referendum. even offering to mediate to try and calm the situation in his words he said that it was very important that iraq remained united. rights of the kurdish people as for the iraqi prime minister he said that this referendum is illegal but he wasn't looking for any confrontation with the kurdish forces now the
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two men also touched on a number of other issues about closer cooperation in areas such as science and education but of course the. focus on working more closely in matters of counterterrorism in the region they both said that they want to look to the future they both talked about reconciliation and rebuilding the country and it was in that way that the french president pledged around five hundred million u.s. dollars for rebuilding and helping to stabilize iraq. let's move on to other news now and saudi arabia's king solomon says a political solution needs to be found to end syria's war he was speaking at a meeting with russia's president vladimir putin on the first visit via saudi monarch to moscow for months as saudi arabia wants to establish an international center to fight what he called terrorism well let's get more on this visit now with our correspondent roy chalons who's joining us live from moscow so what else did
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the leaders speak about rory. well basically they are they're trying to make sure that the two countries saudi arabia russia can build on a reasonably productive few months of increasingly regular diplomacy they've been meeting together at the foreign minister level now and there has been an invitation from them it puts into the king to come to moscow swirling around in the system for a while he is now there so essentially they are trying to solidify that relationship as one analyst put it the other day that the king of saudi arabia doesn't do courtesy calls so if he's going to come to russia he's doing so with some direct achievements in mines and i think what they're going to be doing is basically nailing down some direct investments that the russians would like the
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saudi arabians to put some money into their toll road system various other transport infrastructure that sort of thing but of course there's the high level diplomacy there's the high level politics that needs to be talked about as well and you can bet the two men have been doing that there have been talking about iran the saudi arabians obviously view iran as a regional photo where as moscow has good relations with iran and as you say the syrian war is going to be high on the agenda saudi arabia has given this backing to a russian iranian and turkish brokered plan for the escalation zones in syria but of course as we just heard there the saudis do you want to have the russians do as well of course a long term political solution of course they don't necessarily see eye to eye on what faster lucian is and what the future of bashar asad is now they've been on opposite sides when it comes to assad there's no shortage they have issues for them
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to talk about just how much of this visit as we mentioned it's the first by a saudi king to moscow is has been trying to do think by the syrian civil war. it's a combination of different things and certainly the syrian war is one of the factors play here essentially what we've been looking at. the last five years or so possibly more is a re altering of the middle east and certainly the the view of barack obama when he was president of the united states was that america should be disengaging from the middle east and turning its attention more towards the pacific region so he tried to wind down the iraq war and the afghanistan wars. and also famously didn't push ahead with his enforcement of his his red line over chemical
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weapons use in syria that has prompted a lot of people to talk about a weakening of american influence here in the middle east region at the same time we had the syrian war picking up and russia's decision to get much more involved in that conflict with its military intervention this is also brought people to talk about an increase of russian russian influence in the mideast so we have this kind of shifting where american influence is decreasing russian influence is increasing and middle eastern leaders including kings are man deciding that they think it's a good idea to hedge their bets ready to come and speak to moscow more often than they did before because they see what's going on and they see the power balance shifting and they think you'd be a good idea to have good relations with moscow as well as with the united states all right roy thank you very much for that fernandez roy chalons joining us live from moscow thank you. well to syria now and
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a prominent aid organization says fighting there is the worst since last year's bashing for aleppo the red cross says up to ten hospitals have been damaged at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in multiple airstrikes in the province in the past two days amateur video is said to show dozens of bombs targeting several areas throughout the province sources on the ground accusing russia of being responsible for the strikes us and russian backed forces a separately trying to retake the region from fighters. while an investigation by the international chemical chemical weapons watchdog says traces of sarin gas were found after an attack on a town in northern syria at the end of march it says there is evidence the banned chemical was used on an opposition held town just days before another attack and had also reported in june that sound was used on the town of can shake which killed dozens of people and that attack from to the united states to launch missiles on the syrian airbase. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour and clothing and out
