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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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well is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on sect. one but. it will a few this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. so russians as iraqi forces push also out of her region its last stronghold in the north of the country. hospitals damaged one hundred killed the red cross says syria
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is suffering its worst violence since the battle for eastern aleppo. on our intake of zelda zero live from london also coming up as more national police leave barcelona spain is constitutional court suspends the council on parliament session planned for monday. police say the las vegas gunman may have planned to attack another music festival a week earlier. and public gatherings banned as madagascar battles an outbreak of highly contagious. and iraqi forces have captured the town of her and the surrounding area last stronghold in northern iraq the iraqi military says some of the fighting is still going on to the norm. east of the town where i saw
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a surrounded troops were greeted by jubilant villages in a sack or six kilometers northwest of the town and the capture of how we judge the any area that remains under eisel control in iraq is a stretch alongside the western border with syria but the measure operation has come at a cost as charles tractor reports from a nearby checkpoint at davis in northern iraq. exhausted and scared it took this family five days to reach the peshmerga defensive position as. they walked across these parched hills from their village in iceland controlled territory sometimes struggling to find shelter from coalition airstrikes and iraqi army shelling. the situation is tense there are airstrikes artillery shelling i have escaped with my family as soon as we could i saw were relocated from one place to another and many of them were pushed and squeezed further into how egypt there is no food or water available in i want a village on. condition so it barely managed to
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get out we used to live off the scraps of food property and lebanese all the steroid. the peshmerga are defending this position against potential leisel fighters from this area as the iraqi military and shia militias advance in this direction this area here is still a number of villages there that are controlled by i saw in the last few minutes we've seen two i saw fighters come here and surrender the commander of this position says that in the last two weeks around two hundred fighters have surrendered at this position alone. the peshmerga took control of this area from high school in two thousand and fourteen after the iraqi army fled it is beyond the official boundary of the semi autonomous kurdish region
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authority seem to last the sound on that report from chance transfer bring you more on that story a little later in the bulletin. france's president has offered to help mediate between iraq's central government and kurdish leaders as tensions rise over last week's secession referendum michael how talks earlier in paris with iraq's prime minister hyderabadi to discuss kurdish session efforts to talk about that has more he was here just to talk about certificate operate and they did however talk about the referendum present even offering to mediate to try and calm the situation in his words he said that it was very important that iraq remained united but recognized the rights of the kurdish people as for the iraqi prime minister he said that this referendum is illegal but he was looking for any cold front taishan with the kurdish forces now the two men also touched on a number of other issues they talked about closer cooperation in areas such as
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science and education but of course there was also a real focus on working more closely in matters of counterterrorism in the region they both said that they want to look to the future they both talked about reconciliation and rebuilding the country and it was in that way that the french president pledged a look around five hundred million u.s. dollars for rebuilding and helping to stabilize iraq. turkey says it's considering blockading iraq's kurdish region by closing its airspace and borders after the kurdish secession vote last week present rich up to about a one also said to side with iran and iraq central government whether to cut oil exports from the iraqi kurds and one was in the iranian capital tehran on wednesday where he discussed the kurdish vote with iran's leaders both countries have large ethnic kurdish populations. the red cross says syria is facing some of its worst fighting since last year's battle for aleppo at least one hundred thirty people
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have been killed in multiple airstrikes over the past two days and arizona province there are also reports of at least ten hospitals being damaged cutting off hundreds of thousands of syrians from health care. reports. death destruction and desperation are the results of our thoughts of the russian air strikes towns destroyed thousands displaced in the syrian province of darrow's or the syrian observatory for human rights as the airstrikes over the last six days killed at least one hundred eighty five people including women and children more than a lot we have looked at houses and went to the desert would be like this book by the situation is catastrophic we've seen rockets artilleries of war planes and we don't know who is who and what is what the international committee of the red cross says the number of civilians killed is the highest this year since the fight over aleppo the strikes damage at least ten hospitals leaving the injured helpless humanitarian organizations are struggling to care for syrians to scaping the
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attacks this includes search and rescuers from the white helmets organization everyone is. in the night. i still controls most of darrow's or and is under attack by the russian air force russia's defense ministry says forty nine members of al qaeda including its top seven leaders in syria have been killed recently the russian government says it targets insurgents not civilians but first responders say they see the opposite when we go with. the world and we. kids we see women we see men old men entire towns already devastated are now left wondering when the next airstrike will be. al-jazeera. at least eighteen people have been killed and at least twenty five injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a shia shrine in pakistan's southwest talk happened in the. province no one has
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claimed responsibility to has more from islamabad i know going to shrine and the. dawn of the leave the number of people dead many more are wounded according to the security forces a good guide bomber tried to enter that compound. under way however he was dropped at their door. and at least five drive from the provincial capital city of where. there are reports that the dead may go even higher although no one has yet claimed responsibility for that could begin to die this particular. dog and five forty nine people were.
