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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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haven't truly been able to escape the lure of. egypt is now china's third biggest trading partner in africa more than ten thousand chinese are living in cairo and wanted to see the pyramids so in september one thousand nine hundred five i came with my friends to egypt many started a small traders but are now successful in business shifting and i began to do business in two thousand and three or two thousand and four at the time it was small but then it began to expand in al-jazeera well meets the growing chinese community in egypt egypt made in china at this time. a key un report on children and conflict is shop the critical of the saudi that
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coalition of its war in yemen. i'm not matheson this is all just a of a lie from dollars so coming out. thank you is that some national police and two of spain's largest banks pulled out of boston oh no. we must not allow iran to attain to obtain nuclear weapons as it in time gives his strongest hand yet that the u.s. will drop its support of the iran nuclear deal. the united nations formally ends its troubled peacekeeping mission in haiti. the united nations i know report on children and conflict has strongly criticized both sides in the war in yemen it's. saudi arabia and its allies on the list of
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countries that kill and maim children in conflicts at the same time the united nations' annual report admits the coalition has taken action to improve child protection well jazeera has seen the report which isn't yet public but has been presented to the security council a short time ago it blames the saudi led coalition for killing six hundred eighty three children it says the coalition was behind thirty eight verified attacks on schools and hospitals last year the un also says the rebels supported by iran yemeni government forces and al qaida have all been responsible for killing children in the conflict the report also names afghanistan syria south sudan the democratic republic of congo and other countries where violations against children continue mike hanna has more from the united nations. well that list of countries who just gave their long with
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a long list of non-state actors just gives you the very clear picture of how widespread the problem is of children in conflict in all the total is for all thousand violations by government forces around the world eleven thousand five hundred violations of children by non-state groups the largest as you said was in afghanistan where there were over three thousand five hundred child casualties during twenty sixteen and then of course as mentioned yemen in total one thousand three hundred and forty casualties of which the saudi led coalition is held accountable for six hundred eighty three children as long with the destroying a large number of hospitals and schools but there's been a change in the reports format this year the annex one which lists the names of the perpetrators has been divided into two sections section eight contains a list of those nations and non-state actors responsible for violations but those
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that have subsequently been regarded as having taken steps to improve the protection of children during the reporting period are moved into a new section section b. the saudi led alliance along with the afghanistan national police and the somali national army are in this category b. ok let me take you to spain which is facing its biggest political crisis in decades the top court has suspended a session of the regional parliament in catalonia local leaders were planning to declare secession during monday's sitting the speaker of catalonia as parliament says the central government in madrid has put freedom of expression in danger. this is an act of extreme seriousness because it caused the freedom of expression of members of catalonia parliament the total capacity of the spanish government to result political problems in a political way to repeat what we've always said that we will not allow the
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parliament to be. appeared to be preparing to move their headquarters. he decided to move. in the country. the board has also considering relocation because of the political.