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of the play calling is panic in madagascar as health officials trade for calm plus . i robot bride in north and south korea celebrate the holiday. greeting. and in sport a shaky start to the season for the defending champions the pittsburgh penguins far out will be here with that story. well to the u.s. now with people still trying to make sense of the deadliest mass shooting in the country's modern history place it described a los vegas gunman as a disturbed and dangerous man but many who knew him say his actions came without warning investigators still don't know why stephen paddick killed fifty eight people and injured hundreds more at
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a concert on sunday. reports police say if anyone had knowledge of the gunman's motive the woman he lived with would but after returning from the philippines tuesday mary lou danley had little to say to explain her partner's behavior she released a statement through her attorney. i knew steven. as a kind caring quiet man. i loved him. and hoped for a future together with whom. he never said anything to me or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. speaking on australian t.v. and with their faces hidden danley sisters said paddock center away two weeks ago to visit family overseas. that's
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a go go and it. was said no way. so was no. prayer this. danny's attorney says she is cooperating with the investigation police say they found a total of forty seven firearms inside the two homes the couple shared and inside the hotel room on the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay resort from which paddock rained down terror what we know as stephen paddick is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived in a secret life much of which would never be fully understood. he meticulously planned on the worst mess that you know i think history. of body cameras worn by police officers captured the chaos and confusion as twenty thousand concert goers ran and hid from the barrage of bullets go go go go go
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without another chilling detail police say patrick may have considered attacking and nother music concert prior to sunday night's massacre a week earlier had a rented a high rise condo overlooking the life is beautiful music festival and its fifty thousand attendees with what intention yet another question that remains unanswered how did you castro al-jazeera las vegas now some republicans are considering backing a push by the democrats to ban devices that make guns file more rapidly twelve of the twenty three guns found in steven paddocks las vegas one had what is known as a bump stocks attached to them and a gallon of reports. on sunday night the sound of rapid gunfire from stephen products hotel room was unmistakable police say the sixty four year old used a device known as a bump stock to vie more rounds and inflict unthinkable tragedy. the device which
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is legal replaces a standard stock of a rifle for in the weapon to slide back and forth enabling automatic fire now that most sensitive of issues gun control is once again being talked about democratic senator dianne feinstein tried to introduce a ban on assault rifles four years ago but that failed. in the wake of the las vegas shooting she's proposing new laws that would ban modifications of already deadly weapons when is the right time we hear that every time something happens when is the right time and i think this is the right time and you know since i've been here there's just been incident after incident i thought it would end with columbine you know i thought it would end with sandy. doesn't then during his visit to las vegas president trump made it clear he's not ready to discuss gun control but some republicans may be on board yeah i would certainly
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look at that and i'm not an expert on bombs dogs but all things that make america safer and don't infringe on the second amendment so you think now is the time to have this policy debate yeah i think so i think a big good time to have a hearing many republicans say the legislation is premature and inappropriate so soon after such a tragedy the powerful national rifle association donates millions to republican politicians and past mass shootings have done little to change attitudes democrats remain passionate about change how minimal must our how many mothers and fathers brothers so. how does that. tell me what tell me and tell us what is the name of how minimal did this. so far only a few republican lawmakers say they're open to talking about bombing bumps dogs and
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other devices for this legislation to have any chance of succeeding that number will need to increase if this country's history teaches us anything it's that even when children are killed as they were in sandy hook five years ago nothing changes there in las vegas bump stocks are no longer available shops sold out and gallacher al-jazeera las vegas nevada. three u.s. special operations soldiers have been killed and two others injured in attack in southwest asia where a joint patrol of u.s. and nature troops was ambushed near the border with mali. madagascar is trying to contain an outbreak of the plague at least thirty people have died in the past two months and only two hundred suspected cases have been reported public gatherings in the capital have been bad to try to stop the spread of the disease asama reports. these are the culprits partly responsible for the plague spreading in madagascar infected right spread the bubonic plague while the mnemonic plague is carried from