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spain's constitutional court has suspended a session of the catalan parliament on monday the parliament was planning to declare independence unilaterally from the country after two million casuals voted in favor of secession meanwhile more spanish national police have pulled out of a catalan hotel when the government is going to depart ship the deployment triggered a standoff between rival protesters extra police presence angered many in the region who say officers used excessive force during the band but on sunday it's been a system call pandoras in boston or so called is the cause usual court ruling going to stop the parliament session going ahead on monday. it's very difficult to say right now lauren and that is because we're right into unchartered legal and constitutional territory this is the first time that the constitutional court sprains constitutional court has stepped in to try and stop
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a parliamentary session in any of spain's seventeen autonomous regions we haven't heard any statement yet from the leaders of the capital and parliament if however their past actions are anything to go by remember that the referendum itself was ruled illegal by the constitutional court and by the spanish government and the capital thora he is nevertheless pushed ahead regardless saying that they were making now effectively their own rule so on that level one would expect perhaps the capital in parliament to go ahead with that monday session in which it's widely expected that they will approve the results of sunday's referendum and even the soonest monday could make this declaration of independence from spain which is why the central government and the constitutional court want to take strict measures now if they do press ahead and carry on with that parliamentary session the constitutional court in its ruling today which effectively is an injunction has
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warned that the parliamentarians could be running into or could face criminal charges if they disobey this ruling from the constitutional court also we understand that the spanish government could dispatch police forces to try and stop parliament even opening laurent and in the meantime spanish business is moving out of catalonia tell us about that. well even cattle and businesses a looking possibly to move out of catalonia because of the instability that this political crisis is causing yesterday the benchmark ibex thirty five index dropped close to three percent today you however it's recovered much much of those losses it's certainly a very volatile situation for investors right now two of the main banks here in catalonia in fact major players at a national spanish level the bank of sad day and also the bank have both said that they are considering moving outside catalonia i just talked before coming on air to
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one of the spokesman from the bank and he said that banks principal object because right now is to guarantee stability for clients for investors and for the workers themselves that's why they could be considering a move we also know in other sectors in the biogenetic sick to remember that the barcelona region has become a point of attraction for high tech companies and so talking to a biogenetic company they say they've already taken that decision they are going to move to madrid so that they and their shareholders can avoid this volatility others could follow suit remember that catalonia makes up one fifth of the entire spanish economy that is why this issue is so important both at a political and an economic level one indeed can hold on those fast moving developments in boston and thank you very much well much of the focus from the
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catalan secession referendum has been on barcelona there are claims in smaller villages of a campaign of intimidation by far right activists people in the countryside say car tires have been slashed and windows broken since sunday's vote from the village of veges learned the reports. this is what verges woke up to on wednesday on street after street every single car that even parked outside had been worked over one hundred three cars in total very professional very fast nobody heard or saw a thing nor did the attackers care that some of the cars were full of children's playthings you keep some of your things in mark is a gardner so. he needs his car for work so no work there is actually i did i feel that. if the far right did this then we'd be surprised they never did it before but we all suspect is the national police or people close to them.