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thank you bonnie i know that economic impact what a. u.s. media is reporting the trumpet ministration is expected to withdraw support of a new nuclear deal the twenty fifteen agreement meant iran restricted its nuclear
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program in exchange for sanctions relief the us president donald trump has met military leaders at the white house to discuss the deal but let's go straight to practical in washington d.c. so we're saying that president trump is giving his strongest hints yet that the deal might go or the u.s. might pull out what's he been saying. well i can tell you doesn't follow the playbook of past u.s. presidents and once again tonight another somewhat unusual episode to pass along to you there was something called the travel photo lid at the white house basically that means go home reporters you're not going to see the president a more we're good well all the sudden they called a live in they said reporters come back come into the into the white house where the president was taking pictures with the military leadership and their wives and he said you could be seen in the calm before the storm so all of the reporters who have to watch the president were like are you talking about i saw your time on north korea there you talk about iran he said you'll see so we no idea what that means but there are some very credible reports that right now it seems the
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president is leaning towards telling congress basically decertify and the iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal does that mean the deal is dead or done no it just this is an internal u.s. policy thing what that would do is start a clock then under the law congress would have sixty days to reimpose these sanctions that were lifted under the iran nuclear deal it's not at all clear that they would but you know this is a president who loves to create the idea of suspense he's been doing it for weeks when it comes to the issue around even at the u.n. in his big speech there but here's what he had to say about this just a little while ago. we must not allow iran to obtain to obtain nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and chaos across the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to
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the spirit of their agreement. so i think it's important to remember the nuclear deal that was crafted with president barack obama the p five plus one and i and iran has nothing to do with any of the issues the president just complained about they specifically said when they came out all of those issues are a totally separate issue when it comes to missile when it comes to their believe their support for terrorism there over the sanctions in place to deal with this this is about the nuclear issue where iran has suspended its program in exchange for lifting of some sort of financial sanctions that's what we're talking about here but it seems president perhaps doesn't understand the basis of that landmark nuclear deal and back to you again that you were talking about donald trump being a master of suspense when it came to things like this and we're seeing that also in the kind of the strong words again that he's putting forward about this and yet again balancing that against the more measured tones of james mattis and rex tillerson when they've been talking about this deal as well. and they have been
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saying we just saw twenty four hours ago secretary of defense jim mattis tell the u.s. congress that he thinks that it's in the u.s. national security interest to stay in the iran deal and at the time that many people thought he was speaking to an audience of one president donald trump but if you really look back and now with this reporting that president may have thought of found what he sees as a loophole where he can decertify but the not push congress to reimpose saying sions there is fine his base mattis is a key voice he is respected on capitol hill and we are starting to see some republicans especially within the leadership say basically it will quote the uses the toothpaste is always a out of the bottle the money has been given to iran the same sions have been lifted if they were to reimpose sanction they know the allies would blame them for and walked away from the nuclear deal and it's not at all clear that the allies would follow suit and which would mean the same sions were somewhat toothless so it's not confirmed that the republicans will go along but it's also important to point out whenever things go into congress anything could happen lobbying matters
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so they'll be faced with the choice between the pro israeli government lobby and all of the allies and other countries like china and russia who said we signed this deal we're not renegotiating so there will be pressure on congress not to mention the fact that the trump administration cannot point to any evidence that iran is it living up to their part of the deal the i.a.e.a. has said they're in one hundred percent compliance to get around that the trump administration keeps saying but the agreement said that iran would and this is important they say quote the deal they said positively contribute to regional and international peace and security the deal does the agreement doesn't say that it doesn't say iran will contribute it says the agreement will contribute they can't quite square that peg when you ask them about it so there might have a shaky argument but if they do this that it goes to congress to decide if they scuttled the deal at least from a u.s. perspective thanks patty. iraqi forces have captured the town of how we just and
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the surrounding area this was i suppose a last stronghold in northern iraq the military says some fighting is still going on to the north and east of the town and what i saw is surrounded troops were greeted by jubilant villagers and six kilometers northwest of the town of the capture of. the only area that remains under control and iraq is a stretch along the western border with syria while the army's been trying to defeat. the group captured large areas of northern iraq three years ago after months of airstrikes by u.s. led coalition warplanes and iraqi forces launched a major offensive to retake to crete in march twenty fifteen they declared victory a month later then the army moved on to ramadi in anbar province was forced to retreat from the area in december twenty fifth ramadi is to t.j. because it's roads connect to syria in june twenty sixth in the army read to the first city to fall to eye so it's also in anbar province and about seventy
