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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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reduces stress hormones you know. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe a forest stead of medicine michael phelps little capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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taters is the news hour live from london coming up. separations as iraqi forces push on still out of her region its last stronghold in the north of the country. this is the red cross says there is suffering its worst violence since the battle for east and the. spain's biggest bank to move its legal base out of catalonia the country's top court has also bought the council on parliament for meeting. and he said the las vegas gunman had previously booked rooms overlooking two other music festivals. and i'm sorry a small have all your day's sport including a late penalty cheap syria's world cup hopes alive as they battle for a draw but against australia in their world cup qualifier.
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iraqi forces have captured the town of her region and the surrounding area isis last stronghold in northern iraq the iraqi military say some fighting is still going on to the north and east of the town where i saw a surrounded troops were greeted by jubilant villagers in the zaka six kilometers northwest of town the culture of how we judge the any area that remains on the ice for control in iraq is a stretch alongside the western border with syria. the major operation has come at a cost as charles stratford reports from a nearby checkpoint at davis in northern iraq. exhausted and scared it took this family five days to reach the peshmerga defensive position as. they walked across these parched hills from their village and i salute control territory sometimes struggling to find shelter from coalition airstrikes and iraqi army shelling. the situation is tense there are airstrikes artillery shelling i have escaped with my family as soon as we could i saw were relocating from one place to another and many
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of them were pushed and squeezed further into how egypt there is no food or water available and i want a village on. condition so better bill you barely managed to get out we used to live off the scraps of food our property had led was all destroyed. and the peshmerga are defending this position against potential leisel fighters from this area as the iraqi military and shia militias advance in this direction this area here is still a number of villages there that are controlled by i saw in the last few minutes we've seen two i saw fighters come here and surrender the commander of this position says that in the last two weeks around two hundred fighters have surrendered at this position alone. the peshmerga took control of this area from i saw in two thousand and fourteen after the iraqi army fled it is beyond the
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official boundary of the semi autonomous kurdish regional government controlled area of northern iraq but the commanders here say the peshmerga won't withdraw or win the fight against the last pockets of i saw. that she had actually has all these lanes you see have been taken and defended by the peshmerga and we will not give them back many pacemaker died defending these lands we've opened humanitarian and military corridors of people displaced and military personnel who easier was the last stronghold for eisel in northern iraq iraqi prime minister hydrilla body says the town has been retaken but disagreement between the kurds and the iraqi government about who will control areas such as that we have just begun john started al-jazeera debases in iraq. france's president emmanuel back home has offered to help mediate between iraq central government and kurdish leaders as tensions rise over last week's secession referendum blackhole held talks in paris
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earlier with iraq's prime minister hyderabadi to discuss kurdish secession efforts and has more. he was here just to talk about strategic cooperation they did however talk about the referendum present even offering to mediate to try and calm the situation in his words he said that it was very important that iraq remained united but recognize the rights of the kurdish people as for the iraqi prime minister he said that this referendum is illegal but he wasn't looking for any called for in taishan with the kurdish forces now the two men also touched on a number of other issues they talked about closer cooperation in areas such as science and education but of course there was also a real focus on working more closely in matters of counterterrorism in the region they both said that they want to look to the future they both talked about reconciliation and rebuilding the country and it was in that way that the french president pledged a look around five hundred million u.s.