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as reeks of cancer land history they barely speak spanish here and a force for independence for hundreds of years the us signs from the referendum are everywhere if you want to hit the heart of the enemy it's as good a place as any as you can imagine a little tiny village like this in the middle of nowhere has never known anything like this at all the council and police have begun dusting for fingerprints but you haven't got to be sherlock holmes to figure out the conclusion the villagers have come to that this was a form of collective punishment for backing cattle and independence. all the talk from the doorsteps and balconies is a shock. revulsion against violence and resolve that they will not be overcome. several other villages were targeted as well local officials point out acidly that the spanish media are nowhere to be seen. that we know very well
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the message they're trying to foster the post's truth a message being created from spine they are trying to turn the truth upside down that we're acting violently in catalonia it doesn't exist. the nagging question of course is whether this is a war for the start of a campaign of violence towards the council lands one thing is certain it feels like the wheels of falling off in spain lawrence li al jazeera verges catalonia. still ahead this half hour and the saudi king meets russian president vladimir putin in moscow despite the two backing rival sides in the war in syria. and worsening conditions for the range refugees with even young babies in dire need of help.
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how the rain we've been reporting on in central china has for the time being fall apart and in the forecast we have still got this feed of of wind off the south china sea which has been developing showers along the south coast back towards the end i will carry around in the next day or so beyond that it is warm and sunny thirty and twenty six in shanghai the same is true in chengdu with the rain trying to form just the north of that in sichuan now as the monsoon retreats really all across a shouldn't do so smoothly goes down it goes back up again if it is doing that now well that was like the vice news line here through hyderabad which has been seeing flooding recently for a bit of a monsoon burst even on the retreat and the rain coming as far as not poor on friday and possibly beyond little saturday is threatening to get to run a good year out officialese i have to the monsoon or it's gone as rain for five days other things have come to pass which means it's officially not the monsoon season so i don't think you come that far north but it is a bit of a bulge which probably or possibly will bring back a bit of
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a hurry to set i was just recently disappeared last week has not been visible elsewhere the arabian peninsula we've had more of a breeze blowing through the gulf system as he would still be cooler that might well die but as the clouds in the sky very few. for the. journey to work. i prefer to lie down the first day i got the call came to. life and what a dangerous job. i feel no need to derail i merely die. our children go to school and live trade risking it in the democratic republic of congo at this time on al jazeera.
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among the top stories here now under syria iraqi forces say they've recaptured the town of how we judge ourselves last stronghold in the north of the country the troops were greeted by jubilant villages nearby. the red cross says syria is suffering its worst fighting since last year's battle for eastern aleppo at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in as strikes and over the past two days . and the tension continues in catalonia more spanish national police have been withdrawn but spain's constitutional court has suspended a session of the catalan parliament to prevent it declaring independence. russia and saudi arabia who back rival sides in syria's war have agreed to work together to unite syria's opposition saudi arabia's king solomon has been meeting the
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russian president vladimir putin in moscow is the first saudi monarch in history to visit russia and the delegation accompanying him has agreed joint investment deals with billions of dollars the two countries also agreed that syria's territorial integrity and state institutions must be preserved. so he really mattered less what o.c.s. and as far as syria is concerned we are certainly cooperation closely with russia in terms of the opposition and the said cold rounds of talks in geneva and of course we fully support the talks in the start and the need to make sure we preserve territorial integrity and sovereignty. but it's obvious that the fight against terrorism means that we have to fight extremist ideologies which are well known to us saudi friends we hope very much dot com into these efforts will lead to peace and stability in the islamic world and good work on the islamic council.