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kilometers from the capital baghdad the battle for mosul lasted nine months victory was finally declared in july the capture of leaves just one remaining area under isis control in iraq the focus now is on that area along the syrian border. turkey says it's considering a blockade of iraq's kurdish region by closing its airspace and borders after the codis secession vote last week turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has also said he will decide with iran and iraq central government on whether to cut oil imports from the iraqi kurds out of one was in the iranian capital tehran on wednesday where he discussed the code is vote with iran's leaders both countries have large ethnic kurdish populations france's president emanuel has offered to mediate between iraq central government and kurdish leaders he made the offer after talks
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with visiting iraqi prime minister. on iraq we are particularly interested in the stability of iraq in the upcoming weeks and months we hope very much that there will be dialogue that is respectful of the integrity of iraq and we would also like to advocate that in the framework of the constitution for a recognition of the kurds should take place there is a long path to go towards political inclusion but it must also make sure that the constitution is respected. still ahead an alternate zero more disturbing revelations about the las vegas gunman we'll have a live update on the latest and the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. and our global push to find ways to clean up and protect the oceans. and if. hello again we'll start by looking at whether across central and southern
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parts of china and taiwan and you can see really from shanghai southward through towards hong kong weather conditions not looking too bad during the course of friday as we head on through into saturday is further south we're going to see some really heavy rain across the far south of china and in towards northern parts of vietnam across china generally we've got more showers not faring too bad at least initially and then we've got quite a lot of rain across coastal parts of me and mark so let's head down into southeastern parts of asia for the philippines generally we've got a scattering of showers nothing untoward here pretty wet across borneo which is no surprise we should be largely dry for java as we work our way up through the night a potential we have a few showers for singapore and kuala lumpur further towards the north you may see showers reactivate as we head through saturday so in across southern parts of the philippines bangkok will probably see wanted to showers during the day into south asia and here it's more eastern areas seeing the bulk of the rain at the moment but
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we still got some showers affecting the western ghats so for bangalore we're going to see some showers highs that of twenty seven but for northern parts of india is looking fine for delhi temperatures here thirty six degrees and fine across pakistan to my summer thirty three expected in karate. sponsored by qatar. says he it's. twenty five off to independence. they must become. defendants. preparing for the possibility of. full invasion still came entry at this time on al jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the united nations i know report on children and conflict has strongly criticized both sides in the war in yemen it says the study that coalition and the who the rebels were responsible for killing and injuring hundreds of children in yemen last year. spain's top court has suspended a session of the catalan parliament local leaders were planning to close a session during monday's sitting the regional parliament speaker has accused madrid of pushing freedom of expression danger. the u.s. president donald trump has accused iran of not living up to the spirit of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the trumpet ministrations expected to decertify degree him until next week congress will then decide if it will impose new economic
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sanctions on tech crunch. u.s. police officers are investigating whether the gunman who killed fifty eight people at a concert in las vegas was planning other attacks but he's still trying to find out why stephen paddock opened fire at the event on sunday officers say he stockpiled his huge awesome all of weapons and ammunition over decades but it's girlfriend and i will do donnelly says she has no idea what copartner was planning and he gallacher is in las vegas he's live for us and he give us some more details if you have them on the latest from that investigation. well the investigation is central question as to the motive behind stephen public's attack on sunday night is still not answered still nowhere close to being answered in fact investigators are indicating that that question may never be known but what we do know is that stephen partick had checked into other hotels in other locations one
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in chicago for the lollapalooza music festival he also researched fenway park in boston and another music festival there and had before sunday night checked into a hotel here in las vegas where there was yet another music festival now the conjecture there is that he may have been planning attacks on those venues and changed his mind until sunday night we simply don't know what police say is this a man this is a man who led a very secretive life we know that he's girlfriend his longtime girlfriend merrily down low is still being questioned by the f.b.i. but she of course says she had no idea he was planning any of this she described him as a loving caring person but police also say he was seen with another woman who they don't know who that is at the moment they also think and this is quite an important point that he may not have been able to do this alone so the investigation is still stretching out there are still lots of people to be talked about but again the question of why he carried out an attack which took the lives of fifty eight people remains unknown and a there's been an interesting development as far as the