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dollars for rebuilding and helping to stabilize iraq. turkey says it's considering blockading iraq's kurdish region by closing its airspace and borders after the kurdish secession vote last week president has also said he'll decide with iran and iraq's central government whether to cut oil exports from the iraqi kurds and one was in the iranian capital tehran on wednesday where he discussed the kurdish vote with iran's leaders both countries have large ethnic populations. the red cross says syria is experiencing some of its worst fighting since last year's battle for aleppo at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in multiple asteroids over the past two days and province there are also reports of at least ten hospitals being damaged cutting off hundreds of thousands of syrians from health care. reports. death destruction and desperation are the results of our thoughts of the russian air strikes towns
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destroyed thousands displaced in the syrian province of darrow's or the syrian observatory for human rights as the airstrikes over the last six days killed at least one hundred eighty five people including women and children more than a lot we have looked at houses and went to the desert we've been like this book by the situation is catastrophic we've seen rockets artilleries at work planes and we don't know who is who and what is what the international committee of the red cross says the number of civilians killed is the highest this year since the fight over aleppo the strikes damage at least ten hospitals leaving the injured helpless humanitarian organizations are struggling to care for syrians to scaping the attacks this includes search and rescuers from the white helmets organization everyone is. in the night. i still controls most of darrow's or and is under attack by the russian air force russia's defense ministry says forty nine members of al-qaeda and putting its top seven leaders in
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syria have been killed recently the russian government says it targets insurgents not civilians but first responders say they see the opposite when we go when we are squad. goes in with. kids we see women we see men old men entire towns already devastated are now left wondering when the next airstrike will be. al-jazeera. there is a professor at the university of aleppo he is from the city is now living in the countryside after being displaced by the war he joins me now via skype from syria thank you for being with us so what are the conditions like now in aleppo and around. now in time to leave the city now that the situation that when i was a good market for assets or jurors now. people are living it might
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have been arrested any time i mean a lot of people are afraid to. go back to the report because they might be arrested any time of course this is this is in addition to going out east without any survey says a lot of to see to know what to do because all the. cables and by have been just go there were destroyed or stolen when. talking to all of the eastern part of the berg what about the air raids i mean we've had the red cross saying that. the number of air raids this has been going up what's your experience of that i think we may have lost our guest. speaking to us there from skype from syria. i think we're going to back us just check can you hear me as a professional hundred thank you very much and i just want to ask you what those
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situations in terms of air strikes what you experience in a lot front. yes. for the last week and i mean the previous week it was horrific for people i mean air raids air strikes all over the area and. it lives and it's countryside and the western countries had seventy five and so soft and countrysides of a good book where time to the people leave of course targeting hospitals heard it was a horrific message for people who are living in the story and of course it wasn't like that strikes me you know the book. the situation inside it was more you know horrible but the problem now is that if people leave a period of being if we're not pumping at all and with that turn of them being. sought to revive so disappointed and give us tainted because of these airstrikes
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and in terms of aid getting. aid to help you survive. really it's it's a problem for for the united nations i mean because you know this already i mean the countryside and you've lived but. it's a country you know it's not only and your area i mean because the people who are here have come from yours or from from homes or from damascus from hama those people went out of their houses without any without lawless me now it's material you know it's money and they need support nevertheless now. aids coming from united nations and other organizations is so volatile in combat is the number of people who are living here exactly the medical support now it's problematic for people here many hospitals stopped working because they don't have
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enough materials nor. salary for doctors and nurses this is in that position for the hospitals destroyed in the last airstrikes thank you very much indeed professor hundred for sharing of course with us thank you. russia and saudi arabia who backed rival science in syria's war and agreed to work together to unite syria's opposition saudi arabia's king solomon has been meeting the russian president vladimir putin in moscow is the first saudi monarch in history to visit russia and the delegation accompanying him has agreed joint investment deals worth billions of dollars the two countries also agreed that syria's territorial integrity and state institutions must be preserved. towhee to school you meant to do what o.c.s. and as far as syria is concerned we are certainly cooperation closely with russia in terms of the opposition and the said talks in geneva and of course we fully
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support the talks in the stand and the need to make sure we preserve territorial integrity and sovereignty. but of us today as well but it's obvious that the fight against terrorism means that we have to fight extremist ideologies which are well known to all saudi friends we hope very much talk to these efforts will lead to peace and stability in the islamic world and good work on the islamic council. at least eighteen people have been killed and twenty five injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a shia shrine in pakistan's southwest the attack happened in the village in baluchistan province to has more from islamabad. and. leave the number of dead many more. according to security forces a good guide bomber tried to enter that compound where. however he was