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person to person more than one hundred sixty people have been infected when they say plague the. actually stands for the swelling in the various but it soon is that spread from the lungs i could cough and those droplets could infect you that's alarming because it's human to human transmission rather than animal to human. on average two to six hundred people are infected annually in feet and outbreaks of the plague madagascar's rule areas but this time it spread to populated parts the government has now banned public meetings in the capital and then and i reveal that there must first we must because we have heard of the disease that is spread through breeding so just to be on the safe side you never know i don't shake people's hands and i don't care say i don't know the precautions you take are not to talk to people and always wear a mask. the disease killed an estimated two hundred million people in the
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fourteenth century health experts are advising caution but they say there is no need for panic the plague is treatable with antibiotics and the world health organization says there is no risk that the disease can spread internationally with lisi example i would like to remind you here and it is important that the plague exists in many countries and the latest epidemics in some countries including kenya madagascar zambia algeria and the d.r. see it's not only madagascar and this is important because what we hear in the city is that the plague is if madagascar is the end of the world we would just like to say that it is a disease like any other but we are lucky that this disease has a cure and this treatment is available and it is free. many schools are closed and they are being sprayed to kill fleas campaigns are also underway to remove trash in cities and officials are setting right traps the health ministry says it's taking steps to keep infections from spreading of
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a disease which was believed to have already been wiped out. there are now human rights watch says armed groups in the central african republic continuing to use sexual violence as a weapon of war more than three hundred cases of rape torture and sexual slavery were documented by investigators in the past four years they interviewed hundreds of women and girls along with police the government and united nations staff victims of violence say they were targeted for their perceived support of either muslim seleka or christian anti bloc of fighters fighting since the overthrow of president francois these a four years ago has killed thousands of people thirteen thousand u.n. peacekeepers a struggling to contain the violence a warning you may find iran contra port disturbing. hidden beyond the toll grass and veiled behind curtains survivors in the central african republic talk of barbaric acts cruel and brutal crimes that are still unpunished. that one
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of them took a grenade and they put it in my vagina then they removed the grenade and they write to me. this thirty five year old is among hundreds of women and girls he told human rights watch about sexual violence and torture. when i think about it my heart beat so fast and really hard when i remember my heart beat so hard so hard so hard even right now when i'm thinking about it it's beating hard and so fast fast fast three of the victims the children when they were raped and became pregnant. they raped me over and over again they never stopped not even one day when i was eight in the months pregnant i escaped when i had the baby i didn't want to hold him i felt like killing him. the survivors say they were raped by a dozen men fighters beat the women and left them with broken bones smashed teeth
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and had wins. the fight is kidnapped women beat them up rape them and tortured them young girls older women they just didn't have. the rights watch says the abuses are not only crimes under central african law but also constitute war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity a new task force is trying to address the plight of survivors. those that we know are responsible for these grave crimes of rape and violation of human rights if you're not arrested right now and taken into custody no victims will have the will to seek justice and that makes justice inaccessible you have to talk about zero impunity then you need the women to have the courage to come forward and report the fact human rights watch says only eleven of the tears hundred ninety six survivors interviewed try to initiate a criminal investigation so far no member of any armed group has been arrested or tried to committing sexual violence in iraq or. the un says violence against
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women and children and on stage may the crimes against humanity aid workers say more than five hundred thousand four hundred refugees have crossed into bangladesh are in dire need of help mohamed reports from a camp and cost conditions for the refugees are becoming worse and a warning this report contains some just distressing images. with nothing else at her disposal a desperate mother blows air on her baby's severely burned head to try and cool her off. i don't know dr. that there were doctors in the camp but when i took her to the doctor they said they don't have the right medicine for her she needs to be taken to see specialized doctors while i get the money. tells us her baby was burned when me and mars military set her village in iraq and state