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national rifle association is concerned in all of this isn't there. yeah and this is pretty unprecedented the n.r.a. is one of the most powerful influential bodies in this country when it comes to gun control they represent gun owners across the country they donate millions of dollars to politicians and they've never ever before talked about any issues of gun control they've always resisted they resisted after orlando after sandy hook and after countless other mass shootings but now they're talking about banning these modifiers they're called bump stocks they enable a semiautomatic weapon to become essentially an automatic weapon and they are being backed by senior republicans so this is pretty unprecedented territory for both the republican party and the n.r.a. and of course democrats have been really firming at the bit to talk about these kinds of things and they may even push things further and talk about limiting magazine capacity and increasing background checks they're not likely to succeed but at least in this country for the first time in
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a while gun control is actually being talked about thanks andy. the u.n. peacekeeping mission to haiti is ending after thirteen years of flag lowering the ceremonies being held and the official pullout is expected to be finalized by october the fifteenth blue here on the troops help to maintain order jewing years of political turmoil also help the country through several hurricanes and a devastating earthquake is in port au prince. the head of the mission founded on the right has just been speaking the president of haiti i just couldn't wait is now giving a speech saying goodbye to the u.n. mission a stabilization vision of the thirteen years here is also a ray of the blue helmeted soldiers behind me the whole array of companies right across latin america from bangladesh from india from the pool so there has been some disparity some difference between the troops in the here over the whole country and the haitian people they've been driving through the streets with their
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armored cars with a jeeps often not able to speak to them but with the haitian people there's also been a number of scandals the sexual scandals some troops have been sent home i think the biggest black mark against the you know unit u.n. force here with the cholera outbreak of two thousand and ten is blamed on nepalese dealing with troops who they said lost their way to draw river which affected tens of thousands of haitians more than one thousand died and the u.n. most people here believe never really took full responsibility for that or they are now working on sanitation programs trying to to eradicate the cholera in the country now that the united nations themselves will talk about the positive elements they have the drugs into being here they say they stabilize the country and they were as we successful elections they've gone into some of the shanty towns of money to pacify those they've been they've worked on a whole number of humanitarian issues harakah and earthquakes so they're leaving on
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a positive note with as i say the haitian people are still asking many questions. the u.s. vice president mike pence is traveling to the how to can hit island of puerto rico on friday it follows president trump's controversial does it earlier this week donald trump says the relief effort in the u.s. territory is a success but as shihab rattansi reports many residents in the island are trying to get by with no help from the federal government. like much of puerto rico south of san juan was suffering off to use of financial steroids the cutting of social services education pensions and jobs as the territory attempted to repay its debts much held by wall street bankers before despite what happened here i can hear people that we have ten men who were already in the crisis when we feel right now in pricing coming out of the ground zero of their houses and being more important to our not having many american a pension giovanni founded a network of community kitchens around putting making the commodore
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a sociologist by resources such as food money and time to be paid to replace the diminishing something doesn't cease maria these kitchens have been supplying more than food. for example here they really have been asked if they even a medical assistant that was enough. of i don't. cook dignity to center have been people i know fell down we saw this the cry for. independence activist lopez rivera was imprisoned for some thirty five years by the us here in puerto rico he's widely revered as one of the world's longest held political prisoners he says the community activism that's intensified off to maria is a springboard to put a ricotta deal colonise from the u.s. on developments fishing industry eco agriculture eco tourism and alternative energy and washington is not going to let you. know best that you know i would say i was
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safe with my we were doing it right there were no letters. from his contention that the puerto rican people simply waiting for government handouts couldn't be further from the truth i would rather have her put a rethink on doing it no it is not the government going to not look at that nobody has given these people everything not even the. zero. the u.s. state department is one that i enjoy a crisis in me and could destabilize the region and open opportunities for on the group's more than five hundred thousand range of refugees have fled to bangladesh to escape violence me in laws as the military operation has ended but allegations of attacks continue to emerge as mohamed reports. with nothing else that her disposal a desperate mother blows air on her baby severely burned head to try and cool her
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off. there are doctors in the camp but when i took her to the doctor they said they don't have the right medicine for her she needs to be taken to see specialized doctors where when i get the money. tells us her baby was burned when me and mars military set her village and record state ablaze it took her family ten days to escape to bangladesh with no medical care the nine month old girl's wounds especially the one on top of her head have only worsened ad lot about her now. i think if she doesn't get any treatment then my baby will die it's too hot here so i'm not able to keep her calm here she can't get any peace i can only make her feel better by finding her. at the tank ali makeshift camp for him to refugees in cox's bazaar the misery is seemingly endless reflected as much