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there door. five drive from the provincial capital city of where. there are reports that the dead may go even higher although no one had yet claimed responsibility for that. this particular. five and forty nine people were. coming up this new war crimes against women. of using rape and sexual slavery as weapons in central african republic. thousands have been queuing for hours to pay their last respects to thailand's late king a year after he died. and in sport details on the arrest of one of the most important figures in brazilian
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sport. the speaker of the catamaran parliament has accused spain's constitutional court of harming freedom expression after it suspended a parliamentary session planned for monday at a news parliament was planning to declare independence unilaterally from spain after two million catalans voted in favor of secession. at that but it will neda this is an act of extreme seriousness because it cuts the freedom of expression of members of catalonia parliament this shows the total incapacity of the spanish government to resolve political problems in a political way we repeat what we've always said that we will not allow the parliament to be censored. to spain's biggest banks appear to be preparing to move their headquarters out of catalonia or fears the region or secede from the country . bunco somebody oh it is spain's fifth largest bank has already decided to move
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its legal base to l.a. county and there are reports that the board of cash bank is also considering relocation because of the political uncertainty spain's third largest lender and the biggest catalan company by market value. let's get the latest from col panel who's following this for us in barcelona so this quote to you to go back to the constitutional court ruling which is stopping parliament session going ahead on monday do you think that's actually going to happen. is very difficult to say quite simply long because that law has never been used to suspend a parliamentary session anywhere in spain and so that is when we heard the catalan speaker calm before cut bill coming out and really condemning that she accused the spanish government of using the courts to resolve what she said was essentially a political matter she said that the use of this law was on the hood of an extremely serious when i asked her then if she feared that perhaps the spanish
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government could use the police to seal off parliament and shut it she said she was not afraid of that she said that after all she considered that it was the catalonian people who had elected their politicians and who had put her as speaker of parliament in place as well now one might see that as an implicit hint that the catalan parliament could go ahead and hold that session on monday the key there is that the session that could come up with the declaration of independence also remember that the referendum itself was deemed illegal and kept lionel doherty's pushed ahead with that regardless of what common folk at all the speaker of parliament did also say was that the legal teams were looking at the constitutional court declaration right now and would decide what to do what we also know on the other hand is that college bustamante the head of the kaplan government is meeting with a cattle and. mediation group during the day tomorrow the backbone of that is made
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up by members of the castle and bar association but also members of the catalan chamber of commerce to see if perhaps they can come up with a way out of this crisis although we do know that the spanish government has already said they don't want any kind of negotiations or talks until catalonia abandons the attempt to push ahead with any kind of secession or independence of our income how damaging is it if banks like somebody. move out of catalonia. well the economic impact of this whole secession bid could be tremendously damaging remember that caps alone euro is the wealthiest we just have spain makes up about a fifth of the national economy if you put it into an international perspective catalonia is economy is larger than greece or portugal is economy and so breaking away from spain could have tremendous impact we already knew though that the large catalonian companies big capital were not behind the process session movement and
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so today as you mention we've heard bank ossama day saying that they are going to move their headquarters to canty part of spain that is not breaking away from the central government and bank i talked to one of their spokesman earlier on today and he said their main objective right now is looking after the interests of clients of shareholders and the workers and they're having a meeting tomorrow they could follow suit but it's not just the bank's cuts alone has become a hub for high tech industry as well and one of the biotech companies as they've told us today that they are also planning to move their headquarters to madrid so yes significant economic impact that has led to a lot of volatility on the stock market but yesterday's losses on the benchmark ibex thirty five have now largely been regained but stockbrokers foresee more volatility ahead laura cantrell call penholder thank you very much indeed. our much
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of the focus on the catalan secession referendum has been on barcelona there are claims in smaller villages of a campaign of intimidation by far right activists people in the countryside say car tires have been slashed and windows broken since sunday's vote from the village of verges largely reports. this is what verges woke up to on wednesday on street after street every single car that had been parked outside had been worked over one hundred three cars in total very professional very fast nobody heard or saw a thing nor did the attackers care that some of the cars were full of children's playthings you keep some of your things in mark is a gardner so. he needs his car for work so no work there is exactly why it is i feel that. if the far right did this then we'd be surprised they never did it before but we all suspect is the national police or people close to them.