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ablaze it took her family ten days to escape to bangladesh with no medical care the nine month old girl's wounds especially the one on top of her head have only worsened. i think if she doesn't get any treatment that my baby will die it's too hot here so i'm not able to keep her calm here she can't get any peace i can only make her feel better by finding her. at the tank ali makeshift camp for him to refugees in cox's bazaar the misery is seemingly endless reflected as much in the faces of residents as it is in the appalling conditions they're trying to survive the people you see behind me here they're lining up for aid distribution to give you some idea of the scale of this crisis this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist about three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand refugees
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who live here. they are among the more than five hundred thousand refugees who've crossed into bangladesh since late august the u.n. calls it the most urgent refugee crisis in the world like so many others here who is attempting to find family members she's been separated from. the right i'm searching for my mother and my aunt two i came across my neighbor who told me they came here. waiting barefoot through mud our sadness is matched only by her persistence asking after her relatives at every turn. she tells us she'd wanted to remain in me and more but that the military's brutality made that impossible. if only they weren't shooting and setting fires to her homes we would stay there even in the jungles eating leaves but they set fire to our homes and we
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couldn't stay there anymore and thought about what the yeah with each passing day will jar knows her chances will only grow dimmer not just that she'll locate her loved ones but that she'll ever be able to experience anything close to her previous life again. at the ten kali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. but it is time for the weather now hurricane season still with us and. there is this once in latin america central america may well head to the u.s. mainland not to last the weekend sometimes it develops the satellite picture shows and i would a massive climate you might be hard pressed to see exactly what's going on here. we said cycling rather than hurricane as yet this is named as a tropical cyclone it's there for gale force winds but it's not up to hurricane strength that all these things carry a big risk of the amount of rain sitting where it is over and slow moving of central america's got potential to give maybe five hundred millimeters of rain in
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nicaragua a little bit less to costa rica honduras and belize that's all because it's heading up towards belize you think because it loses some of his energy when it interacts with these land masses these countries in central america this is a picture then the spin his weather center is thursday and this is friday now beyond that it will probably head up towards the coast of the u.s. gulf of mexico so that won't be till after we could know we'll pick it up as we have once more certainty and they will become a catchy one hurrican meanwhile a long way from this story no time to ok snow in montana yes but this was sudden and this is fairly quick for it's great to play the dog in the snow but when maybe a few days ago it was twenty four degrees this is the rapid drop in temperature in montana in this town it's still freezing slowly up. here think you very much rob still ahead on the news hour. just a stray as controversial new plan to spark a so-called terrorists plus. people paralyzed earlier good last month.
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patient who became a pioneer of five years on disability at the london film festival plus. it's funny to hear female talk about crowds. and an affair. on the father of a mocking a female reporter. or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on say a member of a complex one but. a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on the. top stories. capture the northern town
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of. that is the main town and one of the last two. still held by isis fighters. the red cross. it says up to ten hospitals have been damaged and they had. one hundred thirty people have been killed in multiple airstrikes in the past two days. to be found to end war he was speaking. president person on the. to russia well let's get more on this now would mcauliffe who is a foreign policy consultant and expert in eastern studies is joining us very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so why do you think we are seeing the first visit by a saudi king to russia now. well it's significant because
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first of all we see what is going on in syria the overwhelming over of the so-called militants of the islamic state is very near and also it could be a situation that very soon very soon we will see the whole duty of syria will be freed from jihadi militants of the islamic state and in the other militant group beings which are acting on to that of syria this is verse five another another thing they know who peaceful process is. grew more and more is growing more and more more and more and with astronaut process with really reshaping and the relaunching the geneva process saudi arabia as well as russia as well as other outside the players and external actors are becoming the major stakeholders in the peaceful process of peaceful negotiations and serious situation and what will both countries want from each other when it comes to syria