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and your version is planning to chop down part of a forest to extend the massive tent city sheltering range of families who fled an army crackdown and. more than half a million refugees have crossed into bangladesh in dire need of help among them babies injured in the violence reports from a camp in cox's bazaar and a warning his report contains some distressing images. with nothing else that her disposal a desperate mother blows air on her baby severely burned head to try and cool her off. there are doctors in the camp but when i took her to the doctor they said they don't have the right medicine for her she needs to be taken to see specialized doctors where when i get the money. tells us her baby was burned when me and mars military set her village in iraq and state ablaze
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. it took her family ten days to escape to bangladesh with no medical care the nine month old girl's wounds especially the one on top of her head have only worsened i'm not about analysis. i think if she doesn't get any treatment that my baby will die it's too hot here so i'm not able to keep her calm here she can't get any peace i can only make her feel better by finding her. at the tank ali makeshift camp for him to refugees in cox's bazaar the misery is seemingly endless reflected as much in the faces of residents as it is in the appalling conditions they're trying to survive the people you see behind me here they're lining up for aid distribution to give you some idea of the scale of this crisis this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist about three weeks ago now there's at least twenty
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thousand refugees who live here. they are among the more than five hundred thousand refugees who've crossed into bangladesh since late august the u.n. calls it the most urgent refugee crisis in the world like so many others here who is attempting to find family members she's been separated from my what i know what i'm searching for my mother and my aunt two i came across my neighbor who told me they came here. waiting barefoot through mud gould's our sadness is matched only by her persistence asking after her relatives at every turn. she tells us she'd wanted to remain in me and more but that the military's brutality made that impossible so. if only they weren't shooting and setting fires to homes we would stay there even in the jungles eating leaves but they set fire to our homes and we couldn't stay there anymore. with each passing day jarno as her chances will only
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grow dimmer not just that she'll locate her loved ones but that she'll ever be able to experience anything close to her previous life again. at the ten kali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh aid agencies are warning that zambia is facing a humanitarian crisis and the country is dealing with more than twenty seven thousand refugees who've crossed the border from democratic republic of congo at least three thousand have entered in the last month the u.n. says on average one hundred asylum seekers and to zambia each day colonies government forces are fighting a local militia in the region or the one point four million people have been displaced by the violence there since august last year. i guess he was trying to contain an outbreak of the plague at least thirty people have died in the past two months and almost two hundred suspected cases have been reported public gatherings in the capital have been banned to try to stop the spread of the disease ossama bin
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job a report. these are the culprits partly responsible for the plague spreading in madagascar infected right spread the bubonic plague while the mnemonic plague is carried from person to person more than one hundred sixty people have been infected when they say plague the. actually stands for the swelling in the various love notes but it soon as it spread from the lungs i could cough and those droplets could infect you that's alarming because it's human to human transmission rather than animal to human. on average two to six hundred people are infected annually in feet and outbreaks of the plague madagascar's rule areas but this time it spread to populated parts the government has now banned public meetings in the capital and ten and everybody there must first we must because we have heard of the disease that is spread through breeding so just to be on the safe side but never no i don't
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shake people's hands and i don't care so i don't know the precautions you take are not to talk to people and always wear a mask. the disease killed an estimated two hundred million people in the fourteenth century as the experts are advising caution but they say there is no need for panic the plague is treatable with antibiotics and the world health organization says there is no risk that the disease can spread internationally with please see example i would like to remind you here and it is important that the plague exists in many countries and the latest epidemics in some countries including botswana kenya madagascar zambia algeria and the d.r. see it's not only madagascar and this is important because what we hear in the city is that the plague is if madagascar. car is the end of the world we would just like to say that it is a disease like any other but we are lucky that this disease has a cure and this treatment is available and it is free. many schools are closed and
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they are being sprayed to kill fleas campaigns are also underway to remove trash in cities and officials are setting right traps the health ministry says it's taking steps to keep infections from spreading of a disease which was believed to have already been wiped out some of the job eve how does it u.s. authorities say the gunman who killed at least fifty eight people at a concert in las vegas on sunday had booked rooms overlooking two other music festivals there's no clear stephen paddick actually went to those events one was in chicago the other in las vegas meanwhile officers investigating sunday's attack us still trying to work out what led him to open fire on the country music festival they believe it's unlikely he collected his huge arsenal of weapons on his own paddocks girlfriend mary lou donnelly says she had no idea what her partner was planning describing him as kind caring and quiet. i was going on a two hundred year question who's in las vegas or did stephen do to prepare for the