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vergers reeks of cancer land history they barely speak spanish air and the fought for independence for hundreds of years the us signs from the referendum are everywhere if you want to hit the heart of the enemy it's as good a place as any as you can imagine a little tiny village like this in the middle of nowhere is never known anything like this at all the council and police have begun dusting for fingerprints but you haven't got to be sherlock holmes to figure out the conclusion the villagers have come to that this was a form of collective punishment for backing cattle and independence. given all the talk from the doorsteps and balconies of shock. revulsion against violence and resolve that they will not be overcome. several other villages were targeted as well local officials point out acidly that the spanish media are nowhere to be seen
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. that we know very well the message they're trying to foster the post truth message being created from spine that are trying to turn the truth upside down that we're acting violently in catalonia it doesn't exist. the nagging question of course is whether this is all. for the start of a campaign of violence towards the council lands one thing is certain it feels like the wheels of falling off in spain lawrence lee al-jazeera verges catalonia. u.s. authorities say the gunman who killed at least fifty eight people at a concert in las vegas on sunday had booked rooms overlooking two other music festivals but it's not clear stephen paddick actually went to those events one in chicago the other in last vegas meanwhile officers investigating sunday's attack is still trying to work out what led him to open fire on the country music festival they say he stockpiled his huge arsenal of weapons and ammunition over decades
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below the fire chief said that they had been preparing for a mass casualty event like this to happen in fact it's what they had trained for. ten years ago this would have been a much more severe as for what would. i mean planning that like this in our community we have we have some things coming down the pike this is the world that we live in unfortunately we're in a daniel soft targets our community or an international tourist destination where we're a target and we know that. and how do those been some developments in congress tell us about that. that's right first of all what set this mass shooting apart lord is the fact that an automatic a fully automatic weapon was employed that's why we heard those shots ring out of nine shots a second that had not happened previously in other mass shootings in the united states and investigators say it was made possible because the gunman still had
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a modified several of his weapons inside the hotel room with a device called a stock now these are easily accessible and legally purchased devices in the united states that can convert any semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon in layman's terms a machine gun now it appears that in congress there is some movement now to consider banning the sale of the use of these stocks top republicans paul ryan speaker of the house joining the chorus of democrats who have called for this saying that top republicans themselves will also look at that question and on the heels of this massacre republicans have also said they've temporarily put on hold some legislation that would have made it easier for americans to buy guns silencers that was on its way through congress it is now been pulled from the schedule republicans saying this is not the right time to be considering sitting down laws.
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thank you very much. yes training government is setting up a massive national photo database to help identify terrorist suspects driver's license photos will be added to the database and facial recognition software will be used in public spaces to identify people classified as a threat it is taking i resource that has been accessed the years and years and making it a viable in the twenty first century manner i think most destroyed it would have assumed it was being accessed in this why now but it hasn't been so that's one of the good things we've done to the. european union has pledged all the six hundred million dollars to clean up the world's oceans announcement was made at the our oceans conference being held in walton at the event to the british throne prince charles said decisive action must be taken to cut down the amount of plastic we use . it is i believe utterly crucial that we transition to a secular economy. a secular economy allows plastic along with
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many other substances to be recovered recycled and reused instead of created used and then thrown away. on our increasingly overcrowded planet this economic approach has to be a critical part of a stabber seeing a more harmonious relationship between humankind and the ocean that sustains us all. there's more to come as our house near is coping after violence in the democratic republic of congo sends thousands of people fleeing back. a british author is awarded this year's nobel prize for literature. and shaky start to the season for the defending n.h.l. champions of pittsburgh penguins behave with us or.
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hello the show of the song caspian must have been quite dramatic over the last ten days or so using a shower to shower usually sundry mostly of the iranian coast and that's still the case the heaviest downpours recently recorded a bit further west in the last one from yesterday hundred forty eight meters in twenty four hours huge figures really considering now a full cost wise that should all cease come friday the line is still there but from the front of you shows you go as far as tashkent or beyond to get rain out of the systems it's gone back to drive around in the sunshine anyway twenty degrees in baghdad stand about thirty three though it is warm again come saturday there is a breeze here the breeze has been a northerly but it's going back to a southerly which will pick up the dust somewhat it's turning quite reason the eastern side of the net as well by route twenty seven reason the south here to the
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arabian peninsula and we still got nearly forty in mecca nothing much happening i don't think from the point of view of clouds building the heaviest may well briefly richard said i was with the bulge in the monsoon has it retreats thirty seven doha might see the wind die down has recently seen a drop in humidity and as that breeze turns around to. bring dust to the gulf nations as well still with the same temperature. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as if i cold of pain for what. meets the women affected by it at g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this to any better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the count at this time. and when
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the news breaks. in. the street. and the story builds steam jobs much better marketers. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online. one of the top stories here not a zero iraqi forces say they recaptured the town of how we judge ourselves last
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stronghold in the north of the country the troops are grated by jubilant villages nearby. the red cross says syria is suffering its worst fighting since last year's battle for eastern aleppo at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in airstrikes and there as well over the past two days. and the speaker of the catalan parliament has accused spain's prostitution or court of harming freedom of expression after suspended a parliamentary session planned for monday. catalonia is economic strength is one of the major reasons the region wants to break away from spain it only accounts for sixteen percent of spain's population but its two hundred fifty three billion dollar economy generates around a fifth of spanish gross domestic product the push for secession has raised fears over the future of catalonia is finances though the s. and p. ratings agency has put the region on a credit watch negative and its long term rating is four points below investment grade the e.u.