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the some of the groups opposition groups that have been very strongly supported by saudi arabia have lost have all but lost in the syrian civil war so it seems like russia certainly has the upper hand and the side that it chose and supported the syrian president bashar assad. yes i would say that russia actually is it is becoming more and more evident that the russia is the major force. has become the major external force which actually is shaping the future policies of the middle east in the region and especially in syria and regarding what. their sense of your question that is about what the what the actually syria saudi is saudi arabia and russia wants of from each other i think both countries that is definitely and that there was as i said was pronounced by the king of saudi arabia during his today's visit to to to moscow that both
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countries wants a peace peaceful settlement of this very barbaric and very horrible in the syrian civil war so all of that is the main the main reason why the two countries care for a major stake a common stake in the peaceful settlement of this syrian crisis and as all other differences could be taking apart from that and as well as of course the syrian civil war they have a range of other things that they are going to be talking about bilateral investments there of course the two biggest producers of oil in the world how do you think that. that's right how do you think saudi arabia is very close ally the united states is going to be looking on at what's happening in moscow with this visit. well as well as serve as far as i can so i'm concerned i know that there is a sort of agreement between russia and so if you're ready because russia is
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currently holding negotiations we got back the countries before the meeting their soon to be meeting in the young so about the volumes not about the prices so that the saudi arabia is expecting from russia that russia would do would cut the volume software produced oil not so inflict a very heavily on prices because if the volumes will be huge the prices will will be will be falling down and that will be influencing badly of that that will affect badly the whole situation with oil consumption in the world so i think that russia . so they're ready actually is on the same side regarding our future all conflict in the future all that remains and i think this question suddenly was discussed during negotiations between russian president and the saudi king or at mr sonic have i'm afraid that's all the time we have today but we thank you very much for your time and your analysis on this vladimir such
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a card joining us live from moscow thank you. now aid agencies have warning that zambia is facing a humanitarian crisis the country is dealing with more than six thousand refugees have crossed the border from the democratic republic of congo and the u.n. says on average one hundred asylum seekers end design the every day congolese government forces are fighting and local militia and the council region more than one point four million people have been displaced by the violence there since august two thousand and sixteen but let's get more on this now with our correspondent how to metasearch she's joining us live from the entering a transit camp in northern as and be aware refugees there have literally run for their lives. we've been speaking to one man you are you called children and the way. people with their hand stopped or people were capitated. from his wife he doesn't know we.
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do apologize we have lost our connection with. so we will try to go back to her later if we can but let's move on from now there will be more antigovernment demonstrations in togo some businessmen shut their doors in protest against president you're saying days twelve you will there demanding an end to presidents ruling for more than two terms the president promised changes in two thousand and five but they have never been introduced. spain's constitutional court has suspended a session of the cuttle on parliament planned for monday the parliament was expected to unilaterally declare independence from spain. calling for mediators to help resolve the standoff with spain's central government but madrid says the region must respect the law promised a money on the whole urging caution when your to abandon succession plans to avoid what he calls greater evils. the spanish national police have pulled out of the
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hotel and what the government's called a shadow departure the deployment triggered a standoff between rival protesters some wanting them to leave while others showed support the extra police presence has angered many in the region who say officers used excessive force during the referendum spain's government says their actions were proportionate after thirteen years the un mushed mission is pulling out of haiti it says his work is nearly done after helping put the country back on the road to recovery the peacekeepers have been credited with bringing some stability to haiti but to daniel the reports the legacy also includes disease violence and sexual exploitation. the united nations is going home early four thousand police and military personnel taking with them their trucks armored vehicles and the mobile hospital. they'd like haitians to remember them for helping