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attack. i lauren so police officers say they found a cache of forty seven weapons they were inside hotel room in the mandalay bay resort as well as inside the two homes. in nevada authorities say the majority of those weapons were purchased legally by patrick within the last year with this purchase spree taking off in october of two thousand and sixteen what started that that's still a big question but it appears that that was the beginning of this meticulous planning that the gunman began about a year ago adding to that what they discovered inside the mandalay bay resort hotel room were also that many of these weapons were modified by a gun accessory easily and legally purchased in the united states that can convert a semiautomatic weapon into the automatic weapon essentially in all cases for all
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purposes a machine gun and that is what accounted for the rapid fire we heard during the ten minutes sustained attack at least on sunday evening along with those modifications to the weapons police officers also discovered at least three cameras that tatic had placed within his hotel room and in a way outside simply to monitor the approach of police officers there were also materials to create explosives found in his car parked at this hotel and perhaps most chillingly as you mentioned now there's evidence that may have rented other high rise hotels or condos overlooking other music festivals one here in nevada in las vegas that happened just a week ago and also another in chicago why was he doing. that was that practice was that casing out police still have many of those questions left
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unanswered more and. go from being saying. right so mary lou down she is key to this investigation she just arrived from the philippines on tuesday night as she was living with patrick for at least the last year in his chin homes in nevada and according to a statement from mary lou daley's attorney she is fully cooperating with this investigation she came back of her own accord from the philippines and she says she had no idea that her partner stephen paddick was planning this attack she called him words very contrary to the perception we have of him at this mass killer she said he was carrying signs and that she had no reason to suspect that any of this was going to happen officers and the f.b.i. agents of course are still going to ask for more questions thing could she should
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she have known that inside the home she was sharing with this man that he was stockpiling this arsenal of weapons she says that she was sent away by him a few weeks before the shooting occurred to the philippines where she has family and had no idea that this was going to happen. thank you very much. brazilian police have arrested the chief of the national committee on suspicion of bribery. a newsman is accused of paying committee members two million dollars in a vote buying scandal to ensure rio de janeiro would who's the twenty sixteen olympic games rated newsman's home last month accusing him of conspiring with politicians to buy the rights to host the games on insists he's innocent. thank you. top stories we are now to syria iraqi forces say they've recaptured the town of how we git isis last stronghold in the north of the country
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the iraqi military says some fighting is still continuing to the north and east of the town where i still is surrounded but more and more the troops fight as a surrendering as charles trap explains in the nearby devious district in kirkuk. from this area as the iraqi military and shia militias advance in this direction this area here this still a number of villages there that are controlled by i saw in the last few minutes we've seen through i saw a fighters come here and surrender the commander of this position says that in the last two weeks around two hundred actual fighters have surrendered at this position alone turkey says it's considering blockading iraq's autonomous kurdish region by closing its airspace and borders president russia one says his government along with the central governments of iraq and iran are also deciding whether to cut oil exports from the area the measures follow the recent region overwhelmingly voting
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for secession from baghdad last month the red cross says the worst fighting since last year's battle for eastern aleppo is raging in several parts of syria the organizations as at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in airstrikes in dairies or over the past two days sources on the ground accused russia of being responsible for the strikes us and russian backed forces are both trying to retake the region eisel fighters in separate offensives at least eighteen people have been killed and at least twenty five injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a shia shrine in pakistan's southwest you tack happened in the john moxie village in balad she's town province no one has claimed responsibility. spain's constitutional court has suspended a session of the catalan parliament planned for monday the parliament was due to declare independence you an actor you know actually from the country after two million catalans voted in favor of secession in
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a war spanish national police have pulled out of a catalan hotel in what the government is calling a shadow departure that apartment triggered a standoff between rival protesters. but a top stories risking it all democratic republic of congo is next by foot.


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