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has already said an independent catalonia would be expelled from the block losing valuable access to the single market and the euro the euro and as we heard earlier spain's fifth largest bank by go somebody has decided to move its legal base out of catalonia and spain's third biggest lender culture bank is also considering moving its legal base from the region. let's talk more about this with any send see who's a professor of economics at the university of buffalo or thank you very much indeed for being with us so just on that last point about the banks wanting to move their headquarters or their legal bases out of catalonia what what do you make of that move. it's a precautionary move months it's normally in the sense that they have to have contingency plans in the case of his being excluded from the eurozone from the european central bank and this is this quote represent a problem in terms of credit created to. be created but
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the thing that is not. is that they did it too they saw that we may be having the declaration of independence next week and it seems like a fresh pressure movement it could be interpreted as a pressure movement on citizens are quite angry at their decision today and saw that could harm them because people could remove. their money from these banks and go to other banks in any case i. set that catalonia is going to be excluded from the cigar market and the euro this is not true i mean e.q. exclusion does not mean that being being excluded from the single market you can remain in the single market by by having a commercial agreement with the european union and you can keep the euro independent the state because this is a sovereignty decision it's the sovereign state that takes the decision off like.
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their own currency are adopting the currency of another one that's what my particularly in terms of members. of the euro drop in terms of membership of the european union the european union has said that the referendum. governance a referendum is illegal and has said that as far as i can gather that you would have to join again if you want to be part of the e.u. would not damage the cattle an economy. it will damage the spanish economy first of all if they don't want to agree and do things. like. sitting in the table negotiating recognition of catalonia negotiating the sharing of their. sets it's going to be the first of the spanish economy as a whole because the. belong to the spanish state is the spanish that's has hundred per cent of g.d.p. as they're. going away is going to lose twenty percent of its g.d.p.
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and keep all there if they don't agree and they don't see the not table to negotiate things in the scottish and the british would have done. if the us had won the scottish referendum so. just to go back to that business if they sit down what do you think would be on the table would it be illegal referendum that would be legally binding that would be done across the whole of spain or what do you think would be the the point where they can find agreement for something that they can actually. discuss. a referendum on the whole of spain has never been done for to decide on the independence of a nation all nations have that have got their independence by referendums on their own people that would be something extraordinary never heard of it before.
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not a referendum has been had been done it took place despite the violence of the police and the judiciary despite the what they did to prevent it from happening it did happen. forty two percent are now due to the turnout we had in the referendum of the european constitution does that mean. yes one by ninety per cent and there's a lot of referendum that was passed by the court that i'm part of in that says that the yes when one in did this referendum independence will be declared so i don't think. what we have to. after the declaration of independence just like. you. just all of the the constitutional court has now said that the parliament the cattle and parliament is not allowed to meet on monday what do you think is going to happen anyway what they'll do. every day we have different things and we react depending on what
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happens every day because every day. we had for two weeks. chasing boxes that they couldn't find out all over the country to try to prevent a referendum because and we had the ballot boxes that we did direct friend now they are trying to prevent the parliament to meet what is that is that a democracy trying to prevent a parliament that is perfectly democratic and legal to meet even the saw the. session on monday hasn't been called yet hasn't been formally called they suspend it. in the middle of the process and the. table of the bottom of the speaker of the parliament hasn't hasn't yet called the session so they are they are prevent they are suspending something that hasn't hasn't even happened yet ok we i'm sure i'm sure that we'll try to find a solution the parliament will meet our we'll find
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a solution and we apply the results of the. law that was passed by the referendum the law of the referendum that says that if the us was to win independence would be declared. thank you very much indeed for your thoughts. amnesty international has accused european governments of putting thousands of afghan refugees at risk of torture kidnapping and death by forcing them to return home a new report says nearly ten thousand afghans were deported from europe in twenty sixteen that's nearly triple the number kicked out the year before amnesty says european governments are being reckless and unlawful ignoring evidence that violence in afghanistan is at a record high in twenty sixteen nearly three thousand five hundred people were killed and almost eight thousand injured in attacks by armed groups in the first half of this year nearly seventeen hundred civilians were killed and more than