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to bolster national institutions for consensus building a successful election as human rights work and their relief and humanitarian aid in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes and an earthquake it is our confidence in the haitian people it is an indication of the recognition by the security council that the. work which was intrusted to the mission. did in fact produce positive results. but staying behind another legacy these children and their mother say were fathered by europe one u.n. troops stationed in the southwestern coastal city of port salut then abandoned. i'm very angry that the un is leaving as it's left us with nothing they should take responsibility they know about the children they did d.n.a. tests and they told us they're positive but never give us the results. i feel abandoned after years of running around and false promises from the un nothing has
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happened they make us do a lot of stuff but there's no results. this is just one of several scandals including the rape and alleged murder involving u.n. troops from a number of countries the un has apologized saying sexual exploitation has no place in its operations the organization systematically. all of the information and all of the cases that it presents. in order to ensure that there is in fact reaction and positive action on the part of the members. many also want answers about the two thousand and ten color epidemic which investigators say was caused by nepalese u.n. troops and the un operations to pacify no go areas in july two thousand and five un troops entered this neighborhood with guns blazing the bullet holes still visible
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in the buildings behind me and unknown and still disputed a number of residents were killed. a smaller one thousand three hundred strong u.n. force remains to work with the justice system which also remains a many haitians asking whether the mission which many here never welcomed has left the future of their troubled country any more stable. than zero point two bronze. try going back to zambia now a days and scenes of one of the humanitarian crisis after more than six thousand refugees have escaped fighting in the democratic republic of congo correspondent jim acosta is joining us live from the transit camp in noise and zambia what is the situation there how do. you. want to talk more about that i'm joined by julia which is really running much from the un and she is working in the strand into way a lot of people who. are living here for the moment can you tell us an average how
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many people crossing daily and what are conditions like in the camp. currently on a daily basis we have sixty to one hundred arrivals the conditions in the camp have star belies a little bit in the last few days we've managed to shelter every family in individual shelters we have about a thousand one hundred families currently being fed through communal cooking and. temin merge and see this and i don't know how being distributed. you are concerned because it will start raining there you soon isn't it yes it's a race against time in three weeks time the rains will start now that everyone has a roof over its head we need to make sure that they have a waterproof group so we need to increase this tribute on top or lean and waterproof material to allow these people to live in dignified manner during the
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rainy season julia which really run what can a thank you very much there is a bus that lifts the border it's about two hours from here new arrivals are on that bus behaving through the cab it's a bad road to get here in about an hour or two those are new arrivals and hold it tight because those are going to be into mass experiences because the waiting to receive them and of course find out with to put them for the night because they at the moment don't have a place as they will probably put in another shelter with other families willing to take them in for a couple of days how does thank you very much for that it's head of a toss joining us live from the world and seventy s. thank you. australia setting up a huge dart of it is to help track so-called terrorist suspects the plans part of and queen's security agreed between story is federal government and state leaders andrew thomas reports. sydney like most australian cities is watched continuously australia's prime minister wants to know in real time who the cameras
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are watching in canberra on thursday he persuaded leaders of australia states to sign up what he calls a very important twenty first century tool necessary for keeping people safe a database of photographs to allow real time but should recognition i mean imagine the power of being able to identify a person suspected of being involved in terrorist activities walking into an airport walking in. boarding style most australian adults have driving licenses and it's a states and territories hold copies and details of who's in their photographs the prime minister wants all those handed over to add to the federal government's own list of photos submitted to the passport the idea is to know who is where when that could stop future attacks like the twenty fourteen siege by gunmen in a central city. smartphones have the technology to recognize faces what's