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in the faces of residents as it is in the appalling conditions they're trying to survive. the people you see behind me here they're lining up for aid distribution to give you some idea of the scale of this crisis this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist about three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand refugees who live here. they are among the more than five hundred thousand refugees who've crossed into bangladesh since late august the u.n. calls it the most urgent refugee crisis in the world like so many others here who is attempting to find family members she's been separated from my what i now had i'm searching for my mother and my aunt two i came across my neighbor who told me they came here. waiting barefoot through mud our sadness is matched only by
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her persistence asking after her relatives at every turn she tells us she had wanted to remain in me and more but that the military's brutality made that impossible. if only they weren't shooting and setting fires turn homes we would stay there even in the jungles eating leaves but they set fire to our homes and we couldn't stay there a lot of them of the. with each passing day knows her chances will only grow dimmer not just that she locate her loved ones but that she'll ever be able to experience anything close to her previous life again mohammed. at the tank ali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh the vatican's third most senior official has appeared in a story in court for a brief hearing cardinal george pell is accused of what police have described as historical sexual abuses involving several people exact details and nature of the
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allegations have not been made public he denies any wrongdoing and he'll front court again in march. the european union's pledge nearly six hundred sixty million dollars to help deal with ocean pollution more than forty ministers and officials from over one hundred countries are attending a global conference in malta on how to save the oceans lauren taylor takes a look at the problems facing one of the world's greatest resources across the world our oceans and seas are being ravaged by pollution over exploitation and the effects of manmade global warming rising sea temperatures are believed to be exacerbated the effects of the recent spate of deadly hurrican in the caribbean and the united states will motions also mean acidification dead zones and invasive species jeopardizing the marine ecosystem and threatening our fish and seafood supplies then this pollution virtually every part of the world's oceans are affected by it particularly by micro plastics and every year more than eight
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million tons of new plastic trash end up in our c s and there's the impact of an reported in unregulated fishing it's worth billions of dollars to the world economy but at an unknown cost to the natural environment british author kazoo is a goto has been awarded the nobel prize for literature if you go to it was born in japan and is best known for his books are the remains of the day and never let me go. syria's incredible world cup dream is still alive after its national team drew one all against australia in the first leg of the qualification play off the syrians have been forced to play all of their home games in neutral malaysia because of the civil war in the country syria has never qualified for the world cup both teams will play in the second leg in sydney on october the tenth the winner's going to secure a place in next year's world cup finals in russia. this
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is al-jazeera these of the top stories the united nations annual report on children in conflict has strongly criticised both sides in the war in yemen in places saudi arabia and its allies on the list of countries that kill and maim children conflicts at the same time the united nations' annual report admits the coalition has taken action to improve child protection. spain's top court has suspended a session of the catalan parliament local leaders were planning to declare secession showing monday sitting the regional parliament speaker has accused the central government in madrid of putting freedom of expression in danger the trumpet ministrations expected to decertify the agreement next week is the agreement with iran on its nuclear ambitions saying it's not in the national interest the twenty fifteen agreement to mentor iran restricted its nuclear program and exchange for sanctions relief we must not allow iran to
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a. nuclear weapons the iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence bloodshed and cross the middle east that is why we must put an end to iran's aggression and nuclear ambitions they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. iraqi forces are captured the town of hope and the surrounding area that was isolated last stronghold in northern iraq the military say some fighting is still going on to the north and east of the time where eisel is surrounded with the capture of the only area that remains and control in iraq is a stretch along the border western border with syria u.s. police officers are investigating whether the gunman who killed fifty eight people at a concert in las vegas was planning other attacks but he's still trying to find out why stephen paddock opened fire at the event on sunday the u.n.
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peacekeeping mission to haiti is ending after thirteen years of flag lowering ceremony is being held the official pullout is expected to be finalized by told with the fifteenth those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of. the suffering of children in yemen the saudi led coalition and rebels who are out war with each other both placed on a u.n. blacklist will that protect children rights their cues violates.


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