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three thousand wounded more than twenty percent of the casualties were in kabul area mr dick is the afghanistan researcher friends international she says the deportation of refugees must stop well our call is on the european union to put an immediate moratorium on all due to all of us going to food use our list the situation the save those details could be dignified and good protection and safeguards could be guaranteed at the same time we are calling on the afghan government to do evil thing within its power to stop those deportations and do not cooperate with european union on deportation and foreseeability turn of afghan diffuse aid agencies are warning that zambia is facing a humanitarian crisis the country is dealing with more than twenty seven thousand refugees who cross the border from the democratic republic of congo at least three thousand have entered in the last month the u.n. says on average one hundred asylum seekers enter zambia each day congolese
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government forces are fighting a local militia in the care silo or than one point four million people have been displaced by the violence there since august last year. in the enter n.-g. transit camp in northern zambia. this transit center was set up three and a half weeks ago the people are many from underneath and some from the troubled region is a running away from ethnic tensions and fighting between government forces and militia groups aid workers say if one is given to eighteen hundred people coming into zambia every day and conditions are basic the new arrivals haven't yet worked their own form a structure to live and stay in these communal kind of compounds how together by reading math and some topical intents to cover the top three or four families can live in here and till they move to a spot where they can build the own temporary structure with their families some aid workers say that they see a large number of many women and children coming into the strands at center and
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about sixty percent of those who are coming here are children under the age of eighteen there is a communal set up already whereby the meals are prepared by the women the men cut the fire words the people are then given food in the morning and then at supper at any sea say they need more help the rainy season is about to start in a few weeks the concern once is rains all this to be flooded with water people need some kind of decent accommodation in the mosquito nets and it mysen they need more food and they concern that as long as the balance keeps continuing in the d.r. seeing more people crossing into zambia for protection. human rights watch says armed groups in central african republic are using rape and sexual slavery to terrorize women and girls investigators documented more three hundred cases of rape torture and sexual violence in the past four years some women and girls were held a sexual slaves for up to eighteen months victims say they've been targeted by both
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muslim seleka rebels and christian anti baloch of fighters but of a single person has faced charges since the overthrow of president in twenty thirteen fighting has killed thousands of people and more than a million have fled their homes thirteen thousand united nations peacekeepers are struggling to contain the violence imran khan has more and a warning you may find some of his report top setting. hidden beyond the tall grass and veiled behind curtains survivors in the central african republic talk of barbaric acts cruel and brutal crimes that are still unpunished the minimoog lead one of them took a grenade and they put it in my vagina then they removed the grenade and they raped me. this thirty five year old is among hundreds of women and girls who've told human rights watch about sexual violence and torture. and then. when i think about it my heart beats so fast and really hard when i remember my heart beat so hard so
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hard so hard even right now when i'm thinking about it it's beating hard and so fast fast fast. three of the victims are children when they were raped and became pregnant. they raped me over and over again they never stopped not for even one day when i was eight in the house months pregnant. when i had the baby i didn't want to hold him i felt like killing him the survivors say they were raped by a dozen men fighters beat the women and left them with broken bones smashed teeth and had wins. the fight is kidnapped women beat them up rape them and tortured them young girls older women they just didn't have. the rights watch says the abuses are not only crimes under central african law but also constitute war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity
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a new task force is trying to address the plight of survivors. those that we know responsible for these grave crimes of rape in violation of human rights if you're not arrested right now and taken into custody no victims will have the will to seek justice and that makes justice inaccessible you have to talk about zero impunity then you need the women to have the courage to come forward and report the fact human rights watch says only eleven of the tears hundred ninety six survivors interviewed try to initiate a criminal investigation so far no member of any armed group has been arrested or tried to committing sexual violence. is there israel is planning to close its borders with the occupied west bank and the gaza strip for an unusually long period of closure for a jewish holiday means no palestinians will be allowed to cross into israel for eleven days palestinians say the move is collective punishment as harry forces reports now from the occupied west bank. it's typical for israeli checkpoints to