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significant about australia's plan is its scale but centrally hundreds of thousands of cameras streaming live video to a computer holding a huge database of images it's controversial raising concerns about privacy and mass surveillance we need to be clear at the outset there where measures are enacted in the terrorism context that's not necessarily where they're going to they can have implications much broader much more broadly than that to the criminal regime which generally agreed in canberra include allowing police to hold suspects for two weeks without charge making the possession of what it calls instructional terrorism material illegal and holding people in prison after their sentences have ended if it's believed they've been radicalized in jail. if a nine terrorist has finished their sentence but is still danger to big a threat to society there were a lot of be detained or supervised in terms of high sentence game it is though the
4:45 pm
facial recognition database that is getting the most attention and the concern that what could start as a rarely used to spot so-called terrorists could mark a big step forward in massive loads under thomas al jazeera sydney now thousands of people have lined the streets of thailand's capital to say a final goodbye to their king it was their last chance to visit the grand palace in bangkok to pay respects before the royal cremation nearly twelve million people or about a sixth of the population have visited the body of king bhumibol adulyadej he died a year ago aged eighty eight the palace expects two hundred fifty thousand mourners to attend the royal cremation. now people in south korea celebrating the traditional harvest festival known as to start the holiday is also being marked in the north giving all koreans a break for spite from escalating tensions from a bride went to a ceremony at the border between the two countries. traditionally
4:46 pm
a time for family reunions for these aging koreans this is as close as they will get to one it's a ceremony near the d.m.z. border between the two koreas. people like one young hope who attends every year and who was separated from his family in the north during the korean war more than sixty years ago he's on a waiting list for an official reunion but the current tensions have put the program on hold. if both sides can compromise hopefully my chance will calm. the two koreas may share the same holiday but seem as far apart as ever while north koreans celebrate two sock in a similar way to people in the south it's only a one day holiday in north korea and while millions of south koreans are traveling to see family and friends travel restrictions and a lack of transport in the north most people there have to stay put. translated as
4:47 pm
harvest festival is a time of thanksgiving with special cakes made from the rice just harvested. at one of the many festivals and art group of north korean defectors perform in front of their south korean audience. some of the most popular songs date back to before the war when there was only one korea. by celebrating our culture through art we can show how south korea and north korea are one nation but as the families waiting for reunion can attest the political divisions remain as wide as ever. urge north korea once again to join us on the path of reconciliation to help reunite families who don't have much time left. not knowing how many more to stop festivals they will see without seeing long lost families. rob mcbride al-jazeera
4:48 pm
changing gak on the north south korean border. still ahead on the news outlets putting time and hours on a for this major league baseball team we'll tell you why and school.
4:49 pm
time for sport now for elizabeth thank you so much brazil's olympic committee president carlos newsman has been arrested as part of an investigation into a vote buying scandal the probe is lying to rio getting the two thousand and sixteen olympics he's accused of being a go between to nail down the backing for rio is bit of that mean diac who at the
4:50 pm
time was a senior i.o.c. official the rest follows newsman being questioned having his passport seized and how searched last month over more on this we're joined by our sports correspondent leigh welling's who covered the rio games and lee is this a big surprise. for one twenty six in a long time before. the president. difficulties every day remember the daily press conferences they always had a scandal or problem to deal with from something small like the discoloring of the poll so actual corruption alleged while the games were going on and now every year since they're finished again we have this problem with a really savior figure involved and it does not look good for carlos there's been the people around him and also the potential of others being called into this as well it really seems the lid has been lifted off of it not just
4:51 pm
a problem for rio and for brazil but for the international olympic committee they cleaned up their act in two thousand and two with the salt lake city winter games candle that help themselves now as a clean organization and what they've done is they've changed the why the bidding and hosting happens of course the power is twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight there was no rivalry and less chance for corruption is a sad state of affairs but the i.o.c. say well this is how we're doing it now so there's less corruption it shows that there were problems for years and years ok we'll check back with you later leigh welling's thanks for now. syria's unlikely bid to qualify for their first ever fee for world cup is continuing as we speak there facing australia in a playoff the score in the second half is one nil to australia to australia in the late show the winner over two legs will go through to another play off against a fourth best team from north and central america or world cup qualifying is taking