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close on public holidays but not for this long the israeli government announced this week that the occupied west bank and gaza strip would be sealed off for eleven consecutive days the longest such closure for more than a decade hardest hit by the tens of thousands of palestinians who crossed daily from the west bank to work mainly in construction in israel on thursday some were renewing work permits and reflecting on the loss of nearly a half a month's wages for some it's worse he paid a broker of his permit it costs him more than twenty five dollars a day whether he works or not i don't get me about that it's hard on everyone that's daily suffering it's going to cost me more than three hundred dollars for my permits the economic situation in the country is. the forced closure has been linked by israel to an attack last month in which a palestinian worker killed three israeli security forces at the entrance to an illegal settlement israeli media report that the army's closure recommendation came
9:45 pm
only after political pressure from government ministers what israel is calling a security measure palestinians are referring to as collective punishment and with seventy five thousand permit holders working inside israel that comes at a serious cost to the palestinian economy a cost says the palestinian government that goes beyond the loss in wages of up to fifty million dollars. it's the new home and that means they won't be able to buy goods and so it impacts on the economic cycle especially given that a number of workers purchased permits from brokers for more than seven hundred dollars a month that. permit renewed sahar is back home and while in israel work will resume on and off throughout the super hot holiday like tens of thousands of other palestinians who have to wait out the full eleven days it is own considerable expense sorry for sit out in the occupied west bank. there is demanding the release of its journalist hussein who's been in prison now in egypt
9:46 pm
for more than nine months is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos because she and al-jazeera strongly deny the authorities have refused to allow him to be transferred to a specialist treatment for a broken arm an injury his sustained in jail. tens of thousands of mourners have rushed to bangkok's grand palace to pay their final respects to thailand late king king bhumibol under diet died last october and his body has been lying in state in the palace thursday was the last day for people to see him ahead of the royal cremation later this month when he reports from bangkok. in sweltering conditions the long wait goes on it's been this way for a year as people line up to into the grand palace in bangkok to pray before the urn or coffin of the late king tut's a weird time on has been waiting in line for eleven hours and. i'm here to play almost back to the cape this is my first time here i'm glad to have made it it's an
9:47 pm
honor to be here to be able to be this close to him the government says more than eleven million people have come here since king jr day died in october last year but numbers have swelled since an announcement from the palace that public access is coming to an end the funeral will provide some closure for thais who've been mourning the passing of the king but the result has some uncertainty king probably pawn reigned for seventy years having ascended the throne at the age of just eighteen so until he died he was the only king most thais have ever lived under. his son king which were long gone ascended the throne at the age of sixty four so won't have the luxury of time to build a legacy that his father did he's already the king but will be formally crowned in february he takes over at a difficult time thailand is still under military rule after a coup in two thousand and fourteen that many suggest was staged to ensure a smooth transition the army has crackdown on dissent and freedom of speech with
9:48 pm
particular focus on those who are alleged to have criticised or defamed the monarchy the government says the country will be returned to democracy late next year but they could be further delays for the people here that's an issue for another day. their sole focus now is on saying farewell to the late king. when i'm in front of the king al feel grateful for all the things he did for us and all that he worked for waiting in line for eight hours is nothing compared to what he did all his life for us preparations are being finalized for the funeral which will be held on october the twenty sixth when hey al-jazeera bangkok. as your issue has been awarded the nobel prize for literature and she was born in japan and is best known for his books remains of the day and never let me go i'll receive prize money of just over a million dollars when he collects the award in december. this is amazing and
9:49 pm
totally unexpected news for. it comes at a time when the world is uncertain. its leadership and its safety. i just hope that my receiving this huge hole. will be even in a small way encourage the forces of good news at least. still ahead this news our sports including. it's funny to hear female talk about routes by. the n.f.l. they're locking a female reporter. as
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
well a sport now with tara. lauren thank you so much serious surprise round to make next year's world cup in russia is still on course they held asian champions australia in their first leg of their asian play off setting up intense decider in sydney on october the tank so how malik has more. syria and australia face a gauntlet of matches to make it to the world cup next year they faced off in the first game of a two legged play off their awards for winning another playoff with a team from north and central america syria who played the home games in malaysia because of the war in their homeland came close to conceding early on. mark milligan the nine ninety minutes in. just before half time however australia struck . robbie kruse giving them a one day lead. the socceroos could have put the game to bed just after the break.