4:52 pm
place right across the globe over the next five days as countries look to book their tickets at russia twenty eight teams we know eight of the thirty two teams so far in east asia you have japan and south korea both confirmed their spots last month if you shift to middle to the middle east iran and saudi arabia were the other two teams to automatically qualify from asia russia of course will be competing as the host nation but so far just one of thirteen other european teams have confirmed their qualification and belgium who are ranked number nine in the world england germany serbia and spain could join them in mexico are the only team from the north and central america and caribbean region to confirm their spawn and russia and the eight qualify team is brazil who have just lost once from their sixteen qualifying games with three more automatic qualifiers from south america need to be decided from the final two rounds of matches argentina in fifth are
4:53 pm
currently out of those automatic spots they have a crucial game against fourth place peru later year y. and colombia are also ahead of them. and n.f.l. players being criticised for mocking a female reporter during a press conference have a look at this exchange involving the carolina panthers cam newton and reporter jordan rodriguez from the charlotte observer. well you know so you take a lot of pride in seeing your seabirds playing world seven bunches the seem to really embrace the physicality is grounds and make it in the next three yards does that give you a little bit of an enjoyment to see the manager of the book it's funny to hear female talk about ronald's. slowly but reporter involved responded on twitter saying i don't think it's funny to be female and talk about routes i think it's my job she also said she sought out
4:54 pm
newton after words but the key refused to apologize arizona diamondbacks have advanced in the major league baseball playoffs they beat the colorado rockies eleven to eight in the nationally wild card game the highlight was a two run triple from relief pitcher archie bradley in the seventh inning arizona move on to a best of five division series against the national league last champions the l.a. dodgers. the national hockey league is underway for a new season but the stanley cup champions did not get off to a winning start the pittsburgh penguins are bidding to become the first n.h.l. team in thirty five years to win three three championships but they were given by the st louis blues who clinched the game by four in overtime. and the philadelphia flyers were also winners in their game against the fan jose sharks and matt thanks to a hot trick from winning simmons he scored the and did not go to make it three in the
4:55 pm
final minute five three. but how it ended. and that's all your support from i have more later elizabeth back to you thank you very much foreign now the nobel prize for literature has been awarded to british novelist kazuo ishiguro the swedish academy announced his win and stockholm the writer who was born in japan is best known for his book the remains of the day he received prize money all of just over a million dollars when he gets the award in december. taking you live to moscow now with the foreign ministers of russia and the amazing let's listen then. it is very important that hot on the heels of this summit today. in november they will be taking fish.
4:56 pm
trade cooperation council. and the business forum which will be attended by a very big group of russian entrepreneurs will take place in parallel. well. what. senior officials of the country welcome establishment of a commission. military technical cooperation council which will meet very shortly i mean the list.
4:57 pm
corporation. area. is not restricted by natural relations. have actually made sure that that is a joint venture and which. is involved. right that was. the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking and in moscow after meeting. with a cell the foreign minister. sergey lavrov speaking of many things of the trade and trust between the two countries he also welcomed the establishment of what he
4:58 pm
called a russian selbie military cooperation council which he said will made shortly he also spoke of their interests and energy saying that they're not restricted to bilateral relations that opec plus is and what will we will bring you more on this meeting that's taking place in moscow and the rest of the day's news in the next bulletin coming up in just a couple of minutes. for the. journey to work. or. i prefer to live down. to the chance of life and limb on a dangerous journey. to derail a nearly died. for our children go to school and live because of
4:59 pm
a great risk to the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about. we're taking you back to moscow now where as we're been saying the russian and foreign ministers have been missing let's listen in to what they're saying they're in settlement. and russian side supports efforts being undertaken. to make sure that the syrian opposition is. positive. to the u.n. . to fifty four.
5:00 pm
you know. and examining all the problems with this region. we have a common shared. position on fighting terrorism. both sides promoting in the u.n. is very appropriate in this context. and of course it's just that the fight against terrorism. which we have to fight extremist ideology which. saudi friends.


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