9:52 pm
tommy you're rich missing out not just once but twice. and they were made to pay for blowing their chances. syria grabbed a late penalty. matthew lucky controversially called for making contact with. the syrians took full advantage of their opportunity almost some eleven it won one and that's how it ended. the syria are at the world cup will be for the first time ever in the history. if australia don't make it the tournament would be without the asian champions so hell malik al-jazeera. our reporter florence louis was at the game in malaysia getting a sense of how serious the fans there were feeling. some have built this match to be a sort of david versus goliath much have three consecutive world cup qualification syria has never played in the world cup. they very nearly didn't get to play in the world cup qualifier. security reasons and to deal with through
9:53 pm
but malaysia at the last minute so they've been playing the home matches here now some critics have said that the game and its games achievements are being used as a propaganda tool by the syrian government as the conflict. but the fans here tonight it's all about the beautiful game. yeah. both sides narrowly missed out on automatic progression so this is second chance to advance the group the second leg will be played in sydney. the winning team will then meet the fourth placed team from the northern and central american and caribbean region for a spot in russia at the world cup next year. the limpid committee president carlos
9:54 pm
newsman has been arrested as part of an investigation into a vote buying scandal the probe is linked to rio getting the twenty sixteen olympics he's accused of being a go between to nail down the backing for. at the time was a senior i.o.c. official the rest follows newsman being questioned having his passport seized and house searched last month welling's has more. no the problem started for twenty six in a long time before the games you remember all the pressures of where they are actually going to get this games ready the games themselves which as you say are covered difficulties every day remember the daily press conferences they always had a scandal or problem to deal with from some eggs more like the discoloring of the poll so actual corruption alleged while the games were going on and now every year since they're finished again we have this problem with a really senior figure involved and it does not look good for commerce isn't the people around him and also the potential of others being called into this as well
9:55 pm
it really seems the lid has been lifted off of it not just a problem for rio and for brazil but for the international olympic committee they cleaned up their act in two thousand and two with the salt lake city winter games will that help themselves now as a clean organization and what they've done is the change the way the bidding and hosting happens of course with powers twenty twenty four and twenty twenty eight there was no rivalry and less chance for corruption is a sad state of affairs but the i.o.c. say well this is how we're doing it now so there's less corruption it shows that there were problems for years and years. well number one rafa nadal has advanced to the quarter finals of the china open the spaniard beat carrying cash in off of russian straight sets six three six three is sent out fifty eight the victory of the season health pace and merican john is next. and i fell players being criticized for marking a female reporter during a press conference to have
9:56 pm
a look at this exchange involving the carolina panthers cam newton and reporter jordan rodriguez from the charlotte observer. no you take a lot of pride in seeing your sleeves like that bunches the seem to really embrace the physicality is grounds and make it in the next few yards that give you a little bit of an enjoyment to see the manager figure because it's funny to hear female talk about routes. slowly. now the border and vault responded on twitter saying i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes i think it's my job she also said she sought out newton after words but he refused to apologize the national hockey league is underway for a new season of the stanley cup champions did not get off to a winning start the pittsburgh penguins are bidding to become the first and h.l. team in thirty five years to win tree championships but they were beaten by the st
9:57 pm
louis blues who clinched the game five four in overtime. that's all your sport for now it's now back to lauren in london thank you very much archaeologists in turkey believe they may have found the burial place of the original santa claus st nicholas researchers say they've discovered a tomb beneath a church in demaris in southern turkey cynicus was born there and served as bishop in the fourth century he was known for his generosity and are looking for a way into the tomb that won't damage the eleventh century building much more know on our web site for you any time dress about this al-jazeera dot com. and that's it for me in are intended but maryam namazie will be here in a minute with another full run of the day's news which for us watching see you soon .
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like a book it's a oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york it has to address or if you join us on set if i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. on al-jazeera. after a year of mourning time on bids a final farewell to its longest reigning monarch. for the stories beyond the
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headlines faultlines examines the u.s. his role in the world liberians are preparing for their third election since a bitter civil war observers are calling it a crucial test for democracy an investigation into the elec tronics industry revealing out even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs . china's communist party is holding its annual congress what will it mean for the country and its people. on al-jazeera. and indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic but names or an ecological disaster. at this time on al-jazeera.
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iraqi civilians celebrate after government forces push i sell out of its last stronghold in the north of the country.


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